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Walkthrough Survival Arena Tower Defense: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

SURVIVAL ARENA: TOWER DEFENSE - Android game with release date 05/05/2017 from the company Game Insight. Game Genre: Strategy. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. Game Currency Guide
  2. Secrets of Cards and Chests
  3. Arena Survival
  4. Leagues and Tournaments
  5. Guide to Clans and Islands
  6. Keeping Your Progress Right
  7. Bugs and Fitch Games
  8. If the game slows down?

Survival Arena: Game Currency Guide

What are rubies? This is a completely new currency that will exist simultaneously with fragments of the sky.Rubies can be used to get chests and hero tokens in a store, exchange them for fragments of the sky, or instantly open chests with their help.

How to get rubies? Rubies can be obtained for winning tournaments, achievements, or for opening 5 chests for victories in Dueling. They can also fall from stock chests, so be sure to collect them! Well, of course, you can always buy rubies in the game store.

What are rubies used for? First of all, to get items from the store (chests and hero tokens). They can also be spent on accelerated chest opening.

Rubies will replace the fragments of the sky? Fragments of the sky will remain in the game: they will be produced in arenas, you will receive them from the chests, as well as a reward for participating in tournaments. A new currency is introduced so that the balance between cards, chests and other items from the store is easier to set up. Also, the daily rewards in the fragments of the sky were increased!

Survival Arena: Secrets of Cards and Chests

Getting cards. You can collect cards by opening chests and moving to leagues one level higher. The better the chest, the more likely it is to find some cards in it (especially epic and legendary). Of course, you can be extremely lucky when you open a regular chest, but it is much more profitable to buy chests in the store and get cards from them. Cards are distributed in Leagues, that is, in order to get a card of a certain league, you must first collect the required amount of Glory from the Duel, go to a new league, and only then this card can get you in the chests.

How to get rare / epic / legendary cards? Cards come in different qualities: ordinary, rare, epic, legendary (ascending). Obviously, legendary cards will give you more advantages than their usual counterparts, but they are much more difficult to find. Keep opening the chests to get these cards, and be sure to brag to everyone when you get a cool legendary card! By the way, in the chests from the store are more likely to find rare / epic / legendary cards.

The game crashed while improving the map. Do not worry, the map improvement was still successful.Restart the game and everything will be fine. If it seems to you that something went wrong - the card did not improve, although the fragments of the sky were written off - contact the support team: they will open your account and see how the improvement went.

How can I get free chests? The developers have a special electronic parrot that counts the seconds, and as soon as 4 hours pass, you can get a free chest with stocks. Just go into the game, open the "Shop" tab and click "Pick up", and then see which cards appeared in your arsenal. You can accumulate no more than 2 chests (if you wait 8 hours), after which you need to pick up the chests with supplies to get new ones.

I want to know more about chests. The chests contain cards and fragments of the sky. Usually a chest opens in 4 hours, but for some quests chests are given as rewards that can be opened faster or slower. As a rule, the more time it takes to open a chest, the more valuable its contents: for example, there may be rare items inside that cannot be found in small chests.

Every 4 hours you can get a free stock chest. You can accumulate up to 2 of these chests (this means that every 8 hours you can pick up 2 chests with supplies, but if you do not pick them up after 8 hours, there will be no more chests). You can also purchase chests from the store for shards of heaven. These chests are already open - you just have to sit comfortably and watch how the arsenal is filled with amazing treasures. They also contain more cards, so the chance of replenishing the collection of cards with rare copies is much higher.

What is the difference between chests purchased from fragments of the sky from ordinary ones?Chests from the store contain much more cards, which means you will immediately become much stronger! In addition, acquiring the largest Cloud Beard Chest, you get epic and even legendary cards that have no equal in power!

Do I need to open chests purchased for fragments of the sky? Not. The chests you purchase for the shards of heaven are already open, so you will receive your epic treasures right away.

Are the chests different for each league? Yes. The higher the level of the league, the more cards (very different!) And fragments of the sky will be in all the chests (including those from the store).

The game crashed while opening a chest. You don’t have to worry that you might not have received any cards: in fact, you (with a high degree of probability) got them all the same! Even if you could not enjoy the stunning animation of flying cards, they were all added to the arsenal. However, if you still think that something went wrong and the well-deserved reward is missing from the arsenal, contact the support team! They will check the recording from the server so that you do not worry (or manually add the items intended for you).

Survival Arena: Arena Survival

General tips and tricks. The basic artillery tower is not a panacea: at higher levels you will need more serious firepower, and a simple cannon will not save. Timely use of shells will help radically change the situation. Try to complete tasks and queue chests for opening. It seems to us a good idea to open 4-hour chests during the day and 8-hour chests while you sleep. In battle, upgrading a tower costs less and benefits more than building another tower of the same kind. However, towers are used not only for causing damage.

Most of the fighters you land will immediately run to attack the enemy Hero. Only when he is killed, the soldiers will try to destroy the base. Damage in the Arena is distributed among all bases. This means that everyone will receive damage, even if only one of them is attacked. From time to time, look in the News section - this is the best way to keep up with the latest news. In the chests from the store you will find many treasures to immediately increase firepower!

What is Sudden Death? This is a place where you will not have the right to make a mistake - your base has only one life, and only one enemy is enough to finish this round. Sudden Death is a great arena to learn how to play or try different strategies - there is enough space for building such a maze that you can come up with. Do not worry if you can not survive for a long time at the very beginning. Improve your cards, try building another maze (there are many different strategies on YouTube!), And you will win prizes.

How to move to the next league? To advance to the next league, you need to earn Glory points by winning the Duel. When enough Glory is gained, you will move to the next league and get the opportunity to open new cards. Current Leadership Glory requirements:

What is the layout? This is what you take with you to battle. Even if you have collected all the cards, the number of cells is limited - you will not be able to use all the cards at once, and you will not have a sudden advantage.

What is an arsenal? Arsenal demonstrates your power. This is a place where you can store and improve maps.Each card that you find or receive gets here with one single purpose - to increase the level! By the way, if you suddenly did not notice, improving maps increases their power, in particular this is true for rare, epic and legendary maps.

How many types of cards are there? At the moment, the game has 6 types of cards.

How to replenish adrenaline? If you have run out of good old adrenaline (a very useful thing, it speeds up the battle), go to the arsenal and click the adrenaline icon in the "Amplifiers" section. There you will find the adrenaline recovery button for a small number of fragments of the sky.

Can I play against other players? Of course! Reach level 2 (gaining experience for improving cards), and you can go through a training session and understand what to do in duels. Captain Cloudbeard will personally teach you how to survive on the field and you are ready to fight! Find the duel card, start the search for the enemy, and then show off the victory! This is the most pleasant. And after all this, you can also try the 2 * 2 mode - where you fight together with another player, against two opponents at once.

Arena of Boom. This is the new Battle Royale mode where you can play for a limited time! You start the battle with a large number of players and minimal equipment. You have to look for weapons and armor, destroy enemies and not let yourself be trapped outside the safe zone. The last one to survive will be the winner. Look for weapons, hire warriors in buildings, and develop your strategy for victory. There is only one thing left: let it be you!

Survival Arena: Leagues and Tournaments

How many leagues are there? At the moment, 5 leagues are available in the game.

Which is the best league? Of course, the next one after the one you are currently in! It’s always great to get into a new league and get the best cards and treasures!

How can I move to the next league? Getting glory in a duel. Win a duel and in time you will move to the next league.

What will I get if I move to the next league? You will get the opportunity to open new cool cards, and you will receive more cards from the opened chests.

Can I get cards from other leagues? Yes, but only in reverse order. This means that, being in a higher league, you can get cards of a lower league, but not vice versa.

Survival Arena: Guide to Clans and Islands

Why join a clan? To receive great bonuses in adventures! Clans give you discounts on improving maps, free shards of the sky, unique heroes and much more.

What is clan island? This is the home of your clan. Here you can see all associates online in real time, chat with them and complete clan assignments: they will bring you bonuses that will help in the game.

Clan improvements Get together with associates and complete various tasks of the clan using emeralds. Put them in the appropriate task, and you will see how the island or building you have chosen changes! The statistics of investments of soklans is updated every 2 weeks. After your clan completes the task, you will receive excellent bonuses - from clan emblems and cheaper map upgrades to increasing the number of Shards of the sky that the Clan Extractor brings. In addition, some tasks will give you the opportunity to open new cards that cannot be obtained otherwise.

How to leave a clan? Leaving the clan is very easy:

  1. Open the clan menu;
  2. Go to the "Members" tab;
  3. Click on the icon with a broken shield (gear icon if you are a leader) next to the name of the clan;
  4. Confirm the exit.

Survival Arena: Keeping Your Progress Right

How to save an account. Keep any confidential information (such as account name and password) secret from third parties. Remember that under no circumstances will support staff ask you for the name and password of your account. To prevent your account from falling into the hands of scammers, do not access it from any device other than your own, otherwise your data may be at risk.

If you want to purchase in-game currency, be sure to use the built-in store, which can be accessed directly in the game. All other sources of fragments of the sky and other currencies are not reliable. When using them, you will not be credited with the paid currency, in addition, your credit card information may be stolen and your account blocked.

Saving progress. After the workout, you will be automatically connected to the Google Play service, which will store your data while you are in this account on the device. If you want to transfer data from one device to another, go to the same Google Play account on the new device. All your gameplay should be restored on the new device. You can also link Facebook to your account, then you will have an additional recovery tool. In addition, it will come in handy if you transfer the game to another operating system: you can continue to play from the moment you stopped.

Account recovery on a new device. If you want to continue playing on a new device or choose another, you can log in using the same Google Play account to restore progress. Go to the device’s settings and log in through the same Google Play account that you used on the previous device. After starting the game, your progress should automatically download to the new device. You can also link Facebook to your account, then you will have an additional recovery tool. In addition, it will come in handy if you transfer the game to another operating system: you can continue to play from the moment you stopped.

Acquisition, sale and transfer of accounts. Acquisition, sale and transfer of accounts are contrary to the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Service and are therefore prohibited. In addition, the transfer of any account information is prohibited by the above rules, it is also a very bad idea, because there is no guarantee that your account will not be stolen, which means that you are at unreasonable risk of losing your accumulated game progress.

Use multiple accounts on the same device. Using multiple accounts on the same device is currently not supported.

Name change. If for some reason you want to change your name, you can click on the player’s name in the lobby and then on the icon in the upper left corner of the screen to change the name.

Turn off notifications / alerts. If you want, you can turn off notifications directly in the game by clicking "Settings - General Settings" and then unchecking the "Notification Settings" field. It is recommended not to do this, as you can skip the right time to open chests and much more!

Survival Arena: Bugs and Fitch Games

My game does not load! Check your Internet connection, try switching to another. To ensure that the gameplay in Survival Arena is definitely continuous, make sure that your Internet connection is stable. Although it’s recommended that you connect to high-speed Wi-Fi, the game works great with a 3G / 4G mobile connection.Make sure that the signal is strong enough and consider that the performance depends on the local provider (for example, the network is most often congested in the evenings). If all else fails, try reinstalling the game. If even installing the game again did not help, something really went wrong. Contact player support.

The game crashes! In very rare cases, the game crashes. Do not worry - all your data is saved in this case, nothing will be lost. If the failure is easy to reproduce, contact the player support team, they will fix the problem as soon as possible.

Problems connecting to Facebook (Android) It’s more fun to play with friends, so if you have problems connecting to Facebook, try restarting the game and connecting again. Make sure you accept all permissions from Facebook. If it doesn’t help, try reinstalling the game (just make sure that you are logged in through the same Google Play account so that you don’t lose progress - check this in the settings). If you still have a problem and something obviously went wrong, contact the player support team.

There is no sound during the game. Go to the game settings and try clicking on "On / Off Sound" or "On / Off Music", this should help return the sound. If that doesn’t help, reinstall the game and wait a bit at the first start.

Survival Arena: If the game slows down?

Constant Internet connection breaks! To ensure that the gameplay in Survival Arena is definitely continuous, make sure the Internet connection is stable. Although it’s recommended that you connect to high-speed Wi-Fi, the game works great with a 3G / 4G mobile connection. Make sure that the signal is strong enough, and consider that the performance depends on the local provider (for example, the network is most often congested in the evenings).

Connection problems during the battle. Make sure your internet connection is stable and use Wi-Fi for better performance. If the connection still fails, try rebooting the device and / or router.

Slow performance on my device. If the game on your device constantly produces poor performance, try lowering the rendering quality to reduce processor load. Open "Settings", then "General Settings" and uncheck the box next to "Rendering quality: high" to set the average quality level.

The game freezes / crashes while opening chests or improving cards. Do not worry! Even if it seemed to you that you did not receive what you should have, in fact, all changes are immediately saved on the server. Restart the game and everything should be in order. If you still have questions, contact the player support service.

Author of the article: Nadezhda D.