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Board Soccer Walkthrough: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

BOARD SOCCER - Android game with release date 11/11/2014 from the company Stanga Games. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers answers to players questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. Budget and Training
  2. Auction
  3. Players
  4. Quests
  5. Buildings
  6. Items
  7. Syndicate
  8. Gold and Payments
  9. Account

Board Soccer: Budget and Training

How to get extra budget points? There are lots of ways to earn extra budget points:

And if you desperately need extra points, you can free the player and get his budget points back!

How to earn training points? You can earn training points by playing friendlies at the Exhibition Grounds.Extra points are awarded when you win games against opponents of your level or higher. Remember, however, that you can have a maximum of 10 training points not spent.

I did not receive the earned budget. You can check the sources of points in the Financial Center. If you click on an individual component, you can see a detailed breakdown of the income and expenditure of points. This can be useful if you are in doubt whether there was a pop-up with important information about a tournament or achievement.

Board Soccer: Auction

I won the player at the auction, but I do not see him on the team. If you saw a pop-up confirming your victory at the auction, but dont see a player in the general list of the team, write to the player support service.

Why cant I bet on a player in the Agency? If there are several independent conditions for the possibility of placing a bet:

Money and budget points will be returned if you lose the auction, but the auction token is deducted irrevocably at each bid.

I could not make a bet and missed a player in the Agency! Auctions at the Agency are held in real time with the participation of other users. Therefore, do not try to bet in the last seconds: the features of the Internet connection and delays in data transmission increase the risk that you may not be in time. The developers made the trading system more convenient: you always get to the next round if you made a bet in the current round - even if it is an early bet.

Board Soccer: Players

What is the difference between bronze, silver and gold players? Players in Board Soccer have two sets of attributes: Strength and Mind. You can get an idea of ??a players physical (Strength) attributes by looking at his level, while a frame that can be ordinary, bronze, silver or gold indicates a players mental (Mind) attributes. Thus, if you have two players of the same level, but one of them is bronze and the other is gold, the gold player will most likely perform better, given his higher mental attributes.

Can a player become bronze, silver or gold? Mental (Mind) attributes of a player determine whether he is bronze, silver or gold. The player can thus change his status. By raising the level of a player, you can develop his mental attributes. As soon as the attribute passes a certain threshold, the player will go to the next level, i.e. will become bronze, then silver, etc. .. But it can take several levels of the game!

Can I sell my players? You cannot sell players at this time. If you want to return part of the spent budget, you can free the player by going to his profile. Developers, however, are looking for ways to give users this opportunity.

Can players take part in matches when they are in Sport Lab or Second Team? In general, yes. But the player will not be able to take part in the match if at the time of the match there is an increase in his level in the Sport Laboratory or if he is in away games with the second team. Therefore, pay attention to important upcoming matches when sending a player to level up or to leave.

How fast do players mature? The age of the player increases by 1 year every 7 real days.

How to increase a players level? Your players gain experience in every game - in a friendly, tournament or league. When they gain enough experience, you see them in the Sports Laboratory and you can level them up there.

Raising the level of a player with a higher Talent will be faster, so it makes sense to keep more talented players in the team and free those who do not develop this attribute.

How are injuries? There are two types of injuries:

  1. Light injuries - in this case, the player has an orange icon. The player plays worse, but can still play in the first team;
  2. Severe injuries - indicated by a red icon. In this case, the player will be automatically replaced by the best from the bench. Of course, if there is no one to replace the player, the player will continue to play, but there will be no benefit from him!

How are All Stars arranged? The "All Stars" option on the City site guarantees you 1 gold, 1 silver and 2 bronze players. The level of players will be minimal in two levels from the maximum available for you on the City site, and the gold player will most likely play at the position you need (i.e. the gold player will be unavailable if you already have one gold player in each position ) Players will be available for signing up for an unlimited time - unless you send scouts to search for others. So you will have enough time to sign everyone, if everyone immediately lacks a budget.

When do players retire? A player will never leave your team, no matter how old he is. Starting at age 30, however, players begin to lose ability, so get ready to change them before the team starts to lose!

Board Soccer: Quests

I did not complete the quest, although the player of the right level / age was in his position.Sometimes it may seem that the desired player was of the highest level or age in the required position. However, if during the match one of the other players was absent (raising the level, or was away with the Second team) or was injured, then such a player was automatically replaced by another from the bench. The replacement player, in turn, could violate the conditions for completing the quest.

How to quarantine another team? In order for a team (city) to be blocked (in quarantine), in its entire composition, including substitutes, no more than 8 healthy players should remain - players without injuries.

How to steal an item? Every time you successfully attack a player who has at least one improvement item, you have a chance to steal such an item! You can increase your chances of stealing an item by raising your level of Thief at the University. If you already have in stock 20 units of an item, however, another such item cannot be stolen. Also, you will not be able to get items of protection.

Accountant does not work! The accountant collects money in those days when he is active, but you too can take money at this time! Everything that you collect yourself will be a bonus to what the accountant will collect, so do not get lost, continue to collect!

How is the draw issue resolved? The position in the Tournaments and in the League is determined by the following parameters (in order of importance):

  1. Glasses.
  2. Goal difference.
  3. Goals scored.
  4. Matches won.

If on all four points you are equal to another team, and you think you deserve a higher reward, write to the player support team!

Board Soccer: Buildings

Can I upgrade several buildings at once? As soon as you reach level 55, a second team of builders will be available to you. This means that you can upgrade 2m buildings at the same time. You can get access to the brigade earlier by paying a small price for this: try to upgrade the 2nd building at a level below 55.

What do the yellow and red shadows in the Stadium mean? Yellow and red shadows at the Stadium signal that the players are not in their positions: the players marked with a yellow shadow will perform slightly worse, the red shadow will be significantly worse.

I sent several policemen to the Stadium, but the players were still attacked. Police protect against attack (destruction) of the building, but not the players! In addition to upgrading your skills, buy defense items in the Stall and give them out to players to protect them from attacks.

How to open a police station? The police station becomes available at level 11 after completing the appropriate quest. At the same time, an opportunity arises to attack the buildings of other managers.

How to access the second team? The second team opens at level 25.

Board Soccer: Items

Do special items need an extra cell? Special items exist independently of ordinary items. They affect mental attributes, and the bionic heart can only be used a limited number of times in relation to the player.

How many special items can be applied to one player? You can use up to 5 "mental" items - Whip, Shock Therapy, Fitness Bracelet, Smart Pills and Mantle - to improve the characteristics of a single player. You can rejuvenate a player using Bio-Heart only 2 times, for three years each. The use of Hypnotic hours is not limited: you can change the players main position as much as you want. The same applies to all boosters (x-Experience).

How do hypnosis watches work? The hypnotic clock changes the players main position, leaving his attributes unchanged. This means that you can put the player in a new position without losing his abilities.

Since the attributes do not change, it is not recommended, for example, to retrain a field player as a goalkeeper.

Board Soccer: Syndicate

What are invitations? Invitations - as an investment in the Syndicate before the scheduled match. You can earn Invitations by playing friendly matches at the Exhibition Site from the time a Syndicate match is scheduled until the start of the match. Each "invested" (distributed) Invitation will lead fans according to the building level of the Syndicate. When you reach a new threshold for the number of fans you can invite to the match, your physical abilities and rewards will increase!

How to join the Syndicate? You can join this or that Syndicate as soon as you reach level 16 and the Syndicate building will appear in your city: at this moment you will be able to immediately join any "open" Syndicate, in which there are still seats (number of participants less than 15).

How to create a Syndicate? You can create your own Syndicate when you reach level 25.

Can I be a member of 2 or more Syndicates? You can be a member of only 1 Syndicate at a time.

How to raise the status of a Syndicate member to the Director? Firstly, only the President can raise the status of a participant. If in the Syndicate you go to the Participants subsection, then there, by selecting a participant and clicking on the arrow next to him, you will raise his status!

How to leave the Syndicate? You can leave the Syndicate from the Participants subsection: select yourself, then click the Exit button!

How to kick a member out of the Syndicate? As President or Director, you can expel or even block the subsequent entry of any member of the Syndicate! To do this, go to the Participants subsection and click on the name of the person you want to exclude: among the available options there will be the option Chase.

Can a player be in the Syndicate and on my team? Of course. During the Syndicate match, however, the player will not be able to participate in other matches for 15-20 minutes. At other times, he will take part in all your matches.

Can I raise a player level while he is in the Syndicate? Yes you can. But the player must complete his upgrade before the start of the scheduled match of the Syndicate.

Can I send a player to the Second Team while he is in the Syndicate? No, because the player will be away for 8 hours, and this is a rather long time, and he will miss the matches of the Syndicate.

Where and how to get Invitations? You collect (earn) Invitations by playing friendly matches, but only on condition that a Syndicate match is scheduled. In other words, schedule a Syndicate match and play friendlies to earn Invitations!

Board Soccer: Gold and Payments

I fulfilled the offer, but did not receive the gold. If you have fulfilled the offer, but have not received the gold - no panic! Sometimes it takes a few minutes to process the results. If a lot of time has passed, but the gold has not arrived, write to the player support service. They will ask you for information about exactly what proposal you have implemented to see what happened.

My friend joined the game, but I did not receive a reward. After you invite a friend, he will have 3 days to go through the first few quests and enter a referral code (aka user code). The option to enter the code is in the Menu, the upper right corner: it is here that friends need to enter your code in order for you to receive a reward, and for this to affect achievements.

I made a purchase but did not receive Gold / items. If you made a purchase, but didnt get anything right away, without panic! You will be corrected. Just send the game logs to the support service (Menu - Settings - Send game logs) and a copy of the invoice / receipt for payment.

Board Soccer: Account

How to start over? The Underworld Football game is designed in such a way that there is no need to start over.Sometimes, however, you may want this. There are several options for how to do this. The original account will be saved, but if you delete the application or its data (Android / Amazon), at restart you will be offered several options to log in. By choosing a new authorization option, you can create a new account. Also, you can always switch to the old account if you use the previous authorization option.

Can I play with the same account on another device? Yes you can! Make sure your account is linked to Facebook or Google, and play on any number of devices.

How to change the bonus selected at the beginning? When you just start playing, you have the opportunity to choose a mentor (mentor) who will give an additional bonus to two of your skills. Perhaps, during the game, you will want to change skills that provide additional bonuses: you can do this at the University when you open access to these skills. Remember, however, that with a shift you will lose the bonuses received initially.

How to change the picture in the profile? To set a picture of your profile in the game, set the connection with Facebook or Gmail: the picture for the profile in the game will be taken from the profile on the social network.

How to remove a friend? On the social bookmark at the bottom of the game screen, you can see a list of your friends. Click on a friend and then on the red icon to remove him (her) from friends.

Can I use 2 accounts at the same time? Not. When it comes to using two accounts at the same time, the developers consider this dishonest to other users. If it opens that you are using 2 accounts at the same time, the developers reserve the right to block one or both, so please refrain from this.