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Walkthrough RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

ROLLERCOASTER TYCOON TOUCH - Android game with release date 03/14/2017 from Atari. Game Genre: Simulation. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. A Beginner’s Guide
  2. Maps
  3. Visitors and Needs
  4. Roller Coaster
  5. Economics and Fleet Management
  6. Why do I need friends?
  7. Promotions and Events
  8. Scripts
  9. Mini Games
  10. Bugs and Fits Games
  11. Payments
  12. Technical problems and game errors

RollerCoaster Tycoon: A Beginner’s Guide

Camera control

Buildings and construction. You will find all your cards in the Construction menu . Maps are sorted by category and tab. To place objects, drag the map to the park. Confirm the position.

Track construction and rides. Visitors need roads to access buildings.

Missions. Missions help you familiarize yourself with game activities.

Production and collection of coins. The rides produce coins, but have a limited Vault.

The interaction of the rides. You can interact with any object located in the park - just select it for this.

Information about the park. The section contains information on how successfully you manage the park.Touch any option for more details.

A variety of attractions and the quality of decorations are key factors for attracting visitors. Happy visitors spend more time in the park, bring more profit and even recommend the park to other people!

Map Improvement. To improve the map:

Please note that with the improvement of the map, all relevant objects located in the park are also improved. Click on the "Improvement" button to start it. Improving the map also allows you to place more objects of the same type in the park.

Jewelry and personalization. Decorated attractions bring more joy to visitors. Try to place the decoration next to the attraction. Choose the most suitable location so that it is adjacent to several attractions. The rides are marked in blue when they receive a bonus to the joy of a nearby decoration.

Office buildings. Service buildings help manage the park. To find them, open the Services section of the construction menu and then the Services tab.

Activity cards. Activity maps show trends that will help in managing the park’s finances and visitor satisfaction.To view, click on the activity map menu in the lower right corner.


Creation of slides:

Special item:

RollerCoaster Tycoon: Maps

How to unlock new cards? Level up with experience points for completed missions. As you level up, new cards open. When you open card sets, all unlocked cards will become available. Please note that you do not receive a card when you unblock it - for this you need to get it from a set of cards.

What does a set of cards consist of? Sets include a different number of cards of varying degrees of rarity. As a rule, the larger the set, the higher the probability of the appearance of rare and epic cards. Also, the number of cards in the set depends on your level. As it increases, the number of cards in the set will grow.

Where can I get additional sets of cards? Card sets can be obtained in various ways:

I have not received the card I need. Why? Cards are dropped randomly, but recently opened cards have a higher chance of falling out. Therefore, no one can guarantee that you will receive the necessary cards to complete the collection.

How to use cards? Use maps to place buildings in the park. First you need to find an unlocked card. When you get it, open the construction menu, select the desired structure and drag its map from the menu to the park.

Why can’t I place a card? Cards are opened upon reaching a certain level, but in order to be able to place them, you must first find them in the set. Each card has a certain placement cost (in coins), so be sure to make sure you have enough funds. There is also a placement limit for each object. Improving maps, you can place more of the same objects.

How to improve maps? A map improvement system is an important part of the game. It allows you to increase the efficiency of buildings by increasing the maximum amount for storage and the number of visitors, as well as adding experience points so that you can develop faster and unlock even more cards. Improving the map also increases the limit of the same type of buildings that can be placed in the park.

The only exception is slides - in the park you can place only one slide of each kind. Each upgrade requires a certain amount of coins and certain cards. The number of coins and the required cards depend on the rarity of upgraded cards that give a different amount of experience. The rarest cards have fewer levels of improvement than regular cards.

How many levels does each card have? Cards in the game come in three rarity levels, and each species has its own limit of improvement:

Some special cards, such as trophies, cannot be improved like regular cards, or they cannot be improved at all. If the scale is not shown under the map, then it cannot be improved.

What is affected by the wave parameter? Riding rides brings visitors joy. The result depends on the preferences of the visitors regarding the intensity of the track. If the attraction matches their preferences, then visitors will receive more joy from it. If the track is too busy, it will bring less joy.

What does the tension parameter affect? Children’s slides have less tension, the speed of riding on them is lower, and they bring less joy. Extreme rides, on the other hand, give an increased level of excitement and nausea.Depending on the tension of the route, the parameters of excitement and nausea change. Visitors react better when riding rides of their favorite level of tension. Try to please everyone.

What does the nausea parameter affect? Riding nausea reduces visitors’ hygiene. The result depends on the preferences of the visitors regarding the intensity of the track. If the ride is according to preference, then hygiene falls to a lesser extent. If the tension is too high, visitors’ hygiene drops quickly. When visiting the toilet, hygiene is restored to the maximum level.

Where can I see map options? From the construction menu, click on the map to see all its parameters.

Where can I see the parameters of the building located in the park? When using a map, click on a building in the park to open information about it. Click on the "Data" button to view detailed information on the economic results of the attraction. Some parameters are displayed only on the placed slides, and not on the corresponding map, because they depend on the environment.

Why do I get coins by opening a set of cards? You may have a certain number of copies of each card. The maximum amount is calculated based on the cards needed to improve this item, plus a little more. Having collected a maximum of copies, for all subsequent copies you will receive coins. The less often the card, the more coins you will receive for its extra copy. Having opened a set of cards, you can notice that on some cards there is a golden scale and a golden flag: they show how many copies of the card were exchanged for coins. The exchange will occur even if the card is not improved to the maximum level, but you have enough copies to do this.

The construction menu has changed. Where are all the cards now? Since the developers have recently added a bunch of maps to the game, it was decided to divide the construction menu into new categories to facilitate navigation! Here are the sections the construction menu now includes:

In each section, you can navigate through the tabs to filter the cards. You can return to the main menu at any time by clicking on the red arrow on the right of the screen, or by clicking on the category on the left side of the screen.

RollerCoaster Tycoon: Visitors and Needs

What are the basic needs of visitors? Visitors have three important parameters that fall during a visit to the park:

  1. Joy - replenished by shopping in stores and visiting the slides.
  2. Hygiene - replenished when visiting toilets.
  3. Satiety - replenished with meals in restaurants.

If one of these parameters drops to zero, visitors will leave the park unhappy.

What preferences do visitors have? Each visitor has its own characteristics: age, preference for the tension of the route and favorite food. To meet all the needs of visitors, build a balanced park with different types of entertainment - from children’s attractions to giant roller coasters. Try to place the same attractions and restaurants with varied food at a distance from each other to increase overall satisfaction. And do not place all the latrines nearby ...

What is the role of the help center? The help center increases the attractiveness of attractions in their range, increasing their popularity. If several help centers cover a large area of ??your park, this also increases overall visitor satisfaction.

My visitors are unhappy. What can I do? If a visitor has a red cloud with thoughts above his head, then he is unhappy. Click on him to find out what is bothering him and solve the problem. As a rule, this happens if there is no path to the buildings, the price of the attraction is too high, or the building is already filled with visitors. You can also check the overall satisfaction of visitors at the top of the screen and find out what needs to be paid special attention to.

RollerCoaster Tycoon Roller Coaster

How to build a slide? Building your own slide is the best way to unleash your imagination! Having collected all the cards necessary for a certain type of slide, you can begin to build them. To do this, open the construction menu and drag the custom slide map into the park, and then open the editing mode.

To draw the desired route, drag the first node of the slide to the desired location and do not forget to turn its end back to the station. When the route is drawn, you can select any node individually to change its position, height, angle, delete it, or add a special element. The length of the track is limited by the level of the basic set of maps.Upgrade the map to build a longer slide.

How to add a special element to the slide? To add a pair of loops or a pool to a slide, select a node in the slide creation mode, open the "Special insert element" and select which element you want to add. The number of elements that can be placed on one slide is limited. Improve the map of the corresponding special item to accommodate more. Be careful, as special elements increase not only excitement, but also the level of tension and nausea on the hill. Also remember that slides with too high a level of tension will not be popular with visitors.

Why am I unable to add a special element on the last node of the slide? If you are creating a slide for the first time and want to add a special element, you need to select any other node except the last. The editor does not allow you to add special elements on the last host. If you created a slide earlier to add special elements, just click on any node except the last one. Remember that any element added increases the total length of the trace, so do not forget to take into account the current allowable limit.

How are the slide parameters calculated? The parameters of each map used to create a custom slide are summed up in total. Adding special elements, a train or a station modifier increases the parameters of the basic map set. Also, a certain amount of points is awarded for the appearance of the track. Each slide has its own ideal design, and your task is to find the perfect combination.

Wooden and super-fast slides contain many jumps and time in the air. Steel and inverted slides include many special elements and coups. Accelerator slides should be ... very fast and not too long, otherwise they will become too stressful. Winged and inverted slides must harmoniously combine several factors: falls, overturns, speed, height and turns.

User slide is closed. Why can’t I post it? Sometimes the simulation stops working. Developers are studying this problem. At the same time, the slides cease to generate coins, and activity maps will indicate zero in many ways. When moving an existing slide or placing a new one, the application should make recalculations. This may take from several seconds to several minutes, depending on the size of the park, but in the end, the result should appear. Also, restarting the application may solve the problem. If the measures described do not work, contact the support service by clicking on the "Contact us" button.

How to achieve soaring on your hill? "Hovering" occurs when visitors experience negative overloads and feel how they break away from their seats when the train descends from the mountain at high speed. The first ascent and descent from the mountain does not lead to soaring, as the train passes it at low speed. Organize several jumps (or soaring when descending from the mountain) to increase the total flight time.

How to get more maps of special elements, stations and trains? Special slide inserts, trains, and station modifiers are given as rewards in weekly slide tests, and are also found in premium card sets in the store. Base cards are found in any set: in a daily free set, in sets for viewing advertisements, as well as in prize sets for completing missions. Take part in the weekly roller coaster test to get more of these cards. To view the current challenge, open the mission menu on the challenges tab.

What are weekly roller coaster trials? Weekly roller coaster trials are more complex and longer missions in which you need to achieve certain goals. To pass the test it is necessary to achieve all the goals. Tests are somewhat reminiscent of puzzles where you have to try out different designs of slides and apply your creativity to complete all the tasks. Each week a new challenge awaits you, corresponding to your game level.

As part of a slide competition, you may be faced with the task of building a slide of a certain length, height, using a specific special element or train, etc. Any parameter of the slide can be the goal of the competition! You can pass the tests by editing the slides already placed in your park, or by building new ones. When the slide will meet the requirements of the test, you can pick up your reward: maps of special elements, trains or stations. The award should be collected before the timer expires, otherwise it will disappear. To view the current challenge, open the mission menu on the challenges tab.

What is a station and train modifier? To pass some tests on the hills, a composition modifier or station modifier is required. A station modifier is a shell that can be used for a roller coaster station. She raises cash charges at the station. The composition modifier is a shell that can be used on a slide, by analogy with the composition modifier, only it increases the maximum load of the slide, thereby increasing profit.

At the moment, they are only available in seasonal offers. You can find them as part of free, daily or prize sets of cards, or in any set from the store. In roller coaster sets and in seasonal sets, they are more common. To apply them, enter the mode of editing slides and click on the composition or station icon on the toolbar. Then just drag the card you want to apply to the park.

What are circuits? Schemes are ready-made slide designs that can be applied to an installed slide. Schemes can be obtained for a weekly test on a roller coaster or from purchased kits (for example, "Hill"), but they are very rare! To make a diagram, you will need all the maps of this slide: a complete basic set for this type and maps of special inserts, trains or stations. Necessary cards are indicated in the construction menu. To apply the scheme, select the placed slide. Press the button with the tap, and then the button with the circuit. Then it will be possible to drag the appropriate scheme into the park, apply it and see the result. To confirm or deselect, exit the menu.

How to keep my own slide design? If you want to save your own slide, you can save it as a personal scheme.There are two ways to do this:

  1. Having tested the slide in the park editor, click on the "Save" button;
  2. Select the placed slide and go to the "Apply Scheme" menu. Press the button with the tap, and then the button with the circuit. The first button on the list will be to save your slide. She will create a map in the scheme list, and then you can drag it to use it again.
You can save one design of each type. If you have already saved the scheme for this type of slide, the game will ask you to confirm the preservation of the new design on top of the existing one.

I made a mistake. Can I undo my last action? Yes! While you are in the slide editor mode, you can click on the "Cancel" button to undo the last action. You can cancel up to 15 actions. After exiting the editor mode, the last actions can no longer be undone.

RollerCoaster Tycoon: Economics and Fleet Management

My park does not generate income. What am I doing wrong? The amount of profit that buildings bring depends on how well you manage the park. The main thing is to attract as many visitors as possible and satisfy their needs so that they stay in the park for as long as possible. Give them joy, invest in the purchase of various new attractions, set reasonable prices for entrance tickets, and visitors will come in droves.

How to earn more coins? If you often run out of coins, there are several solutions:

What are tickets? Tickets are the secondary currency in the game. They are used for various purposes, and can be obtained as a reward for completing missions or purchased in the store. Use them to:

How to earn more experience points? Like coins, experience is one of the main factors in the game. With each new level you open new cards and increase the potential of each set of cards. As a rule, increasing the level will allow you to collect more coins and move on. Experience can be gained in 2 ways: completing missions and improving maps.

Where does the difference between the values ??on the activity map and the building parameters come from? There is no difference. The numbers on the activity map coincide with the parameters of the building. On the activity map all values ??are displayed at the same time so that you can compare them. Both values ??indicate how well you manage the entire fleet.

What are hearts of gratitude, and where to get them? Gratitude hearts are the currency that occurs from time to time when reading clouds with happy thoughts of visitors (happy faces are marked in blue). Thus, they thank you for the successfully done work. Earned hearts can be spent on a special train near the entrance to the park. This will attract visitors to the park and increase revenue for a while. To get more clouds with happy thoughts, optimize the park:

How to run a train for visitors? A train for visitors outside the park becomes available at level 25. Launching it requires hearts of appreciation, which you can collect by clicking on the clouds with the thoughts of happy visitors. Click on the station to open the menu and start the train, spending hearts of appreciation.

How to attract more visitors to the park? At the moment, there are two ways to increase the number of visitors and profit at the same time.

  1. Advertising campaign: located in the lower right corner of the screen, next to activity maps. To open the menu, click on the microphone icon. The launched campaign will attract visitors for a limited time. You can watch the video to launch a free advertising campaign with a smaller bonus and time of action, or spend tickets for a longer campaign with a more substantial bonus.
  2. Special train: there is a railway station near the entrance to the park. Click on it to open the menu. To start a train, you need to load hearts of gratitude into it. During the movement of the train you will have a constant influx of visitors, which will increase revenue for a limited time. The bonus and the duration of the action are longer than advertising campaigns, but hearts are a limited resource.

Why do you need a hedge? Fences do not affect the overall satisfaction of visitors. They are intended only to decorate the park.

How to unlock different types of hedges? To unlock other types of hedges, you must unlock all the decorations from the corresponding collection. For example, if you unlock all cowboy jewelry, a wooden fence will become available to you.

How to remove paths and hedges? From the soil change menu, you can use the second button (eraser) to delete the placed paths or hedges. Take the eraser and swipe it over sections of the road or hedge to remove them. To pave the track again, select the Roads tool.

How to get rid of garbage? To clear the paths, you need to arrange cleaners in the park. Cleaners, like other services, work in a specific area. They will walk on it, look for garbage and clean it. Garbage will only accumulate outside the areas of the cleaners. Garbage accumulates over time, and the fewer cleaners in the park, the faster it will accumulate. Make sure all tracks are within the range of the cleaners. To accommodate more cleaner rooms and expand their coverage area, upgrade the map with the cleaner room.

What are color cards? Color cards are very rare. They are used to change the color of attractions, restaurants, shops and slides. To open each color, a certain level is required, and the card is drawn only once. They cannot be improved since they have no parameters. They are used only for personalization! The design of one building can contain up to 3 colors. Having received a color card, you can use it on any building that can be painted.

There are classic colors that can be found at any time, and special for each season, which will appear only during the corresponding seasonal event. You can get them as part of prize, daily or free card sets, as well as in sets purchased in the store. You can also buy all the classic colors in the store, regardless of their unlock level. Open the construction menu, the "Decorations" section, then go to the "Colors" tab to see your current collection of colors. Have fun and be creative!

How to use color cards? If you have a color map, click on the attraction, restaurant, shop or slide to open the data window, then on the flower icon (color wheel) to enter the painting menu. You can choose which part of the attraction you want to repaint by clicking on the categories on the screen on the left. Attractions, shops and restaurants have a primary and secondary color, as well as the color of the elements. On slides, you can repaint the roofs of cabins, rails and poles.

At the moment, the composition and station will also take on the color chosen for the track. To assign a new color to a selected category, simply drag it to the park or click on it. If you did not like the new color, you can also return to the original one by selecting the first option in the list of colors.

What is a park editing mode? The park editing mode allows you to easily change the design of the park by temporarily sending objects to be stored in a warehouse, and then again placing them in the park for free. The mode becomes available at 11th level. To open the park editing mode, tap the pencil icon in the lower right corner of the screen.

All changes are saved instantly, so do not forget to return objects to the park before leaving the editing mode. When editing a park, the game goes into pause mode, and all visitors along with their thoughts will be hidden on the map so that it is easier for you to move objects. As soon as you finish editing the park, the game will apply a new design and make the necessary recalculations.

Please note that although your coin store is not displayed in the park editing mode, coins for all moved or stored objects will be collected automatically.

Tools for editing the park. Here are a few tools to help you easily change the look of your park:

How to open park editing mode? I can’t find him anywhere! The park edit button is available at level 11. Up to this level, the size of the park is compact enough to make all changes right in the park.

Starting from level 1, you can remove objects from the park by moving them to a container and return them back for free.

How does the warehouse work? If you want to delete an object in the park editing mode or in normal mode, it will be moved to the container. You can get an object from the container at any time in normal mode or in edit mode. In construction mode, next to the placed objects, their quantity is displayed, not the price.

In the park editing mode, only stored objects will be displayed in the storage menu in the storage menu, but not all available maps. In editing mode, you can not purchase new objects. In order to place an object from the warehouse, just drag it to the park. Re-placement of the object is free of charge, since you have already purchased it.

How to get rid of a whole hill? If you remove the entire slide from the park and move it to the container, the slide will be saved as a whole - that is, when you place it in the park again, it will be the same as before. If you want to completely remove the slide and start over, you can delete the track and save only the station as it is, in the same place and the same color, as well as the composition and modification of the station. To do this, select the hill, tap the edit button, then the "Delete track" button.

Who are animators? Animator buildings are a type of service building. You will find them in the Services section of the construction menu. They increase the overall joy of visitors. Like other service buildings, they have a radius of action, and they should be placed carefully to ensure maximum coverage of the paths in the park. You will also notice that each animator leaves his booth and begins to roam around. Visitors also interact with animators, and will leave you feedback on them!

Why am I missing animators to cover the entire park? At the moment, there are not enough animators to cover the entire park, even at the maximum level of the map. In the future, new animators with other themes will be added. They add a bonus to the overall satisfaction of visitors to the pack. So with skillful management, you can achieve 100% satisfaction without fully covering the park. In general, animators are needed in order to help those players who are lacking just a couple of percent to achieve maximum satisfaction with the park!

What is a collector building? The collector card is a new legendary card! This is an office building, which is located in the park and collects all the coins generated by the rides within its radius of action. With it, you take money from one building, and not from a whole pile! Less clicks - more time to build and maintain the park!

The collector only works while you are in the game. Your rides will still fail and stop generating income if you leave them unattended for too long. The collector card can be found in the usual set, but you need a lot of luck. If you purchase a VIP subscription, you will receive one collector card every month!

What is a park office? The park office is a new attraction, such as a special train for visitors, which is located at the left border of the park. She will collect coins from all your buildings at the same time in exchange for hearts of appreciation. You can use it unlimitedly, as long as you have the required number of hearts. The building is becoming available at higher levels of development, so keep building the park ... Your salvation is at hand! Or invest in collectors if you are lucky enough to find the right card! ;)

What is a mall? The mall is a landmark located outside the park. Every day in the assortment of the mall there are new cards that can be bought for hearts of appreciation, coins or tickets. Their price depends on the level of rarity. With each repeated purchase of the card, its price will increase. Once a day, the range of cards is updated and the price is reset.

You can also spend tickets to update cards and their prices without delay. Every weekend, a rare card or a higher class card appears on sale. You will find out which map will appear in advance, so you can save resources during the week. Updating daily offers does not affect the range of weekend promotions.

What is a fair? A fair is an attraction located outside the park. It allows you to exchange your extra cards for a rarer card. To make an exchange, a certain number of hearts of appreciation is required, depending on the rarity of the cards exchanged. A stack of regular cards can be exchanged for a rare card.

The result of the exchange is not known in advance, so this will be a surprise! When exchanging, you can even get a new, previously inaccessible card!

What is a billboard? A billboard is a landmark located on the right outside the park. The building allows you to view commercials and receive tickets for it. Watching clips is available a limited number of times a day, as the timer counts the time until a new clip becomes available.

What are decorating compositions? Decorating compositions are pieces of jewelry ensembles that will help you decorate your park faster. They include angular, straight, cross sections and squares, which you can combine with each other and place along attractions and tracks. Unlike ordinary jewelry, compositions can be repainted using up to 3 colors. To do this, select "Compositions", click on the color wheel and assign a color, just like in the case of attractions. All available paint cards can be used on compositions.

Compositions give more decoration points and a larger coverage area than if you place the same objects separately. And they do not require that you have every single item available to place them. These are freestanding facilities. They can be found in most map sets, but for completing certain achievements you will receive a set full of compositions.

What is a casino? Casino is an attraction located outside the park. In this institution you will spin roulette to win prizes. One wheel spin per day can be paid for with hearts. Subsequent rotations are made for tickets. Each rotation of the wheel is guaranteed to bring you a gift, which can include from gold to a special set, available, as a rule, only in the store. Once a day, a set of gifts is updated and prices are reset. The roulette gift set is also updated after you collect all the rewards.

What is a helipad? The helipad is a landmark located outside the park, opposite the entrance. Click on it to interact. Here you can get additional copies of cards to choose from in exchange for hearts. Select the desired card from the list.

You can only get copies of regular, rare, and epic cards that you already have in stock. The helicopter returns after 6 hours to deliver the cards to you. If you are in a hurry, you can speed up the process with tickets. Upon the return of the helicopter, click again on the helipad to collect your cards and place a new application.

What is an item locator? The object locator allows you to quickly find mistakenly placed buildings in your park. It is available from any map in the construction menu. Select a map in the construction menu and click on the magnifying glass in the upper left corner. In this case, you will move to the park to the location where the first building was placed using the selected map. After choosing a building, you can use the yellow "Left" and "Right" arrows located on the edges of the building’s menu to move between buildings of the same type located in the park. If you have only one building of the selected type, arrows will not appear on the screen.

What does the Buy More option give? Buy More allows you to quickly purchase additional copies of buildings or attractions. The option is available from the menu of each building. Select the building or decoration you want to purchase from the construction menu. Click on the Buy button, and then the Buy More button will appear next to the confirmation button. Click on it to instantly confirm the location of the building you just bought, and buy another building of the same type next to the already purchased one. Thus, you can significantly speed up the process of decorating your park.

Also, the Buy More button is available when you are editing an existing building or decoration. By clicking on "Buy more" you confirm the location of the current building. Do not worry if you clicked too quickly - they will not withdraw money from you if you do not click on the Buy More button again or confirm the location of the building.

What do the buildings of the guard point and rescue towers give? The guard point is a new legendary map that can be found in the main park. And the rescue tower is an analogue of the guard station in the water park. You will find these service buildings in the Services section of the carousel construction menu. Both buildings produce hearts of appreciation over time.

To increase their productivity, improve the maps and increase the coverage of the park, placing them in strategic places. They also bring more hearts of appreciation if the overall level of satisfaction with the park is high. To collect hearts, click on the "Collect" cloud as soon as it appears above the buildings. Gratitude hearts are generated even when you are out of the game.

What are the benefits of VIP status? VIP player status allows you to develop faster in the game thanks to the following advantages:

VIP status is a monthly subscription. To get VIP status, visit the VIP tab in the store.

RollerCoaster Tycoon: Why do I need friends?

How to add other friends? For your friends to appear in the game, you need to connect to Facebook. To do this, open the menu of social networks or settings. After connecting to Facebook, friends who also play the game will be added to the friends list. You can see the list of friends in the social relations menu on the left side of the screen, on the "Friends" tab. If you want to make more friends, you can go to Facebook and join the community of fans of the game. Many players are happy to add to friends. Remember that there can only be 25 friends in a game.

How to send a gift to a friend? To send a set of cards to a friend, open the friends list in the social relations menu and click on the friend’s photo. This will open a window to confirm the sending. Gifts are sent for a small price. You can send up to 25 gifts per day, the current number of gifts sent is displayed in the lower right corner in the friends list. To fill out the list of friends, you need to connect to Facebook.

How to receive gifts sent to me by friends? If gifts await you, then upon entering the game you will immediately see them. Click on them to pick up. If one of your friends sent you a gift while you were in the game, you will need to restart the game to see and pick up the gifts sent to you. You cannot exit the gift menu until all the gifts have been collected. If you have not entered the game for a long time, all gifts will be awaiting delivery. But there is a limit to the gifts you can receive. Gifts that exceed this limit will be lost, so we recommend that you enter the game more often.

How to visit friends? When your Facebook account is connected, open the social networking menu to see your friends list. Click on a friend’s photo to visit his park. When visiting the park, you can click on buildings with clouds with gifts above them to get free coins, hearts of appreciation, tickets (if you’re lucky) and even a free set of cards. You can receive up to 25 gifts per day, no more than 5 from one friend and no more than 1 set of cards. If you manage to find a set of cards in a friend’s park, your friend will also receive a set of cards. You can only look at friends’ parks - you can’t do anything there.

What is a photo booth and where to get it? A photo booth is an office building that you receive after connecting to Facebook. It allows you to take pictures of the park and share them on Facebook. You will receive the corresponding card when you first connect to Facebook. After that, you will find the photo booth map in the construction menu, in the "Services" section, the "Service" tab. To be able to take pictures, it is necessary to place the building in the park and bring a path to it.

To use this function, you also need to connect to Facebook. To enter the shooting mode, click on the placed photo booth, and then on the camera icon in the window that opens. To save the captured image on the device, you must allow the application access to its memory. Photo booth is a special card that is issued once and cannot be improved.

How to take a picture of your park and publish it? To take pictures, click on the placed photo booth, and then on the camera icon. In the snapshot mode, you can move the camera by dragging and dropping it as in a normal park, pinch and move your fingers apart for zooming, or rotate the screen with two fingers to rotate the camera. To apply a filter or frame, click on the filter menu and select the one you need. You can adjust the location of the camera when the frame is already applied. Press the button to take a picture to take a picture. Then it can be saved on the device (if the game is given access to memory) or published on Facebook.

Why are new filters for screenshots blocked? New filters have been added to the photo booth. In order to unlock them, you will need to complete various tasks, similar to achievements. For example, seasonal filters open when you receive the first card of the corresponding season. Click on the filter to find out the requirements for opening it. Once the filter is unlocked, it can be applied at any time while the game is connected to Facebook.

RollerCoaster Tycoon: Promotions and Events

How to get materials from Barbie? Seasonal materials are available at levels 1-6. From now on, seasonal cards can be found in any card set, including free sets, or in mission rewards. As you develop in the game, more seasonal cards will open for you. Upon reaching level 9, you can also purchase a set of seasonal cards in the store!

What do I get when buying a set of Barbie cards? When buying seasonal sets, you get seasonal cards that are available to you at the current level. Some cards require a higher level to open, and they will only appear in sets after you reach this level.

You will receive a random set of seasonal materials, including repeat cards to help improve them. You will not receive all cards in one seasonal set at a time.

How to color objects in Barbie colors? You will find paint cards by opening the card sets, just like in the case of other seasonal materials from the set. They can fall out of a free set or a prize set for completing a mission, or from a special seasonal set in a store. Once you find a specific color, you can select objects from the park, and paint them in that color.

How to get bonuses during events? During the seasonal event, you can get bonuses to profit and the number of visitors at the entrance to the park. To get the bonus, you need to collect and update the cards of the current season. The more improvements, the greater the bonus. The bonus is divided into 10 levels. In addition to these bonuses, you will also receive rewards for reaching a certain number of levels for seasonal cards:

How to access the Six Flags wheel? You will find the Six Flags wheel at the casino or by clicking the "Six Flags Wheel" button on the Six Flags Season tab in the quest menu. If you do not have access to the casino, the wheel can only be opened with a button.

What is the difference between the Six Flags wheel and casino roulette? Six Flags need tokens or Six Flags tickets to spin the wheel, and hearts or tickets are needed to spin roulette in a casino. On the Six Flags wheel, you can win Six Flags cards, but not in roulette. The Wheel of Six Flags is only available during the eponymous season. Casino roulette is available at all times to all players who have reached level 20.

How to complete the week of the Six Flags season? A week is considered completed after filling out the weekly scale and receiving all of its awards at least once. The scale can be re-filled and continue to receive rewards until the end of the week. If it was not possible to complete a week, you can make up for it in exchange for tokens or Six Flags tickets at the beginning of a new week. At the end of the week, no rewards are given for a fee.

How to get cards in the Six Flags season? There are several ways to get Six Flags cards in a season:

  1. Open Six Flags card sets.
  2. Fill in the weekly scale: this way you can get many copies of the Six Flags card of the corresponding week, and the scale can be filled in several times during the week.
  3. Rotate the wheel of Six Flags.
  4. End the season: to do this, fill out the weekly scale at least once a week. After completion, you can pick up the flag of the corresponding season. There are six flags in total, one for each season.

RollerCoaster Tycoon: Scripts

What are scripts? Scenarios are temporary minor parks where you need to complete 3 goals (for bronze, silver and gold). The goals are indicated when choosing a script in the park hub, as well as in the script itself, by clicking on the task icon and the left side of the screen. For their implementation, you will receive coins, tickets and decoration for the attractions of the main park as a reward. The goals of the script can be completed only once. When you re-run the script, the rewards are not updated.

Can I use the same cards and currency in all my parks? For the main park and scenarios, the same currency is used. In other words, coins, hearts and tickets can be earned in one park and spent in another. But the maps you examined are available only in scenarios, which means that each time you have to start a new park.

How to get more cards in one scenario? To get more maps in the scenario park, use the research center on the right side of the screen. You can choose one and 4 research options. The cost of holding them is different, as is the number of cards you receive. Conducting research takes time, but you can reduce it by watching ads. To do this, click on the "Research Center" while it is conducting research. The time of each study can be reduced only once.

For VIP players, studies last 2 hours less. Upon completion of the study, you will be able to receive cards. Maps explored in the scenario are then unavailable in the main park. They are available only in this scenario.

Can I use the sights in the script? The following attractions are available in the script: train, advertising campaigns and billboard.

Bonuses will be lower than in the main park, so that the complexity remains different for different scenarios.

What is the difference between cards in scenarios? Not all cards are available in scenarios. Moreover, the options and improvements are different from those available in the main park. It’s easier to improve the map to the maximum, but it will cost more. So if you cannot achieve the goal due to lack of resources, try again later, when your main park will bring more income.

How are the scenarios different from the main park? Each scenario has its own characteristics that will test your manager’s abilities. Do not hope that it will be the same as in the vowel park; in order to successfully complete some of the scenarios, you will have to completely review the strategy for the construction and development of the park.

What is the meaning of medals? Upon receipt of a new medal for the script (and awards for its passage), it will be taken into account in the value of the company. The cost of medals is much higher than the amount in coins that you invest in the script, so this is a great way to increase your rating in the table. Cost of medals:

What will happen to my coins and buildings at the end of the script? Upon completion of the scenario, all remaining coins in your buildings will be collected and handed over to you upon presentation of the awards. Your buildings will be automatically sold for 50% of the cost of accommodation, and you will receive the received coins along with the rewards. In essence, your assets will be liquidated ...

RollerCoaster Tycoon: Mini Games

How to unlock mini-games? To unlock the mini-game, you must get the appropriate attraction and place it in your park. At the moment, mini-games are available for the following attractions: "Arcade with a joystick", "Fortuneteller", "Water gun", "Hit the mole" and "Play with a hammer".

How to access mini-games? There are 2 ways to open minigames. You can select a 1x1 attraction and click on the mini-games icon, or you can click on the mini-games icon above the park entrances to open the mini-games panel. In the mini-games panel, use the arrows to move through the games.

How much does it cost to play mini-games? The cost of each mini-game is independent of the others. The first game in each mini-game is free, and then the price rises to a certain limit as follows:

Every day there is a reset of the price.

What rewards are given for mini-games? During minigames, you score points that are displayed as a separate bar on the left side of the screen. When scoring points, the strip begins to fill up. Complete the entire scale to win more tickets! Depending on the number of points scored, you can get up to three tickets.

Can I see a friend’s record? When connected to Facebook, you can see the records of 3 of your best friends next to the results table. In addition, your own result is displayed on the left side of the table.

RollerCoaster Tycoon: Bugs and Fits Games

A window pops up with a notification that there is no Internet connection! Yes, a stable internet connection is required to play.

Why can’t I launch RCT Touch on my device? To play, the device must meet the requirements listed below.

Other operating systems, including Fire OS, are currently not supported.

How to change the language in the game? Open the settings menu, then click on the current language to change it.

How to turn off sounds in the game? You can enable or disable music and sounds in the settings menu.

The game crashes. What to do?First, try closing all open applications and starting the game again. If this does not help, try rebooting the device. If the game continues to crash, contact support using the "Contact Us" button.

How to disable notifications? Notifications can be turned off in the device settings.

How to report a bug? Contact Support. To do this, click on the "Contact us" button.

I returned to the game, but all my game progress has been lost. What should I do?Developers are studying this problem and hope to solve it in a future update. We recommend connecting to Facebook in the game in order to save progress on the network. To connect to Facebook, open the social media menu on the left side of the screen or open the settings menu in the upper right corner of the screen.

Please note that if you delete your Facebook account, you will not be able to connect to your saved game and all game progress saved in your Facebook account will be lost. If for some reason you want to delete your Facebook account, copy your Playfab ID from the settings for the locally saved game and the game saved on Facebook. Then contact support. Perhaps they will be able to swap your save (a local game with a game saved on Facebook).

Google Play Store crashes when a game loads - why is this happening? You probably did not allow the Google Play store to record to an external storage device, which prevents the game from being installed on your device. To check if this is the reason for the departure, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Settings menu on your device.
  2. Click Applications or Application Manager (depending on the model of your device).
  3. Find the Google Play Store app and tap it.
  4. Click Permissions and make sure that the options for reading and writing to the USB device are checked.

I do not have the function of viewing ads for receiving cards and tickets. Why?There may have been an error that some players are encountering. At the moment, this problem is being studied by developers. Reboot the device and check again if the function of viewing ads is working.

How to add friends in the game? Your friends who also play RCT Touch will be added automatically as soon as you connect Facebook and allow the application access to your friends list.

Gaming friends must also give the app appropriate permission to display in the game. To view a list of friends or connect to Facebook, open the social relations menu on the left side of the screen in the park view mode.

I denied the application access to my friends list. How to turn it on now? If you want to allow the application access to your Facebook friends list, go to your account settings and select "Applications". In the list you will see the game RCT Touch - mark it and enable access to the list of friends.

Does the app support 3D Touch technology on Apple devices? Yes.When in the park or in the park editing mode, with a long press on the building, you will automatically open its editing mode, which will allow you to quickly move the rides. The function is similar to pressing and holding a building, and you can apply any of them. 3D Touch is a unique feature of Apple devices. Consult the company website to find out if your device supports it.

RollerCoaster Tycoon: Payments

How to unsubscribe from a VIP program? If you want to cancel your VIP subscription, open the settings menu and click on the "Unsubscribe from VIP" button. You will then receive detailed instructions for unsubscribing.

Unsubscribing is done through the service of your application provider, and pressing the "Unsubscribe from VIP" button does not automatically cancel your subscription.

Can I use one VIP subscription on different devices? The VIP subscription cannot be used on another device if the game is installed from another application provider. You will have to subscribe to both accounts in the respective app stores. If both devices use the same application provider and are connected to the same Google Play or GameCenter account, your VIP subscription will be valid on both devices. If you have any problems with the VIP subscription, please contact support by clicking on the "Contact us" button.

RollerCoaster Tycoon: Technical problems and game errors

My rides are no longer profitable! Sometimes the simulation stops working. At the same time, the slides cease to generate coins, and activity maps will indicate zero in many ways. When moving an existing slide or placing a new one, the application should make recalculations. This may take from several seconds to several minutes, depending on the size of the park, but in the end, the result should appear. You can also solve the problem by restarting the application. If the measures described do not work, contact the support service by clicking on the "Contact us" button.

The game hung at the stage of "Preparing the park for the opening." This problem is being studied by developers. Soon they will solve it. If you have this problem, contact support using the "Contact Us" button and send the following information:

I have lost game progress (partially or completely). Contact support using the "Contact us" button and send the following information:

The game crashed when I edited the slide. The menu disappeared and I’m stuck! As a rule, removing a faulty slide and re-building it solves the problem. If this does not help, please contact support using the Contact Us button and send the following information:

I have disappeared all the slides! In the 5th update of the game, much was changed and fixed. Now incomplete slides, as well as slides with tracks that are too long, will be considered incomplete and will not accept visitors. When the slide is not working, the track will be hidden, but the station will remain in place with the "incomplete work" icon above it.

Some players had slides that exceeded the limit due to an error related to the addition of special elements. After updating these tracks will become inaccessible and invisible. If you open the slide editing mode, you will see that it is still in place intact. Modify the track so that it matches the length limits, and the slide will work.

The menu buttons overlap and I can’t collect free maps! Some players whose new devices have a new aspect ratio, for example 18.5: 9, experience problems with the menu sections, as it is not suitable for the new format. This problem is known to exist on Samsung Galaxy S8 devices. The problem can be solved by changing the screen resolution of your device:

  1. Open your device’s settings.
  2. Select Screen.
  3. Click on "Screen Resolution".
  4. Move the blue dot to WQHD + (2960 * 1440) or other resolutions, depending on the device.
  5. Reboot the game.

You can also try the following:

  1. Open the settings menu on your phone (using the shortcut on the application panel or from the notification curtain), then go to the "Screen" section.
  2. Find and click on the "Full Screen" option to turn it on or off. You will see a list of all applications installed on your device.
  3. Depending on the device: select the "On" option for all applications that you want to use in full-screen mode, or change the screen resolution from full-screen to 16: 9 or another ratio, if available.

If none of these methods solves your problem, please contact support using the Contact Us button.

Author of the article: Nadezhda D.