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Walkthrough Real Football: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

REAL FOOTBALL - Android game with release date 09/29/2016 from the company Gameloft. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers answers to players questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

How to control a player during a match? During the match, you control the player using the virtual joystick and badges for passes, punches, sprints, tackles, etc. Detailed instructions regarding the controls you will receive during the game.

How to change team shirts before the match? T-shirts can be changed in any menu where there is a corresponding icon. Click on the left or right triangle to select a T-shirt for each side.

Where can I see achievements I have already received? In the main menu, click on the Achievements button with a ribbon. In the Achievements menu, you will see a list of your achievements, as well as those that have yet to be received.

Where are the daily quests? In the Main Menu, click the assignment button, which displays the list. Complete daily quests and get rewards.

I want to play with the classic team in a friendly match. How to do it? Click on the drop-down menu in the command selection list. Classical (1) - national teams, Classical (2) - club teams.

How can I get training? From the Main Menu, select the gears that follow the gear icon. You can complete the training in the appropriate tab.

How can I make a feint during a match? Click on a free area on the field once or hold on the field to perform a feint. A quick double tap is elastic. Swipe or draw a circle - roulette. You will find more information in the Game Mode: Control section by clicking on the Fint tab.

How to perform roulette during a match? Swipe on a free spot on the field.

How to make a wall during a match? Press the virtual joystick and quickly double-click on the Transfer button - a game in the wall.

What are team stars for? This is the total score of the team. In other words, the more stars a team has, the better.

How to change the formation? Click the Club icon in the Main menu, followed by the Build icon, then you will see the Locations menu. In this menu you can find a list of available options.

How to replace a player in Season mode? Click the Club icon in the Seasons menu, followed by the Team button and the Build menu. Click on the team button and go to the Build menu, click on the player and hold for 1.3 seconds, then drag and release.

What is the Club section for? Here you can change the structure and tactics of your team, improve the performance of players and the whole team, improve the sports complex, hire players with great potential in the Junior Camp, as well as sell and buy players in the Transfer section.

How to see statistics in Cup and League modes? In the Seasons mode, open the Table to see the Cup, League and Statistics tabs, where you can see your rating or the performance of your players.

Where can I see the statistics of competitions in the Seasons? There is a table in the Main Menu of the Seasons, where you can see the current score and the matches to be played. There is also information about the downgrade, promotion and championships.

How to start the game in the Seasons? In the Main menu, click on the Season mode. You can play in this mode after registering the team. The same team will play in the Social Tournament.

How to change the construction in the Season mode? Click the Club icon in the Seasons menu, followed by the Team button, then the Build menu. Click the Build button to see a list of available options.

I play in the same division again! What happened To move to the top division, you must play for promotion in the current one.

Can I give the team a different name in Season mode? Can. In the Season menu, click on the button with a pencil next to the team logo and go to the Profile section. Here, click on another pencil next to Full name. Now enter the new name using the gaming keyboard.

I do not like the flag of my team in Season mode. Can it be changed? Of course you can! In the Season menu, click on the Change button. next to the team logo and go to the Profile section. Click on the Change button here. next to the team logo. Now you can create a new flag.

How to let a player go? Click on the Club section in the Seasons menu, open the Transfer section and select the Sale tab. Select the player you want to release from the list, then click on any of the buttons on the right (Auction or Transfer).

How to talk about your victories on Facebook? When you are connected to Facebook, the Share icon will appear at every significant event. You can click on it and tell about your achievements to the whole world.

What is a social tournament? To go to this section, click the Social Tournament button in the Online Tournament mode. In the Social Tournament mode, you can use a team from the Seasons in competitions against players from around the world. Here, players need to win the qualifying match, and then join the 7 (4-day format) or 3 (3-day format) other players to participate in the tournament.

Why does the Social Tournament periodically disappear, and in its place in the Main Menu another tournament appears? This tournament is called Special. A special tournament is almost the same as a Social tournament, however only players from your region can participate in it. Take this opportunity, because after a certain time the tournament will disappear.

How to play in the social tournament? You will play one round a day. Every day an opponent will be assigned to you. Until the end of each round, you will have to play one match against each other. The result of the round will be determined by the total score of two matches. Winning a round guarantees participation in the round the next day, and so on until you either lose the round or become the winner of the tournament.

When does the Social Tournament begin? The tournament starts twice a week and covers 3-4 days. The specific dates and time of the tournament will be agreed during the game.

What awards are awarded in a social tournament? For each victory in Social tournaments you will receive 100,000 coins. In addition, you will receive banknotes in accordance with your final performance in the tournament.

What is the Communication tab? In this tab, you can find out about your friends in the game, check your mail and find out the latest news about the success of your team or avatar in Social mode. If you want to add a friend, tell him the Friendship Code or get his Code.

How to get the best player? You can get great players for the Season mode from the Transfer menu in the Club section. Use the search function to find players matching the teams needs.

What is a continent cup? In this mode, you can use the 2016 European Cup team or the Americas Cup team against the rest of the teams. If you win, awards await you.

What can be won in the Cup? You can get different players depending on the difficulty level selected before the start of the Cup. Winning the championship at the highest difficulty level will bring the classic player from the national team.

What is the World Arena? This is an online tournament mode. PvP matches await you in it, depending on your place in the ranking.

What is the difference between construction and tactics? Building determines where players stand.Tactics affect the behavior of players (attack, defense, etc.)

What will the improvement of buildings bring me? Why do they need to be improved? Go to the Season mode, then to the Club section. In the Club section, click on the Sport complex button. Click on the Improve button to improve the building. It will take money to improve the building, but it will bring benefits to your team. For example, you will receive additional rewards for the match at the Stadium, the opportunity to get the best young players from the Junior Camp, a lower level of injuries in the Hospital, as well as a chance to improve the physical condition of the players in the Physiocenter. The higher the level of the building, the greater the corresponding bonuses.

I do not know what to do. In the main menu, you will find a ribbon icon called Achievements. Here you will find the tasks you need to complete. Complete them and win rewards that will help you assemble a team for the Season mode.

How to increase the level of the team? For completing Daily quests, you can get a large number of EPs and quickly increase the level.

How to increase leadership? Leadership increases with increasing levels, which allows you to add the best players to the team.

How to treat injured players? You cannot treat them. Injured players recover during Season games. Improve the hospital to reduce the risk of injury.

How to get more first-aid kits? First-aid kits can be bought for banknotes, made in the Hospital, received as a reward in the Seasonal mode, as a Daily reward and rewards for completing a task.

How to get Stamina for players? After each match, players lose Stamina and restore it in less quantity than necessary. In the next match, if the players state is not 100%, select him and give him an Energizer.

How to get more Energizers? Energizers can be bought for banknotes, made in the Physiocenter, received as a reward in the Seasonal mode, as a Daily reward and rewards for completing a task.

How to get more Energy? Energy is restored in real time. To get more Energy, buy it for banknotes, get for completing tasks or Daily Entrance.

How to get more workout points? If you need a large number of training points to improve players, the best way to get them is to play more matches. Moreover, some quests offer training points as a reward. You can get a huge amount of training points if you score the most goals in the Season League and win weekly rewards in the Online League.

What do the stars mean for players? The number of stars shows the maximum total player performance. In order for the player to achieve maximum performance, it is necessary to use training points.

A gift icon appeared at the bottom right. What does it mean? This is a gift! When you buy sets at a great price, you can also get players and items that will help you win the next match.

After the match in the Seasons, a recruitment message appeared. What does it mean? Real Football has many sets of players and items. For example, you can purchase promotional training points at an attractive price. This will help you play with stronger opponents.

How to improve the stadium? To improve the Stadium, the level of all buildings should be higher than that of the Stadium.

What is an international cup? The international cup is the most ambitious football tournament in the world!Choose one of the national teams qualified to participate in the tournament, compete with others and win the most prestigious cup in the world!

What is a historical confrontation? Historical confrontation is a mode in which you can play the most outstanding matches in the history of football. The historical confrontation has 20 matches. Each match has its own set of tasks. Complete all the tasks and get more money as a reward!

I have already completed a couple of tasks, but still failed the historical confrontation. Why? A historical confrontation will be considered successful if you win the match. In case of loss, the confrontation will be considered lost, regardless of how many tasks you completed.

How to open other levels of historical confrontation? You need to earn the required number of stars to open the next set of matches of the Historical Confrontation. Collect stars by completing all the tasks of each level.

How to change the language of the game? In the main menu, click on the gear button, followed by the Languages ??button. The language can be changed by clicking on one of the buttons with the flag.

How to change the volume level? In the main menu, click on the gear button, followed by the Settings button. You can change the volume of music and sound in the Settings menu.

What is the basics of control in a match? During the match, you control the player using the virtual joystick and badges for passes, punches, sprints, tackles, etc. Detailed instructions regarding the controls you will receive during the game.

Where can I get acquainted with the management? In the main menu, click on the gear button, followed by the Game Mode: Control button. You can familiarize yourself with game management in the Management tab.There you can change some control settings.

How to get more coins? You will receive coins as a reward after each match and season; the better the result, the greater the reward. You will also get a lot of coins if you sell a player at an auction.

How to get more money? You will receive a reward after each match and season, the better the result, the greater the reward. You will also receive a lot of money for winning Historical matches. Attention: the higher the level, the more difficult it is to win!

I want to get more banknotes right now. How can I do that? Click on the "+" button to the right of the number of banknotes and go to the gold store. There you will see several types of banknote sets. If you buy more banknotes, you will get more banknotes as a bonus.

What is a coin store? This is a place where you can exchange banknotes for coins. If you need coins immediately, this is the best place to get them.

If I want to purchase sets of banknotes in a gold store, how will I pay for them? You can send SMS via your Gameloft account or pay for your purchase through Google Play; it all depends on which version of the game you are playing.

What is the Communication tab? In this tab you can find out about your friends in the game and play with them in a friendly match.

How to find friends in the game? First, you need to log in to your Facebook account from the game. After connecting an account, click on the Communication button to load your Friends List. Here you will see which of your friends is playing the game.

How to invite friends to the game? If you are logged into Facebook, Facebook friends playing this game will be automatically added to your Friends List. In addition, you can invite other players using the Invite button in the Communication section.

What is an online league? Online League is an asynchronous multi-player mode. In the Online League, players place their teams from the Seasons in matches against teams of other players. Unlike the regular league, in the Online League you will receive extra points for every goal scored during the match!

How to increase the rating in the online league? Win matches in Online League mode and score as many goals as possible. The higher the level of the enemy, the more points you get. Note: losing in the Online League will not earn you points.

How to change players in the online league? First, you need to choose an opponent. Then click on the Location button and go to the Composition screen. Here, click on the player and hold for 1.3 seconds; then drag it to the desired position and release.

How does a game determine the level of difficulty for each player in an online league? The level of difficulty for opponents of the higher divisions will be higher than for opponents from the lower divisions. Also, the difficulty level depends on the rating of the opponent in the Online League. It is more difficult to cope with the players who took the highest places in the ranking.

Under the Online League button in the main menu there is a timer with a countdown. What is he for? This is the timer for the weekly online league tournament. When time runs out, the top 50 players will receive weekly rewards.