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Stella Arcana WiKi: Tips and Tricks for Walking the Game

STELLA ARCANA is a game for android with release date 01/06/2021 from LRGame Inc. Game genre: Role-playing. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Codes
  2. A Beginner’s Guide
  3. Hero Leveling Guide
  4. Secrets of Getting Equipment and Materials
  5. Soul Stones Guide
  6. Perfume Guide
  7. How to change the appearance of the hero?
  8. In-Game Trading Guide, House of Trading

Stella Arcana: Codes

Codes from the developers give you the opportunity to receive additional free gifts in the game. Be sure to subscribe to the game’s official Facebook page and stay tuned for new codes so you don’t miss out on your rewards.

How to enter the code? Examples of codes. To enter the code, your account must be at level 4. After that, you will open the account menu (icon in the upper left corner). Click on it and select the "Exchange" button. Enter the code, respecting the upper and lower case rules, and then click "Exchange". The contents of the gift will be in your backpack. Here are some sample codes:

Stella Arcana: A Beginner’s Guide

Basics of the game. Follow the main game plot, the story in the game develops continuously, leading you from one quest to another. At the same time, for certain tasks, you will first need to raise the level of your character’s skills, for which you will have to complete a considerable number of side quests. Gradually, on the left side of the screen, you will have a whole list of tasks. You can always go back and continue any of the started quests with one click.

What character classes are there in the game? At the beginning, you choose one of the presented character classes:

Camera and controls. The camera in the game can be configured and switched between 2.5-3D modes. To make it more convenient in 3D mode, the camera can be rotated to any angle, in 2.5D mode, only the distance can be adjusted. The controls are as simple as possible - a virtual joystick on the left side of the screen and a skill selection attack button on the right.

Skills and talents. In the game you have to actively pump the abilities of your characters, for which you will have several branches of development. To upgrade you will need talent points, which you can earn by completing quests and various tasks. New active and passive skills will become available as the gameplay develops.

Why do you need a backpack? Your backpack shows all the items you have, including weapons, materials, medicines, mission items, etc. There are 100 slots in your backpack. You can return non-mission items. The returned items will disappear. There are two types of items: used and unused. You can make out some of the items in your backpack. The higher the level and quality of an item, the more items and gold you will receive by dismantling it. Once your backpack is full, you will no longer be able to receive items.

Warehouse. The warehouse can store unnecessary items that you do not want to carry in your backpack. Each player can have up to 10 warehouses. Initially, players receive 2 warehouses. Each warehouse has 25 slots. Later, players can use silver to buy warehouses. Players can name each of their warehouses. Double tap to quickly save or find an item.

Character panel. To view basic information about a character, open the character panel. As you travel around the game world, you will gradually discover new characters. You can refer to the character panel to use new ones. You can unlock and complete biographical missions to get a better understanding of the character’s past ... and possible future ...

Strengthening equipment. In the game, you can temper and consecrate your equipment, which will significantly increase your combat characteristics. It is not just the hardening of the equipment itself that takes place, but the slots for weapons and clothes. This means that when you change weapons, the achieved Consecration stats will remain the same, and you will not lose anything. To consecrate the ramparts, the Consecration Stones are required. The more powerful the equipment, the more stones you need to upgrade to the next level. As soon as you pick up equipment more powerful than the current one, the game will notify you of this by highlighting the necessary slots with a red marker.

Magic stones. The game has a lot of stones that you can collect to enhance your character. One example is Soul Stones, which need to be inlaid and upgraded to become stronger.

How do I delete a character? There is currently no way to delete a character.

Can I transfer a character or other items to another server? You cannot transfer a character or items to another server.

How do I create two or more characters on one account? So far, only one character can be created on one server.

How to change the hero? Click on Settings - Change account - Select the required server.

Opening game functions. You accumulate experience and gradually increase your account level, opening up new opportunities for improvement and getting the best rewards. Below is a list of features:

Stella Arcana: Hero Leveling Guide

Character growth. The ways to enhance the hero include:

Additional gains. Remember to use the following additional amplification methods:

Battle pet leveling:

Magical properties:


Stella Arcana: Secrets of Getting Equipment and Materials

How do I get the gear? There are the following ways:

Equipment training. Strengthen your equipment in the following ways:

How do I get Silver, Gold and Crystals?

How do I get the materials?

Stella Arcana: Soul Stones Guide

Players can mine Rare, Epic, Legendary, Mythic, and Wondrous Soul Gems. Legendary and mythical soul stones are further divided into stones R1, R2 and R3.

Views. There are three types of soul stones: fighting spirit, guards and energy.

Inlay. You can inlay equipment with soul stones as soon as you put it on. You can inlay each piece of equipment with 3 soul stones. After inlay, you can remove equipment to neutralize the effect of inlaid stones (attribute or level bonuses gained from crystals are also neutralized).

Only one piece of equipment can be inlaid with each soul stone. There are also special soul stones, only one per character (but not one per piece of equipment).

Attributes. Each soul stone has base and resonance attributes (both attribute types are generated randomly when you receive crystals).

Improving soul stones. Each soul stone can use soul stones - experience to increase their own level.

What to do with extra stones? Extra soul stones can be disassembled into soul stones - experience (income depends on the quality of the stone). If you have already used experience stones to boost soul stones, you will get them all back when you disassemble the stone. If you take apart a soul stone that has been cleansed, you will receive the used cleaning items back.

Stella Arcana: Perfume Guide

Types of spirits. There are three types of spirits: Battle Pets, Mounts, and Mini. Battle Pets grant mod bonuses to their owners. Once deployed, you can use the pet-exclusive talent skills. You can ride mounts to increase your Movement Speed. Minis can go on an expedition to win random items.

Use of perfume. Spirits can be set free, in return you will receive a spirit egg and some resources for a battle pet. Reincarnation of mounts and mini will provide only a little silver in return. After an epic or higher battle pet reaches a certain level, it can bring toys to add more mods. Universal toys can be used to activate the set’s abilities. Exclusive toys can be used to increase the level limit.

Battle pets. Battle pets activate character after Lv. 70. Different character types will bring different effects to players. A certain character will provide a bonus to the properties of the toy. Battle pets will have different personalities based on their own quality. Higher quality will provide stronger character types through rework.

Hatching eggs. If you have received spirit eggs, you can come here to hatch them. You will have to wait a certain amount of time before the eggs hatch. You can click on the spirit egg and choose to cancel hatching. When you start hatching again, the timer will be reset. When the spirit hatches, you can free it or take it for yourself. If you are picking up a spirit, make sure you have free space.

The hatched spirit egg will become attached and cannot participate in transactions.

Stella Arcana: How to change the appearance of the hero?

Hero clothes. The wardrobe shows all the sets of equipment that your character owns. Click on your character’s closet to switch between characters. After receiving an item that can unlock a set of equipment, click on the corresponding set to access it. Changing a set of equipment after you have put it on does not change the appearance of your character.

You can also choose to try on a set of equipment that you do not have yet. Some gear sets come in multiple colors. Click on the wheel in the lower left corner of the screen to try on different colors. Click on the "Background" button to change the background behind your character. Click on the "Paint" button to enter the item workshop.

You cannot paint a gear set in the workshop if you have not received it yet.

Shop rules of appearance. The Outfit Shop sells skins and mounts. Skins are divided into kits and parts. Kits have kit attributes. Re-use Limited Skins and Mounts to extend their usage time. Some items can be gifted to friends.

Stella Arcana: In-Game Trading Guide, House of Trading

Bazaar. Players can buy and sell items in the bazaar for silver. Each item in the bazaar has a base price. When players buy and sell a certain item, its trading price will fluctuate around the base one. Item prices are adjusted every hour.

A store. Players can buy and sell items at the point of sale. This is a great way to quickly acquire gear, crafting materials, and other items. You can also sell items to get gold. The price of each item that you put up for sale at the point of sale will be adjusted by the system based on the volume of sales of that item in the last 3 days. Initially, each player has 4 shelf spaces to sell items. With gold, players can buy more shelf space, up to a maximum of 12.

When you list an item for sale, you pay a 1% service fee in silver. After the item is sold, the seller will be charged a 9% gold service fee. Regular items can be placed on the shelf for a specific period, which by default is 24 hours. If no one buys an item within 24 hours, it is automatically removed from the shelf and the player can pick it up or put it up for sale again.

Sale of rare items. When a very rare item is listed for sale, the ad is placed for 8 hours. Very rare items remain on the shelf for 72 hours. After 72 hours, they are automatically removed from sale.

Trade security system. The Stella Arcana team makes every effort to protect the rights of players and to ensure that all in-game transactions are fair, fair, reasonable and properly conducted. The operations team will continue to improve the system to ensure the safety of player-to-player transactions and prohibit off-system transactions and in-game commerce. To this end, all orders for transactions from players will be sent to the server and checked by humans and AI systems for compliance with the policy of the Stella Arcana team.

Shop. The shop includes: points shop, guild shop, glory shop, tree heart shop, adventure shop, perfume shop, merit shop, general shop, seed shop, garden shop, card shop, astral shop, demon shop, snowfield shop, tarot and memory shop. If you did not buy an item with a purchase restriction on the day today, then your attempt is carried over to the next day. You need different currencies in different shops. You need to participate in various daily events in order to earn the corresponding currency.

House of trades. The House of Trading feature was created to provide players with a fair and fair platform where they can buy and sell items and where their rights will not be infringed. The main currency of the trading house is gold. Players can buy and sell the items they want according to the rules of the game. At the auction house, the seller can set the selling price (in gold). If the buyers agree on the price, they purchase the item, then the seller receives the gold minus the service fee.

The specifics of trading in the house of trading. The House of Trades hosts guild trades, world trades, and team trades. To start a guild auction, the guild can take part in the "World Boss" event. The more damage the guild deals to the boss, the more items they will have at the auction. Excess items from the guild auction will go to the world auction. Team bidding takes place every time a team kills a dungeon boss, provided that the team still has attempts to collect rewards.

Bidding and redemption formats are used for trades. Bidding continues until the highest price is announced and no one has offered more. Your gold will be withheld as soon as you submit a bid. If someone outbids your price, gold will be returned to you by email. Buyback means that you agree to a certain price and buy the item directly with gold, without raising rates. Gold earned from Guild Bidding, World Bidding, or Team Bidding will be distributed equally among the players who participated in the respective events.

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