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Walkthrough Taptap Heroes: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

TAPTAP HEROES - Android game with release date 05/17/2018 from Ajoy Lab. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers answers to players questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. Beginners Guide
  2. Fighting Right
  3. Collecting Items
  4. Equipment Guide
  5. Guild Guide
  6. Getting Heroes
  7. Game Tips
  8. Setting Up Your Account Correctly
  9. Bugs and Fitch Games
  10. Donat Secrets

Taptap Heroes: Beginners Guide

What are limited stocks? Limited promotions are updated weekly. You can get good rewards for participating and completing assignments.

What items can I get during an assault? Putting the heroes in the detachment of an assault, you can get experience, gold, equipment and other items even in offline mode. The maximum offline assault time is 8 hours.

What is the Pantheon for? The Pantheon is a quick way to get Heroes through a call.

Why do I need a hatchery? The hatchery is a place to upgrade the star level of the heroes. You can get a maximum of 6 stars. heroes.

What items can I win at Roulette? In roulette there is an opportunity to get pieces of heroes, equipment, artifacts, gold, purple dust and other items.

What is the Wonder Tree for? In the miracle tree there is a chance to call 4-5 stars. heroes of a certain fraction. Wonder spheres are used for invocation.

What can I buy in the Store? There are many items in the assortment of the store: purple dust, gold dust, equipment, keys, chips of fortune, wonderful spheres, etc.

What are Tavern Quests? Every day at 00:00 after the update, several quests are available in the tavern.Rewards are given for completing quests. Using crystals, you can increase the starry level of quests. Also, using crystals or watching promotional videos, you can speed up quests. Using quest scrolls, you can add new quests.Scrolls of quests can be bought at the store or obtained from an assault.

What is the Forge for? In the forge, reforging can increase the level of equipment.

What is the Altar for? In the altar, you can split unnecessary heroes to obtain soul stones. Soul Stones can be exchanged for heroes in the soul store.

What is Omut Tyne for? Strike the guard of the stages of the whirlpool of secrets and move up. The higher the stage, the harder it is, and the better the reward for completing.

What is the Arena for? The arena has 3 modes: League of the Brave, Legion and Team Arena. Here you can compete with players from all over the world. A reward is due for victory!

What is an expedition? During the expedition, the detachment maintains a state from the previous battle in each new battle. Rational use of heroes and correctly selected buffs increase the chances of winning.

What is a team aura? To activate the aura, a detachment must be formed from the heroes of certain fractions.Different auras give different effects, but they all increase certain attributes of heroes.

What affects the results of the battle? Hero attributes, faction interaction, team auras, etc. affect the results of the battle, but do not predetermine it.

What is a trial? In the trial you are waiting for 5 different types of tests. The presence of heroes from different factions increases the chances of winning.

How to unlock a new location and a new level of difficulty? After clearing all cards in a location, you can proceed to the next location. After clearing all cards at a certain level of difficulty, you can unlock the next level.

What are the maps and locations? Locations are divided according to difficulty level into 4 types: ordinary, complex, hell and a nightmare. Difficulty levels can be unlocked in turn, each level contains several small maps.

How to open a new card? To unlock a new card, you must complete the previous one. After killing the boss of the card and fulfilling all the requirements, you can proceed to the next card.

Taptap Heroes: Fighting Right

He gave a chest for the Trial carboy. Why? Chests - Trial stage rewards, are given only once for the initial passage.

Why is the real fighting force and the fighting force in the Arena not the same? Arena combat strength is not updated automatically. To display the real combat force, you need to manually update the defense unit.

Why does the battle end automatically? Sometimes, due to an unstable Internet connection, a battle may end automatically. But this does not affect its results.

In the friends tab there is a "promotion". What it is? In the assistance menu every 8 hours an attempt is made to search. You can find the boss, gold, shards of the hero and other awards. You can get a reward for helping a friend kill a boss.

How is it decided who won the battle? The attacking side will be counted defeat if all the enemy heroes are not killed within 15 rounds.

What is the sequence of attack in battle? The order of attack of the heroes in the battle is determined according to the attribute of the initiative, the position of the hero and the state of attack / defense.

Taptap Heroes: Collecting Items

What is a certificate of awakening and how to use it? Awakening certificate is an important resource that is used to improve heroes from 6-stars. and higher. In the Heroes tab, select the hero you want to wake up, and use the certificate on it.

Can the exchange items dropped during the previous promotion be used next time? What to do with them? Dropped exchange items can only be exchanged during the current promotion. If the stock is over, items can be sold for gold.

Why are some objects shown in the rewards of the location, but in reality do you get others? The information about the rewards for assaulting locations indicates the highest quality items that can be obtained from this location, but during the assault there is also the likelihood of falling items of lower quality.

What items can I get during an assault? Auto storm brings experience, gold, purple dust and other items.The higher the level of the card, the more valuable the rewards. The map menu shows items that can be obtained.By clicking on the chest you can pick up the dropped objects.

Taptap Heroes: Equipment Guide

How to improve artifact? In the heros menu, you can put on the desired artifact. If you have enough resources or other unused artifacts, you can upgrade.

What are equipment and artifacts for? Equipment and artifacts enhance certain attributes of the hero and his combat effectiveness.

What equipment and artifacts are there? In terms of quality, equipment and artifacts are divided into white, green, blue, yellow, purple and orange, from low to high, respectively.

What is affected by the stellar level of equipment and artifacts? The higher the stellar level of equipment and artifacts, the higher the bonus to the attributes of the hero.

What is typesetting equipment? 3-star quality equipment blue and higher has certain properties. Wearing the specified number of elements in the set, you can activate its properties.

Taptap Heroes: Guild Guide

Will the Academys progress be reset when moving to another guild? What will the transition affect? Switching to another guild will not affect your progress in pumping the Academy. If you have already submitted an application for participation in the guild wars of the current week, when you change the guild, you will lose your right to participate.

The main guild building gives yellow shields. What kind of resource is this? Why is it not in inventory? Yellow shields are experience points for increasing the level of the guild. This resource does not appear in inventory.

Will the assortment of heroes change after resetting the soul store and guild store? After resetting the soul store and guild store, the number of purchase attempts will be updated. The assortment of heroes will not change.

The guild leader is offline for a long time, there is no one to lead the guild. What to do? When the guild leader is 7 days offline, the leaders post is automatically transferred to his deputy. If there is no substitute, then the leaders post is transferred to the active player with the highest indicator of strength.

Defeated the Boss Guild. Why is there no reward for rating or damage? The boss reward for a guild of the same level is given once and cannot be re-received. If you recently changed the guild, you also will not be able to claim a reward. For more information, see the help tab in the guild dungeon.

How to create a guild or join it? You can create a guild and invite other players to join through the guild menu. In the same menu you can search for other guilds to apply for entry.

What does the guild academy give? At the guild academy, the attributes of a certain class of heroes can be improved. The guild academy is tied to an account, pumping progress will not be lost after switching to another guild.

How to increase the guild level? To increase the level of the guild, members of the guild should be celebrated daily in its main building.

Taptap Heroes: Getting Heroes

Where can I get a 6-star heroes? Through advanced synthesis at the Hatchery you can get 6-star. heroes.

What does the star level of heroes affect? The higher the stellar level of the hero, the higher his basic attributes and the stronger his skills. The star level of a hero can be raised through synthesis or awakening.

How to awaken a hero? b-star heroes can be awakened using hero cards of a similar fraction and awakening certificates as resources. Awakening will increase the stellar level of the hero, his attributes and strengthen passive skills. For the heroes spent to awaken, in accordance with their level, a certain amount of resources will be returned.

Taptap Heroes: Game Tips

I am VIP 3, why dont I get extra rewards? After purchasing a monthly card, additional rewards are available daily. Monthly card rewards are sent in a single letter with daily rewards. Be careful when receiving mail.

The trophy chest always sleeps, I do not receive objects and experience. Why? When auto-assault online, your enemy waves have a limit. Having reached the limit, you will receive only gold in small quantities.

What is real damage? Final damage is more powerful damage, taking into account some bonuses, ignoring protection.

How to leave a review or ask a question about the game? If you have any questions or suggestions about the game, you can contact the developers at any time. Click "No way to solve the problem?" to send a request. You will be helped as soon as possible.

How to communicate and interact with other players? In the general chat of the game or chat of the guild, you can communicate with other players. You can also join the official social network.

How to add friends? You can add friends through the Friends tab. You can also do a friend search by ID or nickname. By clicking on the players avatar, you can add him as a friend directly.

How to block a player in the chat? To block messages from a player, click on his avatar and select "block *.

Are there any bonuses during an assault? The amount of gold, purple dust, and experience gained increases during a car assault in accordance with the VIP level. However, the VIP level does not increase the chance of falling items.

How long can an assault last? Auto-storm income increases over time. The maximum offline assault time is 8 hours. With an online assault, there is a limit on the number of waves of enemies. After reaching the limit, an assault will not generate income.

What is a car assault squad? In the main menu of the game, click on the hero to set up an assault squad. The maximum number of heroes in the squad increases with your level.

I watched the ad. Why did not give a reward? First, make sure the video has been watched to the end.Unstable network operation is also possible. Connect to a stable network and try viewing again. The reward for viewing ads is always sent by mail.

How many times a day can I watch ads? How many crystals give for this? 8 attempts to view ads are available daily. For each view you can get 30 crystals.

Recently, I have not been given attempts to view ads. Why? In-game advertising is provided by third-party affiliate companies. Developers do not have the ability to control in which regions the advertisement will be broadcast. Developers control only the data transfer process. Try using the device settings to clear the game cache and enter the game using a different network connection. This can help. Have a nice game.

Taptap Heroes: Setting Up Your Account Correctly

What is the difference between guest and linked accounts? The guest account does not have a password and can only be used on one device. Resetting the device to the factory settings or breaking it will lead to authorization problems. Customer Support strongly recommends linking your account. Binding will allow you to set a password to enter the game, use several devices for the game (only within the same operating system) and save game progress.

How to link an account? To link an account, on the loading screen, click on the man icon in the upper right corner. In the binding menu that opens, select the method convenient for you and make a binding. After completing the binding in the game, you can get a reward.

How to change account after entering the game? Switching between accounts can be done in the main menu of the game through the Menu tab (in the upper left corner) - Settings - Change account.

Can I untie my account? Linking an account is the only way to confirm if you need to reset your password. It is not possible to unlink or change an already linked account. Use extreme caution when binding.

How to remove an unnecessary character from an account? Currently, the game does not have the option to delete a character. If you have any questions or suggestions about this, you can contact the developers.

Can I log out of my account? To ensure the security of the account, the game does not currently have the option to exit the account.

How to transfer a character to another server? Currently, there is no way to transfer the character to another server, since the data between the servers are not synchronized.

Will account data be lost when switching to another server? Account data is stored on the original game server. Currently, there is no way to transfer the character to another server, since the data between the servers are not synchronized. We recommend that you continue the game on the original server.

Is the data for iOS (Apple) and Android games compatible? Dear hero, due to restrictions on mobile devices, iOS (Apple) and Android are two separate systems that lead to in-game data becoming inoperative. This means that you cannot search for players of other mobile device systems in the game. At the same time, if you switch from an Android device to an iOS device (Apple) or an iOS device (Apple) to an Android device, the game data will remain in the previous system of the mobile device and cannot be synchronized with other systems. If you use other mobile communication systems, you need to select a new server and start from level 1.

Taptap Heroes: Bugs and Fitch Games

During the game, it shows the network timeout and the connection is disconnected. What to do? If the connection times out and the connection is interrupted, try restarting the devices Internet connection, connecting to a more stable network environment, or restarting the device. If the situation has not changed, contact customer support.

During the game, it shows the network timeout or the red Wi-Fi signal. What to do? Network instability affects the quality of the connection. Try connecting to another network and restarting the game. If the problem persists, contact customer support for assistance. Click "No way to solve the problem?" to send a request. You will be helped as soon as possible.

The game crashes. What to do? Out of memory and excess device cache can lead to crashes. Try to clear the cache and reinstall the game. If the problem persists, contact the customer support service for help with the model and OS version of the device. Click "No way to solve the problem?" to send a request. You will be helped as soon as possible.

What to do if faced with cheating? Developers strive to maintain an honest gaming environment and prohibit any form of cheating and cheating. If you encounter such a situation, please immediately inform the customer support service so that they can carry out an audit as soon as possible.

What to do if you encounter inappropriate behavior? If you encounter obscenities, the spread of spam, and other inappropriate behavior in chat or mail, you can block messages from this player by clicking on his avatar and selecting "block". You can also send screenshots of inappropriate behavior to customer support so that they can take appropriate action.

Taptap Heroes: Donat Secrets

Are there any bonuses on my first purchase? The first purchase bonus is crystals in double size. Also prepared very profitable promotional kits for the first purchase with a 5-star. heroes inside. Do not miss!

Payment fails. What to do? First, check your Internet connection, restart the game and try to pay again. Most payment problems are caused by an unstable internet connection. If the payment still does not go through, make sure that there are enough funds on the account to make a purchase. Also check with the payment platform for transaction restrictions. Non-standard authorization, inter-regional transactions and unsupported payment methods can usually lead to problems with payment.

What does it mean, "Use your original device to make a payment"? To ensure transaction security, the security system restricts payment transactions from unfamiliar devices. For this reason, a reminder appears to use the original device to make the payment. If you changed the device, please contact customer support.

Why are different amounts held when buying the same items or sets? Since the cost of items in the game is indicated in US dollars, the platform automatically converts the payment amount in accordance with the exchange rate of your location, due to fluctuations in the exchange rate, the amounts may be different.

How to become a VIP player? What are the benefits of a VIP player? You can increase your VIP experience by buying gift sets or crystals. Each VIP level gives the corresponding privileges. The higher the VIP level, the more privileges you have. You also get a VIP reward for every VIP level upgrade.

The purchase was successful, but the items did not come. What to do? Try restarting the game, then check your mail and inventory. If items are still not found, provide a screenshot with the payment number of the order to customer support. Click "No way to solve the problem?" to send a request. You will be helped as soon as possible.

How to get a promotional code? For subscribing to social media and participating in events and promotions, you can get a promotional code.