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Star Trek Fleet Command Walkthrough: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

STAR TREK FLEET COMMAND is a game released by the American company Scopely on November 27, 2018. Game Genre: Strategy. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.

Better Star Trek: Fleet Command download to computer via this link and play in Full resolution HD with maximum graphics, no brakes and saving progress. Just download the emulator, log in to your Google Play account, install the game in the window that appears and you will become the Wisest.


  1. How Star Trek download and install on PC?
  2. How to play here?
  3. Map navigation
  4. Combat guide
  5. Guide on ships in the game
  6. Passing tasks
  7. Hiring and pumping officers
  8. Mining resources and materials
  9. Station construction
  10. Events in the game
  11. How to change your name?
  12. Where to find the robbers (level 3+)?
  13. What gives the alliance?
  14. Beware scammers!
  15. How to use chat?
  16. How to recover lost progress?

How Star Trek: Fleet Command download and install on PC?

Star Trek on PC

Better Star Trek: Fleet Command download to a computer (PC) and play in Full HD resolution with maximum graphics, no brakes and saving progress. To do this, you need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Go to the page of the official website of the bluestacks emulator at the link at the beginning of this article and click on the big DOWNLOAD button. We are waiting for the download to finish.
  2. Run the downloaded file and wait for the installation to finish. If you already have BlueStacks emulator installed, it will open and immediately offer to install the game.
  3. After installing BlueStacks you need to enter your username and password of the GooglePlay service. So you save all the progress made in games that support data synchronization and can continue to play on your gadget.
  4. After that, the Play Store window will open on the Star Trek: Fleet Command game installation page. You install the game, just like on a regular phone. Run and enjoy life.

What gives the installation of games on your PC android using the emulator BlueStacks:

  1. Ability to use the keyboard to press various buttons of the game interface. We recommend assigning buttons to ships in the flotilla, alliance, map, construction, etc. This will save you a lot of time when playing on a PC.
  2. Enjoy the game in Full HD resolution with maximum graphics and no brakes. Unfortunately, not many modern phones can boast of good performance, so many modern games slow down on them. BlueStacks even on a weak computer shows impressive results.
  3. Earn BlueStacksPoint just by playing your favorite games. Points can be spent on drawing a gaming mouse or purchasing computer accessories. Increase your BlueStacks level and earn more points for the time spent in the game.
  4. Simply using BlueStacks you can participate in the raffle of various gadgets, computer chairs and even a modern gaming PC. To do this, you just need to complete simple quests: install the game and play it for a few minutes and that’s it, and you are already a participant in the drawing of cool prizes.
  5. Multitasking engine will allow you to enjoy several games at the same time. If you wait until a building is built in Star Trek, then at this time you can run the second game in another tab in parallel and spend time with benefits.

How to play here?


In Star Trek Fleet Command you will become the most powerful commander in the Star Trek universe. Many will try to prevent you, but everyone will have to go through one thorny path:

If you do not know what to do, we advise you to complete the tasks in order to advance further in the game. You can view tasks by touching the yellow button right above the blue button of the alliance in the lower left corner in any map mode.

Find more information will help you questions and answers. If something remains unclear or you did not find the answer, contact us for help.

Map navigation


The main gameplay is associated with four card modes. You can switch between them using the two round buttons in the lower right corner of the screen.

The inside of the station . Here you will find the main modules of your station, giving you various advantages.To learn more about the module, tap it and then the "DETAILS" tab to find out what advantage you will get by improving it.

The outer part of the station . As in the inside, station modules are located here, such as dry docks and defense systems.

System Explore the galaxy to discover new star systems. Tap the corresponding icon in the lower right corner of the screen to find out where your station is now located. To find out the location of the ship, tap the "Find" button (if the ship is in any system). Touch any point in the system to send the selected ship there (for example, tap the field to order the ship to develop it).

Galaxy Map of interstellar routes allows you to send ships to other systems. To do this, the ship goes to warp.During the flight, other players can not attack it. Some systems will not be available until you increase the maximum range of the warp transition.

Combat guide

the battle

Goals Four types of targets can be found in the system: 1. wandering brigands’ ships (marked in red); 2. targets for missions (marked with yellow and mission icons); 3. ships of other players (marked in blue); 4. stations of other players (located near the home planets in some systems).

Attack on target . Select a target on the system map to open the preview window. Touch the "POOR" button to send the selected ship to the target. The button will appear only for those purposes that you can attack.

PvP fight Any ship inactive or cruising through the system may be attacked by other players. You can attack another player’s ship only by rebuilding the operational module to a certain level. You also can not attack players whose level of the operating module is much higher or lower than yours.

PvP fight for the station . Touch the station to the selected ship attacked her. Each station has a defense system, and ships that are at the time of the attack at the docks, can also protect it. You may need several attempts to win. After the destruction of the station, the peace shield will be automatically switched on, preventing new attacks. You cannot attack other players’ stations until your operational module reaches a certain level. Also, you can not attack the station of his comrades in the alliance.

Fight in the extraction of resources . If your ship extracts resources, it can be attacked by other players regardless of the level of the attacker’s or defending unit’s operational module.

Fight for the station . When you achieve some success in the game, other players will be able to attack your station. In this case, they will fight against your defense platforms and ships docked and ready for battle (ships that are under repair or undergoing modification cannot participate in the battle).

If the attacking ship successfully destroys the station, the winner takes as many resources as he can carry. Part of your inventory is protected by storage (improve this module inside the station). These resources can not be stolen. Immediately after the destruction of the station, a peace shield is activated, preventing new attacks for a short period of time.

If the attacking ship fails to destroy the station, and he himself is defeated by her defensive systems, he is sent to the dry dock of his station.

Peace shields do not allow other ships to attack your station. They all operate for a limited time. Next to the icon of the active peace shield you can see the countdown sign. The peace shield will turn on automatically if an enemy ship destroys your station. But you can activate the protection by touching the "Objects" button in the upper left corner of the screen, selecting the "Other" tab and then your peaceful shield. An attack on another player’s ship automatically cancels the action of the peace shield, regardless of the time of its action.

Guide on ships in the game


Ships are your primary means of exploring the galaxy and a weapon in battle. Each ship has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, geological ships do not fight very well, but they extract resources very quickly.Interceptors, researchers and battleships also have strengths and weaknesses. Choosing a suitable ship, you will get some advantage in battle. Geological ships are designed specifically for the extraction and transportation of resources. They can participate in battles, but they are not intended for them at all.

Drawings . For the construction of the ship needed drawings. Collect enough drawings and get to work. Some ships require a certain level of scientific module or shipyard.

How to build a ship ? Touch the "Ships" button in the upper left corner of the map view screen to go to the ships building page. Touch the "BUILD" or "INSTANTLY" button to build a ship.

Destination ships . To use the ships, you will need a dry dock. Each dock is able to accommodate only one ship.If all the docks are occupied, you can change the ships assigned to them by touching the "CHANGE SHIP" button on the dry dock control page. Before that, you need to return the assigned ship to the station.

Modification of ships . You can modify ships while they are at the station. To do this, tap the ship itself at the bottom of the screen to open the menu and, by selecting "CONTROL", tap the "MODIFICATION" button at the bottom of the screen. On the modification screen you can find out how much experience the ship can spend on improving it, as well as view the special components needed to significantly increase its performance. Having developed all the components of the ship, you will transfer it to a new rank. This will take a certain time, during which the ship cannot be removed from the dry dock. Increasing the rank will improve the components of the ship and beyond.

Moving ships . Before going on an expedition, the ship must be a captain. This position can take any officer.

Map movement in the system . Tap anywhere on the system to open the menu. Then tap the "Forward" button to send the ship to the specified point. The selected vessel is highlighted in white at the bottom of the screen. If you touch the object you are interested in, for example, another ship or source of resources, a menu will open allowing you to attack or start the extraction of resources.

Move around the galaxy map . Go to the galaxy map by selecting the corresponding button in the lower right corner of the system map.

Tap any system to open the menu and tap the "PASS COURSE" button to send the selected ship there. By opening a new system (by visiting it on the ship), you can get information about it, even if your ships are not there. To move between systems, the ship must enter the warp. During the transfer, your vessel is protected from the attacks of the players, but you can no longer change course.

Search your ships . The more ships you have and the more galactic space you have discovered, the more difficult it will be to find your ships. You can check their location by tapping the ship icon at the bottom of the screen while viewing a map. Then tap the "FIND" button on the panel that opens in the lower left corner. A system map centered on the selected ship will open, or a galaxy map centered on the selected ship if the ship is in the warp.

Passing tasks


As you play and develop your fleet, you will be offered tasks. Follow them to get rewards. In the early stages of the job help to understand the gameplay. If you do not know what to do, try one of these instructions. Fighting, improving station modules and exploring the galaxy, you will find all the new tasks. Their list can be viewed by tapping the "JOB" button on the left side of the screen. Select the name of the order you are interested in to learn more.

Daily goals can be viewed by tapping the yellow task button on the left side of the screen and selecting the appropriate tab. Follow daily goals to earn points. Having collected enough, you will receive a reward for the stage. Points, stage rewards and goals are reset every 24 hours.

Hiring and pumping officers


Officers are key crew members. Every ship must have at least one officer. New officers can be hired with special tokens. Go to the officers screen by tapping the menu in the upper left corner of the screen and selecting the appropriate item.

Officers can be developed and trained so that they give more bonuses to their ships.

Officers have the following properties:

The appointment of officers . To assign an officer to the ship, tap the ship, select "MANAGEMENT" in the panel that opens, and then select "APPOINT THE OFFICERS", but first you need to return the ship to the base.On the next screen you will see the number of available cells on the ship. Tap a free cell to assign an officer, or already occupied, to change an officer.

Assign an officer to the bridge to activate his abilities. One of the officers must be the captain of the ship in order to activate his special ability. Some officers get along well with each other, which can be understood by the icon in the form of a yellow lightning. Use such officers to increase the effectiveness of the captain’s ability.

Improve officers . Raise the levels of your officers and promote them to improve their performance and strengthen the ships. Details about the officer can be found on the appropriate screen by touching the portrait of the officer.

Level Up On the officer profile screen, you can increase his level due to the officer’s experience points.

Promotion in rank . Develop your officer by touching the "INCREASE" button in his profile. This feature will become available if you collect enough pieces of this officer and resources.

Mining resources and materials

Latin is the rarest element in the game. Can be used to buy other resources and speed up work.

Parstal is required to improve modules, research and construction of ships. Can be mined in space.

Tritanium is required to improve the modules, research and construction of ships. Can be mined in space.

Dilithium is required to improve the modules, research and construction of ships. Can be mined in space.

Raw crystals . Recycle them in the processing workshop at your station to get recycled crystals. Can be mined in space.

Recycled crystals . Used to modify ships, improve modules and various studies.

Raw gas Recycle it in the processing plant at your station to get recycled gas. Can be mined in space.

Recycled gas . Used to modify ships, improve modules and various studies.

Raw ore . Recycle it in the processing plant at your station to get recycled ore. Can be mined in space.

Recycled ore . Used to modify ships, improve modules and various studies.

How to extract resources ? Touch a field to get information about it and send the selected ship to it. You can extract various resources. Explore systems to find deposits.

Having reached the deposits of resources, the ship will automatically begin to develop them. The amount of extracted resources cannot exceed the volume of the hold. Tap the ship at the bottom of the screen and look at the value near the hold icon to find out how much resources the ship can carry.

Having filled the hold, your ship will remain near the deposits of resources, but will stop mining. Be alert and withdraw ships to the station in a timely manner.

Your ships near the deposits can attack other players. The collected materials and resources cannot be used until they are delivered to the base. If the ship is attacked during resource extraction, you may lose some reserves if the ship is defeated!

Where to look for resources ? Resource deposits are scattered across all systems of the galaxy, and there is no specific system for their extraction. Explore as many systems as possible to find rich deposits.Each of the deposits contains only one type of resources or materials. Look for the exact resources you need!

Attacks in the extraction of resources . Mining is not only profitable, but also risky! While you work, other players can attack you. If the attacker wins, then:

If the defender wins:

Station construction


Build and improve the internal modules of the station to strengthen the station and fleet. Each design gives the advantages.

The operational module is the command center of your station. Improve it to increase your level, open additional modules and increase the damage from the guns.

Academy . Here the officers are awaiting appointment. Improve this module to hire more officers and improve their performance.

Lab . Thanks to this module you will be able to discover new technologies that will be useful for the construction of new ships and modules.

Parstal, tritania and dilithia warehouses. The amount of each of these resources that you can stock depends on them. Once the warehouses are full, you will no longer be able to pick up products from the generators. Resources obtained from the boxes, tasks, shop and awards for events may exceed the number of resources that you can store.

Parstal, tritania and dilithia generators . Gradually produce resources. Tap a module to collect products and add to your inventory. If the warehouse is already full, you will not be able to pick up resources from the generator.

Parstal storage, tritania and dilithia . Protect a certain amount of the resource from attacks by other players.

Refine and upgrade the station’s external modules to protect it and strengthen the fleet.

Defense platforms serve as the first line of defense against enemies and are located on the outer part of the station. They can be improved with the help of resources. Damage taken by defense platforms recovers over time.

Events in the game

Tap the "Events" button in the upper right corner of the map to view a list of events. Sometimes there is a "WINNER" mark on the event button. This means that you can get a reward for the event. Tap the green event button to collect a prize, and then again to see a list of events.

How to get a reward for an event ? If you have earned a reward, the event button in the upper right corner will turn green, and the "WINNER" mark will appear on it. Touch her to get a prize.

How to change your name?

name change

Although the game assigns you a default name during registration, you can change it at any time by tapping it in the upper left of the screen to the right of the menu button. Tap the edit button as a pencil to the right of the name and enter a new name.

Where to find the robbers (level 3+)?

Star Trek Galaxy is immense, and in many ways the pleasure of the game can be obtained by exploring it. The system plow the numerous ships of the robbers. They can be called differently, but they are always marked in red on the map. The number to the left of the brigands ship shows its level. For example, this is a Righelian destroyer of the 2nd level.

Having conquered your initial system, tap the round button in the lower right corner of the screen to open the galaxy map. Rogues of the 3rd level can be found in systems 2-4 levels. The level of the system is indicated next to its name on the galaxy map. If you need a robber of a particular level, look for him on systems whose level is only 1 higher or lower than his own. As you can see in the image below, bandits of 1-3 levels are found in the system of the 2nd level of Groschy.

What gives the alliance?

By joining the alliance, you can ask your teammates to help with any task for a while: repairing the ship, building modules, etc. Touch the violet alliance help button to send a request to your comrades. The shape and size of this button may vary, but its color and icon remain unchanged.

Every time you are assisted, the countdown time is shortened. The number of allies that can support you depends on the level of the alliance. Make your contribution to its development so that all the allies can get more help. Help can be requested only once for a certain period of time, and each member of the alliance can support you only once per request.

Beware scammers!

The commander, the game developers (DIGPRMGames) support an extremely strict policy regarding fraud. All users found to use third-party software to influence the game will be denied access to the game world forever.

Fraud is:

Report all suspicious activity in the user support channel, and the developers will investigate. Sometimes they do find fraudsters and immediately remove them from the game, but sometimes they encounter previously unknown errors that lead to an unexpected outcome of events. Although these errors may seem fraud, it is not the player’s fault. They try to correct such shortcomings as soon as possible.

How to use chat?

Location chat . You can access the main chat page by tapping the preview window in the upper center of the map screen.

Preview chat . In the chat preview window, you can see the last two incoming messages. Swipe left or right to switch between the chats of the galaxy (all players communicate here) and the alliance.

Chat Alerts . Sometimes you can see the red number in the lower left corner of the preview window. It shows how many unread personal messages and messages of the alliance you have. Open the main chat page to read the messages and clear the alerts.

Navigate the main chat page . Tap the tab at the top of the main chat page to switch between the galaxy chat (all players communicate here), alliance chat and private messages.

Sending messages . Tap the white message bar at the bottom of the screen to open the keyboard and enter a message in the chat you are viewing (the selected chat is highlighted at the top of the screen).

How to block a player or complain about him in the chat ? Tap any chat message to open the menu, and select "Report" or "Block". Having blocked a player, you will stop receiving messages from him and will not be able to respond to him. Your complaint about the misbehavior of the player will consider the administration.

How to unlock a player ? Tap the control button in the upper right corner of the main chat page to view the list of blocked players and remove the ban on communication.

How to recover lost progress?

If at the entrance to the game you saw that your game progress is lost, use this instruction. Developers will never delete or erase your game progress. Perhaps their system could not load your Google Play account from our database and generated a new one for you. There can be several reasons:

How to return access? Make sure you are logged in with your Google Play account. Otherwise, just log in and restart the game to return to the system! If this does not help, contact customer support, and we will return access to you manually. In the application report the following data:

Author of the article: Nadezhda D.