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Walkthrough Toy Blast: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

TOY BLAST - Android game with release date 12/12/2014 from Peak. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers answers to players questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. Beginners Guide
  2. Events
  3. Coins and Shopping
  4. Game Progress
  5. Troubleshoot
  6. Facebook Account

Toy Blast: Beginners Guide

How to play? Toy Blast is a puzzle divided into levels. To complete the game you need to achieve certain goals at each level.

What are lives (hearts), and how to get them? After each unsuccessful passage of the level, one life is taken. But do not worry! You regularly receive free lives, so very soon you will have a full supply of lives again. In addition, you can collect stars and get star chests, which come across a variety of gifts, including amplifiers, coins and lives. Every day you are given the chance to win lives with a toy wheel. In addition, life can be obtained in the treasure hunt! And you also have the opportunity to buy a set of lives for coins!

What are special items? Special items - rotor, dynamite and puzzle - are amplifiers that can be created by combining cubes. If the group of cubes is large enough to create a special item, this item will appear on the cubes in the center of the group - you just need to destroy it!

And you can combine special items with each other (for example, rotor and dynamite) to clear an even larger area of ??the level! In addition, you can use the rotor, dynamite and puzzle before starting the level. They can be bought for coins, as well as obtained using a star chest, a toy wheel and the Treasure Hunt event.

What are amplifiers? Amplifiers are items that make it easy to complete levels in Toy Blast! Among them are a drill, a train, a vacuum cleaner, a bucket and a brush. They can be bought for coins, as well as obtained using a star chest, a toy wheel and the Treasure Hunt event. You can see these items at the bottom of the level:

How to get rid of a turntable? To get rid of the turntable, you must destroy the cubes of each color next to it.For example, when you destroy red cubes near a turntable, its fragment will turn red. When the spinner is painted in all colors, it will disappear. In addition, you can stain a piece of the turntable with special items and amplifiers.

How to get rid of a UFO? To get rid of a UFO, you need to destroy the cubes next to it two times in a row. If you do not get rid of the UFO while it is glowing, it will return to its original state.

How to get rid of pigs? You can get rid of pigs with the help of special items (rotor or dynamite) or with the help of amplifiers. If the pig has a mask, you will have to use special items twice.

How to get rid of a compass? To get rid of the compass, you must remove the cubes next to its luminous side.If you remove cubes from other sides, the compass will not disappear. The sides of the compass light up clockwise.

How to get rid of bee hives? You need to destroy the cubes near the hives in order to release the bees. After each destruction of the cubes, a bee appears. When you collect the right amount of bees, the hive will disappear.

How to play already completed levels? Scroll up to see levels already completed.

How to choose the direction of movement of the rotor? The rotor always flies in a random direction! It can move horizontally or vertically.

How to see your score at the passed level? Click on the completed level to see the table of results. When you click on the standard of living are not spent. A table of results is displayed before the start of the level.

How to improve score / earn more stars? The more cubes you destroy on a level, the higher your score will be. If your score is high enough, you can earn up to three stars. Creating special items (rotor, dynamite and puzzles) and making combinations also helps to earn more stars.

How to get medals? The medals next to the players name correspond to the number of legends passed through them. Upon reaching the last level of Toy Blast, you can play at the Arena of Legends and earn awesome rewards!

What is a list of the best players? In the leaderboard you can see a list of the best players who have passed the most stages in the Arena of Legends. In this list you can see the world rating, local rating and friend rating.Place in the ranking depends on the number of stages completed by the player. The medals next to the players name correspond to the number of legends passed through them.

What items are in the game? The game has two types of items: amplifiers and special items!

I cant pass the level / level too difficult. Some levels really seem difficult, but you can always go through them without buying lives, coins, and amplifiers!

How to earn free coins? You can get free coins in the following ways:

In addition, you can buy sets of coins and amplifiers using the button with a coin on the map!

What is a star chest? A star chest can be opened for every 20 stars received! In the chests you will find free coins, items, and even lives.

Why cant I earn more stars for completing levels? Having earned 20 stars, you can open a star chest! If you do not open the star chest immediately, you will not be able to collect additional stars for the levels completed. In addition, no more than three stars can be earned at each level. However, if you earned only two of the three stars, you can visit the level again and earn the third star, bringing closer the receipt of the star chest.

I came across 5 lives in a starry chest, but my supply of lives was not replenished. +5 lives from the star chest are sent to your inbox. Click on the mailbox button (in the form of an envelope) in the upper right corner to see the lives received from the star chest.

What if the player accidentally spent coins by clicking on the pop-up offer of additional moves, lives or amplifiers? Since the game does not require additional confirmation of purchases (for example, additional moves, sets of lives or amplifiers), try not to click on the pop-up message if you do not want to buy the goods. You can click the "End Game" or "X" button to close the pop-up message.

Can I play under different accounts on the same device? You cannot use several guest accounts at once, but you can play under different Facebook accounts - but for this you will have to log out and log in again each time.

How to change a players image? If you use a guest account, you will not be able to change your image. If you are connected to Facebook, the game uses a photo of your Facebook profile. After changing the photo on Facebook, your image in the game will change.

Why did you get a warning message / levels lost? Toy Blast uses the clock in your device to determine the time remaining to make up for lives. When you change the time settings, the system automatically resets the counter of lives and coins, as well as progress. In addition, the events "Royal Rush" and "Treasure Hunt" will disappear from the main menu. It is recommended to set the automatic time setting in the device and not change it while playing Toy Blast.

I do not see a toy wheel. You can rotate the toy wheel only once a day. After you use it, it will disappear for 24 hours. If you return after 24 hours, you can use the toy wheel again.

Where can I find toy wheel rewards? Coins and amplifiers won with a toy wheel are automatically credited to your account. Special items can be seen before the start of the level, and amplifiers are displayed at the bottom of the level.

After buying additional moves, more than 25 coins were written off to me. Why did this happen?The cost of each subsequent purchase of additional moves at the same level increases! The first time moves cost 25 coins, the second time - 50 coins, the third - 75, etc. Starting from the second use of additional moves at the same level, you will also receive an amplifier. Therefore, even after buying additional moves, you need to carefully think through your actions!

I collect cubes, but they do not count. To complete the levels with cubes that change color, you need to get rid of them at the moment when they become the same color as the target. In the center of such cubes is a brilliant octagon, which changes color every turn, so the destruction of ordinary cubes does not count.

How to change your player name? You can change the players name through the "Settings" menu in Toy Blast.

Please note that you can change the name only once.

Toy Blast: Events

What is Royal Fever? The event "Royal fever" allows you to earn useful items! After passing the level you will receive a rotor and dynamite, which will appear at your place at the beginning of the next level. If you pass this level without losing, then at the beginning of the next level you will already have two rotors and two dynamites.Finally, after completing another level, you will begin the next level with three rotors and three dynamites! If you lose, then you will have to earn all these items from the very beginning.

Please note that events are only available in the mobile version of the game and are not available in the web version.

What is the Arena of Legends? After completing all levels in Toy Blast, you will get access to the Arena of Legends. You have to compete with 20 other players. Those who earn the most medals for completing levels will receive amazing rewards. Each season of the Champions Arena lasts until new levels are released.

My progress at the Arena of Legends is reset after the update. The arena of legends closes before the next update of the game. After the update, new levels appear in the game. After completing these levels, you will gain access to the new Arena of Legends.

Before each update is released, your progress at the Arena of Legends is reset.

I do not want to play in the Arena of Legends. How to leave her? If you do not want to play in the Arena of Legends, simply drag the screen up to re-visit the completed levels. New levels are added every two weeks.

What rewards can I earn at the Arena of Legends? The top three players get coins, and the remaining seven players get a drill.

What is a star tournament? In the Star Tournament, you can compete with other players, earning stars for the passed levels to get wonderful rewards! Stars received in the tournament for completing levels will be added to your account. Players with the most tournament stars will receive rewards at the end of the tournament!

I did not get the award in the star tournament / Legends Arena. The awards in the star tournament and the Arena of Legends go to only the top 10 players. Your rating is shown to the left of the name. If you are in the top ten players, completely close the game and reopen it to get a reward. If you have not entered the game for more than two days, then you will not be able to get a tournament reward. If you logged in or out of Facebook during a star tournament or playing the Legends Arena, you wont be able to collect your reward. When participating in events, multiple accounts are not allowed.

I do not see endless lives from the set I bought. Note that endless lives cease to function after the game closes. We advise you to stay in the game as long as possible after receiving endless lives.

What is a Treasure Hunt? During the Treasure Hunt event, you can open a treasure chest for completing levels! Complete 10 levels and earn a chest in which awesome awards await you, including coins, amplifiers and lives!

Daily tests. Daily trials will allow you to get 25 coins every day. The tasks of these tests change every day, you can see them on the left side of the map screen. To receive your reward, you will need to achieve a specific goal before the end of the test. You must get a level to complete the task. If you do not get a level, then the completed tasks will not be counted towards your daily challenge.

Toy Blast: Coins and Shopping

What are coins, and how to get them? Coins are the Toy Blast currency. Coins can be used for the following purposes:

You can get free coins in the following ways:

In addition, you can buy sets of coins and amplifiers using the button with a coin on the map!

Is it mandatory to spend money to play Toy Blast? Toy Blast is a free game, and you can go through all the levels without making purchases.

Toy Blast: Game Progress

My progress in the game has gone. If you have already connected your Facebook account to Toy Blast, you can log in and continue to play from where you left off. If you have not connected a Facebook account, the progress of your guest account is saved only on the device. If you recently changed your device, we recommend connecting Facebook on the old device and synchronizing the progress, and then on the new one to continue playing. Unfortunately, if you used a guest account and then formatted the device, you wont be able to restore the account.

How to lose your progress? After deleting and reinstalling the game, your progress will not be deleted, since with this possibility, players could lose progress by mistake. Unfortunately, it is impossible to reset game progress.

I was unable to complete the level due to a phone call or application pause. The safe time to pause the application varies by device. Do not pause the Toy Blast during the passage of the level, so as not to lose progress.

The game was closed after passing the level, but my progress has not been preserved. If you close Toy Blast before a pop-up message about passing the level appears, the progress will not be saved. Always wait for a pop-up message before closing the game.

Toy Blast: Troubleshoot

I do not want to receive notifications. To turn off notifications, open the "Settings" menu in Toy Blast, scroll down the screen and deselect "Enable notifications." After that, you will not receive notifications.

How to change the language of the game? Toy Blast app uses the language selected for the device. You can change the language in the device settings, and then reopen Toy Blast.

Can I play in horizontal mode? Unfortunately, the game in horizontal mode is not supported on Samsung S8, S8 Plus, S9, S9 Plus and iPhone X devices.

How to quit the game? Unfortunately, on some Android devices there is no physical back button. If this button is not on your device, drag up the bottom edge of the screen to see the virtual "Back" button. By clicking on it, you will close the game!

Toy Blast: Facebook Account

How to change my Facebook account? If you have the Facebook application installed on your device, you can easily change your account by following these steps:

  1. Open Toy Blast and log out of your Facebook account;
  2. Open the Facebook app;
  3. Log out of the current account;
  4. Log in to another Facebook account;
  5. Open the game and sign in to the same Facebook account.

If the Facebook application is not installed on your device, follow these steps:

  1. Open Toy Blast and log out of your Facebook account;
  2. Click the "Sign in with Facebook" button and enter your account information;
  3. When a confirmation message appears, click the compass icon in the lower right corner to open the Safari browser;
  4. Log in to your Facebook account in the Safari browser;
  5. Log in to your Facebook account at Toy Blast.

I dont see Facebook friends. After installing the game, you did not include all the necessary permissions.Therefore, while you can not see your friends from Facebook. However, this can be easily fixed by following these steps:

  1. Open the Facebook app;
  2. Open the settings. (Icon with three parallel lines);
  3. Scroll down to the "Settings" section and click the "Account Settings" button;
  4. Click the "Applications" button;
  5. Click the "Signed in with Facebook" button;
  6. Find the Toy Blast app and click on it;
  7. In the menu that opens, check the "Friends list" item, after which you can see friends in Toy Blast.

How to invite friends? Go to the "Leaderboard" and touch the "Friends" tab, in which you will see the "Invite" button at the bottom of the screen. After that, you can select your Facebook friends whom you want to invite to Toy Blast!

Is it possible to save progress not only with Facebook? Toy Blasts guest account can only be synced with a Facebook account. Unfortunately, in order to save your progress and continue to play on another device, you will have to connect to Facebook.

How to transfer completed levels from one Facebook account to another? Game progress can only be linked to one Facebook account. Unfortunately, transferring progress from one account to another is not possible.

How to send lives to friends from Facebook? You can touch the "+" sign next to the life (hearts) counter on the level selection screen, and in the menu that appears, you can send or request lives from your friends. You cannot send lives to friends who are not added to your Facebook friends list.

I cant invite a friend or find him in the list of leaders / best players. If your friend has denied the application access to Facebook friends, you will not be able to send him an invitation or see him in the list of the best players. In this case, a friend needs to allow Toy Blast to access his Facebook friend list!