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Walkthrough Shadow Fight 3: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

SHADOW FIGHT 3 - Android game with release date 11/16/2017 from the company NEKKI. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers íanswers to playersí questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. Beginnerís Guide
  2. History of Factions
  3. Other Matters
  4. Saving Progress

Shadow Fight 3: Beginnerís Guide

Game control

  1. Use the joystick located to the left of the screen to move around the location.
  2. Use the Actions buttons on the right to use the Weapon and Kicking attacks.
  3. Combine joystick directions with action buttons to carry out different types of attacks.
  4. Combine the movement of the joystick with the Shadow Energy button when it is charged to use the shadow attack ability.
  5. When the Shadow Energy panel is charging, it turns blue and glows. Use the Shadow Form Action Button to become a Shadow.

List of tricks

Superblows. To use the weaponís super blow, press Forward + Hand + Hand. To use the armor super blow, press Forward + Leg + Leg.

The game is too complicated / simple. Developers are constantly changing the balance and trying to make the game comfortable for all players. Most likely, the balance problem will be solved in the near future.

Opponents are too fast. There are many different fighting styles in the game. Opponents have exactly the same speed as a player with the same weapon. If your current style is too slow, we recommend that you get a weapon of a different style in any way convenient for you.

Throwing weapons. Throwing weapons are available after passing the 1st half of the 1st chapter.

How to upgrade weapons / armor? To improve weapons / armor, you need Shadow Energy. You can do this in your inventory: just select the item you want to improve and click on the improvement button at the bottom of the screen. In addition, items improve automatically if you are issued a card with a similar item. Every time when you get an item from a chest / booster that you already have (the same sword / helmet / etc.), and the item improves by one level of parameters, you get a small amount of Shadow Energy.

"Rules". In additional missions, there are sometimes "Rules" - additional conditions that affect the gameplay.Here is a list of the rules you may come across:

Leagues. After overcoming the last Dan, you enter the League. League is an activity for experienced players, which allows you to get valuable prizes at the end of the season. Each season lasts several days, and the reward for it is determined by your position in the League rating at the end of this period. After receiving your reward, your rating will be recounted at the beginning of the next season (this rule does not apply to Dans). If you have not reached the Leagues - do not worry! At the end of the season, Dan awards are also given. There is only one award, for the maximum received rank during the season. Boosterpacks contain Rubies and several cards of various rarities.

Please note: You will receive your reward only if you have participated in duels at least once during the season!

What does improving perks / special moves give? Improving perks and specials. receptions changes their characteristics (percent, time, force). Increasing the level of these cards increases the strength of the playerís attributes (the value under the overall strength of the equipment). The strength of attributes, as well as the strength of equipment, affects the complexity of story missions.

Why donít they give me coins for winning duels? There are two limits on the daily receipt of coins in duels:

  1. Coins are given for only 10 wins per day.
  2. There is a limit on the total number of coins received for the results after the end of the duel.

After exceeding the daily limit for participation in duels, coins will not be issued! Upon reaching the daily limit on coins, you can continue to participate in duels to get points and increase your rank.

What is a strong / heavy blow? A strong / heavy blow is done by long pressing the attack button with your hand.

Why, when the time in a round ends, does the opponent always win, even if I have many more lives? According to the rules of the game, you must defeat your opponent before the end of the round time. The health bar in this case does not matter, even if your character has more health than the opponent.

How to make a spinning kick? To conduct this technique, you must simultaneously press the "Attack / Punch" and "Back" buttons.

How to perform the top kick? To perform a top strike, you must simultaneously press the "Attack / Punch" and "Up" buttons.

Why is my rating going down to warrior level? Before the start of the new season, the rating of all levels above the Warrior is reset. The season lasts 7 days.

Why in the store and when completing missions do I get cards of other factions, and not for my chosen? At the moment, in all missions after the 3rd chapter, cards of all three factions are drawn. Offers in the store are displayed for the selected fraction, and depending on your resources, maps of other fractions may be available. Cards for the selected faction drop out of the chests.

What is a set? A set is a set of certain equipment: a helmet, armor, melee weapons and throwing weapons. For each set that you have collected, you can collect a reward.

What is the feature of the name set? A set of names gives you a definite advantage in battle if you fully equip your character in it. A named set always has a name, icon, and its own battle mechanics.

How to assemble a set? A set is considered assembled if your inventory contains all four pieces of equipment.You can receive these items as rewards for battles by unlocking boosters and reward chests.

How many times can I get a reward for collecting a set? For a certain set you can receive a reward only once.

How do I activate a set bonus? The set bonus is automatically activated as soon as you have fully dressed your character in it.

I put the character in the name set, but the bonus does not work! Check if all the items in the set are worn on your character - you may not have equipped throwing weapons or a helmet.

How many name sets are there in the game? At the moment there are 3 sets in the game. It is planned to introduce the game and other sets.

How does the Supreme Dragon Set work? Each successful strike of a guan dao that you strike against an opponent adds a fixed amount of shadow energy to you.

How does the Will of Despot set work? Each successful strike against the enemy with swords or a crossbow robs the enemy of a fixed amount of shadow energy. If the enemy does not have shadow energy, then your strike will cause increased damage.

How does the Sterile Dusk Set work? Every successful hit of any type accumulates a claw damage bonus bonus. You get a bonus if you have accumulated 3 charges (maximum). Charges sequentially disappear with time.

Shadow Fight 3: History of Factions

Messengers. Messengers is a mysterious faction with unclear motives. They are often compared to an inactive volcano that can explode at any time. This is well understood in the Legion. Heralds are extremely knowledgeable about Shadow Energy and Shadow technologies. Artful dynasty finds this knowledge very useful. The Emperorís family turns a blind eye to the fact that the Messengers freely move around the capital. Alas, commoners are less cute. They are afraid of gloomy, silent fighters in dark clothes. Their movements are mathematically accurate, fast and deadly, so even tall and powerful ones prefer to avoid direct confrontation with the Messengers.

Legion. The Legion is a militaristic faction. Their goals are simple and clear: the elimination of Shadow Energy around the world and the prevention of its rebirth. Their ideology is harsh: they do not accept any weakness, do not apologize or explain their actions, and do not want to make all the sacrifices for the sake of humanity. That is why other factions view the Legion with little benefit, to say the least. Legionnaires live by the harsh laws of the army, evaluating submission, dedication above all else.

Dynasty. There are a thousand martial arts schools in the dynasty capital; a dense anthill of a city where someone fighting and charismatic can gather crowds of loyal followers. The capitalís pace of life is very fast.Dynasty people simply do not know another way of life. This is why the warriors you meet are quick and graceful and prefer light weapons. Being on Shadow Energy, the Emperor of the Dynasty proved in practice that, if used wisely, it can serve the good of humanity. To the surprise of many, the country flourished! But the Legion was embarrassed by such a volatile mood. Since then, two fractions have fallen out with each other.

Shadow Fight 3: Other Matters

Where are the shadows? Donít worry, shadows are still present in the game! You can turn on the shadow form when your Shadow Energy panel (located under the health panel) is fully charged. During the shadow shape, you can use various shadow abilities (their icons are displayed on the rhombus to the left of the Shadow Energy bar).

When will the new chapter be? The release date of the new chapter will be announced on the official gaming resources as soon as the developers decide on it.

Promo code Promo code - a code for receiving in-game currency. You can get it only by winning any competition held in the official groups of the game in the social. networks FB, VK and Twitter. All information about the dates of the competitions, conditions, rules of participation and prizes you can get in the groups themselves.

How to change the name? To change the characterís name, you need to click "Profile" in the game menu, and click on the pencil icon next to the nickname. The first change of the characterís name is free, the second change of nickname is carried out for rubies.

How to change gender / appearance? To change the gender / appearance of the character, you need to click "Profile" in the game menu and click on the pencil icon next to the image of your hero. The first change of sex / appearance of the character is free, the repeated change of sex / appearance is carried out for rubies.

How to change the size and location of the control buttons? You can change the size and location of the buttons in the pause menu during the battle by pressing the "Control" button.

Shadow Fight 3: Saving Progress

How to save and restore progress in the game (Android)? To maintain and restore progress, you must:

  1. Install the Google play game app.
  2. Go to the settings of this application (green icon), and check the box "Enter games automatically" and "Use this account."
  3. Enter the correct details for your Google Play account.
  4. Launch the game and check the game settings.
  5. If the "Connect" button is lit in the settings, then the Google Play account is not connected, click it to connect your Google Play account.
  6. Do not reject or close the window offering to connect your Google Play account when the game asks about it.
Please note: Your game progress cannot be restored without synchronization with your Google Play account. The game does not have the ability to save or select two or more accounts (characters). You can play with the ability to save and restore progress only on your Google play account. There is no way to change progress or create a new character. There is only one progress in the game and it is located on the Google play account of the game, which is always restored when the connection is correct. If your progress did not recover when you connected Google Play, it means that previously it was saved only on your device, and now itís lost.

How to save and restore progress in the game (iOS)? To maintain and restore progress, you must:

  1. Go to your deviceís settings and find the "Game Center" section.
  2. Activate Game center and log in to your account.
  3. If the "Connect" button is lit in the game settings, then the "Game Center" account is not connected, click it to connect your "Game Center" account.
  4. Do not reject or close the window with the offer to connect the "Game center" account when the game asks about it.
Please note: There is no way to save or select two or more accounts (characters) in the game. Your progress is not stored in the game and there is no possibility to restore it. You can play with the ability to save and restore progress only on the "Game Center" account. There is no way to change progress or create a new character. There is only one progress in the game and it is located on the "Game Center" account, which is always restored when the connection is correct.

How to transfer your progress from iOS to Android? Unfortunately, Shadow Fight 3 does not support cross-platform game. This means that you cannot transfer your progress from iOS to Android (or vice versa).

Loss of progress. If your progress is not restored:

  1. Check connection. You must be connected to the Internet.
  2. Check if you are connected to Google Play Games (Settings -> Google -> Google Play Games). The game will not be able to restore progress if you did not enter this service before losing the saved data.
  3. Launch the game. The game will prompt you to log in to your Google Play Games account. If this does not happen, enter it manually through the "Settings" menu.

If the above steps did not help you recover, contact support.