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Walkthrough Ravenhill: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

RAVENHILL - Android game with release date 08/27/2018 from MyTona. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers answers to players questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. Puzzle
  2. Monster Run
  3. Game Card
  4. Locations
  5. Tools
  6. Amplifiers
  7. Bank
  8. Vouchers
  9. Story
  10. Events
  11. Friends and Guilds
  12. Collections
  13. Ravenhills Profile
  14. Progress
  15. Life

Ravenhill: Puzzle

Puzzle "Miracle Studio". Available from level 1. In order to win the puzzle of the Miracle Studio, you need to collect various combinations of chips. If you collect a line of four one-color chips, then a Rocket will form from them, which will destroy all the chips in its row. A line of five one-color chips forms the Rainbow Stone, which removes from the field all the chips of the color with which it was connected. If you collect a T-combination or L-combination of five chips of the same color, you get a special chip - a bottle with perfume. The bottle makes the chips around it disappear.

Puzzle "Lights". In this puzzle, the player needs to assemble a line of monochrome lamps. To assemble the line, you need to draw an inextricable chain of single-color lamps, which will connect them together. To create a line you need to connect at least three single-color lamps. If you connect six single-color lamps, you get a special lamp that appears on the playing field. A special lamp can remove the entire line of bulbs horizontally or vertically. By connecting two or more Special lamps, you can delete several lines at a time.

Puzzle "Cubes". The goal of the player in this puzzle is to collect combinations of cubes of the same color. If you assemble a combination of 5 or 6 cubes of the same color, Firework is formed from them. It destroys all cubes in a horizontal or vertical row. The direction of the Fireworks changes after each turn.

Puzzle modes. All three puzzles have one mode per move. The seeker is given a limited number of moves to solve the puzzle.

Ravenhill: Monster Run

What is a monster run? In addition to exploring locations and passing puzzles, you can drive monsters. For this you will receive the necessary items to collect collections. During special game events, promotional monsters may appear.

Where can I find items to run monsters? Items for running monsters can be found by exploring locations and solving puzzles.

Ravenhill: Game Card

On the map are many items. What are they for? The following active items can be found on the map:

A new icon has appeared next to the Collections. What is she for? You see this icon when you have the opportunity to watch a commercial and get a nice bonus for it.

What else can you do by watching ads? During the "Order of the Lily" event, you can skip guild tasks by watching the commercial!

Ravenhill: Locations

Why do you need to explore locations? Exploring locations is the main activity of the Seeker, during which he must find hidden objects and complete tasks.

What are skill levels? Each location or puzzle has levels that increase as you progress through the game. After each study of a location or solving a puzzle, a percentage of progress is added. When the progress bar reaches 100%, the location / puzzle level will increase. The higher the location / puzzle level, the more rewards and experience the player receives. The difficulty of the quest also increases. In total there are 10 levels: Beginner, Amateur, Expert, Detective, Detective, Virtuoso, Expert, Master, Grand Master, Master.

How many exploration modes are there in the game? There are 3 modes of research locations.

  1. Research in the Text mode: the player is given a list of objects that he must find.
  2. Study in the Silhouettes mode: the player is given only the silhouettes of the desired objects.
  3. Exploration in Couples mode: the player must find the same objects that are hidden in the location.

What are anomalies? An anomaly appears randomly and interferes with exploring the location. When exploring a location with an anomaly, more energy is consumed than usual. There are 4 types of anomalies.

  1. Anomaly Mineral: this anomaly allows you to see only the name of one hidden object, and not the entire list.
  2. Anomaly Reflection: location and names of hidden objects are mirrored.
  3. Anomaly Dark Entities: Dark shadows randomly fly around locations, making it difficult to find objects.
  4. Anomaly Temporary bend: time to search for items in a location with this anomaly is accelerated.

Ravenhill: Tools

What does monocle do? The monocle points to one random item from the list of items in the location. In puzzles, the Monocle removes one chip or obstacle without losing speed.

What is the effect of lightning in a bottle? Lightning in a bottle will instantly find immediately three items from the list in the location.

Ravenhill: Amplifiers

What are amplifiers? Amplifiers are activated before the study of the location and facilitate the process of its passage. In total there are three amplifiers for finding hidden objects (Insight Points, Compass and Frozen Clock) and three other amplifiers for each type of puzzle. Amplifiers are limited in duration. As the amplifiers in the puzzles are the special chips of these puzzles. They appear in random places at the very beginning of the passage.

Can I combine amplifiers with each other? Yes, you can combine any amplifiers in puzzles to get the maximum advantage in the game!

Glasses of insight. Determine the radius of the search for items. When approaching, objects that fall into the field of view are highlighted, and objects outside the screen, on the contrary, become transparent in the list.

Compass. The compass shows the direction to one item from the search list. You can move it around the location of your choice. The item will be highlighted the moment the Compass points to it. It is worth considering that the Compass needs a little time to calibrate for the next target after you find the item. If the Compass is on top of the subject, the arrow will begin to spin around its axis.

Frozen clock. A frozen clock completely stops the time allotted for searching in a location by 20 seconds. At the end of the amplifier, time will again run at standard speed, be careful!

Rocket. Amplifier for the puzzle Miracle Studio. Rocket removes all chips and deals damage to objects on the same line horizontally (horizontal Rocket) or vertically (vertical Rocket). The arrows on both sides of the Rocket indicate the direction in which the chips will be removed. When using an amplifier before starting a game, the direction of the Rocket is randomly selected. A rocket can be activated in the source row or column, but you can also activate it in the next row or column by swapping with a chip. To get the Rocket, you need to make a combination of 4 identical chips in a row.

Bottle. Amplifier for the puzzle Miracle Studio. It removes chips two cells away from itself on the sides (right, left, up, down) and one cell diagonally (from each corner). To get the Bottle, you need to make a combination of 5 identical chips in the form of T or L.

Rainbow stone. Amplifier for the puzzle Miracle Studio. Removes from the field all the chips of the color with which it is connected. To get the Rainbow Stone, you need to make a combination of 5 identical chips in a row.

Fireworks. Amplifier for puzzle cubes. Fireworks removes all cubes and deals damage to objects on the same line horizontally (horizontal Fireworks) or vertically (vertical Fireworks). The arrows on both sides of the Fireworks indicate the direction in which the cubes will be removed. The appearance of the Fireworks (horizontal or vertical) is determined randomly, but after each players turn the direction changes. To get Fireworks, you need to click on a group of 5 or 6 identical cubes.

Bomb. Amplifier for puzzle cubes. The bomb removes one cube or deals damage to objects around it, including diagonally. To get the Bomb, you need to click on a group of 7 or 8 identical cubes.

Yula. Amplifier for puzzle cubes. Removes all cubes of the same color from the field. To get Yula, you need to click on a group of 9 or more identical cubes.

Pinwheel. Amplifier for the puzzle Miracle Studio. It removes chips one cell away from itself on the sides (right, left, up, down) and deals damage to one random cell on the playing field. To get the Pinwheel, you need to make a combination of 4 identical tiles in the shape of a square.

Double Pinwheel. Available for selection before the start of the level (pre-installed amplifier). Allows you to double each activated at the level of the turntable.

Salute. Amplifier for the puzzle Lights. A salute is activated if it falls into a chain of 2 or more elements of its color. Salute explodes in the last cell of the chain collected with him. The amplifier deals damage to all cells in a horizontal / vertical row relative to the starting point of the explosion. To get a salute, you need to collect a line of 6 or 7 identical lamps.

Charge. Amplifier for the puzzle Lights. A charge is activated if it falls into a chain of 2 or more elements of its color. The charge explodes in the last cell of the chain collected with it. The amplifier deals damage to the cells around it. To get the Charge, you need to collect a line of 8 or 9 identical lamps.

Glowing ball. Amplifier for the puzzle Lights. A luminous ball is activated if it falls into a chain of 2 or more elements of the same color. A luminous ball becomes part of the chain and changes its color. Ball explosion occurs in the last cell of the chain collected with it. The amplifier destroys from the playing field all the lamps of the same color as the assembled chain. To get a Glowing Ball, you need to collect a line of 10 or 11 identical lamps.

Ravenhill: Bank

What are coins for? All items available in the game can only be bought with coins.

How to get coins? Coins are issued when moving to a new level, and sometimes for some game achievements.They can also be received as a gift for updating the game. Finally, you can buy coins at the Bank.

Ravenhill: Vouchers

What are vouchers? Vouchers are a unique currency that can only be earned during special gaming events and spent on cosmetic improvements.

What are vouchers for? Vouchers are needed to buy themed sets of clothes and figurines.

Ravenhill: Story

How can I follow the development of the plot? In between studies, you can read the Diary. Entries in the Diary will be made as you progress through story missions. The diary can be found on the map at the bottom of the screen.

Why do you need to complete tasks? Completing basic tasks is necessary for progress in the game. You can get them from the characters that you will meet in the course of the plot.

I have run out of assignments. When will the sequel appear? New assignments appear regularly in updates.

What is displayed in the task window? The tasks window displays:

Ravenhill: Events

What do I need to do in the Explosive Adventure event? During the "Explosive Adventure" campaign, you will need to collect as many rockets as possible in the Miracle Studio. As a result of the action, 10 players who took 1st to 10th place will receive awards and will be upgraded to a higher rank.

What are Explosive Adventure Ranks? Players during the action will be divided into eight ranks. The higher your rank, the higher the reward at the end of the promotion. But to win there will be much more difficult, because there will be the most active and skillful players!

Can they lower my rank? Your rank will be lowered if you take from 41st to 50th place among players of your rank. It is impossible to fall below the rank of Beginners.

How long is Explosive Adventure? Explosive adventure will be active 48 hours on weekdays and repeated every week!

If I participated in the Explosive Adventure earlier, in what rank will I start the next? There are three scenarios. You will start:

What missiles are counted during the action? The following missiles:

What is the Order of the Lily? The Lily Order is a special event in which guilds compete for a unique attribute of extraordinary rarity. To win it, you need to collect special tokens that will help to take a prize in the top of the guilds. There are 5 leagues in the Lily Order: Wooden, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond. When a guild takes a high place in the top, it has a league increase, and when it takes a low place, it remains in Derevyannaya or falls into the league lower.

Is the attribute the same every week? At the beginning of each week, a new attribute is played out in the Lily Order.

What will the guilds who do not take first place get? The first place will receive a golden chest. Second and third place - a silver chest. From 4th to 10th place - a bronze chest. The remaining guilds, which took 11-30 places in the top, will receive a reward in the form of coins. Also, depending on the league occupied and the place in the top of the guild, they receive a certain number of fragments. The higher the league and the place in the top - the more fragments. Shards receive guilds that took 1-20 places in the top.

What is the Lily Order Badge? Tokens of the Order of Lily can be obtained by completing the tasks of the guild. These tokens go to the piggy bank of your guild for promotion in the top. In addition, they will help you unlock personal rewards during the event!

What are guild quests? Guild quests can be completed during the Lily Order. You can perform three tasks at the same time. Tasks affect some aspect of the gameplay (for example, you need to drive 5 monsters or receive a gift from a friend) and give a reward in the form of guild tokens.

How many days does the Order of Lily go? The order of lily lasts 4 days.

I cant participate in the Lily Order. If you came to the guild when the event has already begun, you can only participate in the next Order.

From what level will the Lily Order become available? From level 10, after joining a guild!

My guild is inactive, what should I do? Try using the search and look for another guild that is more suitable for you!

I missed the finale of the event, where is my chest? Your chest will be sent to Inbox (the icon for your avatar). The chest cannot be removed, and it will be there until you decide to open it!

What is an attribute fragment? These are the items that are needed to get the attribute. Each guild accumulates shards on its attribute, different guilds may have different attributes to receive.

How many fragments can I get? The amount of shards you receive depends on your league and place. For example, in the Diamond League for the first place they get splinters, which immediately suffices for a whole attribute.

Event "Race!". "Race!" - A special event that runs once a month. The task of the players is to collect items very quickly and without misses. Each item gives a certain amount of points, which increases as the combo increases.

Where is the Race! Event available? The location for the event changes every month. The promotional location of the current month is used.

What is a combo? In this event, when you find two or more items in a row without a miss, you earn a combo multiplier. The maximum possible multiplier is x6.

Can combos decrease? The combo decreases gradually over 5 seconds of inactivity. You will also lose one combo multiplier if you miss!

Is there any way to affect the combo counter? Amplifier "Frozen time" in addition to the timer in the location will freeze and the combo counter. With misses, the combo will not decrease! Also, if you activate "Lightning in a Bottle", then three items will be removed at once on the location, and you will have an instant x3 multiplier!

Why do I need a score? Gaining points, you will get to the tops, where you will compete with other players for the right to be called the best player! The main prize is an exclusive figurine that will decorate your table!

The event "Race!" unique access? Yes, each new event will have its own unique access. It can be found in any existing location in the game. After the event ends, they are replaced with regular accesses to already accessible locations!

Will my access continue until the next Race event? Unfortunately not. Each competition has its own unique accesses. Old accesses of the event "Race!" Converted to regular access at a rate of "1 to 1".

Ravenhill: Friends and Guilds

How to add your friends? You can add friends in several ways:

Where are friend requests displayed? All friend requests are displayed in the Inbox window, which comes out if you click on the envelope icon next to the avatar. An envelope appears only if there are incoming ones.

Is there a limit to the number of friends I can add? You can add friends using the "Invite" button and through social networks. It should be remembered that the "Invite" button is available only for up to 40 friends, after which it will become inactive. In addition, there are no other restrictions on the number of friends.

How to remove friends from the list? To remove a friend, go to the "Friends" tab and click the cross in the upper right corner above his avatar. Friends that are added via Facebook must first be deleted on the social network itself - after a restart, they will automatically disappear from the friends list.

How to help your friends? You can send the requested fixers and collectibles to your friends if they ask them.In addition, you can send gifts to your friends for the 25th time at a specific time. For help you will be rewarded.

How to help your guilds? You can send lives, requested fixers and collectibles to your guilds if they ask them.For help you will be rewarded. The total number of help points in the My Guild list is updated every day.Individual Assistance Points are reset every Sunday.

How to ask an item from friends? You can only ask for one type of item from your friends and guilds once at a specific time. To do this, go to the "Collections" tab, find the desired item, click on the green plus sign in the upper right corner of the item image and click the "Share" button. If the cell is busy, you cannot add a new item.Some items cannot be donated: they do not have a green plus sign.

How are inactive friends and guilds displayed? Inactive friends in the list are marked with a special blue ribbon that says "zZZzz ...". Inactive Sogildians are visible only to the leader and his deputy. In the guild list they are marked with a blue ribbon.

How long does a player have to be inactive for another person to take over the guild leader? If the leader leaves the guild, his place is taken by the deputy or the most active player in the guild. If the new leader is inactive, then after a month of inactivity, another player will occupy the leading position.

How to join a guild? Guilds become available at level 10. In order to join the guild, click the social button and go to the "Guild" tab. There you will find 8 recommended guilds and a Search button, where you can choose a guild yourself. To join the desired guild, click the "Accept" button in the lower left corner.

How to create your own guild? In order to create a guild, click the "Create" button in the lower right corner of the "Guild" tab.

What is a closed guild? In a closed guild, an entry request must be approved by the administrator.

I cant join the desired guild. Why? Check guild entry requirements. Your level may not be appropriate.

What is displayed in the chat tab? When you join a guild, the Chat tab is activated. There you can:

How to ask for an item or life from guild members? Add the item to the cell of your desires, it will automatically become visible to your friends and guilds. To ask for life from the Sogildians, you need to go to the "Chat" tab. In the lower left corner there will be a special "Request" button, by clicking on which you will ask for life from your guild.

What is displayed in the inbox? This window appears when you click on the envelope icon next to the avatar.There come:

How many gifts and lives can be stored in your inbox and how long are they kept? You can store a maximum of 14 lives and 30 gifts. Please note that each of these items is stored for 2 weeks, after which it is permanently deleted.

What is a top guild? This is an overall ranking of the best guilds. To see the top guilds, click on the goblet located on the top of the map. Next, select the "Top Guilds" tab. There are two different guild tops:

Ravenhill: Collections

How to find and assemble a collection? The collection is assembled from collectibles. Collectibles can be obtained by completing story quests. You will need fixers in order to assemble the collections. They can be found by chasing away monsters. Also, fixers can be asked as a gift from friends.

What are fixers? Fixers are needed to collect collections. Some of them cannot be exchanged.

What is the rank of collections? All collections have their own rank, which rises when you collect it again.Rank progress is displayed on a scale below the final item. The higher the collection rank, the greater the reward for rebuilding it.

What is a collection class? The collection class reflects the difficulty of obtaining collectibles.

How many classes do collections have? In total there are 3 classes of collections:

The higher the collection class, the greater the reward for collecting it.

Why dont some collections appear in the list? Part of the collections is collected only once and only according to the plot. They do not appear in the list and cannot be reassembled.

Ravenhills Profile

How to make changes to the profile? In the "Profile" window, it is possible at any time to change your name, as well as choose another one from the presented avatars. In addition, you can collect your own, individual avatar from the available parts of personalization. To do this, click on the avatar, which is located in the upper left corner. In the window that appears, make changes as you wish.

How to connect to a social network? You can bind an account in the "Settings". Click on the icon of the social network you need, and then enter your page. In addition, the social networks button is in the "Friends" tab.

What types of avatars are there? Avatars come in two types:

  1. Static avatars;
  2. Special animated avatars.

How to get an animated version of an avatar? At the moment, only those players who played before update 2.10 and spent the in-game currency on customized avatars can receive animated avatars as compensation.

Ravenhill: Progress

Where can I see my progress? Your progress is indicated by a blue bar, which is located in the upper left corner.

How to increase your level in the game? For completing various tasks, experience points are given that advance you to the next level.

How to save game progress? Game progress is saved automatically on one device if it is connected to the Internet. Progress will not be lost if you reinstall the game. Current progress can also be tied to one of the social networks supported by the game. It will automatically recover when you connect the game to a social network from other devices.

Ravenhill: Life

What are life for? Life is the number of attempts that are spent on losing. Each time you lose, you lose one life.

How to restore life?One life is restored within thirty minutes. In the store you can buy special sets that give endless life for a certain period of time. You can also request lives from the Sogildians.