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Walkthrough Riddleside Fading Legacy: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

RIDDLESIDE: FADING LEGACY - a game for social networks from the company MyTona. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers answers to players questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. A Beginners Guide
  2. Special Chips
  3. Special Chip Combinations
  4. Elements 3 in a row
  5. Story and Stars
  6. Coins and In-Game Purchases
  7. Friends
  8. Game Events
  9. Lives
  10. Proper Game Settings

Riddleside: A Beginners Guide

How to play 3 in a row? To win levels 3 in a row, you need to collect different combinations of stones. In each level there is a goal that must be fulfilled. Combine chips, achieve goals and complete the game!

I think there is a mistake at this level. If you think you have found a mistake at the level, then contact support. When contacting, describe the problem that you encountered, and, if possible, attach a video with a bug or a screenshot.

Can I complete the level again? Unfortunately not. Repeated passage of levels is impossible.

Why go through levels 3 in a row? By winning levels of 3 in a row, you earn Stars that are spent on certain actions in the game, moving along the plot of the game.

How to pass a difficult level? To pass a difficult level, follow simple tips:

Riddleside: Special Chips

What are special chips and what are their properties? Special chips are special chips that are obtained with various combinations of chips.

Dynamite. Dynamite is a special chip that cleans a large number of cells around itself after activation. Dynamite can be obtained by a combination of 5 chips in a T- or L-shape. You can activate by double-clicking or dragging to the adjacent cell.

Rocket. The rocket removes chips in the horizontal or vertical directions. You can activate by double-clicking or swapping with an adjacent chip. A missile is obtained if 4 chips of the same color are connected in a row or column.

Fireworks. Fireworks explode in a radius of one cell and removes one chip on the field in random order.Fireworks will turn out if you connect 4 or more tiles in the shape of a square. You can activate by double-clicking or swapping with an adjacent chip.

Rainbow. The rainbow removes all the chips in the field of a certain color. You will get a Rainbow if you connect 5 chips of the same color in a row or post.

Riddleside: Special Chip Combinations

Rocket + Rocket. When combining two missiles, chips are removed horizontally and vertically.

Dynamite + Dynamite. The combination of these two chips gives an explosion two times stronger than ordinary Dynamite!

Fireworks + Rocket. If you connect the Fireworks with the Rocket, then after the explosion the Rocket will fly to a random place on the map and remove either a pillar or a row of chips.

Rocket + Dynamite. Connect the Rocket with Dynamite to make a big explosion, removing 3 rows and a column of chips!

Fireworks + Dynamite. When Fireworks are combined with Dynamite, Fireworks explode and Dynamite explode in a random area.

Fireworks + Fireworks. Two Fireworks remove 3 random chips from the field.

Rainbow + Rocket, Dynamite or Fireworks. When a Rainbow is combined with these special chips, random-colored chips on the field are replaced with compatible special chips!

Rainbow + Rainbow. Removes all chips from the field. If there is an obstacle with several layers on the field, the first of them is removed.

Riddleside: Elements 3 in a row

Generator. Draw current from the generator to the lamps to turn them on. To do this, make up various combinations next to the generator.

Tiles Tiles are located under the chips. To remove them, you need to play a combination with chips that are above the tiles.

Camera. To assemble the cameras, they need to be carried out to the very bottom of the playing field.

Boxes. Boxes prevent moving chips on the field. To remove them, make combinations next to them or use boosters.

Chain. The chain blocks the chip and does not allow it to mix. To remove the chain, you need to make a combination with a blocked chip, use a special chip nearby or use a booster.

Ice. Chips frozen in ice are not available for movement. To remove ice, you need to make a combination with a frozen chip, use a special chip nearby or use a booster.

Evidence. Evidence is under the illuminated chips on the field. Play combinations or use special chips or bonuses to collect them.

Dossier. Dossiers can be both an obstacle and a level goal. Play combinations or use special chips or bonuses to remove them from the field.

Clock. On the playing field can be several hours. To reach the goal level with the clock, you need to bring the hands of all the clocks in the same position. Make combinations or play special chips to move arrows.

Rope. You cannot move the chips through the rope, but it does not prevent you from making combinations inside or outside the area with the rope stretched. The rope cannot be removed from the field.

Drawings. Initially, the drawings on the field are hidden. To open them, you need to make combinations next to them or use special chips.

Fog. The fog gradually spreads across the field and occupies the cells. To prevent the fog from spreading, you need to make combinations and activate special chips.

Mini goals. Some levels require you to complete several goals to complete. You can identify the level with mini-goals in a briefing.

Color bar. To remove the barrier, you need to play next to him a combination of the same color as on the barrier. The barrier may require several such actions.

Teleport. Portals connect different parts of the level. Once in the portal, the chips go to another part of the playing field.

The keys. Keys are required to open a locked area on a field. To collect the keys, play combinations or special chips and boosters next to them.

Board. The board occupies a significant part of the space on the field. The board can be removed by first reducing it, only with the help of special chips or boosters.

A rock. From stones, you can create figures. To obtain a figure, you need to activate the action of a special chip or booster near the stone three times.

Riddleside: Story and Stars

What are the stars? Stars is a game resource that is needed to perform in-game actions related to an investigation. Stars can be obtained by winning levels of 3 in a row.

What are episodes and how to get through them? The plot of Riddleside: Fading Legacy is divided into episodes. Passing episodes, you not only advance in the plot of the game, but also get special rewards! New episodes appear in game updates.

When will the new episodes be? New episodes appear regularly in updates. Follow the game page on the App Store or Google Play.

Riddleside: Coins and In-Game Purchases

What are coins for and how to get them? Coins are given for each successful completion of levels 3 in a row and the completion of episodes. Also, coins can be obtained by participating in game events, or purchased at the Bank.

Can I complete the game without shopping? Riddleside: Fading Legacy is a completely free game to download. The game offers in-app purchases, but they are not required to complete.

How to avoid random purchases in the game? To avoid unwanted expenses, configure password protection settings or disable built-in purchases through the general settings of the mobile device. The method depends on your device.

How to get hints and boosters? Hints and boosters can be purchased at the Bank. You can also get them by completing various game tasks!

Riddleside: Friends

How to help friends? You can send friends bonus lives through the game inbox.

The lives that my friends sent me were lost. If you are sure that your life was lost due to an error in the game, contact support.

What if my friends are missing? Contact support through the "Settings" window, the "Support" button. Be sure to include your Support ID.

Riddleside: Game Events

What are game events? Game events are special events in the game during which you can complete special tasks and get unique prizes for it.

What are Competitions? Competition is an event for players who have completed all available levels. In Competitions, players compete with each other in completing 3 in a row to receive special rewards!

Riddleside: Lives

What is life? Life is the number of attempts that are spent on losing. Each time you lose, you lose one life.

What are endless lives? How to get them? Endless lives are an unlimited number of attempts to complete levels of 3 in a row, limited in time. You can get endless lives as a bonus by regularly entering the game, as well as receiving a reward for participating in game events and for passing episodes.

How to restore life? How many of them can be? Lives are restored free of charge for a certain time. You can also quickly restore your life using the game currency and offers at the Bank.

What is an investigation board? The investigation board is a window where you can see the progress of the case.

Why do you need an investigation board? An investigation board helps to conduct business, keeping key points (evidence).

What is evidence? Evidence is an important find that reveals things. Collect and carefully study all the evidence to keep abreast of the ongoing investigation.

Why do I need to collect evidence? You need to collect evidence in order to move further along the plot of the chapters. Also for some important evidence you will receive rewards!

How do I collect new evidence? New evidence will be automatically added to the investigation board as you perform actions in locations.

How to complete the current chapter and move on to the next? Collect all the evidence in the chapter and complete all the actions in the location. Remember to learn the latest evidence in the case to complete the chapter.

Riddleside: Proper Game Settings

How to make changes to the profile? If you want to change your name in the game, you need to contact support. You can do this through the "Settings" menu, the "Support" button. Be sure to include your Support ID.

How to sync your profile with Facebook? You can synchronize your profile in Settings. Click the Facebook icon and then log in to your page.

How to keep progress? Game progress is saved if the device is connected to the Internet. You can restore progress, even if you reinstall the game. To do this, in the progress selection window, you need to select the one you want to restore.

What is Support ID and where can I find it? Each account on each individual device has its own individual Support ID, with which help desk can find your game account in the database if you need help. Therefore, remember it or write down your Support ID (you can take a screenshot). Your Support ID matches your Invitation Code, which you use to add friends. You can find your Support ID in the game settings by clicking on the gear button next to the stars window. Also on devices based on iOS Support ID can be found in the device settings: Settings - Riddleside: Fading Legacy - Support ID.

How do I know if my game progress has been preserved? Game progress is saved if the device is connected to the Internet. You can restore progress, even if you reinstall the game. To do this, in the progress selection window, you need to select the one you want to restore. You can also save game progress by connecting the game to your Facebook account.

How to play simultaneously on multiple devices? You can sync your progress by linking a Game Center account for iOS and / or Facebook.

How to delete your profile? If you wish, you can delete your profile and personal data. To do this, you need to write a letter requesting removal to the support service. Then the support service will contact you and send you a window confirming the deletion of data within the game. To delete, you will need to start the game from your main device. Before this operation, it is recommended to delete the game with your profile from all other devices and confirm data deletion. After deletion, your profile and personal data will be deleted, and you will be asked to start the game again.

How to enable game notifications in device settings? Turn notifications on or off:

  1. Go to the device settings;
  2. Find the application "Riddleside: Fading Legacy";
  3. Go to the item "Notifications";
  4. Enable or disable them using the corresponding button.