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Walkthrough The Horus Heresy Legions: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

THE HORUS HERESY: LEGIONS - Android game with release date 07/25/2018 from the company Everguild. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers answers to players questions.Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. Combat
  2. Events
  3. Lodges
  4. Frequently Asked Questions
  5. Rating Seasons
  6. Progress
  7. Creating a Deck

The Horus Heresy Legions: Combat

How is the battle going?

Battles are fought alternately. To win, it is necessary to deplete the health of the enemy commander to 0. Commanders are large units that are always located along the center of the battlefield. Your commander is always located at the bottom of the battlefield. By default, each game you start with 2 energy points and 3 cards on hand or 4 cards if you go second. The player who goes first is randomly determined.

The commander with the highest initiative goes first. If both commanders have the same level of initiative, then the player who goes first is determined randomly. Your maximum energy level increases by 1 point at the beginning of each turn, to a maximum of 10 points. Energy is needed to draw cards and use active abilities, and it is replenished at the beginning of your turn.

Your energy level is indicated under the "End Turn" button on the right side of the screen, and your opponents energy level is at the top. At the beginning of your turn, you draw one card from your deck with 30 cards. You can have up to 10 cards on hand. If there are no cards left in the deck, then you get 1 point of accumulated damage for each attempt to draw a card. During your turn, you can:

  1. Play one card from your cards if you have enough energy for this. To play a card, drag it from your cards to the center of the battlefield or to the target;
  2. Attack enemy units with a commander or soldiers, once per unit. To carry out an attack, drag the attacking unit onto the target;
  3. Use the active abilities of the commander or one soldier, once per unit, if you have enough energy for this. To use an active ability, tap the unit with the active skill so that a window appears in the lower right corner of the screen. Tap a window to use an active skill, or swipe the screen from window to target;
  4. Touch the cards in your hands or on the field to get additional information regarding their abilities (this can be done even during the opponents turn).

You can only use active abilities or attack with units marked at the base with a green ring. After completing your turn, tap the "End Turn" button on the right side of the screen. Also on the left are the following buttons:

Hell effects

Some soldiers and commanders possess traits with various effects and activation methods. Below is a list of all the features:

What happens if I run out of cards during the game? If there are no cards left in your deck, then for each attempt to draw a card you will receive 1 point of accumulated damage. It means:

What happens in case of a draw? In rating games, draws lead to the fact that the rating of both players does not change. In events, draws do not lead to changes in the course of the event. Also, you do not earn a victory and do not lose an attempt.

What is an initiative? Each commander can have a high, medium, or low level of initiative. In battles, the commander with a higher level of initiative always comes first. If both commanders have the same level of initiative, then the player who goes first is determined randomly.

The Horus Heresy Legions: Events

How are the events going? Events are time-limited scenarios based on battles from The Horus Heresy, in which at least two factions compete to get exclusive content for the game. At least one ticket is required to participate in events. If you are a member of a box, then for the victory in the games of the event box points are added, which are added to the reserve, which all players fill to open the best overall reward at the end of the event.

Faction points are also awarded for winning games in the event, with which you can open a mutually exclusive award for the faction at the end of each event. This is your chance to influence the course of the whole game! You have the opportunity to pay 10 tickets instead of one, so that your fractions, lodge points and rewards will increase 10 times.

Sealed deck. In a sealed deck format, you are given a number of decks to choose from. You can play even if you do not need cards from the provided decks. Entering the Sealed Deck event, you can choose:

  1. Commander: choose who you will play from among the presented commanders;
  2. Faction: two factions play in the events, and each of them at the end of the event offers a reward for victory that will change the course of the game. The commander you choose determines which faction you will play for;
  3. Deck: for each commander, a number of decks are offered to choose from.

Having made your choice, you can begin the search for opponents. In each run of the event, you can play until you win 12 games or lose 3. The more you win, the better your reward will be at the end of each run.

What happens if I do not have time to complete the event before the end of the event? When the event timer ends, players with unfinished entries receive rewards according to the number of victories they have achieved. Games started before the end of the timer and completed after its end are not counted either for the lodge rewards or for the faction rewards.

The Horus Heresy Legions: Lodges

How can I join a box? To join the box, go to the "Box" menu. If you are not yet in the box, then you will automatically be shown a list of recommended boxes that you can join. Click on the name of the box to see a list of its members. To enter, click the up arrow. The list of lodges can be filtered by region by clicking on the "Region" button.

You can also find a specific box by entering its name in the search bar. If you received one or more invitations to the boxes, you can view, accept or decline them in the "Invitations" tab. You can also indicate in your account whether other players can send you invitations or not. If you were kicked out of a box, you can only join it again at the invitation of a member of that box.

How can I invite a friend to my box? Click the "Invite" button in the "Lodge" menu. Enter your friends username to send the invitation. You will receive a confirmation if the invitation was sent correctly.

How can I accept the invitation to the box? Upon successful receipt of the invitation, the invitation tab will appear in the "Lodge" menu. Touch it to open all received invitations to the box and make a choice.

How can I create a box? Having opened the "Lodge" menu, tap the "Create" button and fill in all the fields:

You can not create a box, already being a member of another.

How can one leave a box? With the Lodge menu open, click the pencil icon. Then click on the red "Abandon" button.

What roles are in the box? Four different roles are offered in the box: legionnaire, veteran, captain and head of the box. With each level of privilege increase:

If the head of the box leaves the box without lowering himself in rank, then any captain or veteran can take the place of head of the box. If there are no captains or veterans in the box, then any member of the box can become the head of the box. If the head of the box does not appear on the network for more than 14 days, then the title of head of the box is released, and other members of the box can take it.

If I leave the box, can I join it again? Yes, but only under the following conditions:

If the box accepts players only by invitation, then you need an invitation from the participant of the box you left.

How can I play a training match in a box? Training matches can only be played in the box. There are two ways to do this:

The Horus Heresy Legions Frequently Asked Questions

What are tickets, coins and gems for? Tickets, coins and gems are the types of currency with which you can buy content:

How can I earn tickets? You can get tickets as follows:

How can I earn coins? You can get coins as follows:

How can I earn gems? You can get gems as follows:

How can I get new cards and ornaments? New content can be obtained as follows:

How can I complete daily missions? To complete the daily mission, you need to score 5 rating victories.These missions can be performed once a day, after which it is necessary to wait until the moment when a new one appears. The timer indicates the time remaining until the next daily mission.

I received a card, but I do not see it in the map menu. The deck can only contain cards from the legion of your commander or from neutral factions (Imperial Army, Chaos and Mechanicum). Cards of other legions are not indicated in the deck when changing the deck, but they can always be found in the collection. To use cards from other legions, you must create a new deck with the commander of the required legion.

How can I get new commanders? Commanders can appear in any drawer containing cards. There are three types of commanders: rare, epic, and legendary. You have the same chance of getting a commander in a box as you get any card of the same rarity level. Sometimes commanders can be bought at the store.

I have a new commander. How can I use it? To use the new commander, you must create a new deck. Go to the cards menu, tap the "Change deck" option, then the "New deck" option. This will display a list with all your commanders. Select the commander you are interested in and tap "Select", then select the cards for the deck - and youre done for the battle!

What do colors of rarity cards mean? The level of rarity determines how often a card or ornament appears in boxes. Rarity levels are marked with the following colors:

You can add up to 2 copies of regular, rare and epic cards to the deck, but only 1 copy of the legendary card.

Where is my progress indicated and where can I change my profile? You can view the progress and change the profile in the profile menu. To open it, tap your icon or username listed in the upper left corner of most menus. The following data is displayed in the profile menu for you and other players:

  1. Your username: this name is seen by other players when communicating with you. Invitations to the box must be sent to this username;
  2. Your current box , if you are a member of it, as well as its icon;
  3. Rating: Your rating account. Your rating rises or falls as you play rating matches on the battle screen;
  4. Victories: total number of victories in battles and events;
  5. Experience: total experience points;
  6. Legendary Points: An excess rating in excess of 2500 points is accumulated at the end of each rating season;
  7. Achievements: The icons below show your progress on various achievements. Touch any of them to see what needs to be done to complete this achievement. For completing a whole level of achievements you will receive free boxes;
  8. Your banner: Touch the pencil icon under your banner to change the icon and cry;
  9. Curb shirt: Touch the pencil icon under the shirt to change it.

What types of boxes are offered in the game? Boxes come in two types:

  1. Store boxes of two categories: card boxes and ornament boxes. Some are offered in the store, where you can buy them for coins.
  2. Boxes of awards . These are any boxes that cannot be bought at the store. They come in many forms, contain different content and have different values. The basic value of the award box is indicated by the following conventional colors: gray ← blue ← green ← red ← gold. Each award box can have from 0 to 3 stars, while 3 stars indicate the most valuable box.
Sometimes, in honor of special occasions, additional types of boxes may appear.

How can I play a training match? Tap the button with two crossed daggers in the Battle menu. To challenge another player, enter their username and touch the Call option. If the player accepts your challenge, you will proceed to the game along with the current deck. You can also select a difficulty level and touch "Train with AI" to play with an opponent controlled by AI. Training matches do not bring either experience or rewards, and they do not affect the rating.

What are the chances of store crates? Boxes in the store include 5 cards or ornaments with the usual, rare, epochal or legendary level of rarity. The chances of getting high rarity cards are as follows:

The Horus Heresy Legions: Rating Seasons

How does my rating affect the selection of rivals? Rating is an account that grows with victories and decreases with defeats. With it, you can find out what level of skills you have and select your opponents with a similar rating. A victory over a stronger opponent brings more points to the rating, while a defeat to a stronger player takes less points than for a defeat to an opponent with a similar rating.

How are the rating seasons going? During rating seasons, players can demonstrate their pumped skills.Each season lasts about one month. Fight opponents from all over the world. To do this, go to the "Battle" menu.Winning the game will increase your rating, and defeat will lower it. Your rating should not fall below 500. Raise your rating to open new planets with more dexterous players. The planets are distributed according to the rating as follows:

What happens when the rating season ends? Seasons end at the end of the month. Immediately after this, a new season begins. If a players rating exceeds 2500, then at the end of the season he is reset to 2500, and the surplus is added to the players legendary points. For all other players, the rating does not change. A player whose rating exceeds 500 will receive a reward box corresponding to his proximity to Terra and his position on the leaderboard if he played at least one game during the season.

Why are legendary glasses needed? Legendary points are added to your profile at the end of each rating season for each rating point above 2500 points and remain with you forever. With their help you can brag of the successes.

The Horus Heresy Legions: Progress

Where can I see achievements? Go to the profile menu. Touch and hold the icons located at the bottom of the profile to see a description of the achievement and see your progress.

How do experience and levels work? You can earn experience by playing games in any mode. Victories bring more experience than defeats. Progress with respect to the next level is displayed in a circular frame surrounding your profile icon, which is indicated with your current level in the upper left corner of most menus.Gain enough experience, increase your level by 1 and get the box of the next level. The current maximum level is 100.

How to get the status of "Veteran", and what will it give me? There are two ways to become a veteran.The first - daily entering the game for at least 7 consecutive days. After receiving the status, continue to log in every day, otherwise you will lose this status and will have to wait another 7 days to restore it. The second way is to purchase a VIP subscription. VIP subscribers automatically receive Veteran status for the entire duration of their subscription. Veteran status holders receive the following benefits:

How can I play on another device using my account? To use an account on multiple devices, you must first register it. Go to "Settings" - "Registration" and enter the email address and password. After that, you can log in to any device by going to "Settings" - "Select Account". If the training has not yet been completed, then go to "Settings" - "Login".

The Horus Heresy Legions: Creating a Deck

How can I create a new deck? Open the map menu. Touch the Change Deck option. This will display all your decks. If at least one of the available 12 deck cells is empty, then you will see the "New deck" cell. Touch it to create a deck. First you need to choose a commander. This will determine which Legion cards can be used, and what special abilities your commander will have. Once youve made your decision, tap "Select" in the upper right corner of the screen.

Confirming the choice of commander, you will receive a list of 30 map cells on the left side of the screen. On the right will be a list of all the cards you have available for the selected commander. Drag the cards into the deck until you have filled all 30 cells of cards. Touch any card to learn more about it. Cards can be filtered according to their energy value by tapping the numbers to the right of the cards. You can also find the desired map by name or feature by entering its data in the search bar at the top.

How can I change the deck? Open the map menu. Touch the Change Deck option. This will display all your decks. Touch the deck you want to use to equip it.

How can I edit the deck? Open the map menu. This is your current deck of cards that you can edit. If you want to edit another deck, tap the "Change deck" option. This will display all your decks. Touch the deck you want to edit to equip it. Now tap the "Edit Deck" button. You can also press the button:

This will create a copy of the deck that can be edited. To edit a deck, drag and drop cards into and out of the deck.You can also change the commander if you have other commanders from the same legion. Touch any card for more information about it. Touch the button:

All map descriptions are displayed. Touch the name of the deck to change it. To view the deck, tap:

When you draw 30 cards, your deck will be automatically saved and equipped. You can immediately return to the battle screen!