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Sonic Runners Adventure WiKi: Tips and Tricks for Game Walkthrough

SONIC RUNNERS ADVENTURE - Android game with release date 12/20/2017 from the company Gameloft. Game Genre: Adventure. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.

How is the plot of the game developing? You need to complete levels and complete tasks while earning stars and unlocking new levels. Each subsequent level opens only after successfully passing the previous one. That is, you need to complete at least one task and earn at least one star. In addition, to open some special levels, you need to collect a certain number of stars, which will be indicated next to the lock above these levels in the main menu.

How to open a new chapter? Starting from the second, in order to open each subsequent chapter, you need to collect a certain number of stars, and also successfully complete the level with the boss in the previous chapter. Successful completion of the level with the boss will mean that you completed at least one task in it. You can see how many stars are required by scrolling to the desired chapter in the main menu. The chapter will open as soon as you collect the required number of stars and successfully complete the desired level with the boss.

What do the different types of levels mean - End, Looped, Endless? Different types of levels have different structure and conditions of passage.

1. In the Ultimate levels there is a finish line that you need to run to in order to successfully complete the level.If you complete the task and get a star, you still have to get to the end of the level in order to keep the star.Otherwise, you will have to re-complete the task in the next race.

2. Looped levels are often short levels in which several circles are repeated. You need to run to the end of the last lap in order to successfully complete the level and save the stars received during the race.

3. Infinite levels have no end, and you can only go through them after successfully completing all the tasks.Once you do this, the level will end immediately. Otherwise, you can run along it until your character is defeated or until the time runs out.

What is a bonus level? Bonus level - this is such a special stage, which opens after the completion of the level in which you can fly and collect rings. To achieve it, you need to take a special bonus item during the race.Controlling the hero in the bonus level is extremely simple: press and hold to fly up and release to lower. Do not worry, in the bonus level there are no barriers and enemies. All you need to do is collect as many rings as possible.Please note that the rings collected in bonus levels do not count in the tasks "Collect rings: x" and "Collect all rings".

What is a time trial? Some levels have time limits: when the timer reaches 0, the race ends. In such races, you can take advantage of Stop-time gain items that stop the timer for a certain period of time (depending on the character’s level). In addition, in these levels you can collect items to enhance Stop time during the race itself.These gain items always stop the timer for 5 seconds.

How to open new characters? Characters from the Heroes team (Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles) open automatically as the story progresses and new chapters open. Other characters can be purchased for rings on the Team screen.

How do characters differ from each other? Characters belong to different teams (Heroes, Chaotix and Dark). Each team has its own unique skill, which will work after the character collects 300 rings. Characters of the Heroes team can immediately use both Magnet and Invulnerability for a while. The Chaotics team can turn 30% of its rings into x10 rings for limited periods of time. For a limited period of time, the Dark Team turns all enemies into Golden (each Golden enemy counts as 2 normal).

In addition, each team has characters such as "Speed", "Air" and "Strength". Characters of type "Speed" are capable of performing triple jumps, of type "Air" - soar for some time, and characters of type "Strength" can launch an attack from dispersal. You can learn even more about each character by clicking on his Team / Type icon on the Commands screen.

What is character level? How can it be increased? The character level determines the duration of the amplification items and personal skills. The higher the level, the longer the item of reinforcement or skill lasts.You can increase the character level by clicking on the "New Level" icon (before you have to collect the right number of rings). A character can reach a maximum of level 5.

How do I beat Dr. Eggman? Several times during the game you will meet Dr. Eggman. Each time he will look for new ways to stop you. You can use several ways to defeat him. It all depends on how he decides to attack. In principle, there are two ways to attack Dr. Eggman: you can wait until he comes closer to hit you and jump right on him; or wait for him to launch the Yellow Ball, and jump right on him. The ball will ricochet on Dr. Eggman (this attack is not available at the very first meeting).

What are amplification items? Strengthening items are special temporary benefits that you can take advantage of during a race. For instance:

The duration of the amplification item depends on the level of the selected character (with the exception of the Spring - it will cover the hole until the character bounces off it or until the race ends).

How can I use amplification items? First of all, you need to purchase and take with you items of amplification on the Team screen before the race. Depending on the selected item of amplification, you can either use it right at the right time during the race by clicking on the corresponding button on the screen (Magnet and Invulnerability, but only one of them at a time), or they start automatically before the start of the level (Spring and Stop time). Moreover, the subject of reinforcement Stop time may appear in the race. For a while - it will stop the time for 5 seconds if picked up (regardless of the character level).

Why sometimes I can take a different amount of amplification items? The number of reinforcement items that you can take with you before the race depends on the level of the selected character and the number of characters received in the Team. After receiving the second character from the Team, you can use two different items of amplification. When the whole Team is assembled, you can take up to three different items of reinforcement. When the selected character goes to level 3, you can use two items of amplification of the same kind. When the level of the character rises to 5 - use three items of amplification of the same kind. So, you can use a maximum of nine items of amplification - three items of three different types.

How to find out the duration of an amplification item? The duration of the amplification item is indicated in its description on the Team page. In addition, the corresponding pointer will appear above the character’s head during the race.

Who are the buddies? What do they do in the game? Pals are companions who can be taken on the run with a character. Each buddy has a unique ability that will give you various advantages during the race. You will find a complete description of buddy abilities by clicking on the appropriate icons on the Team screen.

How can I bring a buddy with me? Friends can be purchased and taken with you on the Team screen, either by clicking on the "Friends" tab or on the "+" button to the right of the character. Choose a friend to your liking and buy it if you have the required number of rings. After the purchase, you can take a friend with you by clicking on the "Take" button.

What are Achievements? How to get them? Achievements are a kind of reward that will bring you a significant number of rings. To get them, you need to complete tasks in certain categories. You can find them at any time in the Achievements section of the main menu. After completing any task, go to the Achievements tab and take the earned rings! For several Achievements immediately rely more substantial rewards!

Can I invite friends to the game? No, the ability to invite friends to the game is not provided.

What do you need to do to complete the quest "Complete the level without damage"? You need to finish the game until the end of the level (Final or Looped), without taking damage from obstacles or enemies.Also try not to fall into the pits. To complete this task, you need to take as many items as possible invulnerability and spring. In addition, you can use a character from the team of Heroes with immunity to damage. Buddy Dark Chaos can also significantly increase your chances of successfully completing this mission.

How to check your tasks during the race? At the top of the screen is the task bar, where you can quickly see the progress of the current task. Already completed tasks are displayed in the form of gold stars. Pending or failed tasks are displayed in gray. In addition, the progress of tasks can be checked in the pause menu.

How many levels are there in the game? The game has 48 levels.

How to keep your progress? Your progress is saved automatically.

How to synchronize your game progress on different devices? Unfortunately, in the game there is no way to synchronize your game progress on different devices.

How to remove your game progress? In the main menu, on the Team or Achievements screen, click the Settings button in the upper right corner. Then select the Reset tab. Next, you will need to confirm your decision, and the progress will be deleted. Attention: after that you will not be able to restore your progress.

Does the internet need to play this game? No, this is not necessary. However, without an Internet connection, you cannot follow some external links: User Support, Privacy Policy, User Agreement and Terms of Use. Moreover, an Internet connection is required at the very first start of the game.

How to adjust the volume of music and sound effects in the game? You can adjust the volume of sound and music on the Settings screen, which can be accessed from the main menu, the pause menu, the Team and Achievements screens. You can adjust the volume using the appropriate sliders.

How to change the language of the game? In the main menu, on the Team or Achievements screen, click the Settings button in the upper right corner. Then select the Language tab and the checkbox you need.

The game periodically slows down on my Android device. What to do in such cases? To play the game in the best quality, please turn off the power-saving mode and check if many other background programs are running on your device, along with Sonic Runners Adventure.

I found that my character sometimes runs faster, and sometimes slower. Why does the character’s speed change? When a character descends from a slope, his speed increases. Some tricks (Deshringes, Guns) also contribute to increasing the speed of the character. At the Ultimate and Infinite level, the character’s speed also increases until it reaches its maximum value.

Sometimes during the race I can’t control my character, while the viewing angle of the camera changes in an incomprehensible way. What does it mean? In the Ultimate and Infinite level, there are times when your character performs some tricks. At such moments, he can defeat several enemies at once or collect many rings. At the end, its speed increases significantly. At such moments, you do not need to control the character, just watch him!

How to return funds for in-game purchases? To cancel the purchase and refund, please read the terms of the online store where you made the purchase.

How many devices can I transfer the game to? Up to 5 devices are available for transferring the game. The first time you log in, you’ll need to provide the Apple ID that was used when you purchased the game.

What are stars used for? How can I get them? You will receive stars for completing tasks - one star for each. You will need them in order to open some levels and new chapters.

How can I earn rings? Rings can be collected during the race, as well as upon receipt of achievements.

Why do sparks appear instead of rings in cycled levels? In the Looped levels, the rings with each new circle are not restored (unlike enemies and other obstacles). Therefore, if you have already managed to collect the rings in the Looped level, sparks will appear instead of them in the next circle.

Why are there more rings on the results screen than I actually have? When your character takes damage, he loses all the rings that he has. That is, you can collect many rings, but lose them by negligence. On the results screen, you will see all the rings you collected (even those that eventually lost). Rewards will only display rings that remain after the race.

Why sometimes I lose rings, even if my character does not take damage? When your character passes the Starpost, all the rings collected by him are saved, so that you will not lose them anymore. The trick is that until you collect new rings, your character will be vulnerable.

Author of the article: Nadezhda D.