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Walkthrough Rival Knights: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

RIVAL KNIGHTS is an Android game with a release date of June 4, 2014 from Gameloft. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers answers to players questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

I can not go through the action! What to do? You can improve your equipment. If this is not enough, you should purchase a better one. Reinforcements, which at the beginning of each match can be purchased for diamonds, will be a good help.

Sometimes my spear breaks on the opponents shield or armor. This is normal? More than! With a good hit, the spear will almost certainly break. Do not worry, you do not have to buy a spear again. Buying a new spear, you get an endless supply of copies of this type.

I collected the bonuses Perfect start, High speed and Perfect hit, but at the same time I could not win. Why? The outcome of the battle is affected not only by the knights skill, but also by the quality of his weapons. To defeat stronger opponents, you need to improve equipment. Also, since to win you need to win 2 rounds of 3, it is worth concentrating on winning in 2 rounds in which you can achieve the greatest advantage over your opponent. Do not forget to participate in the training campaigns of the league, where you can get hold of coins for the purchase of new armor or weapons.

My fights with a certain opponent constantly end in a draw. What to do? Most likely, you pass the defense test on equal terms (in this case, most likely, you both won one of the remaining competitions). A simple improvement of the armor or helmet will allow you to complete this competition, and then the victory will be yours if you successfully complete the competition for strength or speed.

Some items are closed for purchase. How can I access them? Sponsorship promotions allow you to fight in rented armor. After completing the action, you will get access to one of the items of rented armor. Complete all sponsorships (as well as some of the regular ones) to unlock all items.

Above the image of the item (helmet, armor, horse or spear) a light is drawn. What does he mean? It means that this item is "charged" (see the Improvements section), i.e. improved to maximum value.This state is not permanent - one day the object will lose its "charge", and the light above its image will disappear.

I cannot exit the store due to overload. What to do? You cant take everything on yourself. You will have to choose between a fast horse, a sharp spear and strong armor. A good tactic is to fight with a strong thing from a category that the opponent did not work out with.

Why cant you use the same weapons in every league? Each order is a separate league with a different approach to armament. Going into a new league, you will gain access to a new set of weapons, which are almost as powerful as the best things from the previous one.

I improved the subject, however, this did not affect my parameters. Why? Improving an item takes time. You can use the upgraded item, however, until the specified time has passed, this item will not change for the better. Also, without completing one improvement of the item, you cannot improve it again. If you do not want to wait, you can speed up the improvement for diamonds (in the queue menu).

It takes a lot of time to upgrade a new item! Why is that? It is likely that you decided to improve several items, and they fell into the line of improvement. Only two items can be improved at a time, all other selected improvements are placed in the queue and wait for the completion of work with the first two items. To speed up the process, you can purchase additional improvement cells (in order to simultaneously improve more than two items), or pay for the acceleration of work to instantly improve the items.

In the enhancement menu, the last icon looks different (with a twinkle). What is meant? A light means that this item is "charged" after filling the entire scale. In general, the "charge" acts like any other improvement, with the difference that its effect is temporary - once the item loses the "charge", and the light above its image disappears. Then the "charge" will again have to be acquired in order to use the item with maximum impact.

I want to go back to the last map (league). Is it possible? Click on the flag at the top of the screen. You will see a list of all leagues. You can go to any league from previously opened.

What is a royal seal? Using the Royal Seal will allow you to conduct a match in a single player campaign.

What is social press? Using Social Seal allows you to play one match in one of the multi-player tournament modes, such as the Victory Fair or the Friendlies.

Can I get seals from allies? You can ask allies to send you a seal. So you can climb to the top of the ranking much faster!

Despite the championship won, I was not awarded. Why? Awards are not presented immediately after the championship. Syncing information from all participants may take some time. Please wait 24 hours for awards before contacting User Support (in the Settings menu).

Having played the match in the single player campaign, I found (a) that my equipment and indicators did not match what was actually worn on my knight. Why? You took part in the action under the auspices of a sponsor who (temporarily) provided you with your own set of equipment. Most likely, you will forever unlock this equipment at the end of the promotion.

When Eponina asked me to introduce myself, I entered my name, but now asterisks (*) are displayed instead. Why? The name entered, or part of it, contained the terms included in the mat filter, and was not missed. It is likely that the word entered did not contain foul language in your language, but is foul in another. In either case, enter a different name or change the spelling.

I won (a) in two of the three parameters, but the match ended in my defeat. How so? There are two explanations:

Firstly, you may have won in Defense and Speed, but you didnt hit the target, which naturally led to defeat, because the primary task is to hit the opponent with a spear.

Secondly, it is possible that you participated in the action of the Pari Medals and did not fulfill its goal (for example, according to the conditions of the action, an ideal start was required, but you did not achieve it).

In a network match, my equipment suddenly changed. Why? In online promotions, you fight using the equipment of any open league. While in League III, you can compete with opponents from League I, II, and III using equipment from the appropriate league. Thus, you will need a good set of equipment for each league.

I won two of the three matches in the action (the notches in the upper right corner showed my victories), however, having lost the third match, I found (a) that all the notches disappeared, and I was counted defeated. What is it like? Most likely, you participated in the King of the Hill campaign, the goal of which is to win three times in a row. Those who lose at least once should start over.

What exactly do the stars in the description of the action determine? They show the difficulty of the action relative to your current equipment and the equipment of the opponent. 1 star - an easy victory, 2 stars - you win, even playing poorly, 3 stars - the odds are equal, 4 stars - you have to strain or use the bonus, 5 stars - you win only by using the bonus in two categories or by earning all three medals ( Perfect start, High speed and Perfect punch).

Where can I play the new mode with a crossbow? Actions for crossbow shooting are held as you progress through the single player campaign. They, like other stocks, are located on the map.

How can I play the download mode? Racing promotions take place as you progress through the single player campaign. They, like other stocks, are located on the map.

How can I see maps of other leagues? Each league can be viewed by swiping your finger left or right on the map screen.

Why dont my arrows fly at enemies? To shoot, hold your finger on the screen. When you release your finger, a shot will be fired.

Why doesnt my horse want to jump? In order to make the horse jump, swipe up at the very moment when all three arrows turn green.

Why arent all the guards dying from my beautiful crossbow shooting? The shot has two power levels - yellow and green. When the target is highlighted in yellow, the shot is weaker and its accuracy is lower. In addition, some of the guards will have to spend as much as two arrows.

How to become a lord? Your title changes with a set (or loss) of rating points after each promotion. The more points you score, the higher the title you will be granted.

How to score rating points? Play and complete the Championship or Friendly Challenge.

How do I know how many rating points I have? After each promotion, you will see a pop-up window indicating how many points you need to increase the rating and how many points you will lose if you lose.

How to find out yours. position? It is displayed next to your name in the leaderboard, as well as in the Main menu and the Store menu.

What are laurels? Laurels are points earned by you; roughly speaking - experience points.

What are laurels for? Laurels are needed to open new leagues and bosses.

How to find out how many laurels you need to fight with the boss? On each portrait of the boss on the map shows the number of laurels needed to fight with him.

How do you know how many laurels you need to advance to the next league? After defeating the last boss of each league, you can go to the next. Thus, you need exactly as many laurels as it takes to summon the last boss.

I accidentally deleted a saved game, or I want to continue the game on another device. Is it possible to restore the save? Yes, in case you were connected to Facebook or Game Center (Google +) before losing the saved game. After installing the game, just log in to the same Facebook or Game Center (Google +) account and get a request to restore the saved game from the Cloud.

Unable to enter the game. At startup, a message is displayed: "An internet connection is required for the game." For the game you need a permanent connection to a Wi-Fi or 3G network.

How to get stamps? By clicking on the print icon at the top of the screen, you will be able to purchase prints for diamonds.

How to get free diamonds? When you open an in-game store, you will see an advertising banner offering free diamonds. By clicking on it and watching the video, you will get at least 5 diamonds.

Who are the partners, and what is the use of them for me? By choosing a partner, you can quickly collect fanfares. For each victory of a partner you will receive fanfares as a reward.

I had to see rivals armed with items that were simply not in the store. Where did they get such a wonderful weapon? They received him as a reward for winning previous tournaments. Do you want the same?Make your way to the top of the ratings by winning tournaments.

How to add allies? You can send a union request from the leaderboard in tournament mode.

Is it possible to fight against allies? Just select the Friendlies match in the stock menu in the main menu or on the map.

How many friends can I add to the list? You can add as many friends as you want. The number is not limited, but only the first 50 are shown.

How to remove allies? The ally in the Championship is easy to remove. To do this, click on its image (on the Championship screen). But after that you will need to choose a new ally ... You cant remove them, just replace them.