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Walkthrough Trade Island: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

TRADE ISLAND - Android game with release date 05/17/2018 from the company Game Insight. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers íanswers to playersí questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. Beginnerís Guide
  2. Treasure Island Walkthrough
  3. Friends, Leaderboard
  4. Walkthrough Tips
  5. Museum of Native Culture
  6. Game Currency Guide
  7. Population Guide
  8. Building the City Right
  9. In-Game Resources
  10. Bugs in the game
  11. How not to lose progress?

Trade Island: Beginnerís Guide

What is this game? In Trade Island you can build your own wonderful city on a hot tropical island and populate it with happy residents! Under your leadership, the city will successfully develop, and you will have to unravel the secrets of the island, participating in adventures and completing intricate tasks. You will have assistants: the butler Kane, Aurora - the niece of the mysteriously missing professor. They will become your guides around the island and introduce you to the events that unfold on it. And funny natives just always turn out to be nearby and donít let you get bored! Exploring the territory, you will meet many interesting things, including the universal favorite of Dino!

Silk farm. A unique building that will allow you to produce silk thread, silk ribbon and silk fabric. In the future, this will be useful to you in the trade or in the production of costumes in a theater store.

Where is the silk farm located? You can find a silk farm in the area next to the aquarium, in the lower left of the island.

Theater store. Here you can produce unusual costumes from resources mined on a silk farm.

What are blueprints for musical structures for? Drawings come in handy for you to build special buildings. Seeing these buildings, Ruby Star will gladly stay on your island.

Treasure Shop. A special building where you can purchase premium buildings and briefcases with drawings for opening territories.

How to open the territory behind the mansion on the new island with Panda? To purchase territories you will need documents on the territory. You can find them in treasure chests during your next trip to the Treasure Islands.

I can not find documents on the territory behind the mansion. What to do? They are in the inventory of the main game, and not in the Treasure Island backpack.

Where did the quest icon above the resident go? Now not too important tasks are not displayed constantly. If you select a character, you will see the entire list of tasks that you can get from him.

Why am I no longer getting gold from apartment buildings? Lodges really no longer generate income.Instead, you will now receive more gold in trading. You will also no longer need gold to make food.

How to build a greenhouse? You need to activate the Favorable contract, then a greenhouse will appear over the plantation.

What are cascading deals? Cascading transactions are transactions that allow you to get more drawings. For example, performing a special transaction with a timer, you can get twice as many drawings if you manage to complete several transactions with one character before the countdown ends.

Where do the items and buildings I bought get to? Purchased buildings, cars and sets of rare items are in inventory.

How to improve the city hall to level 13? While this is not possible. Stay tuned - in the future such an opportunity will appear along with new tasks and buildings.

I canít get an extra worker. You can call one additional worker, provided that the two main ones are busy.Click on the building you plan to build and you will be asked to call an additional worker.

The crystals are gone. Inform the support team about the exact amount of the missing crystals and the time when you found the loss. To control the movement of crystals, go to Settings and check "Confirmation of spending crystals."

Why canít I update City Hall? Your city hall has reached the maximum level at the moment. Stay tuned, maybe in the future the maximum level will increase, and you can update the city hall.

Player Level Player level is determined by the amount of game experience. To gain new experience, you need to do the following:

The level of the player affects the ability to install certain buildings in the city, as well as their improvement. And the higher the level, the more goods are available to the player. And, of course, the plot - new levels open access to new stories!

Can buildings be rotated? There is currently no such function. However, the game is constantly improving, so perhaps the feature will appear in one of the updates in the future.

What are Adventures? Aurora and Captain Jack will take you to exotic and mysterious islands. On the way you will encounter a large number of obstacles, difficulties and puzzles. Only the bravest and most determined will be able to track Dino!

What is the difference between Treasure Islands and Adventures? Treasure Islands are available for a limited time, and Adventures can be passed an unlimited amount of time. There are various stories, islands and awards in Treasure Island and Adventures. It is worth considering that when moving to the next island, the previous island will be closed after 24 hours, and access to it will be closed.

What is energy? How to make up for it? Travelers need energy to remove obstacles while exploring the islands. The energy meter is updated over time, but if you do not want to wait, energy sets can be purchased for crystals. You can get more energy from a fruit vase (a demolished building that can be found on the islands).Energy can also be rewarded for watching a video, if this feature is available. It is also worth noting that energy for Adventures can also be used for Treasure Islands.

What is dynamite? How and why to use it? Dynamite explodes and destroys everything around, except for complex objects like ruins. A very useful thing when exploring the islands. Place the bomb in the area you want to clear of debris and plants, and click on it: done, the path is clear! Dynamite can be bought for crystals or sometimes it can be found in crates on the islands. It is worth noting that Dynamite is simultaneously available for Treasure Islands and for Adventures.

How to get into the adventure? There are two ways to get into Adventure: using the beacon or through the button located at the bottom right of the screen.

Why arenít there any treasure island items in my Adventure inventory? For treasure and adventure islands, a separate inventory is used. In Adventures, items collected on Treasure Islands cannot be used.

I went through 3 islands in Adventure. Whatís next? The remaining islands will be available with the nearest updates.

Why canít I get to the previous island in Adventure? After you open a new island in Adventure and go to it, a timer for 24 hours starts. After the timer expires, the island is inaccessible for passing.

Where can I get Ancient coins? Ancient coins can be found on the islands of Adventure. Clear locations from thickets, open chests and boxes, and you will definitely find coins!

Why in the lighthouse you can no longer send a sailor for treasures? This feature has been removed from the game. Now the lighthouse becomes the entrance to the islands of Adventure.

Why canít I go on to the next island on an adventure? To discover a new island in adventure, you need to remove all obstacles and complete all tasks on the previous island. After you pass the whole island, you can go to the next.

Please note: if the next island in the adventure is gray, then it will become available in the next update.

I want to go to the islands of adventure, but I get to the islands of treasure. Why? To get to the islands of adventure during an active event with treasure islands, scroll the map of the islands to the right.

Trade Island: Treasure Island Walkthrough

Treasure islands. Want to go on a trip? Captain Jackís yacht will give you the opportunity to visit a whole archipelago of islands that hide a sea of ??adventure and prizes. Daredevils who get to the end of the trip will receive a new pet - Panda. It will not be like all the other inhabitants of the island, but you will definitely enjoy it.

Panda. Panda is also a resident of the Island. A pet can be rewarded for completing certain tasks: unlike residents, pandas do not arrive on the island on their own. The pet does not need to be settled in the house, they also do not participate in the trade. At the same time, the panda generates desires and issues tasks. Fulfilling desires, you can increase the level of friendship with the panda. The panda does not appear in the list of characters until you receive it.

Is it possible to get another panda if I already have one? Yes, there may be several pandas on the island.

Will I be able to visit Treasure Islands again? Which island will I start next time? Of course you can.You can start from the island where you stayed last time. However, you will have to re-clean it from the plants and look for keys.

Energy. Travelers need energy to remove obstacles while exploring the islands. The energy meter is updated over time, but if you do not want to wait, energy sets can be purchased for crystals. You can get more energy from a fruit vase (a demolished building that can be found on the islands). Also, energy can be rewarded for watching a video or produced in the hermitís camp, which is on all islands except the Island of Riddles.

How and why to use dynamite? Dynamite explodes and destroys everything around, except for complex objects like ruins. A very useful thing when exploring the islands. Place the bomb in the area you want to clear of debris and plants, and click on it: done, the path is clear!

Where to get dynamite? It can be bought for crystals or (rarely) found in crates on the islands.

Pets Pets are also residents of the island. A pet can be received as a reward for completing certain tasks, they do not arrive on their own on the island, unlike the inhabitants. The pet does not need to be settled in the house, they also do not participate in the trade. At the same time, pets generate desires and issue tasks. The pet does not appear in the list of characters until you get it.

Hidden treasures. There is a panda button on the treasure island map in the lower left corner: use it to view the list of treasures. Treasures can be obtained for parchments that can be found on the islands in chests.

Parchments. Parchments are special documents. They can be exchanged for treasures in the treasure store, which is located on the map of the treasure islands in the lower left corner. Parchments can be found in chests scattered around treasure islands.

How to open a locked chest? On the treasure islands you will find many locked chests in which are hidden the parchments necessary for the purchase of treasures. In order to open these chests, keys will be required. They can be found by exploring all kinds of antiquities scattered around the islands. The "Find" button will tell you where to look for the desired key.

How to get to the next treasure island? On the island where you are, you need to get to the native boat standing on the coast. The road to it can be found by signs.

Why do we need resources on the treasure islands? Resources are needed to repair important objects such as bridges. In addition, resources can be used to produce useful items in the hermitís camp: it can be found on every treasure island, except for the Island of Riddles.

Where to find the hermit camp? There is a camp on every treasure island, except for the Island of Riddles.

How to remove clouds over treasure islands? Clouds disappear when you overcome an important obstacle - such as a bridge, gate, and the like.

Is it possible to return to the passed island after I sailed from it? Until the event has ended, you can visit any of the islands available to you.

Where to get tools for exploring treasure islands? Tools (hammer, pickaxe and rope with a hook) can be found in crates on the island. Sometimes the boxes are cunningly hidden and you need to try to find them.

Where to get the keys to the treasure islands? Native keys (gray) can be found in the drawers. They are useful for opening the gate. Old keys (yellow) can be obtained by demolishing the ruins. They are needed to unlock parchment chests.

Trade Island: Friends, Leaderboard

How to remove a player from the friends list? If for some reason you decide to remove a player from the list of friends, click on the cross in the upper left corner of his profile: the player will disappear from the list.

Who are subscribers? These are the players who added you as a friend. They want to watch how your city develops. You can also add them to your friends list.

How to add friends to the game? Select the friends menu in the lower left corner of the screen. Here you can see who is already in your friends list, whom you can add more, and also see your subscribers. Click on the second tab and select from the list those you want to add to your friends list. In addition, you can click on the "Invite Friends" button on the left and enter the code of your familiar player. Here you can see your code to share it with friends. And finally, you can add as a friend the player who is currently visiting.

What is a leaderboard? During the event, you can take part in the competition and get additional prizes. Keep track of your progress and the progress of other players using the leaderboard: it is located in the upper left corner of the event window.

Why canít I add more friends? If your list already has 50 friends, you wonít be able to add more.

When can I add friends in the game? Adding friends to the game is available starting from level 6.

All suggested friends have already been added; how do i find more? The list of recommended friends is updated every 24 hours.

After receiving a gift for friendship, I lost gifts from all the other friends. Why? You can receive only one friendship gift per day. It does not depend on the number of friends.

I take a prize in the leaderboard, but I can not pick up the award. Why? The reward for a place on the leaderboard will go to you only if you remain on the list at the end of the event.

Trade Island: Walkthrough Tips

Goods. Goods (e.g. coffee, chairs, pizza) are needed to improve buildings. The goods are produced in commercial buildings, where resources act as raw materials, less commonly, other goods. Goods are used in trade and for promotion of the plot. Also, goods are used to send trucks and aircraft.

Instruments. Tools (for example, axes, jackhammers, grinders) are used to open territories, to clean especially complex garbage, improve warehouses, complete the construction of houses and social buildings, and also to improve residential buildings and the City Hall. There are several ways to get the tools:

Map and discovery of new territories. The game takes place in a city where initially there is a mansion, city hall, warehouse and market. To expand the boundaries of the city, you need to open neighboring areas. To do this, just click on them and follow the instructions on the screen. You will need workers, tools and gold. Also on the island there are special territories - airport, ferris wheel, etc. This is where the most exciting events unfold. To get to these places and become a participant in intriguing stories, you will need pieces of the Map. You can get them by doing the following:

Some enclosed areas will be available in future updates.

Trade. To trade, go to the market. One to four buyers can always be found there - these may be game characters or island residents. To increase the number of customers, you need to gain experience. Buyers in the market always know exactly what goods they are ready to buy for gold, friendship points with the initiator of the transaction and a shopping star that will help to get the merchandise.

If you are not ready to sell goods that at a particular moment buyers want to buy, refuse the transaction and wait a bit for new buyers. Sometimes buyers come to the market with derivatives transactions: do not miss them, because a transaction with a countdown is always more profitable than a regular one. Having collected a certain number of shopping stars in one day, you will receive a trading load - a valuable tool chest.

Tasks. Tasks in the game are distributed by the inhabitants of the island. If you see a yellow exclamation mark over an islander, then a new task awaits you. The white background of the assignment means that this is an ordinary business waiting for you, and the blue one - that you have an important mission ahead. After completing the task, do not forget to pick up the well-deserved reward from the person who issued it! You can view all completed and current tasks issued by a resident in his Profile.

Note: the task icon above the resident can be hidden under the gift or wish icon. Having picked up a gift or fulfilling a wish, you will be able to see the task again.

A diary. The diary will refresh all the stories that happened to you in the game Trade Island. Opening the Diary (the icon at the bottom of the screen), you will see events in which you are participating right now, remember the stories that have been successfully completed, and also learn a little about upcoming adventures!

Stories. Stories consist of several tasks combined into a single plot. Moving through the Stories, you will learn a lot of interesting things about the life of the island and its inhabitants and gain access to some game objects.Stories occur in different buildings. The building with the story is marked with an icon with a portrait of one of the characters. To start or continue the story, you need to click on the corresponding building. Successfully completing an entire Story brings a great reward. You can see all your stories in the diary.

Treasure hunt. To see the treasure map, you need to go to the Lighthouse and completely go through the story of the "Sea Wolf". Every 24 hours, new treasure chests appear on the map. To hunt for treasures you need to do the following:

  1. Go to the lighthouse;
  2. Open treasure map;
  3. Choose a treasure chest on it;
  4. To pay the Sailor the indicated amount of Gold, after which he will board the boat and go for the chest.

In the chests there may be goods, tools, Ancient coins and even crystals. If the chest is marked with a question mark, then a surprise is hidden in it - you can find out what it is only by opening the chest. The farther from the lighthouse the treasure chest is located, the more valuable and rare treasures are hidden in it. Treasure swimming can be sped up for Crystals.

Bonuses for viewing ads. Viewing ads is one way to get bonuses in the game for free. For viewing ads you can get:

It is important to remember that commercials are generated randomly. If right now you are not invited to view the advertisement for the bonus, just wait a bit - for sure this opportunity will appear very soon!

Holidays. The islanders are big lovers of holidays, and it is in your power to make sure that the fun on the streets does not subside! To bring the holiday closer, fulfill the wishes of the residents. Follow the wish counter on the left side of the screen: as soon as it shows that you have fulfilled a sufficient number of desires, click on it and transfer to where the holiday awaits you!

Cause time, fun hour - in exactly 60 minutes the holiday will end. If during this time you manage to complete the holiday deal, you will receive a particularly generous reward. In addition, you can get paint with which you can paint at home in brighter colors! If the time of the holiday has expired, and you did not have time to complete the transaction, you still have the opportunity to buy the missing resources, then the holiday reward will not go away from you!

The roads. Roads are necessary so that cars and other modes of transport can move freely around the island.Roads can be found in the store. They are built from square parts that cannot intersect, so be careful when planning the roadway.

I do not receive a box with gifts. Fulfill the wishes of the residents more often, and at a random moment they will thank you with a return gift - a box with resources, currency or tools!

Quests for opening new territories do not appear. To open new territories do not require special tasks.You just need to click on the territories located next to the already hidden, and follow the instructions that appear. You will need workers, tools and gold.

Why doesnít the merchandise arrive? To receive merchandise within one day, you need to get a certain number of trade stars. Trade stars appear when making trade deals. Visit the Market more often and make deals there to receive merchandise - a valuable tool chest.

How to remove bushes and buildings behind buildings? Next to the settings button, you can choose the mode of hiding buildings, in which you can rearrange or remove plants and buildings hidden behind the buildings.

The pearl of the jungle. You have a unique opportunity to grow a wonderful plant, the sprout of which was brought by the shaman Davy. Hurry up to do this before time runs out. Make bargains to get everything you need for flower growth.

What is gain? As a reward for various actions in the game, you can receive amplifications that fall into inventory. Reinforcements are very useful stuff. Use them wisely and they will bring big income. Amplifications are valid for a limited time, and then disappear.

How to remove clouds? Under the clouds are new areas that will be available in the future. Just move around the plot, and you will have the opportunity to dispel the clouds and find out what is hidden under them.

Festival of indigenous cuisine. Friendly natives come to visit the islanders. The tribe, led by the leader of Jamboa, decided to get to know their neighbors better and hold a festival of native cuisine. They brought a lot of island delicacies with them and are ready to make an unprecedented feast. Exchange exotic products with locals for goods manufactured in the city, cook delicacies in the open kitchen and treat your friends at the festive table.

Why doesnít the kitchen produce the dishes you want to cook for natives? The kitchen produces a variety of products for every taste. Just wait a while and the necessary dishes will certainly appear.

I applied a gain bonus of + 50% to production, but the performance in production buildings remained the same. Why? When you activate the bonus, the amount of resources shown on the building does not really change. However, when you collect the resources, you will see that the building actually produced more resources than was shown. Check it out the next time you collect resources.

What do the numbers on the tabs in the inventory mean? Unviewed buildings, cars, and resource packs are marked with a red circle with a quantity. Viewed objects are likewise marked with a yellow circle with a quantity.

What are the drawings of eco-buildings for? The drawings will be useful to you in order to build special eco-buildings, with the advent of which Keylani will be happy to stay on your island.

How to get drawings of eco-buildings? Perform special trade deals or purchase portfolios in the treasure shop.

How to get a document on the territory? Perform special trade deals or purchase portfolios in the treasure shop.

Trade Island: Museum of Native Culture

I already found an artifact, why did it turn gray again and again I need to find it? The fact is that artifacts in the upper part of the Museum of Native Culture can be found more than once.

Artifacts at the Museum of Native Culture. The Museum of Native Culture has collected a variety of artifacts that you will need to open territories and receive bonuses. To get an artifact, you need to collect the pieces of the puzzle, and then clear it.

Ancient temple / Museum of native culture.The ancient temple was originally in ruined condition. Players will need to work hard to restore it. After restoration, the temple turns into a Museum of native culture. Together with the archaeologist you will need to collect exhibits for the museum, hidden in different parts of the island.

Where to get fragments for artifacts? The first fragments for artifacts can be obtained by exploring the tunnel. In the future, fragments will be hidden in new territories. You can always click on the silhouette of a fragment to get a hint where it can be found.

Trade Island: Game Currency Guide

Currency inside the game. There are two types of currency:

You can buy any currency at the Bank.

How can I protect myself from random purchases? To control the movement of crystals, go to the "Settings" menu and check "Confirm crystal waste".

What are ancient coins for? The ancient coins that you receive at the lighthouse during the treasure hunt are needed to improve industrial and commercial buildings, as well as truck parking. In addition, ancient coins come in handy for cleaning artifacts at the Museum of Native Culture.

Trade Island: Population Guide

Population. The population is the number of all residents who are currently on the island. It is displayed in the upper left corner of the screen. The number of people affects the ability to improve City Hall. It depends on how many residential buildings you have and what level they have.

Population limit. The population limit is the maximum number of people that can live on your island. The population limit affects the maximum number of buildings and improvements in residential buildings in the city. It can be increased by building social buildings or decorations.

Workers During training, each player defaults to one employee, then two. During construction, you can attract an additional employee for the game currency. You can increase the number of employees by building a bungalow. You can invite temporary workers who will disappear after they complete the assignment.

Desires of the inhabitants. Over the heads of residents periodically appear icons with certain symbols. This means that the resident has some kind of desire. To fulfill the desire of a resident, click on it and transfer it to the object or inhabitant of the island of which he dreams. You will not miss: as soon as a resident with your help soars above the city, what he dreams about will light up. When the wish is fulfilled, you will immediately receive friendship points, and a satisfied resident will be able to give you a nice gift - a box with resources, currency or tools. During the day, the first such gift is given free of charge, you can open subsequent gifts for a fee or for viewing advertising.

Please note: if a resident has a desire with a task, then the desire icon will be displayed on top of the task icon. As soon as the wish is fulfilled, the task icon will again be visible above the resident. And if you met the task "Fulfill the wish", but you donít see the residents with desires on the map, just wait a bit. Desires among the townspeople appear very often.

Bandits Bandits are a thunderstorm of any tropical island; they scare civilians. The Police Station will help get rid of the bandits. To call a team of policemen from the Police Station level 1, you need to click on the bandit. The 2nd level police station monitors the situation on its own and sends a command to the police to drive out the bandits automatically, without your participation. A police team can drive one thug at a time.

Friendship. Make friends with every resident of the island! Fulfilling the desires of a particular character, fulfilling his desires and trading with him, you get friendship points. Accumulate friendship points, and your friendship with a resident will reach a new level. Each new level of friendship brings a reward - experience, a random gift, a unique decor, as well as a bonus to trading with this character. The gift with random contents may include crystals, gold, tools, coins to improve production, spare parts for cars, paints. Having reached the maximum level of friendship with a character, you will receive his statue! You can track the level of friendship with each individual resident through his Profile.

Arrival of residents on the island. When you increase the level of the City Hall, discover new territories or perform special tasks, new residents come to your island. You can see a red exclamation mark above the new arrivals - it signals that you need to meet a new resident and place it comfortably. Different residents prefer to settle in different houses. Having settled, the newly made islander will not remain in debt: he will give you a present. After that, the resident is ready to make friends, issue tasks and trade. Each resident of the island has his own profile. There you can see:

Why is the "Population" parameter different from the actual number of inhabitants that can be seen on the island? The "Population" parameter, which is displayed in the upper left corner of the screen, is the number of all residents who are currently virtually on the island. Actually, only part of this amount is displayed in the game, while the rest do something inside the buildings. Still, someone should look after the little natives or simply relax away from prying eyes.

The inhabitants are gone. The number of people depends on how many residential buildings are located on the island. Accordingly, if you sell one or more residential buildings, the population will decrease. If you are absolutely convinced that you didnít sell houses, tell the player support team how the population has decreased (in numbers) and when exactly did you notice this.

A residential building was built, but the population did not increase. After you have built a residential building, you need to click on it (and in some cases also spend a certain amount of goods, resources or tools) - after that it will start to function, and you will have new residents.

Trade Island: Building the City Right

Building. You can build residential, social, commercial and industrial buildings in open areas. Construction takes place in two stages:

  1. The building is removed from the store and put on the map. At this moment, construction starts (you will need workers and gold).
  2. You need to click on the finished building (and sometimes also spend a certain amount of goods, resources or tools), after which it will begin to function. Residents will live in the houses, production will be able to start work, etc.

Buildings can be moved around the city. Some buildings (residential buildings, commercial and industrial buildings, as well as individual decorations) can be sold freeing up free space.

Plantation. The islanders need a plantation in order to grow the food necessary for the growth and prosperity of the city. It is located in the store in the tab "Production". The number of plantations available for construction is growing along with the City Hall level.

City Hall. City Hall is the main building of your island. The higher the level of the City Hall, the more buildings available to you and the more characters can come to your island and give you tasks. To improve the City Hall, you need:

Residential buildings. Hut, cottage, villa - you can find houses for every taste. By building and improving them, you increase the population of your island. To improve residential buildings are required:

Production buildings. Orange garden, sawmill, mine, etc. - all these are industrial buildings. Resources are produced here. To start production, you need to conclude a contract. The higher the level of production, the more profitable contracts are available to you. Gold is required to improve production.

Commercial buildings. Shops and benches are commercial buildings where goods are produced. The higher the playerís level, the more goods a commercial building can produce.

Social buildings. School, gas station, gym - all these are social buildings. Their main task is to increase the population limit and satisfy the wishes of residents.

Truck parking. Truck parking is a special building that, after restoration, will allow you to receive trading goods with tools and exchange goods manufactured on the island for them.

Special improvement of commercial and industrial buildings. Players who have reached level 12 can upgrade commercial and industrial buildings using Ancient Coins - bronze, silver and gold. They can be found in treasure chests, going to the Lighthouse and equipping Captain Jack living on it on a sea voyage. Having obtained Ancient coins, you yourself can determine how to improve a particular building. Improvement options are very diverse. For commercial buildings available:

For industrial buildings are available:

Fires. Sometimes fires occur in residential buildings, and at the same time the flame can cover up to three houses located anywhere in the island. Fire station will help to cope with the misfortune. To call a detachment of firefighters from the Fire Station Level 1, you need to click on the burning house. A fire station of the 2nd level monitors the situation on its own and sends the fire department to the burning house automatically, without your participation. At the same time, one fire station can extinguish only one house.

An airport. The airport is a special building that will allow you to receive special content. First you need to build an airport. The Pilot will help you with this. When the airport is built, you will have the opportunity to fly. During flights you will receive stamps and much more. Stamps are needed to complete the phases of the Flying event.The reward for the event will be the parts and paints that are required to buy cars and paint houses.

How to paint at home? To paint the house in new colors, you need paint, which can be obtained as a reward for participating in the festival. First you need to complete the construction of the house and click on it. In the window that opens, you need to open the repainting menu by clicking on the brush button, and then select a new color for your home and click on the "Repaint" button.

How to free up storage space? Active players sometimes have problems with a lack of free space in the warehouse. There are two ways to solve this problem: resources can be spent or sold. To sell resources from the warehouse, you must click on the resource, select its quantity and click on the "sell" button. After that, the player will receive gold for the resources sold.

What is a Rare Item Warehouse? Rare items warehouse is a special place in the warehouse where you can store valuable items in unlimited quantities! To get to this section of the warehouse, you must click on the warehouse building on the island and select the appropriate tab in the warehouse window that appears. Paints, cards, coins and parts for cars can be found in the warehouse of rare things!

The buildings were gone. Explore the open areas of your island: perhaps you accidentally moved the building to a new location. Also keep in mind that some buildings - residential buildings, commercial buildings, industrial buildings and individual decorations - can be sold. Perhaps this is exactly what happened. If you are absolutely convinced that the building was not sold or moved, inform the support team what exactly disappeared and the time when you discovered the loss - they will figure it out! By the way, if the destroyed hut disappeared, it means that you just cleaned it when clearing the territory - this is garbage.

The production building does not produce anything. After you have built the building, you need to click on it (and sometimes also spend some amount of goods, resources or tools) - after this, production will start.

Smelter. Needed for iron production. To build a Smelter, go to the "Production" tab in the store.

Bungalow. To increase the number of workers, you will come in handy Bungalow, which is located on the "Special" tab in the store.

How to get a greenhouse? Improve your plantations, and the greenhouse will appear on one of the levels.

Jewelry repair shop. Here you can make unusual jewelry from resources harvested at a marine farm.

Marine farm. A unique building that will allow you to produce mother of pearl, pearls and corals. They can then be used in trade or for the production of jewelry in a jewelry workshop.

Trade Island: In-Game Resources

Core resources. These include:

Where can I get paper? You can get paper for food and wood at a paper mill. You will find the paper mill found in the store on the production tab.

What are pearl and coral pearl for? They will be useful to you in special trade transactions, as well as for the production of jewelry in a jewelry workshop.

Trade Island: Bugs in the game

I canít find a key on Treasure Island that opens the gate, and a sign leads behind them. What to do? Look closely at the already discovered islands: the key is hidden there.

No special deal appears. What to do? It is necessary to complete the rightmost deal, then you will again have special deals.

Why am I not getting experience for cutting wood? Experience is credited when you give the worker the task of cutting a tree.

How to report a problem (bug, error) in the game? Before reporting technical support about a problem, check the list of known problems - it may contain the one you encountered. When composing a message for technical support, provide:

Finally, a screenshot, or better yet, a screen recording showing a problem is always welcome. For the latest versions of Android and iOS, this is not a problem - the screen recording function is built into the system. If you can reproduce and, more importantly, record the problem on video, private combat is the most suitable place for this.

Trade Island: How not to lose progress?

I canít start the game again. Trade Island has no technical ability to reset progress and start the game anew.

How to transfer an account to another device? To transfer a game from one device to another, you need authorization in Game Center / Google Play. Just enter on the new device the same authorization data in the Game Center / Google Play that you used on the old one, download the game through the App Store / Play Market and continue playing. Write to support if something goes wrong. They will do everything possible to help you transfer the progress to another device.

How to disable notifications? Notifications allow you to keep abreast of what is happening in the game, even when you are not playing. You can turn off or turn on notifications in the Settings of your device: Settings> General> Applications> Trade Island. Uncheck or, conversely, check the box "Show notifications."

I canít change my name in the game (Android). You can select a name only once - right after training. If a name is not selected, it is automatically assigned from the playerís Google Play.