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Walkthrough Saint Seiya Awakening: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

SAINT SEIYA AWAKENING: KNIGHTS OF THE ZODIAC - Android game with release date 09/10/2019 from Youzu (Singapore). In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers íanswers to playersí questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

Better Saint Seiya Awakening download to computer (PC) via this link and play in Full HD resolution with maximum graphics, no brakes and with the preservation of progress. Just download the emulator, log in to your Google Play account, install the game in the window that appears and you will become the Wisest.


  1. TOP Heroes for PvE
  2. TOP heroes for the Legion Boss
  3. TOP Heroes for PvP
  4. TOP Heroes for Galaxy Contest
  5. Gift Code
  6. A Beginnerís Guide
  7. Evolution of the Saints
  8. PvP Duel
  9. Dungeon Campaign
  10. Daily Game Modes
  11. Legion
  12. Rating
  13. Story
  14. Building
  15. Kikiís Guide
  16. Master Docoís Blessing
  17. Quick rebirth
  18. Assistant
  19. Call of the saints
  20. Cosmo assembly
  21. Conclusion

Saint Seiya: TOP Heroes for PvE

Heroes in the table are ranked according to the selection of TOP players, where the 1st hero is the most frequently used in the corresponding mode, and the last is the less used. This rating is based on the preferences of the foreign community and on the basis of the opinion of experienced players on the use of the characters in various activities. Heroes who are not included in the rating are less useful.

98.8Kiki+2 Energy, better support
97.5MarinSuperior Healing
95Shaka arayashikiA large number of mass spells, removes vulnerability every turn
95KanonFire team expelling one enemy from the battlefield when the saga dies
90LunaDeals damage to the enemy, returns +1 turn
90DeidalosBetter damage performance, makes the enemy more vulnerable to special attacks
87.5AiolosSniper. Best single damage indicators
86.3PoseidonGod is among the saints. Very expensive, but with tremendous power.
85AphroditeMachine gun, energy focus, solo and multi purpose.
85SeiyaThe best single debuffer (makes the enemy vulnerable to special attacks)
82.5JuneTank for the team
82.5NachiAmplification without energy consumption
82.5SagaHas control and a lot of mass abilities, penetrative ability
81.3Death maskMinion tank, healing itself, many mass abilities.
80IoGood readings on dealing random damage to an enemy

Saint Seiya: TOP heroes for the Legion Boss

100RhadamanthysLeader (Commander) of the Underworld. Tremendous power.
100SeiyaThe best single debuffer (makes the enemy vulnerable to special attacks)
95LunaDeals damage to the enemy, returns +1 turn
92.5AphroditeMachine gun, energy focus, solo and multi purpose.
85DeidalosBetter damage performance, makes the enemy more vulnerable to special attacks
85AiolosSniper. Best single damage indicators
82.5DohkoVery powerful mass abilities, tank, attack during the course of the allies.
82.5YuzurihaFollows ally skills with attacks
80MiloSecond kill in one turn
75PoseidonGod is among the saints. Very expensive, but with tremendous power.
72.5IoGood readings on dealing random damage to an enemy
70Kiki+2 Energy, better support
70NachiAmplification without energy consumption
65Seiya god clothGood damage, powerful attacks.

Saint Seiya: TOP Heroes for PvP

100Shaka arayashikiA large number of mass spells, removes vulnerability every turn
96.3Kiki+2 Energy, better support
95Seiya god clothGood damage, powerful attacks.
88.8JuneTank for the team
82.5PoseidonGod is among the saints. Very expensive, but with tremendous power.
82.5LunaDeals damage to the enemy, returns +1 turn
82.5ShionGood damage, shields, superior immunity
80SagaHas control and a lot of mass abilities, penetrative ability
77.5PandoraGreat damage
72.5MistyReflects damage, can also equip allies
72.5KanonFire team expelling one enemy from the battlefield when the saga dies
70DohkoVery powerful mass abilities, tank, attack on other allied moves, strong single attacks.
67.5Shiryu outragedGood single damage performance
67.5MosesGreat control

Saint Seiya: TOP Heroes for Galaxy Contest

100Seiya god clothGood damage, powerful attacks.
100PoseidonGod is among the saints. Very expensive, but with tremendous power.
97.5MistyReflects damage, can also equip allies
97.5ShionGood damage, shields, good immunity
97.5Shaka arayashikiA large number of mass spells, removes vulnerability every turn
96.3Kiki+2 Energy, better support
95DeathmaskMinion tank, self-healing, many mass abilities.
95KanonFiery team, expelling one enemy from the battle when the Saga dies
90LunaDeals damage to the enemy, returns +1 turn
90SaoriImmune to damage + prevents death every turn in 1 ally
90Tank and mass abilities.
88.8PopeSkips enemy moves + forces the enemy to attack their allies + mass abilities
88.8JuneTank for the team
86.3ShunGood control and protective buffer for the team
85MosesGreat control

Saint Seiya: Gift Code

Where to enter the gift code? Go to the special page https://sskotz.gtarcade.com/en/exchange.html. There you will see blank lines that need to be filled. Indicate your region and server in the "Select Region" and "Select Server" lines, respectively, and Role in the "Select Role" line. Then enter the gift code in the "Activation Code" line and click on the "Gift Code" button.

How to get gift codes? Gift codes are periodically set on the official game page on Facebook. Here is a list of codes that will help you during the game.

  1. WRLYQjiYcFwfTtF - gives improvements.
  2. TmazfOZyD7Usv9G - valid from October 2019. Activates the call.
  3. LMalnvXpH0o7bY2 - helps to rise to a new level without cost.
  4. 5bwe5YPDaWugqQ2 - Free Bonuses!
  5. 6oEIErS11qiCz2v - Free Gift Box.
  6. HWcwpbudMhXO45w - Free Gold.
  7. Odmf1UIFLUS8YOr - Immediate Rebirth.
  8. YJgbMMD1oUZMv9l is a free "Premium Package".
  9. XC77Fk5fvDX1cIZ is a free chest.
  10. LFrDDTgKFNx5q6t - free "VIP-ticket".
  11. IrtX3fzASJ0X15h - free "link".
Remember that codes expire quickly. Do not forget to visit our site - Wise Geek. Here we will, if possible, add new gift codes for the game. Do not miss, as some codes are valid for a limited time!

Saint Seiya: A Beginnerís Guide

Saint Seiya Awakening is a Japanese game based on M. Kurumadaís manga "Saint Seiya". The gameís plot revolves around the legendary warriors known as Saints, each of whom fights under the protection of a particular astronomical constellation. Saints protect the embodiment of the Greek Goddess Athena and participate in her battles with enemies eager to enslave the Earth. The power of the Saints is called Cosmo and is unique to each of them.

The plot of the game begins with a saint named Seiya, who is looking for his older sister. To advance in the search, he needs to take part in the Galactic Wars and win there. Subsequently, Seiya meets other bronze Saints who together defend the reincarnation of the goddess Athena.

At the beginning of the game, your account is located on an automatically selected active server.After some passing for you the opportunity to switch to a new game server. Try to create an account on new servers immediately after opening them. The faster you do it, the better for you. Switching to a new server will provide you with leadership positions, chances of joining a strong legion, promotion in the Arena and in various activities, and will also help you quickly find friends.

Classes of heroes. Saints are divided into classes: B, A, S, SS. Class B - the weakest heroes; SS class - strong.Since the game is new, you will not meet the heroes of the SS class yet. They will appear in one of the next updates. Try to download the games of the heroes of class S and A.

Codex of Saints. To see all the Saints, go to the Codex - Codex Saints window. Here are all the heroes of the game. They are divided into categories and classes. The color image of the Saint means that you have it, and the black and white ones are the Saints that you have to collect.

The main screen. The main screen shows all the available functions and inputs in the location. On the left are chat, voice chat and mail icons, on the right is a list of all game tasks, including the main plot and promotions.The icons below:

The icons at the top right:

Promotion for beginners: "Threat of the Holy Fire"

The fiery clock lights up when someone enters the Twelve Temples. Complete the quests while the fire is burning, and get the final reward - Shard of the Dragon Seryu.

How long does the Promotion last? Why take part? The promotion lasts 7 days. The time for completing tasks begins to count down after the start of the event. You will need to go through eight stories, take part in battles, pass tests in battles, in training, take part in the tasks of the Legion and show the level of knowledge of the Seventh Sense. Daily victories will help you get accustomed to the plot of the game, upgrade your hero, ensure you get good rewards and improve your gaming skills.

What is the main prize? The main prize of the "Threat of the Holy Fire" event is the opportunity to summon Siru Dragon. Siru Dragon - A-Class Holy, possessing bronze armor that is mystically associated with the Dragon Constellation. In total for his call you need to collect 90 fragments. All fragments come to you in the mail. They need to be picked up and used.

What do we have to do? In the Promotions window, you will see six tabs with activity types. Each of them lists tasks and a list of rewards that can be obtained for their implementation:

Eighth day reward for entering the game. On the eighth day of entry into the game, you get a reward: the ability to summon a Class A character, the bronze Holy constellation of Andromeda - Xiong Andromeda. This Saint owns the Chain of the nebula and uses it for attack and defense. May use explosive force.

Saint Seiya: Evolution of the Saints

To begin the development of the Saints, you need to open the tab "Development" in the main panel. Here you will see the icons of your heroes. Those that are marked as "battle" are currently taking part in the main game battles.Also shown is the class of heroes and their levels. If you see red dots in the upper right corner of the icons, then you have the opportunity to upgrade these Saints.

To the right of the image of the heroes you see the menu items. With the help of Settings, you can enable or disable reminders of the main points of pumping the hero:

To increase the Saint, click the "Strengthen" button in the lower left. The development of the Saints is as follows:

To level up

Level Up Effect. Potions of experience are required to upgrade the Saints. Corresponding parameters can be improved after increasing the level. Having opened the parameters of the hero, you can see what characteristics he has now. The numbers with the "+" sign show you how much the characterís characteristic will increase as the level rises. The higher the level, the more experience will be required for the hero.

Pump the battle team of your heroes evenly - first pump the Saints of a lower level. Use the buttons to raise the Saints one or three levels. This will provide you with a powerful team that will win battles and defeat powerful enemies. Pumping heroes who do not participate in battles should not be.

Gaining experience. To gain the experience of the Saints, send them into battles or use potions of experience to level up certain Saints. You can challenge enemies in various dungeons: or go into training mode to get a lot of potions of experience. The level of the Saints cannot be increased indefinitely. The limit for increasing the level is determined by the number of stars of each Saint:

Attention! When fighting the Saints who have reached the maximum level, the experience gained will turn into a potion of experience and will be preserved.


Rebirth is the raising of the stars of the Saint. For rebirth, you need to use the Saints with the required number of stars. For example, to transform a 3-star Saint to 4 stars, you need to collect 3 3-star Saints. In the "More about rebirth" tab, you can see how the characteristics of the Saint will increase after rebirth.

The conditions of rebirth. Any Saint, having reached level 20, can be reborn for the first time. Upon successful rebirth, the Saint receives 1 star and can continue to increase the level until he reaches the maximum level again.

The effect of rebirth. Each time upon rebirth, the Saint can receive 1 star. A saint can be reborn up to 4 times.

If an unnecessary Saint appears in your arsenal, do not forget to use it to transform the Saints you need. This will help to significantly increase their characteristics and make even more formidable warriors!

Seventh feeling

Awakening of the seventh feeling. To train the Seventh Sense, you need to improve the basic and combat parameters of the Saint. The required parameters are determined depending on the Holy.

You can train the seventh sense of the Saints with stones of the seventh sense and stones of awakening. They are mined after passing certain tests. After each workout, you can improve the parameters. After certain stages of training, the Saints can be awakened to gain new skills or special effects.

Classification of stones of awakening. There are three categories of awakening stones: basic, medium, and advanced. From 8 base stones, 1 medium can be synthesized, and from 8 average stones -1 improved.

The price of awakening. Saints with different qualities require a different number of stones with different characteristics to awaken. The stronger the Saint, the more he needs stones of the seventh sense and the better he needs stones of awakening. C-class saints cannot awaken the seventh sense.

Getting resources. The stones of the seventh sense and the stones of awakening can be obtained in the Other Dimension. In addition, awakening stones fall in the dungeons of the Legion.


Skills can also be improved so that the Saints become stronger and do more damage to enemies. Depending on the type of skill, it may have several levels.

Skill improvement. Saints skills can be enhanced by absorbing identical Saints. Material: the book of skillis a universal material that can be used instead of the identical Saint, (cannot be used instead of Saints of class SS). Material: Improved Skill Book - Can be used to upgrade SS Saints skills.

The cost of improving a skill may differ for skills whose maximum level is less than 5th.

Getting resources. Saints can be obtained by calling and for passing various arenas. Skill books can be obtained by exchanging in stores or participating in various events. Improved skill books can be obtained by synthesizing from skill books or participating in events.

Types of skills. Saints have many skills, including:


Types of Cosmo. There are only four main types: solar cosmo, lunar cosmo, star cosmo and legendary cosmo.

Code Cosmo. To see what types of cosmo your Saints have, go to the Cosmo Codex section. All received cosmo are distributed here according to the corresponding 4 types.

Parameters of different types of cosmo. The main parameters of solar cosmos are associated with causing damage. The main parameters of the lunar cosmo are with protection and health. The main parameters of stellar cosmo are with OZ, velocity and accuracy of impact. In addition to the main and subparameters, each legendary cosmo has an additional combat effect. Effects can be viewed in the description on the "Special" tab. In addition to the main parameters, all cosmo have random subparameters obtained during improvement.

Installation Saints of a higher level of rebirth have more nests for setting cosmo. The Saint activates all the nests for installing cosmo when he reaches rebirth level 2.

Special effects. The legendary cosmo gives combat effects that are used when installing cosmo.

How to get the? A lot of cosmo falls in the temple of Titan, and different types of cosmo fall from Monday to Sunday. In addition, different cosmo can be obtained as a result of training or passing dungeons.

Enhanced. Other cosmo can be served as reinforcing materials in cosmo for amplification, and amplification cosmo can raise the cosmo level, thereby increasing the value of the main attribute. Each time the cosmo level rises, there is a certain probability for generating 1 subattribute, and the subattribute can generate up to 6. When the gain level is 4 or 8, it definitely generates 1 subattribute.

Different types of sub-attributes have different probabilities in different phases. After the count reaches 45, open the Cosmo one function at 4/8. Among them: cosmo of the solar phase will not generate sub-attributes of blood-sucking and therapeutic effects. The space phase of the moon does not generate projectile level, trauma intensity and bloodsucking attribute. The stellar phase does not generate sub-attributes of speed and hit effects. The legendary phase does not give sub-attributes of the level of physical violence, the intensity of the injury and the therapeutic effect.

Refining. Refining cosmo may change the value of the sub-attribute, but this will not change the type and quantity. If the randomly generated attribute is not perfect, you can refuse the result of this refinement. Using a lock can fix some of the sub-attributes and does not change during the refinement. Cleansing Castles and Cleansing Stones have a great outlet in the Legion gameplay. For cosmo with different qualifications, the upper limit of the sub-attribute is different. The higher the qualifications, the higher the upper limit of the sub-attribute.

Set. Cosmo of the same phase, for example, mosaics of the same cosmos, activate the cosmo costume attribute bonus; Different cosmo costumes add different categories of attributes.


Relationship relationship. Each Saint has connections that can be activated by gathering appropriate communication associates. Connections improve the parameters of the Saints and strengthen them in a battle group.

Help. If the aid link is activated, then the Saints using this link and sent together into battle can help each other in PvE battles. The example below shows the activated link 2 ur. two communication satellites - Siru and Seiya.The activation of the connection is indicated by the colored Saints icons and the highlighted digit of the enlarged parameter. In our case, adding physical. ATK by 2%.

Find out the connection. To find out which heroes your Saint has connections with, you need to open the characteristics of the Saint in the Codex of Saints. So you decide which heroes to swing to form the perfect battle team.

Temple of saint

Temple improvement. The higher the level of the temple, the more parameters you can get. Upon reaching the maximum level, the temple will be automatically improved, sometimes the buffs of the parameters may open.Saints from the same temple will receive the same training buffs. The more Saints gathered in the temple, the higher the maximum level to which you can improve it. The higher the stellar level of the Saints, the better the buffs received for the parameters.

Picking flowers. Improving different temples requires different flowers. Flowers can be obtained in different game modes of the legion, bought in a store, etc.

Parameter Description

Basic parameters

Combat parameters


Friends. You can have 100 friends. When you accept an application as a friend or another player accepts your application, you become friends. After that, you can give each other hearts and receive them when you play in the same team. Hearts can be spent buying rare supplies at the store.

  1. You and your friend can open a new level of friendship when your friendship reaches a certain value. The higher the level of friendship, the more experience of the Saints and gold buffs you can get by playing in one team, and the more hearts you can give and receive every day.
  2. Friendship can be improved by sending hearts, fighting as a team, digging treasures together, etc. Reminder: if you remove a friend, the level of friendship will be completely reset. There is a daily limit to increase friendship.
  3. Friendly match: you can start a friendly match with your friend if he is online and accepts your request. A friendly match can only be held when both of you are not engaged in a battle.

Friendship Requests. All friend requests are listed on the "Add Friends" tab. There is information about the level of the player and his legion (if he is a member of it). Also, the player, together with the request, can leave you a signature. To accept a player as a friend, click the "Accept" button.

Black list. If you add a player to the blacklist, you will not see his messages in the world channel and you will not be able to communicate with him.

Communication. The game has chats: general, for the legion, region and group. In the "Private Messages" tab, you can correspond with other players. You will receive daily rewards at the Post Office.


In the Store you can purchase various resources, items and sets using gold or crystals for this.

When you reach level 25, there is a chance that gold will appear in the store at a discount of 80%.

Interface. The store interface is simple. On the left you will see four categories of products that can be purchased:

Cosmo Cleavage

Split. Unnecessary cosmo can be split and get gold and cosmo experience. The higher the rank of improvement and the quality of the cosmo, the more gold and experience you will get (if, when split, you get the cosmo experience, a certain amount of gold is returned).

Automatic splitting. Automatic cleavage can be enabled to cleave cosmo immediately upon receipt. You can choose what to receive: gold or cosmo experience. If you select the default option, the splitting of all received cosmo will occur by default (except for cosmo with a custom option).

User automatic splitting. Using user settings, you can set your own rules for splitting cosmo depending on different criteria. Cosmo for which user splitting is configured are not subject to automatic splitting. (Only duplicates are automatically split. For the first time, received cosmo are considered user-defined and are not split.).

Cosmo experience. The cosmo experience is equal to the experience gained in absorbing the cosmo, and is used to increase the cosmo level. With the automatic splitting of cosmo, you gain experience as absorption (without the consumption of cosmo).

Saint Seiya: PvP Duel

There are such PvP duels:

  1. Galaxy Contest: Single player PvP tournament in real time. Open daily from 12:00 to 14:00 and from 19:00 to 22:00.
  2. Arena of Saints: one-on-one automatic battle mode, open all day. The more points, the higher the position in the ranking and the better the rewards.
  3. Gym: single call, open all day. To participate, you need special coupons.
  4. Holy Tournament: PvP Tournament with balancing of all combat parameters. Search for opponents from different servers.

Galaxy Competition

Event period. 12: 00-14: 00 and 19: 00-22: 00 every day. You can participate in the tournament only in these two periods. If you want to fight for your fame, do not forget to participate every day.

Search for the enemy. Click "Start Matching" in the interval when matches are open. The system will begin to search for other players, approximately equal in strength to you. Be patient during the selection.

The number of rivals. You can send 6 Saints. They are entitled to 2 units. energy in the first round, 4 units. - in the second, b units - in the third and 8 units. - in the fourth and subsequent rounds. With each round, the damage dealt is increased by 15%.

The course of the battle. Both sides are online in manual mode. Players can choose their applicable skills and attack goals. They can enable or disable automatic battle mode. This mode is more convenient, however, it is not always possible to correctly assess the situation and take measures. Try your best!

How to win? To win, you need to eliminate all opponents. If you give up or exit the game during the battle, this is considered a defeat. One star will be awarded for each victory and removed for every loss.

A set of awards. Players can get a set for the first victory and for participating in 3 battles every day. The fame gained in sets will add to the total amount of fame you received this week in the Galactic Tournament. Glory has a limit, upon reaching which you can no longer receive it.

Categories. There are 7 main categories (from lowest to highest): bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, immortal and legendary. Only players of the immortal and legendary categories in case of defeat pass into the category below. The main categories are divided into subcategories. For example, the bronze category is divided into bronze III, bronze II and bronze I. All participants start with bronze category I. Strive for heights!

Friendly match. Even if the tournament is closed, the Saints can participate in friendly matches. To start a friendly match, click on the icon on the right. To have a friendly match, players must be online. There are no rewards for friendly matches, but they help to understand each otherís strengths and gain experience.

Rating. The tournament rating can be seen on the left. It depends on the category and number of stars of all participating Saints. The rating is divided into friends rating, server rating and region rating. Only your friends are represented in the friends ranking. Click on the playerís icon in the ranking to see his PvP build, and click on the "Repeat" button to see the status of his last battle. In the rating of the region you can see the rating of players from different servers.

Share the video. You can open the page with the record of the match by clicking the "View Record" button on the right. There are saved videos of the last matches of the tournament, you can share them with friends and the legion to watch all together.


Honor duelist. Fame can be obtained in every match of the Galactic tournament. Glory can be used to purchase the appropriate supplies in the Glory section of the store. You will find many great items!

The amount of fame awarded varies depending on the category, as shown in the table:

CategoryVictory rewardReward for defeatWeekly reward limit
Immortal45027010 800

Champion Points

Champion Points. After each battle in the Galactic tournament, the player receives champion points depending on the result. As soon as a certain number of them are typed, you are guaranteed to get a reserve of stars and stellar effects. In each category, a different amount of points is required to obtain a reserve and effects. The champion points bonus is distributed as follows:

Remember: if you use the Quick Surrender function, before any of the Saints suffers, the surrendered player will not receive points. If you lose the battle, having reached the saved category, you will not lose points, even if the championís points are not enough to obtain a reserve of stars.

Arena of saints

Call time. In addition to the interval 05:00 - 05:15 on Monday, you can conduct battles all day. Every day you get the first 5 call attempts, and the rest can be bought. The score of attempts is reset daily at 05:00.

Search for the enemy. You choose the opponent according to the points earned by him, his level and composition of the team. The rank in this case is not an indicator - strong opponents can have a low rank and vice versa. Click the opponentís character model to take a closer look at his defensive construction. Every day you can update your opponent for free 5 times. Additional attempts are available. Attempts to update are reset daily at 05:00.

Call. When called up, you can fight the enemy both automatically and manually. The battle takes place on the battlefield, and you see it.

Guard Settings On the "Guardianship Settings" tab, you need to set the Saints-guards who will defend the territory while the attacking Saints will fight the enemy.

Change your defensive characters depending on getting new powerful Saints and pumping existing ones! This will strengthen the defense. Otherwise, you risk your arena rating.

Quick call. At a certain level, the ability to quickly call up. In this mode, the second construction is used, which is set against the defensive construction of the enemy (when called manually, the last construction used will be selected). To do this, you do not need to enter the battlefield: the result will be calculated automatically by the system.

The rewards of triumph. Victory points can be obtained in each match of the Duel, 2 points for victory and 1 point for defeat. The corresponding rewards can be collected on the triumph rewards page. The rewards for victory points are divided into 10 categories, for each category you can receive rewards once a day if you have fulfilled the conditions. Try and get more generous rewards.

TriumphTokenGold / otherExperience Potion / Other
2 pts510,0005000
4 pts1020,0005000
6 ptsfifteen30,0005000
8 very good2040,0005000
10 very good25Common Gem - 1Diamond - 20
12 very goodthirty60,0005000
14 very good3570,0005000
16 very40Common Gem - 15000
18 very good45Common Gem - 15000
20 very goodfifty100,000Chest - 1

Awards category. Depending on the number of category points, you may receive a reward for promotion if you receive a new category. The reward is given once, it cannot be received repeatedly. Category awards can be obtained on the corresponding page.

CategoryRating PointsAwards
Bronze1200-1650Gold - 20,000, Common Gem - 1
Silver1651-1900Diamonds - 100, Gold - 25 000, Ordinary gem - 1
Gold1901-2200Diamonds - 200, Gold - 35 000, Superior Gem - 1
Platinum2201-2500Diamonds - 300, Gold - 50,000, Superior Gem - 1
Diamonds2501-2800Diamonds - 450, Gold - 75,000, Superior Gem - 1
Immortal2801-3200Diamonds - 650, Gold - 100,000, Superior Gem - 1
Legendary3201-6666Diamonds - 1000, Gold - 150 000, Superior Gem - 2

Weekly scoring. Scoring is carried out at 05:00 every Monday. The points of the Saints will be counted and discarded. In addition, from 05:00 to 05:15 battles will not be available, and inaccurate data may be displayed in the rating. The correct rating will be restored after this period, thank you for your understanding. Show yourself even better next week.

Rating points. Players first have 1500 points. They will receive daily rating rewards according to their points rating at 21:00 by mail. The relationship between rating and awards is as follows:

5001-10 000thirty5000100
10 001-15 000thirty400080
15 001-30 000thirty300060
30 001 onwardsthirty200040

Title by category. The category of players automatically increases as soon as they gain the right amount of points. There are 7 categories in total: bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, immortal and legendary. A weekly category award is issued every Monday at 05:00 in the mail. The following relationship between categories and awards:

Points categoryThe required number of pointsDiamondToken
LegendaryFrom 3201 pts.150650
Immortal2801-3200 pts.120600
Diamond2501-2800 pts.110550
Platinum2201-2500 pts.100500
Gold1901-2200 pts.90450
Silver1651-1900 pts.70400
BronzeUp to 1650 pts.fifty350

Fitness room

Beginner training. In the training arena for novice fighters, players learn basic combat strategies, and each stage can only be completed with the chosen construction system. The characteristics and skills of the Saints in the construction are chosen by the system, and they may differ from the characteristics of the Saints, which the player trains. Carefully review the skills and go through the stage with the instructions for the battle. For the passage given a certain amount of diamonds.

Elite training. In the elite training arena, you will encounter more difficult stages, for the passage of which you will need to think more and better understand the characteristics of skills. If you have any difficulties, do not forget to see the instructions for the battle!

Saints training. During the training of the Saints, it will be necessary to go through the stages designed for one Saint. You will need to learn his skills and characteristics in order to be trained. After going through all the stages, you will better understand the skills of this character.

Quick call. In the quick call mode, the second construction is used by default, which is set against the opponentís defensive construction (when calling manually, the last used construction will be selected). To do this, you do not need to enter the battlefield, the result will be calculated by the system automatically. All opponents of the round that you have not yet called will be called in turn. One call coupon is spent for each opponent.

The choice of the enemy by the player. After completing all the stages of the training arena for beginners, you can challenge anyone of your choice from 9 random opponents. Each opponent will only display the number of victories in the defense. To start the battle, you need to press the enemy panel. Each opponent can be defeated only once. For each battle, one call coupon is spent, regardless of the result. After each victory, rewards are given.If you do not like the selected opponents, you can update the selection by clicking the appropriate button. After that, the total number of victories for each round will also be reset.

Weekly training goals. Every week, you can fulfill your training goals and get rewards for it. Goal completion status is reset at 05:00 every Monday.

Protective build settings. By default, the same construction is used as in the story branches, but it can also be configured manually. Used up to 6 Saints.

Increasing difficulty. The level of opponents is relatively low at the beginning of the game, but as the number of battles in which the player participated increases, the complexity and level of opponents will gradually increase.

Defense video. Information about the last defense can be viewed on the page with records. You can share the video with your friends or legion to watch together.

Call coupon. Each battle consumes one call coupon, like a battle ticket. Call coupons can drop in any game mode in which stamina is spent.

Victory Chest. Victory in each battle is added to the total number of victories. When the number of victories reaches 3, 6 and 9, you can get a bonus victory chest!

Hall of Fame. The three best players with the highest wins per week will enter the Hall of Fame and receive special rewards by mail. Their names will be displayed in the hall of honor.

The rules of warfare. Do not forget about the skills of the Saints and apply these rules during training and in real combat. This will ensure you progress in the ranking and victory in the battles.

Saint Seiya: Dungeon Campaign

When completing a campaign dungeon, stamina is consumed, rewards for team challenges are better.

Campaign dungeons include:

  1. Main stages. Single call. The main rewards are potions of experience gold and some types of cosmo.
  2. Ancient ruins. 1 to 3 players can pass. The main rewards are potions of experience that increase the level of Saints.
  3. Temple of the Titan. 1 to 3 players can pass. In this dungeon, most cosmo materials fall out. Cosmo type differs depending on the day of the week.
  4. Measurement. 1 to 3 players can pass. The main rewards are materials for training the seventh feeling.
  5. Dungeon of opportunity. 1 to 3 players can pass. When passing through other dungeons, there is a chance of activating the dungeon capabilities. The main rewards are shards of Saints and cosmo.

Stages of the main plot

Branch. Single call. The branches complement the main plot and reveal the history of the Saints. Fans of Saint Seiya will be able to better understand the development of the plot, going through these bonus stories!

The rules of battle. You can send 4 Saints with 4 units. energy in the 1st round, with 4 units. - in the 2nd and with 6 units. - in the 3rd and subsequent. The battle will be considered lost if it lasts more than 20 rounds.

Preparing for the battle. Form the building, arrange the Saints using their Connections. You can replace the heroes from one to another by dragging the icons.

The fight. There are two modes of "auto" and manual mode. To turn on "auto", click the bottom button on the left. When choosing "auto-fight" you need to determine the Saint who will receive the maximum number of attacks from the enemy, and the healer to treat injuries. You need to choose based on the characteristics of the heroes.

Note: In the manual battle mode, the procedure for the Saints is displayed under the avatar. In an automatic battle, the speed of the Saints is displayed in front of their OZ scale.

Specifications. During the battle, you track the abilities of the Heroes and their skills. The number opposite the skill means that the Saint uses the double size of his skill.

If you click on an enemy during a battle, the current Saint uses a basic attack against him.

Temple of titan

Single call mode. If you fulfill 3 conditions of passage in the single call mode, the next floor opens and the star trail function on the current floor. The more floors you pass, the better the rewards for the battle. The rewards for a group call depend on how many floors are completed in single call mode.

Command call mode. In this mode, 1 to 3 people can participate. The difficulty of the battle is determined by the average strength of the team. The award depends on the highest floor on which the star trail was opened.Team challenge gives a reward buff of 20%. There is also a chance to activate the battle - the "Easter Egg".

The rules of battle. You can send 6 Saints with 4 units. energy in the 1st and 2nd rounds, with 6 units. - in the 3rd and 4th rounds and with 8 units. - in the 5th and subsequent. The battle will be considered lost if it lasts more than 20 rounds.

Call rules. When re-passing the passed dungeons, you can skip minions and immediately fight with the boss.

Awards. Each battle consumes 6 units. stamina. If you do not have enough stamina in the team call mode, you can continue without spending stamina, but you will get only hearts as a reward. A limited number of hearts can be obtained per day. After reaching the limit, you canít receive a heart.

Trophies. Every day there are different types of cosmo:

In the Temple of Titan, you can get a large number of cosmo.


Single call mode. If you fulfill 3 conditions of passage in the single-call mode, the next floor opens and the hosting function on the current floor opens. The more floors you pass, the better the rewards for the battle. The rewards for a group call depend on how many floors are completed in single call mode.

Command call mode. In this mode, 1 to 3 people can participate. The difficulty of the battle is determined by the average strength of the team. The award depends on the highest floor on which the hosting was opened. Team challenge gives a reward buff of 20%. There is also a chance to activate the battle - the "Easter Egg".

The rules of battle.You can send 6 Saints with 4 units. energy in the 1st and 2nd rounds, with 6 units. - in the 3rd and 4th rounds and with 8 units. - in the 5th and subsequent. The battle will be considered lost if it lasts more than 20 rounds.

Call rules. When re-passing the passed dungeons, you can skip minions and immediately fight with the boss.

Awards.Each battle consumes 6 points. stamina. If you do not have enough stamina in the team call mode, you can continue without spending stamina, but you will get only hearts as a reward. A limited number of hearts can be obtained per day. After reaching the limit, you canít receive a heart. Upon passing floors in a dimension, you get chests.

Ancient ruins

Single call mode. If you fulfill 3 conditions of passage in the single-call mode, the next floor opens and the hosting function on the current floor opens. The more floors you pass, the better the rewards for the battle. The rewards for a group call depend on how many floors are completed in single call mode.

Command call mode. In this mode, 1 to 3 people can participate. The difficulty of the battle is determined by the average strength of the team. The award depends on the highest floor on which the hosting was opened. Team challenge gives a reward buff of 20%. There is also a chance to activate the battle - the "Easter Egg".

The rules of battle.You can send 6 Saints with 4 units. energy in the 1st and 2nd rounds, with 6 units. - in the 3rd and 4th rounds and with 8 units. - in the 5th and subsequent. The battle will be considered lost if it lasts more than 20 rounds.

Call rules. When re-passing the passed dungeons, you can skip minions and immediately fight with the boss.

Awards.For the victory you get the experience of the account. Each battle consumes 6 points. stamina. If you do not have enough stamina in the team call mode, you can continue without spending stamina, but you will get only hearts as a reward. A limited number of hearts can be obtained per day. After reaching the limit, you canít receive a heart.

Dungeon of opportunity

When spending stamina and completing a dungeon in a campaign, every time there is a chance to activate dungeon opportunities. For their passage, you can get great rewards, so do not miss the chance if you notice one of them. There are 2 different types of dungeon opportunities.

Chest of opportunity. Chests can be received immediately, and rewards - at their opening. Each of them will automatically disappear after 10 minutes, rush to open the chest immediately after activation.

The invasion of mirages. From another dimension, the Saints accidentally appear. If you destroy them, get the fragments associated with them. The battle can be completed as part of a group of 1-3 players. Each mirage can be defeated once, its existence is 15 minutes. In the team hall, you can join the Mirage Invasion group created by other players. Rewards for participation and passing in the group of other players can be received 3 times a day. If this limit is exceeded, endurance will not be spent, upon completion you will receive only hearts - no more than 500 pieces every day.

The rules of the battle.You can set 6 Saints, in rounds 1 and 2 they will have 4 units. energy, in rounds 3 and 4 - 6 units each, in round 5 and subsequent - 8 units. The fight will be considered lost if it lasts more than 20 rounds.

Astral circle

Astral circle. 12:00 - 00:00 every day, 2-3 players can participate. Get gold, cosmos and books!

The rules of the battle.You can send 6 Saints. They are given 4 units. energy in the first and second rounds, 6 in the third and fourth, and 8 in the fifth and subsequent.

Call Rules

  1. In this dungeon there is only one battle with 3 waves of opponents. The maximum number of rounds for each wave is 10.
  2. When the dungeon is open, attempts to pass are not limited, but the reward for each category can be received only 1 time per week. The challenge always begins with the first wave of opponents.
  3. The complexity of the Astral Circle is adjusted depending on the average strength of the players on the server every week.


Hosting can be used in 3 copies of ancient ruins, space and the temple of Titan.

Function introduction. In the case of guardianship, the battle will continue automatically and continuously.Fighting with enemies, physical activity and victory are the same as direct pressing to start a battle. Each guardianship round can be defeated 10 times and can be canceled halfway. In the case of team formation, the captain can choose the owner, and players should not choose.

Auto Managed. Click to check automatic hosting. After each round of hosting, a confirmation window will appear to automatically start the next round of hosting. Click OK to start the next round of hosting directly. The next round of hosting will also begin. Automatic hosting must reach a certain level in order to unlock it, and you can view the unlock requirements when pressed.

Ungovernable. During the hosting period, the captain can click to cancel the hosting. At the same time, when the captain scores less than 6 points, automatic hosting will be canceled after the end of the round.

Saint Seiya: Daily Game Modes

Daily game modes do not consume stamina and give various rewards, but there is a daily limit of attempts.Varieties of the game mode "Attempts" are presented below:

Mysterious treasure. 1-2 players can play this mini-game from actions and reactions. You can play twice a day.The main rewards are gold, diamonds and shards of the Saints.

Secret order of the Holy Father (Papal treasure). Single call. Order materials can be obtained for completing dungeons. Secret order jobs are activated using these materials. For their implementation, experience and gold are given.

  1. Collect treasure maps and follow the instructions in them to go to the right place and unearth the treasures of the Holy Father. You can get generous rewards for this.
  2. Necessary and improved treasures. Ordinary treasures left by the Holy Father throughout the world. Improved treasures are sealed by the Holy Father and require 5 types of energy to activate.
  3. In the places indicated in the improved treasure maps, there are usually more monsters - you should not go there without strong allies.
  4. Each day, you can help others dig up improved treasures a limited number of times.
  5. If a player dissolves the improved treasure hunt group or expels the player 4 times in a row, the possibility of dissolution and exclusion is limited (reset every 2 hours).

The Stamina game mode opens as your Saintsí stamina increases. The following activities are presented here:

Become stronger. By clicking the "Get Stronger" button in the lower right, you can select the desired type of activity for pumping your Saints according to various parameters. Depending on what you are missing (experience, gold, diamonds, etc.) you will be selected tests and tasks. This is very convenient for pumping up the Saints and for getting resources.

Daily assignments . For completing daily tasks you get activity points. The list of daily tasks is very large.Among them:

Athena test

To make sure that the power of the Saints is growing, Athena organized a special test. On the Holy Mountain, you can endlessly test your abilities, and the higher the Saints rise, the more rewards and glories they can receive.

The sacred mountain of trials. There are an infinite number of floors on the Holy Mountain, and each of them consists of 4 stages of testing. You must go through all 4 stages to go to the next floor.

Test Rules At each stage, there are 2 tests: The test of courage and the test of justice. If 2 trials are activated, you must pass both of them to complete the step. Saints who have already fought cannot be sent again. For example, Saints sent to the Test of Courage can no longer be sent to the Test of Justice. Athena also provides various bonus effects in 2 challenges to help them get through. If only one test is activated, then you only need to pass it to go to the next floor.

Daily attempts. The system resets the number of call attempts to 5 every day. For each test phase is spent 1 attempt. Passed tests can be repeated, with 1 attempt being spent on each raid. If you have spent all attempts, you can buy extra for diamonds.

Daily gifts

The sanctuary issues assignments with rewards daily, where everyone will have to complete a challenge in different dungeons, alone or with a team. The higher the difficulty, the better the rewards!

New complexity. Added complexity "Call mode". In this mode, you can get more generous rewards, but all monsters have additional combat tricks. Remember to change the construction accordingly.

About the raid. By default, the raid difficulty is 1 level lower than the highest difficulty completed. For example, if the highest difficulty passed is "Challenge", then raid rewards are issued for the "Complex" mode.

Activation of the Saints. In the new "Challenge" difficulty mode, surviving Saints who have won the battle with the final boss can activate the corresponding Saints in the prize pool of the past Saints. The awards will be sent by mail when a certain number of activated Saints is dialed, and the contents of the awards can be seen on the page. Each of the four dungeons requires a different activated Saints. Each award can be received 1 time.

Video completion. On the Saints Past page, you can watch a video of the latest boss battles in the Challenge difficulty mode.

Rating passed. In this ranking, places are allocated according to the number of Saints activated in 4 dungeons.The more of them, the higher the rating.

Working hours. Rewards are available daily. Each week there are different events. They are updated at 05:00 on the second day.

Rules for receiving awards. The rewards of each dungeon event are divided into daily first rewards and aid rewards. Daily First rewards can be obtained for the first passage of the dungeon of the day. All awards come in the mail. For each subsequent passage, hearts are awarded. There is a restriction on their receipt.Synchronization of progress does not affect the receipt of awards. For passing in the team of the cemetery of Matter, the Trident of Poseidon and the Star Challenge, you can get additional bonuses.

Dungeon Progress. The system records the progress of the dungeon of each player. Upon entering the team, all participants will be where the team leader stopped. If the progress of the leader and other players does not match, they must agree to synchronize in order to start passing the dungeon.

Training ground

An endurance exceeding the limit can be stored on the training ground, and the level of the training ground can be increased by earning activity points.

Level up. The level of the training ground can be increased by earning activity points. Increasing the level increases the endurance limit, the endurance limit, the endurance storage efficiency after exceeding the limit, the number of training rewards, etc.

Stamina storage. After endurance reaches the limit, endurance restored over time is stored on the training ground. Endurance losses depend on the level of the training ground.

Training rewards. Each day, you can receive several rewards for training, including x2, gold, the experience of the Saints and training chests. You can receive rewards once every 15 minutes when you are online. The number of rewards you can get per day depends on the level of the training site.

The use of awards. Select the received chest, select the quantity to use and click "Use." You will receive rewards depending on the contents of the chest.

X2 Times. x2 can be used in Another Dimension, the Temple of Titan, the Ancient Ruins and the Abode (cannot be used in the Invasion of the Underworld). Use x2 to get twice as many rewards.

Trivia Games Interesting quizzes on the plot of the game are constantly starting at the training site. You can take part and answer in the general chat to the asked question. If you answer correctly - get a reward. If you answer incorrectly - get a prize for participation.


For hearts you can buy valuable supplies in the store. Hearts can be received daily as a gift from friends and earn in various game modes.

Friends system. Friends can give hearts to each other. The number of hearts available for giving and receiving depends on the level of communication of friends.

Daily limit of combat game modes. The total limit for participating in the following game modes is 500 pcs.Having reached the limit, you will not be able to receive hearts.

Temple of the Titan. During a team call, you can continue the battle, even if the stamina is not enough.Stamina will not be wasted during the battle, and each time you will receive 5 hearts as a reward.

Another dimension. During a team call, you can continue the battle, even if the stamina is not enough.Stamina will not be wasted during the battle, and each time you will receive 5 hearts as a reward.

Ancient ruins. During a team call, you can continue the battle, even if the stamina is not enough. Stamina will not be wasted during the battle, and each time you will receive 5 hearts as a reward.

The invasion of mirages. The limit of daily attempts to join groups of other players is 3 pieces. Once the limit is reached, endurance will not be wasted during the battle and each time you will receive 5 hearts as a reward.

Superior treasures. The limit of daily attempts to join groups of other players is 3 pieces. Once the limit is reached, endurance will not be wasted during the battle and each time you will receive 5 hearts as a reward.

Daily gifts. The reward for the battle can be obtained once a day. After that, stamina will not be spent during the battle and each time you will receive 5 hearts as a reward.

Tasks of the Saints

At the end of the branch, you can meet the Saints possessed by the demon of reason. Help them defeat their demons in order to interact with these Saints and receive their shards.

The battle with the demon. The battle with the demon is a single challenge. Stamina will not be spent in battle. After the defeat, endurance will also not be written off. After the victory, a second challenge is not possible.

Interaction with the Saint. After winning the Battle with the Demon, you will be able to interact with the Saint and answer his questions. The interaction spends 6 units of stamina. If you succeed, you will receive 3 Holy Shards and other rewards.

Friendship. Engage with the Saints every day to improve your friendship. After improving friendship, you will get more attempts at interaction (4 - after friendship level 4, 5 - after friendship level 8). New interactions will also be unlocked. In addition, the Saints will communicate with you when you are appointed team leader or when viewing from the development page. The content of conversations will also change as friendship improves.

Friendship Rewards. As friendship develops, you will receive shards of the corresponding Saint and other rewards.

Daily workouts

By unlocking your daily workouts, you can complete 4 training tasks every day.

Update jobs. Training exercises are updated at 05:00 every day. Assignments will be updated even if you have not collected rewards for assignments from the previous day, so do it on time.

Training chest. A training chest can be received every day after completing 4 training tasks.

Training tasks. Different characters will give out different training tasks. The higher the starry quest level, the better the reward.

Training task Kiki. It is activated randomly after receiving a training chest. To complete it, you need to find Kiki in the city and play several mini-games. After passing, you can get many valuable rewards, so do not miss it.

Seiya will live

In the event, "Seiya cannot die," Seiya Pegasus has to go through 12 temples to save Saori Kido.

How to play? Touch the screen so that Seiya Pegasus moves up and down between the columns.

Attempts. Twice a day while the event is running.

Awards. You get a certain number of rewards for each temple you pass.

Print tower

To suppress the spectra in the tower of Seals, Doko placed the twelve weapons of Libraís matter in the tower, intending to increase the suppression force with the help of the energy of matter. However, weapons stored for many years in the tower were affected by the energy of the underworld. Now players must help Doko remove the seal from the twelve weapons, suppressive spectra.

Game Mode Rules. There are 12 stages in total, and at each stage the seal is removed from one weapon. After all the seals have been removed, a special final task will appear.

The validity period of the game mode. The validity period of this game mode is one month, during which players receive rewards for completing each stage. After passing through all stages, the system will form a rating of players in accordance with their combat successes at all stages. At the end of the validity period, rewards will also be distributed. After the end of each period, all stages will be reset on the 23rd of the next month.

Game Mode. At each stage, players appear on the map in the form of a chessboard. You can explore the map and collect supplies, rewards and stage combat bonuses. Battle bonuses are valid only at the stage where they were found, and cease to be valid after the reset of the game mode.

Rules for action points. In the Press Tower, 1 action point is spent for each player action. At the very beginning, each player has 200 action points. Action points can be purchased up to 3 times a week (the purchase option is updated at 05:00 every Monday). Action points are restored to their original limit of 200 points at 05:00 every Monday or after resetting the game mode.

The rules of the battle. During the exploration of the stage, the path to the players can be blocked by monsters who need to be defeated in order to go further. Saints killed in the fight against monsters cannot be used until 05:00 the next day. The death of the Saint will be recorded only in case of victory and will not be - in case of defeat or premature exit from the game.

Rating Rules. Ratings are based on the number of stages completed by each player and the number of rounds in the battle with the final boss at each stage. The more stages completed, the higher the rating. If the number of completed stages coincides, the total number of rounds in battles with the final bosses is taken into account. The fewer rounds, the higher the rating.

Saint Medal

  1. When Saints Medals are available, you will receive medal points for completing medal tasks. With the help of points you can increase the level of the Saintís medal. For each level you get a reward. Medal can be upgraded to ur. 60 in step 3.
  2. At each stage, the basic version of the Holy Medal is available to everyone. Players can raise medals if they want to receive a reward for promotion. The boost lasts one stage and is reset on each track. stage.
  3. The level of the Saintís medal is increased by 1 for every 100 points. Points are given for completing tasks and purchasing levels. For the activation of the medal is also given 100 points.
  4. The results of weekly assignments are calculated after the assignments are updated. They are updated on Mondays at 05:00, after which the tasks of the new week become available.
  5. Each stage of the Saints Medals lasts about 1 month. The assignments and rewards for each Saint vary depending on the version.
  6. Each level of the Saintís medal in stage 3 gives exclusive titles.

Saint Seiya: Legion

Legions are gathering places for like-minded saints. Legion members can go on an adventure together in joint game modes, including battles with the legion boss, legion aid, legion rewards, etc. In these modes, you can get many useful rewards. Each legion has 1 commander and up to 4 deputy commanders. If the legion commander is absent from the network for 3 consecutive days, his rank will automatically go to one of the deputy commanders.

The legion commander and deputy commanders can receive bonus rewards for participating in joint game modes. Each legion has regular and elite members, and the game modes available to members of different ranks may vary. The contribution of the legion is used to record the activity of participants in the legion. Legion Contribution = Legion Medal + Legion Medal / 10.

To enter the Legion, click the Legion icon at the bottom of the screen. Here you will see the names of existing legions, their ranks, the number of participants, as well as information on reaching the maximum legion of participants.

Creation and introduction

The creation of the legion. To create your own legion, click the "Create" tab on the right side. Enter the name of your legion and write down the declaration of entry requirements (optional). Click Create. Creating a Legion costs 500 crystals.

Entry into the Legion. To join an existing legion, select your preferred one from the list of legions and click on the "Request for entry" button.

You will see a window with three options for messages that will go in addition to your request. It is also possible to send your message. Using the Quick Join button, you can skip sending a request and join the legion immediately.

Choose strong legions for entry. Pay attention to the rating of the legion. For best results, join the legions on new game servers, where there is only a set of players.

Fund and Medals

Legion Foundation. The Legion Fund can be obtained for various actions related to the legion, including the fulfillment of the legionís instructions, passing the dungeon of the Legion, etc. The Legion Fund is used to improve the legion. After the improvement, various bonuses become available. There is a storage limit for the legion fund, and after it is reached, the fund stops growing. The limit can be increased by increasing the level of the territory of the legion.

Legion Medals. Legion medals can be obtained for various activities related to the legion, including killing the legion boss, participating in the Legion War, etc. Legion medals are used to buy buffs and sets in the legion store. Each week you can get a limited number of medals, and after reaching it the number of medals stops growing. The limit can be increased by increasing the level of the territory of the legion.


Legion Contribution

  1. Legion contribution is used to record the contribution of each member of the legion. Legion contribution = Legion medals received per week + Legion fund received per week / 20.
  2. The system distributes among the participants of the legion, depending on their contribution last week, a weekly set in the game mode, including many diamonds and rare materials!
  3. The contribution rating of the legion is based on the contribution of all participants in the legion.

Legion Buildings

Hall of the Legion. Determines the rank of the legion. The level of the legion hall is the limit for the rest of the buildings. The Legion Hall can be improved when the rest of the buildings have reached its level.

Barracks of the Legion. The higher the level of the barracks, the more participants can be in the legion.

Treasury of the Legion. The higher the level of the territory, the more items and discounts available in the store of the Legion.

The territory of the legion. The higher the level of the territory, the greater the capacity of the fund and the weekly limit for receiving medals.

Legion help

Legion members can spend their fragments on fulfilling the wishes of their comrades and getting the right Saints.

The publication of desires. Each member of the legion can publish a wish once a day. To publish the desire of the Holy requires the presence of the Holy or the corresponding fragments. The number of fragments available for each wish is limited. Different qualities, different restrictions.

Help with wishes. When fulfilling oneís wishes, one can receive rewards tokens of the legion and consumables as a reward.

Legion Awards

Legion Rewards - a game mode in which members of the legion exchange materials received for daily activity for awards.

Trophies - receiving materials. Players can receive materials to activate trophies in activity chests. If there are not enough materials, players can ask their friends for help. You can ask for help up to 3 times a day.

Trophies are rewards. After making trophies, players receive random rewards.

Legion Assignments

Legion Assignments: Players assign the Saints to errands issued by the Legion to receive appropriate rewards.

Destination.Saints on the list are allocated according to success rate. The higher the level of the Saint, the higher the rate of fulfillment of the commission. Recommended Saints can increase the order completion rate. Friendsí instructions can increase the delivery rate. When the order is 100% complete, you can receive a surprise reward in addition to the completion reward!

There is a chance to receive endurance consuming assignments that will reward not only the characterís experience, but also a large amount of gold, experience, and even cosmo. The more stamina you have, the higher the likelihood of getting stamina spending instructions that will help you spend extra stamina.

Awards.You can gain experience, gold, supplies, and even rare cosmos and shards of upgraded Saints. Orders with a higher stellar level have higher requirements for the Saints, but at the same time they bring better rewards.

Legion Dungeon

Attempts to call. 3 times a day.

Rewards for the challenge. All members of the Legion can receive a reward for losing after completing the dungeon. In addition, while scoring dungeon scores at 05:00 the next day, legion warriors who have passed the dungeon test will receive damage rewards and damage rating by mail.

The rules of the battle.You can send 6 Saints with 4 units. energy in the first and second rounds, with 6 units. - in the third and fourth and with 8 units. - in the fifth and subsequent.

The rules of the dungeon. The dungeon of the Legion consists of 20 stages that need to be completed in turn and which are reset monthly. If all stages are completed in a month, the last stage will be reset the next day after passing, until the end of the month.

Legion Boss

Legion bosses are powerful enemies from the Other Dimension who attack the Sanctuary at a specific time every day. Currently your enemy is Cerberus. After defeating the boss of the Legion, the Sanctuary gives players many rewards, including an improved divine cosmo.

Call. Every day, the legion commander sets an activity time. Each participant has 3 call attempts. The boss attacks the legion every day. The day after the victory over the boss, he will return and will be even stronger, which will bring players more bruised when winning.

Awards.Get rewards from experience, gold, and even rare cosmos and shards of upgraded Saints. Mysterious rewards can also be obtained for defeating the boss.

The rules of battle.You can send 6 Saints with 4 units. energy in the 1st and 2nd rounds, with 6 units. energy in the 3rd and 4th rounds and with 8 units. energy in the 5th round and beyond.

Legion Quests

Legion Quests: Players complete individual legion quests and quests and receive generous rewards.

Task Overview

  1. Individual tasks can be performed alone, and the joint efforts of all participants are required to complete the legionís tasks.
  2. To complete the tasks given one week. Quest progress is reset at 05:00 on Monday.
  3. Rewards for completing assignments are determined by the level of the treasury of the legion.
  4. When a certain number of players complete the tasks, the system will send a letter with a reward to all participants in the legion.

Legion War

War of the Legions. War of the Legions is a game mode in which two legions compete. To win requires the joint efforts of all participants in the legion. Legions can participate in the Legion War with a minimum of 20 participants and a Legion rank of 2 or higher. During the Legion War, players can earn points by moving crystals to a safe area or defeating opponents.

The legion with the first score of 10,000 points, or the legion with the highest score at the time, wins. On the battlefield, one-time skills may occasionally appear, which you can take by clicking on them. For victory over enemies carrying crystals, you can get bonus points. If none of the participants in the legion participate in the War of the Legions, no-show will be counted and the participants will not receive rewards. Use the second construction to attack the enemy.

Legion Store

Purchase rules. Legion commanders and their deputies can use the legionís medals to buy buffs and kits for all full members of the legion. The store is updated daily at 05:00.

Description of buffs. Buffs apply to all full members of the Legion. When you purchase certain kits and supplies, all full-fledged members of the legion will receive the corresponding item by mail. Legion medals can be received by its members in various legion game modes.

Weekly set

Rules for receiving awards. Rewards are sent every Monday and depend on the contribution of the legion participants last week. They can be obtained on the game page.

Award Content

  1. Players who make less than 1000 deposits can only receive a basic reward.
  2. Players who have made 1000-1999 deposits can receive a reward of the fourth category. This includes Legion tokens and regular gems.
  3. Players who have made 2000-3999 deposits can receive a third-class award. This includes a small amount of diamonds, legion tokens, and regular gems.
  4. Players who make 4000-4999 deposits can receive a reward of the second rank. This includes diamonds, legion tokens, and ordinary gems.
  5. Players who make 5000-9999 deposits can receive a first-class reward. It includes a lot of diamonds, legion tokens, and improved gems.
  6. Players who make more than 10,000 deposits can receive a special reward. It includes a huge variety of diamonds, legion tokens, and improved gems.

Legion Conquest

Basic Rules

  1. The conquest of the Legion opens every 2 weeks. Each Legion Conquest lasts a week and is divided into four stages: registration, drawing of lots, construction and promotion.
  2. The preparation process in this game mode takes 2 weeks. At the very beginning, the legion commander is registered to participate. Then, the 16 best legions with the most registration points for Conquest of the week are selected.
  3. Registration Points = total legion contribution over the past 2 weeks + number of conquest orders sent (each Conquest order can be exchanged for 10 points).
  4. Conquest orders are available to every legion. The limit of orders is 50,000. All orders of the Legion used for registration will be returned if the legion does not pass the draw. Legions with insufficient deposits can accumulate conquest orders in order to get more registration points and the opportunity to participate in the Legion Conquest.Orders of conquest can be obtained by participating in the errands of the legion, trophies of the legion, during the battle with the boss of the legion and the passage of the dungeon of the legion.
  5. If you have not yet participated in the Conquest of the Legion, you still have plenty of entertainment options available, such as bets.
  6. The conquest of the legion is focused on glory. In the future, real-time viewing and comments will be added so that even more players can enjoy this mode.

Registration. It runs from 10:00 Monday to 20:30 Tuesday. During this period of time, all legion commanders and their deputies are registered on the server using conquest orders.

Draw It runs from 20:30 Tuesday to 20:30 Wednesday. During this period, the legion commanders and their deputies draw lots to determine the combat position of their legions.

Construction. It runs from 20:30 on Wednesday to 20:30 on Friday. Legion commanders and their deputies begin to formations and send participants to the battle.

Training. During the preparation, participants are free to customize the constructions and discuss strategies with allies. During this period, your connection to the network should be stable. Also, do not block the phone and switch to other applications. Otherwise, you will not be able to enter the battle and lose the match.

Increase. Each legion assigns 5 teams to participate in five battles (1 to 1.1 to 1.2 to 2, 2 to 2 and 3 to 3). The increase depends on the result of five battles:

No show. Conquering the Legion is a real-time online battle in PvP mode. If a member of the participating group does not have enough time to prepare before the start of the game, the entire group will be credited with a failure to appear.

Victory: If the battle exceeds 15 rounds, the group with the most health left is the winner. If the score of the five groups is the same, the group with the most registration points wins.

Rates. After the end of the draw on Tuesday and before the start of the game on Friday, players can put gold on one of the participating legions.

Reinforcement. Members of the Legion 20 and above can determine the Saintsí reinforcements that the team leader can use in battle. Cannot be used to reinforce the Saints from an enemy formation.

Awards. Legion Conquest rewards are mailed according to rating. Awards are received by all members of the participating groups. The distribution of awards is shown in the table:

Ranking placeDiamondsGoldChestShards of the bookTitle, gold
Champion2001 800 000120Title
Second place1501,500,000118Title
4 best100900,0001fifteenTitle
8 best80650,000110100,000
16 bestfifty400,00015200,000

Saint Seiya: Rating

Ratings are the best way to evaluate the strongest players and learn from their example.

Rating Rules. Each ranking item meets the main criteria. If the data of the two players coincide, the system compares them according to additional criteria to determine the order in which they appear in the ranking.

Note: Rating data is not updated in real time, but must be updated at least once every 24 hours.

The Saints. The ranking includes the best Saints according to the criteria of the level of the Saint, the level of rebirth and rarity. Places in the ranking are distributed depending on the level of the Holy, the level of rebirth, rarity and the time spent on reaching the level.

Cosmo. Player ratings based on cosmo level. If the cosmo level matches, the player is higher if his cosmo has reached this level earlier.

The test of Athens. Rating based on the maximum number of stages a player has passed. If the number of stages passed by the players coincides, the higher is the one who completed the stages faster.

Popularity. Players have a popularity rating. If two players have the same popularity, the rating of a player who has previously reached this level of popularity will be higher.

Arena of Saints. Player ratings are determined by the number of Saints Arena points. If two players have the same number of Saints arena points, the rating of the player who previously received this number of points will be higher. Points are counted at 05:00 every Monday. From 05:00 to 05:15 battles are not available and the rating may not be displayed correctly. The correct rating will be restored after this time.

Galaxy Competition. The rating of players depends on their category in the Galactic tournament. If two players have the same category, the rating of a player who has reached it before will be higher.

Holy Tournament. Player ratings depend on their Holy Tournament points. If two players have the same number of points in the Holy Tournament, the rating of the player who previously received this number of points will be higher. Points are counted at 05:00 every Monday. From 05:00 to 05:15 on Monday, data may not be displayed correctly. The correct rating will be restored after this time.

Legion contribution. The rating of legions is determined by their contribution in the previous week. The contribution of the legion depends on the total number of the legion fund and the medals received by all members of the legion in the previous week. The more active the members of the legion, the higher their contribution.Points are counted at 05:00 every Monday. From 05:00 to 05:15 on Monday, data may not be displayed correctly.The correct rating will be restored after this time.

Tower of Seal. The rating of players depends on the number of stages they completed and the number of rounds spent in the battle with the final boss of each stage of the Tower of Seals. The more stages passed, the higher the rating. With an equal number of completed stages, the number of rounds in the battle with the final boss will be taken into account: the smaller the rounds, the higher the rating.

Saint Seiya: Story

Try awesome game modes:


Shelter. Saints go to sleep in their childhood and find themselves in a nightmare trap in the Paradise of children of stars. Players can play as one of four orphans or as butler Tokumaru Tatsumi. These five will play a cat-and-mouse game consisting of several stages. Orphans need to escape from Tokumaru Tatsumi, repair and activate 4 timekeepers in order to find a way out and escape. In this case, the players will wake up. Tokumaru Tatsumi, in turn, must catch up with the orphans, stun them with weapons, send them to a wooden horse and wait until the time runs out. Then the orphans will forever remain in a nightmare.

Orphans. After an enemy attack, the speed of the orphans will increase for a while so that they can escape from the butler. Orphans can heal each other. Allies can also save orphans sent on a wooden horse. The heartbeat of orphans increases as they approach the butler a certain distance. Orphans can climb over obstacles marked on the screen with a green arrow by clicking on the button in the lower left corner. Orphans have different abilities:

The Butler. The butler moves faster than the orphans. The butler has 2 skills:

Having hit the orphan twice, the butler can send him to a wooden horse in the center of the map. After a successful attack, the butler will joyfully wave his weapon for some time. The butler can see traces of orphans on the same screen.

Legend of saints

In "Legend of the Saints" you will move to exciting events from the comics and you will be able to experience outstanding battles in a completely new way!

The rules of battle. The battle takes place in PvE mode. Each battle can be re-run, but the reward is given only once. As you progress through the story, new legendary Saints dungeons will be added.

Help of the saint. For the battle in each dungeon, it is necessary to send the corresponding Saint, and the system will select the suitable Saint helper. If this Saint is already in the building, he will not appear as an assistant. If it is not in construction, the assistant automatically replaces the Saint from the first cell and cannot be deleted.

Buffs of parameters. For passing the corresponding stages, certain Saints receive buffs of parameters. They act only on certain Saints.

Download sound files. Before certain battles, you can watch wonderful videos. They are downloaded separately. Download the file before the battle to fully immerse yourself in the game.

Saint Seiya: Building

The battle formations of the Saints are used to plan battle participants. To go to your constructions, click the "Arranger" button on the control panel at the bottom of the screen.

The number of builds of heroes. The number of battle formations and the number of Saints participating in them varies depending on the level achieved. You have the opportunity to pre-form a battle group for each type of battle and in the future just use it, without other additional actions to collect fighters.

Rebuilding. Before the start of the battle, the Rebuild button will be available to you, with which you can also form a battle group, replace or rebuild the Saints in it, depending on the type of battle.

Change of heroes in a group. To replace a Saint involved in the battle with another, select the icon of the preferred Saint and drag it onto the playing field to the Saint you want to replace. When the battle group is formed, click the "Save" button.

When forming a battle formation, do not forget to take into account the connection of the Saints with each other. Connected saints reinforce each otherís combat parameters. Thus, if you put Saints with no connection next to them, you will not receive from them enhanced combat effects.

Grouping heroes. Heroes in battle formation can be formed according to the parameters:

Game modes with builds. Initial PvE and PvP builds are now combined into regular builds. List of game modes to which custom builds have been added:

Team builds. There are special team builds that can be customized by going to the build page while in a team.In a team of 2 players, each member of the team will send 3 Saints, in a team of 3 players - 2 Saints.

Build mode. In each mode, you can save the construction.

  1. In the Jamir Championship, you can create up to 4 special buildings on the entry page. After the battle begins, you can quickly copy the already created buildings.
  2. Trial of Athena: Building Tests of Courage and Tests of Justice are stored in this mode. The constructions used in the Test of Courage cannot be used on the same floor of the Test of Justice, and vice versa.
  3. Holy Duel: In the Holy Duel you can save 4 constructions and adjust the speed and cosmo separately for each construction.
  4. To learn about the features of the constructions in other game modes, refer to the description of the game mode you need.

Saint Seiya: Kikiís Guide

Kikiís guide will be useful for your development. It consists of several parts.

List of Saints

Data source. The data for this rating is collected according to the results of the Galactic tournament (on all servers) - information about all the Saints in all battles of the gold category and above.

Frequency of occurrence. General data for the current season based on the calculation of the appearance of the Saints / the number of battles for the season (for reference).

Click to view. You can view a detailed description of the Saint, the position in the ranking, combinations of constructions and cosmo, as well as the playersí opinions about the Saint.


Building tips. These are the recommended constructions of the best players in the Galactic tournament, the Saintsí arena and the Holy tournament (due to the seasonal update, updates to the constructions may be delayed).

Like mark. You can put a like mark to your favorite building. Each build can be marked "Like" once (after exiting the rating, the data will be reset).

Observation. Click on the "Watch" button to view the latest records of the battles with the selected construction and see the game of the best players (the videos will disappear after the version update and can be restored by retrieving the latest battles).

View more. Click on the "View more" button to see more recommended buildings. The rating is updated at 05:00 every day.

Custom combination. The custom combination allows you to customize the combination of constructions and will choose an option from the library of constructions depending on the selected Saint.

Master Docoís Blessing

You can get various types of buffs to accelerate development depending on the level of your account and stamina.

Fast leveling up. The basic stamina consumption in Ancient Ruins, Dimension and the Temple of Titan varies from 6 to 12, and the result varies with the consumption of 12 stamina units (does not affect the original double buff and additional buff effects).

Phantom spirit. If you have a lot of stamina in stock, then there is a chance to get ghostly quests in daily training missions. So you can spend excess stamina and get in return for many rewards (the experience of the account related to stamina does not change).

Selfless perseverance. If you have a low level, there is a chance to receive tasks that allow you to directly exchange rewards for the treasures of the Holy Father. This helps save time.

New errand. If you have a lot of stamina in reserve, you can receive additional instructions that spend it in the tasks of the legion. In return, you will receive many cosmo, gold and experience rewards (the experience of the account associated with endurance does not change).

The awards of the master. If you have a lot of stamina in reserve and at the same time a low account level, the chance to double points at the training ground increases significantly.

Quick rebirth

Quick rebirth opens when the player reaches level 30. It allows the Saints to select materials and reach 4 stars with one click, which greatly simplifies the rebirth process. Fast rebirth is divided into the following modes:

Replacing material maps. Click the "Change" button to replace one material card and select another one instead. If the enhanced material map already has a level or star level, it will automatically change to reflect the use of Quick Add-on.


The test of Athens. Already completed dungeons can be completed faster (in raid mode). A reward is given for 5 raids (if you need to buy additional attempts, go to the game mode page).

Daily gifts. The difficulty of the available raid is one level lower than the highest difficulty level you have completed. For example, if you have passed the Challenge difficulty level, then the raid reward will correspond to the Challenge level.

Mysterious treasure. Pass the game "Mysterious treasure" in raid mode and get a fixed gold reward and additional random rewards (for example, fragments and diamonds).

The world of memory. In the "World of Memory" section, you can once again view the gameís past story, read the dialogs, and pause them. To repeat the plot, click the "Remind" button.

Call of the saints

How to call on the saints? Constellations are used to invoke the Saints. Click "Call" and you will see on the screen a map of the starry sky with constellations.

Below are the classes of the Saints, their rarity and the cards needed for the call. To invoke Holy Class B, click on the "Improved" button, hover over the desired constellation and click on "Call". You do not know in advance which one you will receive the Saint.

Attention: During the call of the Saints there is a chance to directly receive the Saints of rebirth 3 or 4.

Cosmo assembly

Cosmo Set. When the player reaches the level, open the Cosmo build function, the player can save a certain number of Cosmo costumes that can be used and switch between different saints.

Use and save. Players can save the spaceport to the saint as a plan and set up a name. You can also create a new plan.

Using Cosmo. When using the cosmo scheme, when the cosmo in the scheme is used for other saints, it is confirmed that the replacement will replace another cosmo with the current saint. When the backpack is full, using cosmo loaded with other saints will replace the current saintís cosmo with saints loaded according to the corresponding scheme. Will not be placed in a full backpack.


This is a very good, high-quality and expensive game, made with a soul and in good conscience. The pluses include:

  1. Great graphics, varied content, great activity of the characters;
  2. Interesting story;
  3. Rich musical design, changing depending on the specific situation and battles;
  4. Russian translation of spells, functions, dialogs of characters and their actions;
  5. Player Guide in Russian.

Cons of the game:

  1. Extra large size (2.5 GB);
  2. Unsystematized fighting. You will need skill so that where what activity is located;
  3. The game takes a lot of time, itís hard to delve into the plot;
  4. The plot A lot of characters and a lot of text about their actions. You need to delve into it the first time, because there are no "Pause" buttons to stop dialogs and descriptions;
  5. Fine print in the game.