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Walkthrough Sniper Fury: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

SNIPER FURY - Android game with release date 12/02/2015 from the company Gameloft. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers answers to players questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. PvP Guide (Arena)
  2. How to protect the base in PvP mode?
  3. How to get in-game money and items?
  4. Clan Guide
  5. Clan Operations and Clan Warrior
  6. Passage of the History Mode and Special Operations
  7. How to protect your account?
  8. Arsenal
  9. Avatar Secrets

Sniper Fury: PvP Guide (Arena)

How long is the season? The Arena season usually lasts one month. You can view the remaining time of the season in the Main menu.

Can I use my weapons and equipment in the Arena? In Update 35, each player will have access to one item of equipment and two weapons. Thus, you will not be able to use weapons received by you in the Exotic action or elsewhere at the Arena.

Do my account level or other bonuses received during the game give me any benefits? In Update 35, each player will have the same level of health; your account level and other bonuses will not change or give you any benefits. This may change in future updates.

How can I jump to another platform? Aim at the desired platform and click the Relocation icon (near the shooting). You activate the jump pack and transport yourself there.

During the match, I see a tightening ring. What is it for? The ring is the boundary of the Death Field, which shrinks, forcing the surviving players to be tighter and tighter, closer to the center. Players who fall outside the ring (in the Death Field) receive permanent damage (which can be neutralized using the Guard item).

There are small icons on the map that disappear if you shoot them. What is it? These are items used on hit. They randomly appear on the map (even in the air); Once in them, you will receive a bonus from them.They can be of such types:

What about the items in the lower left corner of the screen? In the future, you will be able to earn them in various promotions and special promotions. With the release of the update, you will receive a gift of 10 pcs.every item on trial! They give the following bonuses:

What can be won at the Arena? In Update 5, wins and losses will only result in the receipt or reduction of the Arena Rating. However, in the higher leagues you will find a cool holographic badge.

After a couple of days of the game, my progress in the Arena was thrown off. Why? Arena rating reset for all players, as he was recruited in the Preliminary season, in which for 3 days the players could experience the Arena without any worries about victories and defeats. If your rating was reset in the middle of the season - after May 9, 2019 - contact Customer Support.

The arena says "soon." Why cant I still play it? If the Arena tab displays "Coming Soon", it means that the Arena is temporarily unavailable. Stay tuned for more in-game news.

Operation "Sniper": How to protect the base in PvP mode?

Is it possible to protect the base so that you can return in 10 days, and everything was fine on it?Of course! In the base menu you will find various options for shields to protect against attacks. Each shield has a specific recovery period. If you attack another player in, while your base is protected, your shield will be disabled.

What does "Protection" mean in assigning orders to a unit? The Companion in Defense guards your base. Using the "Call reinforcements" icon will remove them from the base slot, weakening its protection, however you can use this fighter in Special Operations.

How do I know how many associates I need to appoint for battle? To assign an ally to the base defense, go to "My Base", click on the empty cell and select an ally. Your associates will battle against your opponents avatar. Before the attack, you can always see how many associates (with an indication of their specialization, rank, indicators) must be eliminated to win the PvP match.

Why do I get two times less trophies for attacks than my opponents? Each participants profit from a collision is affected by their rating. For example, for a victory over an opponent with a higher rating you will receive more trophies, and for a victory over an opponent with a lower rating - less, so you have an advantage over him.

How can the same user attack me several times in a row? If the enemy failed to attack you, he can try again several times. Even if he eventually succeeds in defeating you, you will be given time to save, after which the same opponent will be able to detect you again through the player selection system.

Unable to take revenge on opponents, as they disappear. What to do? Please note that you can only take revenge on opponents when they first appear in the Defense Report. As soon as more opponents appear on the screen than provided, the list will be cleared.

Its hard for me to fight the Assassin who got close. What do you advise? The secret is to keep it close.Shoot him while he teleports!

Bonuses do not work in PvP. What to do about it? As a temporary solution, try to wait 3-5 seconds between choosing a bonus and the actual start of the battle.

How to get rid of unnecessary associates? You can exclude some associates from the squad in exchange for OP cards. The higher the rank of an ally, the more OP you will receive for it.

How to improve the base? It is necessary to increase the players level by gaining the necessary amount of OP, then pay the required amount of Gold to increase the storage capacity (which will also increase the base level).

How to improve and raise associates? You need to have two associates of the maximum level with one name and rank. For example, you want to get Bruce 2 rank: for this you need to have 2 Bruce 1 rank max. level (20 lvl for 1 rank). After that, you can increase them by selecting one of them and clicking raise.

How to get more associates? To do this, open sets, participate in promotions and complete tasks.

How to use experience cards to improve a squad? First go to "My Base" - "Companions", then click on the portrait of an ally whom you want to improve using the OP map, select the OP map and click "Improve".

I dont have enough gold to improve the base. How to get it? If you find it difficult to collect loot from other players, choose an easier way! You can buy the missing gold for rubies and instantly upgrade your base.

What rewards can I get in PvP? You can receive the following rewards: gold, battle packs and cards of the OP associates.

Why do you need to level up? If you increase the level, you will receive not only energy recovery, but also other bonuses. In addition, you will strengthen the base and be able to train squad members.

Sniper Fury: How to get in-game money and items?

What do the sighting cards that I get in Battle Packs and as Daily Rewards mean? These are raid tickets, they are used to skip some tasks and instantly receive rewards.

What types of cards are there and why are they all of different colors? Items are presented in the form of maps to facilitate the perception of visual information. Click on a map to get detailed information on it. The map may contain spare parts, drawings and associates. Cards can be (in increasing order of strength):

How to use new items - False Start, Luck, Synergy, Defense, Storm, Help? These items belong to the Gambits and are used in Special Operations to gain an advantage. Use them in any Special Operation by clicking on the cell in the bottom row near the drones. The Gambit menu opens, where you can select the one you need.

What are consumables and how to use them? Available consumables - designator, BB ammo and deceleration. You can select them in missions (Sniper / Assault / Scene / PvP) by clicking on their icons at the bottom of the screen.

How to open the Superset if it is not in the store? Supersets can only be opened during special promotions, so wait until the start of the new promotion.

Lost all my collectibles received in the previous League! How so? Collection cards can only be used in promotions for the specific weapon for which they are intended. With the end of the action, the period of validity of special drawings ends, in which you can assemble an item from your parts from them (after the end of the action you will not be able to receive collectible details). That is, collection parts for a particular weapon cannot be used to make another weapon in another stock.

How to use the obtained gold? Gold is mainly used to create and improve weapons, improve the base and train members of the squad.

What happens if I do not complete the Battle Pass test before the season ends? With the start of the new season, rewards for the old season become irrelevant, and you cant get them anyway.

Can an action count towards several Battle Pass tests at the same time? Yes, you get progress in several trials at the same time if the action meets the conditions of several of them at once.

Is it necessary to pass all the tests of the stage in order to receive rewards? No, not all 10 tests are required. You need to pass at least 7 tests in the early stages and at least 9 in the later stages, so that you can complete the stage without passing at least one test. But do not forget: more tests - better results.

What is a subscription? Subscribers receive a certain amount of free rubies daily until the end of the subscription period. To learn more, click on the small icon in the corner of the subscription set.

Why did my trophies drop to 2500? At the end of one season and the beginning of the next, your points are reset to 2500. To find out when the season ends, click the League icon (top menu, right side of the OP scale).

After the completion of the stage, my completed Tests were not preserved. What should I do?Restart the game so that the passed tests are counted at this stage. This feature is only available in Premium Plus.If this does not help, contact technical support.

Unable to view video. There is a daily limit to watching videos. Sometimes it happens that there are simply no videos available for viewing. It depends on the advertising partners, and although the developers strive to ensure that the videos are always available, this is not always possible.

What are Clan Points and how to use them? Union Points is the currency that you get in Clan Operations for boss battles, represented on the top panel by a purple hand icon. Some items on the Black Market can only be purchased with Union Points.

How to get combat kits? To do this, participate in promotions or buy sets for in-game currency.

How to use battle kits? In the Inventory section, you can find out the type and number of sets at your disposal.To open the kit, go to the Store.

How to open several battle sets at the same time if I have too many of them? Now you can open up to 4 battle packs at a time.

Where did my microprocessors go? Microprocessors removed from the game. Compensation was sent to you in the form of consumable Silencers and Aegis (if you previously spent microprocessors to improve them), as well as details for creating a Prototype if microprocessors were previously in your inventory.

What are hologram badges? Hologram Badges - A new item that gives you bonuses. Bonuses depend on the type of badge and are valid only in PvP. Details can be found in the description of each hologram icon.

Where to look for other Holo badges? Holo badges are available in special blitz promotions.

How to put on or change the little badge? Click on the character image in the upper left corner to open the calculation. You will find the Holo badges tab under Equipment Patterns.

I need more banknotes! How to get them? Banknotes can be obtained for completing tasks. Play as best as possible to get bonuses and increase income.

I get gold after PvP attacks and other actions, but my score on the scale does not change. What to do? If the value does not increase, you need to improve the storage size by going to the "My Base" section and clicking the safe icon (to the left of the animated avatar).

How can I use diamond glasses? You can spend Diamond Points in the Store from the Weapons Merchant fraction in the Domination section of the clan and when you increase your Companions above rank 5.

Sniper Fury: Clan Guide

How to join a clan? To join a clan:

Why cant I join the clan, although there are still empty seats there? A clan can be of a closed type (only members of this clan can invite new members) or it can be entered only by invitation (you can independently apply for membership or wait for an invitation).

I want to join a friends clan. Why cant I find him? To find a clan, go to Clans> Search and enter the name of the desired clan in the Find Clan field. Make sure that you and your friend are playing under the same operating system. For technical reasons, Android, iOS, and Windows players can only interact with players on the same system.

Is there a way to change a clan leader? The clan leader can transfer his powers to another player. Or, if the clan leader does not play an active game for a long period of time, any other player can try to take his place.

How to make a donation to clan members? You can make a donation only at the request of other members of the clan. When a player asks for an item, you will receive a message in the chat: [Player Name] Asks for help! With the icon Provide . Just click on this icon and select the number of items you want to share.

Can weapons be shared with clan members? You cannot share your blueprints with clan members. This is provided by the application in order to ensure a level playing field.

What is a clan account in the ranking of top clans? The clans score is his achievements, which may vary depending on the outcome of the war.

Please note that ratings may be delayed.

What are the requirements for creating a clan? When you reach the Jungle, go to the "Clans" section, enter a name and description (these are the minimum required requirements to create a clan).

What can be changed after the clan is created? You can change the name, logo and type of participation in the clan.

How to enable / disable officer privileges? Only clan leader can manage privileges for officers.

How can I hire non-clan players? You can only hire players or invite friends to an existing clan. To invite friends to the clan, do the following:

  1. Make sure you add the player as a friend in the game;
  2. Go to your friends list and select a friend profile;
  3. Click Invite;
  4. Make sure your friend accepts the request.

Can I change the name of the clan? Yes you can. To do this, go to the Edit menu from the clans section, specify a new name and click the Refresh icon.

How can I chat with another player? You can chat in the clans chat (in the clans menu) or in the global chat (in the main menu).

Sniper Fury: Clan Operations and Clan Warrior

How to participate in the Clan Operations campaign? To fight with the boss you will need tokens. They can be found in the `` Find Tokens section under the action leaderboards.

Is there any other way to get tokens besides participating in the raids of the Clan Operation? You can ask them from your clan mates in the chat. You can also ask them for experience cards and consumables. You yourself can present them to your clan comrades if necessary.

Why doesnt the headshot bonus work in boss battles in Clan Operations or when attacking the Warring Clan Reactor Core? Some bosses in Clan Operations, as well as the Reactor Core of the opposing team, do not have a head, so getting into the head is impossible.

If I send soldiers to the clan war, how do I get them back? Companions of the 1st and 2nd level, regardless of the result, die after the stage of penetration into the war of clans. You need to transfer them to level 3 or higher, so as not to lose them forever. Companions of level 3 can be returned using the Recovery function (you can get it for a task or in a set). Companions of level 4 can be cured with the help of the First-aid kit. You can see the status of an ally in the list, for this go to the menu "My base"> "Companions".

Why cant I take part in the current clan war (after joining the clan)? In order to avoid inconsistencies, since the player selection system compares the strength of clans among themselves before the outbreak of war.However, you will be able to take part in all subsequent wars.

My Clan Points have disappeared. Whats the matter? Clan points are the fruits of the labors of the entire clan, so they are reset to zero when you leave the clan.

Why did I lose the comrades of the 1st and 2nd level assigned to the stage in the clan war?Companions of the 1st and 2nd level, regardless of the result, die after the stage of penetration into the war of clans. You need to transfer them to level 3 or higher, so as not to lose them forever.

How to get a reward for a share with the boss Clan Points? To get Clan Points, you need to deal damage to the boss. After that, the reward will be distributed among the players who caused damage to the boss, depending on their contribution. The more you contribute, the more rewards you will receive!

Why cant I use the buildings at the Clan Base (Clan headquarters)? If the Neutronium ends in the Reactor Core, secondary buildings cease to function, and their functions cannot be used until your clan has acquired Neutronium to activate them.

How to increase / improve the Barracks in the clan war? Additional buildings, such as the Barracks, cannot have a level higher than the Reactor Core, so you need to improve it first. The core of the Reactor supplies the rest of the buildings with electricity. With improvement, its protection increases, and neutron reserves last longer. If they are exhausted, additional buildings (including the Barracks) are deactivated, and their capabilities cannot be used until your clan obtains neutrons to activate them.

What rewards can I get in Clan Operations? In Clan Operations, you can get Clan Points.

Why dont I get rewards for participating in Clan Operations? Rewards for participation are received only by players who have received a complete victory over the boss.

What rewards can I get in Clan Operations? You can get neutron. Clan ratings may also increase.

Sniper Fury: Passage of the History Mode and Special Operations

How to open more chapters of the assignment? You need to go through story missions in each chapter.

Can I open a new chapter without completing all the tasks of the current? You cannot open new chapters without going through the previous ones.

How to complete the task? The purpose of each task is displayed on the map (in the upper right corner), on the briefing screen that you press to start the task, as well as in the Game menu. Reach the goal, and the task will be considered completed. Some tasks can be difficult, especially if their time is limited.

Can I skip a specific task in story mode? Not. If you come across an overly difficult task, upgrade your weapon and use available consumables.

What is Special Operations and how to take part in them? Special operations are available after completing all the plot tasks of the chapter. The story quest icon changes to the Special Operations icon. They are unique for each chapter: the more chapters you complete, the more Special Operations will be available to you.Their complexity grows with each chapter, and with complexity - the number of awards.

How to get bonus rewards for Special Operations? The probability of receiving a bonus reward is equal to the value by which you exceeded these 100%. For example, after reaching 105% success, the probability of receiving a bonus will be 5%.

How to participate in promotions? Go to the Stocks menu and you will automatically subscribe to all existing stocks.

How to perform multifrag? To execute a multifrag, kill several enemies with one shot.

Im out of energy. How to replenish it? When you begin to carry out the next task, you will see a message prompting you to wait until energy is restored or buy it. In addition, energy is restored when the level rises.

Sniper Fury: How to protect your account?

How to change my player name? If you have not logged into any social networks, you can change your game name by going to Settings> Connection> Play as Guest and entering a new name; then click OK. If you are logged into Facebook or another social network, your game name will match the name of your account on the social network and it cannot be changed.

Where can I find my token? A badge is an in-game alphanumeric code (a combination of letters and numbers) used to identify your account. It will help Support Users quickly find your account when you need help.To provide your token, click on the level icon on the top panel.

How to get and use OP? To see how many OPs you received, click the level icon next to the avatar. Having collected enough OP, you will get a level increase.

Sniper Fury: Arsenal

I have collected all the drawings for the prototype of the Sturm mortar, but I do not see it in the arsenal. Why? The Sturm mortar is a prototype weapon that must be created before use (in this case, you will see the Create a copy icon under the weapon). You will also see that the weapon has 20 charges; Each battle will consume 1 charge. When using the last charge, the weapon will be destroyed, and it will have to be re-created for microprocessors. In this case, the Create icon appears under the weapon.

I want to turn off the automatic 3D scope. How to do it? During the mission, pause the game and turn off the 3D Sight setting.

Where can I get parts of equipment besides combat kits? If you have reached the Aircraft Carrier region or passed it, you can also get parts of the weapon (for the region where you are) in Multiplayer mode.

Some weapons have an Automaton tag. What does she mean? These sniper rifles do not require manual reloading after each shot. The tag is just to make this feature more visible to the player.

Is it possible to get rid of unnecessary weapons? Unfortunately, at the moment such an opportunity is not provided.

I got camouflage. Why is it needed and how to use it? Camouflage is used to improve weapons. Click the icon in the upper left corner, then select the type of camouflage you want.

I got a drawing. What to do with him? Drawings are parts of rare weapons that can be obtained in Combat Packs and during promotions. After collecting a certain number of drawings, you will get a weapon. Only then can you use it.

How to create a weapon? To build weapons, you need to find all of his drawings. They can be found in different locations during the game (in Battle Packs, PvP battles, Daily rewards, etc.). Having collected all the drawings, you will automatically receive a weapon.

How to use the scope? To do this, use the slider located on the right side of the screen.

Sniper Fury: Avatar Secrets

Why cant I see the equipment bonus for equipment from the Daily Reward? The bonus remains hidden until a complete set of equipment is collected.

What is an avatar and how to see it? An avatar is an in-game character of a player when attacking in a multiplayer game. How to find your own? Go to the avatar menu by clicking on your profile in the Main menu or through the My Database menu.

What are parts of equipment and how to get them? Equipment can be used with an avatar to receive bonuses and additional protection. You can get equipment parts in master kits, equipment kits and some promotions.

What to do with the wish list? In the avatar sections, click on an item to automatically add it to your wish list. When you move to another section, the item will be stored in the wish list until you exit the avatar menu. To remove an item from the wish list, return to the item section and put it in place using the part of the equipment that already belongs to you.

What do the colors on the wish list mean? Your current location in the avatar menu is indicated in the wish list with a blue-green background. An icon with a blue background means that you have selected this item and want to buy it. A red background means that the selected part of the equipment is not available for direct purchase and can be obtained in another way. You can view items that you can buy.