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RISE OF EMPIRES: ICE AND FIRE is an Android game with a release date of 10/19/2018 from Long Tech Network Limited. Game genre: Strategy. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. All About Heroes and Improvements
  2. Leveling Dragons
  3. Game Features
  4. Resources, their extraction and use
  5. Complete overview of all buildings
  6. Provincial Immigration
  7. Competition between provinces
  8. Battles in the Ancient World
  9. Realm of Chaos Walkthrough
  10. Alliance and Alliance Activities
  11. Player Account

Rise of Empires: All About Heroes and Improvements

How do I get a hero? Hire heroes at the bar. Re-acquiring existing heroes automatically converts those into hero medals. Heroes are categorized into green, blue, purple and orange.

Hero application. Commanders can form formations in barracks, send heroes on campaigns with troops, or leave them in buildings to improve the efficiency of city construction. Send the hero to the barracks and perform small operations with the squad. Place the hero in the control center to set up the corresponding skill effect.

Hero medals. Hero Medals are used to unlock hero skills and also to decompose them into medals of wisdom. Decomposing heroes or completing certain events will give you hero medals. When you get a hero again, the duplicate hero will automatically turn into hero medals.

Improving heroes. The hero gains experience when defeating monsters. If there were several heroes in the battle, they receive an equal amount of experience. Using experience cards also brings experience to the heroes.

Hero skills. Skills are divided into 3 categories: development, leadership and combat, and each category functions differently.

Development skills. Development skills require heroes placed in their respective buildings to be fully functional. Some skills are marked as active and have special effects. Use them when the hero is placed in the appropriate building to activate the effect, do not forget about the cooldown.

Leadership skills. Leadership skills improve the properties of the hero’s squad or the entire formation, which include (but are not limited to) attack, resistance, collection speed, etc. Some skills are marked as active and have special effects. Use them when the hero is placed in the appropriate building to activate the effect, do not forget about the cooldown.

Combat skills. Combat skills are used automatically by heroes during combat.

The range of the skill. When using a combat skill, only targets within range will be damaged. Example: On each side there are 3 squads, own and enemy. The farthest squad with the hero uses the skill with the target type "Random enemy target", then:

Rise of Empires: Leveling Dragons

How to download dragons? Feed the dragon to increase its affection for you, and when it accumulates, you can use the Dragon’s Power to receive bonuses and power-ups. The dragon level is increased by feeding meat. Meat can be obtained by hunting. Meat of different doors brings different size of experience. For the evolution of the dragon, it is necessary to accumulate the Power of Faith. It is accumulated by completing daily tasks. As the dragon grows, it will be possible to activate his talents, which give a different effect.

Dragon Expeditions. The dragon can make expeditions to increase its level and search for resources important for the development of the castle. If the expedition is failed, its stamina is wasted. If successful, no stamina is wasted. Endurance recovers over time.

Leveling up your dragon also increases the chances of a successful expedition, but the maximum limit for this chance differs from location to location. The expedition to a new place must be sent several times so that it is marked completed. In addition to receiving a large reward, a new patrol mission will also be unlocked. Patrol missions are updated every day, but Expedition missions are not.

Rise of Empires: Game Features

Placing heroes. In the control center, you can quickly mark the desired heroes in certain buildings in order to fully use their skills. Leadership is needed to place heroes. When Leadership is at its maximum, Heroes can no longer be placed. You can maximize leadership by improving your control center. If placed heroes have active skills, they can be used by clicking on the building in which they are placed.

Combat group formation. For each rear center built, you can get one battle group formation. You can install no more than 3 heroes and some troops for each group formation.

Castle Defense:

City defense. The defense value of the city garrison will be displayed on the world map. When you click on the locks of other commanders, only the percentage of the remaining defense indicator will be shown, clicking on your lock will show the defense indicator by a specific number. If the defending side wins, then with a certain amount of losses, the castle can get the Smoke effect, during which it will not lose its safety margin.

Victory in a siege reduces the city’s strength, and the castle of the defending side can go into a state of fire. In a state of fire, the safety margin will constantly decrease. Defeat will get you nowhere. If the safety margin is not maximum, then it will slowly regenerate itself. Or you can restore it instantly, for diamonds. When the health reserve of the castle falls to zero, it will move to a random location and restore 500 HP there. safety margin. The original place will be in ruins for some time, it will no longer be possible to teleport.

Arms Race Rules. The reward for each individual player is given when completing certain tasks and accumulating a certain number of points. The event starts at 00 minutes, every day you can participate several times. Each start of the event is divided into preparation time and participation time. The specific time can be seen on the event page. Each time - different tasks, the more points for completing tasks, the higher the rewards.

Each round of the arms race has its own objective rewards. Complete the task, get enough points and you can open the chest and take rewards from there. At the end of each round of the arms race, statistics are carried out, all participating commanders are ranked, and commanders from the top of the rating receive additional rewards. After receiving a certain number of points, the reward must be collected manually. The system can send you overdue uncollected awards in the form of a message.

Trade agreement. After successfully signing a trade agreement, you can have special privileges and receive a lot of resources for 30 years. Privilege:

  1. Lots of boosters, resources and buildings. You will receive a royal cauldron, an artisan association, an advanced teleporter, and 5000 gems.
  2. Increased construction efficiency. During the trade agreement, the workers guild increases the construction speed by at least 10% (after improvement - by 25%).
  3. Royal Charcoal Factory. During the Trade Agreement, the Royal Boiler House produces much more coal during the day.
  4. Uniqueness. You get unique nameplates and messages. During the Trade Agreement, you can leave a signature in the Lord’s window to be even more unique.

The newly built Royal Boiler House and the Workers’ Guild will function during the trade agreement. Upon expiration, the buildings will not disappear and will continue to function if the trade agreement is renewed. The subscription to the Trading Agreement is renewed automatically, funds will be debited from the account upon purchase and renewal. Subscription term: one month (monthly subscription).

When the expiration date comes to an end, the store will automatically withdraw funds from your account for renewal, thereby renewing your subscription to the Trade Agreement. If you need to cancel an automatic subscription, then do it at least 24 hours before its expiration, manually canceling it through the store account interface, after which the money will no longer be debited. The subscription lasts 30 days, during which you will also receive an additional 20% gems.

Rise of Empires: Resources, their extraction and use

Resource types:

Resource inflow. All resources are produced in the corresponding resource buildings. In addition to buildings that produce coal in one form or another, all other resource buildings need coal to ensure the efficiency of their production. With coal shortages, the efficiency of resource buildings is reduced, and the province may be left without lighting when night comes.

Accelerated mode. All resource buildings can use the fast-track mode, but there is always only a chance that it will be successful and bear fruit. If successful, you will receive a lot of resources immediately. However, if the accelerated mode is unsuccessful, then the building will acquire the status "on fire" and the receipt of Resources from it, for some time, will be greatly reduced. A certain amount of resources will also be required for repairs.

Whenever you use Fast Mode, the chances of success for each subsequent use are reduced. The chances of success are slowly restored if you don’t use Fast Mode for a while. Research the appropriate Technology to unlock Fast Track.

Population. Building a province requires a certain amount of population. Build functional buildings and expand your living area to increase the population of the province. The number and level of residential zones as well as the general level of the province directly affect the available maximum population that a province can accept at the moment. The population consumes resources -

ale and food in taverns. The most important thing for population growth is to ensure the supply of food and ale to the tavern.

Maximum resources available for storage. All resources in the game have a maximum storage capacity. When this maximum is reached, you will no longer be able to obtain the corresponding resource type. Build the necessary warehouses and upgrade them in order to increase the maximum available resources for storage (as well as increase the amount of resources stored under protection from the enemy’s looting).

Collection of resources and their consumption. In the resource interface, you can see the rate of production and consumption of resources, as well as the maximum available resources. In the case of purchasing the accelerated resource production mode in the shopping center, you can also see information on the current resources of the base. The easiest way is to click on the button just below to use the resource item, however, do not forget about the maximum available resources and do not produce more resources than you can store.

Rise of Empires: Complete overview of all buildings

Buildings for construction:

Military buildings:

Alliance Buildings:

Profession buildings:

Hero Buildings:

Strategic buildings:

Dragon buildings:

Rise of Empires: Provincial Immigration

The basics. When the event starts, lords can immigrate to a new province. The province opens for immigration on the 21st week from the date of its appearance. Immigration conditions:

Immigration limits depend on the original province in which the game was started. In provinces that are in the very top of the immigration group, lords with a high immigration rating cannot migrate. The immigration group of provinces will gradually expand over time. The list of provinces available for immigration can be seen in the events section.

Immigration cost. To immigrate, you need to spend Immigration Tickets. Tickets can be obtained in packs sold in the store. The number of tickets required for immigration depends on your immigration rating, as well as the difference in age between the original province and the target province. Required number of tickets for immigration rating:

Required number of tickets for age difference:

Immigration rating. The Immigration Rank is calculated based on the buildings, technologies, troops and heroes available. The specific current immigration ranking can be seen on the immigration page in the events section.

Immigration Result:

Recharge Immigration. After a successful immigration, in order to immigrate again, you need to wait 30 days.

Hiring seasonal heroes. If the season you are immigrating to is in a later season, you will only be able to recruit seasonal heroes after 30 days.

Seasonal Hero Limitations. Heroes whose season exceeds the season of the current province by more than 1 cannot be used in battle. For example, if the province is in the first season, then only the heroes of the first and second seasons can be used. Season 3 heroes will be temporarily unavailable. If you have heroes that are not valid for use, they will not go anywhere, they simply cannot be temporarily added to the formation.

Rise of Empires: Competition between provinces

Qualifying tournaments of the most powerful province

The qualifiers for the most powerful province are an event when the system brings together two provinces with approximately equal power to conduct an uncompromising struggle. The event usually lasts a week, and all provinces are split by two. The lords of both provinces receive points for completing tasks every day.

Each day the event ends, the province with the most points wins. During the event, each opponent will be randomly selected. After the end of the event, all participating provinces will have a chance to get into the silver league of the most powerful province tournament.

Event rewards. During the event, it is enough for the lords to earn a certain number of points every day in order to receive personal rewards of the corresponding level. Lords can use the special technology Chanting a Province to increase the amount of personal rewards. Every day, if the total number of points earned by all members of the alliance reaches a certain value, then all members receive rewards.

Each day, when the event is calculated, the rating of both provinces is built based on the points earned, and the top 20 lords receive awards corresponding to the position. After the end of the event, the lords of the winning province with at least 3000 points receive another reward. All awards are automatically mailed to the Lords.

Tournament of the most powerful province

The most powerful province tournament is an event when many provinces participate at once. The system distributes depending on the combat power, from high to low: Legendary League, Gold League, Silver League. Each stage of the tournament lasts 5 weeks, during the first week, the lords of the provinces draw lots to determine their future rivals. In the remaining weeks there is a struggle.

At the end of the first battle, the winning province will face the other winning province by lot, just as the losing provinces will face each other. Competitors for the remaining weeks will be determined in the same way. After the end of the tournament of the most powerful province, the provinces from the top of the rating will go to the league at a higher level, and the provinces from the very bottom of the rating will go to the league below the level. The first few provinces in the silver league will go gold. Gold - to the legendary. And vice versa - the last lords of the legendary league will go down to gold, and gold - to silver.

Event rewards. During the battle, all lords of two provinces will receive event points when completing the content of the event, every day at the end of the event, a calculation will be carried out. The winner on points is the one with the most points. And the final victory is awarded to the one with the most points wins. The tournament reward for the most powerful province is given depending on the league in which the province is located, the rating of the provinces in the league and the rating of the lord in the province. All awards are sent by mail.

Lot rules. The lord has the right to draw lots. If there is no lord in the province, then the leader of the strongest alliance draws the lot. The draw results cannot be changed.

Rise of Empires: Battles in the Ancient World

To improve the strategic aspect of the game, a terrain system was introduced. Giant mountain ranges now run along the map that cannot be crossed just like that. Making full use of terrain can greatly enrich tactical scope. After passing through the Magic field, you will find yourself in the Ancient World, and Ancient relics will appear before your eyes. Capture them so that the alliance can receive huge boosts. At the end of the season, the number of captured relics will affect the size of the rewards!

Season rewards. Season totals are calculated by alliance. The count will be based on how many relics the alliance has captured. The more relics captured, the better the rewards. Rewards are sent out during the season counting stage by the alliance leader by mail. The specific content of the rewards can be viewed in the Season Rewards section.

Participation in the event. After the start of a new season, any player who has joined the alliance can start this season’s event by clicking on the "Join" button in the season window. After clicking the "Join" button, the time machine will take you 70 years ago. If you do not meet the conditions, you will not be able to start the event. First fulfill all the conditions (base at least level 8 and membership in the alliance) and try again.

Limitations of the Ancient World. When traveling to the Ancient World, remember that some magic cannot be used in the past.

Even if you return to your home province, your castle in the Ancient World can still be attacked, but no troops will participate in the defense, and you will not suffer any losses in the form of wounded and killed soldiers, as well as resources. All troops wounded during the season are sent to the coalition camps.

Battles. You can attack any castles that are adjacent to your or allied territories. All wounded troops are sent to the coalition camps for treatment. If your camps have not yet been built, the wounded troops will not disappear, but in order to see them again, heal and return to duty, you need to build a coalition camp. When you win a battle, you cannot take away ordinary resources, but you can take away raw resources. Moving back to your original province during the season will still leave a copy of the base in antiquity. It can be attacked, but no troops will participate in the defense, therefore there will be no losses.

Treatment of the wounded. The troops wounded in the battle will be sent to the coalition camps. If your camps have not yet been built, the wounded troops will not disappear, but in order to see them again, heal and return to duty, you need to build a coalition camp. Coalition camps have limited capacity. When they are full, you cannot go hiking.

Capture of castles and occupation. When the health factor of the castle drops to 0, it will enter a state of occupation and will lose a certain amount of its territories. In a state of occupation, the castle will not receive any enhancement effects from the alliance. He cannot be attacked by the invader or members of his alliance. After the capture, the territory under the castle will pass into the possession of the invader. The invader and members of his alliance can use these territories. The occupation state lasts 24 hours, for a fee in the form of resources, you can reset the occupation earlier.

Castle shield. Once activated, you can avoid other players’ attacks on the castle. Due to some magical nuances, to activate the shield, it must first be charged, each charge lasts 2 hours. After charging is complete, it can be activated, the duration is 8 hours. After each use of the shield, a recharge of 8 hours is required. The shield cannot be used during the last week of the season.

Teleportation. You can only teleport the castle to your own territory. The size of the territories should be 2 by 2. After choosing a place for teleportation, you must first build a teleport point there so that you can move there. The teleportation point can be attacked and destroyed by others. But for this it must adjoin the territories of the attackers.

Relics. There are many relics on the world map. Depending on their importance, they are divided into Cities, Capitals. Temples of Antiquity. Capturing various relics will give the alliance various boosts. The relics are composed of an outer part and an inner part. Capturing the inner means capturing the entire relic. Each relic has its own defense troops, and the closer it is to the Temple of Antiquity, the more powerful these troops are.

Each relic also has its own degree of fanaticism, so one should not forget about the proper degree of loyalty. After capturing the relic, all members of the alliance will begin to receive large bonuses. After capturing the relic, it will enter a state of defense, during which it cannot be attacked. Her defense troops will be restored automatically. If the relic was attacked but not captured, its defense troops will automatically recover after 30 minutes.

Relic shield. Relics of the Ancient World have their own defense system, which, when activated, reduce the attack parameter of the attackers. The relic shield requires a lot of energy to use, so it must be charged for 2 hours before activating. When charging the shield, if a part of the relic was attacked, the charging process stops. Upon completion of charging, you can activate the shield, it lasts 8 hours. After activation, you need to wait 8 hours to activate again. The shield plays a significant role, so only members of R4 and above can activate it. Cannot be used in the last week of the season.

Relief. There are mountain ranges and special areas on the world map, you cannot occupy them. To get through such areas, you can find passages nearby.

Rise of Empires: Realm of Chaos Walkthrough

The Realm of Chaos - battles side by side with your alliance, during which you receive the final rewards for capturing territories, collecting resources, improving buildings of honor, increasing specialties of honor, competing for places in the ranking.

Seasons. One season of the event lasts 45 days. The entire season is divided into Season Points, Season Rewards, and Season End. In season points, occupy territories, build buildings of honor, declare wars to get points. Declare war on other alliances and win to take more points from them. A defeat in a declared war will result in the loss of some points.

Season rewards. At the end of the season, the higher the rating of the alliance, the better it receives rewards. When counting the season, the rewards of the alliance leaders are automatically sent to them by mail. The leader determines the rewards for the other members of the alliance. When the event ends, territories, honor buildings, and points are reset, but specialty points and specialty progress remain.

Territory rules. At the beginning of the event, you can occupy territories on the world map. The higher the level of the territory, the higher the productivity and impact. Different types of territories produce different products. Territories can only produce contaminated resources, a processing plant is needed to purify and use them.

You can only capture those territories that are adjacent to you or your allies. After capturing, the territory enters a state of defense for a while, during this time it cannot be captured by others. Each has a territory limit, and it grows every day. Captured territories can be abandoned, it takes time.

Impact Score Rules. Occupying territories adds an indicator of influence. The higher the level of the territory, the higher the influence. With influence, you can receive monetary rewards. The higher the place in the rating of personal influence, the more money is given.

Resistance rules. The territories on the world map are infected with a virus, and the closer to the center of the world, the higher the degree of infection. When troops do not have enough immunity, they will take damage from poisoning in each round. The greater the difference in immunity, the higher the damage. Upgrade the Virus Institute to increase the immunity of your troops. Activating the specialty will help build more buildings of honor.

Specialties. Click on an institute to view and teach specialty skills. Specialty skills will still be active after the event ends (except for some special exceptions). Specialty points are earned by upgrading buildings of honor. The occupation of territories and the construction of buildings of honor add honor points. Collect a certain number of honor points to increase the level of honor. After gaining a new level, you get 1 specialty point. Spend specialty points to train specialty skills. Learn specialty skills to unlock active skills.

Buildings of honor. After the event is open, the survivors can build deserved buildings near the alliance. The alliance building is divided into four types: Virus Research Institute, Recycling Plant, Combat Command Post, and Guardian Fortress:

During the event, the buildings of honor will provide strong support for the world battle. After the event ends, the buildings of honor will be returned.

Rise of Empires: Alliance and Alliance Activities

How to create an alliance? You can spend 200 diamonds to create an alliance, or create one for free by reaching base level 6 and above.

How to join an alliance? Click "Alliance" in the lower right corner of the main interface and you will see a list of alliances. The system can recommend suitable ones for you, and you can also find by yourself through the search the alliance to which you want to join. After joining the alliance, you can use the powerful technologies of the alliance, buy objects in the alliance store. Join the alliance as soon as possible.

It is better to join an alliance whose language you speak, so it will be more convenient to communicate.

How to leave an alliance? Click "Alliance" in the lower right corner of the main interface, then "Manage" - "Leave."

What does the combined forces mean? Unification of troops means the opportunity to oppose the enemy along with fellow alliance members. To unite the wax, the initiator must choose the time at which the united allies will start attacking the enemy. To combine troops, you must have a command center. Only the initiator - and no one else - has the right to disband the combined forces.

Siege of the Undead Event Rules

Siege of the Undead - an event when members of the alliance jointly fight off massive zombie attacks. The Alliance Leader and R4 members can start the Zombie Siege on Tuesdays and Thursdays at any time. After the start of the event, zombies will attack the bases of the alliance members in waves. If the zombies defeat the commander 2 times in a row, then they will no longer attack him. During the event, killing zombie aggressors brings points, points are divided into personal and alliance points (the total number of points received by all members). After the end of the event, rewards will be given based on personal points and total alliance points.

Event rewards are divided into point rewards, personal rating rewards, alliance rating rewards. All rewards are sent by in-game mail. Points rewards come in 10 levels and depend on the number of personal points and the total alliance points, which determines the level of the reward. The top 50 players in the personal point rating will receive a personal rating reward. The top 5 alliances from the Alliance Ranking in the District also receive ranking rewards.

Alliance arms race

Alliance Arms Race is an event where all members achieve goals to earn points and rewards. As soon as the alliance points reach a certain goal, all participants will receive the corresponding rewards by mail. Before the start of the event, the leader of the alliance can choose the difficulty. Difficulty levels are divided into: low, medium, high or outrageous. One event is divided into 3 categories by points, the required number of points for each is determined by the choice of difficulty.

At the beginning of the event, if the leader did not set the difficulty level, then the one that was chosen last time will be set by default. If the alliance participates in the event for the first time, then the default will be low difficulty. When the event ends, the alliance leader will have time to distribute rewards, during which members will no longer be able to receive points.

Awards. The rewards are divided into point rewards and contribution rewards, and they are all sent by messages.

Alliance duel

Alliance Duel is an additional land grab system. Get rewards for competition and robbery. Stages: Declaration of War - Preparation - Battle - Counting. At the beginning of the event, you can declare war on other alliances. You cannot refuse this. The event is divided into preparation and war, but points are not given during preparation, they can only be obtained during the battle.

During the battle, occupying a foreign land, destroying another building, the center of the alliance, etc., you can get points of declared war. At the end of the combat time, if the score is higher than the opponent’s, or the opponent’s score decreases until the moment of failure during the battle, victory is declared. Winning will capture a certain percentage of season points. If he fails, he will be captured by the enemy. During the battle, operations to change alliance members cannot be performed, including: withdrawal, annexation, alliance, etc.

War declaration points. A declaration of war is only used to calculate doomsday hegemony during a declaration of war: the outcome of a league match has nothing to do with the season. Initial declaration of war: At the beginning of the combat period, it is obtained by calculating the land, building of honor and the center of the alliance belonging to the alliance. The higher the ground level, the higher the ground level of the Construction and Alliance Center, and the higher the declared war. The declaration of war is cleared after the end of the game.

Rise of Empires: Player Account

Account change. To change your account:

  1. Press Menu - Settings - Account to execute Change account;
  2. Select IM30 Account, Facebook Account, Google Play Account, Game Center Account to change.
It is recommended to use the IM30 account first. Multiple accounts can be stored in this account list for easy switching.

Account linking. To link your account:

  1. Click Menu - Settings - Account to link your account;
  2. Account linking is divided into: Account IM30, linking to Facebook, linking to Google Play, linking to Game Center.
  3. Choose your favorite binding platform. We recommend that you first link to your IM30 account.

About the login password. After successfully connecting and activating your IM30 account, you can log in to the IM30 account page by clicking Menu - Extras - Account - Link Account - Linked - PIN Settings. Set a password. If you have already set up a PIN, you can change it here by entering your previous login password. If you have forgotten your login password, you can click Forgot PIN to get a new password to login through the associated IM30 account mailbox.

Article author: Nadezhda D.