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TALION is a role playing game from Com2uS Holdings Corporation. Here you have to fight bloodthirsty bosses and their minions in order to stop the destruction and restore peace to the earth. In this colorful MMORPG, you can explore the vastness of the open world, participate in PvE and PvP events and create a character with a unique appearance. The main goals of the game: leveling up the hero and his elements (wings, horses, etc.) and completing activities, incl. within the guild. The game features great art and music, addictive gameplay and an interesting storyline.


  1. Character leveling guide
  2. How to upgrade equipment?
  3. How to level up your ascension?
  4. Hero Skill Guide
  5. Characteristics of the most important items and goods
  6. Preparation for battle and combat system
  7. Dungeon Combat Guide
  8. Guild Dungeon Walkthrough
  9. All About RvR Battles
  10. Raid Rules
  11. All About Alliances
  12. Mounts, Storages, Costumes and Wings
  13. Beginner’s Guide
  14. Bag management
  15. Completing tasks
  16. Getting missions in a group of kicks
  17. Interaction with other players
  18. Index Guide

TALION: Character leveling guide

Character classes. The game has 4 classes of characters:

Class change. Characters who have reached lvl. 100 (max. lvl), can move to a higher class. Class change volumes require class change volumes. Use them to easily switch between different classes.

Effects. Exclusive class costumes have appeared in the game. This option can be turned on or off in the bag. 8 core skills can now be upgraded to special class skills. Skill levels remain unchanged.

Improving character performance. The following stats improve as the character levels up:

Skill points. You gain a skill point every time you level up a character.

General level of awakening. All characters on the same account have a common level and awakening experience. Only characters with an awakening level of 100 and above can gain experience.

Awakening Reward. You will receive a valuable reward for increasing the awakening level.

Rewards received for increasing the level of awakening are tied to your account. Make sure you select the right character and collect your rewards in the Hall of Heroes.

Account bonus. Prize indicators of your additional. character will be determined by the level of your main character. To receive prize indicators, the difference in levels between the main and additional. characters must be at least 10.

Bonus experience. Bonus experience can be earned after the character awakens. The received bonus experience can be added to any of the characters. By adding bonus experience, you can increase the level of awakening of the character. When adding bonus experience to characters who have not yet reached level 100, their total experience increases. The added bonus experience must not exceed the set maximum. Bonus experience cannot be added to characters during battle.

Hero equipment. Equipment increases the strength of the character when equipped. Each character can take 1 weapon, 4 pieces of armor and 3 decorations. 4 pieces of armor of the same type provide a set bonus. Strengthen, upgrade and increase the equipment limit to make your character even stronger.

quality levels. The quality level of equipment determines its effectiveness. Max. the level of equipment enhancement depends on the quality level. Increasing the quality level affects the performance of the equipment. Item quality levels:

Unique level. A special level of mythical weapons and decorations. Increases performance. Unique weapons give random skills. Skill activation chances are randomly selected when purchasing a weapon. Unique decorations increase the level of a character’s special skill. To what level the skill will be increased is randomly selected when purchasing an ornament.

Plus level. A special level of mythical armor. Increases performance. Unique armor gives you special skills for each 4-piece set bonus.

Set bonus. Multiple armor pieces of the same type provide a set bonus. You need at least 2 pieces of armor of the same type to activate the bonus, and when wearing all 4 pieces, the full bonus of the set is applied. The bonus increases as the quality of the equipped armor increases.

Magic symbols. Strengthen your character’s performance by engraving magical symbols in special cells for various currencies. Each magic symbol has its own rank and indicators, which are randomly selected. Magic symbols will also give your character an overall rank effect.

Engraving of magical symbols. Use various types of game currency to randomly engrave magical symbols. When engraving, magic symbols will be replaced with new ones.

Placement of characters. You can attach or remove a certain number of magic symbols on the corresponding screen. This character set will remain unchanged when engraved. The cost of engraving increases depending on the number of attached characters.

Increasing the level of engraving. You can increase the level of engraving with the help of experience gained in the process of engraving symbols. This opens up access to new characters and increases the cost of engraving. Increase the overall rank effect. If, after engraving, the overall rank of magic symbols is higher than before, then the overall effect of the rank will also increase. At the same time, the attack, defense and health indicators of the character are additionally increased.

TALION: How to upgrade equipment?

Description. Raise the level of enhancement of equipment and improve its performance. Weapons require Weapon Enhancement Stones, Armor requires Armor Enhancement Stones, and Decorations require Decoration Enhancement Stones. The required level of quality of the enhancement stone depends on the quality of the equipment. There is a maximum level of enhancement, which can only be exceeded by breaking the limit or upgrading. Any equipment can be upgraded to ur. 515.

Successful and unsuccessful reinforcement. Success and failure when enhancing equipment depend on a percentage probability. The chance of success decreases as the level of equipment enhancement increases. If the amplification fails, the level of amplification does not change, but materials and gold are still consumed. Success Chance:

Overcoming the limit. The number of possible limit breaks and boost levels depends on the quality of the equipment.

Breaking the limit can be used at any gain level. To break the limit, you need identical equipment or items to break the limit. When using identical equipment, you may have a lower chance of success depending on the quality of the material equipment. The use of limit crossing materials or equipment of the same quality and type guarantees a successful limit crossing.

Equipment improvement. Upgrade equipment to raise its quality level to immortal. To do this, you need upgrade stones of the same type as the upgraded equipment. You can improve the equipment, the enhancement level of which for a given quality level is raised to the maximum:

Unique upgrade. Unique items obtained through crafting can be upgraded. Their unique status will be removed and all unique skills will disappear in exchange for a level up.

Inheritance. You can transfer the enhancement level of one item to another. Only items of the same class or higher can inherit an enhancement level.

unique inheritance. The unique parameters of unique items cannot be inherited.

Mythic + inheritance. You can transfer the main stats of enhanced Mythic or Mythic+ equipment to other pieces of Mythic+ equipment. Normal mythic equipment cannot inherit the parameters of enhanced mythic equipment. There is also a function of random inheritance of the parameters of the equipment used as a material. This feature is only available for mythic+ gear. Gear below mythic cannot be used to transfer random stats.

S-gain inheritance. S-gain can also be passed through inheritance. A higher or the same level of S-gain (compared to material gear) is not inherited by the target gear. In this case, the S-boost level of the target equipment will remain the same. S-gain disappears along with equipment-material.

Unique enhancement. This is an "extra class" available only for items of a rare or higher class. Its indicators are the same as those of existing classes, but give additional. bonus features. You can create a unique item using dragon blood materials, 3 types of upgrade stones and gold.

Unique options. Unique stats are added to weapons. A random value is given. Unique skills are added to weapons. Triggers with a set probability when a certain condition is met during combat. The chance of activation and the strength of the effect are determined randomly. The skill level increase is added to decorations. Increases the level of a specific skill. Skills are determined randomly. Unique parameters cannot be upgraded.

S-gain. This feature is only applicable to Mythic+ and Immortal items. You will need S-Enhancement Scrolls, Enhancement Stones, and Gold. S-gain values ??are indicated by Roman numerals. S-gain boosts both fixed and random stats.

Success or failure of the S buff. Each buff has a certain chance of success. With an unsuccessful amplification, two options are possible: simply losing the attempt or failing. If you lose an attempt, your S boost level will not change, and materials and gold will be consumed. On a failed save, your S enhancement level is reduced by 1, and materials and gold are also consumed. Both for losing an attempt and for failing, you are awarded boost points, which affect the success rate of your next attempt. Upon successful enhancement, all gained enhancement points are reset.

Gem slot. A cell is a groove on equipment where gems are inserted. You can unlock slots on equipment (weapons, armor and decorations) of rare quality and above. You can create up to 2 slots for each type and quality level of equipment up to mythic+. Immortal equipment can have up to 4 slots. With S-gain up to eq. 10 and ur. 15 is added one more cell at a time. The shape of the cells will be random. Gems cannot be inserted into items received in quests and items that last for a limited time.

Cell types. There are 3 types of cells:

  1. Square cell;
  2. Triangular cell;
  3. Round cell.

Gems are inserted into a cell of the corresponding shape. 6-sided gems are suitable for all types of cells.

Types of gems. There are 4 types and colors of gems.

The 6-sided gem has a random modifier. Its performance is higher than that of other gems.

Gem management. Each gem has unique properties. Gems can be enhanced. You can also block the gem you like. Locked gems cannot be removed. Gear with locked gems cannot be sold, salvaged, or used as material.

Using and removing gems. Gems can be inserted into cells of a suitable shape. A 6-sided gem can be inserted into a cell of any shape. The use of gems is free, but, depending on the class of the gem, a fee may apply for its removal.

Strengthening gems. Gems can be enhanced up to 25 lvl. The same shape must be used as the reinforcement material. 6-sided gems can be used as a reinforcement material for gems of any shape. The results of amplification can be success, failure, or failure.

When amplifying dour. 21 and above, two new indicators are added.

Gain dip prevention. You can prevent buff failure by using buff failure gems and grinding stones. Gems that can no longer be buffed due to failure can be used as support materials to prevent buffing other gems from failing. Thin section, stones have a different range of gem enhancement levels depending on their class. Basic thin section, stones: 5-9 lvl. Excellent thin section, stones: 10-14 lvl. Thin section stones cannot be used. when enhancing gems lvl 15. or higher.

Fusion of gems. To create new gems, you can merge two gems, regardless of their type. Merging gems can be produced for a maximum of 8 r. A new form of the gem is obtained based on chance, and the chance of getting a 6-sided gem is lower than the rest.

TALION: How to level up your ascension?

Description. After level 100, the ascension level increases. Each time the ascension level increases from 100, the attack power, defense and stamina of all characters increase. After level 100, you cannot gain skill points even if you level up.

Ascension experience. Starting at level 100, you can gain ascension experience. The level of ascension can be increased by accumulating ascension experience. It can be obtained from the Ziron and Abyss maps when the character reaches level 100 or above.

Decreased ascension experience. When a character dies on the Abyss map, the ascension experience reduction is prevented for all characters up to 5 times per day. After the 5th time, you will lose a certain amount of ascension experience gained. In RvR content, ascension experience does not decrease even if you die.

Restoring the ascension experience. Ascension experience is stored for 120 hours (5 days), up to 10 times. After the 10th attempt, the remaining time will disappear, starting from the lowest ascension experience, and will be renewed. Lost experience can be restored with gold, diamonds and elixir.

Ascension drop. When your ascension experience falls below 0, your ascension level decreases and the bonus stats you get from the increased ascension level disappear. At the same time, the ascension level does not fall below the 100th level.

TALION: Hero Skill Guide

Basic skills. Deals high damage and inflicts status effects. Each class has 8 basic skills, 4 of which can be used at a time. Skills can be used without any restriction, but after each use they need to recharge. You can improve the skill up to 30 lvl. or reset the upgrades for the currency and return the previously spent skill points.

Special skills. Special skills have stronger impact and status effects. Each class has 4 special skills. The Special Skill Gauge activates when fully charged. Special skills can be used 2 times. After that, the scale is deactivated. You can upgrade skills to Lv. 30. Special skill upgrade levels cannot be reset.

Skill scale. This is a special scale needed to apply special skills. It fills up when using normal attacks or skills. Once filled, a special skill indicator appears, which will reset after using any 2 special skills.

Change. You can replace skills or just change their order. Select the skill you are using from the list of skills. Then select a skill from the list of changes to swap their positions. Select the skill you want to change from the list of skills, and then another skill in the desired location to swap them. For convenience, you can change skills using auto settings.

Improvement of skills. Skill upgrades do not require gold, but another in-game currency.

Basic skills can be reset and the skill points spent on them will be returned. Special skills cannot be reset.

Skill points. Required to improve basic skills. You get 1 point for each new level up to lvl. 30, and 2 points for each new level, starting from lvl. 31.

Skill books. Used to improve special skills.

Passive skills. Passive skills include passive stats and bonus skills. Passive stats give you a permanent boost to your character’s stats, while bonus stats give you either party stats or additional stats. Passive stats can be unlocked by investing passive skill points, and bonus stats can be unlocked by gaining passive stats in order. Bonus skills can be placed in bonus skill slots. You can use up to 4 passive indicators and 1 bonus skill.

Obtaining passive skills. When a character reaches level 30, it becomes possible to choose 4 passive skills. 1 point will be spent on each of them. passive skills.

Passive skill points. When you reach a certain level and unlock passive skills, you will also receive 4 passive skill points. You will receive 4 more points every 10 levels.

The choice of passive skills. Select and then confirm your choice of passive skills by spending Passive Skill Points.

Improving passive skills. Use passive skill points to improve passive skills. You can upgrade them up to lvl 15. (excluding bonus skills).

Acquire additional passive skill points. When you reach levels 40, 70 and 100, you can purchase additional passive skill points with diamonds. You can buy up to 28 points.

Reset. You can reset both passive skills and bonus ones. When you reset, you will forget all the learned skills and get the passive skill points spent earlier. Resetting skills requires gold, costs will increase with your level.

passive cards. Used to increase the passive indicators of each of the classes. Each section has two cards, from which you need to choose one to activate. The character’s performance increases depending on the level of the active card.

Card activation. The card can be activated after reaching ur. 30 using gold and skill books. Choose one of the two cards in the section. Activated card lvl. 1 immediately takes effect, increasing the performance of the character.

Improvement of passive cards. Passive cards can be upgraded to lvl. 8. This will require skill books and gold. Indicators improve randomly within the limits set for each level. You can also set the number of improvement attempts you want.

Categories of improvement. Determine the effectiveness of a random increase in performance. In total, there are 5 categories, reflecting the proximity of improved indicators to the maximum possible.

Reset. Allows you to drop improved cards back to lvl. 1. After the reset, you can try to improve the map again and achieve higher results.

Reset materials. To discard passive cards, you can use diamonds, rubies, gold or magic cards.

special effect. Activated by having 2 or more superior cards or higher. Ideal Effect:

Excellent Effect:

Medium level effect:

TALION: Characteristics of the most important items and goods

Potions. Help restore health. They can be used in a bag, using quick access, or allow automatic use in auto settings. The properties of potions depend on their type.

Scrolls. Temporarily increase the performance of the character. They can be used in a bag and with quick access. Scrolls have the following properties.

Magic stones. These mystical crystals increase attack with each attack. Each attack consumes 1 magic stone. The higher the quality level of the stones, the more they increase the attack.

Enhancement Stones. Used to enhance equipment. They are divided into stones for enhancing weapons, armor and decorations, depending on the type of equipment. The type of enhancement stones needed depends on the level of enhancement of the equipment: the higher it is, the higher the quality level of the enhancement stones should be.

Improvement stones. Used to upgrade equipment. Enhancement stones differ depending on the type of equipment: they are for weapons, armor or decorations.

Heritage stones. Needed to transfer the level of enhancement of an item to another item. The level of enhancement is transferred with a 100% chance when applying heritage stones to equipment of the same class.

Shards. Used to obtain or enhance mounts, costumes and storages.

materials for growth. Used to enhance, evolve, or ascend rides. animals, costumes, wings and storage. Each item has a class. The material is high, class is needed to enhance the items are high, class.

Relics. Relics - the heritage of ancient times; they contain various items. To open relics, they must be registered in the reliquary, and then wait for the set time.

Tickets for fast travel. Required for instant passage of the dungeons. There are Gobo Vault Fast Track Tickets and Legend Dungeon Fast Track Tickets.

Horn. Used to send a message to all users of the world who are online. When used, 1 piece is spent.

Scroll of teleportation. Allows you to move to the desired location. You can only move to areas within the territory of your alliance. You cannot move to areas that do not meet these conditions.

Linking items. Allows you to personalize items for players. There are two types of item binding: account binding and character binding.

Limited duration. The use time of items may be limited. After the expiration date, you will no longer be able to use them. Time-limited items cannot be enhanced, upgraded, capped, dismantled, inherited, or stored in storage.

TALION: Preparation for battle and combat system

Enemy selection. In various online modes, you need to find suitable opponents and allies. Matchmaking is needed to find players of the right level or to wait for other players. The progress and results of the search can be found by clicking on the "Status of the search". Here you can see the number of players looking for a match and the elapsed time, as well as cancel the search. As soon as you get into a match, the search will be terminated. You can search for the following modes:

Group selection. Some modes require party matching to play. When the head of the group begins the selection, all group members will receive a message to confirm participation. When all players have confirmed their participation, they will be moved to the general waiting screen.

Matching will not be done if any of the participants do not have enough slots for items or they do not meet the requirements.

Character protection. You become invulnerable for a short period of time when you log into the game, move between zones, or resurrect.

Fights with ordinary monsters. Most monsters will attack whoever damages them. Priority is given to the target that deals the most damage. Ordinary monsters can be found on all fields and in all dungeons. By defeating them, you can earn experience, items and gold.

Boss fights. Bosses are powerful monsters that are found in the dungeons. All of them have special skills and immunity to status effects. Before using any skill, make sure that there is no warning on the screen that the boss is about to use some kind of skill.

Fights with raid monsters. Raid monsters are stronger than other monsters and have a high level of health. In order to fight one of them, you will need the help of other Talions. The skills of the raid monsters are stronger than those of the bosses, so it’s important to pay attention to the warning. Raid monsters appear at a certain time. By defeating such a monster, you will receive a special reward.

Battlefield boss fights. These bosses appear on the regular battlefield. Their attack power and health are higher than those of ordinary bosses, so it is recommended to hunt them together with other players. For defeating the boss of the battlefield, boss coins are given.

Battle mode. When you take an action that starts a fight (attack, use a skill, roll) or get hit by a monster, you enter combat mode and can no longer mount. If no more combat actions are performed within 10 seconds, you will exit combat mode.

Normal attack. There are two types of normal attacks, and each type of attack deals three hits. A successful attack fills the skill bar. When attacking, your character will aim at the closest enemy (except mages).

Attack with a skill. 4 skills can be placed in cells and used by clicking on their icons. Skills deal more damage than normal attacks and can inflict buffs, debuffs, or status effects. After using a skill, its cooldown begins. With a successful use of the skill, the skill scale is filled.

positive effects. Your character gets an increase in performance. The result depends on the type of effect, and you can get it using skills, scrolls, etc. Each bonus is valid for a certain period of time, after which it disappears.

negative effects. Your character gets a minus to his stats. The result depends on the type of effect, and you can get it using skills, etc. Each effect lasts for a certain period of time, after which it disappears.

status effects. Affect the control, movement and attacks of your character or monster. Such effects are: stun, silence, taunt, knockdown, etc. If you are affected by a status effect, then you will not be able to control your character or his movement speed will be reduced. Each such effect has a duration, after which it disappears.

The duration of Stun, Silence, Taunt, and Knockdown is gradually reduced if the effects are inflicted several times within a certain period of time (15 seconds). 2 times in a row: 50% shorter; 3 times in a row: 75% shorter; 4 times in a row: the hero gains immunity. The duration reduction effect resets after 15 seconds. after applying the last effect.

Autoboy. Allows you to enable the automatic battle mode. It works differently depending on the zone.

Combination of punches. A combo starts when you successfully land an attack using regular attacks and skills in sequence. After it starts, you get a combo effect that increases critical damage. The more hits the combination contains, the stronger the effect will be. Critical damage can be increased by max. 3%. If more than 3 seconds have passed since the last hit, the combo ends and its effect disappears.

Counterattack. If an enemy strikes while you are idle, you will automatically attack that enemy. This feature can be enabled or disabled in the Settings menu.

Roll. Allows your character to quickly move in the direction they are facing. For a short period of time, you can dodge enemy attacks. After use, a certain period of time is required for recovery. Roll has 3 charges, and when fully recharged, you can use them one after the other.

Bounce. Click on the "Jump" button to make your character jump.

Auto battle in PvP and PvE modes. It is located in the lower left corner of the screen. The order in which targets are selected depends on the mode.

Death on the battlefield. If your health drops to 0 while on the battlefield, you die. You can resurrect in the nearest zone or in the current one. If you don’t make your choice, you will automatically be resurrected in the nearest zone after 1 minute.

Death in the dungeon. If your health drops to 0 while in a dungeon, you die. You can leave the dungeon or resurrect in the current zone. If you do not resurrect, you will automatically leave the dungeon after 1 minute.

Resurrection in the nearest zone. You can choose this option if you die on the battlefield. You will be resurrected in a settlement or in a safe place, and your health will be restored to 30% of your maximum health.

Resurrection in the current zone. You can resurrect in the current zone for diamonds. You will be resurrected with full health and Resurrection Blessing. The resurrection cost increases with frequent use.

Exploration and resurrection. If you die on the territory of an enemy alliance while completing a scout mission, you can resurrect and return to a safe place. You will return to the territory of your alliance, resurrecting with 30% of max. health.

TALION: Dungeon Combat Guide

Concept. The dungeons are full of dangerous monsters, and special rewards are also stored there. There you can meet monsters and bosses that are not found on the battlefield. You can also earn unique rewards in the dungeons. To determine the difficulty of a dungeon, look at its required level and combat strength. You will need a ticket to enter any dungeon. And don’t forget that you will have a limited number of entries!

Dungeons of legend. Enter the bloody gates appearing all over the world. You have to defeat all the monsters and the boss, while keeping within a certain time. Choose from three difficulty levels: Normal, High and Nightmare. The higher the difficulty, the more rewards you will receive. You will be able to unlock the fast walk once you complete an S rank dungeon.

Gobo storage. The gobo storage is between dimensions. Defeat all the golden gobos and do it within the allotted time. Gold gobos are normally invulnerable, and you must first defeat the gold keepers to remove this effect. Here you can earn a lot of gold. Choose from three difficulty levels - normal, high, nightmarish, infernal and abyss. The higher the difficulty, the more rewards you will receive. You will be able to unlock the fast walk once you complete an S rank dungeon.

Test Cave. Enter this dungeon to complete the dragon trials. You have to defeat all the monsters and the boss, while keeping within a certain time. Here you can earn a lot of experience as well as skill books. Choose from four difficulty levels: Normal, Hard, Infernal, and Abyss. The higher the difficulty, the more rewards you will receive. You will be able to unlock the fast walk once you complete an S rank dungeon.

Golem laboratory. Enter this dungeon to defeat the freed golems. You need to defeat all the monsters and the boss, while keeping within a certain time. In total, 20 challenges await you: from the 1st to the 20th. The higher the difficulty of the challenge, the better the rewards. Golem type and rewards change every day. You will be able to fast travel once you clear an S rank dungeon.

Tower of Overcoming. Test your limits in this tower left behind by the creator of Nara. It has 60 floors, and each new one will be unlocked only after you clear the previous one. You have to defeat all the monsters and the boss, while keeping within a certain time. The rating depends on the completed floor and on the speed of passage, so you can increase your rank. Rank rewards are issued according to weekly rankings. Rating and rank are updated every week.

Elite Dungeons. Descend into this challenging dungeon with other players. Other players will be added to your group, with whom you need to defeat the boss within a certain time.

Labyrinth of the Abyss. The Labyrinth of the Abyss is located in the gap between the dimensions. This is the hardest dungeon. Create an expedition of your characters and go to explore it. Defeat the boss within a certain amount of time to advance to the next floor. There are 270 floors in total. The lower you go, the greater the chance to earn rare items.

TALION: Guild Dungeon Walkthrough

Guild Dungeon. Conquer the dungeon with your guildmates. This mode is available upon reaching level 11. guild, and up to 40 players from the guild domain can participate. The guild dungeon is divided into 5 stages. To complete it, you must defeat the boss of the dungeon within the allotted time.

Guild dungeon activation. Only Vice Leaders and players of higher rank can activate a Guild Dungeon in a holding. To activate, you need fame points available from the guild.

Glory. To bring your guild fame points, you need to donate gold, items or diamonds as fame.

The saved fame points are used to activate and return to the guild dungeon.

Return to the guild dungeon. If your character died in a guild dungeon, they can be resurrected by spending diamonds or visiting the guild property. In the second case, you will need fame points or diamonds to return to the guild dungeon.

Guild Dungeon Reward. Rewards are given after defeating the guild dungeon boss.

Guild dungeon rewards can be received no more than twice a week. After that, you will not be able to receive a reward, even if you complete the dungeon. In addition, characters whose BS does not meet the requirements of the dungeon will not be able to receive rewards.

Promotion Dungeon. This is a special dungeon that is open only during the promotion period. Promotion tickets are required to enter. 5 promotional tickets are credited daily.

TALION: All About RvR Battles

Battle for survival. Fight in individual battles with other players. The rank obtained will depend on the victory points earned in the battle for survival, and it will determine your place in the ranking and rewards. Earn win streaks to get extra victory points and get to the top of the rankings.

Team fight. A team battle is a small 5v5 battle. The team that captures the victory crown receives victory points. The team that first reaches 3000 victory points or more points in the allotted time wins the battle. The character who received the crown of victory cannot attack other players, so allies must protect him.

By playing in this mode, you can earn participation and victory rewards, as well as the best player award. Your character’s stats will be automatically adjusted if they are below the recommended stats. If your stats are below your RvR settings, then the effect may not be full. If the character’s increased stats, together with the current skill effects, are below the recommended stats, then the recommended stats are applied first, and the skill effects are canceled.

Boss battles. Strong monsters constantly appear on every battlefield. To defeat them, you will need to participate in a group or in a joint hunt. For defeating them, you can get boss coins. For killing bosses that reappear on the same battlefield, boss coins are not awarded. Rewards are only given if the difference between your level and the level of the boss is less than or equal to 16.

You can exchange boss coins for other items. The number of transactions is limited depending on the items. Once the number of trades is exhausted, it will take time to recover.

Main gate. The place where two alliances collide and where raid monsters spawn. It is divided into two zones: a safe settlement and a dangerous area. Do not relax for a minute: at any moment you may encounter the enemy.


A massive 20v20 two-squad battle. Capture the bases and get 5,000 victory points before your opponents can. In the capture, you can choose one of 4 roles to participate in the battle.

Structures. There are various structures on the map that are crucial for victory.

You will be able to earn 6 victory points every 3 seconds. for each altar and stable, if you managed to capture at least 1 base. You will receive participation rewards and victory rewards when the capture is over. Your character’s stats will be automatically adjusted if they are below standard. If the character’s increased stats according to the current skill effects are below the standard, then the standard stats will be applied first, and the skill effects will be canceled.

epic battle

A grand battle is a battle between teams. Each side has 10 fighters, including the ruler and soldiers. The team that kills the enemy ruler first or drains more of the ruler’s health wins. Both rulers simultaneously become invulnerable when the arithmetic average of their health indicators reaches 60% and 30%. The invincibility lasts for 15 seconds, during which time rulers cannot be attacked.

You can receive rewards for participating and winning, depending on the result. For killing a member of the enemy team or their captain of the guard, as well as for attacking the enemy ruler, merit points are awarded. For the accumulated merit points, alliance coins are later issued. Your character’s stats will be automatically adjusted if they are below the recommended stats.

If your stats are below your RvR settings, then the effect may not be full. If the character’s increased stats, together with the current skill effects, are below the recommended stats, then the recommended stats are applied first, and the skill effects are canceled.

TALION: Raid Rules

Field raids. Defeat a huge powerful raid monster that appears at a certain time. Enemy alliances can also enter the battle at the same time, so it is very important to keep an eye on the enemy alliance when fighting a monster. The raid will be completed after defeating the raid monster or after the timer expires.

Field raid rewards. In the raid, you can earn the following rewards:

Alliance raid rules. You need to attack the heads of the alliances that appear in Zyron at a certain time. Your goal is to force the head of the enemy alliance to retreat. The alliance raid ends if the head of the enemy alliance has retreated or the set time has expired.

Alliance Raid Reward. Alliance raid rewards can be earned under the following conditions.

Raid dungeon rules. A raid dungeon is a special dungeon designed to be played in a group. If no group member remains in the dungeon, then progress is not saved. In this dungeon, it is important to choose the right strategy along with other party members, as the monsters in this dungeon can trigger special events.

At some point, the composition of the group is assigned to the raid dungeon. After that, other players will no longer be able to enter the dungeon. To complete the dungeon, you need to defeat the boss within the allotted time. After defeating the dungeon boss, you will receive rewards depending on your place in the ranking. There is also an additional bonus that is given to a random member of the group.

TALION: All About Alliances

Description. You can choose only one of the two powerful alliances and create characters in it. You will not be able to communicate with members of the enemy alliance, add them as friends or invite them to the group. You can earn honor points by joining alliance battles.

Honour. You gain honor points when you kill or assist in killing members of an enemy alliance. Your class and rank depend on the honor points you have earned. Repeatedly killing the same player gives fewer or no points.

Alliance Reward. Issued to all members of the alliance weekly during the gathering of the alliance. Rewards depend on class and rank. The alliance reward for templars is calculated depending on the rating, which is determined by the honor earned during the week.

Class. The class is determined depending on the amount of honor you have earned. There are 10 classes, and templars can receive ranks determined by the alliance rating. Class types:

Alliance rating. When you reach the rank of "Templar", your place in the ranking will be determined by the amount of honor you earn per week. Top 100 players: receive titles:

Rank. A special title given to the top 100 players among those who have become a templar. The rank is determined during the weekly gathering of the alliance, depending on the honor earned during the week, and is valid for the next week. Players who earn the title also receive the highest rewards. There are 7 titles:

If you are a baron or higher, you will lose honor points every time you die at the hands of an enemy. The higher your title, the more honor points are deducted. The number of lost points decreases with repeated death. After a certain number of deaths, honor points are no longer deducted.

Bident. The Doomfire Alliance follows Belzav as he does the will of Beneziel, the Guardian Dragon of Chaos. After their god disappeared, his loyal followers used the power of his knowledge to build a tall tower to fight the spread of destruction. They worship the blinding fire, which turns all living things into ashes. This Alliance strives for absolute power and strength.

Aegis. The Guardian Shield Alliance is ruled by Arkand, who is the terrestrial embodiment of the will of Arslun, the Guardian Dragon of Harmony. Mourning the passing of their idol, his followers have managed to draw on the remnants of his power and created a protective seal with which they hope to stop the destruction and resist the invaders. The main goal of this alliance is to save what is left of Nara and turn it into a safe haven from worldly hardships.

TALION: Mounts, Storages, Costumes and Wings

Hero mounts. The mount will increase your movement speed. You can get on and off your mount by equipping it. You will automatically dismount if you attack or take damage from an enemy. When auto movement is enabled, you will mount a mount after 3 seconds.

Changing the appearance of the mount. This feature retains all of your equipment bonuses while changing the mount’s appearance. Select a mount and click on the change appearance button. This feature only applies to mounts you own.

Summoning and equipping a mount. Use rider shards to summon a mount. Each mount requires a different type of shard. You can add a mount to an equipment slot and remove it from there at any time.

Mount personal bonuses. Each mount has 2 unique bonuses. These bonuses begin immediately after receiving a mount.

Mount equipment bonus. Each mount has 3 pieces of equipment. Each piece of equipment has its own effect, which can be activated when adding a mount to the equipment slot. You can also enhance the effects by improving and developing the mount.

Strengthening the equipment of mounts. Upgrade your mounts’ equipment to increase its effect. Maximum possible enhancement: 15 lvl.

The development of mounts. When all 3 pieces of mount equipment are upgraded to level 15, you will be able to evolve the mount. With the development of a mount, its appearance will change, and the speed of movement and bonuses will be increased. The mount can be upgraded to a rare quality level.

Keepers. The Keeper follows you and helps in battles. When you enter battle, the Keeper will also launch an attack or apply buffs and debuffs. You also get bonuses if you just own the vaults.

How to get storage? You can get a storage room with storage shards. Stores can be placed in the equipment slot and removed from there at any time.

Storage bonuses. Each vault gives unique bonuses. Strengthening the vaults will also increase their bonuses, and development will add a new bonus.

Keeper skills. Each Keeper has a unique skill. During combat, she uses this skill with a set chance. Each Keeper has up to 2 skills, which can be attack/buff/debuff. Keeper skills can be improved through development. Initially, they can only use 1 skill, to which an awakened skill will later be added when they reach the final stage of development.

Storage reinforcement. With the help of materials, you can strengthen the storage room up to level 10. This will also boost their bonuses.

Storage development. Stores reaching max. levels can be developed. This will require materials. With development, the effects of skills will be enhanced or a new bonus will open. Vaults reach the final stage of development when they are upgraded to a mythic level of quality. Their appearance changes, and a powerful awakening skill is also added.

Storage energy. Increases the chance of using the storage skill. With each use, energy is consumed. The more energy, the greater the chance of using the skill. It can be raised up to 100%.

Storage food. Increases storage energy. You can use junk items or exclusive energy replenishment items to increase energy. The amount of extra energy depends on the item. Some items cannot be used.

Hero costumes. Changes the character’s appearance. Only the appearance will be changed, the performance of all items will remain unchanged. You can get costumes in exchange for shards. They will increase your performance with bonuses. They can be enhanced with shards and reinforcement materials. Suit types:

Costume management. Costumes can be obtained in exchange for costume shards. Each suit requires a different type of shard. The resulting costumes can be equipped and removed at any time, as long as the character is not in combat. Each costume gives its own unique bonuses. They can improve 2-3 character stats, and their effect is increased by enhancing costumes. Costume bonuses can be increased by upgrading costumes. You can enhance the costume up to 20 lvl.

Wings. They add special wings to the costume that change the appearance of your character and increase your performance. In addition to the equipment bonus, you also get the total level bonus for all your wings and accessory bonuses.

Changing the appearance of the wings. This feature keeps all of your equipment bonuses while changing the appearance of the wings. Select the wings and click on the change appearance button. This feature only applies to wings you own.

Wing control. You can get wings for completing quests or purchase them in stores. You can equip and remove the wings at any time. You can get up to 2 wing bonuses. The effects of bonuses increase depending on the quality of the equipment. The indicators increase in stages depending on the total sum of the levels of all wings.

Wing buffs. The figures increase depending on the number of wings in stock.

Wing reinforcement. Use Ethereum to increase the level and bonus of equipment. You can get Ether by defeating monsters or by using Ether replenishment items. It is recommended to fill the wings with ether frequently as they can only hold a limited amount of ether. You can upgrade the wings up to level 10 (class maximum).

Max-level Wings ascended with Aether can be Ascended and upgraded in quality. The equipment bonus is increased by ascending the wings. The ascension of the wings can be done up to the heavenly level. Upon reaching the mythical - celestial levels, additional visual effects are added.

TALION: Beginner’s Guide

Main game currencies. These include:

Character information. Your character level, experience, rank, guild, alliance, as well as information about the currency you own.

Combat information. All indicators of your character. They are in two sections: basic combat information and detailed combat information.

Character menu. Appears when you click on your character’s portrait or other characters on the screen. Here you can view character information, send friend requests, or block other players.

Map. A map is displayed in the upper right corner of the screen, displaying the surroundings and information about monsters and other players. Click on the "+" button to open a larger version of the map in the middle of the screen. You can also click on the map itself to open the world map and see information about all regions. On the world map, you can automatically move to any NPC, monster, or portal by simply clicking on it.

Fast access. There are cells for quick use of goods. You can add to them and use up to 6 items: a potion, a magic stone and 4 scrolls.

Chat. The chat is displayed on the left side of the screen. It usually only shows one message, but you can also expand the chat screen. In the expanded chat screen, you can use the horn or select the desired category of chat. You can also allow your location to be displayed and item information to be shared.

Information about bonuses. You can view the list of active buffs and debuffs in the top left corner of the screen. The main positive and negative effects are displayed under the portrait of your character, and you can find detailed information about the effects by clicking on the arrow button.

Manual control. You can manually adjust the movement and distance of the camera. Control the height and movement of the camera by moving the screen, and change the distance between the camera and your character with two fingers.

Auto mode. The camera is controlled automatically, allowing you to adjust only the height and distance of the camera. Control the height and distance of the camera by moving the screen, but the camera will turn in the direction the character is looking at. You can change the distance between the camera and your character with two fingers.

At an angle. Includes top-down view. From this angle, you can keep track of everything that happens near your character, making tactical decisions if necessary. Change the distance between the camera and your character with two fingers.

Stores in the game. Shops are:

Shard exchange. Unused shards can be exchanged for other shards. The number and cost of the required shards depend on the quality of the item being exchanged for.

mythic exchange. Allows you to exchange any piece of Mythic or higher equipment for the same piece of other Mythic equipment. There is also a small chance to get mythic+ gear. For the Mythic Exchange, you will need Ancient Dragon Scales, Upgrade Stones, and Gold. When exchanging Mythic+ equipment, you are guaranteed to receive other Mythic+ equipment. At the same time, the necessary materials may differ from the materials for the usual mythic exchange.

Blood Stone Exchange. Exchange your items for new ones. Bloodstones mined in the guild dungeon can be exchanged for immortal equipment. Equipment obtained in this way has higher performance and special skills.

Stock. You can view various promotions and collect rewards for completing tasks. Rewards for participation in the promotion will be sent to your mailbox.

Mail. Various awards are delivered here and you can pick them up here. Depending on the type of mail, some rewards can only be collected by the character who first received the corresponding letter, some - by any character on your account.

Storage. Storage for your items. There are two types of vaults: individual vaults for individual characters and account vaults for all characters. 50 cells are given by default. Their number can be increased.

Settings. Use and change gameplay settings. You can customize graphics and sound to suit your mobile device, set alerts, game options, and language, as well as view your account information and link it to other accounts.

TALION: Bag management

Bag tabs. The bag has the following tabs:

Parsing. Dismantle equipment to get various enhancement stones, and in rare cases, upgrade stones. Some items, including locked items, cannot be disassembled.

Sale. You can sell items you own that are no longer needed. You can sell one item at a time, or choose whatever you no longer need. Some items cannot be sold (including locked ones).

Autoactivation. Allows you to apply the item with the highest combat power first. Click on the "Auto Activation" button to automatically change the used items to items with a higher BS.

A stack of items. Combat assistance items and materials are collected in a common pile in one cell. The maximum stack size depends on the items.

Item blocking. You can protect items by locking them. Locked items cannot be sold or salvaged.

Expand inventory. You can expand your inventory so you have more free space. A maximum of 500 cells are available.

Add to Quick Access Toolbar. Add potions, scrolls, and magic stones to your hotbar to make them easier to use. You can allow health potions to be automatically applied when health drops to a certain level.

TALION: Completing tasks

Main tasks. Main tasks are needed to progress through the main plot of the game. For their implementation, you will receive various rewards.

Side missions. NPCs in each region will give you side quests. Completing them is not required, but you can also receive rewards for them.

Daily tasks. Complete daily tasks every day. You will receive tasks depending on your level and earn rewards for completing them. Press and hold an assistant to view a list of available daily tasks.

Scout missions. These are special missions that require penetration into the territory of the enemy alliance. You can get started by accepting the quest and clicking on the portal icon next to it. You can return to the territory of your alliance by completing the task or by clicking on the portal icon again while you are in the enemy zone.

Repeat task. Some tasks can be completed more than once. Access to such tasks is not limited by your level, and various rewards are given for their completion.

Progress. You can start the quest by talking to the NPC or by accepting the quest from the list. Progress can be tracked in the task list or on the game screen.

Completion. The task is considered completed after you fulfill all its conditions. After completing tasks, you will receive various rewards.

Automatic progress. Click on the task displayed on the right side of the screen to automatically start its execution.

Auto-completion of daily tasks. Daily quests now have an auto-completion feature. The button is located next to each of the tasks in the list. The selected tasks will be passed automatically, according to the list. Autorun can be stopped by manually starting jobs or by tapping the Stop button. Some tasks cannot be completed using auto-completion:

Instant completion of daily tasks. Daily quests now have an instant completion feature. To use it, you need the appropriate tickets.

Achievements. Different missions give different rewards. You can start the mission without talking to the NPC or accepting the quest. Sooner or later, the missions will be completed, and then they will bring you currency, items and titles.

Ranks. For certain achievements, you will earn titles. The rank is displayed next to your character’s name. For a large number of ranks, you will receive bonuses from ranks. You can turn on, change and remove ranks whenever you want. Ranks are divided into four categories, and the increase in bonus effects depends on the number of ranks you have earned for each category. Rank bonuses are divided into the following categories:

TALION: Getting missions in a group of kicks

A group of kiks. A service bureau that supports the Talions and was founded by those who have received assistance from them in the past. You can request 4 different missions and receive special rewards upon completion. The maximum duration of a request is 12 hours, and it can be divided into 3 stages depending on the duration.

The request stage is incremented if time has elapsed since the last request. Completing requests of higher complexity will allow you to get better rewards. After fulfilling each request, the service bureau develops. With the improvement of the service bureau, the speed of processing requests increases.

Service Bureau Awards. In the service bureau, you can receive the following awards:

Bureau inquiries. Only one request can be made at a time. But you will be able to make paid additional requests. The request cannot be canceled within the first 4 hours after it was sent. Your reward will depend on the time period in which you received it.

TALION: Interaction with other players

Group. A group of players who gather to play co-op modes. A minimum of 2 players is required to form a group. Players can be invited to the group, excluded from it, and players can also leave the group. Gold and experience from killing monsters are shared between party members. Dropped items are distributed in turn.

Friends. Make friends among other players and keep in touch with them. You can send a friend request by selecting a specific player or by opening the "Recommended Friends" list. You can send friend coins to friends, as well as invite them to the group. You can only add friends to players who are in the same alliance with you. In total, you can add up to 50 players as friends.

Black list. With this feature, you can block other players. You will not see chats, private messages or invitations of blocked players. You can view and edit the list of blocked players in "Friend Management".

Guild. You can organize a community with other players and receive various bonuses. Anyone can create a guild by paying for it. Creating or joining a guild will give you various benefits, including unique guild bonuses. The amount of guild points will increase if guild members make donations for it. When expanding the guild by the head of the guild, the following bonuses will be available:

The head of the guild can give guild titles to other members so that they can help with management.

Rating. View the top 100 results in various categories. You can also check your own rating separately.

Guild battle. To participate, the guild must have 20 members or more. Only deputies and heads of the selected guilds can apply for the guild to participate in the guild battle. You can apply to participate in the Guild Battle at the allotted time. This is a large-scale (20 vs 20) battle between guilds. The Guild Battle starts 5 minutes after entering and lasts for 30 minutes.

The guild battle principle is similar to capture: earn 10,000 points for a victory faster than your opponent, or earn more points within a limited time. In this mode, points are awarded that determine the rating in the battle of guilds. Rewards are given according to the rating. The rewards given out for winning are better than in a regular battle.

TALION: Index Guide

Description. In this section of the game, you can collect items from the world of Talion. Collection progress by index is account-wide, so you can’t build a second collection for another character. The index consists of sections that take into account individual subjects, and multi-subject sections. Multi-subject sections display a down arrow icon. To complete the collection of a multi-item section, you need to collect all the items in this section.

Completion of the collection for diamonds. Indexes that display a diamond icon have an instant completion feature for diamonds.

The use of diamonds in multi-subject sections. When using diamonds in multi-subject sections, this function only affects some subgroups. In this case, diamonds for completing a collection in a subgroup will be immediately deducted.

Awards. Rewards are given for completing a complete collection by index: increase in indicators, items, etc. The stats are increased for all characters on the account, and items are only given to a specific character. Rewards earned in the "Short-Term Index" section are valid for a limited time only.

Material index. Earn rewards by adding various materials to this index collection. The collection can be completed by adding the required amount of each of the materials.

Equipment index. Equipment can be added to the index lists: weapons, armor and decorations. When adding equipment, you need to pay attention to its level of enhancement, breaking the limit and the level of S-gain. The "View all classes" button allows you to view the progress of the index collection for all characters.

Adventure Index. Add items earned by defeating monsters to this index collection. Essences can be obtained by defeating battlefield bosses or dungeon bosses. The collection can be completed by adding the required amount of each of the essences.

short term index. The short-term index resets on the first day of each month. The increase in indicators disappears on the same day, after which you can collect the collection again and earn a new increase in indicators. Reward items can also be earned again each month after a reset.

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