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SPACE ARENA: BUILD & FIGHT - Android game with release date 11/30/2016 from HeroCraft Ltd. Game genre: Strategy. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official site, and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.

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  1. Beginner’s Guide
  2. Ships
  3. Weapons
  4. Modules
  5. Engines
  6. Defense
  7. Class Battles
  8. Exploring Galaxies
  9. Modules Upgrade
  10. Currency
  11. Other

Space Arena: Beginner’s Guide

Do I need to pay to constantly win and get into the TOP 100? No, you can buy Celestia in order to complete the levels faster, but this will not ensure your presence in the TOP 100 players. Your knowledge and understanding of the classes of ships, characteristics and features of the modules is important so that you can defeat opponents and increase your rating. Without good knowledge of the mechanics of the game and the skills to come up with effective assemblies in the TOP-100, you can not resist.

I’m stuck on the same level and can’t move on, what should I do? This means that you have reached a difficult level. But such difficulties are surmountable. Just try to use various modules, improve them, and also use this to make new assemblies. Try to purchase upgrades for ships, they will provide you with more options for placing modules.

How are opponents selected in a regular Arena? Opponents in the regular Arena are selected based on a number of criteria: ship class, level range, winning ratio and rating. Such a system of selecting opponents allows for a better balance of the game.

Why in the Arena do I encounter ships of a higher level than mine? This happens by accident due to existing matchmaking rules. However, gradually the enemy selection system is adjusted and the probability of getting into battle with the enemy with a higher level ship decreases.

How to understand how much damage ships do to each other? Initially, the "damage" parameter of weapon modules means the amount of damage done per shot in the cell (s) depending on the type of weapon. To understand what damage a particular module will inflict per unit of time, you need to pay attention to its parameter "Rate of fire".

For what reasons did the ships move in such different ways during the simulation? During the battle, different forces act on the ship: both from firing modules on the player’s ship, and from hits from shots of the enemy’s ship. The direction of movement of the ship also depends on which modules were damaged and which engines failed. For these reasons, the ship sometimes turns sharply in different directions.

What is ship balance? This is the optimal combination of different modules on each ship. The result of the ship’s battles will depend on the arrangement of power plants, engines, combat and protective modules. Each ship has its own limited number of cells and modules. Each module consumes energy, which is why power plants are required on the ship, which ensure the operation of the modules.

Each module has a mass. The more modules on ships, the greater the mass of the ship. For a ship with a large mass to move and turn faster, more powerful engines are needed. To find the optimal number of power plants that would provide engines, combat and protective modules with energy - this can be called the balance of the ship.

What is the Flotilla Arena and why is it needed? The Flotilla Arena is a mode of battle between groups of ships without visual support for the battle. To participate in the battles you need to buy several ships: the main (usually the largest and most powerful) and 8 additional. You can go into a group battle with the purchase of fewer ships, but the chance of victory is reduced because of this.

The arena becomes available from level 6. To participate in the battles, it is possible to purchase the same ships that are available in the regular Arena. Use caution when participating in the Arena of fleets, since defeats will cost relatively large amounts of loans. We recommend using the Flotilla Arena in case you need experience.

What is Campaign mode and what benefits does it bring to progress? This is a mission mode with separate tasks and battles with bots. The mode consists of 7 campaigns, each of which has 7 sectors. The campaign allows you to earn credits, celesties and experience, as well as get modified modules.

In all battles in this mode, the enemy is known in advance: this is a ship with a certain arrangement of modules. In case of defeat, the ship must be repaired and after that there is the opportunity to try your hand again. The enemy’s ship will remain the same. The mode becomes available from level 8. When you finish the campaign, re-passing becomes impossible.

Is it true that developers give free ships? Developers do not charge free ships to players. What players get is an in-game purchase bonus (for example, the Broadsword ship).

I added about 50 friends to Space Arena for a daily bonus. But I get a bonus that does not match the number of friends added. Is this a bug? No, this is not a bug. The amount of Celestia for friends added to the game you get in proportion to your level.

After installing the protection modules, I want to look at the general security indicators of my ship, where can I see them? To date, the Space Arena does not display the current protection and armor performance of the ship. Therefore, the player should focus on the following indicators: Small steel armor has its own indicators for strength (125 hp) and armor (3.45). At the same time, each module of this armor occupies exactly one cell of the ship.

Hence, it should be assumed that each cell of the ship, equipped with small steel armor, is protected by 3.45 armor units. Each such cell with armor will withstand 125 damage. By such numerical indicators, you can evaluate the armor of your ship. Subsequently, more durable types of armor will appear, in which the health and armor rates are higher. Comparing these numerical indicators of the two types of armor, you can understand, thanks to which module your ship will be more armored.

What is a rating? Rating is a numerical value that every player has. Rating shows the success of the player’s battles. The higher the rating value, the more successful the player fights. A rating value proportional to the player’s level allows the player to take part in class battles.

There are pilot leagues in the game. Players are placed in these leagues depending on the rating value. At the moment, the most recent is the "League of Masters." In this league are the most skilled ship pilots. After each battle, the rating changes - either increases in case of victory, or decreases in case of defeat.

I believe that it would be better if there was an opportunity to see the assembly of the enemy ship during the battle. Why don’t developers introduce this feature? Before the battle at the regular Arena, the general characteristics of the enemy ship are demonstrated to you, so that you can evaluate the effectiveness of the installed ship modules against the enemy’s assembly based on the results of the battle. Thanks to this, the players have an interest in the constant work on the assembly of the ship. Demonstration of the complete assembly of the enemy will eliminate the intrigue and interest in finding a good assembly.

I want to restart the walkthrough, is this possible? Yes it is possible. To do this, you need to contact Space Arena support by e-mail, or leave a request in one of the game’s social networks. The application must indicate your game nickname and reason for contacting.

What is a black market? The black market is a trading platform for buying improved modules for loans. The prefixes "Mk.II" or "Mk.III" are added to the names of the improved modules, depending on the improved characteristics. Improved modules suggest the presence of not only increased performance, but also reduced.

I carry out offers, but do not receive rewards for them, they do not work? These offers are offered by partners of Space Arena, and before passing them you will be notified that the reward is not guaranteed. This is because partners may not reward players. If a similar situation has occurred with you, we recommend that you contact the support service with an indication of all the offers passed and the amounts required for crediting.

What happens if you log into one account from two devices? If you have configured account synchronization with Vkontakte or Google Play Games / Game center on IOS, then no problems should arise.

Are you planning to add simple ship control to the game? In the near future, such changes to the game are not planned to be introduced.

Space Arena: Ships

Which ship is the largest and most powerful in the game? The largest ship was previously considered Ritari - a super-aircraft carrier of level 54, the maximum number of cells with which with all the improvements is 256 pieces. The cost of the ship is 10.2 million credits. However, since April 2019, a new super giant Khonarl has appeared in the game - this is a special ship of level 56. With all the improvements, the ship has 258 cells. This ship must be unlocked before purchase for special drawings. The further value of the ship in loans is 13,000,000.

What are the types of ships in the game and what are their features? There are 8 types of ships in the game, all of them differ from each other in the number of cells, shape, presence / absence of support ships:

  1. The fighter is one of the most maneuverable classes. However, they are suitable only at the initial stage of development, since there are few cells in ships.
  2. Corvette - have a good flight speed. Good support ships are made from corvettes.
  3. Frigate - ships are more spacious, but less maneuverable compared to Corvette class ships.
  4. Cruiser - for ships of this class, the rotation values of the ship are reduced, but the number of module cells is increased.
  5. Battleship - most ships of this class are equipped with support ships. They have an increased number of cells for modules.
  6. Aircraft carrier - almost all ships of this class are equipped with support ships. The increased number of cells compared to the rest. Increased base turning speed.
  7. Super aircraft carrier - the most powerful type of ship. The largest ships in the arena. Good maneuverability. Support ships.
  8. Galactic Aircraft Carrier - Galactic Aircraft Carriers are now definitely called the powerful type of ships. Powerful giants, as well as super aircraft carriers, have support ships. Ritari was the first ship allocated to this class.

What are special ships? What are they and how to get them? Special ships were introduced into the Space Arena simultaneously with class battles. These ships can be obtained using drawings that can be found when studying the coordinates of galaxies after winning class battles.

Some of the special ships are upgraded versions of pre-existing conventional ships. Some ships were introduced for the first time, as a rule, they have an unusual and interesting design. Special ships surpass their classmates. Today in Space Arena there are 9 special ships:

  1. Wing Mk. II - class "Fighter".
  2. PSS Sparrow Mk.II - Class "Corvette" -8 level.
  3. PSS Miran Mk.II - class "Frigate" -14 level.
  4. PSS EL-K Mk.II - Class "Cruiser" - 25 level.
  5. Phantom Mk.II - class "battleship" -35 level.
  6. Eidolon Mk.II - Aircraft Carrier class - Level 45.
  7. Mjollnir "Son of Odin" - class "Super Aircraft Carrier" - level 49.
  8. Ritari Mk.II "Knight of the Light" - class "Super Aircraft Carrier" -54 level.
  9. Khonarl - Super Carrier class - Level 56.

Why do we need ship improvements and how to get them? Improvements on ships add additional cells, improving the configuration of the ship. Thanks to improvements, it becomes possible to install more modules. Ship upgrades are purchased for Celestia. The cost of upgrades depends on the class and level of the ship. At high levels, the cost of improvements is quite high, so you should choose the most necessary modifications of additional cells.

How do I know if my ship has a good build? If you manage to win big ships more than once, it means that you came up with a really good build. If you want to create good assemblies for ships, practice your ideas, analyze them until the ship begins to win in at least 50% of battles. For example, a well-built Scythe ship can defeat Morningstar and even some Broadsword. You can also ask other players in the official Space Arena Vkontakte community for assembly advice.

How can I get rid of a ship that is no longer needed? To do this, you need to go to the slot with the unnecessary ship and press the "+" button to select a new ship. After purchase, a new ship will replace the old one in a similar slot.

How many ship slots can a player have? The maximum possible number of slots for each player is 10 pcs. The first two slots are provided to the player for free, the remaining 8 player can purchase for Celestia. To date, the maximum number of slots per player is 10. Each additional slot is purchased for Celestia.

From time to time I come across players with the ship Wing. I want myself the same as getting it? To date, this ship cannot be received. At the very beginning, players were offered to buy this ship. The offer was limited in time. Those who did not manage to take advantage of the offer will not be able to buy a ship. Perhaps later it will be possible to buy this ship again.

When will it be possible to play 3D ships in Space Arena? The version with 3D ships was released by developers in February 2019 only on the Armor Games platform. This is the web version of Space Arena, which is not synchronized with the mobile. Perhaps in the future, 3D ships will also be introduced in the mobile version of the game.

How much will Khonarl cost? Today, the ship is worth 13 million loans. Before buying it, you need to collect all the necessary drawings.

Can Khonarl support ships be improved? Yes you can.

Space Arena: Weapons

What weapons do Space Arena have? There are three types of weapon modules in Space Arena:

  1. Ballistic weapons;
  2. Laser weapon;
  3. Rocket launchers.

What are the differences between some types of weapons from others? Existing weapon modules differ from each other in the following parameters:

What are the advantages and disadvantages of ballistic weapons?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of laser weapons?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of rocket launchers?

What is a GWS / Gaussian Military Machine Gun? Military Gauss submachine gun - level 46 ballistic weapon, an improved version of the usual Gauss submachine gun with increased rate of fire, damage and range. Destroys shields and for some time breaks through protective layers.

Space Arena: Modules

What protects the ship best from lasers? Armor is the best protection against lasers. For example, Large Solar Armor protects against continuous fire by lasers, and Large Jet Armor is considered one of the best defenses on the market, as it is capable of absorbing damage.

What can protect my ship from quantum weapons? To date, the only defense against quantum weapons is Plasma Armor. This module reduces the penetrating damage of quantum gun shells. It is necessary to protect the most important modules with this armor as much as possible.

What do the prefixes "Mk.II" and "Mk.III" mean in the names of the modules? This means that the modules have improved features. As a rule, such modules are sold ready-made not to the Black Market, or are awarded to the player as a reward for completing the Campaign mode. It is also possible to improve conventional modules by collecting chips when participating in class battles.

How many modules can repair bays repair? Each repair compartment can recover from 2500 health points per battle, depending on the level of the Max Recovery option. At the same time, in one battle, each module without improvements can cure no more than 3 modules. The repair compartment with the maximized MaxModules parameter can cure no more than 6 modules.

What are the differences between conventional weapons and weapons from the Black Market? On the Black Market, modules are sold that are visually similar to ordinary ones, but with different values of some characteristics. A module from the Black Market can have either positive or negative differences compared to a regular module. The player himself chooses which parameters are more important for him at the moment.

Why modules from the Black Market cannot be improved? Weapons from the black market have not only improvements, some characteristics of the modules, on the contrary, are reduced so that there is no imbalance from the use of modified weapons. The ability to improve such a weapon would create an overly obvious and dishonest advantage from its use.

What works better against shields - ballistic weapons or lasers? Ballistic weapons work best against shields, since they destroy parts of it, while lasers pass through shields without damaging them. Since shields are pretty good at protecting against missiles, it’s better to install ballistic and missile weapons on the ship. Thus, ballistic weapons will destroy the shields, after which the rockets will begin to damage the ship’s modules. Installing rockets and laser weapons on one ship is not worth it: lasers do not damage shields, so rockets cannot significantly damage a ship.

Space Arena: Engines

What types of power can be used in engines on a ship and how do they differ from each other? The engines can use 5 types of power:

  1. Hyper Strength - allows the ship to teleport to another point with a specific time interval;
  2. Traction - affects the ability and speed of the ship;
  3. Turning power - allows the ship to turn, and also affects the speed of turn of the ship;
  4. Strengthening traction - increases the speed of the ship;
  5. Turn gain - increases the speed of the ship.

Does the installation of two hyperdrive provide additional benefits for the ship? Yes, when installing on a ship more than one hyperdrive, the intervals between ship jumps are reduced.

Space Arena: Defense

What types of protection are there? There are 3 types of protection in Space Arena:

  1. Armor;
  2. Shields.
  3. Protective systems.

Protection modules are an integral part of every ship. The balanced use of armor and shields can greatly affect the outcome of a battle.

What weapons does the armor protect against? Most armor modules protect well against ballistic and laser weapons. At the same time, they are less effective against missiles. The most advanced modules protect against almost all types of weapons.

What weapons do shields protect against? The shield modules protect well from missiles and ballistic weapons, but are ineffective against lasers. Also, the shield modules consume a lot of energy, which requires the installation of more power plants.

What are security systems and what do they protect against? Defense systems are modules that prevent missiles from entering a ship, destroying them from a distance.

How do shields work? Each shield has parameters "range" and "power". If all the module cells are completely within the radius of the shield, then they will not receive damage until the shield runs out of power. The "Shield Power" value indicates how much damage a given shield can absorb before it is turned off.

The value of "Recovery speed" - if after absorbing damage the shield still has power, then it begins to recover at the speed specified in the parameter under consideration. There is also a maximum power value to which the shield can recover. This maximum power value is specified in the "Max recovery" parameter.

Which is better - a large shield or many small shields? Large shields tend to absorb more damage, but there are also disadvantages. For example, large shields absorb damage even from those shells that would never damage your ship, so large shields are destroyed faster. If you do not need to protect a large area on the ship, it is better to install small shields.

Space Arena: Class Battles

What major changes have occurred since the introduction of Class Battles in Space Arena? Among the changes:

When does the opportunity to participate in class battles appear? The ability to participate in class battles appears for all players who have reached level 18.

I’m trying to get into class fights, but I get a notification that my rating is too low for the game level. Is this a bug? No, this is not a bug. This really means that your rating does not meet the established limits. These limits on the ratio of the rating and the level of the player are based on the current ratings of the players, which is done for fair play. This approach allows you to deal with players who deliberately lower their rating to facilitate the game.

What rewards can I get for winning class battles? For winning class battles, you get chips to improve the modules and coordinates of galaxies. The latter you are needed for research, with which you can find not only additional chips and computing modules, but also drawings for the study of special ships.

After several class battles, they started asking me for loans to participate in subsequent class battles, is this a bug? No, each player has a limit on participation in free class battles, and each class has its own number of fights. For example, for fighters, corvettes and frigates, 10 free battles are provided, for cruisers -8 battles, for battleships-6 battles, for aircraft carriers-4 free battles, for super-aircraft carriers-2 battles.

After all free class battles have been expended, there is an opportunity to continue to fight for loans. Moreover, with each new purchase of a class battle, its cost increases. The reset of free class battles is carried out every 7 days.

Do losses and victories in class battles affect the overall player rating? No, in terms of rating, class fights and the regular arena are not related.

Space Arena: Exploring Galaxies

What galaxies exist in the Space Arena and how do they differ from each other? There are 4 types of galaxies in Space Arena:

  1. Alpha is the simplest and most common type of galaxy;
  2. Epsilonv;
  3. Zetag;
  4. Iota is the rarest and most valuable galaxy.

Each type of galaxy has 9 levels (L1-L9) according to the number of player leagues existing in the Space Arena.

What determines the value of a falling galaxy? It depends on the league of the player himself. The higher the league, the better galaxies you get when you win class battle. Also, one should not forget about luck, which also plays a role in obtaining a galaxy.

What determines the value of prizes obtained in the study of galaxies? It depends on the type of galaxy and its league. The higher the league of the galaxy, the more rare and valuable prizes you get.

In the study of galaxies, I spent all the energy of the reactor. Is it possible not to expect recovery of reactor energy? Yes, if you do not want to wait for the free recovery of reactor energy, you can restore it for Celestius.

In the tab for studying galaxies, I have already spent 300,000 credits, but the galaxy never appeared, what should I do? Galaxies cannot be bought, they can be won in victorious class battles, after which they appear in the same slots in the galaxy research tab. You paid 300,000 credits for purchasing an additional slot for storing galaxies.

Space Arena: Modules Upgrade

What modules can be improved and how to do it? For improvement, all ordinary modules that are not sold on the Black Market are available. Modules are improved with the help of chips that you get for winning class battles and exploring galaxies. Each module improvement costs a certain amount of loans.

To successfully improve the characteristics of the module, it is necessary to crack it successfully. With each new improvement in the performance, the chance of hacking decreases, therefore, along with conventional chips, it is recommended to use computing units during the improvement. After the completion of each new cycle of improving the characteristics of the module, its level rises (lvl 1 - lvl 2 - lvl 3).

What are the computing units for and what kind are they? Computing blocks are designed to increase the chance of breaking into modules. Some computing units not only increase the chance of hacking modules, but also reduce the amount spent on improving chips, reduce the number of credits, or change the chance (increase in percentage).

What is an overclocking chip and how to get it? An overclocking chip is required to move the module to the next level. It is applied after the completion of the improvement cycle of all possible module characteristics. Overclocking chips can be obtained by exploring galaxies, but they are more rare compared to conventional chips.

Is it possible to improve the modules with the prefixes "Mk.II" and "Mk.III"? No, these modules cannot be improved since they are initially modified. You can only improve their analogues - ordinary modules.

Space Arena: Currency

What types of game currency exist in Space Arena? There are two types of currency in Space Arena: loans and Celestia. Loans are the usual game currency, you can buy ships for them, buy modules (including on the Black Market). You can earn loans in the regular arena, using the Flotilla Arena and exploring galaxies.

What is Celestia and what is this currency for? Celestia is a premium currency, the amount of which the players have is very limited. For Celestia, you can purchase improvements on ships, additional slots for ships, slots for storing the coordinates of galaxies, repair a ship without waiting for a free repair, and also recharge the reactor after exploring galaxies. Also there is the possibility of me Celestius for loans. With the help of Celestia, you can change your opponent in the regular Arena if you have an opponent that is far superior to your ship.

Space Arena: Other

It seems to me that the Flotilla Arena is a waste of money and time. What is its meaning? The flotilla arena is the battle of entire fleets of ships. This is a good place for players who want to quickly earn experience. Perhaps for players who are not interested in gaining experience and credits, this battle mode will not be interesting. At the same time, if a player, for example, does not have enough level to participate in class battles, then the Flotilla Arena is a great way to increase the level in a short time. In the case of loss of a ship, the player gains experience, and in the case of the killing of an enemy ship, experience and Celestius.

How can I keep my progress? To do this, you need to log in to Space Arena via Vkontakte. This can be done on the Profile tab.

Article author: Nadezhda D.