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Walkthrough Power Rangers Legacy Wars: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

POWER RANGERS: LEGACY WARS - an Android game with the release date 03/22/2017 from the company nWay. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers answers to players questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. How to unlock and improve warriors?
  2. Morph Boxes and Zeo Shards
  3. Megazords
  4. What are raids?
  5. Quests and Tests
  6. Currency and Shopping
  7. Combat Tips
  8. Alliance Guide

Power Rangers: How to unlock and improve warriors?

How to unlock new warriors (rangers and villains)? Collect Zeo Shards to unlock Morph Boxes! After collecting enough Zeo-shards, select a warrior and unlock it for free!

You can only collect Zeo-shards from your own league or junior leagues.

How to raise the level of a warrior? To raise a warrior level:

  1. Unlock the warrior.
  2. Collect Zeo-shards of the warrior until you collect enough of them (the warrior experience bar will fill up and turn green).
  3. Go to Team Selection (via the side navigation bar).
  4. Open the Registry menu and select a warrior.
  5. Click the upgrade button under the warrior. Raising a warrior level will increase attack power and improve health.
Make sure you have enough Strength coins to level up the warrior. If you do not have enough Strength coins, you can use Strength crystals.

How to improve the special abilities of a warrior (cell 2)? To improve your special abilities in Cell 2, you must be in League 3 (or higher). Collect Eltar spheres from the Morph Corruption Boxes, as well as from premium Morph Boxes purchased at the store. To improve your abilities:

  1. Go to Team Selection and select the warrior you want to upgrade.
  2. If the experience bar for the ability in cell 2 is full, tap it.
  3. Click "Improve" and the ability will be improved.

Improving ability increases the damage it deals. Cannot be upgraded to a level higher than the players level.There are two categories of areas: for the leader and for support. In each category there are three types: shock, defensive, balanced. Spheres correspond to the type of warrior. Each warrior needs a certain type of sphere to improve special abilities (cell 2). For improving the abilities of a warrior, you will also receive player experience.

Why cant I improve the special abilities of a warrior (cell 2)? Possible reasons:

  1. You have not reached the 3rd league.
  2. Not enough spheres of the required type.
  3. The ability level is the same or higher than the players level.
Special abilities cannot be higher than the level of the player. Raising the level of the player, you can raise the level of special abilities of the warrior.

How do I know how many spheres of Eltara I have? You can see how many spheres of Eltara you have starting from 3 leagues. If you are in the third or subsequent league, tap the sphere icon in the upper right corner of the player information panel next to the settings menu and the number of Strength crystals.

If you have not reached league 3, this icon is not displayed.

What is the difference between leader and support? Your team consists of one leader and two support warriors. Support: 1 support ability (cell 3). A leader is a character that you control in battle. A leader cannot be appointed a support warrior and vice versa. Leaders:

Special abilities can be made more powerful by upgrading them with the spheres of Eltara.

What gives a player level upgrade? Player Level Up:

How to increase the level? You can level up the player:

  1. Improving warriors (leaders and support);
  2. Improving special abilities with spheres;
  3. Receiving achievements;
  4. Sacrificing the shards to your alliance.

How to use the spheres of Eltara? Spheres are available for players from level 3 and above. Having reached the appropriate level, you can see your balance of spheres by touching the icon with a blue sphere in the upper right corner of the screen. To use these areas to improve the abilities of the characters, open the team list, and then select the information about the warrior whom you are going to improve. Abilities that can be improved are displayed in the panel below the character. Touching the ability, you will see how its effectiveness will increase.

Can I get open warriors from previous leagues? Yes! Having reached the league, you get access to the soldiers from this league for the rest of the game. You do not have to lose medals (and places) for the opportunity to open a warrior from a previous league.

What are talents? Talents allow you to improve your character, which enhances the overall power of your team. To access talent, open the "Register" and click on the "Information" button. Click the Talents tab here. By clicking on each talent, you will see that it improves (health, critical damage, etc.), as well as its value in essences (ordinary, rare, legendary) and the requirements for improvement. By clicking on the "Information" button next to the talent, you will see each parameter being improved, as well as the general characteristics of the team that you have chosen (leader and two support soldiers). Talents allow you to improve the following characteristics of a warrior and team:

Street Fighter. Street Fighter characters will only be available in a limited area in the near future. Characters will not appear in the following countries: Brunei, Cambodia, China, East Timor, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam.

Power Rangers: Morph Boxes and Zeo Shards

How many types of morph boxes are in the game? You can open several different Morph boxes:

Morph boxes purchased at the store open instantly. The opening of Morph boxes obtained for winning PvP battles can be accelerated by Force crystals.

Is it possible to simultaneously unlock several Morph boxes for PvP? PvP Morph Boxes can only be unlocked one at a time. If you are already opening a Morph box, you can speed up the process using Force crystals or instantly open another Morph box using them.

What Zeo fragments will appear in my Morph boxes? All warriors that can be unlocked in your current league and previous leagues can appear in Morph boxes. The type of Morph box also determines the rarity of Zeo fragments that fall out of it. Tap the league icon located in the lower left corner of the main menu to see warriors from your current league and previous leagues.

Can I win super, mega and ultra Morph boxes? Yes! You can get premium Morph boxes for victories in PvP battles, but keep in mind that they are less common than Morph boxes of nobility and greatness.

How to unlock Morph-damage box? Morph corruption boxes become available every 24 hours. To unlock the Morph damage box, you need to inflict damage on the enemy in a PvP battle. Damage over several fights is cumulative, so even if you lose, you are still close to opening the Morph-damage box. The required damage is indicated by the rightmost number under the Morph damage box. The higher the League, the more damage you need to do, but the rewards get better!

Power Rangers: Megazords

What are zords? In Power Rangers, rangers can create even more powerful megazords from individual zords!Shards of zords in the game can be obtained from free Morph boxes, damage boxes, free rewards and for completing tasks. By touching the Zords button on your megazord, you can improve zords by raising the megazords characteristics, such as damage or health. Based on the lowest zord level in your megazord, you can improve the megazords abilities to make it even stronger!

What are megazords? In the Power Rangers game, megazords are combinations of zords of individual rangers in the form of an even more powerful fighter! To build up the power of your megazord, you can get zords from Morph boxes. Depending on the levels of the zords that make up the megazord, you can improve the abilities of the zords with the megazord changers (depending on the level of the weakest zord in the megazord).

If you are an alliance member, you can help with the alliance assignments so that your alliance advances in the leaderboards and receives mega-awards for megazord battles! To unlock access to megazords, you need to fight in ten ordinary battles. As with ordinary warriors, megazords are ordinary, rare, epic, and legendary.

How to unlock megazords? After collecting enough fragments of zords, unlock the zords in the megazord hangar (click "Team", open the "Megazords" tab, click the zord button in your megazord). By unlocking the zord, you can activate the megazord! You will receive shards of zords from Morph boxes that you receive for PvP, from damage boxes, free boxes and for completing tasks.

Why can not I participate in the battles of megazords? To participate in the battles of megazords, the Megazords event must be active. You also need to fight in 10 regular PvP battles. The countdown to the upcoming Megazords event can be seen under the Megazords button on the main screen (next to the Battle button). You must also have enough energy to fight. If you do not have enough energy, you can get it from ordinary Morph boxes.

How to get more energy? To fight in the battles of megazords, you need enough energy to enter the battle. If you do not have enough energy, you can get it from Morph boxes, which are given for regular PvP battles, as a reward for tasks and from damage boxes. You will receive energy from the boxes only during the Megazords event.

What is mega? Entering the battle of megazords, you will need to choose mega. You will receive mega from Morph boxes. Megs are special abilities that are used in megazord battles. By clicking on your mega on the megazord battle screen, you will see a description of how each mega is used in the battle and how it works. The mega button used in battle turns green. The icons below the player information show you which mega you and your opponent used.

What is megazord power? The strength of your megazord reflects its development. The greater the power of the megazord, the more powerful it is in battle! Megazord can be strengthened by improving his abilities and raising the level of the zords of which he consists. In addition, the rewards for the battle of megazords the better, the more your strength. The stronger the megazord, the better rewards you will receive. The selection of rivals in the battle of megazords is based on strength.

What is the Megazords event? Megazords event - Your opportunity to fight with other players in the battles of megazords! When the event starts, a button on the main screen lights up, displaying the remaining time until the end of the event. At the end of the event, the button turns off and the countdown to the next event begins.

What are megazord chargers? Megazord Chargers look like Eltar spheres. You can use chargers to improve megazord abilities by accumulating a sufficient number of changers and clicking on the ability you want to improve. The maximum level of ability depends on the level of the weakest zord in your megazord.

How to get a reward for an alliance place on the leaderboard? At the conclusion of the Megazords event, the alliances that caused the most damage during the event will receive rewards depending on their place in the table. Almost immediately after the end of the event, you will see a pop-up window that tells you where to get the award, if you deserve it. If you did not see a pop-up window, you can pick up the reward from the mailbox (mail icon). If you cannot receive the reward immediately, you will see it after the next entry into the game.

Power Rangers: What are raids?

What are raids? Raids are time-limited game events in PvE mode (player versus environment). For several days, while the event lasts, you will choose battlefields depending on their difficulty level, where you will battle with AI opponents, while health, damage and difficulty will increase as you approach the battlefield with the boss.The battlefields with the boss are harder, and to pass them you need to do more damage! To participate in most fights, you need to spend energy, but energy is not wasted on some single battlefields, and the number of attempts to pass is limited.

The damage you cause on any battlefield is not reset if you cannot complete it in one battle. You will receive a reward for each match and for damage inflicted during the battle, as well as a reward for completing the battlefield. Lists of leaders allow you to compete with other players for the final prize of the event! Single events and alliance events will take place on a schedule so as not to coincide in time with events with the Megazords.

What are bonus modifiers? Bonus modifiers increase the strength of your warriors with the help of power-ups, such as increased damage. They can be used before the battle or even throughout the raid! You can get and apply bonus modifiers before the battle on the battlefield.

Types of bonus modifiers. The following types are available:

  1. Battlefield modifiers. Only valid in a battle taking place on a given battlefield. "Your villains: damage x3."
  2. Single Stage Modifiers Awarded for completing the battlefield. Event modifiers earned in a single stage are carried over to the alliance stage. "Your villains in the event: damage + 5%."
  3. Alliance Stage Modifiers. They act in the same way as modifiers of a single stage, except that they apply to all members of the alliance. "Alliance villains in the event: damage + 5%."
  4. Modifiers of the next battle. Random rewards for completing the single-stage battlefield. They are applied only once and only in the next battle of a single stage. Not transferred to the alliance stage. "Everything on the next battlefield: x2 damage."
  5. Reinforced battle modifier. Can only be activated for one battle in exchange for crystals. The number of crystals increases with each use at this stage. The cost is updated with the start of a new event or stage. "Damage and OZ x2!".

How to get extra energy? Each battle requires energy. As in the case with the Megazords, energy for the raid can be earned for tasks from damage boxes and free morph boxes received during the event.

How to get leaderboard rewards? Leaderboard rewards are awarded based on the place taken. The higher the seat, the better the rewards. As in the case with the leaderboards for PvP and Megazords, awards for the final place will be sent to in-game mail after the end of the event.

What are battle rewards? Rewards for the battle are given for the damage done to the battlefield. For example, if the announcement of the battle says that you will receive 10 fragments, and you finish your first battle on the battlefield with half the required damage, then at the end of the battle you will receive 5 fragments for it.

Can I pass someones battlefield in my alliance raid? Yes. If a player does not pass the battlefield during the alliance raid, other players can do this by going there.

Power Rangers: Quests and Tests

What are tests? Test is a game mode in which you participate in a series of battles with other players using unique pre-selected squads. The more rounds you win, the better the reward! Tests - a separate game mode that does not affect the number of medals. You can participate starting from the fifth league. Click on the "Test" button on the left side of the hub to get started!

What are tasks? For the successful completion of the task you get rewards. For example, you may be required to win in 3 battles with a specific hero or villain. Daily assignments bring prizes as well as contribute to completing the weekly assignment. Sometimes you can perform tasks of special events for which unique rewards are awarded!

What are alliance assignments? By joining the alliance, you will gain access to the tasks of the alliance. Each member of the alliance can contribute to the assignment and receive a reward when completing it. To do this, you must be in the alliance at the time the mission begins. You can track progress in completing an alliance mission in the "Tasks" section of the "Alliance" tab.

Leaving the alliance, you will lose access to its tasks. And, accordingly, joining the alliance after the task has already begun, you will not be able to participate in it.

Test seasons. Each test season lasts approximately 3 weeks - at this time you earn Network tokens for participating and winning certain trials. For tokens, you can buy various items, including fragments and parts of zords! The higher level you reach, the richer the choice in the store will be. After the end of the season you will have another week to spend the remaining tokens. When this time is out, a new season will begin, all your tokens will turn into force coins and will be sent to you by game mail.

Power Rangers: Currency and Shopping

Is Power Rangers Legacy Wars a free game? Yes! Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is free to play. You are offered the opportunity to buy game currency in the store, but you can enjoy the game without it. All players, both buying currency and not buying, can compete with each other and have the opportunity to get to the top positions of the leaderboard.

What are Strength coins and how to get them? With the help of Strength coins, you can increase the level of warriors and buy Zeo-shards in a warrior store. They can be obtained:

What can be done with crystals of the Force? Using Force crystals, you can:

  1. Raise the level of warriors;
  2. Instantly open Morph boxes;
  3. Buy Morph boxes;
  4. Get Zeo-shards in a warrior store;
  5. Buy Strength coins in a store.

How to get Strength Crystals? Strength crystals can be obtained:

I accidentally spent Force crystals! So that you do not spend crystals accidentally, steps have been added to the game that warn against unintentional consumption. For the sake of maintaining the balance of the leaderboard, developers cannot delete items or cancel game progress and refund the money spent.

What is VIP? VIP status gives your account many benefits every day! The higher your VIP level, the more bonuses you receive. Benefits of a daily VIP reward:

Increase your VIP level and upgrade your rewards! To increase your VIP level, shop for in-game promotions and earn VIP XP. VIP benefits apply while your VIP status is active. If you cancel your subscription, you will lose them, but your VIP level will be saved, you can continue to make in-game purchases and gain VIP XP experience, which will be taken into account when re-subscribing.

How to get more free Power Crystals? In the "Crystals" tab of the game store there is a section of free Crystals. In it you will find tasks of various applications and companies (take a survey, download a game, etc.), for the implementation of which additional Crystals are given in Legacy Wars.

To receive a reward for your current quest, you must complete it using your Google Play or iOS account, which is linked to your Legacy Wars account. In addition, the information you provide must be accurate and reliable, otherwise the task will not be considered completed. To complete certain tasks, you may need to verify the appropriate email address and verify the accuracy of the data.

Power Rangers: Combat Tips

What is a deck of abilities? A deck of abilities is an action card available to you in battle. A deck of abilities is formed for the leader and two support warriors.

Cells deck of abilities. All attacks are located in one of three cells for cards. Each cell has two abilities that are randomly selected when you use the ability from that cell. Block cards can appear in any cell:

  1. Cell 1 - basic abilities: basic attacks of your leader.
  2. Cell 2 - Special Abilities: Your leaders special attacks.
  3. Cell 3 - Support ability attack support warriors.

Strength spent on ability. The power spent on an ability is displayed in the upper right corner of the ability card. To use the card, you need to have enough power. How much power you have can be seen on the counter to the left of the cards.

What are medals? You get medals as a reward for victories in battles. It depends on the number of medals in which league you are and what place you occupy in the leaderboard. Losing the battle you lose medals.

What is a league? The league determines which arena you will fight in, which warriors you will unlock in Morph boxes and what rewards will be contained in Morph boxes. League depends on the number of medals.

How to move to the top level league? To raise a league level:

How does adversary search work? The goal of the game is to provide both you and your opponent a battle with a worthy opponent. The opponent is selected according to the following factors:

What is a triangle of abilities? All abilities are divided into three categories on the principle of "stone, scissors, paper." These are the following categories: Penetration (red); hit (yellow); protection (blue). Having struck, the defense strikes, the defense strikes, the strike strikes. When your opponent uses an ability, you see a symbol corresponding to its type. If your adversary uses:

Why cant I use the ability card during a fight? If the ability card cannot be activated, it is darkened. This happens for the following reasons:

Is it possible to evade shells? Yes! Right before the projectile hits you, swipe forward or backward, and then you will be able to dodge without taking any damage.

What are seasons? Where did my medals go? This happens to every player at the end of the season so that players can start from scratch and compete in the leaderboards. Information on this can be found in the game.Click on the leaderboard icon on the main screen, and then on the "i" button next to the line "Previous season".You will find out what the medal counter will be like this season. You can also find out how much time is left until the end of the season by opening the leaderboard.

How to participate in leaderboards for players? To participate in the regular leaderboards for the season, you do not need to take any action or meet the requirements. Leaderboards are simply lists of the players with the most medals. If you enter the top 200 players at the end of the season, you will receive an additional reward. The game also has megazord leaderboards for alliances based on the damage inflicted by megazords. Join an alliance or create your own together with your friends and try to do as much damage as possible to win great prizes at the end of the Megazords event.

Power Rangers: Alliance Guide

How to create an alliance? Get level 2 player. Click the shield icon in the left navigation bar. Click Create.Make sure you have enough Strength coins to create an alliance.

Why cant I join the alliance? If you quit the alliance, you will not be able to join the alliance again immediately. The alliance can also be set to join by invitation only. In this case, you will need approval of your application by members of the alliance. There may be a minimum league requirement in the alliance that you do not meet. Alliance may be filled. The alliance can have no more than 30 players at a time.

What rewards will I receive by donating shards? By donating shards to alliance members, you get:

  1. Player experience points for each shard donated;
  2. Coins of Strength for each donated shard;
  3. The sympathy of the members of the alliance.
The rarer the splinter, the more experience and Strength coins you will receive.

How to complain about inappropriate behavior in the alliance? If any member of your alliance behaves improperly or insults you or members of your alliance, inform the alliance mentor and send a screenshot confirming the fact of inappropriate behavior to the support team. Game developers take all reports of abusive behavior very seriously. Power Rangers - a game about teamwork and friendship, there is no place for hostile actions against other players.

How to request epic shards for Morphin-monday? On Morphin Mondays, players can make one request for epic shards. Players can donate 6-10 epic shards (depending on the league) for each request. To make your epic request, select an epic character. Then click the request button in your Alliance.

What are megazord leaderboards for alliances? Leaderboards for alliances are based on the damage caused by the alliance in the battles of the megazords during the Megazords event. The higher your alliance takes at the end of the event, the better your reward will be! If you leave the alliance during an event, you will not receive a reward for your place on the leaderboard.