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Walking Dead No Manís Land Walkthrough: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

THE WALKING DEAD: NO MANíS LAND - Android game with release date 10/09/2015 from Next Games. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers íanswers to playersí questions.Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

Better The Walking Dead No Manís Land download to computer (PC) via this link and play in Full HD resolution with maximum graphics, no brakes and with the preservation of progress. Just download the emulator, log in to your Google Play account, install the game in the window that appears and you will become the Wisest.


  1. Fighting Right
  2. Camp, Building, and Merchandise Guide
  3. Survivors, Heroes, and Tokens Guide
  4. PVP and Outpost Guide
  5. How to play after the update?
  6. Hot Topics
  7. Traits of All Leaders
  8. Walkthroughs, Challenges, and Challenges
  9. Guild Guide
  10. Gold, Kits, and In-App Purchases
  11. Account Secrets

The Walking Dead: Fighting Right

What are action points? Each survivor has a limited number of actions that he / she can perform during the playerís turn. This is measured using action points , and each survivor has 2 points. During any action performed by your survivors, action points are expended, so be wise before using them up. With 1 action point, you can move a short distance. This is ideal for choosing a more strategic position. If the path intended for your survivor is white , it will cost you only 1 action point. These actions using up to 2 action points:

What are rechargeable abilities? Each type of weapon has its own charging ability. Using it in battle is the key to survival in difficult battles. Each time your survivor kills a walker in battle, he receives a charging point displayed under his portrait. After he kills enough walking (usually two or three) to charge his ability, the indicator of rechargeable ability turns green. To activate the ability, touch the indicator and select your target (s).Charged Abilities:

What is a fight? If the survivor has a low level of health, he may be too weak to fight against the walking and participate in the struggle. You cannot use it until you save it by killing the walker with the help of another survivor. If all the members of your team get stuck in a fight, you will automatically lose the mission. Time to fight is limited. If you cannot free your struggling survivor in three moves , the walker will defeat him and you will lose the mission.

How does "Observation" work? When moving, it is better to be careful, as walkers can hide literally around the corner. Survivors with action points left at the end of your turn go into the "Observation" mode. This means that your survivor will attack the closest enemy in his control zone without moving. The level of damage done during the "Observation" is 50% of the base level of damage of the survivor. In addition, with Observation, small arms attacks do not pose any threat.

How does shelter work? During the fight against human enemies using small arms, your survivors may seek cover to take only half the damage from small arms. Just move your survivor to a suitable wall, and he will automatically take cover. Survivors in the shelter are marked with a green shield icon.

When your enemy can see who is in the shelter, he becomes open and is marked with a red shield icon. Revealed shelter survivors take full damage during all attacks. Attacking the enemy, your survivors will automatically seek shelter from which to fire. To avoid this, before the attack, use the first point of action to move to a more suitable place.

Who are "walking in bulletproof vests"? Walkers in bulletproof vests are a special type of walkers who still wear bulletproof vests and helmets. That is why they are bulletproof. This means that there is a high probability in shooting attacks against them, regardless of their level, that they will fall into the body. These walkers are marked with a police shield icon.

Walkers wearing bulletproof vests have more health than regular walkers, therefore, along with their higher resistance to small arms, they become very difficult opponents for any representative of the shooting class. To combat walking in bulletproof vests, it is recommended to use classes of melee fighters (scouts, bouncers and warriors).

Who are the tanks? "Tanks" are one of the most difficult types of enemy. They are strong, they are hard to kill, and they are extremely dangerous! Their attacks are able to stun your survivors for 1 turn, so use extreme caution when approaching them in hand-to-hand combat! A huge amount of health does not allow to destroy them quickly. It is always good to attack them from a distance, finishing with a powerful blow. Thatís why heavy damage classes like hunters, gunners, and scouts are best suited for fighting tanks.

Who are burning walkers? Since walkers do not die from fire, you may encounter burning walkers marked with a flame icon. Each time your survivors engage in hand-to-hand combat with burning walkers, fire damageis inflicted on them . You can avoid fire damage by using shooting classes to attack (hunter, shooter, attack aircraft).

Please note that burning walkers fight only for the last 1 turn, so save the surviving as quickly as possible!

Who are the walking spikes? Your survivors have not yet encountered such dangerous walkers! Walkers with spikes are tall and have spikes studded throughout their bodies. They have a high level of health and are deafened . When attacking walkers with spikes, your survivors bleed. If your survivor engages in a walk with spikes, he dies immediately.

Who are Exploding Walkers? You may encounter exploding walkers during your missions. These are former soldiers with explosives on their belts, marked with a grenade. Shooting these walkers causes a huge explosion, causing damage to everyone (both walking and survivors) within the radius of the blast and even those who are behind the wall. Explosions give a chance to set fire to any surviving walker within reach and turn it into a burning walker. Other explosive walkers within a radius explode during a chain reaction.

Note that explosions also pose a threat, so be careful not to cause an explosion during Observation.

Who are the mucus walkers? Be careful, there is something hidden in the mud! Walkers from mucus are walkers in tanks, drunk water and from this swollen to a state of mucus. They have a high level of health and are deafened . Their attacks stun the survivors for 1 turn. Killed as a result of a shooting attack, walking from the mucus explode, thereby creating a threat. This explosion does not cause damage, but stuns all survivors, heroes and human enemies within the radius of the explosion.

What are human enemies? Sometimes you can stumble upon human enemies who attack you. Fighting smart and well-equipped enemies is much more difficult than neutralizing the walking, so be on the alert! Human enemies have many qualities that your own survivors have:

My survivor is bleeding! If the level of health of a surviving person drops to zero during a battle with a human opponent, he will bleed. Survivors with bleeding are marked with a drop of blood. This character will lose health every turn until he runs out of health or is healed. A survivor with bleeding can be healed by clicking on the doctorís cross in his portrait. This requires one action point. If a player completes a move without using a single victimís action point, the survivor automatically heals himself.

What is a melee weapon? You need to master and use a wide range of tools and skills in order to survive during the apocalypse. Melee weapons are used for hand-to-hand combat. In close combat, scouts, bouncers, and warriors fight. Melee weapons are different from small arms. Use both melee weapons and small arms for the perfect strategy in battle!

Character traits. Previously, the first of the heroís traits became active only if, when choosing a team, he was made the main one. Now the hero will be able to take advantage of the first line, even if he is in second or third place in the team. This means that you can still strengthen the whole team with the help of one of the heroes, but at the same time the others will additionally use their personal features.

The Governorís trait is not affected by this change. It acts only on rewards after the mission, which means that it cannot apply to only one character in a team. To use the trait of the Governor, he must always be put at the head of the team.

Hits in the torso. Now, when ascertaining whether the attack ended with the heroes of high level opponents getting into the body, it will be considered that the heroes have a level higher than usual. This bonus will be added to the characteristics of the hero, determined by the stars of his elite rarity (pink). Now the heroes will be able to fight more effectively in more complex missions! Touching the information icon next to the stars, indicating the rarity of the survivor, you will see a pop-up window with more detailed information.

New enemies: spellcasters. They move like walking people and smell like walking people, but these people are definitely not the walking dead! Enemies in No Manís Land are becoming smarter and more dangerous and can now surprise you with a new tricky trick - they disguise themselves as walking! If they attack or come too close, they will reveal their true form and begin to act like living enemies. Now rushing headlong into the crowd of walking was deadly dangerous. With the appearance of spellcasters in the missions of the second half of season 9, you will have to be on the alert all the time waiting for the attack of this insidious enemy.

Where do these walkers come from? You will have to deal not only with the walkers you see. They know that you are here and are coming to you! You should continue to move, otherwise the walkers will defeat you. At the bottom of the screen, the number of approaching walkers is indicated. The number on the left shows how many moves are left before they arrive. The noise attracts even more walkers, adding them to the approaching wave. Each shot, explosion, movement near them and even noisy objects increase the level of threat, so proceed with caution!

The Walking Dead: Camp, Building, and Merchandise Guide

What can I do in the camp? The camp is a safe place for you. Here you can build and improve the buildings that you will need to improve the survival skills and equipment of your survivors. You can also interact with other groups of survivors. The council will become the main building at your base. Improve it more often to discover new types of buildings and benefits. In addition to advice, it is also worth improving the storage and car for missions in order to be able to store more resources. Here, in the camp, you can also manage a squad of survivors.

Hire more survivors, train them, give them more powerful equipment and build a hospital where they could recover between missions. In difficult situations, team up with friends and create a guild to participate in the trials. Here you also have access to all social opportunities. Be sure to come up with a cool, unique, but appropriate pseudonym. And do not forget from time to time to approach the fire, where you can find more missions and rewards.

What are these resources and how do I get them? There are currently 5 types of resources:

Resources can also be received as a reward for completing missions and trials or for dropping walkers outside the perimeter of your camp.

How can I get more radios? Look for walkie-talkies with which you can call even more survivors. You can get radios in the following ways:

Why did I get weapons / armor of this level? When you receive a weapon or armor, their level may differ depending on where the item was received from.

I can not improve the building! If you want to improve a camp building, always check if you meet the improvement requirements. Buildings always require you to have the following:

Tap the building you want to improve, and then tap the info button marked with an "i". In the information window that appears, requirements for improving this particular building will be displayed.

Why are there campers in the camp? While participating in a mission, you may accidentally attract the attention of walkers. From time to time, these walking people who have strayed from the main mass may go out in search of food and rush towards your camp. Destroy them one by one with an aiming touch on the head and collect any extra resources that they may have.

How does recycling work? During the collection of trophies you can find a variety of equipment, while the extra trophies can be useful to send to the scrap in order to earn experience. Just go to your workshop and dispose of the weapons and body armor separately. You can also touch the trash can icon in the lower left corner of the screen to select several items that can be disposed of simultaneously. Additionally, when receiving new equipment from boxes, you can touch the image for its disposal.

How does Auto Dispose work? Be careful, the space in your workshop reserved for armor and weapons is limited! It can fit up to 300 units. If you exceed this amount, the "Auto-recycle" function will reduce the number of your items to 280 the next time the game is loaded. If you see that the number of your items is approaching 300, make sure to dispose of some of your unnecessary equipment! Auto Disposal always starts with your lowest-level items with the lowest rarity. You will also gain experience from any items disposed of in this way.

What is a call to a hero? A call to a hero is a guaranteed opportunity to get a hero! Making a call to the hero, you can choose one of three options. A call is always guaranteed to bring you one arbitrary hero, as well as a minimum of 32 hero tokens! You can also choose to summon rare, epic or legendary survivors, or get even more tokens. Take a look at the radio tent to get new cool heroes! In response to player feedback, the developers decided to extend this feature for a longer period of time.

What are badges? Badges are items that give your survivors bonuses to attack and attack if they are worn on your survivors. You can only get them using the components in the artisan building. One icon contains:

Please note that some badges do not have a conditional bonus.

How to start creating?

After building the collectorís building in your camp, you will have the opportunity to build the artisanísbuilding. An artisan allows you to combine components to create badges that can be worn on your survivors.Badges provide additional stats for your character, such as health, damage, and critical strike chance. To create an icon, tap the artisan and then the tool icon. In this menu you can combine components to create icons. More rare badges give more advantages to your heroes and survivors. To create an icon, the following is required:

Using components with a higher rarity level, you can increase your chances of getting rarer badges. After selecting 5 components to use when creating the icon, you will see the possible rarity levels that your icon may have (for example, From Extraordinary to Epic). Try different combinations of components to find out how to get the most out of each icon you create. Rarer badges do not come across often, but each such badge becomes a great addition to one of your survivors.

How can I get the components? To get the components you need to create, you need to build a collector building in your camp, which can only be done when your advice reaches level 15 . Sometimes components can be found in boxes received by you after each mission. Without the assembly building, you cannot find the components. Also, components for creating can be purchased for gold in the in-game store, in the " Components " tab. There are several different options that can help you get more components!

Why canít I build a collector building? It will be possible to build the collector building in your camp when your council reaches level 15. To find out the current level of your council, find the council building in your camp and touch it, after which you can see the current level of your council. After the construction of the collectorís building, you can build the artisanís building . This will allow you to create icons.

Do the various components affect what I create? To create an icon, you need one fragment of the icon and 4 other components. The types and rarities of the components combined together affect what icon you get as a result.

Important: Using the same or similar combinations of components can result in a wide variety of icons.

How do icon sets work? Badge sets provide bonuses if your survivor is wearing 4 or more badges from the same set. A full set improves the statistics of your badges, therefore, wearing badges from matching sets is a good idea! You can determine the set of icons by the shape of the ring around the icon effect symbol. 5 different sets are available. You can also view this information in the "Icon" tab on the survivor statistics screen.

What are the possible effects of my badge? Each icon has a major effect that can improve:

The effects of some icons are calculated both as absolute values ??and as percentage values. For example, you can get either a health icon that increases your survivorís health level by 10%, which means that the advantage will change as your survivor level increases, or a health icon that gives your survivor +500 health points regardless of the level or class using it the survivor.

What are bonus conditions and how can I activate them? A number of icons have conditioned bonus effects that can be activated if you fulfill the described requirement. Conditions include:

The second and third conditions above depend on other team members using the character icon.Since Carol cannot "participate in the mission with Carol," you will need to wear badges that refer to heroes or survivors who are not the specified hero.

My badge has no bonus conditions. Some icons do not have bonus conditions, however, their characteristic feature is a slightly stronger effect. It is up to you to decide which of the icons is best for your strategy!

What do the six dots in the survivorís portrait mean? These 6 points show which of the cells for your survivorís badges are full and which badges receive their conditional bonuses. Most icons have a "bonus condition" described under the effect of the icon. Each point in a circle on the survivorís map has three possible states:

You can use these icon indicators when choosing a team before starting a mission to take maximum advantage of the effects of your icons. Try to create the perfect team, each character of which has the optimal set of effects from the icons!

What happens if I remove the badge? An icon taken from your survivor or hero is returned back to your icon stock. Also, a small amount of gold is removed for this action. If you want to replace the badge that you previously put on with a new one, you will be asked if you want to remove the badge or send the old badge to the scrap. When you remove the icon, everything will be exactly as described above. When you send the badge to the scrap you will get a little experience.

Higher level of defensive walkers at your outpost! Players who upgrade their walking pits will have several new levels to upgrade their defensive walking. All types of defensive walkers can now be upgraded to level 26, which makes them a serious obstacle for attacking outposts, even as part of a first-class team.

What are daily quests? Daily quests are random quests that can be completed within 24 hours to receive rewards for this. For each completed task you will receive a prize. If you collect enough prizes, you can open a silver or gold box, a box with tokens or even a box with hero tokens!

What is a quest chest? Quest Chest is a new reward that you can receive when you collect enough prizes. For each completed daily quest you will receive a prize. The chest of the quest can be: a silver box, a golden box, a simple box with tokens or even a box with heroes tokens, and each of them requires a different number of prizes!

The Walking Dead: Survivors, Heroes, and Tokens Guide

How can you get more survivors? Survivors can join your group in two ways. You save them during the mission or call them using the walkie-talkie . Each survivor in your group uses a survivor cell . You can get more cells by purchasing them for gold or by purchasing kits containing a surviving cell. Removing the survivor, you get a small amount of experience points and a part of the tokens spent on it. You can only hire survivors of a certain class after you unlock them after completing the chapters of the game.

What types of survivors are there in the game? Prefer to swing a bat or trust more in collisions with a walking automatic rifle? Like you, other survivors also have different preferences and skills. Survivors in The Walking Dead: No Manís Land are divided into 6 classes :

Why do my survivors, equipment and badges have stars on them and different colors? Not all survivors you meet at No Manís Land will have the same skills or experience, and not all equipment will be as powerful. The same goes for icons. Each survivor that appears and each equipment you find is of rarity . The higher the level, the more powerful they are, but it also affects how often they come across to you. This is indicated by the number of stars and color. There are 5 rarity levels in the game:

How to equip my survivors? Make sure that every survivor in your group has access to appropriate equipment. Equip your survivors with various weapons that will allow them to drop walkers, and also use armor for extra protection. To change equipment on the survivor, open the "Survivor" menu and tap the portrait of the hero or survivor.

Touch a cell of weapons or armor and select the appropriate option from the possible. Your survivor will use this equipment in the following missions until you decide to change his layout again. The type of weapon or armor that you decide to equip your survivor depends on its class. More equipment can be found in reward boxes at the end of missions.

How to train survivors and improve equipment? Use experience points to train your survivors to a new level, and do not forget to improve their equipment. Survivors are trained at a training ground. Tap a building to select training, then make your choice. Learning takes time and resources, or it can be accelerated with gold.

Survivors will be inaccessible to missions during training, and wounded survivors cannot be trained during recovery. Improvement of weapons and armor is carried out in the workshop. Tap a building to select a tool icon, then tap your equipment item. Equipment is always divided into classes of survivors in order to make it easier to find. Equipment upgrades work just like survivor training.

What are traits? Survivor traits are special abilities that distinguish an individual survivor from the rest. These traits add special advantages in battle and open when a given survivor reaches a certain level. Visit the survivorís menu and select a character. On the right side of the screen are the traits of the survivor and the required level.

Touch the dash to find out what benefits it will bring to your survivor. When upgraded, weapons and armor can also acquire certain traits. You can access the equipment from the workshop. Touch a specific item to familiarize yourself with its features on the right side of the pop-up window.

How to change a survivorís costume? You have the opportunity to change the costume of your survivor to the costumes of the characters in the television series! To change the suit, follow the steps below:

  1. Touch the Survivors button on the left side of your camp screen.
  2. Choose the survivor you need.
  3. Tap the shirt icon on the left.

You can try on all the outfits, and as soon as you decide on a choice, you can purchase it for gold. Costumes purchased can be used on all other survivors except heroes.

What are class tokens? Class tokens replace experience in case of failure to the survivor after a call on the walkie-talkie. If you do not want to accept survivors, now instead of gaining experience for refusing them, you can receive class tokens from one of them corresponding to his class. The number of tokens received depends on the rarity of the survivor. Class tokens are used to upgrade traits of survivors and raise them to the next rarity level.

How can I use class tokens? While viewing the profile of the survivor, you can see the number of collected class tokens, indicated in the lower right corner. Each class has its own tokens that can be used to unlock and upgrade traits that survive the same class. Class tokens can be obtained for calls on the walkie-talkie. Having completely improved all the traits of a survivor, you can raise him to the next level of rarity.

What are "heroes"?

Now you have a chance to hire your favorite characters from the series The Walking Dead to your team of survivors! You can see all available heroes by touching the flag icon in the "Survivor Management" window. To hire heroes, you need to collect the corresponding hero tokens . Having collected enough tokens, you can unlock the hero and add him to your team forever.

Separate cells in the team of survivors are allocated for the heroes, so you do not have to free up space for them.The initial level of heroes depends on your radio tent. Heroes can be upgraded with hero tokens. Each hero has his own unique leadership trait , giving special opportunities to the whole team for the duration of the missions. Each character always has the same traits.

What are "hero tokens"? Hero tokens are special items that can be obtained by calling on the walkie-talkie.The more cordless telephones you use per call, the higher your chances of receiving hero tokens. These tokens can be used to access your favorite characters from the Walking Dead series and add them to your team.

Each hero requires separate hero tokens, and to unlock different heroes you need a different number of tokens.To collect the hero tokens that appear, tap the hero card and click Get Tokens. Having collected enough hero tokens you need, you can unlock the hero on the "Survivor Management" screen. Hero tokens can also be used to upgrade and enhance traits and rarity levels of the hero.

How can heroes be improved? Heroes can be improved in the same way as other survivors. However, instead of class tokens, hero tokens are used to upgrade and enhance heroes . To improve features and increase the level of rarity of an individual hero, tokens corresponding to him are required. Having completely improved all the features of the hero, you can raise him to the next level of rarity.

What are leadership traits? Heroes are special survivors, and each of them has its own unique leadership trait. A leader trait benefits the entire team if you take a hero to complete a mission.

Please note that only one trait of a leader can act in a group. To activate the leader line of a hero, place this hero in the leftmost cell. A team can include several heroes, while only one trait of the leader of one hero can act.

How can I get daryl? Daryl is familiar to everyone, because he helps players at the beginning of the game, but now he can become a member of your surviving team! To get Daryl, you need to go through Episode 1 . After Episode 2, you will receive his crossbow. Daryl will automatically join teams of players who have already completed these episodes. Other heroes can be unlocked by collecting enough tokens corresponding to these heroes.

Traits of a leader and injured Tara after missions. Using the Tara Healing Attack leader trait, your survivors regain x% health when using their chargeable attacks. This gives them the opportunity to find additional strength within themselves when everything seems hopeless. If your survivors are injured during the mission, they still need to rest after that in the hospital, even if the trait of Taraís leader allows them to regain their health. Similarly, the Healing Attack does not cancel wounds that affect the requirements for quest stars or trials.

Note: If your survivorís health indicator drops to a red mark, the Tara bar will not help return him to the green area.

How can I check the current number of hero tokens? To find out your current number of hero tokens, first go to your list of survivors. Touch the TWD symbol and your list of heroes will open. Here you can see how many tokens for still locked heroes have been collected, and how many more you need to unlock them. To see the number of tokens available for your unlocked heroes, tap the hero and the number of tokens will appear on the left side of the screen.

What are pink stars and who are elite survivors?

You can upgrade your survivors to a rarity level even higher than the legendary one. This highest level is the elite level. You can upgrade your survivors to 10-star level by upgrading their traits. As soon as all traits have the same level of rarity as your survivor, you can upgrade the survivor to the next rarity level - elite.

When the survivorís rarity level exceeds 5 stars, the stars of the survivor turn pink one by one. All stars will turn pink as soon as your survivor reaches a maximum 10-star rarity level. Each new pink star additionally gives 5% to the base damage and health of the survivor, which takes effect and is valid until the end of the game in case of increase or improvement of the survivor.

Moreover, survivors, whose level is 3 or more stars higher, have an increased chance of ordinary survivors entering the corps during a battle, and 6-star survivors face an increased chance when the enemyís level is 4 or more stars higher. Survivors of the 7-star level will again have an increased chance of getting into the corps with a level lower, and so on. Think carefully before upgrading your surviving highest level to an elite level, as the level of difficult collecting missions will increase by 1 for each pink star your survivors receive.

What is the limited event "Challenge for Heroesí Holiday (Leave All 3)"? This is a time-limited event, so be sure to check back often to see if the heroesí festival is held again! The new "Challenge for Heroesí Holiday" is a 3-card challenge that offers rare survivors with 3 stars or more or at least 32 hero tokens.

Instead of choosing only one of the results, "Challenge for Heroesí Holiday" allows you to select all three at once!This challenge also allows you to make two rolls, which gives you a better chance of getting an excellent result.Important information about the "Challenge for Heroesí Holiday":

Preview heroes. Now, when viewing their team of survivors, players will be able to see the heroís statistics even before it is unlocked! Just touch the "Details" button to see information about a hero not yet unlocked. If you touch "View high level" further, you will see the heroís statistics and traits when he reaches legendary rarity and level 25. Now you can make calls on the walkie-talkie to unlock the heroes, having more information about them than before, which means more efficient planning and create the best possible command.

Star hero. The heroes decided to become even stronger and brighter - in turn becoming Star Heroes. Star heroes will present various improvements, including increased statistics, and will be endowed with 1 additional star for hits in the corps and other combat calculations. These benefits will apply in all game modes.

The Walking Dead: PVP and Outpost Guide

What is an "outpost"? Outposts are bases created by players outside their camp. You can raid any outpost to grab goods and enhance your own influence. Also do not forget that you will also need to organize a strong defense!

Where to start at my outpost? First touch the Missions, then select the Outpost. Then complete the mission to protect the outpost from Free People. Now you can build your own outpost, as well as a pit with walking people, so organize your defense! Choose the place that suits you the most and strategically place your defenders and special walkers.

What is a pit with walking? She is as magnificent as her name is magnificent. Capture and upgrade your own walkers to build a strong outpost. Use walkers for your defense!

What are exchange products? In the post-apocalyptic world, exchange goods are used as currency for the purchase of special items such as boxes, walkie-talkies and hero tokens. You can start collecting goods for exchange by reaching council level 7 and organizing your outpost. You can receive goods by attacking the outposts of other players and collecting stars during the tests. Additionally, your outpost produces a small amount of goods for exchange. Goods for exchange are used in the goods store , which can be accessed using the Shop> Tradeoption or directly through the outpost using the "Get Rewards" option.

What is the effect? Influence represents the level of your rating relative to other players in the PVP (player versus player). You lose and gain influence points by attacking enemy outposts and defending your own, depending on the success of your actions. You can find out about the number of influence points you have in the outpost building. Points are calculated for a certain cycle, after which you receive a reward depending on your rating. Remember, influence is tantamount to everything in the post-apocalyptic world.

How to win at the outpost? To win at the outpost, you first need to go through the walkers and do two things:

  1. Capture the Flag;
  2. Grab goods for exchange or defeat defenders.

After completing each of the two steps, you will complete this mission. Then you can escape and your team will not be damaged. If all of your survivors are damaged before the mission is completed or they escape after you complete the goals, then you will lose.

How does adversary selection work at the outpost? The system of selection of opponents takes into account various factors: your current level of advice and influence points earned by hard work. If you succeed in the game, sometimes you can pick up a stronger opponent. To provide a great gaming experience, gaming systems often perform a ubiquitous search for optimal rivals.

What will happen to my defending survivors after my defeat? After a raid on your outpost, your defenders instantly recover and continue to defend what is rightfully yours. Do not worry about them, everything will be fine with them!

How to put captured walking on my outpost? Currently, you can capture 3 types of walking: regular, in body armor and tanks. Ordinary walkers are automatically released to your outpost during an attack on him.Walking in bulletproof vests and tanks must be placed personally. To place walking in bulletproof vests and tanks, go to your outpost and tap the "Outpost Management" option. Then select one of the first two sections, since walkers cannot be placed in the third. On the left side of your screen, unplaced walkers and the number of places remaining in this section are displayed.

I can no longer place walkers at my outpost! Your outpost has a limit on the number of walking (in bulletproof vests and tanks) that you can place on it. If you cannot place all your captured walkers at your outpost, you have the following two options:

Please note that ordinary walkers are automatically released to your outpost during an attack on him.

How to replace my survivors at the outpost? To replace your defending survivors, open your outpost and tap the Change Defenders button in the lower right. Here you can replace your defender team in the same way as the teams you send to complete missions. When you are satisfied with your choice, tap "Confirm" to accept it.

What are loops? During raids at the outposts of your enemies and protection of your own, you get influence points, the amount of which depends on the success of your actions. Points are collected over a cycle of usually 2 weeks, after which you will receive a reward depending on your rating.At the beginning of each cycle, your influence level is reset to the baseline for your last rating level. You can get information about the stage and find out how much time is left before the cycle ends, in the game, using the "Cycles" tab at your outpost. Loops are also used for outpost leader tables.

When will I receive my rewards for the cycle? Typically, the outpost cycle time is 2 weeks. At the end of the cycle you will receive a reward depending on your current rating. You can find out about your current rating level and stage rewards using the Cycles tab of your outpost. The stage depends on your current number of influence points, and the transition between the stages is carried out as the number of your influence points changes.

Why did the number of my influence points decrease? At the beginning of each outpost cycle, the number of your influence points is reset to the minimum level allowed for the stage.

How to capture walking? To get started, open the walking pit outside your camp. Here you can see the level (white) and the number (green) of the various walkers you have captured. Touch the type of walker you want to grab, and in the lower left corner you will see how many goods you need for the next walker. If you have enough products, click "Grab More . "

When will I get the shield? When the attacker raids your outpost and destroys all your defenders, you lose influence. Having lost influence, you get a shield for a period of 8 hours. This shield will protect your outpost from all raids throughout the duration of the shield. If the attacker loots goods at your outpost, you will lose, but will not receive a shield, as you will not lose influence points. If you attack another outpost with an active shield, you will lose the shield, and other players will be able to attack you again.

The Walking Dead: How to play after the update?

Gunpowder summer (summer campaign). The award-winning campaigns have become a fun feature at No Manís Land, counting down from last yearís Explosive Summer. This yearís summer campaign is back, featuring "Gunpowder Summer." Keep an eye on the News section of the camp to be able to find out about the start of the campaign. A full list of awards will be available soon.

Trait roll tokens. Trait roll tokens are used to change traits of your heroes and survivors of a legendary or higher (elite) level. Simply select a non-heroic trait and use up a token that gives you the option of choosing from two random non-heroic traits. These random traits will not duplicate traits that the character does not yet have.

You can choose between the original trait or one of two random traits that the survivor can leave for himself. A new trait will retain the level of the original trait. Multiple traits can be applied to the same survivor or hero so that you can create the best combination for any upcoming missions. Trait roll tokens can be earned as rewards or found in the store.

New trait: Breakthrough. Survivors with melee weapons now have a new way to clear their way through the crowds of walkers - the "Breakthrough" trait, which increases their effectiveness against groups of enemies. After the walker is destroyed using a melee attack, survivors with this trait deal half the excess damage to a neighboring enemy [20-65]% of the time. Now critical melee strikes, chargeable attacks and even Observation attacks make it possible to destroy several walking in one fell swoop!

Story chapter 15. The long-awaited chapter is finally here! Van Zandt has been on the run for several years, and finally it was discovered where he is hiding. It is time to meet him in battle in the final story chapter of Walking Dead: No Manís Land! The plot chapter 15 contains several new missions, which can be played on three difficulty levels, and which complete the plot of No Manís Land.

Changes in the advertising system and structure of the awards. Advertising in NML is undergoing significant changes, shifting the emphasis on advertising viewed in the movie. The amount of advertising is reduced to give more time for completing missions; while the reward for viewing ads increases. You will be able to open three additional mailboxes after the missions four times per hour, without having to watch ads. Advertising will no longer be shown after the missions, so you will have the opportunity to immediately begin to destroy the walking.

The Walking Dead: Hot Topics

Tables of random odds. Now you can find information about random chance to receive rewards in all parts of the game. New information buttons appear in the following places:

On each of these screens you can find certain information about possible chances of receiving awards of a certain type, their quantity or rarity level in this place.

Reinforcement token. Brand new reinforcement tokens can be used to increase the level of epic and legendary equipment, which already has a maximum level, to any desired level! Equipment can be strengthened several times, but its level cannot exceed the maximum level of equipment in the game.

The Walking Dead: Traits of All Leaders

Rick: A dangerous situation. Attacks of any member of your team do more damage to targets if they attack an enemy located next to another member of your team.

Important: Increases base attack damage.

Tara: Healing attack. A survivor of your team performing a chargeable attack restores part of their health. The level of health restored depends on the stellar level of Tara: the higher the level, the more health is restored.

Important: If the survivor is bruised or injured during the mission, the Healing Attack allows the survivor to recover, but does not prevent bruises or injuries.

Karl: Second chance. If during the mission any survivor is damaged, as a result of which his health level drops below 0, then he will have a chance to evade fatal damage and avoid death. The chance level depends on Karlís stellar level: the higher the level, the higher the chance of survival.

Aaron: Teamwork. Successive attacks performed by your team on one goal do more damage. The level of damage dealt depends on Aaronís stellar level: the higher the level, the more damage is inflicted.

Merle: Doodle. Your survivors do more damage to enemies above their team level. The level of damage dealt depends on Merleís stellar level: the higher the stellar level, the more damage is inflicted.

Maggie: Red Harvest. Killings committed by your team bring more experience points. The number of experience points depends on Maggieís stellar level: the higher the level of Maggieís "Red Harvest", the more experience is added.

Attention! Experience is added automatically during the mission, and not after its completion.

Daryl: A silent shot. Your teamís shooting attacks have a chance of not creating a threat and an improved chance of a critical hit. The chance of not creating a threat and the chance of a critical hit depend on the level of Darylís "Silent Shot": the higher the star level, the higher the chance of not creating a threat or delivering a critical strike.

Important: The chance of not creating a threat does not mean that the attack will not attract nearby walkers.

Sasha: The good of the bad. If your teamís attack hits the corps, then your team will get a chance to get a charge point. The level of a chance to get a charge point depends on the level of "Good from bad" Sasha: the higher the star level, the higher the chance to get a charge point.

Dwight: Despair. The attacks of your survivors deal extra damage to the special walking ones. The level of additional damage depends on the level of Dwightís Despair: the higher the stellar level of Dwight, the more damage is done additionally.

Nigan: A survival instinct. With low health, your survivors do more damage and take less damage. The level of increased damage dealt and reduced received damage depends on the level of Niganís "Survival Instinct": the higher the level, the more damage is done to enemies and the less damage your team takes.

Important: In poor health, your survivorís health indicator drops to a red mark.

Morgan: Defensive attack. When taking damage, your survivors have a chance to get a charge point. The level of a chance to get a charge point depends on the level of Morganís "Defensive attack": the higher the stellar level, the higher the chance.

Eugene: Fishtail Time. If your survivors are attacked, they have an X% chance of not getting a critical hit and stun. The level of chance to avoid a critical hit and stun depends on the level of Eugeneís Fishtail Time: the higher the level, the greater the chance of avoiding a critical strike and stun.

Jesus: Melee. Survivors of the scout, bouncer, and warrior classes have more health, and their attacks do more damage. The level of increased health and damage depends on the level of "Melee" of Jesus: the higher the level, the more health and damage are increased.

Michon: Thinning the flock. Killing in hand-to-hand combat has a chance to reduce the threat and a chance to restore the action point. The level of a chance to reduce the threat and restore an action point depends on the level of Thinning Herd Michon: the higher the star level, the higher the chance.

Ezekiel: Royalty. Your survivors have a 100% chance of retaliation with an X% damage bonus when attacked.

Important: Increases base attack damage. If the survivor with Retribution uses this ability, then the damage from the Royal Power will be added to the damage from Retaliation.

Jerry: The bodyguard. When Jerry or a nearby ally is injured, there is a 35% chance (with a chance of improvement of up to 60%) that the wound will be reduced by half. When the trait is activated, the word "Bodyguard" appears over your survivors.

Abraham: Damn crazy. Survivors of the stormtrooper, hunter, and shooter classes have more health, and their attacks do more damage. The level of increased health and damage depends on the level of "Damn crazy" Abraham: the higher the level, the more health and damage.

Rosita: Only one is required. Attacks of your survivors directed against only one target do more damage. The level of increased damage depends on the level of "Only one is required" Roses: the higher the level, the more damage is increased.

Rufus: Courage of the squirrel. Your survivors have more health. When the threat counter reaches zero, each of your survivors will receive a charge point. The level of increased health depends on the level of Rufusí Courage of Protein: the higher the level, the more health is increased.

Governor: Only the best. Increases the amount of supplies or experience, as well as the chance of getting higher-level equipment in boxes after the mission. The level of increase depends on the level of "Only the best" of the Governor: the higher the level, the more increase.

Glenn: Lucky dumpster. Get supplies after each mission, depending on the experience (in percent) earned for the kills in this mission. The amount of supplies depends on the level of Glennís "Lucky Garbage Container": the higher the level, the more supplies.

Carol: Aim at the head. Increases the chance that your survivorsí attacks will critically hit. The level of increased chance for a critical hit depends on the level of Carolís "Aim at the Head": the higher the level, the greater the chance of a critical hit.

Gabriel: Mysterious paths. Increases the chance that your survivors evade melee attacks and activate their traits. The chance of evading or activating the trait depends on the level of Gabrielís Mysterious Paths: the higher the level, the greater the chance of evading and activating the trait.

Morgan, the sniper. Class: Hunter. Hero Trait: Insight. Morgan attacks inflicted during an opponentís turn do 45% more damage. If he is a leader, all team members receive this bonus (increases to a maximum of 95%.).Other Traits: Ruthless, Marksman, Vigilant, Revenge. To unlock, you need a rare level (250 tokens).

Glenn, protective equipment. Class: Bouncer. Hero Trait: Done. Glenn has a 45% chance of getting some or all of his charge points at the start of each mission. If he is a leader, all team members receive this bonus (increases to a maximum of 95%.). Other Features: Retribution, Strong, Iron Skin, Punishment. To unlock, you need a rare level (250 tokens).

Rick, survival specialist. Class: Scout. Trait of the hero: An example to follow. Rickís charged attacks deal 50% more damage. When Rick uses a charged attack, another team member with incomplete charge points receives a charge point. If he is a leader, all team members receive these bonuses (increases to a maximum of 95%.). Other Features: Strong, Iron Leather, Power Shot, Ruthless. To unlock, you need an epic level (500 tokens).

These characters are different from other versions of the same characters. They are unlocked and pumped separately from other versions, and each token uses its own tokens. Tokens for these heroes will be available for special calls on the walkie-talkie and will not be available for ordinary calls unless this is announced later.

The Walking Dead: Walkthroughs, Challenges, and Challenges

What are the types of missions? Survivors can go on missions of various kinds.

How do I win missions? Each mission has certain victory conditions. During the mission, tap the button at the top of the screen, then the mission conditions will appear. When all conditions are met, the exit zone will light up and you can leave the zone. Of course, this still means that all members of your team need to get out of the mess alive.

What happens if I fail the mission? The mission will fail if you do not fulfill the conditions for victory or if one of your survivors is disabled. The wounds will not go anywhere, and your survivors will need to be healed in the hospital before they can be sent to the next mission. Disabled survivors will receive serious injuries, which will take a long time to recover from.

What is a reward box? Fight walkers in tactical battles and get the resources you need so much to stay alive.Check all shiny containers to find trophies during missions. You can find supplies, experience points, walkie-talkies and equipment. After the mission, you get to the rewards screen with nine reward boxes. You must select and open three reward boxes.

You can open more boxes by spending gold bars or watching a short video. Also in the boxes you can find silver and gold prizes. When you find a silver or gold item, it is always a higher level award and can even be a very special item!

What are chapters? Chapters are storylines in the game. As you progress through the chapters, the plot changes, as well as the survivors. Each chapter consists of six or more missions. Successfully complete missions, completing goals and moving survivors to the exit zone. To win, choose the right survivors with the most suitable skills and weapons.

What are test stars? For each test mission, you can get up to 3 stars. If you do not get all 3 stars of the mission, then you can go through this mission again without reloading, and as many times as necessary to get all the missing stars. However, starting the first test mission, you will not be able to return to the previous test. You can also earn extra stars by completing all 6 test missions at any level. The number of stars you score is indicated in the lower left corner of the test screen.

What does complexity (number) mean? The complexity (number) that you see before the start of the mission indicates the complexity of the mission. This means that the test is best suited for survivors of precisely this level. Sometimes the level may be higher than your current survivor level, but it means that the missions are difficult, but also give more rewards. Choose your strategy carefully to complete this challenging mission!

How do trials work? The new test system offers 6 missions for each test. First you need to complete all the missions of the test, and only after you can proceed to the next test. If you do not get all 3 stars of the mission, then you can go through this mission again without reloading, and as many times as necessary to get all the missing stars. However, starting the first test mission, you will not be able to return to the previous test. Each time you complete all 6 test missions, their complexity increases. The more difficult your missions are, the better you get rewards. Your initial difficulty level is determined by the average level of your top three survivors.

What rewards can I get for completing trials? Earning stars alone and with a guild, you can get various rewards:

And while completing all 6 test missions, you get even more stars and goods.

Guild Challenge Leaderboards. Guild leaderboards in trials display the most current guild score - the score after the most recent trial. If a test is currently in progress, the stars obtained in the current test will become a guild score. If no test is currently being performed, the stars obtained in the previous test will become the final score of the guild.

Why is my best score on the leaderboards different? In the guild leaderboards you can see your stars in the guild (for all games) for your current guild. In the local, global and friendly leaderboards you can see all your stars in the guild (for all games) - all the stars you earned in the game, and not just in your current guild.

What are the "highlights of the season" missions? Defeat the threats from the series by completing missions from the highlights of the season! Special missions based on various seasons of the series in the section "Missions"> "Seasons"> "Highlights of the season". Play and earn rewards, tokens and access to new heroes!

What is the "Distance"?

"Distance" is an exciting new option that brings your survivors to the limit of their capabilities! To play Distance, you need to upgrade your advice to level 18 or higher. A total of 21 missions of the "Distances" are available, during which you can get great prizes, such as tokens, weapons and armor, as well as new components for creating! The farther you go, the more difficult the missions become and the better the rewards.

The health of your survivors does not improve after completing a mission or fleeing from it, but you can use gold to rest, restore part of the health of all your survivors once after each mission you completed. As soon as the survivor runs out of health, he enters the "No action" state and cannot be used again until the "Distance" is reset.

Being on a mission at the Distance, if one of your survivors is defeated, you can still try to complete the mission until you lose your entire team or decide to flee. If you fulfill the mission goal only partially before you lose your team or flee, progress will be carried forward to your next attempt. However, between attempts, the health of the enemies will be returned to full level. Destroying one enemy to fulfill the missionís goal is better than inflicting partial damage to multiple enemies.

If you have only one or two survivors left in service, you can still start a mission, but success will be difficult. You can make calls on the walkie-talkie or open the heroes, and they will be available in order to use them immediately! The duration of the "Distance" is 24 hours; at this time, it will begin every Tuesday and every Saturday. After the timer for the event expires, it will not be possible to start new missions. Each new event of the "Distance" will begin from the very beginning, but you may have to meet with a new set of enemies and mission goals in it.

When will the "Distance" be available and how long does it last? "Distance" is held twice a week and lasts 24 hours each time:

Any changes in this schedule will be announced in the game immediately after a decision is made to make them.

What rewards can I get at the Distance? At the "Distance" you can receive a variety of awards, such as:

The further you advance in this mode, the more rewards you can earn!

What do the red dots beneath my survivors at "Distance" mean? Red dots indicate the number of charge points that this survivor has. 1 red dot equals 1 charge point. In the "Distance" mode, the health and charge points of your survivor are not reset between missions.

How does treatment in the hospital work at Distances? Your survivors are not sent to the hospital after being injured or if they have no action in the mission at Distance. You can still use the same survivor in other mission modes, and survivors from the hospital can still be used at the "Distance". If your survivor makes an escape or dies, he will be marked with a "No action" mark. These survivors can no longer be used on the "Distance", unless you completely restart the mode.

After each mission you have completed, you can once again improve the health of your survivors by 10% using gold. This applies to all survivors; even those that are no longer part of your current team of three. Survivors that are labeled "No action" do not benefit from the cure. If your survivorís health level has fallen to red, such treatment can again help return him to the green level.

What is a pass for test rounds? The Test Round is a series of 6 test missions. After completing 5 full rounds in the challenge, you will earn 1 pass for the challenge rounds.In the menu of your test you can see both the total number of rounds you completed and the number of passes you earned for rounds. 1 pass allows you to skip 1 round at the beginning of the next challenge. These rounds will be skipped automatically at the beginning of the test, and all your round passes earned during the previous test will be used up.

Each missed round allows you to reward double the number of stars and goods in the next round. Therefore, for example, if last week you earned 2 passes for rounds and usually start testing at difficulty level 10, you will immediately go to difficulty level 12. You will also receive double the number of stars and goods for the first two rounds you completed.

Passes for rounds double the number of stars and goods received as a reward during the test! For each pass used for a round, you get one round with double rewards in the challenge. The stars you earn after completing missions, as well as the stars and goods you earn after completing the full rounds, double. This allows you to get more stars and products for completing the first rounds of tests, as well as save time and fuel ! Thus, you can go further in the test. Here is the complete list of double awards:

What is the difference between the normal and difficult difficulty levels in the "Distance"? To help players at the Council level below 18 play the Distance, the usual difficulty level was created in this mode! The usual difficulty level can be unlocked at Council level 12 and contains the same cards, types of enemies and conditions for victory as at a difficult level. However, the range of complexity of missions varies from 10 to 20 and above.

The rewards for these missions are primarily aimed at helping players between Council levels 12 and 20 improve their camps and train survivors. On their way, they will be able to find a large number of supplies, stocks of experience points, rare and epic equipment, as well as hero tokens.

Can I change the difficulty level with which I started "Distance"? After you start the "Distance", among the unlocked options you can choose the level of difficulty at which you want to play. Make sure that the correct difficulty level has been selected, because after that you will be locked in the "Distance" mode and you will not be able to change the difficulty level setting until the event ends, or until you use the restart function.

Why are test stars earned by players held back? When the test begins, the guild receives stars from only the first 20 participants. If you want your stars to be counted, try to bring the star guilds from the very beginning of the test, especially if the composition of the participants is constantly changing during it.

The second half of season 9. The long-awaited season 9 is back! Since the continuation of the 9th season of The Walking Dead has been returning to TV screens since February, you are presented with a new season of the game with missions repeating the series. As always, you can watch the episode, and then enter the game and repeat what you saw, getting even more pleasure from the show! Resources, radio and tokens of Daryl - this is what those who pass the mission tests and monitor the development of the plot will receive.

The Walking Dead: Guild Guide

What is a guild? Team up with other survivors in the guild to destroy the walking and enemy people together in the trials of the week and get cool rewards! A guild is a group of survivors who decide together to confront the dangers awaiting them in trials. Guild members play together and receive stars , with which you can open various guild rewards. Opening guild awards requires more awards than personal awards, so all members of your guild must contribute!

How can I join a guild? Players can join a guild to communicate and collaborate with other related players. First, the main thing. Tap the menu " Guild " and select a unique name for itself. Once this is done, you can either select one of the guilds on the first page, or find a guild by name. If you find the guild you want, touch the "Membership Request" button. You can also search for a guild by its description.

If you do not find a guild to your liking, you can always organize your own. Touch the Create Guild button, then give it a unique, non-abusive name. If you want, you can add a short description to tell others about your guild. Choose whether the guild will be open to all (recruit members) or not, and pay 300 experience points to create it. You can edit the description and public status after creation. Now you can not invite others to join your guild, but other players can send a request for membership.

How can I leave a guild? You can leave the guild by following these steps:

  1. If the guild was created by you, then you need to upgrade another player to the rank of leader (if you are the only member of the guild or are not its leader, you can skip this step);
  2. Open the guild menu;
  3. Touch the "Info" section (white letter "i" in the green circle next to the guild name);
  4. Touch the "Leave Guild" option.

Guild Policy. You canít survive the apocalypse alone, which is why it would be nice to join the guild! However, it should be remembered that the guilds are completely under the control of the leader and participants, and the developers of the game do not interfere with issues arising in the guilds if the Terms of Use are not violated. It is the leader who chooses the course and sets the tone for the entire guild. He can promote members to elders, expel members for various reasons, and also accept new members into the guild. Elders also have similar privileges. There are many guilds, and you have every chance to join the one that suits you the most!

How do guild gifts work? You can make a gift to all your guild friends for just 400 gold. The gift gives everyone in the guild a golden box (each according to its level), in addition to an individual text message from you to your guild mates. From the golden box you can get:

When a gift for the guild is sent, the transaction cannot be canceled or compensated.

Please note that the gift will expire in a month, and you will lose it if you leave the guild when the gift has not yet been received.

Guild advertisements. Thanks to the new guild advertising system, guild leaders can advertise their guild to attract new players. The guild leader can open the advertisement section by going to the guild screen and touching the "i" button. Having paid 100 gold, the guild leader can set up an advertisement that will be valid for the next 24 hours or until the guild is full.

Important! If the guild is "Closed", then when creating an advertisement, the guild type will be automatically changed to "Join on demand".

Improved guild search. Now for players who have not yet joined the guild or are looking for another guild, the game offers them a guild for entry. Players are offered the very best, based on their geographical proximity, options for finding guilds that are actively recruiting participants, and at the level of the Players Council. In addition, guilds can now choose their own style (active, complex or normal). This will help players find the type of guild they want to join!

The Walking Dead: Gold, Kits, and In-App Purchases

What items can I purchase in the game? The Walking Dead: No Manís Land offers various features! The in-game store is located in the lower corner of the survivor camp screen. These purchases are in-game items that you can buy for real money.

How can I get gold? Gold is very useful during the apocalypse, and it can be obtained in various ways! Earn gold in the following ways:

Offers Full Fuel and Double Experience. During the game in the store you can buy 24-hour power-ups, which will greatly facilitate the passage of the game.

The Walking Dead: Account Secrets

How can I save the game? (Android) You can save the game by linking it to your Google Play account. Google Play allows you to save only one game in one account, and trying to save multiple games in one account may result in the loss of one or more games.

  1. Open the Google Play app on your device.
  2. Sign in to your Google Play account.
  3. Launch the game and open the "Settings" section in the upper right corner of the camp screen.
  4. Select the "Connect" option and the game status bar will change to "Game Saved".

How can I save the game? (Apple) You can save your game by linking it to your account in Game Center, regardless of the version of iOS. Game Center allows you to save only one game in one account, and an attempt to save several games in one account may result in the loss of one or more games.

  1. Go to Settings> Game Center on your device.
  2. Sign in with your Apple ID.
  3. Launch the game and open the "Settings" section in the upper right corner of the camp screen.
  4. Select the "Connect" option and the game status bar will change to "Game Saved".

My game is lost! If your saved game was deleted when you uninstalled the application or while you transferred the game to another device, then you can restore it using your account in Game Center or Google Play. If this does not help, then, first of all, be sure to link your new game to your account in Google Play or Game Center. Then contact Support by sending a message with the heading "I lost my account" and providing the following information:

  1. The name of the player in the original game;
  2. Player level in the original game;
  3. The name of the guild in the original game (if any);
  4. Platform (iOS, Android).

If you made purchases from the application in the lost saved game, then attach copies of receipts. Without this data, you will not be able to restore your account.

Please note that a question cannot be considered without this information. Support is provided in English only. You can write a message in your own language, and they will try to answer you.

I have lost the progress in the game! If the resources you have collected have disappeared or your improvement has not been implemented, you may have experienced a small "rollback". A similar rollback can occur if the connection has disappeared for a few seconds, and your game did not save your last actions. That is why, having returned to the game, you will start from the moment preceding the execution of your last actions. But do not worry - this means that the resources you used during that time were not lost. This "rollback" can be prevented by touching the "Guild" tab before closing the game. This will force the game to connect to the server to download guild information, and thus save your progress!

Important: sometimes a rollback can occur if you open a game that has been in a minimized state for a long time.

I want to connect to Facebook! If you want to connect the game to Facebook, then follow these steps:

  1. Open the game.
  2. Tap the News icon on the right side of the camp screen.
  3. Open the "Social networks" section.
  4. Click on the Facebook button at the bottom of the section to connect the game to Facebook.


  1. Open the game.
  2. Click "Missions" at the bottom of the survivor camp screen, then select "Challenge."
  3. Go to the "Best Score".
  4. Click on the Facebook button on the right side of the screen to connect the game to Facebook.

Now you can get gold for the corresponding achievement, as well as compare your records with the records of friends on Facebook!

Please note that Facebook does not save the game, and you can save your promotion in the game only by connecting the game to your account in the Game Center or Google Play.

Binding to devices running Android and iOS. Want to change your device and continue your game? It is possible! Follow these steps to link your game to Android and iOS devices:

  1. While in the camp, click the "Settings" button. It is located in the upper right corner.
  2. Click the "Connect device" button.
  3. Select "This is an old device."
  4. Leave the old device open and go to another device.
  5. On the new device, go to the camp and in the "Settings" section.
  6. Select "This is a new device."
  7. Enter the code from your old device that you received after clicking on "This is an old device".
  8. When prompted to replace the current camp, click OK.
  9. When you are notified of a successful link, tap "OK."
Please note that you can only play the game on one device at a time. If instead of a code you receive a message about the expiration of the time limit, set the clock on your device a few minutes earlier.

Can I play a game on multiple devices? (Android) By linking the game to your Google Play account, you can download your saved game from your account to another device that supports Google Play. First check if your game is tied to your Google Play account on your main device. Open the game and go to the "Settings" in the upper right corner of the camp screen. If the Google Play status bar says "Game saved," then your game is tied to this Google Play account.

Open the Google Play app on your other device, sign in to the same account, and install the game. When you open the game, you will be asked to automatically load the saved camp after the opening credits. If this option does not appear automatically, open the settings section in the upper right corner and select the "Connect" option to see the save option.

Can I play a game on multiple devices? (Apple) By linking the game to your account in the Game Center, you can download your saved game from your account to another Apple device. First check if your game is tied to your Game Center account on your main device. Open the game and go to the "Settings" in the upper right corner of the camp screen. If the Game Center status bar says "Game saved," then your game is tied to this account in Game Center.

Go to Settings> Game Center on another device and sign in to the same account. Install and open the game, and you will be prompted to automatically download the saved game after the opening credits. If this option does not appear automatically, open the settings section in the upper right corner and select the "Connect" option to see the save option.