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Walkthrough Smashing Four: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

SMASHING FOUR - an Android game with the release date 01/29/2018 from the company Geewa. Game Genre: Strategy. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. Secrets of the Battle
  2. Guide to Heroes
  3. Rewards
  4. Arenas
  5. Clans
  6. Seasons
  7. My Account

Smashing Four: Secrets of the Battle

The rules of battle. During your turn, any of your heroes deals damage to the enemy. At the same time, they become invulnerable to enemy attacks and collisions with objects in the arena (fire pit, steam or dragon).

Rewards of battle. For each victory you get a sphere, gold and trophies. In addition, you can get the souls of the destroyed heroes of the enemy. The higher the arena number, the more your rewards.

Battle trophies. Trophies are used to control the progress of the game. The number of trophies that you lose during the battle depends on the number of trophies of your opponent. Having defeated an equal opponent, you will receive 30 trophies. Having defeated a stronger opponent, you will receive more than 30 trophies, and a weaker one - less than 30 trophies.

How can I aim if my hero is at the edge of the arena? In most cases, players begin to aim by moving a finger behind the back of the hero. However, you can start aiming by touching the screen anywhere!

Friendly battles. Have some fun fighting your friends! Please note that you will not be able to receive rewards for participating in friendly battles. During a friendly battle, all the heroes have a single level: ordinary - 5th, rare - 3rd, and epic - 1st. This way you can have a fair and just battle with your friends!

User nickname. Choose your nickname very carefully, because you can change it only once. You can change it in Settings. The maximum nickname is 12 characters. Your nickname must comply with the game Terms and Conditions.

Smashing Four: Guide to Heroes

Unlock new heroes. As you progress through the arenas, you will find new heroes. To see the list of heroes that you can find in the arena, go to the list of arenas by clicking on the image of the arena directly above the Battle button on the main screen.

Characteristics of the hero. Each of the heroes has two levels: health and damage. You can increase their performance by collecting cards and gold, and improving their characteristics. In addition, the characters have weight, speed and size that do not change throughout the game. These indicators determine the behavior and reaction of heroes in a collision with other objects.

Capabilities of the hero. Each of the heroes has a unique ability, which becomes available at a certain level: on the 5th for ordinary heroes, on the 3rd for rare, and on the 1st for epic. Such abilities may include healing, additional damage, acceleration, and so on. You can get more detailed information in the personal card of each of the heroes.

Spells. Some heroes can use spells that can be both good and bad. Some of them need to touch another hero to use the spell, while others can do it from a distance. If your hero is bewitched, a special aura will appear around him. In order to find out detailed information about each of the spells, open the hero’s card and go to the section below the main indicators. Each of the heroes can be bewitched with just one spell. Using a new spell cancels the previous one.

Smashing Four: Rewards

Types of spheres. There are 5 types of spheres that you can get during the battle. Spheres include gold and hero cards. The larger the sphere, the longer it opens.

Spheres from more complex arenas include more cards and gold. The 3 best spheres you can buy in the store.Such spheres open instantly.

Can I "delete" a sphere? No, you cannot refuse the realm gained in the battle. Using a competent approach to managing spheres, you can increase the effectiveness of the system for unlocking spheres. For example, you can unlock large spheres at night, or use gems to speed up the process.

Personal quests. Personal quests are a new and incredibly fun way to get great rewards! A new quest opens every 4 hours! Every 12 hours you can skip the proposed quest, if you did not like it! For completing assignments you get rewards and points. Collect enough points to get the quest ball, which appears no more than once every 3 days! A new quest ball appears every 3 days!

How do personal quests work? Every 3 days you get the opportunity to open a new quest ball. In order to do this, you must complete quests with extra points. Each new quest is available once every 4 hours. You can complete no more than 3 quests at a time. In order to start a new quest, you must take part in the current one.After 3 days from the start of the quest, all balls and quests burn out, and you get 3 new tasks. If you reach one of the key stages during the passage of the quest, but do not receive a reward until its completion, you can get it in the inbox.

I have reached the maximum level of all cards. What rewards and prizes from balls will I receive?In such a situation, you will receive gold for each card that has reached the maximum level.

Smashing Four: Arenas

About arenas. As the number of trophies increases, you move from one arena to another. Each arena is truly unique, and requires the use of its own strategy. The higher the arena, the more attractive the rewards. In addition, you can unlock new heroes!

Arena 1 - Farm. The farm is the first arena with a flat surface, which is great for learning. Most players will be able to move to the next arena during the day.

Arena 2 - Enchanted Glade. In the center of the enchanted meadow there is a magic stone. As soon as you destroy his fence, each hero who touches him will receive 25% more strength until the end of the round.

Arena 3 - Orc Camp. In the center of the Orc camp is a fiery ravine. Destroy the fence from the tree, and push your opponents into the fire abyss, causing additional damage.

Arena 4 - The Lost City. Beware of the dark corners of the lost city! Flimsy pots are filled with poisonous acid.Any hero caught in acid will lose part of their vitality, which will not be restored at the end of the turn.

Arena 5 - Foundry. In the foundry, once you hit the faucet, you release clubs of hot steam, which damages your opponents.

Arena 6 - Mountain Peak. At the very top of the mountain lives the great dragon. Just disturb his eternal dream, and he will reward you with his fiery breath, destroying all opponents!

Arena 7 - Ice Lake. There is a snowfield on the ice lake, which slows down all the heroes that fall on it, and is always randomly located.

Arena 8 - Temple in the thicket. Deep in the jungle lies a temple that is fraught with countless riches ... and traps! Activate both statues to use the logs of death.

Arena of the season - Heroes Hall. We bring to your attention the arena of the season! Each season you will find a new unique arena for fighting!

  1. Pillar of Fire. Hit the pillar of fire in the middle of the field to release a flame that hurts your opponents.
  2. Ring of fire. Getting into the switches, you activate the ring of fire, which deals damage to all heroes who are in its path.
  3. Mace. Destroy the cage and release the mace to freedom! Push her at enemies, or kick enemies at her to increase the level of damage!
  4. Chippers. Hitting a chipper speeds up your heroes who fly around the arena at breakneck speed.

Smashing Four: Clans

Types of clans. There are three types of clans. When managing your clan, you can always change its type.

  1. Open - such clans are open to all players until all places are occupied. However, a minimum trophy requirement may be established.
  2. By invitation - to participate in such clans you will have to send a request for membership. You may or may not be accepted. Such actions are performed by the leader, captain, or clan elder.
  3. Closed - You cannot join a closed clan.

How can I join a clan? You can join the clan if you meet such requirements as the minimum number of trophies. Just find the clan that meets your current level. If you have chosen an open clan in which there are still seats, you can join it by sending a request.

How can I create a clan? You can create a clan in the Clans section. After you collect at least 500 trophies, you can click the Create button. After that, you will see a window in which you can configure all the parameters of your clan, indicating its name, description, type, etc. The cost of creating a clan is 1000 coins. Later you can change any parameters of the clan except its name.

Can I change the name of my clan? Choose the name of your clan very carefully, because you will not be able to change it in the future.

Clan battles. By becoming a member of a clan, you can fight each other as part of clan battles. To send a request for clan battle, you must click the "Clan battle" button, located next to the name of your clan. After that, you must select an available arena, and click the "Submit" button. The request will be sent to all members of your clan, each of which will be able to accept it. You cannot receive rewards in clan battles.

Card Exchange Requests. You can request regular or rare cards from members of your clan. The number of cards you can request increases as your level grows. You can send requests no more than once every 7 hours.

Donation cards. You can donate your regular or rare cards to members of your clan by receiving a request from them. The number of such cards is limited depending on your level, and is valid for 24 hours. For each donated card you get a little gold.

Ranks in the clan. The clan has the following titles:

  1. Leader - the player who created the clan automatically becomes the leader. There can be only one leader in a clan.If a leader leaves the clan, he must appoint a new leader. The leader can edit information about the clan, accept or decline requests, raise, lower and exclude members of the clan.
  2. The captain is the second person in the clan. The captain can edit information about the clan, accept or decline requests, raise, lower and exclude members of the clan, elders and beginners.
  3. The elder is the third person in the clan. An elder may accept or decline requests from new members.
  4. Participant - does not have separate rights.
  5. Novice - A user who has just joined the clan.

Clan trophies. Trophies of your clan is the total amount of all trophies of all players, and the cost of trophies of each player depends on the rating in the clan:

The clan leader is inactive. If the clan leader has not been around for too long, perhaps you should agree on a joint transition to another clan.

Smashing Four: Seasons

Awards. In total, four types of awards are provided for the season. You can get a reward at the end of each season, the size of which will depend on the maximum number of trophies received. The bronze award will go to the players who have received from 2500 to 2799 trophies, the silver - from 2800 to 3099, the gold - from 3100 to 3399, and the diamond - to all players who have collected more than 3400 trophies.

Reset trophy count. The season lasts 14 days. You will receive a reward corresponding to the maximum number of trophies in a season. At the beginning of each season, the number of trophies is set depending on the award received.

Smashing Four: My Account

Saving the game. Make sure that you are logged in to your Google account on your Android device, or use the Game Center on your device running an iOS device - in this case, all changes will be saved automatically. Please note that you cannot use more than one account on one device.

I want to reset the game. The game world of Smashing Four is built on the basis of a development model in which there are both light and dark times. The game does not provide a reset mechanism for the game. You can start the game from the beginning on a new device. Please note that the original profile will be connected to Game Center / Google Play, and you will not be able to disable it.

Author of the article: Nadezhda D.