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SUPREME MANDARIN: PALACE GAME is a game for android with release date 04.04.2020 from CHUANG COOL ENTERTAINMENT. Game genre: Role-playing. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Advisors and their leveling
  2. Officials
  3. A Guide to Beauties
  4. Banquets in Supreme Mandarin
  5. Tribunal
  6. Union Guide
  7. Hanlin Event
  8. Game Secrets

Supreme Mandarin: Advisors and their leveling

Getting advisors. Advisors can be obtained:

Characteristics of advisors. Different advisors have different characteristics. There are 4 types of them in total:

  1. Power: An important characteristic for campaigns. Affects the consumption of soldiers and combat effectiveness. The higher the power, the faster you will pass the levels (and the fewer soldiers you will lose).
  2. Intelligence: the number of coins received when trading property depends on this indicator.
  3. Policy: the characteristics of production depend on this indicator. Manufacturing is a prerequisite for recruiting soldiers.
  4. Charisma: The higher the charisma, the more soldiers are recruited at a time.

Use stat peaches, stat fruits, stat berries, stat powder, scroll, etc. In addition, you can use coins to level up advisors. With an increase in the level of advisors, 4 characteristics of advisors also increase. The characteristics of advisors and heirs are influential.

You can get enhancement scrolls and other items to increase characteristics in the store or through daily tasks. Each advisor must have a matching beauty to improve their skills.

Advisor abilities. Abilities are important to advisors. The "Might" ability affects the combat effectiveness of advisors in the Instance, at levels, in an alliance battle, etc. General abilities of advisers - attack power, general level of characteristics - HP. The better the ability, the higher the stat bonus.

To increase the abilities of advisors, you can use scrolls and experience books. The scrolls can be obtained in the store, through the Mongol Invasion Instance, in the rewards of rating events and through the account replenishment. Book experience can be gained through the use of Hanlin tickets and through study in the reading room.

The influence of advisors. Influence - the total number of characteristics of advisors, and the higher the characteristics, the higher the influence. Thus, to increase your influence, you need to pay attention to the general characteristics of the advisors. You can take part in events to exchange special advisors that have an Aura, for example, 4 great brave men, 5 brave heroines, etc.

By fostering good counselors, you can quickly increase your influence. It is also possible to earn generous rewards through participation in the Influence Ranking Competition.

Important relationships:

Skills. The meaning of the reading room. You can send counselors to study in the reading room. After graduation, counselors can gain knowledge experience and skill experience. Training time: 3 hours, after training you can gain knowledge experience for 10 units. and skill experience for 100 units. Counselor skills affect the tribunal.

You can spend gold bars to expand your reading room (up to 20 seats). When the number of seats reaches 5, auto-learning is unlocked.

Supreme Mandarin: Officials

Honor and power. Honors are important resources for raising the rank of an official. Ways to get honors:

The relics affect the fighting efficiency of the official. The more power, the higher its combat effectiveness.

Official rank. The rank of an official is determined by honors. Benefits of Rank Up:

Titles. Most titles can be obtained during ranked events. You can change the title and wear different costumes on the "Items" - "Rank" page. Only princes and emperors can occupy the palace.

Supreme Mandarin: A Guide to Beauties

Beauties rules. You can visit beauties and give them gifts. Beauties need to be visited to increase intimacy, skills, and birth opportunities. Gifts will enhance the intimacy and charm of beauties. The skills of beauties will improve the characteristics of the advisors. You can get the skills of beauties through casual dating, and there is also a chance of births of heirs. Activate VIP 3 to start a quick date without heirs. Energy is restored every 30 minutes, and the Fruit of Energy can quickly replenish energy.

Access to beauties. Go to Walking and tap the + button. Most of the beauties can be found on walks. Beauties will marry you after several meetings. The more fortune, the more chances of meeting beauties. Boost your fortune with coins, food or ingots.

For each VIP level, a beauty is available to you. Learn about accessing beauties using the Strangers button in the beauties system.

The benefits of beauties. The skills of the beauties will increase the characteristics of the advisors. The higher the charm of the beauties, the more skill experience a date acquires. Beauties give birth to heirs, and the characteristics of the heirs are directly included in the general characteristics of the player. The higher the proximity of the beauties, the higher the characteristics of the corresponding advisors and the increase in the characteristics of the player.

Characteristics of the heirs. Heirs are divided into Clumsy, Common, Intelligent, Able and Gifted. Each maximum level corresponds to 10, 20, 30, 40, 50. Successors of the maximum level can participate in the imperial exam. After they pass the exam, they can earn a matching personality based on characteristics:

Banquets in Supreme Mandarin

Types of banquets:

  1. Official banquet: after organizing a banquet, players from all over the server can see it on the main page of the banquet system and take part in it.
  2. Family banquet: after organizing a banquet, players from all over the union can see it on the main page of the banquet system and take part in it. You can also find a banquet by player number and take part in it.

Banquet glasses. Banquet points are mainly used to exchange rewards. The number of banquet points depends on the general characteristics and the number of players who participated in the banquet. The more participants, the more points you can get. The more common characteristics of the participants, the more points you can get.

Invite friends or union members to take part in the banquet in order to increase the banquet points.

Banquet attendance limit. To unlock Banquets, you must be at least ml. an official of the VII rank. The banquet attendance limit does not exceed 3 times daily. Using the items "Banquet invitation", you can increase the number of visits to the banquet.

How do I get items for organizing a banquet?

Supreme Mandarin: Tribunal

Sending an ambassador. The tribunal system is unlocked with 15 advisors. Conditions for sending an ambassador: level 60 advisor or higher. Limit: 4 departures per day, every 60 minutes. After completing attempts, use an arrest warrant to increase the number of shipments. Use a Challenge Letter or Pursuit Order to challenge players on the roster or take revenge on enemies (once per day per advisor).

Defeat 5 or more enemy advisors to get into the list of enemies. General abilities of advisers - attack power and general level of characteristics - HP. Pursuit bonus: double reduction in the opponent’s points (the pursued will have twice as many points deducted). Conditions for getting into the list: defeat 20 or more advisors. Each advisor can only send 2 times a day (random send and call).

Supreme Mandarin: Union Guide

You can join the union when you reach st. Rank VII official. You can spend 2000 ingots to create an alliance and become its head. Find or create your union to get more resources.

What to do after joining the union? In an alliance, you can participate in daily construction or fight in an Instance to get personal contribution points. On the exchange page, you can exchange points for special items, including money, soldiers, a bundle of skill experience, and so on.

At high levels of the union, you can get more high-level items.

What is the union level for? After gaining enough experience, you can increase the level of the union. Daily construction and Instance help you gain experience. The higher the level of the union, the more members it can have. The higher the level of the union, the more special items are open on the exchange page and the higher the level of the boss in the Instance.

What happens to my personal contribution if I leave the union? Regardless of whether you leave or you get kicked out, as well as when the union dissolves, you will lose half of your contribution points. But, more importantly, you will not be able to join another union within 24 hours.

Can the position of the head of the union be transferred to a member of the union? Yes. However, this will cost you 10,000 union money. You can only transfer the title of head to a player who has been in the game for at least three days.

Alliance quests are reset on the first day of each month.

HP of alliance bosses

HP (in billions)Union experienceWasted wealth
0,4one hundred200

Supreme Mandarin: Hanlin Event

Rules. To create your own Hanlin, get tickets in events. To capture a stranger - fight with his master according to the number of his honors. We recommend increasing your rank and honor before the battle. If your rank is lower than that of the enemy, the active button will not appear. Wear a protective suit - usually you can get it as a prize of a rating event.

How to get Hanlin tickets? There are several ways to get Hanlin tickets:

Supreme Mandarin: Game Secrets

How do I change my name in the game? There are two ways to change the name in the game:

What should I do in prison? You can get different resources through the punishment of criminals in the prison. After passing certain levels, you can catch criminals. A criminal will be sent to prison, who can be punished in turn. This requires Fame, which is restored every day.

The more levels you pass, the more Fame you get. Punish criminals every two days to get more resources.

Imperial Palace. By participating in events, Your Excellency can receive mandates to confer a new title. After receiving a new title, the palace corresponding to the title will open in the imperial palace. Once a day, each player can bow to players with rank in the imperial palace to receive golden scrolls. A player with a rank increases by 2 for each worship. After the expiration of the term of the awarded title, the respective palace is closed. Players who have accumulated titles can unlock a skin in the Imperial achievement.

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