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Texas Holdem Poker Prizes: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

TEXAS POKER FOR PRIZES - a game for android from Gameloft. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers answers to players questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

What are virtual chips? Virtual chips - an in-game currency with which you can bet, it can also be used to purchase virtual items.

Will there be a game for real money? Not. All the chips in the game are virtual, and the game does not require a mandatory investment of real money.

What can be won in the daily lottery? Daily lottery prizes are randomly selected from 100 chips! You have a chance to win a whole 1,000,000 chips!

What items can I buy in the game store? There are four categories of items that are used to personalize and decorate the playing space: souvenirs, cocktails, flags and treasures.

How to buy a cocktail? It says "Only in the game." You cannot buy a cocktail from the Store in the Main Menu. These items can only be bought while playing at the table. In addition, these are disposable items. To purchase a cocktail, click on the Shop icon in the Freemium panel during the game. You can also click on your avatar, open the game profile and click on the Drinks icon to open the cocktail menu.

How to take a game item on the table? Click on an avatar to open a game profile. Click on the Drinks icon to open the Store. Find the item you want to take or use, click on it once to select, and why again to take it. You can also access the store through the Freemium panel.

What is the maximum level in the game? Hundredth.

How to gain experience for character development? The main way to gain experience is to participate in matches. You get 30 experience points for each hand won and 10 points for every lost. Experience is also awarded for participating in career tournaments, elimination tournaments and Sit & Go.

What is my position on the leaderboard based on? Your position is calculated from your earnings in all multiplayer online games. This is the net result of all your victories and defeats, so the value can be negative if you lose more chips than you win.

How many achievements in the game? Where can I see the list? The game has 77 achievements. Select the Gear icon in the Main Menu in the Freemium panel, then click on the Achievements icon to see a list of achievements.

Is there any help for beginners? A training system has been developed. Go to Practice in the single-player game menu to familiarize yourself with the rules of the game. The Help section is also available, where beginners can familiarize themselves with the rules of the game and see different combinations of cards.

What features are available for experienced players? Experienced players can compete for places in the ratings, play on several tables (up to four at the same time) and even try the unique TV game mode.

How to open Las Vegas in career mode? In order to gain access to the Las Vegas casino, you need to reach level 20.

What is the difference between a game for money and Sit & Go? The main difference between a cash game and Sit & Go is that in a money game you can leave the table at any time and take chips with you. You must play in Sit & Go and in tournaments before winning or before losing. There are no increasing bets in cash games.

How to win a tournament? To win the tournament, you must play until you knock all the players out of the table. In a career tournament, you must complete several tables to complete the tournament.

What is a Retirement Tournament? In this mode, the tournament continues until only one player remains at the table, and only this player can move on to the next stage. The game lasts three rounds, so to earn 1 place, you need to remain the only player for all 3 rounds. Each round is played separately, but if you are eliminated in any of these rounds, you will have to start again from Round 1.

If I win in the first round, do I need to immediately play in the second round? No, if you won in the first round, you can participate in the second round when you want. Even after you exit the game, you can continue the game from the second round. If you lose in the second or third round, you will again have to start the game from the first round.

If theres a way to skip games and go straight to the last round of the elimination tournament? Yes, you can go to the last rounds for chips. Skipping to the second round costs 20,000 chips, and skipping to 3 rounds costs 100,000 chips.

What happens if I leave the table in the middle of the rally? In a cash game, you will lose all the chips that were bet during this draw, but keep the stack and the chips you earned. In all other games, if you leave the table before the end of the match, you will lose the buy-in and potential win, unless you bet so much to compete for the prize.

What happens if I get up during a match? If you get up during the match, you will take a break and be able to watch the game. You will lose the chips that are currently in the game, but you will still have a stack of chips and a place at the table so that you can return to the game at the next draw.

How to view profile and statistics? To view a profile, click on that part of the Freemium panel where the avatar and profile name are located. You will be taken to the profile menu where you can view information about your profile, including statistics. For detailed statistics, click on the Statistics icon and view the corresponding tabs.

How to access ratings? Click on the profile area in the Freemium panel to open the profile menu. Click on the Ratings icon to view global ratings. You can sort information by time and location., View your own position and much more.

Why are action icons displayed if its not my turn now? This is called the Action Queue; it allows you to preset the action before the next turn.

How to add a player as a friend while playing with him? If you want to add a player, click on his avatar to open the game profile. Click the Add Friend icon (the leftmost icon with a +) to add the player as a friend.

What is a multi-table game? In this mode, you can play on 4 tables at the same time. The control of this mode is in Settings. This feature is not available for iPod touch 3, iPhone 3GS, or iPad 1.

How to switch between tables? If this mode is enabled, you can switch between tables by clicking on the corresponding area of ??the Multi-table icon in the lower left corner. You can also tweak the viewing angle of the tables.

How can I determine at what table my presence is needed at the moment? When it is your turn at one of the tables, the color corner turns green. The color of the symbol on the corner indicates how urgently you need to visit the table. White - not urgent; yellow - time is running out; red flashing - time is almost up.

What is a TV game? A TV game allows you to play poker on a large TV screen, but at the same time you will keep cards on your device. This requires an Airplay or HDMI cable. Sound and image are transmitted to the TV, so players see the gameplay on the TV screen. At the same time, each of the players looks at his cards only on his device.

What is airplay? How to enable it? Airplay allows you to transfer audio and video from your device to your Apple TV. This requires firmware 5.0 and higher. To activate Airplay, display the multitasking area, move from left to right and select the Airplay icon. Select Apple TV from the list, make sure mirroring is enabled.

Do I need to use special settings for a TV game via an HDMI cable? No, if you are connected via cable, you do not need anything else. You will automatically become a server and you should see an image on the TV screen. No additional operations are required.

Why should one of the players become a server for a TV game? One of the players must become a server in order to transfer audio and video to TV. Without a server transmitting information, it is impossible to display an image on the screen.

Why when I select "Join the game on TV", I do not see the image on the TV screen? If you do not see the image on the TV screen, most likely the server is not created or does not transmit the signal to the TV. Check your Airplay or HDMI connection and try again. If you use Airplay, make sure that the firmware version of the device is 5.0 or higher and mirroring is installed on it.

How to exit TV mode? If you are invited to play a network game on TV, you will automatically leave the TV mode. If you joined the game independently or want to return to the normal viewing mode, you will exit the TV game by clicking on the Pause icon to go to the menu. Click on the "Exit TV" icon (which, as you noticed, appeared instead of the "Play on TV" icon) to exit the TV mode and switch to normal.

How to invite other players to join the game on TV? To invite other players to join the game on TV, you must create a game. When you go to the game on TV, select the Rivals icon (next to the Pause icon) on the device.You will go to the window where you can invite friends to the game, as well as view all the players present at the table. To invite a player to the table, click on the avatar of the player you want to invite. You will be taken to the player profile. Here you will see the "Invite to TV" icon. Click on it to send an invitation, and as soon as your friend accepts it, he will be able to take part in the game on TV from his device.

What are the "Real Prizes" offered by the lottery? The first set of lottery prizes includes: a trip for two to Las Vegas or a Panasonic TV with a diagonal of 42 inches. All other prizes - 100,000 virtual game chips.

How often is the prize draw? Lottery prizes take place once a week?

How to subscribe to participate in the lottery? To take part in the lottery, you must first register, indicating your name and email address, and agree to the official provisions. To register, click on the "I want to participate" icon on the welcome screen or in the Prizes section. In addition, to participate in the lottery, you can send an email to Gameloft.

Can I participate in the lottery by playing in the guest profile? No, the lottery is not available for guest profiles. To take part in the lottery, you will need to replace your profile with an account in Gameloft LIVE! Or Facebook.

How to get tokens for participation in the lottery? To earn a token to participate in the lottery, you need to play any online game. Provided that you play an online game before the time comes to participate in the lottery, you will receive a token.

How many tokens can I get at one time? For each lottery you will receive a maximum of one token. There are no other ways to earn extra tokens in the game.

How do I know when I receive a token? Checking if you currently have tokens is not possible. The only way to make sure that you are participating in the lottery is to play at least one online game every week.

How do I know about a prize won? During the game you will receive a pop-up notification. In addition, Gameloft will contact you by e-mail or by the mailing address you provide. The names of the winners will also be published in the news feed in the Prizes section.

Where can I find the mailing address and read the disclaimer? In the main menu, click on the Prizes icon and go to the corresponding section. To the right of the large green icon, you will see a small icon with the letter "i". Click on this icon to read the disclaimer, which also contains the mailing address. (It is assumed that you are already registered to participate in the lottery. If not, you will receive this information upon registration.)

How to change profiles? In the Main Menu, select the Gear icon in the Freemium panel. Select the Settings icon, then click the Change Profile icon. Select the social network account (or guest) you want to log into, enter or confirm the account information. If you want to use a different Facebook account, you must first log out of the Facebook application (or log out of Facebook in a browser), otherwise the game will log in under the previous account.

What actions can be reported through social networks? Through social networks, you can report the following actions: open achievements, gifts, victories in the daily lottery. These messages are optional and will be posted on the network only if the player clicks on the Share icon in the game. Also, when a player offers a friend to get a game, a message will appear on the friends wall.

How to change profile name? To view a profile, click on that part of the Freemium panel where the avatar and profile name are located. In the menu, click on the pencil under the profile name to open the keyboard and enter the profile name.

Can I log in to my account from another device? Since you are using an account associated with a social network (Facebook or Gameloft LIVE!), You can play this game on any device where this game is installed.However, guest accounts are saved locally on the device, so you will not have access to your guest profile from another device.

What features are not available from the guest profile? The guest profile provides full access to the game, except for the elimination tournament, friends, gifts and lotteries.

How can I change the email address provided during registration? If you are registered to participate in the lottery, but want to change your email address, you can do this in the Prizes section. Click on the small "i" icon, which is located behind the large green icon, and go to the disclaimer. Click on the "Change Email" icon, which is located here, and go to the registration window. Now you can change the email address provided during registration.

Why is the message "No connection" displayed if the connection is established? The signal quality icon in the upper left corner of the Freemium panel shows the quality of the connection to the server. If the connection is interrupted for a short period of time, you will not be removed from the game.

Do I need an Internet connection to add friends and multiplayer games? Yes. Without a connection to the Internet, there will be no connection with friends from social networks, nor can you play online. However, you can play offline as a guest.

What can I do offline? In offline mode you can play as a guest. You will have full access to the game, except for online modes, access to friends, gifts and lottery.

What should I do if the game freezes or crashes during an action that cannot be undone? Try closing the application completely and restarting it. Check if updates are available. Reinstall the application and restart the device. If the problem persists, contact customer support for assistance.

How to change game settings? Settings are in the Settings menu. In the Main Menu, click the Gear icon in the Freemium panel, then select Settings. In the game, click the Pause icon in the upper left corner, then select Settings.

How to choose a language? Language can only be selected in the Main Menu. In the Main Menu, click the Gear icon in the Freemium panel, then select Settings, then click the Languages ??icon. Select the appropriate flag, then click OK.

How to enable or disable notifications? This can only be changed in the settings in the Main Menu. In the main menu on the Freemium panel, click on the gear, select Settings. In Settings, set the notifications to "Off".

Can I buy virtual chips? Yes, if you wish, you can buy chips in the game store. Click the + icon for a bankroll in the Freemium panel.

How to get free chips? Play the daily lottery to win a random amount of chips; invite a durzei to get 500 chips;Get chips by clicking on the Free Chips icon in the Store menu.

How to add friends from a social network to the game? Just connect your Facebook or Gameloft LIVE account! to the game account by providing a username. Friends from the social network will be automatically added to the game.

How to add friends who do not have Texas Poker with Prizes? Open the Friends menu by selecting the icon in the Freemium panel. All friends who do not have a game are displayed here. Click on the friends you want to select to confirm the invitation. When the selected friends have a game, they will no longer appear in this list, and you can invite them to your table!

How to invite friends to play with me? While at the table, click on the Add friend icon on any of the empty seats at the table. A list of friends you can invite appears. Click the Invite icon to send a request to a friend. If a friend accepts the invitation, he will join the game.

How to invite friends from another social network? If you play through Facebook, but want to invite a friend from Gameloft LIVE !, you can do this by providing a username in the friends menu. You can also do this in the following way: to add friends from another social network, go to the Friends menu and select the social network icon at the top. Once you enter the network, you will see new friends on the list.

How to make gifts to friends? The gift menu can be accessed in two ways: from the lower left corner of the Friends menu or from the Store menu. Click the Gift icon and select the Send Gift icon. Click on all the friends you want to send a gift to, then select the Send Gift icon. You can also select Make a gift for everyone to send gifts to all your friends.

What gifts can I get? All gifts are randomly the number of game chips from 500 chips and up to 1,000,000!

How often can I send gifts to friends? You can receive gifts and send them once a day.

How to give other players virtual items during the game? Click on the avatar of the player you want to give a gift to open the profile. Then click on the Drinks icon to open the Store. Find the item you want to give, click on it once to select, and then again to confirm.