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SNIPERS VS THIEVES - Android game with release date 08/16/2017 from the company PlayStack. Game Genre: Action. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official site, and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. Beginner’s Guide
  2. Elements
  3. Seasons
  4. General Questions
  5. Profile

Snipers vs Thieves: Beginner’s Guide

How to customize the character? Go to the Profile screen from the bottom navigation bar. From here you can change your rifle, backpack, mask, leather or suit. Pressing the "Sniper / Thief" buttons in the lower right corner will allow you to switch between the selection "Sniper" or "Thief".

Where did my clan go? Your old clan has been ravaged and imprisoned! The clan function is currently being refined and returned with more exciting features.

How to change my rifle? When you find a new rifle, you can change it in the "Profile -> Rifles" section. Make sure you view the profile as a Sniper when you want to change your rifle.

How to change my mask? When you find a new mask, you can change it in the "Profile -> Masks" section.

How to change the color of the costume? You can change the color of your costume in the "Profile" option. Click "Colors" to choose your new style!

Can I change my name and how to do it? Click the cog icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Then select Rename to change your name.

What are cards? Cards are gadgets that Snipers and Thieves can use to help them succeed at Work. They can distinguish between losses and wins. Use them wisely!

Where did Stamina disappear? Thieves can now run without getting tired! And the provocation will decrease in time to cool down on any Gadgets cards that you have in the deck.

What are the challenges? When playing for work, you may be offered additional challenges to earn additional rewards. Watch out!

What are trophies? To unlock more Jobs, you need to collect Trophies. The number of Trophies needed to unlock the quest is displayed in the quest you want to unlock!

What are Jobs? How to get more work? Jobs are your missions for the game. Workers have different tasks and many different rewards. To unlock more Jobs, you need to collect Trophies. The number of Trophies needed to unlock the quest is displayed in the quest you want to unlock!

What happened to the mods in the new update? Mods are no longer in the game. Your old Mods have been converted to Cash (cash) as part of your compensation package received when updating the game.

What happened to my old backpack? Due to the upgrade, some backpacks have been decommissioned. You can buy more backpacks at the store.

I can’t evade - why not? Due to the upgrade, some Rifle (Rifles) have been decommissioned. You can find cards for new rifles by opening safes won for successful robberies or bought at a store.

What happened to my old mask? With this update, the developers decided that some of the old Masks are not very good, so they did not return them. Instead, developers use this game memory and development time to provide you with even cooler and weirder masks in the near future!

What happened to my rank? The ranking of players has been replaced by Jobs in the latest version of the game. Completing the work, you can unlock new gadgets, rifles, mods and game modes.

What happened to my progress in SvT1? Where are all my items? With the changes that were introduced in the new version of the game, the "Player Level" element in the game progression has been removed. This has been replaced with Trophies that you collect by filling in the Jobs (playing) playing both Sniper and Thief. As the game progresses with the completion of Jobs (Work) and the collection of Trophies, there is no equivalent of a preliminary update, so Players will be returned to Beginner status with compensation in the form of Gold (Gold) and Cash (Cash), which is equivalent to their expenses for the purchase in the application, progress player and playing time.

I purchased items in SvT1 for real money. What happened to them? With the update, big changes were implemented in the game, and as a result, some of the game elements stopped working correctly with the new functions and balance. The developers reviewed all the profile data of the players before the update and prepared compensation packages in cash and gold, respectively.

The amount of compensation received will be based on your purchases in the application, your progress in the game (player level, unlock, etc.) and the total playing time. You can use this compensation to select items from new gadgets, masks, rifles and all sorts of other benefits before starting your new game!

I have seen the Bundle before, but it is no longer available, why? Bundles appear randomly throughout the day, so make sure you pick them up when you see them.

Where can I buy gold? Touch your gold balance in the upper right corner of the screen to enter the store.

I made a purchase but did not receive it. What should I do? If you made a purchase in the game and did not receive it, you can send a screenshot of your receipt to the developers, and then they can study the problem.

Snipers vs Thieves: Elements

I put on a new mod and lost my old mod, why? Mods cannot be removed from rifles and backpacks and reused. Be careful when using mods and make sure you want to use them on your rifle / backpack.

How to get gold? Gold can be obtained in the following ways:

How to get / change the mask? Masks and mods can be purchased at the Black Market. Masks can also be won as part of the rank rewards of the seasons! Masks and mods are not available from other sources related to the Loot Case, as well as outside the Black Market.

How can I add a Rifle Mod? To update the rifle, select the sniper game, and then on the gadget screen, tap the Arrows tab at the top. Once you do this, select the rifle you want to upgrade and drag all the mods and place them in the open slots for this weapon.

Snipers vs Thieves: Seasons

Why did I lose the stars? If you lose your prey, the stars will be taken from you, and you can even drop below the level. You may also have lost the stars and rank at the beginning of the season. Loss of title does not take away the previously awarded award.

What do the seasons mean and how can I join them? Seasons will automatically start after you reach level 4. There are two sets of prizes you can win when playing in a season:

I entered the game and my early season is lower, why? At the beginning of each season, each player’s rating drops. This is intended and allows you to take a place in the new season and get more rewards!

Snipers vs Thieves: General Questions

I encountered an abuser in a chat, what should I do? The developers strive to keep SvT as a fun and friendly place for all players. If they find evidence that the players are against any of the chat rules, they reserve the right to remove chat features or even prohibit players in the cases below:

If you find that someone is violating any of these rules, report them to the Support Service and include the appropriate screenshots, as this helps the team track these players.

What does the promo code mean and where can I use it? Unfortunately, due to a problem with the platform owners in the game, the existing system of promotional codes is temporarily closed, which means that existing codes cannot be entered into the game. However, all masks are located in the players through the inbox in the game in the upper right corner. The team is working hard to find a new way to return promotional codes.

I see emoji that I cannot use, why? The development team is aware of the problem when robots can use different emojis that are inaccessible to players. Developers are studying this problem and hope to standardize all emoji in the next update.

Where is the black market, I do not see it? The black market only unlocks when you set one of the following parameters:

After unlocking, the black market icon will appear.

Do I play against robots or real people? Snipers vs Thieves is a multi-player title. If no player is available based on a game search algorithm, players can play against robots.

What is the difference between Play and Train? In Train mode:

In multi-user mode: everything is the same as before the update. You can gain and lose stars, your gadgets will continue to be updated, and you will receive a full reward!

The game does not load. Try the following and contact support if this does not help:

If this does not work, provide support information about your device, including the model of your device and the OS that you use on it. This will help to investigate this issue.

I found a hacker, what should I do? Developers strive to keep Snipers against Thieves an honest game for all players. If you have screenshots or videos of players that you think could be hacked, please pass them on to the developers. They strive to fight with players who abuse the game, so this greatly facilitates their investigation and action against hackers.

Snipers vs Thieves: Profile

How to change the color of outfits? The color of the costumes is dictated by the color of your clan sign. Your clan leader can change his clan icon by going to the clan menu - Edit - color.

Can I change my profile between Android devices? Profiles can be changed between Android devices. To do this, you will need to enter the Google Play Games application on each of your devices. Make sure that your profile is set to "Enter games automatically" and make sure that other profiles do not have this option checked.

Can I change my progress between iOS and Android devices? It is currently not possible to exchange profiles between iOS and Android devices. The team is currently investigating this issue and hopes to add this feature in a future update. If you want to constantly change your profile between iOS and Android devices, contact support.

How to reload my profile? If you want to reload your profile, developers can do it for you. Please note that if they reload your profile, all data will be lost, including progress, masks and any in-game items. The only item that they can return to you is your purchase for real money. If you still want to reload your profile, write to the developers, indicating that you know that all progress / content will be deleted and that you are happy to agree.

How to save the game on Google Play? The game automatically syncs with your Google Play account. If you have problems logging in, send a message to the developers.

How do I change my name? To change your name, go to the main menu and click "rename".

Why is my account disabled? If your account is disabled (you will see a pop-up window on the boot screen that informs you of this), contact Support, which can explain the problem in more detail.

Help me, I lost my profile! Try signing in to the Google Play / Gamecenter account you used when you played in your old profile. Your game should automatically restore your data on the next boot! If this does not work, download the game, tap the COG symbol in the lower right corner of the main page and select "Profile" to check which account it is registered with. If you still have problems downloading your account, let us know of a support service that will help you in the future.

Article author: Nadezhda D.