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Walkthrough Siegefall: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

SIEGEFALL - Android game with release date 06/24/2015 from the company Gameloft. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers answers to players questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

Why are some buildings or improvements closed? How to open them? The castle is the main building in your kingdom, your progress depends on it!When you upgrade the castle, new buildings will open.Buildings that allow you to open units, heroes, traps and improvements, you will find in the "Other" section.To improve the castle, you must reach a certain level, which is indicated in the information menu.

Why are medals needed? The number of medals matches your board skills and your place in the ranking. To increase the number of medals, win battles with other players and successfully repel attacks on your kingdom. If you lose the battle with another player or cannot repulse the attack, the number of medals will decrease.

Why didnt the indicators change after the building or detachment was improved? The indicators will change only after the timer stops. Be careful: some buildings do not function during the upgrade. If you are in a hurry, you can skip the waiting time for diamonds. To complete construction or improvement instantly, click the Instant icon.

Why do I need the Instant icon, which I see during the upgrade? By clicking on this icon, you can build or improve two elements at the same time for a certain amount of diamonds. At the same time, the amount of resources in buildings does not change.

My buildings are improving, but I cant take advantage of their functions. Why? Some buildings are not available during the upgrade. Their functionality will be restored when the improvement timer stops. You cannot hire new units or upgrade a military camp, but you can lead units that are already undergoing training into battle. The production of resources during improvement also ceases. In addition, it is impossible to improve the Workshop and the squad at the same time.

What is magic pollen and how to find it? Magic pollen is a rare resource used to create Superior Cards. It can be found in loot chests or received as a daily reward. It is impossible to buy it, but you can win in the action.So if you need Pollen - take part in all the promotions!

How to get more food to resurrect units? You get food for every trap, building, or crate destroyed. For each resurrection, more food will be consumed. Think over every step of your hero and destroy all buildings, even those that do not bother you.

How to open new heroes? To unlock characters, complete story missions. Defeat them. So that they go over to your side. Take part in promotions and complete story missions to unlock new heroes.

I can give many commands to the hero, but not to units. Why? Units are not as strong as heroes. They will fulfill your first command, then follow their own strategy. Destroying the target, they will move to the next.Use command cards to control squads during the battle.

I can not cope with the task / opponent / action! Help is needed! Try to improve squads, heroes and maps. You can choose a different strategy, change the configuration of units, choose another hero or map.Moreover. Do not forget that the level of the Workshop and the Altar of Heroes depends on the Castle. Upgrade these buildings to be able to defeat the enemy!

My castle is constantly raided. What to do? To get started, upgrade your defenses - walls, towers, and traps. Make sure that you have built all open buildings. Think about where to set up traps and towers. You can also hire temporary archers for diamonds, which will strengthen your defenses. To hire archers, click on the corresponding icon in the Gate menu.

How to attack other players? There is no one on the world map! You can play online when you reach ur.2. Improve your kingdom, complete story missions and get experience points. Tell your friends about the game and fight with them!

The game crashed during the battle. Who will win in it? After the reboot, you will return to the kingdom, all resources used, units and cards will be returned, as if the battle did not begin. Without magic and time travel it will not do here!

I tried to attack another player, but I saw a message that I can not do this. Why? You cannot attack a player who is online or attacked by another user. Wait a moment and try again.

How to remove a player whom I cannot defeat from my world map? 24 hours after the kingdom of another player appears on the map, an exclamation mark will appear above it. Click on the kingdom and select the Find New Enemy icon. After that, a new player will appear!

Because of what I see the message "An error occurred while logging into your account"? If you use several devices, when switching from one to another, you need to wait about 15 minutes to keep the progress.

Why do we need a guild ship? The guild ship will allow you to team up with other players, collect rings and become the best guild of the kingdom. Upgrade the Ship to get bonuses and privileges, for example, the opportunity to participate in limited-time guild promotions!

I upgraded the Guild Ship, whats next? Each bonus will bring you certain advantages in the guild or game, such as gift units, the best rewards and exclusive heroes. Soon, more levels will appear in the game. Get ready, you will have even more guild ship bonuses!

How to open the Dragon Huntress? To do this, you need to reach 3 VIP levels. It can be summoned using Magic Pollen. At the moment, the Dragon Huntress is available on the Altar of Heroes for Gold, like other heroes.

Why dont the last 5 levels of the Guild Ship open? There is no way to open them now, you can do it after the update.

How is guild rating determined? The guild rating depends on the total number of rings collected by each player. Medals do not affect the guild rating.

What are rings? Rings can be obtained for defeating other players from the world map and for participating in guild promotions. The number of rings is reset when the new season begins.

What happens if I do not receive units after the timer is reset? If you asked for units, and the request timed out, the members of your guild will still see it as unfulfilled. You can change the request by selecting a different type of unit.

What is the donor level? The donor level is a way to measure the number of donated units. Increasing the donor level reduces the waiting time for the request to complete. Give units more often to increase your donor level!

How can I place more units in the camp? Improving the Guild Ship will increase the food capacity of your camp.

What is a VIP system? VIP system allows you to reward the best players.

How to improve the level in the VIP system? To level up and access new content, collect VIP stars. You can get them as a daily reward in the Market, as well as after making a purchase in the game.

Where to see the VIP level? When you get to the first VIP level, a frame will appear around your player level.It shows your VIP level and changes with its increase. To learn more about your progress, go to the VIP menu by clicking on the crown icon located on the left side of the screen. next to the progress bar you will see information about everything that remains to be discovered.

Why are VIP levels above 8 closed? Now it is impossible to open them, a surprise is being prepared for you from the developers. Your stars will still be considered, even if you have already collected more than the maximum number. Be patient, you are waiting for incredible benefits!

I got a VIP look for Knight Teren and the Dragon Huntress. How to apply it? In the call menu, you can choose a classic or VIP hero (black and gold). Switching between them is free and instant.

Can I update the prizes without opening all the chests in the tavern? Yes, if you have already received a Grand Prix or a second prize, then this is a great solution.

Are prizes updated in the tavern automatically? Yes, prizes change every day, so dont forget to open the free chest.

When can I open a chest in a tavern for free? You get a free chest after an automatic or manual update.

Why do battle monkeys appear on the map? You can send the War Monkey on a mission. For gold, you will receive basic resources and rare items from it. Dont yawn, the hiring times of some Monkeys are limited. Do not miss!

How to open a new chapter, The Kingdom of the Dead? You must have a level 4 castle to enter the Kingdom of the Dead through the World Map. For this, it is not necessary to complete any other chapter.

How to open the hero Kul "an Immortal? Defeat him at the 15th level of the Kingdom of the dead. He will go to your side and you can call him.

What abilities does Kul "an Immortal have? His ability is a curse that increases the damage done to the target and reduces the speed of its attack. Use this ability on enemy towers to reduce their ability to deal damage and defeat faster. Also Kul" en calls on undead, which fighting for him. Thus, you can strengthen your attack and distract some towers, for example, the Ancient Monolith.

Why do you need Spirit Crystals? While Kul is alive, these crystals raise the undead when units are nearby.

How does a Guild Gift work? Each time your guild friend buys a set of diamonds, you receive a gift on the Cargo Ship, which is located next to the Guild Ship. A new gift will be announced in the guild chat, it can be picked up within 24 hours. Do not miss!

How to get a Phoenix card? The only way to get the Phoenix card is to win it in the tavern.

Why did the rings my guild earned disappear? Some players reported that their rings disappear during the season. Developers are looking for a solution to this problem, so this will not happen again. Do not forget that when a player leaves the guild, the number of rings that he earned is subtracted from the total.

How to collect the Spheres of essence with which I can discover and improve Spirits? Entity spheres can be obtained as a reward in the Guild Trial promotion or found in the Tavern.

How to control the Spirit during the battle? During the battle, the Spirit will follow your Hero.

How does Mental Health work? After your Spirit is killed in battle, it will appear again next to your Hero in a few seconds. If your Hero is also defeated, the Spirit will remain dead until you manually restore it.

Why did I get different types of Spheres of essence? Each type of sphere is attached to a particular Elemental Spirit. You can learn more about this in the Refuge of the Spirit, which is located at the Pedestal of Heroes.

Why did my chests disappear? To avoid fraud and other problems, chests disappear after a certain period of time. Try to collect all the chests before they disappear.

What is the Vanguard Base? Vanguard Base is the second kingdom where you can create defenses and troops for battles in Vanguard mode. There are different rules at the Base, you can build buildings using less brick.During battles in the Vanguard mode, your troops, maps and heroes will not be lost.

What are vanguard battles? In Vanguard mode, you can battle other rulers in real time. One of you will attack, and the other will defend, rebuilding the destroyed towers, as well as commanding troops. A set of Vanguard cards for attack is different from those used for defense.

How to start a battle in Vanguard mode? To go to the Vanguard Base or start a battle in this mode, use the Airship in the main kingdom or the World Map. Each battle is for gold. The application will automatically select an opponent and determine your role - attack or defense. Therefore, before moving to the base, make sure that your army is ready for battle.

How to get Vanguard cards? You can get cards using the Vanguard Card Keeper, paying for it in gold. Various cards are available in the set for defense and attack. They can also be found in chests that are available in the Tavern of the main kingdom. In addition, the Store has a special section for Vanguard card bonuses.

Where can I find out more about Vanguard mode? Having passed to the Vanguard Base, on the left side of the screen you will see the Help icon. Here you will find useful information about building a base and attack and defense rules.

How does the betting system work? After the stage of preparation for the battle, the application will offer to bet on the winner. You can play diamonds. If your opponent also bets, the winner will receive even more rewards.Leaving the battlefield, your delivered diamonds and a possible prize will be lost.

What is the Victory Strip? The results of the battle in the Vanguard mode will be displayed using the counter in your name. With each victory, the score will increase, and you will receive a fixed special reward. If you lose, the counter will be reset to zero. Battle results are saved during breaks between fights.

How to improve Vanguard Base? Go to the Vanguard Workshop next to the Refuge of the Spirit and select in the sections what you want to update.

Where can I get resources to improve the Vanguard Base? Improvement tokens can be found in the token chests that you receive as a reward for winning the battles of the Vanguard. You can also simply buy chests at the chest store, which is located to the right of the empty chest slots.

How to take part in PvP seasons? You must have 5000 medals to participate in the PvP season.

Is it normal for the number of my medals to be reduced to 5000 at the end of the season? Yes, at the end of the season, all players with more than 5,000 medals reduce their total number to 5,000.

My VIP level has changed! What happened? The system of VIP levels has been improved. New levels and, accordingly, rewards were introduced. All awards that you have already opened will remain yours; all runes that you should have received according to your VIP level have been added to your rune levels.

I accidentally deleted a saved game, or I want to continue the game on another device. Is it possible to restore the save? Yes, if you were connected to Facebook or Game Center (Google +) before losing the saved game. After installing the game, just log into the same Facebook or Game Center (Google +) account using your username and password and get a hint on how to restore the backup file from the Cloud.

When I enter a nickname, I see a message that it is incorrect. What is the reason? The nickname you entered or part of it contains obscene language. Choose a different nickname.

I dont like the nickname, can I change it? Yes, while in the kingdom, click on your nickname and change it.You can change your nickname once for free! The following changes will cost you diamonds. A new nickname will be sent to the server, so it will take some time until it changes in the game.

Unable to enter the game. At startup, a message is displayed: "An internet connection is required for the game." For the game you need a permanent connection to a Wi-Fi or 3G network.

Because of what I see the message "This account {0} is already in use. Login is not possible. Please try again in a few minutes."? Wait 15 to 20 minutes before starting the game on another device.

Why am I getting the error "Your Facebook account is already in use"? Wait 15 to 20 minutes before playing on another device.

What are runes? Runes are bonuses that can be used for a limited time. There are three types of runes. Blue speeds up time by 2 times, yellow reduces the cost of skipping time, and purple reduces the cost of instant use.

How to find the runes in the game? You can buy runes in sets, exchange them for VIP crowns in the Runic Temple or win in a tavern.

I got a lot of runes of the same type. Do they accumulate? When you get a new rune, activate it (in previous versions, the runes were activated automatically). To see all the runes you have, use the Inactive filter in the Run menu.

Where to see all the runes that I have? In the upper right corner of the kingdom there is a resource tab where you will see all your runes. Click on the rune icon to open the menu. Here you will see Active and Inactive runes, the effect of each rune, what they affect and the duration of their use. During the game, the abbreviated timers and the value of diamonds begin to glow.

How to get free diamonds? Every day, treasure chests will randomly appear in your kingdom, find them. You will also receive diamonds for leveling up or find them in loot chests. In addition, do not forget about your daily rewards!

I bought diamonds but didnt receive them for some reason. What to do? In the Settings menu, you will see the User Support icon. Click on it and describe the problem.

What are crowns? Crowns is an exclusive currency for VIP players. They can be exchanged for runes in the Runic Temple. The number of crowns can be seen in the VIP menu and in the menu of the Runic Temple. Get crowns as a Daily reward in the Market, as well as for in-game purchases.

Why do we need a rune temple?In the Runic Temple, you can exchange Crowns for various runes. After opening new VIP levels, you can open more runes of different types. You will be able to activate the runes after receiving.

How to activate the resulting rune? Click the rune icon in the upper right corner of the screen and you will see inactive runes. Activated runes will be displayed in the Active tab. If you activate several runes of the same type, their time is plus.

All my runes are gone! What happened?All your runes have been converted to new ones. The new rune system provides constant reinforcement for your entire kingdom and contributes more to progress.

How to add a friend? Connect to Facebook / Google + / Game Center, and your friends will be automatically added to the rating.

Can I change the name of the guild? Not. Thus, the possibility of insulting players, which may arise due to constantly changing guild names, is limited.

Can I leave the guild that I created? Yes, but you must first appoint a new Master. To do this, open the Ship menu, My Guild tab, select Generals. Here you can appoint a new Master. If there are no generals, upgrade the subject to the general, and then to the master. You will automatically be demoted and be able to leave the guild.

I did not like the units presented by the guild members. How to change them? You cannot receive units when your camp is full. Direct the units into battle and wait for the waiting time to pass, and then ask for new units.

Why cant I send join requests to several different guilds at the same time? You can only send one request to join a guild. The master and the guild general have 8 hours to accept or reject it. If they do not respond to the request after 8 hours, your request is canceled and you can send it to another guild.

Why do I need a partner in the game? By adding a user using the code, you will receive 100 diamonds as a gift. Also note that this player will be added to your friends list.

Why cant I add partners? Reaching level 5, you will not be able to add friends.

Can I add an unlimited number of partners? Yes you can. The more friends, the more gifts!

How to attack a friend in a friendly duel? Click on a friends name in the friends ranking to attack him.

How to attack one of the members of your guild in a friendly duel? Go to the Guild Ship, open the list of guild members, and then click on the name of one of them to attack.

Can I lose my army or cards during Friendly duels? No you can not. You can calmly attack your friends or guild members, all your resources, troops and maps will be saved.

Why dont I get rewards at the end of Friendly duels? In order to avoid fraud in Friendly duels, no rewards are provided. Also, you will not be able to pick up the resources of your rivals.