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Walkthrough The Household: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

THE HOUSEHOLD is a game for social networks from Crazy Panda. Game Genre: Strategy. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. A Beginner’s Guide
  2. Game Characters
  3. Bonuses
  4. Neighbor Help
  5. Gifts
  6. Energy
  7. Quests
  8. Sets
  9. Pests
  10. Buildings
  11. Craft
  12. Animals
  13. Pets
  14. Neighborhood
  15. Map Travel
  16. Walkthrough of the Savannah Map
  17. Walkthrough of Shambhala Map
  18. Oasis Walkthrough
  19. Walkthrough Lapland Map
  20. Walkthrough India
  21. Walkthrough Blooming City Card
  22. Walkthrough: Misty Albion

The Household: A Beginner’s Guide

Where do branches, stones, grass and other thickets come from? Overgrowths appear on the players’ sites, such as: grass, branches, stones, wildflowers, bones. Depending on the real time of the year, other types of thickets may appear in the game, for example: mushrooms - at the end of summer and autumn, snow - in winter, puddles - in spring. Also in the game may appear thickets necessary for passing temporary quests, relevant topics.

What needs to be done to make thickets (grass, branches, stones, snow, wildflowers, bones, mushrooms, leaves, etc.) appear? Thickets will not grow if they have nowhere to grow. Leave free space in a solid area. Thickets do not grow in the immediate vicinity of man-made objects (buildings, fences, animals, planting, etc.).

Why amps needed? With the help of amplifiers, which can be purchased on the market in the "Amplifiers" section, you can significantly speed up the passage of quest tasks. For example, a first-class fertilizer instantly turns planted plant seeds into a grown plant, an elixir of strength enhancer instantly increases your current energy to 250 units. If you have not visited the game for a long time and all the plants you planted earlier have dried up, the purchase of the "live water" amplifier will revive all dried plants directly at the time of purchase of "live water".

What do achievements in the game give? Performing the usual actions on your site, helping friends, you collect achievement points for different types of activities (housework, plants, animals, food and amplifiers, neighbors). Each type of achievement has several levels (5, 4, 3, 2, 1). Each subsequent level brings you more achievement points. When you receive a certain amount of achievement points, you can get an exclusive reward!The number of achievements is constantly updated.

How to start playing again? It is technically impossible to reset the game. If you want to start the game from the beginning, you just need to create a new account on the site.

The Household: Game Characters

How to change the appearance and name of the character? You can change the appearance of your character and his name.

All actions in the character’s appearance menu must be done by exiting the full-screen game mode.

How to start a family? In order for the second character (husband / wife) to appear in the game, you will need to complete the tasks "Love Letter" (5 parts) and "Wedding Planner". You will receive these tasks gradually as you complete other, earlier tasks. The appearance of these tasks does not depend on the level of your character. All tasks are in order.

When do children appear in the game? After you have got a family, the first-born will be born. To do this, you will also need to complete the task - "Preparing for replenishment" (5 parts). After the construction of the forge there will be an assignment for a second child - "Replenishment in the family" (5 parts). The third child will appear after completing the task "Joy in the family" (5 parts).

How to ask a family to help on a site? In order for other household members to start helping you around the house, you need to click on the character, select the "Help" tab and check the box there. Similarly, you need to do to disable their help - just uncheck.

What to do if someone from the family is lost? If you have lost any of your household members, you need to click on the character and select the tab "Get Together". Your whole family will gather around the character on which you clicked "Get Together".

The Household: Bonuses

Daily bonus. Gifts are given for daily visits to the game for 7 days. The bonus is given once a day. New days in the game begin at midnight Moscow time. In the wheel of bonuses you can see what was presented to you today and what will happen tomorrow. Every day the bonus becomes more valuable. For 7 daily visits to the game in a row, you will receive one gem!

Each week this bonus increases proportionally - for 2 weeks of daily visits you get 2 gems, for 3 weeks - 3 gems, etc., until the bonus reaches 10 gems. Then each week of daily visits you will receive 10 gems. If you have not entered the game during the day, the bonus scale is reset and the countdown of continuous days of visits to the game starts anew, starting with the bonus for the first visit, if you have not accumulated vacation days up to this point.

Vacation For every 10 consecutive days in the game you get 1 day of vacation (no more than 10 in total). This means that you may not enter the game on any of the days, but the daily bonus counter will not end, and only the days of vacation will be deducted.

What bonus can I get for visiting neighbors? Every day you can get a bonus for visiting 20 neighbors. For each visit you will receive 1 unit of energy and 1 fire. For visiting other neighbors no bonus is accrued.

What bonus can I get from friends’ news feeds? Bonus from a post on your personal page (wall, friends’ feed or the "What’s New" section): if you received a new level, completed a task or exchanged a set, then you can place an announcement about it in the feed. When one of your friends opens this announcement, he will be able to get a bonus in the game. You can get up to 30 bonuses from posts per day. The bonus is valid for 24 hours after placing it in the feed, you can receive the bonus only by the post of a person who is in friends. Often this helps to find the missing element of the desired set.

Can I get a bonus for inviting a friend to play? You will receive a bonus for inviting a friend to play, provided that the friend has installed the application and started playing exactly at your invitation. It is also necessary that a friend reach a minimum of the second level in the game, otherwise the bonus will not work!

What is the vertical scale on the right side of the screen and what is it for? The bar that appears on the right side of the screen is an indicator of bonuses. By collecting coins, food and set items that fall out during the harvest, you can get extra coins and energy. The more bonuses you collect without interruption, the greater the value of your prize. The value of the cash prize depends on your level (a multiplier will be fixed at a certain stage) and is a multiple of 2, 3, 5, 10, 15 and 20, as the indicator grows. In addition, in the middle and at the maximum of the scale, 1 and 3 units of energy are given, respectively.

The Household: Neighbor Help

How can neighbors be helped? You can perform for free at each neighbor only 5 actions per day (while your own energy is not used). You can buy additional energy for your own purposes in the neighboring plot for gems, in any case, the neighbor will see only the first 5 (free) of your actions in his plot.

The presence of a cheerful gramophone on the neighbor’s site adds 1 value to possible actions on its site, the presence of a friendship tree adds 2 actions. The Shovel icon under the neighbor’s avatar indicates that you can help your neighbor. The Shovel icon highlighted in green under the neighbor’s avatar indicates that this neighbor helped you on the site today.

How to accept the help of a neighbor? To accept the help of a neighbor, hover the mouse over his avatar over the character and click the Accept button. You can also click on any highlighted yellow object and accept or refuse the help of a neighbor.

How to ask to revive the crop? You can ask your friends through social media (chat, mail, post in the news feed) to visit your site and revive the dry harvest.

How to get building materials or items for tasks from neighbors? To get the building material or object necessary for the assignment from the neighbors, click the "Ask" button. In this case, a request for help will be sent to the neighbors. Only 1 neighbor can respond to 1 request. For the item sent in response to your request to be in your inventory, you need to thank the neighbor who helped you - to do this, open the "Request" tab in the mailbox and click the "Thank you" button or click the "Yes" button next to the "Thank you" offer everyone and help with the materials? ".

Every 15 minutes you can send 1 request to the neighbors. If you have not entered the game for 5 hours, you can immediately send 2 requests. If you have not visited 12 hours, you can send 3 requests. And if you haven’t visited for a day, you can send 4 requests at once. With the advent of new gaming days, you can send 4 requests.

The Household: Gifts

How to give neighbors gifts? The game has the ability to give friends gifts: free and paid. Free gifts:

  1. Cheesecakes: daily you can send to all your friends by cheesecake. To do this, you need to click on the gift icon, which appears every day to the right of the list of tasks. To send a gift, it is not necessary to place an ad in the stream. During the events, timed to the holidays, instead of cheesecakes, as a gift, there may be other types of food, for example: pancakes (during Shrovetide), valentine cookies (during the holiday campaign for St. Valentine’s Day) and so on.
  2. Borsch: you can treat borsch (once) after you have completed the quest for a wedding or the birth of a child.

Paid gifts: Sent to your friend from the Rarity tab in the market. You can send a gift only those items that are marked on the market with a gift icon (green gift box with a red bow). All players who have reached the 10th level in the game have the opportunity to give paid gifts.

How to accept gifts? To accept a gift, open the "Gifts" tab in your inbox, select the gift you like and click the "Accept" button. Each day, you can accept no more than 10 gifts. After you accept them, they fall into stocks.Uncollected gifts will disappear after a day and 10 new ones will appear.

Where can I find a quest reward gift? Gifts - rewards for completing quests, you can always find in stocks.

The Household: Energy

How to replenish energy? There are several ways:

  1. Visiting neighbors (for visiting the first 20 neighbors per day, 1 unit of energy and fire is given).
  2. When buying food on the market for dumplings (you can see how many dumplings you have in your account on the panel above).
  3. Receiving energy bonuses during harvesting, feeding animals, when exchanging sets of "pear", "chocolate", "Chilean", "sheep", "good catch", "kitchen", "carrot", "strawberry", "beet" , gooseberry, raspberry, plum.
  4. 10 gifts per day from friends (these are 10 cheesecakes that you can collect in the mail).
  5. Energy takes maximum value when a player reaches a new level.
  6. Making and using: kvass - in a bath; lunch in the kitchen; wine - in the winery, smoked meat - in the smokehouse;jam, assorted vegetables and sauerkraut - in the cellar; vivacity tea - in the healer’s house; fruit drink, jelly and cocktail - in the jellyfish, etc.
  7. Buying for gems: "kvass" - 1 value of maximum energy will be added to your current energy; Tabasco - 2 maximum energy values ??will be added to your current energy.
Energy is replenished, not increased forever. You can find out the maximum value of your energy by hovering the mouse over the energy indicator.

How to increase the maximum value of energy? 1 unit of energy is added to your maximum energy per transition to 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40 and 50 levels in the game. Next, 1 unit of energy is added for reaching every 10th level. For the wife / husband, 3 units of energy are added to the maximum energy. For each child +1 unit of energy. Buying "Vodka" for gems, energy will forever increase the value of your maximum energy by 1 unit.

The Household: Quests

What are the tasks in the game? The game has two types of tasks:

  1. Main tasks: you receive new tasks as you complete the previous ones. Their implementation is in no way limited in time.
  2. Time Tasks: task icons are equipped with a timer in the form of a watch and show the time that is allowed to complete such a task. If you manage to complete the task in the allotted time, then you will receive a valuable and often unique prize as a reward, which you will not be able to buy later on the market.

What to do to receive tasks on time? You can get a task for the time only if you have already completed all 5 parts of the quest "Building a chicken coop." You will receive a reward for a task if you complete it at the scheduled time. You can always find the reward item for the completed task in stocks.

What to do if the task does not count the collected item? Cornflowers, lilies of the valley, pear sweets, goat milk, potatoes, jam and any other elements of the sets that you need to collect for the task will be counted as collected, only if you collect them all together without exchanging sets. Only after you have counted the fulfillment of the conditions of the assignment, you can safely exchange the collected items for a reward for a set.If you exchange it before you collect the required number of elements, then the task will not count towards you.

It is also important to pay attention to the condition of the task. If you are required to find or collect an element in a new task, this means that these elements found earlier by you will not be taken into account in the new task!

The job of visiting neighbors is not completed. If you were given the task: "ask neighbors to help with the construction of the mill", "call neighbors to borsch", "collect 10 fires", etc., but visits to your neighbors are not counted. This means that in the current days you have already visited the first 20 neighbors from whom you received a bonus for visiting, and when completing tasks, bonus visits are counted. The next day you can visit them again, get a bonus and complete the task.

What to do if tasks are over? If you have completed all the tasks that exist in the game at the moment - do not despair! You don’t have to get bored for a long time, Zaporizhzhya developers constantly add new tasks to the game! This means that you just need to wait a bit while developing your site and helping your neighbors in this!

The Household: Sets

Where to collect shed, mill, home and other sets? When harvesting from plants, when caring for animals, when collecting profit from buildings, when cutting down forests and cleaning the territory, elements of sets fall out as a bonus. The probability of their occurrence is random. If for a long time some element of the set does not fall out to you - either you are not looking for it there, or you are not lucky. All sets in the game are named according to the place of their collection or by the names of plants and animals that need to be raised to obtain a set.

Examples: "shed set" you get when collecting profit from the barn, "cherry set" - when harvesting from cherries, "set of forester" - when cutting trees, "garden" - when harvesting any crops (garden), "large-horned set "- when collecting profit from the barn," set of livestock breeders "when feeding all animals and birds, both at home and at neighbors, etc. To find cookies, you need to grow wheat; ketchup - tomatoes, and you can find the arrowhead by removing debris (grass, stones, branches), etc. Pointing the cursor at any set, you can see a window with a hint about where to look for this set.

Do not forget that when exchanging a set, you can report it on your wall (in your stream) by clicking the "Share" button in the set exchange window. Your neighbors will be able to use this message to get a bonus in the game!

The Household: Pests

Where do pests come from: moles, wild boars, foxes, bears, rainbow horses? Pests come from different places:

During the campaign, timed to the holidays, in addition to ordinary pests, temporary pests may appear on the site, which are necessary for passing temporary quests.

Where do the animals to be photographed come from: wild birds, lynx and fireflies?

A wild boar does not come, what should I do? Try the following in this case:

  1. Garbage must be collected continuously for the appearance of a wild boar.
  2. Grass will not grow, if it has nowhere to grow, leave free space.
  3. The longer you do not enter the game, the more garbage will be.
  4. Also, wild boar appears more often from bones, stones and branches, but it will not appear in the first 4-5 harvesting steps anyway, therefore it is best to start with flowers and grass, and then switch to bone-stones-branches.
  5. Garbage does not grow in the immediate vicinity of man-made objects.

The Household: Buildings

How to build buildings in the game? During the game you will receive tasks for the construction of most buildings. Buildings and constructions that could be built during the execution of a specific task for a while, go on sale to the market later, or do not appear on sale at all. Buildings that do not have a lock icon on the market can be built at any time; there will be no tasks for their construction.

The estate, the fish farm, the barbecue, the apiary, the bear totem, the Fairytale Palace can only be built by opening the castle for gems.

Where to get building materials? Any building requires building materials, they can be obtained from friends, through the "Ask" button, buy the missing materials for gems or exchange for lucky certificates. For some buildings, building materials can be made independently using Craft. A lucky certificate can be received as a gift from a blue bird or won at a shooting range, in a wheel of luck, breaking a pinata and shaking a magic pine tree, conquering a quagmire in a swamp and exploring a dense thicket in a protected forest.

Also, a lucky certificate is issued for a cooked dish with a pig-cook, pizza at Murricio, dishes at the cafe "U Kashalotycha", for events held at a beaver camp site, for orders made at a milk tanker, spinning mill, garden garden, as a reward for exchanging a set of a record fisherman , dolphinarium visitor set, garden gnome set, forest set, beach lifeguard set, witchcraft set, figure skating set and island set.

If you are building 2 buildings at the same time, then keep in mind that the building materials received from your neighbors will go to the construction of the building you started earlier.

How to build a building before receiving a task for its construction? If you want to build a building before receiving a task for its construction, then you can open the castle on this building for gems. The task will still have to be completed, but the condition of the building itself in the task will already be marked as fulfilled.Buildings that do not have a lock icon on the market can be built at any time; there will be no tasks for their construction.

The Household: Craft

What is a craft? Having built the building, you have the opportunity to take profits from this building, make purchases in the building’s store and use the building for crafts, creating specific products in each. When you hover the mouse over the building you are interested in on the market, you can see what craft is available in this building. Some missing craft items can be obtained in exchange for a set. Crafted handicraft products fall into your inventory.

How to hire assistants to participate in the craft? Some crafts require an assistant or several assistants.Click on the plus sign in the craft window and in the window that opens, select from the list of friends to whom the invitation will be sent. To become your assistant to a friend, just download the game or answer your request with your consent in the mail.

You can only be an assistant in one completed craft. To invite a friend to participate in the craft again, you need to complete the craft in which the friend was previously hired.

The Household: Animals

How to find out that an animal has grown? Each animal has 3 stages of growth - they differ visually. In the store you see the animal in its most adult stage. When you hover over the animal in the area with the mouse cursor, a contextual prompt will appear informing you at what stage of growth your chosen animal is.

What to do when the animal has grown? An adult animal can be sold and get coins for it, or you can continue to feed and receive coins, experience and items for each feeding (you can see the profit in the store when you hover the mouse over the animal). You can sell only adult animals. An animal that has not reached the stage of "adult" can only be removed!

How to sell an animal? To sell an animal, select "Action" in the panel of the main menu, find the image of gold coins and point them at the animal you want to sell. In the same way, you can sell everything else, provided that it is for sale. First of all, a confirmation dialog will open for you. There you will see the sale price and you can refuse the sale if you wish.

The Household: Pets

How to get a dog? The dog can be obtained by completing the task "Faithful friend", the task appears for all players who have reached level 15 in the game and built a chicken coop.

Features of each breed of dog . Each breed has distinctive properties. Each breed has its own special task.

Zaporizhzhya Watchdog. Kind and faithful dog! Performs tasks:

  1. "Material Search" . The dog can find materials that are useful to you in construction or craft. The dog can be given this task again after 6 hours.
  2. "Gnaw the branches . " Upon completion of the quest you will receive 50 trees. The dog can be given this task again after 3 hours.
  3. "Drive the neighboring cats . " Allow the dog to drive the neighboring cats and get 500 experience at the end of the dog’s assignment. The dog can be given this task again after 9 hours.

Bernese Mountain Dog. This breed is distinguished by herding skills! Performs tasks: "Search for material", "Gnaw branches", "Drive neighbors cats." Special task: "Shepherd" - protects livestock from pests for 3 hours, and then brings a calf, pig, goat or lamb. The dog can be given this task again after 6 hours.

Labrador. This breed is remarkable for its amazing cheerfulness and curiosity! Performs tasks: "Search for material", "Gnaw branches", "Drive neighbors cats." Special task: "Search for food" - the dog prowls around the site for 4 hours, and then finds a random treat on your site that you can use to replenish energy. The dog can be given this task again after 3 hours.

German Shepherd. Dogs of this breed are the most hardy and watchful watchmen! Performs tasks: "Search for material", "Gnaw branches", "Drive neighbors cats." Special task: "Protection of the site" - the dog protects the site from all pests for an hour. The dog can be given this task again after 6 hours.

The Household: Neighborhood

Neighborhood. The game has a new form of combining players for mutual assistance, achieving common goals during the fairs. You can enter a neighborhood or create your own neighborhood upon reaching level 15. In each neighborhood, up to 50 players can participate. Each player can be a member of only one neighborhood. Within three hours, a player can enter and leave no more than three neighborhoods. Further, for another three hours from the moment of entry into the last neighborhood, the function of entry into the neighborhood will be unavailable. In the friends stream, avatars of participants in your neighborhood are marked with a neighborhood icon.

Creating a neighborhood. Any player can become the founder of the neighborhood. In the neighborhood window, select "Create neighborhood".In the window for creating a neighborhood, the emblem, the color of the emblem, the background and its color are selected. The neighborhood needs to be given a name. The name should not contain obscene or offensive words.

The founder of the neighborhood can limit the entry of players into the neighborhood created by him, indicating the minimum level of potential participants in the neighborhood and can create the neighborhood closed. In this case, only players who have been sent an invitation by the founder or moderators can enter the neighborhood. All members of an open neighborhood can invite their friends to the neighborhood.

Rights of the founder, moderator and member of the neighborhood. There are several roles in the neighborhood:

Neighborhood management cannot exclude a participant who scored at least 1 point in the fair until the end of the fair. If the founder leaves the neighborhood, the rights of the founder pass to the first moderator appointed by the founder. If there are no appointed moderators in the neighborhood, then the rights of the founder pass to the participant who joined the neighborhood first. The neighborhood will exist until the last member leaves it.

Help from the neighborhood. Neighborhood participants may not be your friends on the social network, however, you can visit their sites and help in the same way as your friends on the social network. Participants in the neighborhood can help each other by answering requests, for example, in the craft of lasagna in the kitchen. Requests can be seen in the neighborhood window. Neighborhood members can send a request once every half an hour. For one sent request, you can get up to three identical items.

You can get an answer to the request in the "Gifts" tab of the mailbox. If you have the necessary item, for example, meat filling for lasagna, in stocks, then you can give it to a member of your neighborhood, and the item will be transferred to another participant, i.e. deducted from your inventory. If you do not have the requested item in the neighborhood, then you can buy it for gems and give it back. It is not possible to redistribute an item sent to you at your request in the neighborhood.

In stocks, items sent in response to a request are marked with a gift icon indicating the number of items presented to you. For sending gifts to other members of the neighborhood in response to their requests 1 point of "kindness" is awarded. The accumulated "kindness" does not disappear when moving to another neighborhood. "Kindness" can be spent on the purchase of exclusive items and amplifiers in the shop of kindness. The store opens by clicking on the image of a pink heart of kindness in the neighborhood window.

Fair Fairs are available to players who have reached level 50. Only those who entered the neighborhood before its start can participate in the fair. At the end of the fair, neighborhood participants receive a reward for each prize threshold passed by the neighborhood. Special prizes are awarded to the three most active participants in the fair - successful neighbors who have earned the most points for their neighborhood.

The objectives of the fair cannot be fulfilled in other territories, unless otherwise indicated in the description of the purpose. If a participant leaves the neighborhood, then he will not be able to participate in the current fair. Neighborhood management cannot exclude a participant who scored at least 1 point in the fair until the end of the fair. Prizes for the fair must be collected before the end of the next fair. Otherwise, they will disappear.

Competitions. Groups of 10 neighborhoods participate in each fair. The conditions are equal for everyone. The checkboxes in the upper graph indicate prize thresholds. The more flags passed, the more rewards there will be!On the graph you can see how many points of the fair have been earned by all neighborhoods, as well as which neighborhoods claim prizes. Prize cups will be kept in the Neighborhood Hall of Fame.

The Household: Map Travel

How to travel on a map? The map of territories is opened by clicking the mouse on the globe icon in the main panel. To start traveling around the world, you need to complete certain tasks.

How to return from a trip back to Zaporozhye? Click the mouse cursor on the globe icon in the main panel. On the map that opens, select Zaporozhye and click on it.

How to get to other territories of the neighbor? When visiting a neighbor in Zaporozhye, you need to click on the globe icon located above the friends ribbon and select any of the available locations on the map.

Can I search for items to complete the quest in other territories? The task must be performed on the territory where it is active.

The Household: Walkthrough of the Savannah Map

How to open a card? To open the map of Savannah you need to complete the quest "Journey to the Savannah" (build a safari jeep), accessible to all players who completed the task to build a chicken coop and reached level 45.

How to increase the territory (remove fog)? You can increase the territory by removing the thickets. For maximum efficiency, start clearing from border areas (as close to fogs as possible).

What pests can be found in the location of the Savannah? Perform any actions on your site to cause an evil spirit:

How to drive away the evil spirit? You will need a guard from the spirits in order to drive away the evil spirit.You can make a charm from spirits in the shaman’s hut on your own site and get in exchange for multi-colored beads in the chambers of the leader in the village of elders.

How can I get a machete and kyle? Machete and Kayla can be made in a large tent. For their craft, you will need iron bars and mahogany.

  1. Remove thickets, dead wood, rocks and treasures, barrels of provisions, camping chests, boxes with things in your area to find iron bars. Also, an iron bar can be obtained from a craftsman antelope.
  2. Cut trees on your site, remove thickets, dead wood, rocks and treasures, barrels of provisions, camping chests, boxes with things on your site to find mahogany. Also, mahogany can be obtained from the artisan antelope and as a profit from the music scene.

You can get a machete and kyle from the following game items :

What animals need to be fed to receive the items from the Africa Thunder kit? Large animals that need to be fed at their site to find the elements of the Africa Thunder kit include: giraffe, flirty giraffe, hippo, elegant hippo, rhino, elegant rhinoceros, African elephant, African voodoo elephant, leader elephant.

How does a watering hole work? At the end of the timer, the watering hole has 3 states:

  1. No one came, wait again.
  2. The watering hole is dry, populate the spirit of the water.
  3. An animal has come and it can be tamed.
If you were unable to see the animal at the end of the timer, just wait for another.

How much time is allotted for luring an animal to a watering place and what materials will be needed? Animals quench their thirst from half an hour to three hours. If you did not manage to lure the animal during this time, then it will leave the watering place and the next timer will start. To lure animals to the watering you will need: palm oil, peanut butter, sisal leaves, African treats, heavenly water and sorghum grains - in various combinations.

What thickets will appear in the Savannah themselves? Only grass and animal tracks will appear in the Savannah themselves.

The Household: Walkthrough of Shambhala Map

How to open a card? To open the map of Shambhala, you need to go through the quest "Mysterious Country", accessible to all players who completed the task to build a chicken coop and reached level 30.

Why are decorations and buildings transferred from other locations to Shambhala not profitable? Shambhala is a mysterious and mystical country. It is as if frozen, timeless. There is no place in it for the bustle, haste and hard work inherent in Zaporozhye. The climate is favorable for the flora and fauna of all locations, plants here will never fade and will delight with their freshness all year round.

Work here is not welcome, which is why profits from buildings and scenery in Shambhala cannot be collected.You can arrange a picturesque corner based on your preferences in design. Buildings and scenery of all locations, in any combination, can create a unique flavor that contributes to a meditative contemplation of the beauty of the world.

How to return from Shambhala back to Zaporozhye? Click on the globe icon in the main panel. On the map that opens, select Zaporozhye and click on it.

Are pests appearing in Shambhala? There are no pests in Shambhala.

Are thickets appearing in Shambhala? Thickets in Shambhala appear only with the expansion of the site.

How to populate a monastery in Shambhala? In the check-in window, which opens by clicking on the restored monastery, click the "Call Friends" button.

You cannot settle in a monastery neighbors who were previously settled in a farm dormitory or called to help stretch the turnip.

Where do the animal monks in Shambhala come from? Monk animals can be made in a restored and populated monastery.

The Household: Oasis Walkthrough

How to open a card? To open the Oasis map, you need to complete the Desert Sands quest (equip a caravan and call a drover), accessible to all players who completed the tasks for building a chicken coop and mill and reached level 40.

How can I get sprinklers in the Oasis for landscaping the desert? There are three types of irrigators:

  1. You can get a small crop by collecting profit from the source, make it in the pantry, and also purchase it for dinars in a household store from the merchant Masouda or for gems in the market in the "Amplifiers" section.
  2. The average sprinkler can be made in the pantry, purchased for dinars or gems.
  3. A large sprinkler can be purchased for dinars or gems.

Why are dinars needed and how can I get them? Dinars are needed for shopping in the Oriental Bazaar by the merchant Masouda (in a shop with livestock, a shop with decorations and a household shop). Dinars are also needed to expand the territory of the Oasis. Dinars can be obtained by completing tasks and collecting profits from buildings in the Oasis.

How to use a trap? Set the trap made in the pantry on the site. Check periodically for prey. Some animal may fall into the trap: a rooster pig, ibis, duker or fennec fox. After extraction is taken from the trap, the trap will disappear.

Are there pests in the Oasis? Yes, there are pests in the Oasis:

When will the pantry in the Oasis be available for construction? The pantry can be built when the "Build the pantry" task appears. The task "Building a pantry" follows the task "Restoring a hotel".

On the site there are ruined columns, a chariot, and statues filled up with them. Will there be given tasks for their restoration? There will be no assignments for the restoration of destroyed and bombarded objects in the Oasis. You can restore them at any time.

The Household: Walkthrough Lapland Map

How to open a card? To open the map of Lapland, you must complete the mission "Travel to Lapland", accessible to everyone who has reached level 50 in the game and built a house on the assignment "Home, sweet home!".

How to return from Lapland back to Zaporozhye? Click on the globe icon in the main panel. On the map that opens, select Zaporozhye and click on it.

Is it possible to transfer winter scenery from Zaporozhye to Lapland? Most of the decorations and winter buildings built in Zaporozhye can be moved to Lapland. To do this, remove the scenery and buildings in stocks and put them out of stocks already in Lapland.

Where do pests come from in Lapland?

The Household: Walkthrough India

How to open a card? To open the map of India, you need to complete all 5 parts of the quest "New lands are calling!". The quest "New lands are calling!" Appears for everyone who has reached level 60 in the game and completed the task of building a kitchen.

Is it possible to build buildings in India without receiving assignments for their construction? The construction of most of the buildings in India will be given tasks. Repair the hut and wait for the job to build the workshop. You can build all other buildings on your own, without assignments, but in this case you need to open the possibility of buying buildings for gems.

The exception is the cottage - there will be no assignment for its construction. The cottage can be bought at any time for 90 gems. You buy a cottage frame, after which you will need to finish building it!

To fix the hut you need brushes and cement. Where to get them? For completing the quest "Repairing the hut" (part 1) you will receive 5 brushes as a reward, and for completing the task "Repairing the hut" (part 2) you will receive 5 rewards of cement needed to complete the repair of the hut.

Where to get building materials for the construction of a workshop? Cement for the construction of the workshop you will receive as a reward for the completed task "Curly hens", and slate - as a reward for the task "Building the workshop" (part 1).

Rupees: how to get them and what are they for? Rupees can be obtained for completing tasks from Vakula, selling sacred cows and Tibetan yaks, as well as in crafts inside the hut and cottage. Rupees are needed for shopping at the Vakula souvenir shop (the shop is located on the Vakula site). Souvenirs bought from Vakula can be placed both in India and on your own site in Zaporozhye.

Where do pests and wild antelopes come from in India?

The Household: Walkthrough Blooming City Card

What do you need to open the location of the Blooming city? You need to reach level 90 in the game. To open the map of the Blooming City, you need to complete the quest "Journey to the City of Flowers", accessible to all players who have reached level 90 in the game (build a flower train and prepare it for the trip).

How to increase the rating in the Blooming city? The city rating is indicated at the top of the screen by the "houses" icon. The better and more varied your streets are decorated, the higher the rating. Repeating decorations do not raise the rating as much as new ones - those that are not yet in your city. The city rating can be raised by placing new scenery, buildings, plants, trees or animals on the streets.

How to increase the population of the Blooming city? The image of residential buildings on the market is equipped with a "residents" icon, which shows how much the population of your city will increase if you buy a building. Your population is growing with the construction of new buildings, while it can not exceed the rating of the city.

Milk caps: how to get them and how to use? Take the milk packages to the houses of the Blooming City to receive milk caps from the residents. Having given the package of milk, you need to wait until the residents drink milk and the cap icon appears above the apartment building. Lids get together with profits from home. Also, milk caps can be obtained in exchange for resources at a city bank.

For milk caps you can make purchases at City Hall. Rare plants can be purchased at the municipality store: golden and pink tabebuille, delonix, dicenter, passionflower, sweet pea, morning glory, gooseberry, hymenosporum and decoration: Geometry tile, Clover tile, Lotus tile, flower path, tile " Circles, brick pavement.

How do pests appear in the Blooming City?

Are thickets appearing in the Blooming City? In the Flowering City, thickets appear on an empty spot and with the expansion of the territory.

Do plants in flower beds wither in the Flower City? Garden plants dry up if not harvested on time.

Where can I buy rare animals? Rare animals (cornflower horses, flower elephants, and ostrich dancers) can be purchased on the Blossoming City market in the Animals section.

Where can I buy rare flower seeds? Golden and pink tabebuille, delonix, dicenter, passionflower, sweet peas, morning glory, gooseberry, hymenosporum are sold in the city hall.

Where can I get flower animals? A flower cow, a flower lion, a flower bull, a flower lamb and a flower duck can be bought at the boot shop of the farm.

Why don’t pollen cement craft items fall out? Root mortar and construction pollen for the craft of pollen cement will fall out only if there is a frame of a residential building on the site, for the construction of which pollen cement is required.

To what size can the plot in the Blooming City be maximally expanded? The maximum size of a section of the Blooming City is an area equal to 40 * 40 cells.

Why is it impossible to buy a bank, nectar cafe and other buildings on the market of the Blooming city? The population of the Blooming city cannot exceed the rating of the city. The "residents" icon near the image of a building on the market shows how much the population of your city will increase if you buy this building. If the "residents" icon next to the image of a building on the market is displayed in red, it means that your city does not have enough ratings.

You need to increase the gap between residents and the city rating in favor of rating by the value of residents brought in when buying a building, for example, for buying a bank, the gap between residents and rating should be 300 units, and for buying a nectar cafe - 235. The city rating can be raised, placing new scenery, buildings, plants, trees or animals on the streets.

The Household: Walkthrough: Misty Albion

How to open a card? To open the map of Misty Albion you need to go through the quest "By the seas, by the waves", accessible to all players who completed the task to build a chicken coop and reached level 50.

How to summon Sir Sharp Fang, Knights the Red Tail and the Strong Shield? Knights can be summoned through the craft at Camelot Castle.

Will reefs and sunken loads appear on the surface of the water themselves? Large and small reefs, sunken cargoes appear themselves on the surface of the water according to the principle of the appearance of thickets.

When will fishing become available in Foggy Albion? The task "Catch, fish!" available to all players who completed the task "Minute per minute" (part 3).

How to improve yungi jack boat and other boats? To make it possible to improve the boat to levels 2 and 3, you need to collect a catch a certain number of times from the boat. The required amount and progress in the collection are shown under the portrait of each fisherman in the fishing hut. Each boat can be improved 2 times - up to level 3. As the level of the boat rises, both the number of fish in each catch and the experience gained grows, and the time between harvests decreases.

Admiral Wolfson’s boat can only be purchased for gems.

What gives an improvement in a fishing hut? Each improvement of the Fishing Hut increases the amount of fish stored in its warehouse and the amount of catch that can be frozen at the same time in a batch. After the Fisherman’s hut has been upgraded to the Fisherman’s house, 300 units of fish can simultaneously be in the warehouse of the house and 5 ice cubes with fish can be frozen immediately. After the improvement of the Fisherman’s House to the Fisherman’s Port, 600 units of fish can simultaneously be in the port’s warehouse and 10 ice cubes with fish can be frozen immediately.

How to increase the limit on fishing nets? What does the limit depend on? To increase the limit on the network, you need to improve the Fisherman’s hut. The maximum number of fishing nets in the presence of the Fisherman’s Hut is 8. The maximum number of fishing nets in the presence of the Fisherman’s House is 17. The maximum number of fishing nets in the presence of the Fishing Port is 25.

How do pests appear in Foggy Albion?

Why is it not counted in the task "Catch, fish!" collecting catch from fishing nets? If you do not collect the catch from the nets on time, the nets become torn (after 8 hours) and do not bring the catch, only 100 profit is collected from the torn nets.

Why aren’t water nets put up? Only fishing nets worth 1,000 coins can be put on water. Do not confuse them with the decoration for sushi - "Networks on drying", worth 10,000 coins.

Why is Wonder Spinner needed and how to get it? Boats to which the Miracle Spinner has been applied will catch 5 hours earlier. Wonderful baubles can be rewarded for completing some parts of the "Catch, Fish!" Quest, bought in the Amplifiers section of the market, rewarded when collecting profits from the Guiding Light, or exchanged a set of Social Conversations for it.

How to remove the fog hiding part of the map? As tasks complete, the fog will dissipate itself.

Author of the article: Nadezhda D.