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Walkthrough TMNT Legends: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

TMNT LEGENDS is an Android game with a release date of 06/01/2016 from Ludia. In the article, we summarized the official game guides, developers "answers to players" questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. A Guide for Beginners
  2. Fighting Right
  3. Walkthrough
  4. How to pump characters
  5. How to Wisely Spend Resources
  6. Correct Account Settings
  7. Subscription and Gifts
  8. Bugs in the game

TMNT Legends: A Guide for Beginners

Start of the game: basic training

The Crangs kidnapped the Leonardo brothers! Help Leonardo stop the Crangs and save his relatives! Overcome all waves of enemies to win! Click the ability button to use Leonardoís main attack. An arrow under the opponentís health scale will indicate whether your character has a class advantage. When fighting with multiple opponents, click on another enemy to change the target of the attack. After defeating all the waves, you will see a congratulatory message!

Each time you level up, you get a bonus deck of cards. Click on a deck to open it, and then click on each of the cards to get rewards. A new character card will be marked with a red caption! After winning a battle, you can collect loot. To get rewards, click "Collect". To add a new character, go to the list. Hire a new character by clicking the "Hire" button on the map. His star rating will appear above the character model. With each star, the character gets a new ability.

In combat, special attacks appear to the left of the main attack. Develop characters to increase their star rating and open more special attacks. To go to the next battle, click "battle". Some of the special attacks are designed to strengthen or treat a team, and not to attack the enemy. If all your characters are out of combat, the message "Defeat" will appear. Use items from the deck to strengthen your team. Every few hours you can get a free secret deck.

Increase the levels of characters and their parameters! To proceed to the next battle, open the battle screen. Click on the character portrait to add it to the team. After gathering the team, click "Fight" to start. Characters can also be hired by collecting the charactersí DNA. Win in every normal episode to open the next chapter!

Test series "Confusion from another dimension"

Enter another dimension to defeat the Cranks! You have to fight with many different opponents, so be alert and monitor the health of the team. Waiting for you a long way in which every comrade will be important. The unconscious will have to remain out of work until the end of the trip. Why risk it? For cool awards, of course!Each victory will bring a box that can be opened at the end of the journey.

If you collect the required number of stars for winning, get up to three boxes in addition. Even the developers have reserved a special box for you for completing all 20 stages! Fight getting harder? Touch the "Collect" button on the map to pick up the boxes and start the passage again! You can once again try a series of tests 24 hours after the first battle.


Tournament mode Fight teams of other players in PvP mode!

Test mode. Tests are time-limited events appearing on the battle menu in an orange frame. To participate in them, the player must be level 15 or higher. The tests are divided into several levels, which can be selected in any order. Rewards may be different! Depending on the test, you can get shards, mutagens, teleport passes, pizza, DNA or test tokens. Are the levels too complicated? You can upgrade all levels by clicking the "Update" button, and open up new opportunities in the battle! Do not forget to learn the test rules: it will help you choose the right strategy.

TMNT Legends: Fighting Right

What are combat types? Campaign mode develops gradually with each chapter and episode. In tournament mode, players can compete with other teams in different leagues. Successes in the leaderboard as a result of daily tournament battles will bring you special prizes, daily rewards and tournament tokens. Test mode. In time-limited trials, you can earn coins and test tokens.

How to set up a team? Before the battle, you can change the composition of the team by selecting from the list of up to five characters. To add a character to the team, click on his portrait in the list. To remove a character from a team, click on the portrait in the team section.

What do the different status icons mean? According to the status of the character you can learn a lot about his condition. A set of icons displayed above the head of each character. It includes data on classes, levels, focus, health, class advantages of the characters, as well as active effects.

How do different abilities work? In combat, you can use three types of abilities. Abilities are displayed in the list of actions at the bottom of the screen during your turn. During combat, hold down any button of ability to view its description. The first button on the list appears the main attack, its use does not require recharging.

In the future, the characters can use more powerful attacks. Some of the special attacks should be recharged after use. When the recharge time expires, you can apply them again. Other special attacks need to be charged before use. When charging time expires, the ability can be used. Passive abilities do not require pressing buttons. They run independently under certain conditions.

How to attack the enemy? To attack the enemy, you need to wait until the focus scale is completely filled.When this happens, the characterís turn automatically begins. To begin, select a target by clicking on the opponent you want. Some of the effects imposed on the enemy, do not allow him to attack during the course.Then select the ability to apply to the target. To use special attacks, you need to wait for their charge or recharge timers to reach zero. After the attack, you will see how much health has lost the target (if the attack was successful) and what effects were imposed on it. If the health of the enemy falls to zero, he leaves the battle.

How does autoboat work? Avtoboy is a special feature that, when activated, allows the game to automatically select charactersí abilities during combat. To turn on autoboat, click the "Play" button under the pause button on the left side of the screen. Click the "Play" button again to disable autoboat. With auto on, you can still choose enemy targets. To do this, simply click on the enemy you want to attack. Your characters will continue to attack him until he leaves the battlefield or until you choose a new target. You can turn on the avtoboy in the episode if the episode is passed with a star rating not lower than 2.

TMNT Legends: Walkthrough

How to increase the level of the player? Earn experience by participating in battles and daily tasks. The higher your level, the higher the maximum level of your characters!

What are daily tasks? Daily assignments provide an opportunity to gain additional experience and game resources (for example, mutagen and upgrade tickets). Each of the tasks can be performed only once a day. The results of daily tasks are reset at the end of the day. Rewards for completed assignments will remain available until you click the "Pick Up" button. However, the results for this task will not be counted until you collect the previous award.

How to open campaign chapters? To open the next chapter, first win victories in all the normal episodes of the current chapter.

How to open complex episodes? Complicated mode opens only after passing through all the normal episodes of the chapter. In difficult episodes, you have a chance to get certain characters as a reward for the DNA. You can win each episode up to three times a day. To automatically win in difficult mode, you can also use a teleport pass.Victory via teleport pass is counted in the daily limit of victories.

What are achievements? Gaining achievements in the game, you can earn extra rewards! Achievements are tasks that can be performed at will. You can see your progress in the task menu by selecting the "Achievements" tab. After completing one of the tasks, click the green "Pick Up" button and get your reward!

What are portal decks? Portal decks make it easy to collect DNA! Portal decks can be purchased for bucks in the deck section of the Turtle Shop. The number on the portal deck indicates how many cards you will find inside.You can find out what characters, DNA and resources you can get in the deck of the portal on the information tab.Save up bucks to unlock your favorite characters!

TMNT Legends: How to pump characters

How to hire characters? Characters can be hired by getting character cards or collecting charactersí DNA. To view a new character, just go to the list. To open a character, select it and click the "Hire" button.

Please note that it is impossible to hire platinum characters. Platinum characters can only be obtained by increasing the rank of gold characters for platinum fragments.

How do the characters level up? Characters raise the level, gaining experience for survival in battle. When you have gained enough experience, go to the list and click the "Abilities" button on one of the characters. You will be taken to the character management screen where you can view abilities. Click the "New Level" button.

Please note that the characterís maximum level is determined by his star rating. To increase the maximum level of the character, raise its star rating. Character level can not be higher than the player level.

How to improve the abilities of the characters? Equipment is used to move the ability to the next step. Get items of equipment from decks and as rewards for the fight or buy them in the store to make your characters stronger!

How to increase the star rating of the character? To increase the characterís star rating, you must first obtain the characterís DNA. DNA can be obtained either from the deck, or passing episodes in a complex mode.After accumulating enough DNA, go to the list of characters and click the "Develop" button.

How to increase the rank of the character? The rank of the character is indicated by a frame around the portrait in the list. You can increase the rank of characters with the help of character cards or shards. Collect character cards to increase character ranks without using shards. If the star rating of the character card found is higher than that of the existing character, he or she will receive additional stars. If the star rating of an existing character is higher than that of the found map, it will remain the same. When using character cards, the accumulated DNA is stored and taken into account in the recalculation of the star rating. If a character card of the same rank or lower is found, it becomes the characterís DNA.

Collect shards to increase the rank of characters without using character cards. Silver shards make it possible to raise the rank of characters from bronze to silver, gold - from silver to gold, and platinum - from gold to platinum.Fragments can only be used with characters that have reached the maximum star rating. In addition, platinum characters can only be obtained using fragments.

What are character classes? There are five character classes; each of them has its own characters and abilities.

What are character settings? For each character there is a set of parameters that determines the effectiveness in combat. Parameters grow with character level. The character statistics menu contains the following options:

During the battle, each of these parameters may change under the influence of a particular effect.

What is a star level limit? What does it affect? The ability to raise the level of bronze, silver and gold characters is determined by a star rating. The star rating limit only affects collection characters. Bosses and non-player characters who will meet on your way to victory may vary in level and star rating. Here are the maximum levels that a collector can achieve, depending on his star rating:

  1. ★ Level 20.
  2. ★★ Level 30.
  3. ★★★ Level 45.
  4. ★★★★ Level 60.
  5. ★★★★★ Level 100.

TMNT Legends: How to Wisely Spend Resources

The purchase did not appear in my game. What to do? Sometimes purchases may be delayed or not completed at all due to connection problems. If this happens, inform the developers by email. To confirm the purchase, indicate your support key in the letter and attach a copy of the receipt in JPEG, PNG or PDF format.

I accidentally made a purchase. How can I take my money back? The developers recommend not pressing the buy button if you are not sure that you want to make it. To confirm the acquisition of resources, write to the developers a letter with the key of support. In case you made an in-app purchase, attach the original receipt in a JPEG, PNG or PDF format to the letter.

What are h-coins? Get h-coins as a sign of gratitude for the tireless protection of the city from Crangs! In the store of items for these coins, you can purchase characterís DNA and special decks. Where to get the h-coins:

What resources are present in the game? In the game there are several types of resources.

What is an item shop? Shop items available when you click "Items" in the store menu. It has 3 sections. Each section has its own range of items that can be bought for various resources.

Section: Tournament Store.

Section: Test Store.

Section: Shop items.

After the purchase is completed, a timer appears in each section. A new purchase can not be made until the timer expires, but you can update the store before that by spending bucks. Just click "Refresh".

What is a deck store? Decks can be purchased at the deck store. Some decks can be bought for bucks or H-coins, while others are available as purchases within the application.

Can I view the contents of the deck before buying? Choose the name of the deck at the top or the price of the deck below to find out the possible contents of the deck. In the information section about the deck in the store there are information about resources, DNA and characters that can be found in the decks being bought.

Note: in the description of the deck indicates what content you can get with the purchase. This is not a guarantee that you will definitely get all of these characters, DNA and resources.

What is a bucks shop? In the store bucks you can buy bucks. Get bucks by making purchases inside the app.You can also get bucks from this section for free by selecting the "Free" option.

What is an energy store? In the energy store, you can buy energy-restoring resources such as pizza, teleport passes and upgrade tickets. All items available here are purchased for bucks.

What is a mutagen shop? In the mutagen store, you can replenish the stock of mutagen. The mutagen kits available in this store can be purchased for bucks or received for free by selecting the appropriate option.

TMNT Legends: Correct Account Settings

Why do I need a support key? Your support key is a unique in-game ID. With it, you can open an account and view your game details. Support key can be found in the boot menu and in the setup menu. Click on the player level hexagon to open the settings menu.

Can I play as a guest? Yes, you can play as a guest. However, remember that by playing in this format, you risk losing your save when disconnecting the device, updating or deleting the application.

Can I log in via Facebook? Yes, the game can be connected to your Facebook account. In this case, the game saves data will remain on the server and will be available on all compatible devices. To do this, simply install the game and connect it to your Facebook account in the game settings menu.

How to reset the game? If you want to reset your progress in the game, send a request to the developers by email with your support key attached.

Please note: when resetting, all your game data will be erased.

How to change game settings? Parameters such as the volume of music and sound effects, as well as alerts, can be changed in the game settings menu. To open the setup menu, click on the player level hexagon.

TMNT Legends: Subscription and Gifts

What are the benefits of a subscription? Reach the pinnacle of coolness with a subscription! Ninja signatories gain access to cool features:

Access content by subscription. To get the most out of your monthly or yearly subscription:

Registered, but no access? Make sure you are logged in to the correct account by checking the "Subscriptions" section in your store profile.

What toys have codes for getting gift decks? Gift deck can be obtained by buying a figure with the appropriate label from the set of "TMNT Legends". On the tag of such a figure it will be indicated that inside there is a code for a free deck in "TMNT Legends"!

TMNT Legends: Bugs in the game

Why is the game not loading? There may be several reasons for this. Make sure you are connected to the Internet and have enough memory on your device to start the game.

Why did the game close unexpectedly? There are various reasons for the sudden closure of the game.Usually problems with crashes and freezes can be fixed as follows.

If this does not help, send an email to the developers, indicating your support key and describing the problem as detailed as possible.

Why is the game disconnected from the server? Make sure your device has a stable internet connection. It is often enough to close the game and restart the device to solve this problem.

Why is my progress in the game dropped? First, make sure that you do not accidentally switch to guest mode. If you usually play through Facebook, open the game settings and reconnect to the social network. If you have always played in guest mode, then perhaps the loss of game data is caused by the launch of the application or update. If you still remember the old support key, give it to the developers in the letter. If you do not remember the key, send your current key to the developers, and they will try to help you.

Why canít I log in to facebook? Perhaps in the game there is evidence that the age of the user is less than 13 years. In accordance with COPPA law, children cannot use Facebook.

iOS: why canít I connect to Facebook? When Legends connects to Facebook, the iOS device uses a Facebook account saved in the Settings menu or Safari browser. If you have problems connecting, make sure that the Facebook account that you use for the game "TMNT Legends" is selected in the Settings menu. If the problem persists, check that the Facebook account connected to the Safari browser application is the same account listed in Settings -> Facebook.