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Walkthrough Tactical Monsters: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

TACTICAL MONSTERS - Android game with release date 11/03/2017 from the company Camex Games. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers answers to players questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. Beginners Guide
  2. Game Modes
  3. Accounts
  4. Connection Problems
  5. Payments and Crystals

Tactical Monsters: Beginners Guide

Getting and using resources. The game has only 3 types of resources:

  1. Cards: Collect cards to upgrade monsters. Maps can be obtained in Adventure, Expedition, Partisan War and the Arena. You can also request cards from your clan members.
  2. Gold: Gold is needed to upgrade monsters. Gold can be obtained in Adventure, Expedition, Partisan War and the Arena. It can also be obtained by donating cards to the clan members.
  3. Crystals: Get them for completing quests and completing levels at the Monster Academy. Also get them by opening chests. Crystals can be exchanged for other resources to create a clan.

What is guerrilla warfare? In this mode, your entire team will fight with 10 bosses. Bosses appear in turn.When one boss dies, another appears. Each boss has his own unique skills. You will need a strong team and as many monsters as possible.

How to change player name? Click on your avatar on the main screen. On the next screen, you can change the name by clicking on the button next to it. You can change your name for the first time for free!

How to find out the parameters of a monster during a battle? Select a monster from the list in the lower left corner of the screen and press the "i" button.

I missed the entry reward, can I get it somehow? Unfortunately, missed daily prizes can no longer be obtained. Do not forget to pick up every day!

How to change the language in the game? Click on your avatar on the main screen. On the next screen, you can change the language by pressing the "Language" button. Restart the game for the effect to take effect.

How is the sequence of moves determined in a battle? The sequence of moves is determined by the characteristic "speed" of each monster. The higher the "speed", the earlier the monster walks.

What does "lock arrow" mean? This means preventing a monster with a ranged attack from using it. To do this, place the monster on the cage next to the arrow. Thus, he will not be able to use a long-range attack on weak monsters and will be forced to attack in close combat. Shooters melee attacks deal only 50% damage, as do attacks outside the effective range.

I did not receive a card of a devilish monster ! Devil cards are rare, but can be found in many chests. If you have not received a single one, be patient. Sooner or later you will receive it!

How to get devil monster cards (orange cards)? You have a chance to get diabolical cards from all the chests in the game except the chests in Adventure.

Tactical Monsters: Game Modes

Why cant I get 3 stars per level in Adventure? Rules for getting stars:

If you cannot get 3 stars, be sure to upgrade your monsters. Also try to find the best tactics for this level. You can learn new tricks at the Monster Academy or from your clan members.

How often to win in PVP? Do not worry, no one wins all the battles. To increase the chance of winning try:

Can this level in the Test Fields be passed? Yes! Do not give up! If you are sure that there is a mistake in the game, then contact support.

What modes are there in the game? There are several modes in Tactical Monsters:

  1. Adventure;
  2. Hero Academy, which includes Basic Training and Test Fields;
  3. Guerrilla warfare;
  4. Expedition;
  5. PVP Arena;
  6. Mine protection.

How to open new modes? Modes open as you progress through the levels in Adventure mode.

Tactical Monsters: Accounts

I can not find my account. What happened? Did you reset the device to factory settings or reset the game?If you linked your account to Google Play or Apple Game Center, then go to your profile and click "Account" to restore your data. If you have not tied your account, then most likely it is lost forever. To find out for sure, contact support and let them know:

What needs to be done to link an account to Google Play or Apple Game Center? If you have not yet linked your account to Google Play or the Apple Game Center, then you are still playing under a guest account.Link your account as soon as possible so as not to lose your progress. To link an account, go to the players profile by clicking on the profile picture and select "Account".

Keep your username and password a secret! Protect your account from theft! Your account can be hacked only if the attacker somehow obtained your personal data, so keep confidential information secret. Follow these 3 rules and your account will be safe:

  1. Never give anyone passwords or logins from your Game Center / Google Play account, even to employees of the development company! They will never ask for your username.
  2. Try not to log into your account from other peoples devices. If you really need to do this, then do not forget to log out of your account later!
  3. Buy game currency only in the game itself. Crystal shops on the Internet actually trade your credit card numbers and stolen accounts.
Do not trust sites that promise you free crystals. They steal accounts.

Can I buy, sell and share accounts? Trading accounts or sharing accounts with other players is a violation of the rules for using the game. Developers cannot guarantee the security of accounts that were transferred from one player to another. Developers have the right to block any account that has been transferred between players.People who trade accounts can actually take your money and not give you anything in return. Help combat this phenomenon: do not trade accounts and inform the support team about those who are involved in this!

How to transfer my Game Center account to another iOS device? Transfer the account to another device or play two at once using the Game Center. Link your game to the Game Center account on the first device:

  1. Enter the device settings;
  2. Find and select Game Center;
  3. Log in with your Apple ID (or create a new one if necessary);
  4. Make sure you are not using your account with anyone else.

Return to the home screen and open the game. The message "Welcome, (your name)" should appear. To transfer the account to the second device, download the game and then:

  1. Enter the device settings;
  2. Find and select Game Center;
  3. Enter the same information as on the first device;
  4. Start the game;
  5. Go to your profile and select Game Center. There you can upload your save. Confirm and play!

How to reset my account? The meaning of Tactical Monsters is to go through good times and bad times with your account, so the design of the game does not imply the possibility of resetting or restarting the game. You can start a new game on a new device, but remember that the previous account will remain tied to the Game Center account and it cannot be untied.

How to transfer my Google Play account to another Android device? Google Play only supports one game per account. If you want to start a new game on another device, then you will need a new account.

  1. To make sure your account is linked to Google Play, log into Google Play on the first device, open the game and go to settings. Select the "enter Google Play" button;
  2. To join, take the second device and log in to your Google Play account on it. Download the game from the Play Store, go through the training in the game, go to the game settings and click on the button next to "Link to Google Play" to join. A confirmation message appears, loading the saved game from the first device.

Can I play on multiple accounts on the same device? Only one saved game is supported on each device or account. In order not to lose your progress, make sure that the game is saved. To save the game, link it to the Game Center (Google Play).

If you play without connecting an account, then you may lose progress permanently if you change the device, reinstall the game, or reset the device. Play wisely. Play safe!

I connected to Game Center, but the account does not load! It is very important to use the correct data when you enter your account. Make sure you are connected to the correct Game Center account. If the mail address does not match yours, then you are using someone elses account. In order not to make a mistake, make sure that:

  1. The mail address matches the mail of the account to which you linked the game;
  2. If this is an old address, then contact Apple Support to retrieve your account information.

Developers cannot get information about your Game Center account, since they only see the digital code of the account. Therefore, to restore your account, they need your help and the help of Apple.

I connected to Google Play, but the account does not load! It is very important to use the correct data when you enter your account. Make sure you are connected to the correct Google Play account. If the mail address does not match yours, then you are using someone elses account. If you cannot log in using your address, then this is most likely the wrong address. In order not to make a mistake, make sure that:

  1. Your device is connected to the correct Google Play account;
  2. In the game settings, click on "Link to Google Play" and link the game to the original account;
  3. If you linked the game to an account that you cannot log into, contact Google support to restore it.

Developers cannot get information about your Google Play account, because they only see the digital code of the account. Therefore, to restore your account, they need your help and the help of Google.

Tactical Monsters: Connection Problems

Im constantly losing connection. For Tactical Monsters, the time is important when you use your cards.Therefore, a stable internet connection is very important. For a stable game, you must have a reliable network and good signal reception on the device. A full signal strength indicator on Wi-Fi or a mobile network does not always guarantee a good connection. Sometimes the network speed may drop due to the influx of users. This is especially noticeable if you are in a moving vehicle or in the subway. As with any online service, it is recommended to use Wi-Fi with good Internet or, at least, stable 3G / 4G from a good operator.

The game freezes when you open the chest. If you have problems with the Internet during the opening of the chest, you can see a strange frozen half-open chest. Remember that the game saves your cards, even if the signal is lost. It is difficult to notice if you do not constantly pay close attention to the number of your cards. If you still doubt whether you have received a card, then contact support. They will check the history of the chests and tell you what you got. You can contact the support team by clicking on the support button on the settings page.

Tactical Monsters: Payments and Crystals

Is Tactical Monsters free? Tactical Monsters is free to download, install and play. Game currency can be used to accelerate progress, but the entire contents of the game can be opened without using it. The game also has offers that you can buy for crystals, gold or real money. Purchases are made at the Tactical Monsters game store.For maximum safety and protection of players, all purchases are made only through iTunes, Steam, Windows Store and Google Play. It is very important for developers that all players enjoy the game equally, so all parts of the game are available to both players who pay and those who do not pay.

I accidentally spent crystals! Can I get them back? By adding intuitive steps to confirm, developers minimized the possibility of random purchases. When shopping for crystals, you will always see confirmation that you really want to spend your crystals. Since developers cannot roll back the progress of all players at once or turn off some functions, canceling a purchase would give you an advantage, which would be unfair to other players.

All purchased crystals are gone! Usually, game purchases cannot be undone, and all the exceptions that developers make are subject to certain requirements. Developers are trying to make the game fair, therefore, when canceling a purchase, they also pick up purchased things. For example, if you received money back for 1200 crystals that you bought, then the developers will deduct the same number of crystals from your account. This can lead to a negative amount of crystals in your account if you have already spent some part.

If you cancel multiple purchases for a large amount, developers may be forced to block your account. They also block the accounts of those who are trying to use the services of third-party sellers, as this violates the rules for using the game. Of course, no one wants to part with their crystals, one removal of crystals is the only way to maintain balance in the game.

When you buy crystals, they belong to you. If you cancel the payment, as with any other transaction, you also cancel the ownership of the goods. Since Tactical Monster is an online game, the economy and game mechanics should be the same for all players. The same goes for buying crystals. To avoid confusion, monitor the safety of your device and never use your account with anyone else.

Can I buy crystals out of the game? Short answer: no! The only way to buy crystals is to buy them in the game store (security is guaranteed by iTunes, Google or Steam). There are many sites that offer to buy game currency in Tactical Monsters, but none of them are safe. They are not representatives of the developer company.

Often such sites request logins and passwords from Game Center / Google accounts. If you provide them with confidential information, your account may be in danger. If you buy crystals somewhere other than a game store, then no one will be able to help you, since you have violated the rules for using the game. Developers have the right to block accounts that are trying to buy crystals from third-party sellers.

Why are my crystals gone? If you open the game and find the crystals missing, it means that they were spent in some way. Often this happens due to the curiosity of friends or relatives. It is also possible that you used the account on someone elses device and forgot to log out. Then someone else can use your account without your knowledge.

The game cannot use crystals by itself; confirmation from the user is always necessary. Random purchases are possible, although the developers have added additional confirmation dialogs to prevent such situations. Do not forget to lock your device when you are finished playing. If you used an account on someone elses phone, do not forget to leave it.