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Walkthrough Sky Kingdoms: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

SKY KINGDOMS - Android game with release date 04/20/2018 from Seven Pirates. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers íanswers to playersí questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. Beginnerís Guide
  2. Guild Guide
  3. Hero Level Up
  4. How to Win a Battle
  5. Guild Battles

Sky Kingdoms: Beginnerís Guide

How to change character name and city? To change the characterís name, click on "Personal Information" (where the characterís name is indicated) and edit it. However, we draw your attention to the fact that changing the character name and the name of the city may not be free.

When your castle reaches level 2, you will receive a hiring kit in the mail. This pack contains a free coupon for renaming a character.

How to switch between servers? You can switch servers when the lock level is below 6. To switch the server, follow these steps:

  1. Press the "Options" button (the "+" sign in the lower right corner of the main page);
  2. Click the server button;
  3. Click the list of servers;
  4. Click on the server of your choice;
  5. The game will restart.
In the current version, you cannot switch the server if the level of your command center is 6 or higher. After switching the server, your game will start on a new one on the new server. This means that you cannot transfer items, reputation points, gems and resources of your character from the old server to the new one.

How to use city moving? As the lord of the city, you can move your city to any place in the territory. The cityís mobility points and time are spent on moving the city. Over time, the mobility of the city will gradually recover.City mobility is an important function. Experienced lords can receive various significant advantages by moving their city to regions with abundant resources, low taxes, a dense or small population, or with a dominant position.Use this feature to the maximum!

During the move, you can perform a march, reconnaissance, use the help of resources and other operations in the normal mode.

How to get more resources? To get more resources, follow these steps:

  1. Update resource buildings, collect resources more often;
  2. Use items to speed up the extraction of resources (bonus page);
  3. Complete tasks;
  4. Attack other cities and seize their resources;
  5. Trade resources with other players in the central trading zone;
  6. Get resources from the magic tree.

Different ways to get free gems! This game offers different ways to get free gems:

What is a blessed region? The blessed regions are widely dispersed on the map of the region. These are regions blessed by the gods. In the blessed region, player resource buildings provide twice as many resources. The speed of collecting resource points in the blessed region is also increasing significantly. The location of blessed regions is changing every day.

How are units classified and what are their differences? The units in the game are divided into three types - infantry, mechs and mages. They can hold each other in the following order:

What events are in the game? View current events on the left side of the game page. Different types of events, for example, individual events, guild events and world boss events. At the end of the event, you will receive a reward depending on how you performed.

As part of individual events, your personal points are recorded (during the period of the event). In the framework of the events of the guild and the events of world bosses, the total points of all members of the guild are recorded. Thus, if you leave the guild before the end of the event, you will not receive any reward.

What are the benefits of a monthly login? The monthly login page contains numerous awards that are just waiting for you! The monthly login page shows a total of 35-day rewards. On the first day of each month, rewards and entry history are reset. Each month you are given 8 late login attempts.

What is a VIP system? VIP players enjoy a range of privileges, for example, reduced training time, faster resource extraction, reduced construction time, etc. The higher the VIP level, the greater the number and better quality of privileges. VIP level can be improved by spending VIP points. VIP points can be obtained as rewards for completing quests, as well as opening random chests and playing Merlinís Magic.

In addition, VIP points can be purchased directly by clicking the "Add VIP Points" button. You can use blocked privileges only after the VIP status is activated. VIP status can be activated using special items, for example, "30-day privileges." These special items can be obtained as quest rewards, as well as by unlocking random chests and playing Merlinís Magic. Of course, they can be purchased directly on the VIP page.

What is a central trading zone? The central trading card is located in the center of the card. Within this zone, players are free to sell and buy resources and equipment of heroes.

At one time, players can offer for sale no more than one batch of resources and one item of equipment. Even if your city is not in the trading zone, you can still trade with other players - the tax will be higher and the delivery time longer.

What is the protective barrier for? Activate the cityís protective barrier with special items (for example, the "8-hour protective barrier"). While the protective barrier is in effect, enemies cannot attack you. The protective barrier will be destroyed if you attack the enemy or encounter an enemy army, for example, when defending resource points. Any action against the enemy (including reconnaissance) will lead to the destruction of the protective barrier.

How to check attack notifications? If you are attacked, you will receive a notification of the attack. The higher the gate level, the more detailed information will be in your notification. Upon completion of the attack, you will receive a battle report.

How to blacklist players If you want to blacklist someoneís messages, just click on the name of that player and select "Block". When an enemy player is blacklisted, he or she will not be able to see your online status. In addition, you can block players in the mail by clicking on their message and selecting "Block". To view the blacklist, go to the chat page and select "Blacklist".

How to remove players from the black list? The Blacklist button is on the left of the chat page. When the blacklist page appears, you can remove players from it. After you remove a player from your blacklist, you can again see his or her chat messages.

Who is the world boss? World bosses come from the primitive tribes of the earth. Cruel and ferocious, they mastered the art of invoking the apocalypse, so dealing with them is very difficult! During the "Final Boss" event, a random boss will appear on the map. Lords must join a guild or create their own in order to qualify for the battle with the world boss. All members of the guild, which strike a decisive blow to the world monster, receive a special gift.

Defeat all units subordinate to the world boss to get items as a reward. At the end of the battle, check the mail - you should receive a report on the battle. After defeating the world boss, the resource point "Magic source" will appear at this place. World bosses do not stay on the map forever. At the end of the Final Boss event, they will disappear. If the boss is defeated during the period of the event, he may appear next time with a higher level, and it will be more difficult to defeat him.

An explanation of commonly used terms. The following terms apply in the game:

What is an auction house? The auction house is a platform where players trade resources and equipment of heroes among themselves. Players can exchange different resources at their own rates. Arcanum can be obtained in exchange for the sale of equipment. To purchase equipment from other players, in turn, you need an arcanum.Each player can only sell one type of resource and one item of equipment at a time.

For sale, you can put up only equipment that meets certain standards. When trading outside of Alder, the buyer must wait for the item to be delivered to the Alder trade zone to complete the transaction, and the seller must wait for the item shipped from the Alder trading zone to his city. Transactions made within the Alder trading area are concluded instantly, without having to wait.

How to increase the level of soldiers? You can increase the level of soldiers with the help of resources, while the soldiers remain within the same type of unit.

What is Alchemy for? Alchemy research is the key to the development of the city. It is divided into two types - military alchemy and development alchemy. Combat alchemy is used mainly to unlock new units and increase the combat potential of soldiers, and development alchemy provides various city bonuses.

What does raising gear mean? Increasing the level of equipment is acquired at the expense of the arcanum and gives a chance to strengthen the general indicators of equipment. The maximum level of equipment is determined by its rarity. If the level could not be increased, the equipment retains its original level. Arcanum can be obtained from the "Magic Wells" on the map, as well as by selling unnecessary equipment in an auction house and in other ways.

How to play Merlinís Magic? Within 24 hours, each inserted coin will bring you a prize! You can get up to five prizes! The chance of distributing items of high value.

What are daily assignments? For completing daily tasks, you can receive generous rewards every day. Each completed quest brings you one quest point. By accumulating a certain number of quest points, you can get the corresponding rewards.

What is auto-combat? Auto battle is a game mode in which you can quickly conduct reconnaissance battle. In auto-battle mode, players can receive trophies directly. without having to fight enemies. For auto-battle, you need the appropriate coupons, which you can buy in the store or get in various ways for free. In auto-battle, the stamina of the hero is also spent. There is a daily limit on the number of auto-battles, which can be increased by increasing the VIP level. Auto-battle does not lead to the death of soldiers.

What is the highest VIP? Buy more and get even more for free! Buy any number of gems to get the highest points to increase the highest VIP level. The higher the VIP level, the more bonus gems you will receive when buying gems:

Highest points for the past week are reset at midnight Pacific time next Monday. If you have not scored the minimum required number of points before the reset, your VIP will decrease by one level.A weekly or monthly subscription with a card provides gifts, but does not give you any top points.Passing gems to guilds or allies as gifts also does not give you the highest points.

What is auto-completion? Auto-completion takes effect after the player activates this function on the defense page. After each defensive battle, the system automatically supplements the units with the remaining free soldiers in the city, compensating for losses in the previous battle if the units of the garrison do not guard the gates.

What is a motor garrison? The garrison takes effect after the player activates this function on the defense page. Before each defensive battle, the system automatically selects a hero with the highest leadership and strongest soldiers, if there are free heroes and soldiers in the city, and the units of the garrison do not guard the gates.

Autocompletion and the garrison play a very important role and can significantly strengthen the defensive potential of the city. It is recommended that you always keep these features activated.

What is the strength of a city? If the defense of your city is broken, its strength will decrease according to combat losses. If the strength drops to 0, your city will be forcibly teleported to a random region, so do not forget to restore your city in time.

What is a super bazaar? A super bazaar appears at the gate every Saturday and Sunday. Everythingís there!Each purchase can bring you another item at random. If you drop an item you have already purchased, you will receive a dropped item for free. If there is only one item left, then you can get it with 100% probability!

What are protected resources? All resources obtained through items are protected. Protected resources cannot be captured by enemies. When using resources, unprotected resources should be spent first.

What is a dragon system? When the castle reaches level 10, you can summon a dragon to guard your city. The dragon brings significant bonuses for battles and internal affairs and changes the appearance of your city on the map of the region. To summon a dragon, you need to spend equipment and other items. You can feed the dragon with an arcanum. The higher the dragon level, the better the bonuses. In short, use the dragon according to the situation, in accordance with specific conditions, to ensure your advantage!

War of the forts. To start the forts war, the guild fort of each side must be at least level 3. When the guild forts of both sides reach level 3, the attacking side initiates a mobilized attack against the other fort, and the defending guild sends reinforcements to the fort. Then the parties conduct a war of forts with the participation of soldiers in the forts. The winner can seize the assets of the losing guild.

What are star stones? Star stones are special gems that can be inserted into powerful equipment. The function of inserting star stones will be unlocked when the forge reaches level 14. After unlocking the function, you can insert star stones on the forge page. Inserting star stones provides equipment with additional performance bonuses. Inserting several star stones from one set can bring the hero powerful skills. Star stones can be obtained by opening chests with star stones, or bought in a store of thorns of hedges after your castle reaches level 14.

As a rule, only one star stone can be inserted into one equipment, and it is impossible to remove it after insertion. However, the star stone inserted in the equipment can be replaced by another, while the previous star stone will disappear.

What is a prediction? As long as the prediction event lasts, you can provide the materials necessary for the predictor to receive random rewards and accumulate luck points for a special reward. Each practice of prediction makes it possible to get super-valuable items from the list. Each prediction practice offers a random amount of luck points and a chance to fill out a line of luck points right up to 100%! During the first 10 predictions, fortune points double. When the line of luck points reaches 100%, you can get a special reward, and luck points will be reset. At the end of the event, good luck points will also be reset.

What is an investment? If you unlock the warehouse, the "Investments" function will become available. Select the number of gems you want to invest, click "Invest" and confirm your investment in the project. The investment itself is free. It can be canceled halfway. After the cancellation, the invested gems will immediately return, but will not bring bonus gems at the same time.

You canít often cancel an investment for the same project. The return on investment is determined by the percentage of gems invested. Different projects can bring different profits and have different durations. If you have enough gems, you can invest in several projects at the same time, making more profit from it.

What is a guild battle store? In a guild battle, you can get 1 morale point for each defeated enemy unit and spend these morale points on the activation of various powerful bonuses in the guild battle store. Each bonus is valid 5 minutes from the moment of activation. When re-activated, the bonus validity period is added up. At the end of each battle, morale points and bonuses are reset and removed.

Provisions for creating an alternate account. Some players transfer resources from alternative accounts to the main one, thereby affecting the fairness of the game and the advantages of other players. To create a fair gaming atmosphere, upon detection of such alternative accounts used by players to transfer resources, developers will immediately ban them. If the player ignores the warnings and continues to create alternative accounts for cheating or multiple alternative accounts, the developers will take measures, including, inter alia, ban their main account.

What is the Royal Stadium? The Royal Stadium is the venue for the largest events. You can follow the event here and support your favorite team to get great prizes.

How to recycle event material? At the end of the legendary equipment event, the system will automatically exchange all event materials for the arcanum. The exchange rate for arcanum and materials is presented below:

What is a mysterious dungeon? The dungeon unlocks when the castle reaches level 15. The dungeon is updated at midnight Pacific Time on even days. Each time, players can select 5 heroes to enter the dungeon.Equipment, level, skills and other indicators of heroes will be blocked after choosing heroes and units.

Each time one hero enters the battlefield. Each battle lasts up to 20 rounds, the remaining units on both sides are preserved. Battles in the dungeon do not cause real damage, the completion of each stage brings gain, potions, or causes a mysterious merchant. Every 50 stages in the dungeon bring one record point. Players can start immediately from the previous record point the next time they enter the dungeon.

What is a test? The challenge unlocks when the castle reaches 12. Every day, players can take part in one type of challenge: an alchemy challenge, a dragon challenge, or a gear test. At the beginning of the test, the system provides players with a choice of 5 heroes no higher than level S and advanced units corresponding to specific leadership.

Based on the type of test, only alchemy, dragon or equipment is taken into account, and the units will be automatically restored at the end of the battle at the stage. Every 10 stages of the test bring one record point.Players can start immediately from the previous record point the next time they participate in the corresponding challenge.

What is Babylon? Babylon is unlocked when the castle level reaches 9. Having completed the current level of Babylon, players receive rewards and go to the next level, progress is not reset. Battles in Babylon do not cause real damage.

Fraction system

Lords can join one of three factions to unlock special heroes, items, and powerful bonuses for battles by adding prestige points to the corresponding faction. Lords can receive the item "Treaty" and in various ways daily exchange it for prestige points. You can transfer this item to the faction page to increase your prestige in the corresponding faction.

When a certain amount of prestige points is accumulated, the level of prestige increases. In total, there are seven levels - hostile, evil, indifferent, neutral, friendly, respected and noble, on the rise. By default, the initial prestige level in these three fractions is neutral. When prestige reaches the level of friendly, respected or noble, Lords can unlock the corresponding special items in the store and special heroes (boot configuration) in the Altar section, as well as receive bonuses to the battle.

At the prestige level "friendly", weekly faction quests will be unlocked, which can be accessed by pressing the fourth tab on the quest page. Lords can complete up to 100 faction missions weekly. Players can receive prestige points for each completed task, as well as bonus rewards for completing a certain number of tasks. Increasing the prestige of one faction will lead to a decrease in the prestige of the other two factions.

The Thorn Fence Battle

The Crown of Thorns unlock at level 6 of the castle. After unlocking, a new button will appear on the map of the region. By clicking this button, the players will be taken to the page of the "Crown of Thorns".

1. The first tab is "My team." Here the Lords can assemble their team for the "Crown of Thorns". The staffed team includes 3 heroes and units subordinate to them. These 3 heroes take part in the battle in turn.

Heroes can only use bonuses that are tied to their equipment. Other bonuses become invalid.

2. The second tab is "Call". After the team is equipped, 8 enemies will be generated here, since the enemy team is formed by other lords. Click on the names of the enemies you want to challenge. Each challenge costs one stamina point for each hero. The challenge rule is to use a team staffed in the "My team" tab to challenge the enemy team to battle, and the rules of battle remain the same as in a mobilized attack.

In the battles of "Crown of Thorns" players are not threatened with losses among the soldiers, and the heroes will not be injured.When defeating an enemy, honor points are awarded according to the level of bonuses of that enemy. Rewards for your results are awarded after a consecutive victory over 2, 4 and 8 enemies. After defeating 8 enemies, the system will pick up another 8 enemies in accordance with the playerís winning score and reset the successive winning score.

3. The third tab is Black Market. On honor points you can buy various powerful items. At the end of each week, the Thorny Fence calculates the results of the players, resets the difficulty level and distributes honor points among the players according to their success in defensive marches during the week.

In-Game Probability Sky Kingdoms Notification

Altar. Chance to summon heroes of different classes:

Heroes of the same class have the same chance of summoning. The probability of special events will be announced in the news.

Equipment chests. The probability of getting equipment of different quality in a super chest with equipment:

The probability of obtaining materials and equipment of different quality in prestige chests:

The magic of Merlin. Normal: The probability of earning 1000 gems from the fifth attempt is 5%; Berserk mode:

Sky Kingdoms: Guild Guide

What is a guild? The guild is a united front formed by the lords of the city. Guild members can give each other resources to speed up construction, unit training, technological research, and item production. In addition, all guild members have access to membership bonuses, a guild store, and many other benefits.

What is the essence of the regional center? The regional center is a gigantic city, the heart of the whole region. It controls general business operations and is the economic artery of the entire region. The regional center is the core of the region. Capturing the central zone means establishing dominance over all regions and gaining numerous resources and honors.

How to create a guild? When your castle reaches level 6, you can create your own guild. Open the guild page (if you are already a member of a guild, leave it first) and select "Create a guild" at the bottom of the page.

Once a guild is created, its name cannot be changed. Think carefully about what to name your guild.

What are reputation points? Reputation points can be obtained by transferring a guild of resources or participating in regional attacks. You can buy different items for reputation points in the guild store on the guild page.

Upon exiting the guild, reputation points are reset, so be sure to spend them before exiting the guild.

How to initiate an attack on a region or a miracle? Each region has a central zone (there can be several regions on the server), which the guild can attack and capture! However, there is only one miracle on each server. After capturing a region or a miracle by the guild, you can buy special items in the guild store. In addition, it gives the right to collect taxes daily from other guilds (for guilds that have challenged, and guilds that have been challenged).

Each member of the guild can participate in the attack, highlighting their units. The winner of the attack on the region or a miracle becomes the "Defender" in the next battle (in case of losing the "Defender" becomes the attacker). If the defender is not defeated for a limited time (this information can be found on the region or miracle page), then the defender guild wins - it captures the region or miracle and receives corresponding advantages.

What is a guild fort? Guild Fort is a massive fortress that is owned by the entire guild and can be unlocked at guild level 1. After unlocking the guild fort, the guild leader must place a base on its territory. All guild members provide resources to help build the fort. Ready fort has the following main functions:

What is a guild fort warehouse? After completion of the construction of the guild fort, the resources of the fort can be stored in a warehouse to protect them from robbery. However, remember that the one-time amount of storage resources, like the total storage capacity, is limited. In addition, after placing resources in a warehouse, you must wait 24 hours before placing a new batch. As the fort level rises, the maximum one-time amount of resources for storage and the total storage capacity will increase. You can take resources from the warehouse of the fort at any time without restrictions.

What is a guild store? A guild store is a place where guild members can purchase rare items. The guild leader must replenish guild supplies with the guild assets. After restocking, guild members can exchange items. If any items are not available, guild members can mark them to remind the guild leader to replenish these supplies.

What is guild technology? Guild technologies offer various bonuses for all guild members. In addition, their level can be increased by resources. The higher the level of technology, the better the bonuses. Within the area of ??influence of the fort, the effects of all guild technologies are doubled.

How can guild resources be transferred? Lords can give away guild resources by clicking on the "Level Up" tab on the guild page for selected guild bonuses. Transferring resources can increase the level of guild bonuses.The higher the bonus level, the better the bonus for each member of the guild. Each lord can give resources of any type 6 times a day. In this case, the amount of resources required for each transmission will increase sequentially.The next day, this value will be reset. By transferring resources, the donor receives reputation points. Reputation points can be exchanged at the guild store for various powerful items.

What are guild bonuses? Guild bonuses are guild assets (gems) that the leader or vice-leader of the guild distributes to all members of the guild. The leader or vice-leader of the guild can click the "+" sign next to the guild assets on the guildís main page and select "Distribute bonuses" in the pop-up window to randomly divide the guild assets into several parts. After distribution, guild members can receive their bonuses on the guildís gifts page. The amount of gem in each share is random, and limited bonuses are distributed in order of priority.

What is a guild fort fortification system? Lords can send one of their units to the guild fort to help their allies within the fort defend the city. When an enemy player is about to attack an ally city within a fort, all guild fort units automatically join the battle to defend that city. At the end of the battle, the defeated units return to their cities, and the victors remain in the fort.

What is a guild boss? The guild boss unlocks when the guild receives level 1, and each player has 2 free chances to defeat the boss and get prizes. When defeating the boss, all guild members receive prizes by mail. The more damage you cause to the boss, the better the prizes. After the defeat, the boss is reborn and raises his level.The battle with the guild boss is similar to the battle with the last boss. He uses the apocalypse to end the battle in round 5, and the squads of players will not die during the battles.

Sky Kingdoms: Hero Level Up

Who is a hero? You can summon heroes to the altar. Among them are famous warriors, smart scientists, robbers and adventurers. In a word, they will work for you as long as you guarantee them freedom. Heroes are the heart of the fighting potential of your units. It depends on them what bonuses you will get and how many units you can attract. Try to increase the level of heroes, strengthen their skills, increase their leadership and provide them with powerful equipment. Heroes are your most valuable asset.

What are the heroís skills for? Heroes can improve their skills. The maximum level of skills is determined by the current level of the hero. Skills can bring different bonuses for heroes and units, vital for each hero.

What is the heroís equipment for? In the forge, you can make various powerful equipment that provides a number of bonuses - both for heroes and for units. Therefore, equipment is very important for every hero.

What is hero leadership? How many units you can attract depends on the heroís leadership in the battle. The leadership of the hero can be increased by raising the level of the hero and through medals.

How to get a "bonus" leadership? The heroís leadership consists of two parts: the initial leadership (determined by the level and quality of the hero) and the "bonus" leadership. On the hero review page, you can spend medals to add "bonus" leadership points to him. Upon successful application, each medal spent brings the hero 2 bonus leadership points. When spending medals, the level of their successful application will gradually decrease until it reaches a fixed lower mark. Medals can be obtained by playing Merlinís Magic, opening random chests during research, completing quests, and participating in events.

What is the quality of a hero? The quality of the hero is divided into five classes: class D, class C, class B, class A and class S - the highest quality class of all. Regardless of the initial quality level, all heroes can achieve class S. The quality of the hero affects his leadership, equipment slots and skills. The higher the quality of the hero, the better unlocked skills. You can transform your heroes into pieces of a hero. Having enough fragments, the hero can improve his quality.

Different statuses of the hero. The hero has the following statuses:

What is a hero test? You can send your hero to the test "in the training zone" on the map. Heroes who pass the test will constantly gain experience. Each trial has its own experience limit.

How to summon heroes? To get to the hero recruitment page, click "Altar" on the main page of the city. There are two ways to hire:

You cannot have two heroes with the same name! If the same hero is hired, he or she is automatically transformed into fragments of the corresponding hero (used to increase the level of the hero). If the hero has already reached the maximum quality class, he will receive medals instead (used to increase the heroís leadership). The number of fragments and medals received is determined by the initial quality of the hero.

Information about hired heroes can be found on the heroes page in the upper left corner of the main page or in the heroes gallery.

What is a hero level? Heroes gain experience in battles and improve their level. By increasing their level, the characters gain higher indicators of leadership, stamina and skills. The maximum level of the hero is determined by the current level of the Altar. A continuous increase in the level of heroes is extremely important for increasing the combat potential of a detachment.

What is a free hero event? During the event, you can experience a strong hero for free. You can get a hero for free if you complete all the tasks of the event during the period of the event. Click the "Event" button on the city page to start the event and the countdown to its end. During this period you can play the hero of the event for free. Each day, with the help of this hero, you will need to complete several tasks.

For completing tasks you will receive generous rewards in the form of gems. If you complete all the tasks of the event before its end, this strong hero of the event becomes yours for free. If you cannot complete all the tasks of the event, the hero of the event will be blocked at the end of the event, and all equipment will be taken away. But do not worry - when you get the hero back in any other way, his level, experience, leadership and skill level will go along with him.

What is a takeover of a heroís leadership? Heroes can absorb other heroes to gain leadership bonuses.Both the hero who absorbs others and those who are absorbed must have class S. After absorption, all bonuses to the leadership of the absorbed hero are added to the hero who absorbed him. After absorption, the absorbed hero disappears.

Sky Kingdoms: How to Win a Battle

The basic rules of warfare. Having entered the battlefield, the armies of both sides will attack in turn. The target of the attack is the first unit facing the attacker. If there is no unit in front of the attacker, he will directly attack the enemy hero. If your heroís HP drops to 0, you will lose the battle.

Who is the first to attack in battle? In the battles between players and monsters, the defending side gains the right to attack first. However, the rules set forth above do not apply to Attack on a Region, Battle for a Miracle, and Mobilized Attack. In these battle modes, the winner of the previous battle, as a rule, can only fight back (while the first battle proceeds in the normal order). During the study, the order of attack is determined by the level of the hero. If the heroes of both sides have the same level, the defending side will be the first to attack.

What is the principle of the assault? You can initiate an assault as part of a mobilized attack or attack on a region. The assault allows your guild members to attack first regardless of the level of the enemy hero. If your guild members were defeated in a previous attack on the region, they can initiate an attack in the next battle, regardless of the level of the enemy hero. If your guild members are defeated in a mobilized battle, they can initiate an attack in the next mobilized battle, regardless of the level of the enemy hero.

What is the principle of mobilized attack? A mobilized battle allows you to invite guild members to take part in an attack on a specific target on the map. To initiate a mobilized battle, open the map and select a specific target for the attack, then press the "Mobilized attack" button - after this, the following prompt will appear on the screen: "Next, select the time to start the mobilized attack." After that, members of your guild will be able to take part in a mobilized battle.

How to protect yourself in a mobilized battle? If someone initiated a mobilized battle against you, you can ask for reinforcements from your guild.

Rewards in a mobilized battle. The Lords who helped you in the mobilized battle share the trophies of this battle.

Sky Kingdoms: Guild Battles

Description of the function. The leader and vice-leader of the guild can register their guild for the battle on Saturdays and Sundays in Pacific time. At the end of registration, the system will select the participants. After successful selection, all members of the guild will receive a letter notifying them of the start time of the next battle. When the battle begins, each member of the guild will be able to click the guild battle icon on the main page to join the battle.

The rules of warfare. On the battlefield, each side has two bastions and one base. Both sides fight each other in the same way as in the regional battle within the server. Destroying the enemyís bastions, you get points and expand the territory. Destroying an enemy base means immediate victory. The battle lasts up to 4 hours. If the base of one of the parties is destroyed within 4 hours, the battle may end earlier. Otherwise, after 4 hours the guild with the most points wins.

A battle may end in a draw if both sides have an equal number of points. If a player cannot defend the city in battle, his or her city will be teleported to a random location within the union region. Players can leave the battlefield at any time, but will have to wait 30 minutes to return. During this time, there should be no wounded soldiers in the hospital. At the end of the battle, players will be returned to their servers. Participants receive seasonal battle points regardless of its outcome. The winner gets 10 points, and the loser gets 5 points. If the battle ends in a draw, both sides receive 5 points.

Other rules. Participants who immediately went to the next round of the competition win the battle and get 10 points. Players with wounded soldiers in the hospital cannot enter the battle. If there are no units on treatment when the hero leaves the battlefield, the remaining wounded soldiers automatically join the queue for treatment.The battlefield hospital has unlimited capacity. There is no need to spend resources on healing - only time. On the battlefield, you cannot capture resources and dragon scales until all the soldiers are killed.

On the battlefield, the Allies need five times more time than usual for urban migration, march, reconnaissance and fortification on enemy territory. On the battlefield, all cities can use protective barriers with the simultaneous availability of random and fast teleportations. On the battlefield, players cannot check individual events, guild events, boss events, and other events, as well as participate in them. Lords who join the guild after registration cannot participate in the war.

Only allies located there may respond to requests for temporary assistance on the battlefield. After leaving the battlefield, the request becomes invalid.

The season lasts 8 weeks. Rewards are distributed at the end of each season according to the guild points. The first 32 guilds enter the post-season phase.