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Walkthrough Rival Wheels: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

RIVAL WHEELS - game for android from the company Gameloft. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers answers to players questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

Do I need to maintain an Internet connection for the game? An Internet connection is not necessary for the game, but you will need it to get an update to the content and access to all the features.

Do I need to maintain an Internet connection for the game? No, this is not necessary. However, if you want to compete with friends on the network, participate in the Leaderboard or in promotions, you will need an Internet connection.

How to view my progress? Go to Profile by clicking on your portrait in the Main menu.

Is the game supported over the network? No, the game does not support network mode, but you can compete with friends and other players in the Leaderboard.

How to make a perfect start? Click the acceleration icon to control the RPM. Hold the arrow in the green zone until the start.

How to make a perfect switch? After the start of the race, wait until the arrow reaches the green zone, and immediately click the gearshift icon.

How to use nitro? Install nitro on the bike first. After that, you can fill in the nitro scale by performing Perfect Switch. Use nitro to get ahead!

How to fill the nitro scale? The nitro scale will fill up when performing Perfect and Good shifts.

What is Extreme Nitro? Extreme nitro is activated if you completely fill the nitro scale. For some bikes, this is better than using nitro bit by bit; for some, no. Find the best strategy for everyone!

What is the gear down icon for? You can use this icon to downshift if you accidentally switch it too soon.

How to go through Career mode? To access the new seasons, go through Ladder and defeat the Bosses.

How to open bikes? To access most of the new bikes in the Biker Battle, you need a certain number of drawings. Drawings can be obtained in different ways: some for completing Star tasks; others - get from the bosses.

How to open bikes? To access most of the new bikes, you need a certain number of drawings, which can be obtained in various modes. Some can be obtained by participating in Daily and Star tasks; others are defeating Bosses.

How to sell a bike? You cannot sell your bikes in the game.

What are stellar tasks? Star tasks - a chain of races with special conditions for participation and victory. Open them by completing the Season in Career mode.

How to open stellar tasks? First you need to complete the season - win the final boss battle - and unlock Star Challenges.

What is a side job? A side job is an endless mode for getting parts and credits in order to improve bikes. For every 3rd victory you will receive a box with details.

What are Prestige Points? Prestige Points - a measure of your progress in the game. They are needed to level up and get rewards in a multiplayer game.

What is the gear down icon for? You can use this icon to downshift if you accidentally switch it too soon.

How to earn Prestige Points? You will receive Prestige Points for most races, except for the Part Time mode.

What is a league? League - the stages of the network game that you have to achieve. In higher leagues you will be opposed by stronger opponents, and your prizes will become larger.

How can I move to the next league? To move to the next League, you will have to score a certain number of Prestige Points for the season of multiplayer, or get into the top 3 players of the current League.

How to earn more loans? You will receive credits for victories and good performance in races (for example, Perfect switching).

How to get more gold? Gold can be earned in special promotions or as a reward for Daily Combo, or purchased in the Store.

What are Daily Tasks? This is a set of actions that you have to complete in 24 hours. If you manage to complete all of them, you will receive a Combo reward: drawing or Gold.

What are daily promotions? This is a special mode in which you can get certain details of the bike. Different parts are available on different days, so make plans!

Why do I need some fuel? As in real life, the bike will not be able to ride with an empty tank, especially in intense drag racing. Fortunately, while one bike is refueling, you can ride any other bike in your collection.

What is a bike class? Tales are distributed in certain classes, based on their capabilities; the best bikes are placed in Class A. However, bikes of any class can participate in the race.

What is a bike rank? The rank of the bike is an expression of the totality of its quality indicators. More powerful bikes show better results!

How to install or remove an improvement? Improve the bike by mining parts for it and paying for their installation with loans. Having installed an improvement, you cannot remove it!

How to get the legendary details? Win Legendary items in special promotions or find them in huge boxes.Legendary details relate to a specific bike: it will not work on any of them.

Where to get the bike details? You can sell unwanted parts on the Black Market for a special currency - Scrap, for which you can buy new parts. Enter the Market every day and choose from three new parts.

How to open helmets and nitro cables? To access helmets and nitro-loops you have to complete certain seasons.

Why are helmets and traces of nitro needed? Customize your appearance to stand out from the crowd, as well as earn bonus credits and more prestige.

How to view achievements? View your achievements in the Profile, in the Achievements section.

Will I lose the progress of the Login Reward if I miss a day? No, your progress will continue.

How to change my name in the game? You can change your game name by going to your Profile and clicking the Change icon next to the name.

The game is slow on my device. What to do? For the best gameplay, turn off the power saving mode and close the background applications.

How to synchronize progress on different devices? You can use the Facebook login to save and restore profile information under the same login on another device. But be careful: transferring progress to a new device, you replace it with the conservation that was done on it!

How to change the language of the game? You can change the language on the Language tab in Settings.

How to adjust the level of sound and music? The volume level can be set in Settings.

How to enable the view from the 1st person? You cannot change the view from a 3rd person perspective - this camera was not chosen by chance!

How to save the game? Your progress is saved automatically after almost every action in the game.

How to challenge other players? You can compete with other players in the League, or try to beat their ghosts in any mode. However, remember that this requires an Internet connection.

How to view the progress of my friends? You will find your friends in the Leaderboard section of your Profile. You need to log in to Facebook.

How to choose a different social network? Facebook is the only available social network in the Biker Battle.

What is this bike of the day promotion? This is a special promotion in which you can get even more Prestige. To participate you will need a special bike.