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THE WALKING DEAD: OUR WORLD is an Android game with the release date of July 11, 2018 from Next Games. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers íanswers to playersí questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. A Beginnerís Guide
  2. Walkthrough
  3. Secrets of the Battle
  4. Group Guide
  5. Heroes, Items, and Collection
  6. How Can I Lose Progress?
  7. Bugs Games

The Walking Dead: A Beginnerís Guide

Welcome to Our World! Although we live in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, on which walking people roam, and striving to chop off a piece from us, we will not give up without a fight! Explore Our World by exploring the real world. Open Our World on your phone. You will move in the game as you move in reality.

You will meet walkers with whom you will have to deal with, survivors who need to be saved, as well as weapons and comrades who will help you. Join forces with other players in Our World to complete the challenges together, for which both you and your entire group will receive cool rewards. The test is becoming more difficult, so in order to get the best trophies, you have to plan and work together.

How to allow access to my location? The Walking Dead: Our World game requires information about your location. Allow access to your location by following these steps.


  1. Go to your deviceís settings> "Privacy"> "Location Services".
  2. Make sure geolocation services are turned on.
  3. Find The Walking Dead: Our World in the list of apps.
  4. Touch it and select "When using the program."


  1. Open your deviceís settings.
  2. Choose Location & Security> Location. (If you donít see the Location tab in the Location and Security section, then check the Connections section.)
  3. Turn on the Location function and, if possible, select the High Precision option.

Now check if location access is allowed for Our World. In the device settings section:

  1. Select "Applications."
  2. Find Our World in the application list and tap it.
  3. Select "Permissions."
  4. Allow the game to use location data.

Be careful during the game! Remember to keep an eye on what is happening around you when playing The Walking Dead: Our World. Do not play behind the wheel and do not break the rules, be careful while participating in the mission, and if you cross the road, stop playing for a minute, look around, calmly go and only then play on.

How can i get around? Launch the game and go for a walk. As you move, your hero in the game will move with you, and your movement will be tracked on the map. Take a walk and explore the game, so you can find new places of hassles, foci of infection, boxes of supplies and shelters!

How to increase your level? The playerís level can be improved by gaining experience. As soon as you collect a sufficient amount, your level will increase, and the experience counter will be reset to zero. Experience in excess of the amount that was required to increase the level will be taken into account on a counter showing your progress towards a new level. There are two ways to gain experience. The first is improving the cards in your collection. The higher the level of the card when improving, the more experience you will gain. The second way to earn experience is to complete daily missions. Every day you will receive a new mission, the implementation of which will bring you experience and valuable trophies.

Change of comrade or weapon. Going on a mission, you can choose a comrade who will go with you. Touch a hassle or infection to display a portrait of your current comrade and an icon for the current weapon. Tap a portrait or icon, then select a new comrade or new weapon from the list of those that you already have!

Which devices have the augmented reality feature?

"Photo booth". This feature is currently only available on iPhones with ARKit. Photo Booth allows you to use the augmented reality of Our World to take photos and videos of your characters, weapons and privileges in the real world! Open your collection and select one of the available heroes. Tap the augmented reality button in the upper left corner of the viewing screen to open Photo Booth. When the camera boots up, click on the white circle so that the selected hero appears on the screen. You can rotate and scale your hero, as well as change his pose.Having set up the look of the hero, take a photo or video with him. Then you can choose the options for sending the shot material to your friends.

The publication of fights. The function of publishing fights allows you to shoot videos of your missions and share them with friends! Select and start a mission. Before you open fire on walking, click on the augmented reality button in the upper left corner of the screen to activate this function in the game. Complete the mission and get rewards. Having done this, you will not return to the map, as usual, but will be taken to the publication screen. There you can watch the automatically created video of the mission just completed. After that, you just have to choose the method of sending video from your smartphone to friends.

My progress in the game has disappeared! If your progress has disappeared after uninstalling the application or transferring the game to another device, you can restore it through your Game Center or Google Play account. In the event that progress does not recover, you should bind the data of your new game to your Google Play or Game Center account, and then contact technical support through in-game settings, writing in the message header "Lost account" and indicating the following information:

Try to provide all the necessary information so that technical support staff can restore your progress as quickly as possible! If the resources you have collected have disappeared or the improvement you have not saved, this means that the game has experienced a slight rollback of progress. This is the case if the connection to the server is interrupted for a few seconds, and the game does not have time to save your last actions.

When this happens, when you return to the game, you find yourself at the stage preceding these actions. But do not worry - the resources used during this period are not lost. To prevent the rollback of progress, you should go to the "Communication" tab before closing the game. In this case, a connection will be made to the server to download information about the group, and your progress will be saved!

Note: A rollback of progress in a game sometimes occurs if it has been running in the background for a long time.

Can I play on multiple devices? (Android) By connecting the game to your Google Play account, you can download your saved progress to another device with Google Play support. First, make sure that the game on the first device is connected to your Google Play account. You need to start the game and open the settings in the upper left corner of the map. If the status of the Google Play indicates "The game is saved", this means that the game is connected to the active Google Play account.

By launching the Google Play application on your second device, you must log in to the same account and install the game. After starting the game, a message appears asking you to download the saved data. If this does not happen, you need to open the settings in the upper left corner and touch the "Connect" item - after that a message should appear.

Can I play on multiple devices? (iOS) By connecting the game to your Game Center account, you can upload your saved progress to another Apple device. First, make sure that the game on the first device is connected to your Game Center account. You need to start the game and open the settings in the upper left corner of the map.If the Game Center status indicates "Game saved," it means that the game is connected to an active Game Center account.

On the second device, go to Settings> Game Center and log in to the same account that is used on the first device.After installing and starting the game, a message automatically appears asking you to download your previous progress. If this does not happen, you need to open the settings in the upper left corner and touch the "Connect" item - after that a message should appear.

The Walking Dead: Walkthrough

Journal entries. Performing a number of such missions, such as training, you will complete the first game tasks and learn how to earn experience and gold, as well as get new characters, weapons and privileges.

Daily missions. Like missions from the magazine, for completing daily missions you can get experience and gold, as well as new characters, weapons and privileges. Mission data is updated daily, so check every day what needs to be done to gain valuable experience.

Skirmishes. Skirmishes are single-player missions during which you can crack down on walkers, save survivors, and collect great rewards. On the map, they are marked with a skull icon. For passing rare and epic skirmishes you will receive a card of the corresponding rarity. Sometimes you may meet survivors fighting with walking people. In such missions, you can save the survivors and take them to a safe place. Such missions are marked with a skull icon with a waving man. In rare rescue missions, there are 2 survivors, and in epic ones - 3. To go to the hassle, touch the icon and do not forget to turn on the augmented reality function if you want to use it!

The focus of infection. The source of infection is a bunch of 3 to 5 missions, depending on their rarity, and with each mission the complexity increases. On the map, they are indicated by an icon with three skulls above a group of walking people. In normal foci of infection there will be only 3 missions, in rare foci - 4 missions, and in epic foci - 5.

For passing each stage of the infection focus, you will receive coins, and at the end, when the entire zone is cleared, you will receive a set of coins. The kit received as a reward for completing the last stage of the infection focus contains one arbitrary token for refuge, training, or improvement. In addition, the latest reward for clearing a rare or epic foci of infection will include a map of the corresponding rarity.

Receiving rewards from supply crates. On the map you will see boxes with supplies - luminous boxes inside which awards are hidden! Among them are rewards such as energy, grenades and first-aid kits. Boxes within reach are marked with a blue box icon. Rare supply crates give 3 cards, and epic supply crates give 5!

Receiving new missions and boxes with supplies. Crates of supplies are regularly restored, and new hassles and foci of infection appear from time to time on the map in arbitrary places. Just wait a bit and you can not only collect trophies, but also kill the walking! The best way to find new prey is to open the Our World app and go for a walk in the area. Your avatar will move around the map according to your current location, so explore familiar places to discover a new world with hordes of walking!

Use of shelters. Sometimes you can get shelter tokens for cleaning up foci of infection. Having collected enough tokens, you can build a shelter! Go to Map> Backpack> Build. Then select the shelter that you want to build and place it in an accessible place on the map. If there is already a shelter nearby, you will have to move your shelter away. The shelter on the map cannot be moved, and other shelters cannot be placed nearby. The shelter will stand for 10 days, unless improved, bringing enough survivors there. There are various types of shelters:

Shelter : Grants hero cards as a reward.

Arsenal : Grants weapon cards as a reward.

Kiosk : issues coins as a reward.

Warehouse : Grants privilege cards as a reward.

Having brought the rescued survivor to the shelter, you will receive a reward corresponding to the type of shelter.In addition, the higher the shelter level, the more cards or coins you will receive for the survivors listed.

Asylum rewards. Shelters of any level can bring cards of any level of rarity. To check the frequency of occurrence of a certain level of rarity, tap the "i" button next to the "View awards" field while viewing data. On this screen you can also see how many cards or coins you can get as a reward. The number of coins or cards received depends on the number of survivors brought in, the level of the player, the level of asylum and the availability of bonuses due to the leader or founder of the asylum.

If you have no survivors with you while checking the asylum data, you will see how many cards you will receive if you bring one survivor. Upon increasing the level of shelter you will receive coins as a reward. The number of coins depends on the number of survivors that you left in the shelter at the previous level.

Shelter evacuation. The shelter will be improved if you bring the necessary number of survivors there, which can be seen on the shelter data screen by touching it. The evacuation timer, which displays the time remaining before the disappearance of the shelter, begins the countdown as soon as the first survivor survives in the shelter and is reset after each improvement. If, by the end of the 10-day timer, the shelter does not have the required number of survivors, then the shelter will disappear. Upgrade your shelter to get more rewards for each survivor added and prevent evacuation!

Founder and leader of the shelter. Each shelter has its founder and leader. The founder of the shelter is the player who built it. The founder receives additional cards, in addition to the cards he usually receives for each survivor he brings to the shelter he has built. The leader of the asylum is the player who left the most survivors in the shelter. The leader receives additional cards, in addition to the cards usually received by him for each survivor whom he brings to the shelter, the leader of which he is.

Torches. If you light a torch, your group will answer your call. Each torch burns for one hour, and all members of your group can use it to find the place where it was lit. To light a torch, open inventory, click on the torch icon, then place the torch on the map.

Having reached your location, the members of the group will be able to fight in any source of infection, skirmish or marauding mission within the radius of the torch. They will also be able to get supplies crates, build new shelters and bring survivors to shelters. They will even be able to light a new torch within reach. The only thing they cannot do is move around the map, moving away from the torch. Torches can be found in the backpack rewards on the mission group board and in the store.

Marauders. Having reached player level 6, you will see on the map not only hassles and foci of infection, but also looters. In marauding missions, you need to deal with 6-8 marauders, armed to the teeth with teeth, which can be found all over the world Our World. When you touch the marauding mission, you can choose a leader who will lead your comrades into battle. The leader can be chosen from: Rosita, Michonne, Rick, Sasha, the Legendary Daryl or Glenn. Then choose three additional comrades for the mission.

Important: Weapon modifications work in marauding missions, but most of the comradesí talents do not. Only talents intended specifically for marauding missions will act.

In marauding missions you can find a sniper rifle. This rifle equipped with a sight will provide you with the much-needed advantage for fighting difficult to reach marauders and armored walking men. Do not miss the following privileges that can help you pass marauding missions:

Why has everything changed on the map? Hassles, foci of infection and boxes of supplies are placed on the map in accordance with the data provided by Google Maps. From time to time, this data is updated, and the location of hassles, foci of infection and boxes of supplies may change depending on the changed data on the Google map. If one of these points appears where the shelter is located, the shelter will be automatically moved to the nearest open place.

Bait. The bait allows you to create temporary missions on the map. It can be bought at the store or received as rewards. The bait can be found by touching the backpack icon on the map. Touching the bait, you can choose a place for its location on the map. The bait placed on the map is available for 30 minutes and is visible to all nearby players. With the help of bait, you can create a new type of mission - "Endless mode". This is a set of 3 missions in which you must survive the battle with endless streams of walking. It is available on the map from level 3, and you can play it from level 6.

Points and rewards for the bait. Rewards in endless mode are determined by your points at the end of each of the five missions. The higher the score, the better the rewards. The score depends on the amount of damage done by the walking you and your comrade, up to the general level of health of the walking. Head shots give you twice as many points, so always aim at the head! There is also a score multiplier, which increases by +0.5 for each killer hit and decreases by 0.5 for each stroke that does not kill the walking.

Try playing with different types of weapons to figure out which one will help you earn and keep the score multiplier. The actions of your friend do not reset the score multiplier, but also do not depend on him or his multiplier for getting into the head. They always bring 1 point for 1 point of damage. At the bottom of the screen of each bait is a leaderboard where you can compare your results with the results of other players who have passed this bait.

The Walking Dead: Secrets of the Battle

The battle with the walking and the use of weapons. Remember that in a fight with walking you should always aim at the head! Going on a mission, you can see how much energy you will need using the green "Fight" button. During the battle, touch the walkerís head to shoot him in the head. You can also shoot walking with a gun in the distance. Different types of weapons contain different amounts of shells, so do not forget that you need to reload frequently!

When there are no bullets left in your store, your weapon will reload and your bullets will not run out. Grenades are rare, but they can destroy an entire group of walking people at once. Press the grenade button, swipe up in the direction where you want to drop it. If you spin it, it will spin during the flight! Just be careful, because the smoke from the explosion can reduce visibility!

The delay between grenade throws is 1 second. You canít throw explosives without looking back, can you? You can take one hero and one weapon with you on a mission. If your friend is damaged, he will need to rest before he can fight again. If the walkers get to you, you will lose the mission, so fight back from them!

The use of augmented reality in missions. Touch the hassle or the source of infection and look at the upper corner of the screen before starting to wet the walking. There you will see an augmented reality option that can be turned on or off. With the option turned on, point the phoneís camera to the floor.

  1. The ideal height is about hip level.
  2. Wait until the text "Look Up" appears.
  3. Point the phone up.
  4. Inspect the areas around if you donít get walking right away.
Please note: To use this option, your device must support the augmented reality function.

Types of Walkers

Normal : Has no special abilities and does not differ in speed; The level of health depends on the level of the mission.

Thin : Walker of small stature, which moves quickly. The level of health is less than normal.

In armor : Slightly larger than the usual walking, but also moves a little slower. The armor of such walkers absorbs most of the damage, so it is difficult to deal with them.

Heavy : A very large walking man who also moves slowly. Shots in the body of such walking are less effective than in the case of other types of walking. To lay a heavy walker, many shots will be needed.

With spikes.


Choosing a friend or weapon. With the exception of ordinary walkers, various heroes and weapons deal differently with certain types of walkers. Going on a mission, you will see a portrait of a hero and a weapon icon.Tap a portrait or icon to open a selection menu for this type of map. The yellow arrow above the type of weapon icon indicates the high efficiency of the card against walking in the mission.

If the hero or type of weapon is not particularly effective or ineffective, then the arrow is not displayed. In the upper right corner of some cards, another yellow indicator is displayed. This icon means that this card can help pass the group test. Choose a card to help your group complete missions from the group board and get extra rewards!

My hero is injured! If your friend is seriously injured during the battle, he will need some time for treatment.While the hero is being healed, he cannot be sent to new missions. The heroís healing time depends on your level of player, the type of mission and the damage done. If your friend is only injured, he will not recover for long; if he is wounded and fell, more time will be required. After being wounded in the focus of infection, the hero will need more time to heal than after being wounded in a hassle. In order to quickly put the hero on his feet and go on another mission, you can quickly cure the hero with the help of a first-aid kit. She is marked with a green icon with a white cross.

I do not have energy, I can not go on a mission! If you run out of energy, you will not be able to go on a new mission. But donít worry: you can find energy sources in the supply crates on the map.

The Walking Dead: Group Guide

What are groups? Groups is a place where you can team up with other players, chat, perform tasks from the weekly mission board and receive rewards.

Create a group. If you want to create your own group, here are simple instructions.

  1. Tap the chat dialog icon in the lower corner of the screen.
  2. Go to "Search".
  3. Tap "Create Group" at the top.
  4. Write a description of the group in the Description section.
  5. If you want to personally confirm all requests for joining the group, do not forget to check the box under the description.
  6. Click Create.

Joining and leaving a group. If you are not a member of any groups yet, tap the Chat icon in the lower right corner of the screen. You can find the group you are interested in or just select one from the list! If you want to join a group more suitable for you instead of the one where you are, do the following:

  1. Open the game.
  2. Touch your group name at the top.
  3. Tap "Settings."
  4. Tap "Leave."
  5. Touch Yes. After that you can join another group!

Types of groups. The group can be of two types:

Leader of the group. The leader of the group is the player who created the group. The leader can accept players in the group, and also exclude unsuitable players from the group. The name assigned to the group cannot be changed, so choose a name for the group carefully. Some group settings can be changed:

Rights of group members. The groups are divided into 5 ranks listed below in order from highest to lowest: leader, assistant leader, elder, officer and member. Players of any rank, except for the rank of a member, can raise, lower, banish and accept players. At the same time, promotion, reduction and exile, which can be performed by participants of any rank, except for the rank of the participant, are subject to separate restrictions. For example, you can raise any player only to his rank, and only a player whose rank is lower than yours can be lowered and expelled. The leader and assistant leader have separate rights: they can change the description of the group and the status of the group from open to closed and vice versa.

Weekly test boards. The game section "Challenges" contains the group boards of missions. These are sets of tests that you can perform with your group. They act for six and a half days, then a half-day break occurs, after which they resume again. Trials range from Destroy 50 Heavy Walkers with Michon to Collect 100 Crates of Supplies.

Challenges are offered as a bingo game. If you complete a personal challenge, you and your group will receive rewards. Having completed all the tests intersecting with a special set of awards (from right to left and from top to bottom), you will open it for the whole group! All new groups start from the first stage of the first board. Each stage includes 3 boards. Having completed them, the group proceeds to the next stage, where more valuable awards await it.

At the beginning of each week, all groups start on the first board of the stage at which they finished the previous week. The higher the boards and the stages that the group goes through, the better the rewards you receive, so you should always try to reach the highest stage and board.

Please note that the last stage is extremely difficult, and only the most motivated groups will be able to go through it.

Group Policy. An apocalypse cannot be experienced alone, so joining a group will always be a smart idea! However, it should be remembered that groups are under the full control of their leader and participants, and game developers do not interfere with issues arising in groups if the Terms of Use are not violated. It is the leader who chooses the course of development of the group and sets the tone in it. He can promote participants in the rank, expel them for various reasons, and also accept newcomers into the group. Senior group members have similar privileges. The game has a huge number of groups, and you have every chance to join the one that suits you the most!

Invite a friend. Touch the "Invite" button in the group, select the application to contact your friend and send an invitation, by which he or she will be able to join your group. No more searching for your group in the list of all available groups! Now friends can join you in just a couple of touches!

The Walking Dead: Heroes, Items, and Collection

Heroes and comrades. Hero cards can be obtained as rewards for completing various types of missions in Our World. One of your heroes always goes with you on a mission to help you deal with enemies. Such a hero is considered your friend. It is worth noting that you and your allies cannot damage your comrade. Therefore, do not worry when aiming over his shoulder to make a shot in the head of an impending walker.

Classes of heroes. The characters helping you can be of various types.

Types of weapons. Types of weapons are indicated by the same icons as the classes of heroes.

Search for weapons. Most weapons cards can be found in skirmishes and foci of infection, receive as a group reward, and also earn, leaving the survivors in the workshop. The only weapon that cannot be obtained this way is a sniper rifle. It can only be obtained by completing marauding missions. Having found the first sniper rifle in the rewards for the marauding mission and unlocking it, you can later find it in sets and also buy it in the store.

Use of inventory. Tap the backpack, the center icon on the map, then tap inventory. In the inventory are stored:

Each item has a maximum number, but this limit can be increased by improving certain privileges.

What are Privileges? Privileges - this is the third type of cards (after the cards of comrades and weapons).These cards give certain advantages in the game. For example, with their help, you can bring more rescued survivors to the shelter, increase the number of grenades and first-aid kits that you can take with you, and increase the damage done by grenades. By improving privilege cards, you also increase the advantage they provide.

Improvement of heroes, weapons and privileges. You can upgrade any card from the collection, be it a hero card, weapon, or privilege. Having collected enough copies of one card, as well as enough coins to pay for improvement, tap the card in the inventory and click "Improve / train." Improving the cards, you make them stronger, which will allow you to take part in tougher battles.

You also gain experience for improving cards, and experience helps you increase your level of player. Having collected enough copies to improve the card to the maximum level, you will begin to receive coins instead of new copies of this card. This will allow you to continue to accumulate the valuable resources required to improve the cards from your collection.

Where can I get drop rate data? Data on the frequency of occurrence of each set can be found in the store. To do this, open the set to see its contents, then click on the "i" button next to the text "Drop Rate". These data can also be viewed on the map by touching the shelter, then clicking on "View rewards" and the "i" button. Thus, you will see the frequency of the reward for each type of shelter.

How can I get gold? Gold can be obtained in daily missions, so complete them and get rewards! For gold, you can buy different sets in the game store. Also in the store you can buy sets of gold.

Talents Talents are additional enhancements that give heroes power and strength. Access to the heroís talents is granted upon reaching player level 5. First, all talents are blocked, and to activate them you need to collect training tokens in group mission boards and cleaned infection foci. You can activate talents, starting from the leftmost and further in order. Tap the talent icons to find out which talents you can unlock for your favorite heroes!

Modifications Modifications are installed on the weapon to enhance it and increase speed and damage. Access to modifications is provided upon reaching player level 5. First, all modifications are blocked, and for their activation you need to collect improvement tokens in group mission boards and cleaned infection foci.Modifications can be activated starting from the leftmost and further in order. Touch the modification icons to find out which modifications you can unlock for your favorite weapons!

The Walking Dead: How Can I Lose Progress?

How to change profile picture and avatar? If you want to change the picture of your profile and avatar during the game, tap your portrait in the upper left corner. In the "Portrait" section, you can select a new picture.In this case, your avatar on the map will change. The more you play, the more options for avatars you will have!You can also change the background color of your portrait. Do not forget to click the "Save Settings" button to save the changes!

How to change your name? If you want to change your name during the game, tap your portrait in the upper left corner. In the "Player Name" section, you can change your name. Do not forget to click the "Save Settings" button to save the changes!

Keep your account information safe! Players technical support staff will never ask you for your passwords or PIN codes, or request your login details for AppleID, Game Center, Google Account or Google Play. They do not need this kind of information to assist you, so do not provide your personal information to anyone under any circumstances.

Otherwise, it may cause unauthorized use of your account. Technical support and game developers are not responsible if you decide to divulge information that will give someone the opportunity to unauthorized use of your account or access to personal information.

Why does the game ask for permission to read and write data? The game may ask you to provide permission to read and write data, as well as access to your photos, multimedia and files. This is only necessary to save progress and use the publishing functions in case you want to share screenshots. Our World no longer uses your personal data and does not post any information on your behalf.

Why does the game require information about my location? The Walking Dead: Our World is an augmented reality game based on locating a player. Since the bulk of its functions is based on tracking your real location, it needs access to relevant data, otherwise you will not be able to play. Information about your location will not be shared with other players.

Recommendations for choosing a player name. When deciding on a name in a game, several important factors must be considered. Of course, an option using your real name may look attractive, but you should not choose it for reasons of confidentiality of your personal data. If you find shelter or leave survivors in it, your playerís name will be seen by other nearby players. When joining a group, all its members will also see your name.You should come up with a catchy name, and the more unique it is, the better. Thanks to him, it will be possible to stand out and probably earn gratitude if you find many shelters or save more survivors than others.

How to save the game? (Android) To save the game, you can connect it to your Google Play account. Google Play supports only one save for one account, so if you try to save the data of different accounts in this way, you can lose them.

  1. Open the Play Store app on your device.
  2. Log in to your Google Play account.
  3. Launch the game and open the playerís settings in the upper left corner of the screen.
  4. Click "Connect." After that, the status of your current game will change to "Game Saved".

How to save the game? (iOS) To save the game, you can connect it to your Game Center account, whatever version of iOS on the device. Game Center supports only one save for one account, so if you try to save the data of different accounts in this way, you can lose them.

  1. Go to your deviceís settings> Game Center.
  2. Log in to your account using your Apple ID.
  3. Launch Our World.
  4. Open the playerís settings in the upper left corner of the map.
  5. Click "Connect." After that, the status of your current game will change to "Game Saved".

The Walking Dead: Bugs Games

Connection problems. If the game does not immediately load or does not connect, then follow the steps below to improve the application:

  1. Turn the device off and on again, then start the game. The deviceís memory will be erased, and the Internet connection should be restored, and the application should work faster.
  2. Make sure that the mobile data signal (3G / 4G) is strong and stable (without sudden changes). The quality of communication changes significantly if you are in a moving vehicle, for example, in a car, metro or train, and because of this, connection problems may occur.
  3. If you have problems connecting to a Wi-Fi network, you need to make sure that the network is not congested (for example, if another device is broadcasting video over the network), as the connection speed depends on it. It is also worth checking that your signal remains strong and the device is not too far from the router.
  4. Problems can arise for other reasons, for example, due to a general slowdown in the network during peak hours or technical work carried out by your Internet service provider. If after performing the above steps you still have problems with the connection, then please contact your service provider, maybe they can help you solve them.

Can I play a game without an internet connection? The Walking Dead: Our World game requires a constant stable Internet connection due to real-time location tracking and the use of social features in the game, and access to this content without a connection is impossible.