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TRANSPORT EMPIRE - STEAM TYCOON Android game with release date 06/25/2014 from the company Game Insight. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers answers to players questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

How to connect the cars to the train? For each train, you can add a certain number of cars. When you select a contract for the carriage of goods, you will see a steam locomotive with the settings icon above it and a description of the flight. When you click on the gear icon, you will be asked to select a train and attach the necessary cars to it.

Where to find the Engineer and why is it needed? An engineer can recover 10% of resources in a mine after they run out. When resources run out in a mine (mine, sawmill, etc.), you can either sell it and build a new one in its place, or hire an Engineer to restore a certain amount of resources in the same mine. An engineer can be found by collecting income from industrial buildings (mines, sawmills, farms, and so on).

How to sell a steam locomotive? To sell a steam locomotive, click on the round icon with its image in the lower right part of the screen. Select the desired steam locomotive and click on the "i" icon above it. Use the "Sell" option.

Can I choose the building that I want to build in the city? Yes, in the construction mode you have the opportunity to choose one of the proposed options: for example, in an empty place you can build a shopping arcade, warehouse, etc. If you want to build a new quarter, you will need to improve the building of the city administration.

What to do if the warehouse is full? You can build a new warehouse or increase the level of an existing one: it will become more spacious and will accommodate more resources. If you do not want to do either one or the other, spend resources on the construction of new neighborhoods in cities, the improvement of existing buildings and the conclusion of contracts.

How to earn coins? You earn silver coins by completing trade contracts and carrying out passenger transportation, completing basic and additional tasks, as well as when moving to a new level. The game also has silver mines that allow you to mine silver.

How to choose a vehicle to fulfill the contract? By clicking on the image of the transport, you can go from the window of the conclusion of the contract to the window for collecting trains. Here you can choose a suitable model of a steam locomotive, after which it will automatically open the possibility of choosing cars of the desired type. If you are not satisfied with the result, click the "Reset" button. The type of wagons and their number depends on the type of locomotive you choose, and the profit you receive depends on the number of wagons, that is, how much resources you can get and transport during the execution of the contract.

I made a purchase not through Google Play. How do I find order information? Each application downloaded from Google Play, by default, uses Googles systems to process payments. Payment as such can be made in any way - through PayPal, via SMS or other methods, but the payment itself will somehow be registered in the Google database. When you register an account on Google Play, a separate account is automatically created. This account, in turn, contains information about all your purchases. The login to it is the gmail address of your mail, and the password from the main Google account is used as the password.

What payment method can I use when buying game currency in the application? All purchases of game currency in applications installed from Google Play on devices based on Android are carried out through Google.

Where can I find the Google order number? To see your Google order numbers, go to your account from which the purchase was made. To find the order number, click on the "View Order" link next to the purchase, and its number will be displayed below the order date. As soon as you find the order you are interested in, send its number to the support service. To see the history of your purchases, go to your desktop and click on the "History" icon. Your recent purchases will be displayed on the screen. To see older transactions, click Show More.

iOS - available payment methods. In-game store purchases are made through the App Store. Payment methods depend on the country of your stay. The main payment methods:

Android - available payment methods. All purchases made in the game store go through Google Play. The payment methods available on Google Play depend on your country of residence. The main payment methods:

If this is your first time making a purchase, the selected payment method will be added to your Google Account settings and will be used by default.

My order has not arrived! / My purchase did not come! Orders are usually executed immediately, but sometimes delays can occur. Such delays mean that your payment is still being processed. No need to try to buy the same kit again - you will receive it soon. If more than 24 hours have passed and your order has not arrived, contact the App Store support team. All purchases made in the in-game store go through Apple. If you made a payment using Google, but didnt receive your order after 24 hours, please contact the player support service with a screenshot of your receipt. The transaction identifier located at the bottom of the receipt should be visible in the screenshot.