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Walkthrough Top Gear Road Trip: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

TOP GEAR: ROAD TRIP - Android game with release date 08/17/2017 from the company Motorious Entertainment. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers answers to players questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. A Beginners Guide
  2. General
  3. Garage

Top Gear Road Trip: A Beginners Guide

Is there any training in the game? The first 15 levels of Top Gear: Road Trip will introduce you to the basic mechanics of the game.

How to connect spheres? Swipe your finger across at least three areas of the same color that are next to each other, and then release your finger. Some special spheres can be used in chains of any color.

How to win the race? To win the race, you need to connect several long chains and go around your opponents.Your goal is to cross the finish line, overtaking as many opponents as possible and connecting all the necessary spheres (the sphere counter is displayed in the upper right corner of the screen). Upgrade your car (increase the red number in the fire) to increase your chances of winning. Do not hurry! Find and connect the longest chains to complete regular races.

What are Top Gear Challenges? Compete against other players in a global 48-hour challenge. Collect as many helmets as possible to get great rewards at the end of the challenge. To get an opponents helmet, you need to break his record. To open a new challenge, go through new special levels on the saga map. Having set the best personal result against an opponent, you will also receive Stig coins.

What specific areas exist? There are the following special colored spheres that are issued for filling the scale (you need to connect 20 spheres):

At special levels, the spheres give traction and allow you to turn in a certain direction.

What is Top Gear mode? To activate this mode in normal races (after level 15), increase gears until the scale under the steering wheel is full. To switch gears, connect at least eight spheres, and then use the special sphere that appears. In Top Gear mode, connect as many areas of Stig coins as possible and get a speed bonus and a reward.

How can I deal with blocking rivals? Sometimes, opponents will block the road, preventing you from moving forward. In this case you can:

  1. Create a chain with a blocking sphere to get around an opponent;
  2. Connect the spheres around the lock sphere to cause it to trigger when new spheres appear;
  3. Use a dirty trick to cope with an opponent.
During blocking, your acceleration does not work, and you begin to lag.

What are dirty tricks? Dirty stunts are special Top Gear tricks that allow you to influence the outcome of the race. To take advantage of the trick and slow down your opponent, tap the trick icon and select the nearest target.You cannot win a race with dirty tricks alone, but they can still be very useful - especially when someone blocks you. New dirty tricks open as you accumulate stars.

Why do we need stars? Stars are awarded for the first 3 places in races, as well as upon reaching certain stellar boundaries at special levels. They are needed to:

Why are caravans needed? Despicable caravans appear on the saga map every two hours, but to cope with their invasion is very simple! Crush them with your fingers or scatter them around the surroundings to get rewards.

Why does Rocket Robin crash? Once launched, the Rocket Robin is dominated by gravity, which pulls him to the ground. You will have to hurry to connect as many red spheres as possible in the allotted time. However, in order to find new red spheres, you will also have to combine the blue and green spheres of directions, directing the rocket to new stellar boundaries and awards. All levels of Rocket Robin are time limited. Try to fly as high as possible and show your friends who the real master pilot is.

Why is Toyboata drowning? After starting Toyboata, it begins to fill with water. You will have to hurry to connect as many blue spheres as possible and not go to the bottom. However, in order to find new blue spheres, you will also have to combine red and green spheres of directions, directing Toyboata to bypass buoys and to new star lines and awards.

Top Gear Road Trip: General

What is Action Match 3? Action Match 3 is a new type of three-in-a-row games where you control 3D models at the top of the screen, connecting the spheres at the bottom of the screen. Multi-colored spheres and icons give different effects, so you need to follow both halves of the screen.

How to get fuel? Fuel is restored over time. You also can:

  1. Watch an ad that restores the fuel needed for the race;
  2. Buy fuel for Stig coins;
  3. Improving the fuel tank to have more fuel every time you return to TG: RT;
  4. Breaking caravan boxes that may contain fuel;
  5. Win fuel for participating in the Top Gear Lottery.

How to get gears? To get the gears needed to buy upgrades and cars, you can:

  1. Finish racing taking 1st, 2nd or 3rd place;
  2. Combine thrust-increasing spheres at special levels;
  3. Use dirty tricks against rivals;
  4. Destroy caravans on the saga map;
  5. Win gears in the Top Gear lottery;
  6. Pass the tests of Top Gear.

How to get stig coins? You can get stig coins like this:

  1. Activate Top Gear mode in races to get the opportunity to connect the sphere of Stig-coins;
  2. Fly on the Rocket Robin to the satellites and connect the spheres of Stig-coins;
  3. Crash into Toyboata in boxes and connect spheres of Stig-coins;
  4. Breaking caravan boxes that may contain stig coins;
  5. Win Stig coins in the Top Gear lottery;
  6. Pass the tests of Top Gear, getting into the top five;
  7. Set the best personal record against rivals.

How to get dirty tricks? Dirty tricks can be purchased with Stig coins on the dirty tricks tab in the garage or before the race. You can also find them in caravan boxes or win the Top Gear Lottery.

What is the Top Gear Lottery? To take part in the Top Gear lottery, go through the level marked on the saga map. Spinning the wheel, you can bring the arrow closer to the golden big prize or the silver middle prize by watching an advertisement. You can play the Top Gear lottery once a day.

How many levels are there in the game? The first version of TG: RT contains 120 levels. New super cool races and special challenges will regularly appear on the saga map as it replenishes with new countries.

What devices does Top Gear: Road Trip support? Top Gear: Road Trip will first be released on iOS, and shortly afterwards on Android. Later, the game may be released on other devices and platforms.

What is Top Gear? Top Gear is one of the largest entertainment brands in the world, and Top Gear has regularly appeared on BBC Worldwide for over 20 years.

Top Gear Road Trip: Garage

What is machine performance? The current level of machine performance is displayed as a number on fire.The higher the number, the further you advance by connecting the spheres. To improve the performance of the machine and increase your chances of winning, tap the "Improve" button and spend the specified number of gears. The recommended performance level for a regular race can be found under the image of the car.

How to get new cars? The number of stars needed to get a new car is presented as a green bar underneath. The number of stars needed to get the next car or dirty trick is also displayed in the upper right corner on the saga map. Always return to the previous levels, where you took 2nd or 3rd place to get more stars and open a new supercar.

How to get new dirty tricks? The number of stars needed to get a new dirty trick is presented as a green bar underneath. The number of stars needed to get the next car or dirty trick is also displayed in the upper right corner on the saga map.

Why do I need a yellow scale dirty trick? The number and scale show how much a dirty trick will affect an opponents position. The small number in the upper right corner of the dirty trick icon indicates the number of tricks you have.

How to accelerate the improvement? To speed up the improvement, watch an ad or spend Stig coins.