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Walkthrough Shadow Fight 2: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

SHADOW FIGHT 2 - Android game with release date 03/26/2014 from NEKKI. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers answers to players questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. Passage Act I Rebirth
  2. Passage of Act II The Long Hunt
  3. Passage Act III Blood Trail
  4. Passage of Act IV Revenge
  5. Passage of Act V The Greatest Temptation
  6. Passage of Act VI Iron Heel
  7. Passage of Act VII Interlude
  8. Game Tips
  9. Ascension Guide
  10. Titan
  11. Why do players lose progress?

Shadow Fight 2: Passage Act I Rebirth

You have no choice but to fight Lynxs first bodyguard, Shin. In the battle with the Brick, use brass knuckles, which can be purchased in the store from a blacksmith, remember a series of tricks, this will help in the future.Opponents you can meet in the tournament:

Lynx bodyguards:

The battle with the Lynx. His strokes have a chance to impose an explosion effect, and he can become invisible until the end of the round, often changing his location. In this battle, the Blood Reaper in your armament can help you. After winning, you will go to the second act.

Shadow Fight 2: Passage of Act II The Long Hunt

It is advisable to choose your favorite type of weapon and improve it. Get throwing weapons. New opponents whom you can meet at the tournament:

Hermit Bodyguards:

The battle with the Hermit. Hitting him accelerates the accumulation of the charge of his magic, always be on the alert. When he sits down in a pose of meditation, do a somersault and strike, this will interrupt her. In this battle the Reaver Hooks can help you.

Shadow Fight 2: Passage Act III Blood Trail

Improve your gear. Get a fireball. New opponents whom you can meet:

Butchers Bodyguards :

Shadow Fight 2: Passage of Act IV Revenge

New opponents whom you can meet:

Wasp Bodyguards:

The battle with wasp. A difficult opponent, you must always be ready to rolls from her special attack, this is the key to victory.

Shadow Fight 2: Passage of Act V The Greatest Temptation

New opponents whom you can meet:

Widows bodyguards:

The battle with the Widow. Should not cause problems, but be careful. Weapon with bleeding is useful here.

Shadow Fight 2: Passage of Act VI Iron Heel

New opponents whom you can meet:

Shogun Bodyguards:

The battle with the shogun. His armor often absorbs damage, bodyguards also help him, be careful.Recommended Weapon - Emerald Cutters.

Shadow Fight 2: Passage of Act VII Interlude

Interlude - opens after passing the gates of shadows. Interlude is the passage of all the chapters, with the only difference being that it is not necessary to seal the gates of shadows, but rather to destroy the seals.

Please note that gold coins are replaced by platinum - this currency is in use in this area. To go to the next act you need to defeat the location boss. To do this, you need to kill all the bodyguards and the boss himself once in one battle.

Shadow Fight 2: Game Tips

How to throw an opponent? Throws are part of the melee technique. You can see how they are done in the dojo training section. In battle, a throw is made with close contact with the enemy, by clicking on one of the arrows and hitting the hand. The throw can be direct or inverse, depending on the position in which the opponent is standing in relation to you.

How to get boss weapons? Weapons from bosses can be obtained if you defeat them again in the eclipse mode! To enter the eclipse mode, you need to click on the sun from the top right of the map (you will get the eclipse inclusion option by going through the storyline a bit). After you pass all the bodyguards and the boss, you will get his weapon! Keep in mind that in the eclipse mode, all fights will be much more difficult, which will require better equipment for the battle. To return to normal adventure mode, press the sun again.

Please note: If you use old hacked saves, the Eclipse mode will not work correctly as a result of which further passage will be impossible. Play fair.

How to discover all the mythical enchantments? Only one mythical enchantment, Stormrage, is currently available. To open it, you need to collect a set of monk equipment, which can be obtained in the "Climb" mode.The remaining enchantments will be available in future updates.

Rubies accidentally spent! Can they be returned? The game provides simple ways to confirm actions to minimize the accidental waste of rubies. When you buy something for rubies, a notification will always appear where the waste of gems must be confirmed. Therefore, you will not be reimbursed rubies spent.

Shadow Fight 2: Ascension Guide

At the beginning of the second act, "Secret Path", you will open a location on a map called "Ascent". Behind this name is a mystical theater, upon arrival in which you will be met by the owner of the theater - Puppet Master. He will offer you a role in this theater and, if you agree, will give a pass backstage, where you will have to entertain the audience by performing the tasks of the Puppeteer.

If you complete the task, you will get access to the "Mystical Roulette of Fortune" in which with a certain amount of luck you can win, in addition to valuable prizes, parts of the legendary vestments of the Monk. Over time, successfully completing the Puppeteers tasks and successfully spinning the roulette, you can collect the entire set of the Monk and find out his greatest secret.

The set of the Monk consists of five parts, each part you can get if it falls to you as a prize in roulette (you can spin the roulette 1 time for free, for the next you need to pay 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 , 50, 55 rubies.). To get access to roulette and the opportunity to get the first thing, you need to pass 1 test, for the second thing (if you get the first) 2 tests, and so on up to five. The ticket works until you lose. If you lose, the test counter flies and you need to start all over again.

The first participation in the Ascension is free, in the future you will need to have three tickets (for yourself as a participant, and for Sensei with May as spectators). Tickets can be bought at the store (10 tickets for 80 rubies) or you can win them in the "Duel" mode. You will find opponents in each act, for winning a duel you will receive 2 tickets, you can repeat the duel again, only after 4 hours. The purpose of the Ascent mode is to collect the Monks set, the collection of all parts of which when dressing gives the unique property of Storm Fury.

It is important to remember that each of your successful strikes against the enemy accumulates a charge, the charges accumulate, but if the enemy hits you, you lose one charge as soon as you accumulate enough charges (this will be signaled by the visual effect and the icon next to the life scale) when applied the next blow to the enemy will be given huge damage in the amount of ~ 70% of his life scale.

Shadow Fight 2: Titan

I can not defeat the Titan! Titanium is the last boss of a single player game, he must be very strong. The fact that you could not defeat him on the first or fifth attempt does not mean that he will not pass. Remember that testers and other players defeated him before you. All in your hands!

If I defeat Titan in Eclipse mode, will I get his weapons? There are currently no Titan weapons in the game, and defeating him in Eclipse mode will bring a huge amount of enchantment resources.

Shadow Fight 2: Why do players lose progress?

How to save progress in the game? For the correct operation of Shadow Fight 2, you must have a stable Internet connection. If you disconnect the Internet connection during the game, the process of saving game progress may be disrupted. When you first start the game, you will be asked to synchronize your Google account with the game to save your progress. You need to remember under which account you logged in to further restore progress or transfer to another device. If the sync offer doesnt appear:

  1. After completing the training, go to the game settings. To do this, press the "Menu" button in the left corner of the screen, and then the gear icon.
  2. Click the crossed out Google+ icon and sync with your Google Account. After this action, the icon will no longer be crossed out. Synchronization will be necessary if in the future you want to return your progress or transfer it to another device.
  3. Remember your User ID (Example: User ID 90013909). To do this, it is best to enter it in the appropriate field in your profile on the game forum. Now you can start the game.
Please note: Syncing with Facebook will not allow you to save and restore the progress of your game.

How to restore progress in the game? Make sure youve previously taken steps to sync with your Google Account. If you deleted the game, and after a while installed it again, then at the first start, a synchronization window should appear (an Internet connection is required). After choosing an account, the game will restart and another window will appear. Select "Restore" if you want to return your saved progress, confirm your choice. Now you can continue to play from where you left off.

Attention: If you click the Cancel button instead of the Restore button, your progress will be overwritten and it will be impossible to return it in the future.

I did not have a window to restore progress. If as a result of certain actions (the battery on the device is dead, reinstalling the game, changing the mobile device, etc.) you do not have a recovery window, you must perform the following actions:

The support service can only restore the level in the game that is stored on their server. In this case, 1 level. If you made purchases in the game store, they will restore your purchases to your game account. To do this, provide the following information to the support service:

  1. UserID (you can see it in the settings inside the game; to do this, launch the game, press the menu button and go to the settings section, your UserID will be written below);
  2. Payment receipt (attach a screenshot of the receipt to the response, each receipt in expanded form and separately, it should contain the transaction number and date of purchase, are accepted only in jpg format, and attached directly to the letter).

Can I delete my account? Players cannot delete their game accounts.

Transfer the progress of the game to another platform. Unfortunately, transferring progress from Android to iOS and vice versa is not possible.