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Walkthrough RaceCraft: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

RACECRAFT - Android game with release date 03/05/2020 from the company Budge Studios. Game Genre: Racing. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official site, and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

How to play? RaceCraft - a game in which you yourself create racing tracks, and then participate in races on them. In the process of participating in races on various tracks, you get additional fragments of tracks and improve cars.

How to participate in the race? To race on your tracks, you must first create them. To start the race, press the green button with the racing flag on the track selection screen or directly on the creation mode screen. If you have not yet named your track, then you need to select a name in one of the drum slots. Next, you will need to choose whether you want to race alone against artificial intelligence or against another person on one screen.

Then you can go to the selection of machines (s), painting and modifications. Finally, by clicking the button with the racing flag on the vehicle modification screen, you will start the race. In RaceCraft, racing is really easy, just press the green accelerator button properly. Beware of traps, however! Sometimes it’s worth lowering the speed so as not to get crushed or cut into pieces! In addition, movement along light trails generates energy for afterburner. Press the small flame button when the energy is full to explode at an incredible speed!

How to get more trace fragments? Fragments of the tracks are inside the power generators. To open them, you need to earn them first. Each machine comes with a specific number of power generators. To earn them, you need to accumulate sparks (lightning bolts) by participating in car races on your tracks. You get 1 spark for winning the race and 1 extra spark, setting a new time record.

In addition, you will receive up to 3 additional sparks depending on the power accumulated by the battery of your route. The battery fills depending on the length of your track and the number of fragments that you add. Once you have accumulated enough sparks for one machine, you can open one of its power generators.

How to create your own track? To start, press the button with a hammer when you see a large screen. This is your route selection menu. By clicking on the hammer, you will see a large grid with an image of a fragment of a green track. This is your starting line. Create your route by connecting fragments between each other and with the start line. When you connect the fragments of the route with the start line, they will be highlighted.

When you connect the fragments, you will see the gate at the end of the path. This is your finish line. She automatically appears at the end of the track. If you have a ring track, then the start line will play the role of the finish line. As you progress through the tutorial, you will discover new features to create your route. To place fragments of a special trace, just drag them onto the grid, just like regular ones. They may have special functions, such as traps or amplifications. Time to experiment!

You can also place the props by dragging it onto the grid. However, these fragments cannot be placed directly on the track. To add a surface, select the one you want to use by clicking the circle on the panel or by aligning it with the arrow. Then you need to draw it directly on the track by swiping your finger over the place where the surface should appear. Finally, to quickly check your track, you can click on the car to send it along the track. However, nothing beats driving a car in race mode.

Is the track battery recharged? Yes. At the moment, each battery is fully charged after 10 minutes. However, this time may change with further testing of the game. It is recommended to create as many tracks as possible!

How to get machine modifications and painting? To make machine modifications and painting, you need to open the power generators - just like in the case of trace fragments.

Do power generators contain a random reward? Not. For each machine, there is a specific order in which you receive all the rewards of the power generator. You cannot receive an item twice.

How to get more power generators? Start racing on other cars if you run out of power generators. Each machine has a certain amount of power generation that can be earned. You can check the availability of power generators for machines on the collection screen. If you run out of power on all the machines in the game, then bravo! You have unlocked all the contents of the game! However, to get more power generators, you will have to wait for future updates.

How to play against another player? To play against another person, you must have at least 2 cars. In the absence, one will need to be purchased.

Can I play online? Not. There is currently no functionality to share your tracks or races on them online. Perhaps this will be implemented in a future update if enough players are involved in the game.

Article author: Nadezhda D.