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Tennis Clash WiKi: Gameplay Tips and Tricks

TENNIS CLASH: 3D SPORTS is a game for android with release date Aug 29. 2019 from Wildlife Studios. Game genre: Sports games. In the article, we summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek site is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. A Beginner’s Guide
  2. How to get more coins, bags and diamonds?
  3. Equipment Cards and Attributes
  4. String Guide
  5. Hosting Tournaments
  6. League Features, Trophy System
  7. Club Guide
  8. Multiplayer Game Features
  9. Completing Daily Challenges
  10. Participation in the "Sniper" competition
  11. A Guide for Donators
  12. Player Account

Tennis Clash: A Beginner’s Guide

What are the basic rules of tennis? Tennis is a game played on a rectangular court by either two (singles) or four players (doubles). Tennis Clash can only be played single player. This means that there will be only two players in the game, one on each side of the court. This particular type of tennis uses a narrower singles court. The players stand on opposite sides of the net and, hitting the ball with a racket with taut strings, send it to each other.

Each player may only allow one rebound off the court of a rebound from an opponent before sending the ball back over the net so that it lands within the court. If the player fails to do so, his opponent gets a point. The goal is to win the right number of points to win a game, the right number of games to win a set, and the right number of sets to win a match. The first player to win six games wins the set. To win a match, you must win two out of three or three out of five sets.

Matches. In Tennis Clash, matches are shorter than in real sports. Matches do not consist of games or sets. To win an entire match, you just need to collect enough points. To win matches in the first round of the New York Open for Beginners, you need to be the first to score 5 points. In case of a tie after 5 points, the player who has outpaced the opponent by 2 points wins. To win matches in all other rounds, you need to score 7 points first. In case of a draw after 7 points, the player who has bypassed the opponent by 2 points wins.

Innings. The player who kicks the ball first is called the server, and the player who kicks the ball is called the receiver. In Tennis Clash, the first player to serve is determined randomly. After that, each player will serve the ball twice until the match is over. The server has two attempts to send the ball into the service square. The first try is called the first serve.

If the first feed fails, a second feed is performed. If the second serve fails, the player loses a point. This is also called double error. At the start of each point, the player serves from the right side of the court, aiming at the service square diagonally from it. If the ball hits the correct service square, play continues.

What do you need to know before searching for a match? Different play styles need to develop different parameters, so you should put together a kit that matches your own play style. If you enjoy playing near the net, try buffing the From Summer property. Pick the player that best represents you and your style. Each character in Tennis Clash has their own playstyle.

The champions of the court are players who know how to choose the right character for a certain style and collect kits for the strengths of the character. Choose a good set of strings that suits your preference. They don’t just look pretty! It’s actually a great way to increase strength without having to upgrade your gear.

What do you need to know when loading a match? When an opponent is found, we advise you to view his parameters. You will have very little time for this, but you will get the hang of quickly analyzing your opponent in the upcoming match and asking yourself important questions:

What do you need to know during a match? So, you are finally on the court. How do you implement these strategies in the game? When you play close to the net, it will be easier for you to intercept diagonal and light shots with minimal movement around the court, but in this position it is very difficult to repulse strong shots aimed at the back of the court. As you play further from the net, you will have more time to react to your opponent’s shots, so the exchange will be more powerful, but it will be relatively easy for your opponent to get you to run side to side trying to wear you down.

Do not play along with your opponent - if you can get him to run to repel your blow, do it. The characters’ stamina is limited and they can get tired. Alternate strikes: lure your opponent to the net with a light strike, then punish with a strong one. Try not to defend yourself, but as much as possible to control the exchange!

How should you move around the court? To navigate the Tennis Clash, simply click on the area on the court and you will see your player start walking towards the selected point. Your character will move automatically to reach the ball served by an opponent. If you want to move to a different location on the court, simply click on that area and your character will move there immediately after hitting the ball. Don’t forget that stats such as stamina and speed directly affect how far and how quickly your player will move to the chosen point. Therefore, be sure to use cards that enhance your characteristics.

How to hit the ball with different strengths and styles? The ball can be hit with different strengths and different styles. It is worth figuring out how to do this and how the features of the strike affect the trajectory of the ball in order to use them to your advantage.

Swipe. The bounce sends the ball fast and far. The opponent will have to try very hard to catch him. To complete it, slide your finger across the screen as quickly as possible at the exact moment when your player is about to hit the ball. But be careful not to overdo it and send the ball out of court. This movement does not have to be long, only fast. You will see a visual scale of the actual force of the future strike. A small bar will appear on the screen showing the force applied to the ball.

An ordinary blow. A regular hit is a standard hit. Strikes that you do not use much effort or special techniques to do tend to be common.

Style. Views:

How to surrender? To surrender, click on the small flag icon located in the upper left corner of the screen and select the "Surrender" option. But keep in mind that you will automatically lose the match. Also, please note that you cannot surrender in tournament matches. If you close the app, disconnect the connection, or do nothing during a tournament match, it will not be paused, meaning your opponent can still continue playing while you are away. However, you can return to the same match if you enter tournament matches before it ends.

How does the training regimen work? The best way to develop your skills in the Tennis Clash, as well as try to hit the ball with different strengths and different styles, is to practice in the training mode. To enter training mode, do the following:

  1. On the main screen, tap the "Play" button;
  2. Training Mode is the first game mode, counting from left to right. You can browse the game modes by scrolling left or right.

In training mode, a tennis cannon works, firing balls one after the other. Always try to hit the ball to the opposite side of the court on a diagonal (this is the best tennis strategy), checking how strong and fast the swiping movement must be in order to hit the ball and enter the area of ??the court that gives the most points. Each workout is 60 seconds long and your main goal is to score as many points as possible. The areas of the court that give the most points are those parts of the court that are harder to hit and where your opponent will have a harder time catching the ball in a real match on the round.

What is the tour entry fee? By touching the "Play" button, you will be able to view all the tours. The entry fee is the fee that must be paid in order to play each match at a specific tour difficulty level. The prize for a match is always double the amount of the entry fee. For example: The buy-in for a Sydney Tour match is 350 coins and the prize for winning the match is 700 coins.

How does the card tier limit work? When creating a set, be careful: the number of cards is limited for each round. This means that each round has a maximum level limit, and the level of your cards will be limited as follows:

For example, if you only have cards of a level higher than 5 in your set, and you try to play in round 1, information about the level limit will appear above the "Play" button.

Tennis Clash: How to get more coins, bags and diamonds?

How do I get more coins? The best way to get coins is to win matches on the tour, as this is the main source of income in the Tennis Clash. However, this is not the only way to get coins. You can also watch ads to increase your savings. Just click on the "Free Coins" button on the home screen when available.

If you have lost several games in a row and you run out of coins, you can always buy a package of coins in the "Shop" tab.

What are diamonds used for? Diamonds are the main currency for buying cards, bags and strings in the store. Diamonds can also be exchanged for coins if you have lost several games in a row and you need to replenish your supply of coins in order to play further or improve cards. You can also get diamonds by opening bags and completing daily tasks.

What are bags and what’s the difference between them? Every time you win a match, you are rewarded with a bag. Each player has 4 bag slots. If all slots are full, you will not receive a bag as a reward for winning the match. In this case, you will need to empty at least one slot by opening the bag, but unfortunately the bags that you did not receive will not be delivered later, after the bag slot is empty. Therefore, it is best to only play matches when you have room to store your bags. Types of bags:

You can also open bags immediately for diamonds, without waiting for the opening time. Shopping bags open immediately.

How are bags for glasses issued? The number of points you score in matches is added to the points bag counter. Every time you get 40 points, you get a special bag. Once you open one of them, you will have to wait a few hours before you can earn and open the next one. On average, you can get one bag per day for points.

How does a piggy bank work? The Piggy Bank is a temporary feature that gives you prizes for opening bags. Every time you open your bags, you get points that replenish your piggy bank. Once the piggy bank is full, you can open it and collect gold, gems and cards. The piggy bank offers maximum rewards when it is 100% full, but you can also open it when it reaches 50% (in which case you will receive fewer rewards).

Once you are 100% full, you have 24 hours to open it before it expires. Do not miss your chance! Once opened, the piggy bank will be reset to a new level, and you can start refilling it again for even greater rewards.

How does the Champion icon work? The Champion icon is a function similar to the Piggy Bank: you need to complete the icon to earn valuable diamonds. The Champion badge is filled with diamonds for each point scored in a match. Thus, the more you play, the more diamonds are added to your icon. By completing the badge, you will be able to buy it and get all the diamonds in it. By completing the Champion badge and leveling it up, you get more diamonds for every point you score in a match. Points count regardless of whether you win the match.

The icon can be opened after it is 60% full, but it is most profitable to open it at 100% and get more diamonds. After filling the icon to 100%, you will have 24 hours to open it, after which it will burn out. If you get a badge, its level goes up. Several different icons can be obtained. The higher the level, the more diamonds you will receive for each point scored in matches. But keep in mind that the cost of acquiring badges also increases with the level.

Tennis Clash: Equipment Cards and Attributes

How to make a kit? Bundles are different sets of cards that you can select and save. You can choose up to 3 different kits. In the Set menu you will see tabs 1, 2 and 3. When you click on any of the set tabs and change the cards in any cells, the other two sets will not be changed. This means that you can select a different bundle at any time and change the cards to test them without losing other bundles.

What are equipment cards and how do I upgrade them? Using and upgrading equipment cards enhances your properties, increasing the effectiveness of your play in matches. There are 7 types of cards:

Each type of card improves stats in different ways. Each stat has a specific icon, and the same icons will be for cards aimed at improving these characteristics. Maps can also be improved. To improve a map, you need to collect a certain number of the same cards, depending on the current level of the map.

At the bottom of each map, the progress of the improvement is displayed, by which you can understand how many cards are still missing to improve it. For example: if you have a Tier 3 Tsarskaya racket and the upgrade progress bar shows "12/20", this means that you need to collect 8 more Tsarskaya racket cards to upgrade it to level 4.

How is total strength calculated? Total strength is the sum of all other properties. You can easily compare the strength of your kits based on mod points.

How to increase overall strength? To increase your overall strength, you need to collect stronger cards with more advanced properties and continue to improve cards. The higher the level of the cards, the stronger your set.

Pumped cards. Now the number of cards received for each item is not limited, but fortunately, excess cards will be useful to you too. If you have pumped the map to the end, a new section will appear in the store, where you can exchange redundant elements of this card for new ones (not pumped). You will be able to exchange your upgraded card with most surplus cards according to the options below. The minimum number of surplus pumped cards per element for exchange.

You can choose from 3 options below:

You can exchange your cards every 48 hours. Additional exchanges can be obtained for diamonds, up to 3 times in every 48 hour interval.

Tennis Clash: String Guide

What are strings and how do they work? Strings are consumable items. They will help you to increase the characteristics, also depending on the improvement of your cards. Since strings are consumables, remember that for every match played (won or lost), 1 string is spent. There are 7 types of regular strings.

Nylon string. Nylon strings are used by default. They do not improve any of the metrics. Their number is limited, but if the player has no strings left, you can replenish their number by watching the ads that appear on the main screen.

Swallow Polly. Can be purchased at the store at three different prices. These will boost your critical strike and long reception to level 1:

Maestro Multi. Can be purchased at the store at three different prices. These will boost your Quick Attack to Level 1 and your Stamina Shield to Level 2:

Joker Chords. Can be purchased at the store at three different prices. These will boost your stamina shield to level 1 and your long hold to level 2:

Toro Twine. Can be purchased at the store at three different prices. These will boost your Fast Attack to Level 2 and Critical Strike to Level 2:

Punisher Gut. Can be purchased at the store at three different prices. These will boost your critical strike to level 1 and your long hold to level 2. They will also help with backhand deflection:

Siberian cable. Can be purchased at the store at three different prices. These will boost your critical strike to level 1 and your long hold to level 2. They will also help you parry a forehand:

Special strings. There are also special strings available for a limited time:

Tennis Clash: Hosting Tournaments

How to unlock the "Tournament" event? Tournaments are periodic events in which you can show your skills and win prizes. To enter tournaments, you must first unlock the Rio Open Tour (Tour 3). To access the tournaments, simply tap the bay leaf icon in the lower right corner of the screen in the main menu.

What are tournament buy-in and match-up fees? Different tournament tiers have different entry fees and match fees.

If you win the match, you will be refunded your match fee plus the reward equal to the match fee paid by your opponent. When the tournament starts, you can take part in it by paying an entry fee. Remember that this fee only gives you access to the tournament. To participate in the matches, you will also need a sufficient number of coins.

Tournament levels. There are 4 levels of tournaments, which are separate divisions that you can participate in. You will be able to participate in the tournament at a level corresponding to your league level or lower. For example: if you are currently in the Pro League, you can choose between the "Pro", "Amateur" and "Novice" tournament levels. If you are currently in the Beginner or Beginner League, you can only select the Novice level. Tournament levels:

By clicking on the tab for each level, you will be able to see the prizes that can be obtained depending on the final position.

Scoring system. The scoring system takes into account all the points you have accumulated in matches played during the tournament round. You can score no more than 10 points in a match. This means that: Winning the match gives you 10 or 7 points, depending on the court you are playing on. Losing a match gives exactly as many points as you scored in the match.

Repeat. When you have played all the available matches for a given round, a Retry button will appear. By tapping the "Retry" button, you can play replay matches for diamonds. The more re-matches you play, the higher the price. There are two things to keep in mind when playing a replay match:

Rounds. Tournaments are divided into two rounds: qualifying round and final round. You can only join the tournament during the qualifying round. When the qualifying round begins, you can see how much time is left until the end of the round at the top center of the screen. After the completion of the qualifying round, the final round begins for the qualifying players. The sum of the points from all of your qualifying matches will be your total qualifying score.

Only players who reach the standings will make it to the final round. In the final round, you will compete with the players who made it to that round for the highest position in the leaderboard. Higher rankings give better prizes. If you tap your name on the Rankings tab, all matches and your score in each match are displayed.

The qualifying round does not bring any prizes. Prizes are awarded after the end of the tournament.

How to get to the standings area? To get into the standings zone, you need to score more points than the players in the leaderboard above your position. This means that only the players with the most points will advance to the next round.

Who gets the awards? Prizes are awarded to the first 100 players in the final round table. Moreover, the higher you rank in the rating, the higher your rewards.

What if several players have the same stats? If two or more players have the same score during a tournament round, additional criteria will apply. According to this rule, the advantage will be given to the player who:

If two players have the same performance in all of the above criteria, the winner is the player who completes all matches first (including additional matches purchased with diamonds).

Tournament prizes. Before paying the buy-in for any level of the tournament, you can see what prizes are awarded to the winners in each level of the tournament by clicking on the tab of each level. Please note that prizes will only go to those who reach the tournament round, and no prizes will be awarded in the qualifying round. Prizes are awarded to the first 100 players in the table. At the end of the tournament, you can claim your prizes by clicking on the special "Get" button.

If the tournament is over and you have not yet collected your prizes, simply click on the "Tournament" tab on the main screen to claim them. In addition, if another tournament starts before you claim your rewards from the previous tournament, you will not be able to purchase entry to the tournament without collecting your prizes first. The number of trophies is limited according to the tournament you are participating in. This information will be available during the game.

What is the maximum level? Your sets (as well as the total score) are calculated according to the cards you used in the set tab, that is, according to the tennis players, rackets, wraps you have chosen, etc. Each of these cards can be individually improved, increasing the degree of their influence on your properties. For each level, the same maximum level for all cards in the set is set so that none of the players has a serious advantage. Each level of the tournament has its own maximum level:

The maximum level is also indicated on the "Participate" button for each level of the tournament. For example: if a player has a set of cards with a level higher than 5 and he plays this set at the "Newbie" level in tournaments, then his cards will be downgraded to level 5, but only during the matches of the qualifying round and tournament round. If the player’s card level is below 5, it will remain unchanged.

How does the matchmaking system work in a tournament? When selecting opponents in a tournament, a certain rule is applied, which takes into account (in the given order) the following factors:

If no rivals from the same top league are found, the game will search for rivals in the lower leagues. There are several types of tournaments. You can play against other opponents in the same tournament league, but not necessarily from the same hundred in the tournament bracket.

Tennis Clash: League Features, Trophy System

What are leagues and how do you develop in them? Leagues are seasonal ratings, for participation in which you can receive special bonuses that significantly increase the number of cards in each bag. A season lasts a week, and you can view how much time is left until the next season by tapping the league icon on the home screen. The league badge is the badge located right below the sponsorship bags on the home screen. On the My League screen, the time counts down right below the current category symbol.

How do I advance to higher league tiers? To move to higher categories, you need to earn coins, that is, win matches. Leagues are based on the total number of coins earned since the end of the previous season.

How many categories are there? To view all categories and bonuses for each category, tap the View All Categories button located inside the current category symbol on the My League screen. You will see that the following categories currently exist:

Each level increases the likelihood of receiving cards when opening the bag.

What bonuses are given in each league category? Depending on which league category you fall into, you can get some awesome bonuses to help you build your dream team deck. To move to higher categories, you need to earn coins, that is, win matches. Leagues are based on the total number of coins earned since the end of the previous season. At the moment, there are 13 categories in the league:

CategoryBonus that increases the frequency of drops of cards from the bag (%)
Beginner Iten
Beginner IItwenty
Beginner IIIthirty
Lover I40
Amateur II50
Amateur III60
Pro I70
Pro II80
Pro III90
Master I100
Master II120
Master III140

How does the rating system work? The ranking is compiled globally and is based on the number of trophies you have received. To view the rankings, tap the trophy icon at the top of the home screen. The list will open at your position in the global rankings. You can click on any player’s name and view their profile. This will show you what kit (item set) he is using, and maybe get some inspiration for the next matches.

In a situation where the players have the same number of trophies, an additional game is played to determine the winner.

How does the scoring system work? The goal of playing tennis is to win the right number of points to win a game, the right number of games to win a set, and the right number of sets to win a match. The first player to win six games wins the set. To win a match, you must win two out of three or three out of five sets. But in Tennis Clash the matches are shorter than in real sports. Matches do not consist of games or sets.

To win an entire match, you just need to collect enough points. To win matches in the first round of the New York Open for Beginners, you need to score 5 points first. In case of a tie after 5 points, the player who has outpaced the opponent by 2 points wins. To win matches in all other rounds, you need to score 7 points first. In case of a draw after 7 points, the player who has bypassed the opponent by 2 points wins.

How does matchmaking work? The matchmaking system will try to find the most suitable free player opponent for you. When selecting pairs of opponents, two parameters are taken into account:

This means that you will always be paired with a player who is on the same round as you, while both of you will have approximately the same number of trophies. You can fight players with more or fewer trophies than you to make the game more competitive. The game has specially made such a system of selection of opponents, since these parameters well reflect the level of skills and experience of the players.

Keep in mind that as you progress in the game, the level of experience and skills of your opponents will also increase, so do not forget to improve and use your equipment.

Tennis Clash: Club Guide

How are clubs organized? Clubs become available after you reach Tour 3. After you unlock this feature, you can join an existing club or create your own.

Joining the club. To join a club, you first need to find a club that you like. On the Clubs screen, you will see a list of the clubs you recommend, and you can also search for a specific club by its name or code. Clicking on a club name will open the Club Details pop-up window from which you can apply to join the club. You can apply to join several clubs at once, but you can only join the one that accepts your application first. Club owners can approve or deny your application to join the club.

Creation of a club. Any player who has the Clubs feature unlocked can create a club and set the club rules and information, as shown below:

The owner of the club is the only one who can exclude members of the club. If the owner leaves the club, the oldest member of the club will be automatically appointed as the new owner of the club. If there are no members left in the club, it will be automatically disbanded.

Club chat. If you are a member of a club, you will be able to participate in the club’s chat on the Social tab. When using the chat, remember that any offensive or indecent behavior is unacceptable. Wildlife Studios reserves the right to take all required measures in the event of actions that violate any provision of the "Terms of Service". These measures include, but are not limited to: temporary suspension of access to the game, permanent closure of the account in the game, confiscation of game currency or game items, all of which may be applied without prior notice.

Energy to speed up the opening of bags. All club members can request energy from other club members to speed up the opening of bags. To request help from other club members, on the club chat tab, click "Request Energy" at the bottom of the screen. Club members can give you Energy to speed up the opening of the bag. Each energy gain reduces the time it takes to open the bag.

You can also help other members of the club by sending them energy. Click on the Energy Requests button in the upper corner of the chat screen to view all requests from club members. By sending energy to other members of the club, you get coins, and you can also get a badge of a club member who is ready to help.

What are Club Leagues and how do they function? Club Leagues are seasonal rankings that can bring rewards to all members of a club at the end of each season, similar to the Individual Leagues. All clubs will be randomly divided into groups, and the clubs in each group will compete with each other for the best position in the ranking. The rating will be calculated based on the total number of coins earned during the season. At the end of each season, all eligible club members will receive awards according to the club’s ranking in the ranking.

A good position in the rating guarantees higher rewards for club members, and can also become the basis for raising the club, because moving to a higher league. At the end of the season, a certain percentage of clubs will be promoted or demoted. The clubs with the best rating will be promoted, and the ones with the lowest will be downgraded. will go down to the previous league. In addition, demoted clubs do not receive rewards at the end of the league season. A player can only receive Club League rewards if they join a club within the first 48 hours of the current season.

If the club reaches a league higher than the player’s individual league, the rewards received will be calculated on the player’s individual league. This means that the rewards are limited depending on which league the player belongs to.

Tennis Clash: Multiplayer Game Features

Is it possible to chat with an opponent? Yes you can! You cannot talk to your opponent, but you can send him pre-selected emoji or stickers. During matches, a ball-shaped chat icon will appear at the bottom left of the screen. Tap it and you can choose an emoji or sticker and send it to your opponent. If you do not want your opponent to communicate with you (want to disable chat), follow these steps:

  1. Tap the chat icon;
  2. Uncheck the Chat box.

After that, your opponent will not be able to communicate with you. But remember that you will not be able to communicate with your opponent either.

Are there bots in the game? Yes, there are bots in Tennis Clash. But don’t worry, as bots are designed for 2 main purposes:

Bots are quite easy to defeat - they look more like dummies than real rivals.

Where can I see the history of matches? You can view your match history by tapping on the notes icon right below the points bag button on the home screen. This will display a list of the most recent matches you played, from newest to oldest. You will also be able to view the Team Card Sets that your opponent has used in each match. There is also a replay function that allows you to review played matches.

How do friendly matches work? To open your Friends List, click on the Social Media tab in the bottom bar, then click Friends. In the list of friends (section "Leaderboard"), the relative position of each of the friends in the rating will be displayed. Clicking on a friend’s profile will open a pop-up with their profile, where you can view their set, league and career overview, and if you have the same cards, you can copy the friend’s deck.

You can play friendly matches with friends by opening their profiles and viewing their status. For each player, his status is displayed, such as "Offline", "Online", "Playing a match". If a friend is online, just click Play next to their name to send a match invitation. By clicking the "Play" button, you can view the Match Rules:

Keep in mind that friendly matches do not take a fee, but you will not receive gold or trophies in them.

How to add Facebook friends? If you have already connected your Facebook account to the game, then your Facebook friends will automatically appear in your friends list (if they also connected their Tennis Clash account to Facebook).

How do I add friends from match history? Just open your "Story" and click on the name of the player you previously played with, and then click on "Add Friend". A friend request will be sent to this player, which he can Accept or Decline.

Friends can only be added from the history of matches - and, for example, this cannot be done from the global rating.

How do I invite a friend? You can also click the Invite button in your friends list to create a link that you can then share. When your friends follow this link, a game opens with a friend request (if the user who followed the link has no game installed, the game download page will open).

Tennis Clash: Completing Daily Challenges

How do daily quests work? Daily Quests, as their name suggests, are Daily Objectives that provide various rewards for reaching them. The more tasks you complete, the more rewards you can get. And best of all, they are updated every day. Your goal is to complete tasks to receive rewards. Each completed quest also earns points that can be used to open quest packs.

The number of points required to open a quest package can be viewed on the progress bar on the quest screen. Every day 4 new tasks will be available to you, which should be completed in 24 hours. If the tasks are not completed within the specified time, the next day they will be reset. After filling the progress bar to the end, you can open the reward pack.

How long are the tasks? 4 tasks will be available to you every day. Tasks will be reset after 24 hours, so you need to have time to complete them in a limited time. Otherwise, they will be reset, and you will have to start new tasks. The remaining time can be viewed on the countdown bar on the mission screen.

Re-launching daily tasks. Quest reruns are available to players with an active Pro Pass subscription. Each time you update a task (daily), you will receive 1 restart. This means that you can trade one of your daily quests if you don’t like it. You will be able to do this once a day, so be careful in your choice. To rerun the quest, simply click on the "Refresh" button in the corner of the quest window (see screenshot). Remember that if you restart the task, all progress in this task will be lost.

What are the rewards for completing daily quests? Each completed task will bring you a reward depending on its difficulty level. For each completed task, you can get stones, characters and items. You also get points for completing tasks, which are added to the package. After filling, the package can be collected!

Tennis Clash: Participation in the "Sniper" competition

What is the Sniper Competition? The Sniper Contest is a limited-time event where you can show off your marksmanship and win awesome prizes. Just hit the target to collect points and unlock rewards. The target is divided into 3 zones. The closer to the center you get, the more points you get. When the match ends, you get a special bag for the points you score.

How to play the Sniper Contest? Press the "Start" button on the Sniper Contest screen to enter the match. Shown directly above the button is how many free attempts you have left. When you start the game, a moving target appears on the court, and the machine begins to throw balls in your direction. The target is divided into three zones, and each zone is worth a certain number of points.

To unlock and receive a prize, you need to collect a minimum number of points. You cannot move the character, so watch the target’s movement and plan your actions. Plus, you don’t have to worry about using the best gear. Your stats in this mode do not affect the game, and they will be the same for all players.

What prizes can I get in the Sniper Contest? By playing the Sniper Contest, you can earn limited edition bags containing sets of cards and strings. Prizes are awarded based on your current league and maximum open rounds. The higher your league, the more cards you get, and the higher the unlocked tour, the better the cards will be. There are 5 different prizes and each is unlocked when you hit a minimum score.

You can receive one prize per round. If you collect enough points to unlock more than one prize, you will receive the most valuable prize first. For example, if you score enough points for the first two prizes, you will first get the one with the most cards and strings. You will have a limited number of attempts to get all the prizes. Having received one prize, you will no longer be able to receive it a second time. If you run out of attempts, you can buy more. If you receive all the prizes, then unused attempts will be lost.

How long is the Sniper Contest? The Sniper Contest is a limited time event. It will take place from time to time, and you will have 7 days to get all the prizes before the end of the event. If you have used all the free trials and there are still prizes left, then you can buy additional trials. Unused additional attempts will be available up to three days after the end of the event. This means that if you bought attempts, but did not manage to spend them, then you will have up to three additional days for it until the competition is reset.

How do my stats and kits affect the Sniper Competition? During the "Sniper" competition, standard stats and kits are used for all players - your characters and items will not affect the game in any way. All players will have the same stats, so the points you score will depend only on your skill.

What happens if I don’t have time to spend all attempts before the end of the event? When the Sniper contest starts, you will receive a certain number of free attempts, and these attempts will only be available until the end of the event. Once the event ends, the remaining attempts are lost, so be sure to use them within seven days. If you run out of free attempts, you can buy additional ones.

If you did not use additional attempts before the end of the event, then you will have three additional days to spend them. That is, you have 7 days to unlock prizes, and 3 additional days until unused attempts are reset. Remember that this only applies to purchased attempts.

Tennis Clash: A Guide for Donators

How does the Tennis Clash Pass work? The Tennis Clash Pass is a feature that allows you to receive prizes for games and completed tasks. You will earn points for completing daily quests and playing matches, which will allow you to progress in the sequence of your Pass’s rewards. After achieving certain goals, you will be able to claim a prize.

Each season lasts for a limited period of time. After the start of the season, a sequence of rewards becomes available, in which you can see all the goals that need to be achieved and the rewards that can be obtained for this. Each new season offers new rewards and tasks to complete. The new season will only be available after receiving all the rewards for the previous season.

Pass rewards. As you play matches and complete tasks, you will earn points that are added to the sequence of awards. The more points you get, the further you advance in this sequence. When you receive the number of points sufficient to achieve the next goal, you will be able to claim a reward. Each goal achieved results in rewards such as bags, strings, and even skins. The Reward Sequence contains unique prizes for each season. After the season ends, the next season begins with new rewards.

Your progress in a season only lasts for that specific season, and as soon as a new season begins, you will need to reclaim your successes. You will only be able to start a new season after you have completed all goals and received the corresponding prizes, so you will not miss any rewards when the seasons change. Each target in the reward sequence offers 2 different prizes, one of which is a Pro reward. Only pro pass holders will be able to receive this reward, and all players can apply for another reward.

Rewards earned in a reward sequence will refer to the round the player was on when the goal was achieved. That is, if the goal was achieved when the player was in round 5, the bag will belong to round 5 no matter what happens next.

Pro pass. The Pro Pass is a subscription that allows you to earn even more rewards for completing the challenges for this Pass. Upon reaching each goal, 2 different rewards are offered, one of which is only available to the pros. Only players with an active Pro Pass subscription are eligible for this award. Players who do not have a subscription will be able to receive regular rewards based on their achievements.

Plus, if you subscribe mid-season, you’ll be eligible to claim all Pro rewards achieved during that season. This means that if you decide to become a Pro Pass, you will not have to wait for the new season to start and you will be able to receive all the rewards available to the Pro in the current season.

What are the bonuses for pro pass holders? Pro Pass holders have access to additional prizes in the reward sequence, as well as other bonuses:

How can I buy a Pro Pass? You can only purchase a subscription if you have a valid credit card linked to your account. This is required to re-pay for automatic renewal of the subscription. Unfortunately, App Store, iTunes and Google Play cards are not valid payment methods for subscriptions. If you have any questions about the available payment methods, you can contact the app store directly.

How does Pro Pass Renewal work? When receiving a subscription or free trial, the respective store displays a message informing about the current value and indicating that the subscription will be automatically renewed even after the application is uninstalled. In this case, payment will be charged to your account every time you renew your subscription. To avoid this, you must cancel your subscription.

How do I cancel a Pro Pass? The subscription is directly linked to the account used in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, and not to the game itself. For this reason, developers cannot cancel it remotely. To cancel your subscription, you must log into your account and terminate your membership.

I do not receive bonuses for my Pro Pass! The subscription is directly linked to the Apple ID or Google account used in the App Store / Play Store. Using more than one Tennis Clash account and / or device while signing in with the same Apple ID / Google Account may result in subscription transfers between your Tennis Clash accounts, and it may take up to one day to restore your subscription.

The subscription can be easily restored by clicking the "Restore Subscription" button in the settings panel (click on your profile avatar, then click on "Settings"). This usually allows you to restore your active subscription to your current Tennis Clash account. Make sure your subscription is still valid and that you are signed in to the correct Apple ID / Google Account in the App Store / Play Store.

Tennis Clash: Player Account

How do I find my player number? To find your player number, follow the steps below:

  1. Tap your profile icon in the upper left corner of the screen;
  2. Your player number is listed under your trophies;
  3. To copy the player number to the clipboard, click the "Copy" button.

How do I change my username? Immediately after completing the training, you will be able to set a username for your account. If you later want to change your username, just click on the small portrait in the upper left corner of the screen on the Home page to go to your profile. Then click on the pencil icon next to your name and enter a new username.

Remember that you can only change your username a limited number of times, so think carefully before choosing another name. Names that are offensive or obscene are not acceptable and your account may be sanctioned if necessary.

How do I save my achievements? To save your achievements, you will need to sync them with your Facebook account. To do this, simply follow these steps:

  1. From the Home page, tap the small portrait in the upper left corner of the screen. You will be taken to your Profile.
  2. Tap the Settings button in the right corner of the screen.
  3. Tap the switch next to Facebook to save your achievements by linking them to your Facebook account.

Your device should ask for permission to connect Tennis Clash to the account you are currently signed in to on the Facebook app. If you are not signed in, you will be asked for the email address and password of the Facebook account with which you want to sync your achievements. If you want to sync your achievements with an account other than the one you are logged into on the Facebook app, simply go to the Facebook app and log out or log into the correct account before following the steps above.

How can I restore my achievements? You can save your progress by syncing your account with your Facebook / Google Play / Game Center accounts. After saving your progress, you can restore it at any time you want when you log in. Please note that this option will only be available after completing the tutorial (you will not see the login option until you complete the tutorial). To restore your saved progress, simply follow these steps:

  1. On the Home page, click on the small portrait in the upper left corner of the screen to go to your Profile.
  2. Click Settings in the right corner of the screen.
  3. Click the switch next to Facebook / Game Center / Google Play to load your previously saved achievements.

Your device should ask for permission to connect to Tennis Clash the first time you log in. If you haven’t saved your progress before, follow the steps above to save your current progress.

How can I change my profile picture? When you connect Facebook to your account, in addition to saving your account, your Facebook profile photo also acts as your Tennis Clash profile photo. This means that if you want to update your profile with a tennis image, you only need to update the Facebook image and the game will automatically update it the next time you launch.

Article author: Nadezhda D.