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Walkthrough Perfect Spider-Man: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

PERFECT SPIDER MAN (SPIDER-MAN UNLIMITED) - game for android from the company Gameloft. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers answers to players questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

How to find the Green Goblin and other villains? If you lasted long enough in Infinite mode or in the action, super-villains will find you themselves.They are also in the main tasks of each issue. In each new release that you open, you can fight with the new main villain.

What is a combo counter? The readings of the Combo Counter increase when you: attack enemies, dodge obstacles at the last moment, or collect combo rings. The higher your combo counter, the faster your score increases! The combo counter is reset to zero if you have not completed any combos in a certain period of time. Some Spider-Men have longer counter durations or bonuses.

What are the different Spider-People for? All the characters you can play are taken from different Spider-Man comics. Each has its own story! They not only look cool, but also have different abilities and account bonuses. Each Spider-Man has a different account bonus. As you run, your score gets bigger! With the transition to a new level, the bonus account also increases, so find the best Spider and play it more often!

What are Amplifications? Boosts will help you score more points! Use them while running and get even more points! The Web-Shield will protect you from obstacles, the Web-Hammer will automatically hit enemies, the Web-Magnet will collect bubbles, and the Score Multiplier will double the number of bubbles and combos.

What are achievements? When you pass some tests, you get achievements that are rewarded with bubbles, Iso-8 or experience. Most achievements are invisible, but some are displayed in the Daily Challenges table.

What are Daily Quests? Daily assignments appear daily in the Assignments menu. They consist of tasks that must be completed in order to get Iso-8 or experience. A limited number of tasks can be completed per day, so try to do it every day to get as many rewards as possible.

Where can I see Daily Quests? To do this, click the Menu icon in the upper right corner of the screen, then the Jobs icon. If you are playing, click the Pause icon to view tasks.

What are tasks? These are races during which you need to defeat the villains, open locations or collect items.The map is filled with various tasks for each issue! After graduation, you can always come back and finish any task.

Where can I see Quests? They can be found in the Release section of the main menu.

What are Spider Cases? Spider deeds allow you to send free Spiders to complete tasks throughout the city.You can send up to 6 Spiders to increase the chances of completing the task and get a reward! Each Spider Case quest takes a certain amount of time, but can be reduced with Iso-8. Do not forget to send free characters on Spider deeds, this is a great way to earn rewards!

Where to find the tasks of the Spider Cases? To do this, go to the My Team section, then click on the Spider Cases icon.

What is Inbox? In the inbox you can see received messages, awards and challenges from friends. Do not forget to check them regularly!

What are promotions? Promotions are tasks that last from 1 hour to several days. Each action has its own rules, goals and rewards; competitions with friends and other players are possible. Participate in each promotion and get incredible rewards for it!

What are Command Cells? Command cells can be used to select several Spiders to participate in the Endless Run race. If you use several cells, then the total bonus of the account of your characters is taken into account (it can be simply huge!). Also, when recovering, the Spider is called from the next cell. A new cell opens automatically when the release is complete. Use cells constantly to get a record score!

How to buy items? They are located in the Store, where you can go from the Menu. You can buy sets of currencies, goods and gains. To buy another Spider-Man, just click the Hire icon!

What are Daily Ratings? You can see them by clicking on the ratings icon next to the Play icon. These are time limited promotions where you can win extra rewards. At the end of the day, the competition disappears. Play every day and get rewards!

Why is the discount on the Premium Portal no longer appearing? If you have received a one-day premium portal discount notification and have not used it, you will have to wait 24 hours for it to reappear.

Why has the Premium Portal disappeared in Update 1? It was decided to turn it off for a while. In the future, he can earn again.

My team is full. How to make room for a new Spider? You can sell any Spider-Man, raise the level of another Spider at their expense, or buy additional team cells.

I do not have a rank promotion badge. He was before and is now with other players. What to do?Everyone has a rank increase badge. However, this feature does not work for rare or epic characters of recent ranks. Also, the rank of legendary characters can not be increased for Iso-8.

Why couldnt I complete the mission from Spider Operations? The degree of success in Spider operations depends on the level of your Spiders. In addition, the complexity and issue number affects success. If the degree of success is 70%, then the chances of losing are 30%.

Why use multiple characters in endless mode? Bonuses of all characters are summed up. All Spiders in the cells receive OP for the race in proportion to their contribution to the bonus. If the Spider is defeated during the race and the player "comes to life", he will play the next Spider. Only those abilities (e.g. +1 to combos per ring) that only the running Spider possesses are active.

How to choose another Spider? To select another Spider, click Play> click on the icon with a black and white mask - select Spider.

Why did I buy a Premium portal, but didnt get the right Spider? Buying a portal is not a guarantee that you will receive this particular Spider. This is a kind of lottery, a random Spider comes out of the portal.Sometimes you can even get the same Spider twice in a row.

During the race in Endless mode or during the action, I get the message "Excellent!" and the game ends. What is this happening for? This is a feature of the game. Endless mode and promotions end after defeating the seventh boss. Also, the race may end if you have run the maximum distance (different in different promotions).

How many slots are there? There are currently 999 slots that can be opened for bubbles, Iso-8, or for rewards. More will come soon.

I bought a 25% Touch Overload bonus. Will he appear during the game or later? Where to see him? This is a consumable that gives + 25% to the account bonus. It is impossible to see. During the race, your score will increase by 25%. The bonus shown in the menu will not change in any way (it depends on the bonuses of your team).

What is a multi-day promotion? This is an online promotion that lasts a whole week. Every day (only 7 days) new stages and tasks appear. The player must take part in promotions every day or pay Iso-8 for missed days in order to win the main prize.

What is the Promotion Portal and when will it open? The promotion portal contains Spiders for the current promotion and opens simultaneously with the promotion. It will also appear temporarily if you receive a certain Spider reward before the start of the promotion.

Can I play the video again? Yes you can! The Settings menu contains all the available videos that you can always watch.

How to use the bonuses received as a reward? Rewards are activated automatically at the beginning of each race. It is planned to change this in the future.

Do I need to go through the current Issue 100% to go to the next? Defeat 5 bosses to advance to the next Edition. Additional tasks are optional, but they will help increase your progress in the game.

Certain Spider is not available in portals. How to get it? Portals are updated every week, certain characters will be added there. In the meantime, you can use the level up card if you missed a specific Spider.

How many inventory cells are there? There are currently 80 cells that can be opened for bubbles, Iso-8 or for rewards. More will come soon.

Why does my +1 attack ability no longer affect Shch.I.T.as bombs? In the latest update, the bomb attack function has been changed. Now this attack no longer counts in combos. Please pay attention to the addition of the new Spider-Man, which has 2 combos for attacking bosses with bombs, S.I.T.a.

What is the best button? This button automatically selects the 4 best Spiders and adds them to the team.

Why do I have so few Collected Spiders? It seems that I managed to collect more ... The counter counts only new or current cards, sold or any other cards are not included in the total. Please note that only unique characters that get to you for the first time count, all subsequent times do not count.

What is a Spider Rank? Spider Rank is an indicator of progress that is based on the best Spiders that have ever been part of your team. The cooler the Spiders in your team, the higher the rank. The app also tracks the top four Spiders of your team, so your rank will not be lower than the current one.

What can I get as a reward for Spider Rank? For increasing the rank bonuses are awarded, as a rule, updated content in the Portals, as well as the best rewards in promotions. You will also receive rewards for each rank increase, for example, Portals or Iso-8.

The award did not appear on the list, despite the increase in Spider Rank during the promotion. If you have already started the promotion with the current rank, the reward will not be awarded until the end of this promotion. In the next promotion you will see an updated list of awards.

How to get a titanium? This is a rare game character that is hard to get! Players with the highest rank can get Titan for superiority in the list of leaders of the action. You can also win this character in the Daily Rankings or during time-limited offers in a specific portal, such as a VIP Portal.

What does the All icon mean that appears before the start of a run in a promotion? This icon will allow you to use all the remaining energy at a time instead of the bonus for this race. For example, your score may be multiplied by 5 after you spend 5 units. Spider energy.

What is a battlefield? This is a special promotion for alliances! Play with other members of the alliance to score more points. The highest score alliance gains control of the battlefield and can earn more points. The alliance that scores the most points at the end of the battle wins the action!

Why does the Spider Energy change during the opening of the battlefield map? Alliance shares use a special type of energy called Alliance Energy. Do not worry, as soon as you leave the battlefield, your Spider Energy will return. This feature is designed so that you can play more.

How to get control on the battlefield? The alliance with the most points will gain control on the battlefield and the total number of points at the end of the battle. Please note that other alliances may attack your team, which may lead to a decrease in your score depending on the damage done.

How to protect the account of your alliance on the battlefield? Defend your territory to keep score. Each shield item will add you protection time. Remember, this will not be able to completely protect you.

What are personal assignments? On each battlefield, 2 Personal tasks are given, with similar rewards for progress in the action. Players can receive rewards for completing a certain number of tasks on the battlefield.More information about rewards on the battlefield can be found in the Prizes section.

What is a rechargeable portal? A rechargeable portal is a new type of portal that gives players the ability to control everyone who leaves it. The portal opens with a huge number of prizes, which will gradually decline, as you win this or that prize. If you play constantly, you will certainly get even the rarest prizes. The rechargeable portal opens at level 10.

How is the new hero recruitment page different? On the new page, portals are divided into four sections by tabs (special, premium, regular and VIP). Now its easier to find the right portal.

How to open a VIP portal? At the first purchase of Iso-8, you will receive a message about the opening of VIP-portals.

Why do we need small closed portals? These are the next rank portals. They open upon increasing Spider rank.

What are sets? A set is a few items that can be purchased at a special price as part of a single in-game purchase.Kits can be found in the Store in the Consumables section.

How to restore Spider energy? As soon as the Spider Energy level drops, you will receive a notification offering to use the free recovery during the race.

What does "Taken" mean and why cant I sell or use a Spider with such an inscription to upgrade another Spider-Man? You can sell any Spider from the team except the following 2 cases:

What are skill sets and combos? Each Spider has a skill (for example, +2 to combos for attacks, +1 to combos for dodges, etc.). The skill sets for each Spider have their own, they can not be combined with the skills of another hero. Combo sets are made up of 4 best Spiders on your team. The stronger the team is improved, the better the combo set (Spider Force).

Why when blocking a player for 24 hours they do not appear in the game after this period of time ends? Please note that it is not possible to unlock a blocked player. If the player is blocked, then this is forever.

How to find the endless mode? Endless mode is combined with the Issues section. Open your friends card and start the race.

How to choose another Spider? Before starting the race, click the Best icon and select Spider.

How to access a special offer? There is currently no special offer available; it will open automatically in the next update.

How to combine the Spiders and increase the star level? You cannot combine the Spiders, but you can synthesize them into DNA, from which you can create fragments of genomes to increase the rating of your Spiders.

I took the gift, but did not receive it. Where to find him? All gifts that you pick up are added to your inbox; check it often.

Is it possible to upgrade an epic character to a titanic one? Unfortunately, this is not possible, as these are two different types of characters with different tasks. Titanium characters can be obtained from portals, win promotions or just buy.

Why do I constantly receive the same Spider from the portal of the World of Symbiots? Please note that the portal gives you a chance to get one of the four Spiders, and there are times when you receive the same spider several times in a row. Thus, there is no guarantee that you will receive the right Spider after several attempts.

What are genome fragments? What is the difference? Genome fragments reflect your current rank. The old ranking system has now been replaced with a new one based on fragments of the genome. All characters are now evenly distributed between 4 fragments of the genome: Skill, Mind, Technology and Strength. You need to mine and produce the appropriate materials to increase the level of your characters.

What are Infinite Fragments? These are new in-game items that help get Unlimited cards. To do this, you need to collect 1000 orange fragments that you can win in promotions, receive as a reward for tasks or as a daily bonus, etc.

How to increase the level of my spider? For this, it is necessary to make fragments of the genome and synthesize them in DNA.

Can I change the image in my profile? Your game profile is associated with a social network account. That is, if you change the photo on the social network, it will automatically change in the game.

Why do you need to increase the level? Raising the level of Spider-Man, you increase the bonus account and allow the Spider to participate in more tasks. Your characters will become even stronger!

Why do I need to upgrade my rating? Once your character reaches the limit, his level will cease to increase, and you will not be able to participate in all tasks and increase the bonus score. Increasing the rating will add a star (if possible), increase the limit level, and maybe even open a new ability! Raise your character rating to participate in all tasks and get a record score!

How to reset the game? This function is not provided by the game, but you can contact User Support and they will reset the progress of your account.

I play on the iOS platform. Can I transfer my game progress to Android or Windows devices? You cannot transfer your in-game progress to a device with a different operating system.

I play on the Windows platform. Can I transfer my game progress to Android or iOS devices? You cannot transfer your in-game progress to a device with a different operating system.

Where to see your nickname? Go to Daily Ratings, select the Daily / Friends section, then open your profile.Here you will see your nickname.

How to change your nickname? Go to Daily Ratings, select the Daily / Friends section, then open your profile and change the name. It will cost you 50 Iso-8.

What should I do to prevent the game from crashing? Please make sure that you do not have an outdated operating system and version of the game. If the game still crashes after launch, or some time after the start, you can take several actions: To start, try a regular "soft" restart. To do this, hold the Sleep / Wake button located at the top of the device for several seconds, then select to turn off the device.

If that doesnt help, try a hard reset: hold the Sleep / Wake and Home buttons until you see the Apple logo.Ignore the tooltip and continue to hold the buttons. Restarting using this method will take much longer than a soft restart. If none of these methods work, try uninstalling the game from the device and installing it again. To download game data to your device, make sure that you are logged in to the same social network account as before (Facebook, Game Center, Gameloft LIVE !, etc.).

I cannot complete tasks due to obstacles. What do you advise? Pay attention to the height of the obstacles. If they are twice as high as your character, you can jump over them. If there is space between the obstacle and the ground, you can slip under it. Try to predict obstacles and plan movements!

How to enable or disable notifications? Select Menu >> Settings >> Settings. You can select the notifications you want to enable or disable. You can find more functions for notifications in the settings of your device.

How to connect to Facebook? Select Menu >> Settings >> Settings. You can log in to or out of a social network. If you disconnect, then all social functions in the game will be disabled, you will not be able to see the list of leaders and tasks. The game will no longer be so exciting, so you disconnect at your own peril and risk!

How to change the volume of music and sound effects? Select Menu, then Settings. To change the volume, simply drag the slider opposite the music or effects. It is recommended to listen to the wonderful soundtrack louder!

How to change the nickname in the game? The game automatically uses the name from Game Center or Facebook. However, if you have not connected to the social network, you will receive the default name "Spider-Man [CODE]". To change this name, you just need to connect to Game Center or Facebook.

How to update the game? The application automatically checks for updates during the launch of the game on a device with an Internet connection. The game will offer to download the update if it finds it. You will need to click on the appropriate icon to automatically download. In addition, you can go to the Store where you downloaded this game and update the game manually.

Having problems with playback (Android only) Go to the settings menu, open the graphics section, then select one of the options: Improve graphics (better graphics, slower playback) or Improve playback (low graphics, fast playback). Changing the settings should fix the problem.

When will the update for Windows come out? Unfortunately, an update for Windows Phone is not planned yet.

What is the currency of the game? The game has Spider coins, bubbles and Iso-8. Spider coins are gradually updated, and you cannot have more than 5 coins. Bubbles can be collected during tasks or in Endless mode. Iso-8 is more difficult to obtain, for this you need to complete daily quests or attack golden enemies. Currency kits can be bought in the Store to increase success in the game and get even more cool characters.

How to use Spider coins, bubbles and Iso-8? Spider coins can be used in Endless mode or in quests.Bubbles and Iso-8 are used to enhance, purchase goods and new characters, as well as to increase the level and association of characters.

I used to raise the level of characters for 500 bubbles. Why did the price get higher? The cost of upgrading has changed in version 1.1.0, but now you can earn more OP.

Why does an inventory box in a store cost 10,000 Iso-8? This inventory cell cost is a side effect of the patch that came out last week. You can buy cells at the previous price from the My Team section.

I collected a lot of bubbles. What can I spend them on? You can use them to improve bonuses, opening the Normal portal (which does not include rare Spiders). You can also spend bubbles on inventory cells or synthesis to increase the level of your Spiders.

In Endless mode, I sometimes see a friends avatar under the counter. What is it? This means that you will break your friends record if you keep running!

How to add friends? When connected via a social network, all your friends who play this game will be automatically added. You can also add friends yourself through the Communication menu. If they accept the invitation, they will be added to the friends list.

How to challenge a friend? If you dont play, you can go to the Communication section to see a list of all your friends. If nobody is there, add someone. If your friends are playing, beat them and get a reward!

Why add friends? The game Perfect Spider-Man is built on competition. Add friends to have someone to compete with. Also, if Spider Coins run out, you can ask your friends!

How to remove a friend? Now you can delete a friend. To do this, go to Menu> Communication> Select a friends profile> click the "Delete" icon (in the lower right corner).

How many friends can I have? You can have 100 friends.

How many friends can I add per day? There are currently no quantity limits.

Will I get a reward for invited friends? Yes. For every 5 friends invited to Facebook per day, you will receive 1 Iso-8.

What is Alliance Mode? This is the new game mode in the Perfect Spider-Man app! Players can now join the alliance - a team of 20 users who want to play together. Alliances can play against each other in the new Battlefield mode. The strength of the alliance is the main goal of such a battle. Every week, the strongest team receives wonderful rewards, including rare portals, bonus OP and Iso-8!

How to access the alliance? You will be able to join the alliance as soon as your Spider reaches rank 20.

How to find an alliance? To do this, open the Main menu and click on the "+" icon in the stock section. After joining the team, the badge will change to the coat of arms of your alliance.

How to join the alliance? If you are not already a member of the alliance, the application will offer several options when you open the My Alliance section for the first time. Click on an alliance or Leaderboard to view team information. Also in this section you can join the alliance.

How to create an alliance? You can create an alliance by opening the Leaderboard section and clicking on the icon at the bottom of the screen, which shows that you are not a member of the alliance. The creation of the alliance is carried out for Iso-8.

Why cant I join the desired alliance? There are several reasons:

  1. There is no place in the alliance: no more than 20 players can be in one team.
  2. Low rank of your Spider: during the creation of the alliance, the author can set rank restrictions for those wishing to join. Accordingly, in order to enter, you need to achieve a certain rank.
  3. Confirmation of requests: some alliances must accept your request to join the team. All answers are stored in your inbox!
  4. You are already in the alliance: in this case, you must first leave the current alliance, and then join a new one.

Can I quit the alliance that I created? Yes you can. In this case, the title of Leader will be transferred to another member of the alliance, and Iso-8, which you spent on creation, is not compensated. Please note that if at the time of leaving the alliance only you will be in it, the team will be removed from the game.

How to open a chat? Click the Chat icon in the lower corner of the screen on the page where this icon is available (for example, the Main menu).

What is the difference between General and Chat alliance? Access to the General chat opens after completing the training. Here you can communicate with other players depending on the chosen language in the game and regardless of whether they are in the alliance or not. In an alliance chat, you can only communicate with members of your team.

Why cant I switch to an alliance from chat? Access to the Alliance Chat opens from level 20 in alliance mode. You must also be a member of the alliance to communicate with its members.

How to join the alliance created by my friend? To find an alliance, enter its name in the search bar. Before joining, make sure that you and your friend are playing on the same OS (iOS and iOS, Android and Android, Windows and Windows), otherwise you will not be able to join the alliance.

Is it possible to change the leader of the alliance? Unfortunately, the game does not have such an opportunity. However, you can create a new alliance and become its leader automatically. If you are already the leader of the alliance, you can transfer this post to the next player on the list.