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Six-Guns Walkthrough: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

SIX GUNS - Android game with release date 03/15/2012 from the company Gameloft. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers answers to players questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

Why do some game timers show negative values? The game uses system time. Manipulations with system time can lead to unexpected and unpleasant consequences in the game.

What is the maximum level in the game? The maximum level of the game is 50.

How often is the life scale replenished? If you are not busy completing the task, the life scale will be replenished by 1 life point every 10 seconds. However, at any time - even completing the task - you can buy an elixir of health and speed up recovery.

How to play the lottery? You need to reach at least the third level and complete the quest King of the Hill. The lottery is marked with an asterisk and is located on the map next to the Abandoned Train in Arizona and Saloon in Oregon. There are also lottery icons in the game menu and in the Free Stars section.

Where can I get the animals that are needed to complete the task, if I decided to go hunting? Look at the map: the icons in the animals indicate their location.

How to upgrade weapons? You need to select your weapon in the store and click on the Improve icon. After that, select the improvement you need.

How to skip the current task? Open the map menu and click on the "Abandon Job" icon on the right. You can refuse the task or skip it at all, however, you will have to pay for the pass with the stars of the sheriff.

Can I buy an elixir in a store and restore health? Yes you can. But it can not be used too often in an online game. After recovery, you will have to wait a while before using the elixir again.

How can I see my personal result at the end of the match? On the match results screen, select the "Personal result" tab. You can also track your progress in the Standings (go to the "Standings" section and click "My Rank"). Click on the "Top" icon to go to the list of top players. your friends will be marked with a special icon.

How to see match statistics during a game? During the game, click on the score (in the middle at the top of the screen) to see your score, the score of other players and other information. In addition, the remaining time and the current score in the match will be indicated there.

How to convey the enemy flag to the base in the absence of the flag of my team? This will be counted only if there is a flag for the team at the base. Otherwise, the team will have to find a way to return the flag to the base.

What are elixirs? Elixirs are consumable items whose effect lasts several tens of seconds. You can buy them for the sheriffs stars or win the lottery.

What are the effects of elixirs? There are 3 types of amplification:

How to use elixir? You can use the elixir in the menu that opens by clicking on the icon in the lower right corner of the screen.

How do I know if an elixir worked? If the elixir effect worked, you will see a countdown icon. The remaining two elixirs will become unavailable for a while.

How to get sheriff stars? Play to get the sheriff stars! You can get them for participating in promotions or leveling up. Do not forget to enter the community on Facebook; surprises await you!

What is the use of the rank of player of the best gang? The best gangs receive huge rewards at the end of the season. For the gang to become the best, all its players must participate in promotions and receive trophies (promotional points). Gang points - this is the total number of awards of all its players.

What is the use of the title of gang leader? The leader can accept / reject players requests for joining the gang or exclude other players. Also, the leader can change the information about the gang. If the leader leaves the gang, the player with the most promotional points takes his place.

What is a rating (badge with crossed pistols)? The rating shows your success in the multiplayer game and helps you progress through the leagues. The better you play, the higher your score.

What are trophies (cup icon)? Trophies are stock rewards. Regularly participate in promotions to earn more points and lead your gang to fame.

How to buy items from the shop especially dangerous? You need to get the title of Especially dangerous player in the league or get into the top 10 to buy these items.

What gives a player a VIP status? VIP players receive progressive rewards daily, can participate in VIP promotions, and can buy exclusive VIP items at the Armed and Dangerous store.

How to get the next VIP level? Collect VIP points in promotions, daily bonuses or buy them for in-game currency.

How to enable VIP status? To activate the VIP status you need to buy one of the sets in the store. VIP status is activated for a limited period of time. Duration depends on the kit purchased. You can renew your VIP status by purchasing a different set. During deactivation, the VIP level remains unchanged. However, during this time you will not receive Daily VIP Bonuses.

Why do we need lottery tickets? They give a free try in one of the lotteries. There are three types of tickets: for the Bronze, Silver or Golden Lottery.

Where to get tickets? You can get lottery tickets with a daily VIP bonus if your VIP status is active.

I have run out of free slots, and I need to take some more valuable items, while I do not want to buy new slots. What to do in such a situation? In this case, go to the game menu, then to the Inventory section, select unnecessary items and click "Delete". You will have free slots, and you can choose any item you need.

What do the free / bronze / silver / gold bullets mean on the lottery selection screen? Each type of lottery has its own set of gifts. In the free chest of bullets are the most ordinary gifts; in bronze, silver or gold - more valuable and even sometimes unique gifts and equipment.

Where can I see achievements? Go to the game menu> Settings> Information> Achievements.

I managed to take a prize in the action, but the prize was never given to me. What am I doing wrong? Rewards are issued within a few hours after the end of the promotion.

How to take part in the Confrontation? To take part in the Confrontation of the Gangs, you yourself must join the Gang.

How to provoke a confrontation? You need to make a contribution to the Gang Chest. When enough money is gathered there to start the Confrontation, the leader of the Gang or the main sponsors will be able to choose the type of Confrontation - for coins or stars.

How to capture the fort? The fort can be captured in major online matches. The more points you score, the more effective will be the attack / defense of a certain Fort on your part. You can also use Attack and Defense bonuses - Pressure and Defense - to increase your effectiveness in battle.

What is needed to win the Confrontation? You need to capture as many Forts on the map as possible and not allow yours to be captured. Each Fort that your Gang will control at the end of the Confrontation will earn you points. The gang with the maximum number of points will become the winner of the Confrontation.

How to log in to Facebook? In the Settings section below you will see a blue Facebook icon. You will go to Facebook if you click on this icon, and you will exit if you click on it again. The icon will change depending on whether you are logged in or logged out.

Where can I change the language of the game? In the game, tap the Menu icon, then go to Settings. There you can change the language of the game.

How to disconnect music? Go to the game menu, then to the "Settings" section, then press the switch and turn off the music.

How to set up an auto sight? Go to the Settings section from the Main or game menu. There you can turn on or off the auto-sight. Sight sensitivity can be adjusted by moving the slider.

Why do I need to block a virtual joystick? How to do it? Go to the "Settings" section from the Main or game menu. There you can lock the position of the virtual joystick. During the game, you will notice that the virtual joystick can be dragged around the screen when you hold it. Decide what position of the joystick is most convenient for you to play.

How to pause the game? During the game, click the pause icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

Is an internet connection required for the game? No, its not required, but you wont be able to challenge your friends, participate in promotions and share achievements if you are not connected.

How to enable / disable push notifications? Go to the "Settings" section from the Main or game menu.Above the language selection icons you will see a switch. Click on it to enable / disable sending messages regarding health recovery, free cartridges, etc.

Do I need a Wi-Fi connection to play in network mode? The network mode of the game is available only if there is a Wi-Fi connection.

How much can I play without paying for anything? You can go through the whole game without paying a dime. You decide whether to make micro-transactions to you or not.

If the kit was purchased before the upgrade, will it be activated? Not. To activate the VIP status, you need to make a new purchase. However, you will receive VIP points from your previous purchase. The number of points depends on the purchased set.

Where can I buy sheriff stars? Click the Green Cross icon at the top of the screen next to the stars. Then select the desired number of stars and click on the green price icon. Click Buy. In addition, if you want to buy an item, but you do not have enough stars, a message appears that gives you the opportunity to buy the missing stars.

How to get sheriff stars for free? Click the Get Free icon in the star pack section. You can either rate the Gameloft page on Facebook, or follow the Gameloft account on Twitter - both actions will bring you free stars.You will find many other promotions that make it possible to get a free star. You will also receive a star for each new level.

How does Shopping Restore work? If you bought a chest in Six-Guns, you can restore your purchase using this feature. Keep in mind that it is available only for non-consumable items (for example, Gangster Set).

How to invite friends from Facebook? You need to enter the network game and go to the "Friends" tab.Then click on the + Friends icon. Select Facebook in the window that appears, select your friends and click on the "Invite" icon.

How to invite a friend to the game? First, make sure that Six Guns is installed on your friends device. You can send him an offer to install the game. This can be done as follows: go to the "Friends" section, click on the "+ Friends" icon and select the social network your friend is connected to. Select the friend you want to invite from the list of friends, then click on the "Invite" icon. Once your friend has installed the game and completed the training, he will be ready to play with you! To invite a friend who already plays Six Guns into the game, you need to go to the Create tab and click on the "Invite Friends" icon. Then select friends from the list. They receive an invitation to join you with a push notification. After completing the training, make sure that you have confirmed that you want to receive notifications from the game. Otherwise, you will not receive notifications from friends.

When will I receive an invitation from a friend? If you allow the game to send you push notifications, you will receive an invitation as soon as it is sent. Unless at the moment you are playing a lottery or playing a game online.

How to play the network game? First you need to get trained. After training, you can choose a network game in the Main menu.

How to play a new match on the net? You need to go to the Network game, the tab "Game". Then select the desired match settings or leave the default settings and click "Play."

After creating the match, the message "Waiting for players" appeared at the top. I can run, shoot, take the flag, but that doesnt count. Why? Because you play the match alone. As soon as another player joins the game, the countdown will begin, and after a few seconds the match will begin. If you are tired of waiting, you can always join an existing game.

How to distinguish opponents from their teammates? Your team players are highlighted in the same color as you. So, for example, players on your team appear on the radar as green dots, and enemies as red. The names of teammates are always visible, and the names of opponents appear only if you aim at them.

Is it possible to restore health in an online game, as it happens in single games? Not. Health will be restored only upon regeneration. It does not recover over time. But you can use the elixir bought in the store or in the quick shopping section.

Will my level depend on the level of health with which I start the game? Yes, the number of health points affects the level at which you start the game.

Can I ride my horse in an online game? There are no horses in the multiplayer game.

Do I need to buy ammo in an online game? In a multiplayer game, the number of rounds is not limited.

How to take part in promotions? To participate in the action you need to know the main goal and go to victory! Depending on your results, you will take the appropriate place in the list of the best.

Where can I see the friend code? In the corresponding section in the Network game.

What benefits will I get if I invite friends through friend codes? You will receive coins for each new level they reach. You can also receive exclusive rewards when a certain number of friends you invite reach the required level.

Do I need a new friend code for each friend? No, you have only one friend code with which you can invite any number of friends.

What do I need to enter friend code? Your level should not exceed 6, then you can enter the friend code of a friend in the corresponding section of the Network game.