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Walkthrough The Love Boat Puzzle Cruise: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

THE LOVE BOAT - game for android from the company Gameloft. Game Genre: Puzzle. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

What needs to be done at the fold 3 levels? It is necessary to complete tasks combining 3 or more objects of the same color. To do this, you can move adjacent objects horizontally or vertically, or use bonuses.

Wow! I combined several items and a bomb appeared instead! Combining 4 or more items, you create a bomb. To detonate it, double-click it or swap it with an adjacent object. Create more powerful bombs by combining more items! There are four levels of bombs, each subsequent one has a larger explosion radius. Improvise and look for new ways to create bombs!

Why do we need strange objects at the levels of "add 3", which I can not combine with other objects? In addition to items, the game has other elements - rocks, knots, buoys and oil. You can learn more about them and other elements of the game in the Help section: open the Settings menu (upper left corner of the screen on the ship) and select the "?" Section.

Why don’t some items disappear after I combine them? This means that some items were blocked by nodes. Combining them or detonating a bomb, you remove the knot and unlock the item. Be careful - some nodes are double, and you will need to untie them twice!

I don’t understand how the multi-colored wheel works ... How to choose which color to clean?Filling the scale of the Multi-colored wheel, you can remove all objects of the color that shows the wheel. If you wait 1 turn, the wheel will turn and you can remove objects of a different color! In addition, you can continue to wait, do not use the wheel and fill it again. Then it will turn out to remove all objects of two colors! If you have enough patience and skills, you can fill the wheel without using it, and removing three, four or five colors ... When the whole wheel is highlighted, you can remove all level objects! Please note that if the item is blocked by a knot, the Multi-colored wheel will remove one layer of the knot.

I combined objects of the necessary color, but they were not taken into account to achieve the goal. Why? At some levels, it is not enough just to combine objects of a certain color, you need to combine them within the network (a special area of ??the field). Only objects of certain colors, combined within the network of the same color, are taken into account!

Why did sand come out of nowhere? This is a treasure hunt. You need to transfer all the bottles to the bottom of the field, after which the treasure map will open and sand will appear.

What if the level is too difficult and I can’t get through it? Try to figure out what makes the level so difficult. You may need to change your strategy. The use of various bonuses can help you, for example, the Network used at the right time can change the course of the game. And if it seems to you that victory is near and you need a few more moves, you can buy them at the end of the level.

How to open new tasks? Over time, new assignments will appear in the Ship Log (lower left corner on the ship). Follow the ones you already have to discover new ones!

What rewards are there for completing assignments? Each time you complete a task, you open a part of the plot, improve something on the ship or open a new possibility of change! And if this is the last task in the chapter, you will receive a special set as a reward!

How do I know what my plot goals and objectives are? Actual story assignments are always displayed in the Ship Log (in the lower left corner of the screen on the ship). Follow them using stars to progress.

How do I know what my goals and objectives are at the levels? At the fold 3 levels, tasks are always displayed in the center of the top of the screen.

Why am I not getting a certain item in the lottery? The chances of getting items in the lottery are random.

On the top panel there is some strange counter with hearts. It decreases after I play "add 3". These are your lives. You have 5 lives in total. When you lose the level in "add 3", you lose one life.

How to replenish my life? When you lose all lives, they can be replenished for coins. Even lives slowly recover over time (next to the heart there is a timer).

Can I connect a Facebook account to the game? The game does not support either Facebook or other social networks.

How to save game progress? Your progress is automatically saved in the cloud. A backup is created every 24 hours to ensure that your progress is kept.

How to reset game progress? You can reset the progress in the Settings menu (upper left corner of the screen on the ship). Click the Reset icon and confirm your choice.

How to synchronize game progress on multiple devices? You can only have one account on one device.

How to change the name in the profile? In the Settings menu (upper left corner of the screen on the ship), click on the Username field.

How to open new opportunities for change? Sometimes after completing a task you will get the opportunity to change something on the ship. The first time you can choose your preferred option, but if you want to change the ship later, you will have to pay a small amount of coins and open 2 other options.

How to redo what I have already changed? By placing furniture and other items on the ship, you can change them by pressing and holding. A yellow arc will appear, after filling in which you will see a change interface that helps you choose a different style or save the one that is.

How to change the language of the game? In the Settings menu (upper left corner of the screen on the ship), select the Languages ??section (with a flag), then select the desired flag.

How to change the volume of music and sound effects? In the Settings menu (the upper left corner of the screen on the ship or "add 3" levels) use the sliders to change the volume of music and effects, or click the icons on the left to turn them on / off.

How to change notification settings? In the Settings menu (upper left corner of the screen on the ship), click Notifications, select on / off.

There are errors in the game on an Android device. What to do? To play at maximum performance, turn off the power save mode and make sure that your device does not have too many background processes running at the same time as the game.

Can I connect a Facebook account to the game? An internet connection is required to play.

What are coins and how to get them? Coins are the main currency in the game. You can get them for the levels of "add 3", for completing chapters or win the lottery.

What are bonuses and how to get them? Bonuses are power-ups that will help you complete the "add 3" levels. They can be activated before the start of the level (Bombs or Multi-colored Wheel) or during (Network).You can get them for completing the chapter or buy for coins.

What are stars and how to get them? Stars are the currency used to complete missions. For each "add 3" level you will receive one star. Complete more levels to complete more tasks.

How to buy bonuses? If you do not have any bonus, click on its icon and you can buy a set of 3 new ones.

Can I sell stars / coins / bonuses, etc.? It is impossible to sell them, but you can use them to go through very difficult levels!

How to get coins? Coins can be obtained for the levels of "add 3", completed chapters or win the lottery. In addition, you can buy them for real money.

I bought an item, but it did not appear in the game. What to do? You should contact User Support. Go to the Settings menu (upper left corner of the screen on the ship) and select User Support. Fill out the form explaining your problem. You will be contacted as soon as possible.

Can I invite friends to the game? No, the game does not have the function of inviting friends.

Author of the article: Nadezhda D.