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POCKET TOWER - game for android with release date 02/18/2015 from Overmobile. Game genre: Simulations. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Residents Guide
  2. Floors
  3. Why Do We Need an Elevator and Visitors?
  4. Hotel
  5. A Guide to the City and Urban Buildings
  6. City Quests & Quest Tournaments
  7. Improvement Guide
  8. All About Chests
  9. Investor Relations
  10. Urban and Personal Collections
  11. A beginner’s guide
  12. Champions Cups & Tournaments
  13. Star Championship
  14. Floor and Upgrade Cost

Pocket Tower: Residents Guide

Who are the lucky residents? Happy residents are residents whose current job matches their dream job. The lucky ones collect double income (x2) from the position in which they work. Therefore, it is beneficial that happy workers be arranged on all three positions of the floor! Workers whose skill color matches the floor color, but their dream job does not match their current place of work, give (x1.2) revenue.

What is a worker’s skill and what does the number and color mean? Each employee has a skill with color and number. The color determines the industry in which the employee is more efficient and recommends which company it is best to work with on the floor. The skill number corresponds to the discount with which goods will be purchased on the floor with this employee.

For example, in the Confectionery there are three workers with the Foods skill - 7, 9 and 5. This means that all products on the floor will be purchased at a 21% discount from the base price. The maximum skill value is 9, it cannot be increased, but you can train a worker in a specialty. Trained Worker - Specialist - Increases revenue and experience by 9% on his floor!

Only residents with skill 9 can be made a specialist, and they must be employed! Worker training is available on the worker screen after the 15th floor has been built.

How can I see all the inhabitants of my skyscraper? At the very top of the menu above the skyscraper there is a button "Residents". It shows a list of all your residents.

What do the bookmarks on the My People screen mean? Bookmarks display lists of residents, grouped by happiness level (completely happy, not very happy, and completely unhappy). You need to get the residents to work for their dreams, and they will be happy.

Everyone who has more than 10 places in the Hotel will have access to the "evict everyone" button, which automatically evicts workers with a skill less than 9.

Pocket Tower: Floors

What do the stars in a skyscraper mean and how can you get them? The stars in the profile represent the average number of stars on all floors of the skyscraper. In order for the profile to display 5 stars, you need to pump (improve) each floor to 5 stars.

What does a floor upgrade give? Each floor upgrade gives an increase in the profit from the sale of each product, and also increases the sale time. Thus, per unit of time you get more coins from the floor, and you can control the process less often. The number of upgrades is displayed as stars.

What types of enterprises, categories bring more revenue? All types of enterprises of any category bring the same income per unit of time, but their control process is different.

How can I quickly lay out, purchase goods? For a quick process, the following functions are available: "buy goods for 1 dollar", "deliver for the # -th amount of bucks" (wholesale delivery is more profitable), "collect revenue for 1 dollar". To access this option, click on the floor filter icon in the top menu of the screen.

Pocket Tower: Why Do We Need an Elevator and Visitors?

The elevator brings new residents and visitors to your skyscraper. Visitors can shorten the delivery and sale time of goods, or speed up the construction of a new floor. Each visitor delivered leaves a coin as a tip. On rare occasions, you come across generous visitors paying in bucks.

Elevator pumping. Each upgrade of the elevator increases its speed and tip in coins for each floor.

The elevator upgrade is available in the Upgrades (in the menu above the skyscraper) or by clicking on the lobby. The maximum elevator level is 8.

Visitors, their role. There are the following visitors:

  1. Buyer - accelerates the sale of goods by 5% of the current time;
  2. Courier - accelerates the purchase of goods by 5% of the current time;
  3. Builder - accelerates the construction of a floor by 5% of the current time;
  4. Resident - occupies the Hotel or floor;
  5. Visitor - has no function (there was no delivery or sale on the floor).

VIP visitors. VIPs (VIP) are very valuable visitors who can redeem all the products at once, or instantly deliver the goods / build a floor, etc. VIPs are indicated by a special icon in the elevator. A VIP visitor arriving at the Hotel completely fills it with new residents.

Visitors in the elevator. A visitor appears every 2 minutes. You can deliver it by elevator manually, or use the link "dilute everyone for 1 dollar".

New visitors can be called for $ 1 (if you haven’t received all the free bucks) and for $ 2 (if the daily limit has been reached).

What are the benefits of improving the lobby? Each improvement to the lobby increases its capacity by one visitor. Thus, the elevator queue increases and the likelihood that you will lose a valuable visitor decreases.

How to improve the lobby? The lobby upgrade is available in the Store. The cost of expanding 1 seat is 5 bucks. The Bus and Fantasy Characters collection will also help to enlarge the lobby.

Pocket Tower: Hotel

What is a hotel and what is it for? In the hotel, you can accommodate unemployed residents for whom floors have not yet been built that best suit their skills. When building a new floor, it will be possible not to waste time looking for workers, but to immediately arrange them from the hotel for a dream job.

Why expand the hotel? You can buy vacant rooms in the hotel in order to collect qualified workers (with high skill) for floors not yet built or under construction. This will allow you to immediately populate new floors with happy workers and get the maximum profit!

How to expand the hotel? This function is available from level 12 directly in the hotel itself. You can buy an extra seat for 10 bucks.

Where can you find workers for floors? New workers can be brought to the floor using the elevator, or unemployed residents can be arranged from the hotel (1st floor). If the hotel is empty, you can always find new ones at the labor exchange. At the labor exchange, residents who are better than your current employees are marked with a (+) sign, it is very convenient to hire the best.

There is also a "VIP labor exchange", it only offers workers with skill 9. It is paid and available after you use all the free views on the regular exchange.

Pocket Tower: A Guide to the City and Urban Buildings

What do cities give? The city is a voluntary community based on common interests. The city is, first of all, a team, communication, common goals. Staying in the City for all members increases Marketing and PR. For example, after joining a level 15 city, your marketing and PR will increase by 15%. And also you will receive bonuses from various buildings.

Introduction. You can enter the city by clicking the icon in the upper left corner of the screen. After clicking the "Join City" button, wait for an invitation from the city that is looking for new citizens. You can enter the city if the player has at least 9 floors.

The structure of the city (positions, titles). The city has the following positions:

Why can’t I invite to the city? The "Invite to Town" function is available to the Mayor, Vice Mayor and Councilor.

How is XP earned for a city? The level of the City depends on the L.O (personal experience) of each citizen: the sum of the experience of all residents of the city, received by the citizens during their stay in it, is equal to the experience of the city.

How to raise, lower the rank? The functions "Appoint to position", "Expel from the city" are available in the character’s profile to the mayor and vice-mayor.

Information about the city. This link is only available to the mayor and vice mayor. There is a function in the city settings:

City budget. Each city has a city budget, which can be replenished by all city participants. The city budget is needed for building the city.

In order to deposit money into the city, you need to click on the budget.

Urban buildings

1. Vehicle fleet. Having your own vehicle fleet speeds up the delivery of goods to each participant in the city by 1.5% for each level of construction.

2. Advertising agency. An advertising agency allows you to better advertise goods, accelerating the sale of goods from each member of the city by 1.5% for each level of construction.

3. School of Business. Business School increases the personal experience gain for each city member by 5% for each level of construction.

4. State Academy. The State Academy increases the city experience gained for each participant by 5% for each level of construction.

5. VIP club. Elite VIP-club in the city, makes visitors more generous, increasing the number of free bucks in the elevator for each member of the city by 1 for each level of construction.

Pocket Tower: City Quests & Quest Tournaments

City assignments. From Monday to Friday, for each completed city mission, the city receives from 3 to 10 stars (randomly). Double bonus: if the task is completed in 10 hours or faster, then the reward and stars are doubled. Residents, starting from the position of a businessman, can take the task. The mayor can remove the assignee after 10 hours from the start of the assignment.

The mayor can pick up a reward for a completed task after 10 hours from the completion of the task. You can join the performer and help complete the assignment. The difficulty of city quests increases with the level of the city. If two cities scored the same number of stars, the first will be the one that scored these stars earlier.

Tournament of cities. From Monday to Friday, for each completed city task, the city receives from 1 to 10 stars (random). If the task is completed in 10 hours or less, then the reward and stars are doubled. Every Saturday, the results are summed up: for each star collected, the city receives 2 bucks in the city budget. Top 10 cities that have collected the most stars get extra bucks in the budget:

If the city has collected 250 or more stars in a week, then another 500 bucks is added to the city budget. And if the city has collected 500 or more stars in a week, then another 5000 dollars is added to the city budget.

Newbies cannot take city quests, upgrade them to townspeople!

Key Tournament. Complete daily tasks and get prizes. From Monday to Friday, you can also get from 1 to 5 keys for tasks. When you complete 7 tasks - the next day the keys are doubled. Collect keys and complete the Labyrinth for valuable prizes. Every Saturday 10 players with the most keys receive a prize!

Pocket Tower: Improvement Guide

Marketing. Significantly increases profits when collecting revenue. When buying, the time is added up, i.e. can be purchased immediately for a week.

PR. Significantly increases experience for new levels when collecting revenue and purchasing goods. When buying, the time is added up, i.e. can be purchased immediately for a week:

Autocar. Each truck accelerates the sale of all goods by + 1% and additionally gives + 5’000 experience for each laid out product. Cost: $ 1,000 per level.

Cash collector. Each vehicle increases the collected experience revenue by 5 and 10%, respectively. Cost: $ 2,500 per level.

Wagon. Each truck speeds up the delivery of goods by 1% and gives 5000 experience for each purchased goods. Cost: $ 1,000 per level.

Manager. The manager automatically purchases and lays out the goods, collects the proceeds. The manager can be hired several times, the purchase time is summed up and you can stock up on improvements for the future.

Pocket Tower: All About Chests

How do I get chests? Chests can be obtained in various ways:

Chests can drop marketing, PR or manager, as well as coins, bucks, keys and sometimes even celebrities! The more expensive the chest, the more valuable its contents.

Gold chest (from the store). This chest may contain:

Silver chest (from the store). This chest may contain:

Bronze chest (from the store). This chest may contain:

Gold chest (gift). This chest may contain:

Silver chest (gift). This chest may contain:

Bronze chest (gift). This chest may contain:

Wooden chest (gift). This chest may contain:

Pocket Tower: Investor Relations

When your city reaches level 10, investors will pay attention to you. Investors come to town on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. You need to use your current revenue per minute to convince investors to invest in your city. In fact, you need to press the button to answer the investor’s question in time. The more negotiators and the greater their total revenue, the easier it is to successfully attract investments.

Stage 1: Beginning of negotiations. Only the mayor or vice-mayor of the city can start negotiations. They can choose the level of difficulty of negotiations: easy or normal. This determines the amount of revenue that residents need to collect, the amount of bucks that the city will earn in case of success and the duration of the negotiations themselves.

Stage 2: Gathering of participants. At this stage, you need to confirm your participation in the negotiations. This can be done from the city screen by clicking on the "Investors" icon.

Stage 3: Negotiation. City residents have 5 minutes to prove that their city is worthy of investment. Negotiation is a mini-game where you have to answer investors’ questions. If you give answers at a "good" moment, i.e. when the coin icon is under the city icon, it will be awarded a bonus multiplier for your contribution of 1x to 1.25x. You can make a contribution once every 5 seconds. At any moment of negotiations, the mayor or vice-mayor of the city can cancel them.

Stage 4: Results. If your city has collected the required amount, investors will transfer bucks to the city budget and give out rewards to all participants who contributed. Each participant gets experience, 5 bucks, and also one of the random prizes: marketing, PR, manager, or coins. A randomly selected participant will receive "Super prize" - bucks. On an easy negotiation difficulty level, the player will receive 20 bucks, and on a normal one from 25 to 150 bucks, depending on the level of the city.

Features. On an easy level of difficulty, negotiations last 5 minutes, on a normal level - 3. In case of successful completion of negotiations, the next ones will be available in 20 hours. In case of unsuccessful completion - after 5 minutes. If canceled, after 3 minutes. Also, in case of successful negotiations, each participant has its own timer, during which he cannot participate in other negotiations, even in another city - 20 hours.

Pocket Tower: Urban and Personal Collections

Complete collection tasks and unlock a random collection item! Collect the entire collection and get a reward - bucks to the city budget and stars to the tournament. There are five collections in total:

Difficulty from green to red collection increases and depends on the level of the city. For the collection of each collection, bucks are added to the city budget and 1 star of the Tournament of cities is issued. The higher the level of the city, the greater the reward, but the tasks of the collections become more difficult. In young cities, the increase in the complexity of tasks and rewards comes later.

Quest reward. After completing the task, you will receive a random collection item, as well as coins and bucks as for a similar personal task. If, after completing the task, a new element is added to the city collection, your reward will increase by 5 times.

Features of urban collections. Collections are available to all cities from level 25. The collection is held from 8:00 Monday to 23:59 Tuesday and from 8:00 Thursday to 23:59 Friday. For each completed task, a random collection item is given, with a total of five items in each collection.

Collection quests cannot be picked up at the same time as city quests.

After collecting each collection (opening five different items), the next collection becomes available after 30 minutes. After collecting all five collections (yellow, orange, green, purple, blue), the collection becomes available after 20 hours. Collections are best collected by the whole city - the more residents participate in the collection, the faster you can collect the collection.

If during the execution of a task someone opens the last element (one of the stages of the collection is fully assembled), the incomplete tasks for all residents are canceled without saving the result.

Personal collections. Personal collections can be found on the roof of the tower. Collecting elements of urban collections, you automatically collect them into personal ones. A personal collection consists of the same elements as a city collection and the rules for collecting a personal collection are the same. If, when completing a task, an item is found that has already been opened in the city collection, but has not yet been opened in the personal collection, it is counted in the personal collection, but not in the city collection. For collecting the collection, you will receive keys and bucks as a reward. These keys do not count towards the tournament. Collections are not reset until you collect all the items of the same type and receive a reward.

Pocket Tower: A beginner’s guide

What is the purpose of the Skyscrapers game? What should I do? The goal of the game is to build the tallest skyscraper. To do this, you need to: build new floors; arrange new workers for them; purchase, sell products and collect revenue. Develop your character, climb higher in the "Best" rating.

For your variety in the game, communication is provided by a forum, chat. Meet, communicate, find interesting interlocutors. At the moment, the maximum number of floors is 135. Players unite into cities and jointly build city buildings in order to receive general bonuses and compete for places in the ratings.

What is the new level given for? The level is given for the experience gained when purchasing goods, collecting revenue and tips from visitors.

Where can I see how much experience I have? At the very bottom of the screen, you can track your progress to the next level (orange bar). The amount of experience is displayed in the player’s profile along with the contribution to the city experience.

Tasks. Every day you can complete tasks and receive a reward for them. The term for completing one task is not limited. Re-completing the task after receiving the reward will be available after 20 hours.

Business. Each improvement increases revenue from a specific business by + 5%. You can improve up to 200%.

Change of nickname and information "About me". In the profile, you can change your name or write information about yourself. The first name change is free, all next ones cost $ 500.

How can I further increase the profit from the skyscraper and pump experience faster? In the "Improvements" section you will find the "TechnicsMy Business" section, which allows you to buy various improvements. Marketing allows you to temporarily increase the amount of revenue up to + 300%. PR similarly increases experience gain. You can also purchase permanent improvements for each of the floor categories: orange, purple, etc.

What is revenue per minute and how to set a record? Revenue per minute is equal to the cost of selling the item divided by the time it was sold. Maximum revenue per minute per floor - when all three items are up for sale. To increase your record of revenue per minute, ensure that all three products are sold on all floors.

Additionally, this parameter can be increased with the help of marketing, as well as training specialists.

Chests. Log in to the game every day and get chests for daily login. Every 5 days in the game you will receive a bronze chest. On the 15th day, a silver chest will appear. On the 30th gold.

Where can I get free bucks? Bucks are given by visitors for free in the elevator, the daily limit is equal to the character’s level. If a VIP club is built in your city, the daily limit will be increased according to the level of the VIP club. Free bucks are given for completing tasks. Extra bucks can be won in the tournament of keys, in the maze, found in the chests. You can buy bucks by clicking on the bucks icon at the bottom of the screen.

I do not have enough coins for a new floor / purchase of goods, what should I do? Coins can be earned in several ways:

Celebrities. Celebrities are unique residents in a skyscraper. They live in a VIP hotel in a skyscraper. You can get Celebrities in different ways:

The celebrity profile tells you where to find him. Celebrity Starting Skill 11. It can be increased. To do this, you need to find the required number of identical celebrities and a pump button will appear in his profile.

Pocket Tower: Champions Cups & Tournaments

Champions Cup. The Champions Cup is available to cities from level 30. Complete all conditions and get X2 effect for all buildings for 30 hours! and + 5% to experience and revenue for seven days! You can get the cup any day. The mayor or vice-mayor can activate the cup.

Personal Champions Cup. A Personal Champions Cup is available to those who have received 7 Personal Cups. Cup conditions are different for those who have received 7 personal cups and for those who have received more than 8 cups. Features:

Champions Cup Tournament. The tournament takes place every week from 0:00 Saturday to 23:59 Friday. The player who activated the personal champion cup automatically takes part in the current tournament. Every Saturday the results of the tournament are summed up and 5 random participants receive a super prize: 10’000 bucks!

Business tournament. The business tournament takes place every Wednesday from 00:00 (GMT) to 23:59 (GMT). The tournament is open to only those players who entered the game no later than 2 days ago and who have built 30 or more floors. Players are assigned to groups of 7 and compete to collect revenue from the floors. The composition of the participants changes every week. Groups are formed among players with the same number of floors.

Every Thursday, the results are summed up and awards for participation are distributed. The higher you rank in the group, the greater the reward. In the gift chest, you can get keys, bucks, coins and experience. The reward will be available from Thursday to Monday inclusive. If the player’s revenue during the tournament is zero, then he does not receive a reward. If the player is offline during the tournament, but there is a manager in the skyscraper, the manager’s work will be taken into account after the end of the tournament during the calculation of the results.

Pocket Tower: Star Championship

The Star Championship is held in 4 stages. Each stage lasts 1 week. At each stage, random opponents are selected for your city. During the championship, the city’s weekly star reward increases depending on the place occupied during the stage.

If the city has not earned stars during the stage, then it will not receive additional stars. Based on the results of all four stages, the winning cities receive auto-boosts!

Conditions for participation. To participate in the championship stage, the city must be an active participant in the previous star tournament. If your city does not participate in the current stage - do not worry: you can take part in the next stage.

How to earn stars? Stars can be obtained for city quests and for the collected city collection.

Awards. The cities that have collected the most stars in 4 stages will receive the following prizes:

Pocket Tower: Floor and Upgrade Cost

Floor cost

Floors 133-135 are available to players with a casino, an Irish pub and an ice rink.

Business Improvement Cost

Article author: Nadezhda D.