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Puzzle Pets Walkthrough: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

PUZZLE PETS - Android game from Gameloft. Game Genre: Puzzle. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

How to move forward in the game? To move forward, complete tasks at each level until you have completed the moves, and open the next level.

How to play in star-shaped levels? These are bonus levels, access to which will open after you collect a certain number of stars. To replenish your supply of stars, try to score more points in already completed levels. For completing bonus levels, you will receive bonuses as a gift.

I can’t play because my life is over. How to get more lives? Every 30 minutes you will receive 1 new life, maximum 5 lives. You can increase the maximum number of lives from 5 to 8 by purchasing an extension from the store. In addition, you can ask friends on Facebook to send you life. You can also buy replenishment in the store, or in the context menu (for example, in the in-game menu or before the start of each level).

How to complete levels with an account? To complete such levels, score the required number of points until the moves are over. Once you get the right amount of points, use the remaining moves for extra points.

How to pass Sunny Day levels? To complete the Sunny Day levels, remove all the ice from the board until the moves are over. Combine pets to remove ice.

How to pass the levels of the nest? To pass such levels, drag all the eggs into the nests below until the moves are over. As soon as the egg is in the nest, a new one will appear immediately if necessary.

How to complete the levels with the quest? To pass such levels, collect the number of requested pets, which is indicated next to the counter, until the moves are over.

How to pass the test levels? To pass such levels, score the required number of points at the specified time.Once you reach the desired score, use the time remaining to score extra points.

How to find out the task during the game? During the game, the task is displayed immediately above the Pause icon. To check your progress, click on the Pause icon.

How to create special pets? Combine 4 or more pets of the same color in one turn and create a special pet. It depends on the combination made. Try different combinations!

Some levels are too difficult. How to increase the chances of their passage? You can combine two special pets of any color. Each combination has different effects, so try all possible combinations.

I still can’t get through some levels. What else can be done? Each level can be completed, regardless of its complexity. However, you can increase your chances using bonuses. Buy bonuses in the store or in the context menu (for example, in the in-game menu or before the beginning of each level).

Can a bonus be considered a move? You will not spend your moves on using bonuses.

Is there a way to get free bonuses? To do this, try to pass bonus levels or try your luck in the Daily Bonus every day.

How do chests work? In the Main menu, 1 free chest will be waiting for you every day. If you want to open more chests, pay with coins.

How to remove game progress? To remove game progress, select "Application Settings" on your device and then "Delete Data".

How to change the game name? The game displays the name specified in your Facebook account. Therefore, you cannot change the name in the game.

Do I need to connect my device to the Internet to play this game? You do not need to connect to the Internet in order to just play. However, to appreciate all the features of the game, it is better to connect to the Internet.

The game is slow on my phone. What to do? For optimal performance, switch your device to power saving mode and check if too many processes are running in the background.

How to change language settings? To change the language settings, click on the Settings icon in the Main menu. In the first tab, select the language you need.

How to change the sound and music settings in the game? To change the sound or music settings, click on the Settings icon in the Main menu, then move the corresponding switches to the desired position.

How to enable or disable notifications? To enable or disable notifications, click on the Settings icon in the Main menu. In the very first tab, find the notification switch.

How to pay for the purchase? After choosing a set of coins in the Store, the application will direct you to Google Payments to place an order.

What currency is used in the game? Coins is an in-game currency that can be bought in the Store or found in chests. For coins, you can buy bonuses or take advantage of other special offers before starting the level.

How to get a daily bonus? To do this, open a free chest in the Main menu and get great rewards!

Author of the article: Nadezhda D.