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Passage of Real Racing 3: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

REAL RACING 3 is an Android game with a release date of 03/27/2013 from the well-known company Electronic Arts. In the article, we summarized the official game guides, developers "answers to players" questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. Guide for beginners
  2. Pumping Machines Right
  3. Racing Guide
  4. Passage of Special Races
  5. Customized Customization
  6. Team Recruitment
  7. Multiplayer Secrets
  8. Group Game Guide
  9. Replays and Photos
  10. The right settings in the game

Real Racing 3: Guide for beginners


In standard Real Racing 3 races, nine different types of controls are available.

  1. Gyroscope 1: drive, tilting the device, brake by touching the screen. Acceleration is automatic.
  2. Gyro 2: Drive by tilting the device. Accelerate by tapping the right side of the screen, brake by tapping the left.
  3. Gyro 3: Drive by tilting the device. Accelerate by tapping the bottom of the screen, brake by tapping the top.
  4. Gyro 3 (meas.): Drive, tilting the device. Accelerate by tapping the top of the screen, brake by tapping the bottom.
  5. Wheel 1: Rulite by moving the steering wheel on the left side of the screen left and right. Brake by touching the right side of the screen. Acceleration is automatic.
  6. Wheel 1 (Surround): Steer by moving the steering wheel on the right side of the screen to the left and right. Brake by touching the left side of the screen. Acceleration is automatic.
  7. Wheel 2: Rulite by moving the steering wheel on the left side of the screen left and right. Brake and accelerate by tapping the right side of the screen.
  8. Wheel 2 (Surround): Steer by moving the steering wheel on the right side of the screen to the left and right. Brake and accelerate by touching the left side of the screen.
  9. Buttons: Take left and right by touching the left or right sides of the screen, brake by touching the middle of the screen. Acceleration is automatic.

Sensitivity : The "sensitivity" setting determines how much you need to tilt the device or press the screen to control the machine. With low sensitivity, in order to turn the machine, you will need to tilt the device very strongly or tap the screen.

Management in the Race for the leader : Management in the Race for the leader is different from the usual.Click on the "Start" button to start the Race for the Leader, then switch speeds by clicking on the "up" and "down" icons on the left and right. Watch the tachometer so that the speeds switch smoothly.

Game controller

Real Racing 3 offers full support for game controllers on Android 4.1 and higher. To use the controller, connect it to your device. The fact of connection you will notify the pop-up message on the device. Now you can control the machine using the game controller. Keep in mind that the controller only works during a race; Touchscreen is still used to switch between menus.

The game controller remembers the selected control method and provides an additional set of functions. For example, you can use tilt B and turn the steering wheel, tilting the controller from side to side, and at the same time using the buttons to accelerate and brake.


Windshield Dashboard (HUD)

The dashboard on the windshield displays the necessary information during the race. Details depend on the type of competition, but often it includes a minimap, current speed, timer, positioning and counting laps. If you do not need this information during the race, the panel can be turned off in the settings menu.


Real Racing 3 has 4 camera positions - view from the bumper, from the hood, from the cab and behind the car. To change the view during the race, click on the upper right corner of the screen.


To pause the game during the race, click on the upper left corner of the screen. From the pause menu, you can resume the race, exit it, or go to the settings menu.


If you are new to Real Racing 3, we recommend the use of "helpers" - Gyro, Entry into turns and Autobrake.When you gain experience, it is better to turn off these functions in order to better control your car.

Real Racing 3: Pumping Machines Right


Real Racing 3 has three main classes of cars: serial (class P), racing (class R) and supercars (class S).

"Opening" cars

To get access to the cars participating in Real Racing 3, you will have to participate in races and win prizes. Most machines can be "opened" in different ways - find the car you need and click on the "Information" button to find out how to "open" it. After you open the car, you can buy it.

Buying a car

To buy a car, you first need to "open" it. After the machine is "open", you can purchase it in various ways. You can make a purchase by looking at the cars allowed to participate in races. In the main menu, click on the button with the image of the car and the plus symbol in the panel at the top of the screen. Here you can view all manufacturers and available models. Delivery of most machines takes time, but you can get them immediately by paying Gold.

VIP service

If you purchased a VIP service for the car, the car will be delivered immediately, as well as any improvements learned for it. You can purchase VIP service when buying a car or in the upgrades section.

Performance Rating (RP)

Performance Rating (RP) is a good overall machine performance indicator. A higher RP means a machine with higher performance. RP can be enhanced by purchasing improvements. Most cup tournaments impose certain RP requirements on those who want to participate in them. If your car does not meet the requirements, consider purchasing improvements to increase the RP or purchase a machine with a higher compliant RP. Getting a gold trophy for winning the Cup removes the requirement for the RP and allows you to drive any car in the series, regardless of its RP.


When you collide with other cars or get off the track, the car can get various damage. Damage affects your cars performance, causing it to accelerate more slowly, slow down longer, and so on. Taking damage also reduces the net race bonus.

Service in progress

If you use a car, it gradually wears out and begins to require repairs. If you drive over rough terrain, you will have to maintain the car more often. If this is not done, it will significantly worsen its performance. Repair of the machine takes time, but it can be made instantly by paying Gold. To maintain the machine, you must hire a mechanic - this can be done on the "Maintenance" screen. Each mechanic serves no more than one machine at a time. If you need to service several cars, hire additional mechanics for Gold. In addition, for Gold, you can speed up the servicing of the machine so that the mechanic is freed earlier.


Many cars can be painted in a variety of colors. This can be done through "My cars" (click on the button with the image of the car and the number of cars belonging to you at the top of the main menu) or when you select a car for the race by clicking on the "Repaint" button.


Modernization of machine parts helps to improve its working quality. Modernization affects four indicators: maximum speed, acceleration (from 0 to 100 km / h), stopping distance (from 100 to 0 km / h) and grip (transverse G). Upgrading a car increases its RP (performance rating), which is important for participating in some cup races with RP requirements.

Improvements can be made for R $ and for Gold. All upgrades made for R $ require time for research and development, but if you purchased a VIP service for the respective car, the research of improvements will be completed immediately. If your car does not have a VIP service, you can accelerate the study for Gold. All research improvements made for Gold are completed immediately.

Real Racing 3: Racing Guide

Competition Results

Many series - more than you can imagine - are combined into a diverse, long-lasting company. Each series consists of hundreds of levels, each of which includes three separate races! Winning prizes is the main advancement method in Real Racing 3. Prizes give you access to new series, levels and cars. Each series can be opened by receiving a sufficient number of prizes in the previous series, and the levels are opened upon receiving a sufficient number of prizes in the current series. To gain access to the new machine, you need to get enough prizes to open the corresponding presentation level, which demonstrates this machine. When the presentation level is open, you will be offered a one-time discount on the car.

Each new prize that you receive corresponds to the percentage of completion of the series and brings you R $ and Gold when you complete 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% of the series. Some races in the game are bonus series, there is no need to go through them to "open" all the cars and end your career in Real Racing 3. At the same time, participation in bonus series often gives access to the machines before you can "open" them in the main "career" series. In addition, they give additional R $ and Gold in the form of bonuses for completing the series.

Types of competitions

In Real Racing 3 there are 10 different types of competitions: Cup, Last Hero, One-on-One, Autocross, Race for Survival, Speed Record, Charge, Race for the Leader, Hunter and Race for a Time. Each type of race has its own rules and conditions of victory.


This is the default type of racing, they constitute the main part of the game. This is a standard race in which up to 22 cars participate, competing in a certain number of laps (usually 1-6). Most cups have minimum performance rating (RP) requirements. If your current car does not meet the requirements for the RP, you can upgrade it or purchase a new one. Getting a gold trophy for winning the Cup removes the requirement for the RP and allows you to drive any car in the series, regardless of its RP.

Last Hero

8 players participate in the race, and every 20 seconds the racer who occupies the last place is eliminated. The race ends when a player takes the second (last) place. The first place winner is the winner.

One on one

The player and one opponent compete for first place in a simple one-on-one race. Such races are usually short, 1-2 laps. Otherwise, the usual rules apply.


In this single-player race, the player must pass a difficult section of the track at maximum speed. Time is compared with other results.

Race for survival

In this mode, the player must travel the maximum distance for the proposed time. The clock starts and the countdown goes on. Rivals appear on the track, and the player must overtake them to get the bonus. He also gets a bonus for completing each lap. When time runs out, the players car stops accelerating and gradually stops. The distance made by the car at the time of stopping is the result of the race and the indicator of the players rank in comparison with others.

Speed record

Speaking shortly, here the player tries to show the highest speed in the race on the same lap. For example, if at some point he develops a speed of 200 km / h, this becomes his speed record. If then it accelerates on the same track stronger, this speed becomes a new record.


In this individual race, the player must pass a predetermined section of the course and cross the finish line. The speed at which the player passes to the finish line is taken into account. Then the speed is compared with the results of other players.

Race for the leader

You must start the car and shift the gear before the tachometer needle reaches the red zone. Players receive different messages when changing gears, depending on whether the number of revolutions has reached the optimal value or not.

The race for the leader consists of three rounds:

Defeat in any of these rounds means the end of the race.


In this individual race you pursue a certain car and try to overtake it. The result is determined by your position relative to the pursued car at the time of crossing the finish line. If you have a greater distance than all other riders, you have won.

Race against time

In these single races you compete with yourself, with friends and with the whole world. First go one lap as fast as you can. After the time is set, it will be uploaded to the world leaderboards if you are online. According to your result, you will be placed in one of the groups, divided according to the percentage in the leaderboards. Moving to the next group will bring you bonus R $. You can also compare your result with the results of Friends.

Your best lap is recorded and played as a "ghost" so you can compete with it. In addition, the intermediate time will be constantly displayed on the HUD, so that you have the opportunity to constantly compare the time of your current lap with your personal record. Each time trial costs you 1 Drive. Drive recovers with time, besides it can be replenished instantly by paying Gold. Moving to a new level of the pilot, you open the improvements to the maximum Drive, which can be purchased for Gold.


Having finished the race, you will receive a reward depending on the result shown. The higher the conquered place, the greater the gain. You will receive R $, which can be used to buy new cars and upgrades. You also get the Glory, which raises your Driving Level (when you reach a new level, you get Gold). Compete with your friends to get even more prizes!

Daily rewards

In Real Racing 3, a bonus for a daily game is awarded - every day you get an extra R $ and gold. The more days you play, the higher this bonus.

Real Racing 3: Passage of Special Races

Pursuit races

Arrange a pursuit race against any opponent by clicking the time trial buttons. You will compete with the opponents "shadow". If you overtake her, he will receive a notification with a call to contend with a new record.For participation in pursuit races, players get a little R $, regardless of the result.

Weekly Time Trial Tournaments

The weekly time trial works on the same principle as the regular time trial, however, here the players do not receive a disqualification for getting off the track. After the lap, the players time is entered into the global leaderboard. Until the end of the tournament, players can improve their position, and the final reward is calculated based on the place occupied by the player in the leaderboard: the higher the rating, the greater the reward! Each week, the track changes, where a weekly time trial is held, and a set of cars available for participation.

If the player does not have his car, at least one will be offered to him for rent. For a random exit from the highway, regular gatherings and collisions with fences, temporary fines are imposed. The total fine time is displayed on the dashboard, and also added to the lap time set by the pilot. If a penalty is received, it will be displayed as "!" on the dashboard, which also means that the lap time will later be reflected with penalties on the screen at the end of the race. The final recorded time includes the total fine time and is displayed in red on the screen at the end of the race.

Real Racing 3: Customized Customization

Real Racing 3 offers extensive customization options for your cars. You can change the painting, vinyl, wheels and ground clearance. Some customization items can only be used after unlocking. To unlock some items you must reach a certain level of the rider, while for others you will need to expand your garage to a certain size.

Buying and upgrading cars is a great way to expand the garage. Bear in mind that the purchase of customization elements will also expand your garage. Each machine is set up separately - each setting item that you purchase can only be used on the machine for which it was purchased. The setting items have no influence on its performance.


The category "Paint" will allow you to repaint the car to your liking. Before applying the paint on the car you need to buy it. Each color is purchased separately. After purchasing the paint can be applied to the machine an infinite number of times for free. Paints are purchased separately for each machine, you can not use the purchased paint on another machine.


In the "Vinyl" section you are invited to apply vinyl to the car. Vinyl is available in various shapes and sizes, with simple and complex patterns; it can be scaled, rotated and painted, allowing you to completely change the look of your car. Vinyl sorted by theme kits. When you purchase a complete kit, you get access to all vinyl samples contained in it. Samples from the purchased kit can be applied an infinite number of times for free. Vinyl kits are purchased separately for each machine; you cannot use a purchased kit on another machine.

In order to apply the vinyl, select the purchased kit to view all the samples of vinyl presented in it. Click on the form to transfer the vinyl to the car, or drag it from the vinyl panel to the car. The vinyl will appear on the machine along with the change master around it. To move the vinyl, click on it and move it inside the wizard. To rotate or scale vinyl, use the rotation button on the wizard. When dragging it from vinyl, its scale will increase, while approaching it will decrease. To turn the vinyl, drag the button around it.

If you need to change the color of the vinyl, open the color bar on the right and select the desired color. When you have finished setting up the layout and appearance of the vinyl, click on the checkmark button to apply the changes. Also, to apply changes, you can click anywhere on the screen outside the change wizard. In order to better view the car, use the available cameras. Click on the "Camera Settings" button on the toolbar to switch between machine views (side, front, back and top)

Vinyl transfer modes

Once you learn to transfer vinyl, you may want to learn vinyl transfer techniques that offer more options. There are two special modes that can be enabled via the screen toolbar.

Mirror mode. This mode allows you to copy the current vinyl sample to the other side of the machine, providing a symmetrical view to the sides of the machine. It facilitates the creation of identical designs for both sides of the car. Mirrored vinyl is linked to the original and cannot be changed separately. Removing the original vinyl will remove the mirrored one.

Painting mode. With this mode, you can apply vinyl on all surfaces behind the vinyl, even those located on the other side of the machine. A great way to demonstrate the principle of operation is to imagine that the car is made of glass, and you shine a flashlight through it (with a beam in the form of a vinyl lining). Any surface of the machine, on which you can apply paint and which the flashlight beam touches, will receive a pattern of a vinyl lining.

Each new vinyl layer will be applied over the old ones. If you wish, you can change the order of applying the vinyl, for this you need to use the layers panel on the left. Open the layers panel by clicking on the appropriate button, and then drag and drop the vinyl layers to change their order. If you need to remove the vinyl, just pull it off the car. You can also remove vinyl by pulling the layer out of the layers panel.

Wheel disks

If you wish, you can change the rims of the car, for this you need to go to the appropriate section. Some types of discs are locked according to your rider level; unlocking others depends on the level of the garage. As soon as the wheel category is unlocked, you will be able to purchase wheels that fit your car. Wheels are purchased separately for each machine, you cannot use purchased wheels on another machine.


The category "Clearance" allows you to raise and lower the front and rear suspension of the machine independently of each other. After the category "Clearance" for the car will be unlocked and purchased, you can change the clearance on it. Clearance does not affect the performance of the machine. Improvement "Clearance" needs to be bought for each car separately.

Real Racing 3: Team Recruitment

Team members

A team is experts who can be hired to activate bonuses for the next race. Their ability only works if the player wins the race. You can hire the following specialists:

To hire specialists, you need to attract their attention, increasing the cost of the garage. Team members start at amateur level and can only be hired in amateur level series. To hire them in the series of a higher level, you need to develop them, increasing the cost of the garage. Periodically, team members can be hired for free. After using the services, you need to wait some time for them to offer these services again for free. Winning the race, you attract the attention of specialists, and they begin to offer their services more often. In addition, you can hire a team member for gold at any time.

Garage cost

The total cost of the players cars and upgrades purchased for R $ or gold. The cost of the garage can be increased by buying cars and upgrades. To find out the cost of the garage, click on the icon "MY CARS" in the upper left corner of the series selection screen.

Real Racing 3: Multiplayer Secrets

Multiplayer game in real time

In multiplayer online games, in weekly tournaments, players can compete in groups of up to 8 participants. In order for you to get the most out of the race, we recommend that you use a WiFi connection.

How does multiplayer mode work?

Every week multiplayer tournament offers a different set of cars. Every day, 3 tracks are selected, on which the action takes place. The rating you get depends on how well you play during the tournament. Increase the rating by participating in numerous races, and at the end of the tournament you will receive a larger gold award.


To start the race, go to the multiplayer game menu. If you are taking part in a new tournament for the first time, you do not yet have a rating. In order to receive a rating and a reward following the results of a tournament, you need to take part in a multiplayer game at least once. To start a tournament, touch the menu icon again.

Starting a tournament, you will be able to choose one of the cars available in this race. If you do not have these cars yet, then at least one of them will be offered to you for rent. From here, you can also organize a personalized race for yourself and 7 of your friends by selecting "INVITE". Please note that your friends must have the game notification feature enabled, otherwise they will not receive an invitation. After such a race, your rating will not change.

Select a car and press "FORWARD" to go to the selection screen. The server will try to pick you suitable opponents. You can cancel the selection process at any time through the appropriate screen: this action will not affect your rating. Once the opponent has been selected, you will proceed directly to the race.

The race will begin when all opponents line up on the grid in the order of the reverse rating. In the course of the race, there are speed penalties for getting off the track and cutting corners that take effect when the car returns to the track, as well as a penalty for colliding with an obstacle that takes effect immediately. During the race, you can not pause the game, the car will continue to drive in the background, even with the pause menu open.

Note that if you exit in the middle of a race, the system will decide that you have not finished (NF), and as a result your rating may decline. The race ends after all competitors cross the finish line, or 60 seconds after at least one of the participants has completed the race. Participants who have not reached the finish line will be considered as not finished.

After the end of the race you can see its results, carry out maintenance or improve your car. On the enhancements screen, you can select EXIT or PARTICIPATE again. If you re-participate, an opponent selection screen will appear: the selection will be made based on your rating.

Rating and rewards

At the end of each race, your results will be evaluated in relation to the results of other participants. Winning them will increase your rating, while defeating him will lower. In the event of a victory over a rival with a higher rating, your own will increase significantly; if you lose to a lower rated opponent, your own rating will drop significantly. Keep in mind that winning the race to improve the rating is not necessary.

After the event, held in multiplayer mode, you will get a place in a single multiplayer standings, in which you can compare your results with the results of other players around the world. At the end of the tournament week, all participating players will receive gold based on their place in the ranking.

Time shifted multiplayer

Compete with anyone you want, at any time in Time Shifted Multiplayer (TSM) mode. In Real Racing 3, many live players can participate in each race, including your friends. Participation in the race and victory over friends brings the prize R $. TSM doesnt even need friends to be online at the same time as you. They can take the race one day, and you can beat them the next.

How TSM works

When you compete with another player, you compete with his fully interactive time-shifted understudy, imitating his results and skill. Under the same conditions, this understudy will race in the same time as he. In addition, each race is unique - you determine the result.


You can log in to your account on social networks through the Settings menu. Invite your friends to participate in the race through TSM by clicking on the "Invite" button in the Main Menu.

Real Racing 3: Group Game Guide

Group game mode allows groups of up to 4 players to take part together in a single race in a local game mode on a multi-window screen using Bluetooth controllers.

Gaining access to a group game

You can access a group game by connecting at least 2 Bluetooth controllers to the device. Then, on the screen, next to the "buy a car" button, a special button for a group game will appear, pressing which will launch the group game mode window ..

Group game screen

In the group game screen you can create your own cup series race: choose a car, track and number of laps. The choice is made from the already existing cars, and the race can be held on any of the tracks in the game. In order to ensure equal conditions of competition, all participants will operate machines of the same type with equal RP.Pressing the "Race" button will launch a multi-window race mode on your device.

Pressing the "random selection" button will mix the settings and allow you to quickly create a new Cup. After the race, you can either take part in the same race again, or return to the group race screen and create a new racing event. When conducting group races you do not earn any awards, glory days. Machine maintenance in this mode is also not required. Please note that each players statistics will be saved until you exit the group game mode.

Real Racing 3: Replays and Photos

Repetitions of the race

Replay races allow you to view the race just completed. In the view mode, you will get access to several camera modes and a full set of playback commands. To get to the race replay menu, click the "View replay" button on the race results screen. Playback control buttons: Play, Pause, Rewind / Forward - located in the lower right corner of the screen. During viewing, you can switch to another camera view at any time by pressing the camera change button. Available camera types: cinema, frame, bumper, hood and cab.

Please note that race replays are not available for Leader Racing and Survival Racing.

Photo mode

Photo mode allows you to take photos of your car from different viewing angles with the ability to select different filters and effects. In the mode of shooting can be accessed from the various game menus:

  1. Screen "My cars"
  2. During the race - In the "Pause" menu, click on the photo mode button in the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. User Change Screen - Press the photo mode button on the user change screen.
  4. Race repeats - while watching a replay of a race, click on the photo mode button to enter the photo mode.

The camera position can be changed by touching the camera with your finger and moving it around the screen to rotate the camera around the machine. Touch the screen with two fingers to offset the viewing area. Touch the screen with two fingers to zoom in and out. You have the ability to use photo filters. To apply the filter, open the "Filters" tab and select the appropriate one. To take a photo, click on the orange camera button in photo mode, the photo will be saved on your device, and you can share it on the social network of your choice.

Real Racing 3: The right settings in the game

In the "Settings" menu you can customize many of the parameters to your liking.

General settings

Sound. You can adjust the volume of background music and effects. O - turn off, 10 - maximum volume.

Save to the cloud. If you accidentally lost a saved game or would like to synchronize a game across multiple devices, you can easily restore it from Real Racing Cloud, provided that you played in multiplayer mode. The saved game is automatically synchronized with the cloud storage, in addition, the current saving can be downloaded manually. To access your Cloud, make sure that you are registered on the network, and click the "Cloud" in the settings menu. The "Download to Cloud" command sends your current saved game to the cloud, "Download from Cloud" - downloads the latest game saved in the cloud. You can delete the current saved game from the device using the "Delete a locally saved game" button in the profile.

Social networks. Log into any social network and compete with friends from all over the world.

Management Settings:

Assistance in driving:

Image Settings:

Map Settings:

Camera settings: