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Poker Jet Texas Holdem and Omaha Walkthrough: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

POKER JET: TEXAS HOLDEM AND OMAHA - Android game with release date 10/29/2012 from the company Social Quantum. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers answers to players questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. Beginners Guide
  2. Game Combinations
  3. Game Rounds
  4. Tournaments
  5. Minigames
  6. JET League
  7. Account

Poker Jet Texas: Beginners Guide

What is Texas Holdem? Texas Holdem is the most popular and dynamic form of poker. A deck of 52 cards is used for the game, each player receives two hole cards, and five community cards are dealt face up on the table.The task of each player is to make the best combination. Trading in Texas Holdem takes place in several rounds.Players always take turns clockwise. Each round ends when all players equalize bets.

How is Omaha different from Texas Holdem? The only difference between Omaha and Texas Holdem is the number of cards a player receives. In Omaha there are not two, but four. In this case, the player must use two of the four "pocket" cards and three of the five community cards on the table to make a combination. At the beginning of the distribution, two players, clockwise to the left of the dealer, make obligatory blind bets: small and big blinds. Then each player receives four cards per hand. The distribution progress is no different from Texas Holdem.

Poker Rules. All distributions in poker begin with mandatory bets. Players are available 5 actions:

  1. Check - if there are no bets in the current round, the player can make a Check. In this case, the move proceeds to the next player clockwise. Check does not mean giving up the fight for the bank, it is only giving up the opportunity to bet in this round. If all players check, the round is considered completed.
  2. Bet - if there are no bets in the current round, the player can make Bet. If a player makes Bet, the player sitting on the left (as well as the following players) can make Fold, Call or Raise.
  3. Fold - refusal to try to win the bank. The player making the Fold (discarding cards) must not and cannot bet in the current distribution, but also loses the opportunity to win the distribution.
  4. Call - if a bet has been made in the current round, the player can call it by making a Call. This bet is equal to the bet of the last player.
  5. Raise - if a bet has been made in the current round, the player can increase it by making Raise. To do this, the player must place a bet in excess of the bet of the last player. All the following players must already equalize this bet (Call) or increase it even higher (Raise) in order to claim the win of the bank.

In each round of betting, bets continue until all players either equalize their bets or make Fold (if there were no bets, the round can be completed if all players make a Check). After the completion of the bidding round, either the next card is dealt and the next bidding round begins, or the deal is completed.

After Bet or Raise in the last round, players reveal their cards. It is then determined who wins the bank. All players show their combinations card by card. There are times when an autopsy does not occur. This happens if a player makes Bet or Raise, but none of the other players makes a Call to equalize his bet (in other words, all players make a Fold). In this case, the bettor or Raise wins the entire pot.

What to do if card combinations match? If the combinations match, then the best combination is revealed by the seniority of the cards. Examples:

When the combinations coincide completely, the pot is divided equally between the players.

How to enter the game room? In order to enter the room, click the "Play" button, and the game will put you at the most interesting table, or click the "Select Table" button, where you yourself can choose a bet, number of players and table type.

What are in-game currencies? There are two main in-game currencies: chips and gold. Poker Jet is a chip game. They can be purchased in the store, earn in tournaments, win other players at the tables.

What is a daily quest? Daily quests are an opportunity to make the gameplay even more fun and get great rewards! Every day you will receive a special game task. After completing five such tasks within five days, you will receive the maximum reward. Without interrupting the chain of completed quests, you can claim the reward of the fifth day until you miss the day. In case of skipping the day, the countdown starts again.

Poker Jet Texas: Game Combinations

Determination of winning combinations. Victory conditions. The winner is the player who has the highest combination of 5 cards. Aces are considered the highest card, but in A-2-3-4-5 straight, an ace is equal to 1. If two or more players have the same winning combinations of cards in their seniority, then the one with the most cards wins. If the players have the same combinations and the cards with the same seniority in these combinations, then the highest card, which is not common, will determine the winner. During the game you can always see the seniority of the combinations. To do this, click on the special icon in the lower left corner of the screen:

Poker Jet Texas: Game Rounds

1. The first round of betting is preflop. Distribution begins with obligatory blind bets (blinds). Bets are made by two players to the left of the dealer position. Change dealer occurs every distribution clockwise. The position of the dealer at the table is indicated by a chip with the letter "D". The player to the left of the dealer brings in the small blind. The player following him is the big blind. The small blind is half the big blind. Then, each player is dealt two cards that he does not open to the rest, and bidding begins. The first player to make a move is the player sitting to the left of the big blind. During his turn, a player can:

2. The second round of betting is the flop. When players equalize bets, the croupier puts three community cards in the center of the table. All participants remaining in the game can use these three cards for their combinations. As in the first round of betting, players again place bets in a clockwise direction: starting with the player sitting to the left of the dealer.

3. The third round of betting is the turn. At this stage, the croupier places another, fourth, community card on the table. After that, bidding starts again.

4. The fourth round of betting is the river. The final stage of trading in Texas Holdem is called the "river", when the last, fifth, community card is laid out. Thus, seven cards are available to the player: two "pocket" and five common to form a combination. Similarly to the flop and turn, another round of bidding takes place. If after that more than one player remains in the game, then they show their pocket cards. The winner is the player whose combination is older.

Poker Jet Texas: Tournaments

Sit & Go The Sit & Go tournament is held at a table for five people. To take part in it, each player makes a contribution to the tournament prize pool. The tournament begins immediately after all the seats at the table are occupied. At the beginning of the tournament, each player receives 1000 tournament chips, and the game begins.During the game, the blinds are constantly increasing. The game is about to be eliminated. The order of exit from the game determines the place occupied by the player. The prize pool is shared by players who take 1st and 2nd place in the tournament.

Shootout. The ShootOut tournament is held in three rounds, with each round representing a Sit & Go tournament with nine players. Only the winner of the previous one passes to the next round. In each round, players receive 1,000 tournament chips. During the game, the blinds are constantly increasing. It is also possible to immediately get into the second or third round of the tournament for gold coins. Between the winners of the final round a lottery is held with a large prize pool. Lottery winner is determined randomly.

Weekly tournament. A weekly tournament takes place at tables for five people. The first entry to the weekly tournament is free. The player receives 1000 tournament chips. Then you can buy tournament chips for gold or for regular chips. At the end of each week, the tournament prize pool is raffled off. It is divided among themselves by the first thousand leaders, and the first hundred leaders receive gold. Leaving the game or getting up from the table, the player retains the opportunity at any time to continue to participate in the tournament. His tournament chips are saved. Having sat down at the table again, the player continues to play with the same number of chips with which he left.

Poker Jet Texas: Minigames

Slot machine. The mini-game slot machine is a slot machine. You need to make a bet and pull the lever. If a winning combination occurs, you will receive an amount equal to your bet multiplied by the winning ratio!

Lottery. Poker Jet Lottery is a raffle where every ticket is winning! You just need to erase the lottery ticket and you are guaranteed to receive a prize as soon as the sums of the three playing fields coincide.

Hi-lo. Hi-Lo is a mini-game in which you need to guess whether the next card will be of greater or lesser value.Aces are always the oldest. The more cards you manage to guess, the more the prize will be received. You can get Hi-Lo games for completing training, as well as for buying chips.

Poker Jet Texas: JET League

To participate in leagues, you must earn at least 1 jet point and be at least level 5. Leagues are formed by 50 people. There are 15 leagues in the game:

For going to the league higher you get a reward. Bracelets are awarded for 1, 2, 3 places in the major leagues (Bronze I, Silver I, Gold I, Platinum I, Diamond I). Leagues do not end; they are introduced on an ongoing basis.After the end of the current league, your Jet Points are reset to zero. During the calculation of leagues, you can earn jet points, they count towards the new league. The players avatar displays the league icon in which it is located.

Why do I need Jet Points? Jet Points is a unique Poker Jet mechanic designed to make the game more dynamic, to give players the opportunity to compete against each other in skill and receive rewards. This is a kind of rating points, on which your position in the Jet League depends. High positions in the Jet League allow you to get nice prizes and unique rewards. Ways to get Jet Points in the game:

Poker Jet Texas: Account

How to find out your ID? ID is the identifier of your account, you can find it in the game settings. For Android and iOS: Open your profile in the game and scroll through the settings list to the "Technical Support" section:

For Flash (Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, My World): Open your profile in the game, click the "Copy id" button, paste the copied number into any text document:

How to register an account? In order to register a guest profile, go to the game settings. In the "Gaming Network" section, click "Register":

Select the SQ icon (with keys) and click "Register":

In the window that opens, specify the following data:

This will complete the registration process. The progress and achievements of your game will now be saved, and you can continue your game at any time on another device.

You can only register your SQ guest account on the SQ network. If you select one of the social networks, then there you can only log in using your social network account. The progress and achievements of the guest account are not saved and may be lost.

How can I continue to play in my account on another device? In order to continue playing in your account, do the following:

  1. Go to the game settings;
  2. In the "Gaming Network" section, click "Change" ("Registration");
  3. If you registered an account on the SQ network, select the SQ icon (With keys) and log in using your username and password. If you have forgotten the password, you can restore it to the mailbox, which was used as a login during registration;
  4. If you played using a social network account, select the appropriate network and log in using your account.
If you have not registered, but played as a guest, then you will not be able to continue the game in the same account. Unfortunately, the progress and achievements of guest accounts are not saved.

How to change the game network? You can use one of your social networks accounts or an SQ account to play Poker Jet. The game in all accounts is independent of each other. In order to switch between accounts you need to enter the game settings and click "Change":

In the window that opens, select the network whose account you want to use for the game and log in using your username and password:

Can I continue the game on the computer if I played on the SQ network? Alas, you can play Social Quantum (SQ) gaming network only from your mobile device.