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Walkthrough South Park Destroyer Mobile: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

SOUTH PARK DESTRUCTOR MOBILE - Android game with release date 11/08/2017 from the company Ubisoft.In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers íanswers to playersí questions.Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. A Beginnerís Guide
  2. Bugs and Fitchy games
  3. Team Guide
  4. PvP Secrets
  5. Important Game Basics

Mobile Destroyer South Park: A Beginnerís Guide

Types of cards. There are several types of cards. Spells: Take and conjure them to damage enemies or help allies. Characters: play a card and it turns into a character on the battlefield. Characters are divided into several classes: fighters, killers, tanks and arrows. They behave differently on the battlefield.

Where to get the cards? There are several ways to get new cards.

Rarity level. All players are equal, but this does not apply to cards. Some of them are easy to obtain, and some are not. Maps in the game South Park: Phone Destroyer are divided into four levels of rarity.

Topics. Each card in the game relates to one of the topics.

Create a deck. In one deck you can combine no more than two themes, but there can be as many neutral cards as you like. If you try to add a third topic to the deck, the game will prompt you to remove the cards from one of the topics presented in the deck.

Special skills. Most characters have special skills. They come in four types.

How to make cards stronger? There are two ways.

  1. Improvement. You can enhance the characteristics of the card with an improvement. To do this, you need to collect the necessary items, which are listed on the map improvement page. Some Cartman coins ... and voila - the improvement is ready! The maximum possible number of improvements for one card is strictly limited by the rules of the Canadian Department of Mobile Games.
  2. Level up. If the card can no longer be improved, you can increase its level. Moreover, all its characteristics increase significantly (health, attack, etc.). And, more importantly, the limit of improvements is increasing. Raising the map level is very simple. It is enough to collect the required number of copies and spend some Cartman coins. And the card will get a new level! All cards are initially level 1, and you can improve them six times.

Stages Children from South Park have prepared for you a whole bunch of stages, each of which will have to be taken with a fight. Just move forward and defeat opponents. At each stage, you are waiting for production. For completing the stage you can get 3 out of 10 possible rewards. You will never have to go through the same stage twice! When you defeat the main boss, the stage will gain a new level. This means that a new production has appeared on it, which can be obtained. But opponents have become stronger!

Episodes. Each episode consists of five stages. When all stages gain enough levels, the level of the episode will increase. Raising the level of an episode also improves the loot you receive at the end of each stage.

South Park the Destroyer Mobile: Bugs and Fitchy games

Can I use multiple devices for the game at once? Yes, you can play on multiple devices on iOS or Android if you use the same Game Center (for iOS) or Google (for Android) account on them.

Is it possible to save game progress when switching from iOS to Android or vice versa?Unfortunately, itís not possible to transfer game progress from iOS to Android or from Android to iOS.

My game progress is gone! Be sure to use the correct Game Center account (if you are playing on an iOS device) or Google (if you are playing on an Android device).

I use the correct account, but the game progress is still gone! Contact technical support. Let them know as much as possible about your account: Your name in the game, Beginner level, PvP rank and so on.

The game does not start! Be sure to use a compatible device. Make sure the device is signed in to a Game Center or Google account. If all else fails, contact technical support.

South Park Destroyer Mobile: Team Guide

I canít join the team. Why? Here are three reasons why this happens:

1. The team is full. No more than 50 people can join it.

2. The leader declared the team "closed". In this case, new members are not accepted.

3. You are not smart enough to join this team, Beginner. Perhaps a certain level or rank of PvP is required.

Why should I join a team? The more people, the more fun - thatís why! You can chat and discuss cards, decks, strategies with teammates. Or help each other improve decks and Beginners by requesting and sending cards.And also every 8 hours you can ask for a regular or rare card and get 12 copies of a regular or 3 copies of a rare one in response.

Why should I give my cards? You never lose a card. Even if you do not have copies of it, the card itself can still be used! In addition, it happens that you donít need some cards right now, but your comrades are eager to get them. Remember the main rule of the team: do not skimp - share! And finally, for each donated copy you get additional coins and increase the level of the Novice. For an ordinary card - 2 experience points and 5 coins, and for a rare card - 6 experience points and 15 coins.

I need a specific card, but I cannot request it. Why? You can only request copies of cards that you already have. Therefore, to ask a friend for a card, you first need to find it in card sets or in lockers. Moreover, it works only on ordinary and rare classes. If you need copies of epic or legendary cards, look for them in shops or lockers with loot.

South Park Destroyer Mobile: PvP Secrets

The basics. To start a PvP match, simply tap the "Fight" button on the main screen or join the fight in Buttersí house.

How to win in PvP? It is necessary to reduce the enemyís health reserve to zero and end the battle with more intact divisions on the health scale than the enemyís. If at the end of the battle the number of integer divisions of both players is equal, an overtime begins, which will last one minute. In overtime, the winner is the first to destroy the division on the opponentís health scale. If no one achieves the result in a minute, the game ends in a draw. Winning a PvP match will take you to the PvP mining screen. You can open three lockers, as in single mode.True, the rewards here are slightly different.

Grades. For each victory in PvP mode you get one star. Having earned all the stars of your current rank, you move to the next. The higher your rank, the better your rewards and the more cool cards available to you. At first, you canít lose the stars, but at the highest ranks for losing the match, a star will be removed from you!

List of legends. Having earned all the stars in the highest rank, you fall into the list of legends. Here you can challenge the strongest players in the world! Your rank shield will show your position relative to other players.Beat them all and find yourself on the first line!

How does match selection work? The game will always try to pick up an opponent of the same rank for you.If in a reasonable time this cannot be done, you will find the enemy one rank higher or lower than you. The system works in such a way that in most cases you get equal opponents. The criteria here are game progress, level and skills. However, sometimes you will still come across weaker or stronger opponents.

What are PvP packs? For victories in PvP mode, you will receive free kits. Each set requires a certain number of victories in PvP battles. The better the rewards, the more victories you need. Do not worry if you are in danger of losing the match and losing the rank star. The progress of receiving the next PvP set will be saved.

Mobile Destroyer South Park: Important Game Basics

Newbie. You play as a Beginner who has just arrived in the city. And you simply smartly manage the phone. Itís so good that you even got special skills connected with it! You can summon allies that cast spells. Your phone can shoot a laser beam that deals damage to enemies. During the game, your character gains experience and gains levels. As the level grows, the Novice gains many advantages: he becomes stronger, more efficiently attacks with his phone beam. You can even gain the ability to find stronger allies.

Deck. When compiling a deck, several restrictions apply. For example, you can take only 12 cards into battle. To select cards, transfer them from your collection of open cards to the deck. You will make up a deck in the Noviceís house. You may have several decks. Just touch the "Add deck" button at the top of the screen when youíre at the Beginnerís house. To get new maps, complete missions in a single player campaign, open sets and crush opponents in real-time PvP battles!

How to play? When you begin to complete a level or enter a PvP battle, you find yourself on the battlefield. You start the battle with five cards in hand. In the lower left corner of the screen you will see a battery indicator. It shows how much energy you have left. Her stock is replenished over time. Your Beginner uses energy to play cards. Each of them has its own energy price (the number in the upper left corner of the map).

Among the cards can be both characters who will help you attack enemies or defend the Novice, as well as destructive spells that damage enemies or help your allies. Just drag the card from your hand onto the battlefield and see what happens! As soon as the card is played, you will receive a new one from your battle deck. If you do not play cards, then do not draw new ones. Dead characters return to the deck, so you can use them again and again! Maps have many different useful properties, so do not forget to carefully review your collection!

How to control a character who is already on the battlefield? No way. The main thing in the game is strategically correct placement of cards. You decide which card to play, when to do it and where to put it. After that, she turns into a character who lives (and dies) on her own. You can send other characters into battle so that they help the first to survive.

Sometimes I canít play the right card! In the deck, it turns gray and does not respond to my commands! Cards can turn gray for two reasons:

  1. You do not have enough energy to play this or that card;
  2. This character is already participating in the battle.

In single player mode, you cannot play a character card that is already on the battlefield. For example, you have a Randy card in your hand. If the enemy Randy is already on the battlefield, you cannot play your own while he is alive. It doesnít matter what theme the enemy Randy has or what his name is. In PvP battles in multiplayer mode, you can use the same characters as the enemy, but you can not play the same character that is already standing on your battlefield. Say, if you want to play Cartman, and your Cartman is already on the battlefield, you have to wait until he dies. So play wisely!

My opponent played a character card, but I donít know who it is! During the game, you can at any time find out information about the card in two ways:

  1. Touch and hold any card in your hand.
  2. Touch and hold any character on the battlefield. In this case, in single player mode, the game will be paused, but in PvP mode in multiplayer this will not happen.

I constantly lose in PvP mode! Why? Most likely you are just playing badly. You need to practice and develop your characters. The game South Park: Phone Destroyer is based on tactics and strategy, so play more and study your opponents to avenge them!

My favorite character is not in the game. Will it be added? In the future, it is planned to add new characters to the game. Perhaps among them will be your favorite hero of the animated series, perhaps you will find an unexpected interpretation of an existing character or even a completely new hero, who will come up with Trey and Matt. Who knows?

What is South Park: Phone Destroyer? South Park: Phone Destroyer is a mobile card game with dynamic battles in real time. Gather a team from the heroes of South Park, join the battle and defeat opponents! Or die.

Is this the official South Park animated game? Yes. South Park: Phone Destroyer is the official mobile game in South Park. Created and voiced by Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

Is this a sequel to The Stick of Truth? Although there are some familiar characters here, the game South Park: Phone Destroyer is not related to The Stick of Truth.

Who are the game developers? A bunch of bullies. South Park: Phone Destroyer is a masterpiece from South Park Studios and RedLynx (Ubisoft Studio).

Is this game free? This game is free. Everything can be received without payment, but if you want to spend real money - please. This application was created in such a way that there is nothing blocked in it at all. Everything is available to absolutely all players, regardless of whether they pay or not. You can even turn off in-game purchases in the settings of your device, if you want.