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Walkthrough Tropic Storm: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

TROPIC STORM - a game on social networks with the release date 02/01/2015 from the company PlayKot. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers íanswers to playersí questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. Guide to Personal Base, Troops and Objects
  2. Secrets of the Test Station
  3. Correct Siege of Volcano
  4. Shock Battles
  5. Impact Band Guide
  6. Lab Equipment Tips
  7. Destroyer Skills (WiKi)
  8. All Strike Technology
  9. Strike Equipment Tips
  10. Global Operations
  11. Smugglerís Secrets
  12. Chests & Components
  13. Tips for Beginners
  14. Shopping Right
  15. Why Can You Be Banned?
  16. Developer Responses to Player Questions
  17. Revenge of the Cartel, guide
  18. Bugs and Fitch Games

Tropic Storm: Guide to Personal Base, Troops and Objects

Table of improvements. Commanders, have you already decided what improvements on your base will be next? Looking for detailed information on all the possible buildings on the island? Take a look at the table of improvements :)

Briefly about combat units

Troops are used to attack enemy islands in order to obtain resources and rating points. There are currently seven types of troops available in the Battle of the Islands.


Infantry capable of withstanding small damage, but the power of the detachment is revealed with the growth of its number. It has light weight and does not require much time for equipment. An indispensable assistant to every budding Commander.

Max gun

A fierce warrior in good health. This mountain of muscles can serve as a human shield, covering more vulnerable associates. One of the hallmarks of Max Gan is the ability to inflict damage on the enemy even while moving.

Baz Rock

It does not differ in good health, but it is able to inflict tangible damage from a long distance. Under the strict guidance of the Commander, even a small detachment can turn an enemy base into a pile of charred chips in a matter of seconds.


Melee Master. It has increased endurance, the secret of which lies in the melee weapons that can restore the health of a warrior with every blow.


The embodiment of combat strength and power, has a huge supply of health, strong armor and an excellent attack range. Able to go where others get stuck.

To land one Boat with Tanks, you will need two units of destroyer energy.


Does not take an active part in hostilities. However, he is a faithful helper healing the wounded allies on the battlefield. A squad of doctors is able to quickly move after the fighters who need help.


The swift Bunny drives Buggy at such a speed that even mines and landmines do not have time to work. The decline in health level introduces Bunny into a battle rage, provoking her to attack with increased force. This feature, complete with the ability to deal damage on the go, makes it virtually invincible.

In order to access Buggy, your Strike Team must gain access to Level 15 Technology. Buggy needs Uranium to train. To land one Boat from the Buggy, you will need six units of destroyer energy.Training, use and improvement of the Buggy is not possible outside the Strike Group of level 15 or higher.


A special gun that is part of the Shock Force Technologies. Nitrogan is able to inflict minor damage, but it freezes enemy fighters, depriving them of the ability to move and attack for some time.

In order to open access to the construction of the first Nitrogan, your strike group must gain access to Level 2 Technology. Uranium is required to activate Nitrogan. Possible recharge of Nitrogan.When deactivating the work of the gun, you get back unspent uranium.

Plasma torch

Special gun, which is part of the technology of the shock group. The gun emits a directed beam of plasma, causing significant damage to the enemy. A trace of Plazmotron burned out on the ground for a short time imposes a burning effect on all fighters crossing it.

In order to open access to the construction of the first Plazmatron, your strike team must gain access to Level 5 Technology. To activate the plasmatron, Uranium is required. Possible recharging of the plasma torch. When deactivating the work of the gun, you get back unspent uranium.

Howitzer with acid

Special gun, which is part of the technology of the shock group. The howitzer fires caustic, acid-filled shells.Soldiers who fall into the area of ??the projectile lose their health until they leave the infected area.

In order to open access to the construction of the first Acid Howitzer, your Shock Team must gain access to Level 9 Technology. Uranium is required to activate Howitzers with acid. Howitzers recharge possible. When deactivating the work of the gun, you get back unspent uranium.

Landing craft

The landing boat delivers your troops to the shores of enemy bases. Each landing boat can accommodate only one squad, consisting of fighters of the same type.

Carrying capacity and weight of fighters. Payload - a parameter that determines the size of the squad that you can equip on the Landing Boat. Each unit of troops has a weight, it is also taken into account when calculating the size of the detachment on the Boat. You can find out the current capacity of a Landing Boat or a Reinforcement Boat in the detailed information window.

Raise the level of the Landing Boat to increase its carrying capacity - so the Boat will be able to take on board a larger squad. The weight of the unit is indicated in the fighter information window.

Shock Force Port. A Strike Group Port is a strategic facility that will help you join a Strike Group or create your own. A reward is delivered to the Port in case of victory in the Battle of the Shock Groups, Uranium mined in battles is also stored here.

For the construction of the Shock Group Port, Level 8 Headquarters is required. You can place the Reinforcement Boat on the marina of the Port of the Shock Group.

Global map. The global map is a reflection of the main world of the game. Here you can explore new territories, select the enemy to attack and hunt for resources, daily bonuses, as well as tracking global events. Clouds cover the unexplored parts of the map, open them to fight for a valuable reward.

Personal Base. The main defense node of any Commander. Here you can store resources won in battles.Improve facilities and combat installations. Train fighters and more. The level of your Base is located in the upper left corner of the screen and is a display of your level. To increase the level, upgrade buildings at the base, modify combat units and explore the capabilities of the Arsenal.

Tropic Storm: Secrets of the Test Station

Test Station. Test Station is a strategic facility on a personal basis that provides access to new research developments:

To activate the skills of the detachments, build protective installations and charge the destroyer, special test resources are used - Dynamite, Reagents and Mechanisms.

Access to the Test Station opens at Headquarters Level 10. The higher the level of the Test Station, the more dynamite, reagents and mechanisms can be stored in the Test Station. You will find detailed information about Station improvements in this table.

What is dynamite, reagents and mechanisms and why are they needed? Dynamite, reagents and mechanisms are special materials of the Test Station, which are used to activate the skills of detachments, build protective installations and charge the destroyer. You can find them in special Power Containers:

Power Containers can be obtained in the following ways:

In addition to test materials, in Power Containers you can also find Coins, Alloy, Composite and Polymers, as well as with some chance Accelerators for Uranium and Liberium.

Skills Machete. With some chance, Machete will get 3 units of Synthesized Energy when destroying enemy structures. Itís important to know:

Medic skills. "Immunostimulants" - a unique ability with which the Medic creates a protective barrier around the wounded troops. After healing, fighters temporarily take less damage. Itís important to know:

Protective Installations

Protective Installations - unique temporary defensive buildings made in the Test Station. Settings differ in effect.Some are aimed at changing the behavior of enemy fighters, others endow nearby buildings with a special protective function. There are several types of Protective Settings:

Itís important to know:

How to install a protective installation? To activate the Protective Installations made in the Test Station, you will need a special platform - the Protective Platform. To apply additional defense, click on the Platform and select the desired Defense Installation. Protection is temporarily activated for special test materials. The Installation Platform, unlike the installation, has an unlimited service life, is universal for any installation and does not require improvement or modification. Itís important to know:

How to use Advanced Destroyer Features? Using the advanced capabilities of the Destroyer requires Advanced Energy Before the battle, open a personal base and charge the Destroyer using test materials.

Advanced energy is given temporarily and activated instantly. An action timer will light up above the destroyer - 4 hours. Itís important to know:

How to charge the destroyer? Thanks to the Test Station, you can charge the destroyer with advanced energy.

From a personal base, click on the Destroyer and select the "Charge" button, or click on the Test Station, go to the "Advanced Features" tab and select "Charge the Destroyer" at the top of the window. For the charge, use the Test Materials obtained in the rewards - Test Chests and Power Containers.

Test chests. Test Chest is a unique reward that contains Components for upgrading the Troop Skills, advanced defense and destroyer capabilities. Becomes available with the opening of the Test Station. The contents of the chest are not known in advance, since the type of the Component is determined depending on the availability of access to the ability and is randomly distributed in the slots. Moreover, the larger the size of the Test Chest, the greater the choice of components. How to Get a Test Chest or Components:

Power containers. Power containers is a comprehensive award that contains Laboratory materials, test materials to improve and activate the advanced technologies of the Test Station, and may also contain equipment for mining Uranium and Liberium. Combining the contents of the Containers: Dynamite, Reagents and Mechanisms, you activate the skills of units, build Defense Installations and use the advanced capabilities of the Destroyer in battle.

Where to find Power Containers:

Marine skills

Armor-piercing bullets The ability with which the Marine fires special armor-piercing bullets, temporarily increasing any subsequent damage to the attacked structures. Itís important to know:

Mine boots

An ability that significantly reduces damage from mines and landmines on squads. The higher the skill class, the more the incoming damage is reduced. Itís important to know:

Berserker Readiness

With a significant loss of health, the Marines become fierce and inflict more damage on enemy fortifications.Upgrade your skill class to increase your attack power even further: by 50% at the first level of skill, at 140% at the tenth level. Itís important to know:

Max Gan Skills

Killer rebound. Returns part of the damage taken by Max Gan units to enemy weapons. Works with guns of any range! Itís important to know:

Second wind. The first-aid kit and treatment of a physician act on Max Gan especially stronger than on others, and he quickly restores health. No time to get distracted by scratches! Itís important to know:

Wave of anger. Ultimate ability - increases the basic characteristics of speed. And we donít know what Maxís personal accounts with rocket launchers, guns and howitzers are, but under the Wave of Anger he does extra damage to these guns. Itís important to know:

Base Rock skills

Kevlar armor. Reduces incoming damage to units of Baz Rokov from enemy guns, prolonging the lives of fighters. Itís important to know:

The banner of war. Having perished, each unit of Baz Doom imposes an effect on the next allied forces that temporarily gives surrounding fighters additional damage power and speed. Itís important to know:

A flurry of punches. The ultimate ability allows not only to spread the target that Baz Rock shoots at, but also to catch enemy weapons standing next to them with fragments! Itís important to know:

Tank Skills

Fire on yourself. The tank takes part of the damage aimed at the coming units. The action applies only to fighters who are in the range of the Tank skill. Itís important to know:

Incendiary shells. The tank fires shells with the latest incendiary mixture, setting fire to enemy houses.Burning buildings are a great target for Blasting Shell? Itís important to know:

Blast wave. Dying, the Tank explodes with a deafening roar and raises all around. With an increase in class, the explosion is stronger: at the first level of skill, an explosion causes damage to 1000 units, at the tenth level - 2357!Itís important to know:

Advanced Destroyer Features

The destroyerís advanced capabilities are unique skills that will make battles even more spectacular and diverse!To use advanced skills in battle, the Destroyer needs Synthesized Energy. It is generated from dynamite, reagent and mechanisms in the Test Station and charges the destroyer.

The destroyer holds a charge of Synthesized Energy for 8 hours. Destroyer skills are improved for Components.

Tropic Storm: Correct Siege of Volcano

Attacks on the Volcano. Each member of the Strike Group has 1 basic attack. During the siege, you get 1 attack every 90 minutes from the moment you join the siege. All damage during an attack on the base is preserved, as is the case in the battles of the shock groups. You get 1 Vulcanium per team for each destroyed structure at the base of Tiburona. The destruction of the Headquarters automatically completes the current stage and destroys all remaining buildings and guns at the base. Itís important to know:

What is a volcano? Volcano is an event for shock groups that runs twice a month. A volcano appears on the map of the Archipelago, at the foot of which the base of Tiburona is broken. Each Group has three days to fight it.Commanders attack in turn, while the destruction remains until the Headquarters are completely destroyed.When the Headquarters is broken, Tiburon rebuilds the base anew - and a new stage begins. With each new stage, the layout of the base on Vulcan becomes more complicated, and the Commanders will need remarkable skill to cope with it!

Volcano Siege Rating. Ranking places and rewards are distributed depending on the amount earned by Vulcanium. After summing up, the Commanders of the Shock Groups who have collected the maximum number of Vulcanium will be able to independently choose the most desired award from the list of available. Itís important to know:

Where to see the progress of the strike group in the volcano? While at your Base, click on the button with the image of the Volcano at the top of the screen. On the "Attack" tab, you will find complete information about the siege progress:

The siege of the volcano. Your shock group will face a massive battle with the furious Tiburona at the foot of the Volcano. You have three days to confuse the enemyís plans and defeat as many bases as possible in the hunt for Vulcanium. The more stages of the siege you complete, the higher your place in the top will be, and the reward will be more valuable! ;)

How to take part in the siege of the Volcano? Shock Groups of any level and composition can take part.The event starts automatically and does not require filing. Observe the Volcano on the map of the Archipelago.The timer located above it will tell you when the next siege will take place.

The purpose of the siege of the Volcano. The main task of the team is to go through as many stages of the battle with Tiburona as possible in the allotted time and earn valuable Volcano.Teams with the most Vulcanium at the end of the siege will receive a valuable reward. To destroy the base of Tiburon and move on to the next stage, it is necessary to destroy the Headquarters. During the battle, the Shock Group receives one Vulcanium unit for each destroyed building, and the Commander, whose battle destroys the Headquarters, will receive an additional attack. But be careful as soon as you destroy the Headquarters, a new stage begins and the next, more powerful one appears on the site of the previous base.

You can leave the Shock Group after the siege begins. You will not be able to take part in the battle as part of a new team if, at the time the event began, you were in another group. The Vulcanium you earned is retained by the Shock Group in which the siege began.

Where to see the attacks on Volcano? In the event window, click on the "Replay" tab. In the archive that opens, you will see all the attacks committed by the members of your Shock Group as part of the current siege of the Volcano. You can watch the battles of the allies in real time or watch attacks that have already been completed before.

You can view the history of attacks on the Volcano, similar to the archive in the Battle of the Shock Groups. The panel of each battle shows the percentage of damage dealt, the number of points earned and at what stage this attack was committed.

What is a volcano? Vulcanium - special rating points that determine the effectiveness of your Group in the siege of the Volcano. You earn 1 Volcano for each destroyed building. Teams with the most Vulcanium at the time the siege is completed will receive a valuable reward. The total score of the team and the personal contribution of each Commander can be found in a special window.

Rules for moving between Groups during the Siege. The siege of the Volcano does not limit your movements between the Shock Groups. However, the following rules apply:

Amplifiers of the Tiburon Islands. During the siege of the Volcano on the Tiburon Islands, you can notice a new, special type of structure that enhances the characteristics of enemy buildings. The gun attack booster increases the firepower of the mounted guns, and the Power Shield Generator increases the strength of all buildings and combat installations on the island. Each of the amplifiers has five power levels: + 20%, + 50%, + 80%, + 150% and + 300%. Itís important to know:

Siege of the Volcano. After summing up the results of the Siege, all the legionnaires who took part in the event will be able to independently choose a reward from the list of available ones. Open the Volcano window and go to the "Rewards" tab. Here, in each active column, you can choose one of three reward slots. The number of available columns depends on the total place that your Strike Group has taken and is the same for all members of the group. As a reward in the slots you can find the following items:

Itís important to know:

Tropic Storm: Shock Battles

How is the enemy selected in the Battle of the Shock Groups? To select the best opponents, the developers use the method of calculating the relative strength of the Shock Groups according to the Elo rating system. The ratio of the groups takes place primarily in battle points.

Action Points. Action Points - a special unit for measuring the effectiveness of the battle, which allows you to determine the winner in the Battle in cases where both Groups scored the same number of stars. After the start of the Battle, each Group is awarded an equal number of action points. The task of each Commander is not only to crush the enemy bases and destroy the battleship, but also to do it as quickly as possible, thereby preserving the greatest number of action points.

Action points are calculated based on the duration of the battle. Thus, each time attacking the enemy Battleship or the bases of the Group of the enemy, the seconds spent on the attack are multiplied by 10 and converted into the amount of action points used.

Action points are restored after the end of the Battle of the Shock Groups. You can see information about action points in the battle results window. In case of an equal number of stars, the Group with the highest number of action points wins.

Battle Chest Battle Chests

For victory in the Battle of Shock Groups, each of the participants who made one attack or more receives one guaranteed chest with a reward. In addition to the guaranteed reward, the players of the winning Strike Group appear:

The types of chests for winning the battle depend on the level of your strike group.

Guaranteed Chest:

First Extra Chest:

Second Extra Chest:

Itís important to know:

How to take part in the Battle of Shock Groups? At Headquarters level 8, you gain access to the construction of the Shock Group Port at your base and you can create your own Shock Group or join an existing one. In addition to access to clan technologies, resources and weapons, being in the Shock Group allows you to fight in the battles of the Shock Groups and receive a reward. To participate in the battles of shock groups, you must equip your group with fifteen players and apply for participation in the battle. Itís important to know:

Where can I find participants for the Battle of the Shock Groups? You can find allies to form a strong team by posting information about your Strike Group in a special topic on the pages of official developer communities. Indicate the criteria for entry. Check the spelling of the name of your strike group, so that other commanders can easily find your group in the game. Good luck in future battles!

What is Battle Points? Battle points are the strike group rating earned during a strike battle. Battle points allow you to determine the most suitable opponent for your Group.

How are Battle Points awarded?

Battle points are awarded based on the results of the Battle of Shock Groups. To determine the number of points assigned to the Group, the Elo rating system is used. In case of victory, the number of Battle Points of the Shock Group grows, in case of defeat, points are taken away. A draw can change the rating both up and down, depending on the position of the Strike Group relative to the opponent. In the event of a tie with a stronger opponent, your Group may receive more battle points than the Opponent Group.

When attacking in the framework of Shock Battles, group members do not receive a personal rating.When selecting an opponent, the level of the Shock Group and the levels of the players are not the main criteria.

How to attack in the battle of shock groups?

In each battle, two groups of 15 people confront each other for 24 hours. Each participant in the battles of the Shock Groups gets the opportunity to attack three times during one battle at any time convenient for him.Members of the Shock Group attack personal bases and the battleship of the enemy using any troops available to them, including troops from Support Boats. The number of available attacks is displayed on the global map of the Strike Group.

Damage caused to personal bases and battleships during battles accumulate throughout the entire period of battles. If one player inflicted damage to the enemyís base or battleship, the next attacker sees this damage when making his attack. After the time allotted for the battle has expired, each Shock Group has a fixed number of stars earned. Victory is awarded to the group with the most stars.

If the number of stars is equal, the Group that retains the highest number of Action Points wins.

Itís important to know:

What is a Battleship Shield?

The Battleship Shield is a special bonus to the durability of structures on the Battleship. The strength of the Shield of Linkor is the sum of the undefeated bases of the members of the Strike Group. By default, each personal base gives 6.7% protection to the battleship on the strength of guns and buildings. You can increase the size of the bonus, and, consequently, the power of the Shield itself with the help of special Technologies of the Shock Group.

It makes sense to first destroy the personal bases of the adversaries on the islands, and then storm the Battleship, since with each destroyed base of the enemy the "shield" of his Battleship is weakening. During the Battle, you can always see the exact indicators of protection for your or enemy Battleship. The current state of the shield is displayed as an additional health bar above each protected object.

Itís important to know:

How to get stars in battle? For the destruction of the Headquarters at the base of the enemy you get 2 stars.Attacking the opponentís battleship, you get stars for the destroyed buildings and weapons. Above the objects is the number of stars that you get for their destruction.

How are stars distributed on the battleship? Each object on the Linkor is randomly assigned several stars, but their total amount is unchanged. With the complete destruction of the Battleship, you get a maximum of 70 stars. The number of stars is displayed directly above the subject.

Each time with an increase in the level of any instrument or structure, stars are distributed between objects taking into account this fact. With any update on the Battleship, the number of stars for a particular object will vary. Destroying the most powerful weapons, you earn the most stars. The first stars to receive Headquarters and guns, the remaining stars are distributed between the rest of the buildings.

Submission of an application for participation in the Battle. 24 hours before the start of the Battle, a notification on the receipt of applications for participation appears in the lower right corner of the screen. Click on a notification to open an event information window. If you are a Leader or a senior Officer of the Shock Group, the button for submitting an application for the next Battle is available for you in the same window. As soon as the application for your groupís participation has been submitted, in this window a timer until the start of the battle is displayed to all members of the group.

Itís important to know:

Tropic Storm: Impact Band Guide

Improvement table on the battleship. Commanders, have already planned, what weapons and buildings on the battleship will you improve in the near future? Looking for information about the cost, quantity and availability of buildings at each level of the battleship? Check the Improvement Table for the Strike Groups! :)

Roles in the Strike Group

Any Shock Group can contain from 1 to 15 participants, for each of the groups there are four special ranks in order to facilitate coordination of actions within it. Open the Strike Group window. Pay attention to the list of participants - if there is a special rank, an image corresponding to the rank will be located next to his name. When you hover over the image, you will see a list of full authority of this participant.

Leader of the Shock Group. Mandatory role. By default, it is awarded to the founder of the Group and can subsequently be transferred to the senior Officer. The list of special powers of the Leader includes the possibility of upgrading a group member to a senior Officer, as well as exclusion from the Shock Group and its dissolution.Leaderís rank blocks the ability to leave the group. To leave the group, it is necessary to transfer the authority to the Senior Officer or completely disband the Shock Group.

Senior officer. Only one senior officer can be in a group at a time. If desired, the Leader can transfer this title to any current Officer. A distinctive feature of the Senior Officer is the right to submit applications for participation in the Battle and consider applications for joining the Group along with the Leader, as well as the promotion of members of the Shock Group to the rank of Officer.

Officer. The number of Officers in the Shock Group is limited only by the total capacity of the Group and the presence of participants with distinctive roles. The advantageous difference between the Officer and the Recruit is the ability to move buildings and guns on the battleship of the Shock Group. As well as changing group information.

The recruit. Any player joining the Strike Group is considered a Rookie. The number of Novo packs in the Shock Group is limited only by the total capacity of the Group and the presence of participants with distinctive roles.

Itís important to know:

How to change the name of the strike group? Independent change of the name of the Shock Group is impossible.

If you have such a need, please contact support. However, the developers urge not to abuse requests for changing the name of the group :)

The leader of my strike group has not appeared on the network for a long time. To solve the problems associated with the long absence of the Leader of the Shock Group, the developers strongly recommend that you first try to independently contact him using a social network. If you could not contact the Leader, please contact support.

Please note that consideration of applications for the transfer of the Leader without his consent is possible only if he is absent from the game for more than 3 months.

List of restrictions on joining the Strike Group. Shock Groups are created to unite players and developers support this initiative, but urge not to abuse too frequent transitions between groups.

These restriction measures are aimed at combating unscrupulous players, but do not interfere with those who are looking for a worthy team.

How to remove the shock group? Removal of the Shock Group is the exclusive right of the Leader. Make sure your rank in the Shock Group is Leader. Open the Strike Group window and exclude all participants. Click on the "Delete" button at the top of the group window. The removal process of the Shock Group takes 1 hour and may be interrupted if you change your mind. After the time has passed, you will need to click on the confirmation, after which the battleship and strike group will be deleted without the possibility of recovery.

In order to join an existing group or create a new one, wait until the current one is deleted. If the "Delete" button is missing, make sure that you are the only member of the group. After applying for participation in the Battle of Shock Groups, it is impossible to exclude participants and start the removal process until the end of the Battle. Removing a Shock Group may result in a loss of access to Technology.

Assistance Group statistics. Opening the Strike Group window, you will see that everyone in the list of participants has a counter of the support they have provided. The number of fighters that were sent to the comrades in the Shock Group is displayed here. Please note that this counter is only an indicator of activity and records the number of fighters sent only in the last 14 days.

If the number of fighters sent per day starts to decrease, gradually you can notice a decrease in the activity counter.

Change Roles. All ranks within the Shock Group can be transferred between its members an unlimited number of times. The Leader and Senior Officer have the right to raise and appeal. Make sure that your current rank in the Group is a Leader or a Senior Officer. Open the Groups menu. Select a participant to change the rank and click on it with the mouse, in the pop-up window, select the appropriate action.

Itís important to know:


Uranium is a personal resource of the Shock Group, necessary for the installation and operation of special tools at your base. Uranium is also needed to improve and train the Buggy fighter. You can collect the resource from the Uranium Reactor in the battleship of your group. Each member of the Strike Group independently collects Uranium and stores it in the Port of the Strike Group. Uranium can also be rewarded for participating in the Battle.

Increase the amount of Uranium collected by using the special Equipment for the Battleship.Received Uranium cannot be lost when attacking your base.


Liberium is a common resource of the Shock Group, which is used to build and improve facilities on the Battleship. Attack the islands of Cartel and other players to get Liberium. You can also get Liberium for participating in the battles of the shock groups.

Increase the amount of Liberium on the islands using the special Equipment for Battleship. The Liberium received by the participants of the Shock Group is stored in special Warehouses on the Battleship and can be used by players with the rank of Officer or higher. The extraction of this resource is available only while you are in the Strike Group.

How to move an object on a battleship? Moving objects on the Linkor is carried out in a special editing mode. The mode is available to the Leader, Senior Officer, as well as all Officers of the Strike Group. To switch to the editing mode, click the "Editor" button in the lower left part of the game window or start the construction of a new structure from the store of your strike group.

Please note that at the same time in editing mode there can be only one member of the Shock Group. Switching to the editing mode automatically blocks the "Editor" button for other members of the group, however for the whole team the name of the player who is currently busy with the Linkor modification will be displayed.

You can see every action performed by you or other members of your Strike Group in edit mode.Changes are automatically saved to the Linkor whenever a modification occurs. Acceleration of construction of objects is carried out without editing mode. The participant automatically leaves the editing mode if he is in it for more than three consecutive hours.

Why canít I switch to edit mode? Editing mode may not be available in the following cases:

TOP Shock Groups. Click on the "Tops" button located at the top of the screen on your Personal Base. In the window that opens, switch to the "Shock Groups" tab to see the ranking of the 50 strongest Groups. TOP Shock Groups can be sorted by battle points and by the sum of player ratings. Click on the selected group with the mouse to find out the list of participants or join. Itís important to know:

Tropic Storm: Lab Equipment Tips

Laboratory. The laboratory allows you to make advanced equipment from the materials you extracted in battle.Upgrade the Laboratory to temporarily strengthen the base, fighters and increase the energy reserves of the destroyer.

For the construction of the Laboratory, Level 6 Headquarters is required. Leveling up the Laboratory increases the number of equipment that can be started simultaneously. The equipment produced in the Laboratory gives only a temporary amplification effect.

Types of equipment. The effects of equipment produced in the Laboratory can be aimed at increasing the effectiveness of your attacks, as well as protecting the base from enemy invasion. Each of the two directions has its own set of equipment and three power levels.

Making equipment for the attack will help you increase the maximum amount of health of your troops, their attack or the amount of destroyer energy at the time the battle begins.Equipment to protect the base will bring a bonus to the strength of the guns or their damage. Each type of equipment has its own bonus size and service life.

What are laboratory materials? Alloy, Composite and Polymer are materials for the Laboratory, valuable resources necessary for the production of equipment. The type of material determines the power of the future gain effect.

How to use equipment? Use the materials obtained to temporarily strengthen your units or Base. Open the Laboratory window and click on the "Produce" button. Select a power level for future equipment. Remember that the selected level affects the production time. You can only create one gain at a time. Click on the finished equipment to activate.

You can cancel work in progress. In case of cancellation, the full cost spent on the launch will be returned to you. Equipment will not function in the Battle of Shock Groups if it was launched after the start of the Battle.

How to get materials for the laboratory? You will be able to extract materials for the production of equipment immediately after the construction of the Laboratory.


Chance to get:

Commander, donít mix it up! The materials of the Test Station, designed to activate the skills of detachments, defenses, and advanced capabilities of the Destroyer are in Power Containers.

How to find out if equipment is active? When attacking the islands, in the lower left corner you can see your active equipment, and in the upper right - the equipment of the enemy, the effect of which was applied in battle.

After the first action performed during the attack, the gain image is hidden, but the equipment continues to work.

When equipment is activated to protect the Base, a special color indicator is added to the base of the guns:

Hover over the gun to see the exact numbers of the gain effect.

Combining laboratory equipment. You can freely combine the equipment of the Laboratory, while strengthening the destroyer and the troops, or activate the equipment of the same type to maximize the desired effect.

You cannot launch 2 polymer equipments of the same type at the same time. Composite and alloy equipment do not have a limit on the number of simultaneously triggered effects of the same type. Upgrade the Laboratory to use several types of equipment at the same time.

Removing equipment and transforming Materials. Each equipment produced in the Laboratory has a service life, after which it becomes unusable. Remember, at any time, you can destroy the manufactured or existing amplification of the Laboratory. Open the Laboratory window to disassemble ready-made, operational, or destroyed equipment. By transforming the equipment of the Laboratory, you get 1 unit of material of a higher level.

When destroying polymer equipment, you get 1 unit of polymer. If you cancel the manufacture of equipment, you will return the full cost spent on the launch.

Tropic Storm: Destroyer Skills (WiKi)

Destroyer skills

The destroyer is responsible for fire support and command and control in the attack. You can find it at your base next to the Landing Boats. With the level of the destroyer increasing, the amount of energy at the beginning of the battle, necessary for using its abilities, increases. Itís important to know:


Inflicts damage to enemy buildings and military installations in a given radius. But be careful, your troops that fall under the projectile also take damage. Itís important to know:


Allows you to control the movements of fighters on the island and specify objects to attack. Units carry out orders only while Fire is burning. If you destroyed an object marked by a fire, before the fighters approached it, they would disperse to attack the nearest objects. Try to throw Fire at the center of the object to avoid Fire landing at an undefined point on the base. In this case, even despite the destruction of a nearby object, the fighters will follow this point. Itís important to know:

First aid kit

Restores the health of fighters located in its area of ??effect. Itís important to know:


For a short time it freezes buildings and weapons at the base of the enemy. However, your troops will also be paralyzed if they fall into the range of the projectile. Itís important to know:


It has a huge defeat zone and deals damage to enemy structures. Your troops will also lose their health if they fall within the range of the City. Itís important to know:

Smoke bomb

Hides fighters from attacks of enemy installations under a smoke screen.

Attention! Your fighters also cannot attack while under the influence of a skill.

Use the Smoke Bomb to quietly get to the defenses and bypass the shelling in battle. Itís important to know:

Tropic Storm: All Strike Technology

Technologies are unique improvements for your battleship and personal base, available exclusively to members of the strike group.

The effect is only valid while you are in the Shock Group, which has opened access to level 10 technology.

Buggy needs Uranium to train.

Why canít I use Technology? If you left the Strike Group or moved to a lower level group, access to some Technologies may be lost. Go to the Strike Group window and click on the "Technology" button. In an open window you will see a complete list of all available Technologies. Make sure that your current Strike Group has reached the required level and gained access to the Technology you are interested in.

What will happen to Technologies if I leave the Shock Group? All Technologies are assigned to a specific Strike Group and its Battleship. We remind you that some Technologies are the exclusive privilege of members of Impact Groups of a certain level. Leaving such a group, you deprive yourself of the opportunity to use them.

The previously installed tools obtained by the technologies of the shock group on a personal base remain available regardless of the presence of the group and the level of the current group.Reinforcement Boats installed earlier remain available in full regardless of the availability and level of your group.

Tropic Storm: Strike Equipment Tips

Battleship equipment. The equipment includes special elements that allow the members of the Shock Group to temporarily increase the number of Liberium for their attacks or Uranium obtained as a result of collection from the Reactor. For each of the resources there are 3 types of elements that differ in duration. In addition, the elements for Liberium are distinguished by the power of the received bonus.

Equipment for Liberium. Increases the Liberium you gain by capturing the islands of the Cartel and other players. Equipment for Liberium can be obtained:

The effect is valid only for your personal rewards and does not apply to other members of the Strike Group.

How to use equipment for Liberium? Click on the "Zoom In" button located under the Liberium of the Strike Group on the Battleship. Select the type of gain and click "Activate." Itís important to know:

Equipment for Uranium. Doubles the Uranium collected by you and the members of your Strike Group from the Battleship Reactor. Equipment for Uranium can be obtained:

The effect is valid for all members of the Shock Group. If one player used the Equipment for the Reactor, then for other participants the amount of the resource will be doubled.

How to use equipment for Uranium? Click on the "Enlarge" button by clicking on one of the installed Uranium Reactors. Select the type of gain and click "Activate." Itís important to know:

Tropic Storm: Global Operations

Global operations. Global Operations are special events on the Archipelago lasting 5 days. Performing special tasks during this period, you can earn Medals for exchanging them for Chests with a valuable reward.

Each Operation consists of your personal achievements and the overall progress of all participants. From your personal Base, select the Global Operation button at the top of the screen.

In the window that opens, you will find detailed information about the current Operation:

Personal progress. In the Global Operation window, you will find a list of your active tasks. Complete tasks to earn Medals. The more Medals you earn, the more rewards you can receive.

Global goal. The global goal of each Operation is to discover the secret base of the Cartel. To fulfill the global goal, the contribution of each participant is important. The detection of a secret base is possible only upon reaching a certain total number of all earned Medals. Destroying the Secret Islands allows you to get even more Chests.

Types of Global Operations. There are four types of Global Operations. Each Operation includes a set of special tasks, completing which, you can get Medals:

Medals can only be obtained for those processes that were started after the start of the Operation.The tasks are the same for all participants of the Operation, while the level of the secret base is determined by the level of the Headquarters of the player. Upon completion of the Global Transaction, unused Medals disappear.

Operation Capture. Objectives of the operation, performing which, you can get special Medals:

Itís important to know:

Operation Blitzkrieg. Objectives of the operation, performing which, you can get special Medals:

Itís important to know:

Operation "Assault". Objectives of the operation, performing which, you can get special Medals:

It is important to know: Getting fighters on Boats Reinforcements do not bring Medals.

Operation "March toss". Objectives of the operation, performing which, you can get special Medals:

Itís important to know:

How to take part in Global Operations? Anyone who has reached level 10 can participate in the Operation.A special indicator on top of the Global Operation button signals the beginning of the Operation. Click on the Global Operation button to find out the goals and take the first step towards a valuable reward!

The secret base of the Cartel. The cartelís secret base is special islands under the auspices of the fierce Tiburon, the discovery of which requires the participation of each Commander. Destroying secret bases will bring you valuable Chests.

Gaining access to the Cartelís secret base occurs upon reaching a certain total number of Medals earned by all participants in the Operation. A quick transition to a secret base is carried out through the Operations window, you can also go to a secret island by finding it on your Global map.

Why are the Secret bases of the Cartel for everyone different? The level of the Secret Base is determined by the level of your Headquarters. Thus, even for Commanders who have reached the same level of the Base, but have different levels of the Headquarters, the secret islands may differ.

The quality of the award depends on the position of a particular island on the general progress scale and is the same for all participants, regardless of their level and the level of the Secret Base.

TOP Global Operation Members. The TOP of participants contains a list of 50 Commanders who have received the largest number of Medals since the launch of the current Operation. The list is fully updated after the completion of the Operation. You can find the TOP by going to the window of detailed information about the Operation, through the "Global Operation" button located at the top of the screen on your personal Base. TOP participants are informational in nature and do not give any advantages and additional rewards in the Global Operation.

Award for participating in the Global Operation. Taking part in the Global Operation, you can get rare Chests:

You can collect a personal reward, as well as attack the declassified Cartel bases within 24 hours from the end of the Operation. After that, receiving a reward will be impossible, and the open islands will disappear. Please note, upon receipt of a personal award, the number of your Medals will be recalculated according to the exchange rate. You can look at the total number of Medals collected during the current Operation of Operation on the counter located to the right of the Operation Goals.

Tropic Storm: Smugglerís Secrets

Smuggler. A smuggler is a hero outside the law; he is the one who will help you exchange resources and get the necessary Components. The holds of his boat to the top are filled with gold, wood, iron and oil, and sometimes among all the abundance of resources you can find equipment for the battleship. A smuggler visits the water area of ??your island once a week, after which he goes back to fishing.

Smugglerís boat. If the Headquarters is at your base level 14 or higher, the Smuggler comes to you once a week with a special exchange offer. Up to 6 unique lots are available for exchange. Content is randomly selected - each Commander receives different goods on different conditions. Among the Smugglerís products you can find:

Itís important to know:

Where to get Cartel Patches? The use of Patches is only possible while the Smuggler is at your port. However, you can start hunting for Cartel Patches and save them until the merchantís visit:

What is a cartel patch? The Cartel Patch is a resource for exchanging for valuable goods brought by the Smuggler.

Where to see my stripes? Go to the special window by clicking on the Smugglerís boat. In order to see the number of Cartel Patches available after the end of the promotion, use the access point installed on your personal Base - click on the float.

You can continue to search and save Patches regardless of the availability of the Smugglerís boat at your Base. Stripes do not burn. You can store them until you need them for exchange. The number of Patches you can collect is unlimited.

Exchange of resources from the Smuggler. Open the available offers window by clicking on the Smugglerís boat. Depending on the lot, for purchase you may need special Cartel Patches, personal resources or Banknotes. Make sure you have enough resources to complete the exchange. To make a deal, click on the confirmation button located under the selected lot.

The item is sold out. The number of offers for each lot is limited. The range is updated the next time the Smugglerís Boat arrives. However, until the Smuggler has sailed away, you can toss Banknotes so that he completely updates the list of goods. Perhaps he had something more interesting in store. Itís important to know:

Tropic Storm: Chests & Components

What are chests? Chests are a unique, comprehensive reward. In each Chest, you can find resources to improve your Base, banknotes, and unique Components for modifying weapons and troops.

Where can I get chests?

What are the chests? There are 12 different Chests in the Battle of the Islands. Each of them has its own number of components and banknotes that you will receive when you open the chest. Also with some chance in the chests are resources for construction (coins, wood, steel and oil).

What are Components? Components are special cards that can only be found in Chests. Using Components, you can upgrade the class of guns and troops. Upgrading forever increases the combat power and strength of your guns, as well as the attack and health characteristics of your fighters.

Itís important to know:

Where can I see a list of my Components? Use the "Components" button located in the lower left corner of your Database:

In the window that opens, the current number of cards and a complete list of the fighters you have opened and the guns installed at the Base are indicated. Pay attention to the Component counter located under each of the objects. On this counter, you can always determine the number of cards you have, as well as the amount needed to upgrade the class of a fighter or weapon.

When you upgrade the class of one unit or weapon, the total number of components is recounted for all objects of this type.

How to improve an object using Components? Select the target for improvement in the "Components" window and click on it with the mouse. Confirm the action by clicking on the "Improve" button. The "Explore" button in the Arsenal leads to the same list. Click on Arsenal, select Explore, then go to the Components tab.

Tropic Storm: Tips for Beginners

How to attack other players? Having reached the 11th level of the Base on the global map, you can find the Base of other players. Equip a squad, select an opponent and go on the attack. In case of victory, the enemy base will disappear from your global map. Itís important to know:

Discovery of new territories on a global map. By opening up new regions, you are expanding your sphere of influence and the number of islands that you can capture. To expand the territory, go to the Global Map and click on the closed area. Confirm the purchase by clicking on the "Open" button. Itís important to know:

There is no steel / oil / liberium on my map. As a reward for a successful attack on the enemy islands, you can get only those resources that are open at the base. If you just discovered a new type of resource, for example, steel and oil, but did not find it as a reward for the battle, this means that the islands with it have not yet had time to appear. It is important to remember that Liberium is exclusively a resource of the Strike Group and may not be rewarded for islands if you left the Strike Group when the islands appeared on the global map. Free the current islands from Cartel oppression to renew your reward.

How to increase the level? Go to your personal Base and hover over your avatar to see the amount of experience needed to go to the next level. Launch construction, upgrade buildings and tools on your island, and explore Arsenalís capabilities to gain experience.

Upgrading fighters and weapons does not add experience points.

There are no islands on my global map. The islands of the Cartel and other players on your global map are updated when the game starts. Restart the game or leave it for a short time so that they have time to appear.

The number of simultaneously accessible islands of the Cartel and islands of real players depends on the level of Radar at your Base, as well as on the number of open regions.

TOP players. The general TOP of the players contains a list of 50 Commanders among all levels with the highest number of personal ratings. You can find the TOP by going to a special window through the "Tops" button located at the top of the screen on your personal Base. In the TOP window, switch to the "Friends" tab to see the rating of friends. It also contains information on only the 50 strongest. Itís important to know:

Player Level Level - an indicator of the power of your island. It is determined by the sum of the experience you gained for the construction and improvements made at your personal base. With the growth of the level you get access to new opportunities. Also, it helps to adjust the selection of opponents on the global map.

Your current level is displayed on top of the avatar at the top of the personal Database screen.

Tropic Storm: Shopping Right

How to return the money for the purchase? If you have questions regarding refunds, you need to contact the support service of the site on which the payment was made. The refund procedure depends on the policy of the site on which your game profile is located.

I didnít receive the banknotes. All payments in the "Battle for the Islands" occur through the social platform on which your game profile is located. Replenishment of the game account occurs instantly upon receipt of confirmation from the intermediary. However, in rare cases, this node may experience a delay, most often the waiting period does not go beyond a few hours. If a problem occurs, please treat it with understanding and inform the Battle of the Islands support service indicating the type of purchase and approximate time, as well as the social platform support service.

I received the wrong amount of Banknotes for the purchase. When choosing offers to buy at the Bank or for a special offer, you see the final amount of banknotes that you are acquiring. In the confirmation window you can find out all the information about the purchase: the exact number of banknotes and the cost of payment, taking into account the possible fees of the intermediary. Remember that the most advantageous offers indicate what percentage of the total is free.

For example, if you choose to offer 1200 banknotes (25% free), then 1200 banknotes will come to your gaming account, taking into account this benefit. It is more profitable to purchase banknotes in large quantities in comparison with the initial offers of the Bank. If the amount of Banknotes that you received is different from that indicated in the offer, write to the support service with a description of the problem.

Tropic Storm: Why Can You Be Banned?

The rules of fair and safe play. The goal of the developers is to create an honest gaming environment and protect you, the players, from the unlawful use of your accounts. Please inform the developers if you encounter an intruder. Invalid actions are punishable by blocking your account temporarily or permanently.

Invalid actions. The following is a brief list of invalid actions. This list is not an exhaustive list of unacceptable behavior, but it allows you to understand what kind of behavior the developers consider unacceptable.

There is no place for scam. In the Battle of the Islands, third-party software is prohibited. Third-party software is an application that affects the gameplay. Such programs change the functionality of the game and provide unfair advantages to players, while creating a potential threat to their accounts and privacy. Third-party software includes:

I was attacked by a cheater! The Battle of the Islands team stands for fair play and greatly appreciates your help in finding unscrupulous players! If you are sure that you have encountered one of them, be sure to send the following to the developers:

The developers urge you not to be vigilant, but draw your attention to such things as repeated attack on your base of the same player within 24 hours and a successful attack on your base, a player who is below you within 5-7 levels, possible and not violations.

Only one owner. There can only be one account owner. Selling, buying, sharing, or providing a game account to other players is against the terms of service. Developers cannot guarantee the security of an account that has been transferred from one player to another, and reserve the right to permanently block any account that transfers from player to player. Selling, buying, sharing or providing a game account to other players is punishable by blocking the account temporarily or permanently.

Mutual respect. Offensive behavior in the Battle of the Islands game is unacceptable. Respect your opponent, do not insult other players - you are all here to enjoy the game. What is considered unacceptable behavior:

Write to the developers if the player is behaving inappropriately. Abusive behavior is punishable by blocking your account temporarily or permanently. False allegations have the same consequences.

Can I play from phone / tablet? The use of various Flash Player emulators for mobile devices is not prohibited, however, if used, developers cannot guarantee stable game behavior and are not responsible for any consequences. Remember that the Battle of the Islands is designed to be played through a browser.

Offensive names of Shock Groups. Offensive behavior in the Battle of the Islands game is unacceptable. This rule applies not only to communication within the game and the community, but also to the name and description of the Shock Groups. Inappropriate names include:

If you encounter this, please contact the developers through the support service.

Fraud with in-game currency. Some individuals or websites may offer you the purchase of chests, resources or banknotes at a low price. Such actions constitute fraud. Remember that in-game resources and currency can be purchased only in the game, and links to gifts are published exclusively in the official game communities. Itís important to know:

Tropic Storm: Developer Responses to Player Questions

How are opponents selected? Opponents are selected primarily by the number of ratings obtained during attacks on real players. The next level of selection is the playerís level. The difference between the levels of players on the map is usually within ten (five levels down and five levels up). If for a long time you are active in attacks and do not encounter defeats (or the percentage of defeats is minimal), then the level of opponents on your map grows. If you want to avoid opponents with a high level, it is enough for you to "slow down" for a short while, reducing the number of attacks per day, so that the distribution of opponents returns to its previous course.

Itís important to know:

How is the reward for defeating the islands of the Cartel calculated? As a reward for a successful attack on the islands of the Cartel, you can receive only those resources that are open at your base. The reward for defeating the Cartel is calculated at the time the island appears on your global map. Before the attack, hover over the island to see a guaranteed reward, or go to reconnaissance mode to see its full list, including possible bonuses.

Guaranteed reward consists of the resources necessary for the development of a personal Base and rating. Also, if you win, you have a chance to get materials for the production of equipment and an additional rating point.Liberium is available only to players in the strike group.

Itís important to know:

How is the reward for defeating another player calculated? For a victory over a real player, you get a percentage of the resources available at the opponentís base, taking into account the level of protection of his Bunker. If there are no resources on the playerís base, you will receive a bonus part. The amount of resources is calculated taking into account the levels of rivals and the occupancy of their warehouses. The reward for defeating a real player is determined when the island appears on your Global map.

Itís important to know:

How is the rating calculated? Rating is an indicator of your activity in the game and success in daily attacks.Rating is necessary for selecting opponents with similar activity.

Each time you capture the islands of the Cartel and real players, you get rating points.

Your rating is reduced by 1 rating unit each time you lose the liberated islands and with a successful attack on your base.

Rating does not give any combat advantages in attack or defense. A rating increase affects the achievement of certain game achievements. While at the Base, open the "Attacks" window at the top of the screen to see the change in your rating during your absence from the game.

How to invite friends? From your base, expand the special Friends panel at the bottom of the screen. Select a person from your friends list and click "Invite." Each friend playing the Battle of the Islands helps you earn the Allied game achievement.

How to get a second builder? No way. In the Battle of the Islands game, you can only build or upgrade one object at a time. The presence of a second builder is not currently provided.

You can simultaneously start the construction of an object on the base, improvements in the Arsenal and the production of equipment in the Laboratory. Launched construction does not block instant improvements for banknotes.

How to take revenge on the attacker? No way, the opportunity to avenge the attacking player in the Battle of the Islands is not provided.

Players can only attack islands that appear on their Map. In some cases, you may find on your Card the same player that attacked you earlier, but such matches are rare.

How to return trees / wreckage of an airplane to your Base? Trees and debris are permanently deleted and cannot be returned.

What is the Islanders Boat and how to get it? Every time you capture the islands of the Cartel, you free the peaceful islanders. In gratitude for the release, they periodically send boats with gold coins to the shore of your base.

Industrial buildings and warehouses. Mining buildings produce resources for the construction and improvement of facilities at your base. Each mining building has a special warehouse for storing the produced resource.

The house brings coins.

Sawmill produces wood.

Foundry produces steel. To open the resource, it is necessary to improve the Headquarters to level 7.

Oil Rig produces oil. To open the resource, it is necessary to improve the Headquarters to level 10.

Find out more about the requirements for building extractive buildings in the improvement table.

The warehouse does not protect resources from enemy attacks. To secure your resources, use the Hopper.

Why canít I improve Headquarters? To increase the level of the Headquarters you need to gain experience points. Earn experience points by building and upgrading base facilities to upgrade your level.

Itís important to know:

What is shot damage and damage per second? Not every weapon can shoot without stopping, sometimes it takes time to reload. In the Battle of the Islands game, there are two ways to calculate damage: per second and per shot. Open the object details window and hover over the damage values. Pay attention to the damage per second parameter to get the exact amount of damage inflicted during the battle. Damage per shot data will help you understand how much health your squad lost when an enemy hit, or how the strength of the structures at your base changed after an enemy shot.

How to save / accumulate more resources?

Participating in the Battle of Shock Groups is another way to earn resources for developing the base.

What resources are there in the game?

In the Battle of the Islands game, resources are divided into three categories: personal resources, strike group resources, and materials for the laboratory. Personal resources include:

Resources and materials of the Equipment of the Shock Group:

Laboratory Materials:

What is the maximum level in the game? At the moment, the maximum level is 80.

How to change the opponent? You can change the real opponent on the global map 24 hours after his appearance. After this time, you will notice a special indicator that signals the possibility of replacing an opponent. Click on the opponentís avatar and select the opponentís change button.

Changing the bases of the Cartel and the special plot islands of De Muerte and OíScall is not possible.

How to start playing again? In order to reset your personal progress, please contact Support.

Attention! In the event of a reset of personal progress, restoration of the previous state of the game profile is impossible.

Why does one player attack me again and again? Remember that the number of players who can get to your global map as an opponent is limited by the level and personal rating. For the regular issuance of islands, the opponent selection system does not take into account repeated player profiles and focuses on only two criteria: rating and opponent level. Because of this, it is permissible that the same player successfully attack your island several times in a row. For example, after a successful attack on your island, a player changes the opponent or opens a new region - in these two cases you could again appear to him as the most suitable opponent.

In the event of a defeat, the player may continue to attempt to destroy the base until it is destroyed.

How to delete an object on its Base? Removing already installed buildings and tools on a personal base is impossible.

What is a "Shield" on a personal Base and how does it work? Shield is a mechanic that protects your Base from attacks by other players while you are in the game. Protection is valid 12 hours a day and starts from the moment you enter the game. When you exit the game, the timer stops. The Shield is updated every day at 00:00 GMT: +3 (Moscow).

Itís important to know:

Why am I being attacked when Iím online? The duration of the Shield that protects your Base from attacks by other players while you are in the game is limited to 12 hours a day. If the Shield has expired, your island may be attacked while you are in the game.

I want to play in another social network, how to transfer a game profile? Transferring a game profile between different social networks is not possible.

Why do I get players of a higher level? First of all, opponents are selected by the number of ratings. The difference between the levels of players on the map can fluctuate within ten, five levels down and five levels up.However, the level of opponents may go beyond this if for a long time your percentage of defeats is minimal.

How does the bunker work? The bunker helps to keep resources from attacking your base. The bunker holds a certain amount of resources that will not be lost under any circumstances. The bunker also protects a certain percentage of resources beyond. Depending on the level of the Bunker, when attacking your base, the Bunker will protect from 30% to 88% of the resources in the Warehouses. Resources not protected by the Bunker may be lost in a series of successful attacks on your base.

Raise the level of the Hopper to increase its capacity and protect more resources. Maintain its level on a par with the level of the Headquarters.

Ideas rejected by developers

These ideas have been repeatedly expressed by players as proposals for future updates.For various reasons, the team abandoned them at the development stage - some complicate the mechanics too much, others can upset the balance. So, here is a list of ideas and suggestions that cannot be implemented in the Battle of the Islands:


The second builder. The current balance, speed of pumping and the amount of game content are optimized for one builder. The second builder will upset the carefully balanced balance and balance of power of the players. In addition, the appearance of a second builder in the future is unlikely to please those who developed their base with one builder. In fact, now the role of the second builder is performed by the acceleration for the Banknotes: the player can use the Banknotes to speed up the construction, and start the next one.

The line of construction and improvements. Such a queue would become a reliable repository of resources - the resources for the construction would have already been written off, and no one could capture them. Sounds great? Unfortunately, there will be few free resources on such a base, which means that the reward for an attack on it will decrease.

General chat in the game. Battle for the Islands is a war game where many activities are built on the confrontation of players. Developers do not want players to come into conflict with each other - there will not be much benefit from such a chat.

Exchange of resources between players. Most likely, such an innovation will only please players who want to help friends of lower levels, because players at the same level are in short supply about the same resources. The exchange of resources will destroy the balanced speed and uniformity of pumping players at different levels and the in-game economy, and may also open up opportunities for various abuses.

Button "Revenge". The developers abandoned the idea of ??introducing such a function so as not to increase relations between the players. Another reason is that players can fall into a vicious circle of resource exchange as a result of repeated mutual revenge. However, you can still take revenge on the attacker in two cases: if he appears on your map or meets you in Shock Battle - and then you can walk through his base with special pleasure! :)

Several fireworks for different units. This will greatly complicate the management of battles and could potentially become a source of errors and complaints, so the team abandoned this idea at the development stage.

Mobile version. To develop a version of the game for mobile platforms would have to give up all efforts and all the working time of the development team. To do this, they would need to abandon plans to create new content. The developers decided to focus on what is more important and more appropriate now - on the browser version.

Selection of the enemy according to the level of the battleship / levels of the players. The Battleship level and player levels only indirectly indicate the combat activity of the players and the group - there are Battle Points for this, which reflect the real successes of the group, its victory and defeat. Matching the levels of Linkor would lead to the fact that the players over and over again would meet the same opponents. Selection only by player levels will destroy the tournament grid, and groups with a difference of 10-15 levels will be found everywhere in battles!

Tropic Storm: Revenge of the Cartel, guide

What is Cartel Revenge? Cartelís revenge is a regular event in which you repel the attacks of the Cartelís troops, get Patches for it, a discount on construction on a personal base (in resources) and compete for the best places in the ranking with other players! So, a submarine of the Cartel mercenaries - Moreno sisters - appeared on your shores. The sisters have a huge fleet, and they are also quick-tempered, ruthless and not afraid to engage in open battle. And if they notice your activity on the Archipelago, they will decide that itís time to deal with you for a long time.

The Cartelís revenge consists of two stages: the first is the recruitment of participants and the distribution into groups, the second is the Cartelís attack itself. To participate:

Your task: to successfully protect the base from the attack of the armed forces of the Cartel.

The first stage: recruitment of participants and distribution into groups. For these two days, while the first stage lasts, you need to thoroughly anger the Cartel. To do this, capture the required number of islands in the Archipelago. The number of them depends on your level of experience in the game:

Important: only the islands of the Cartel and its bosses are taken into account, but not the islands of other players.

You can track progress on the rage scale in the event window. When it is 100% full, consider yourself a full member of the Revenge of the Cartel!

Second stage: Revenge of the Cartel. If you were able to anger the Cartel, Morenoís sisters will come to level your base or suffer an insulting defeat. Duration: 2 days. Before the battle begins, in the event window, you can see intelligence that will help prepare for the attack:

An example of the first stage for a level 31 player.

Stages of "Revenge of the Cartel". As a reward for a successful defense, you will receive Cartel Patches and a discount on base construction. After that, the next stage will become available to you - more difficult. If your defense could not stand it, and you lost the battle, you will not lose resources in this case, but you will not receive a reward either. You can try again - the troops will remain the same. The number of attempts is not limited. There are 15 stages in Revenge of the Cartel. Each stage is more complicated than the previous one, as in Vulcan: the level of troops will become higher, and the equipment of the enemy will be stronger. Within your level group, the Cartel Revenge stages are the same for all players - this means that other players of your level will resist the same units, with the same characteristics and amplifications. If you successfully complete all 15 stages, the event will end for you, and you will only have to wait for a debriefing.

Attacks One to three waves of landing boats loaded with troops will be sent to attack Morenoís sisters. The carrying capacity of boats is 24 units. For the sisters to win, their troops must destroy your Headquarters. They will use destroyer skills, troop skills and laboratory equipment, increasing attack power and unit health. If necessary, change the base defense scheme to adequately meet the enemy!

The distribution of the groups. The first 47 hours of "Cartel Revenge" are set aside for you to anger the Cartel, and another hour to prepare for the event. During this hour, the algorithm will distribute participants into groups depending on the level of experience. Each group is players within 10 levels of experience.

There are 5 groups in "Revenge of the Cartel": players 30-39 experience levels, 40-49 levels, 50-59, 60-69 and 70+. Groups are needed in order to equalize the chances of players of different levels and give everyone the opportunity to compete for the tops of the tops with equal strength. So you will only need to compete for the best places in the ranking within your group.

Defense Points and Cartel Revenge Rating. As a reward for a successful defense, you will receive Cartel Patches and a discount on base construction. In addition to the usual rewards, for successful defense at each stage you receive Defense Points . Defense Points - this is your personal rating in the current event and at the same time your ticket to the Tops of the Cartelís Revenge, where you can get another big reward !

Defense points reflect your success in defending the base: how quickly your defense dealt with the forces of the Cartel and how many stages you went through. The faster you finish the battle, and the higher the stage, the more Defense Points you earn and the better your reward at the end of the event! Based on the Defense Points, all players who participated in the event form a rating and receive rewards. After the event, the accumulated Defense Points are reset.

Tropic Storm: Bugs and Fitch Games

The game asks you to enable Flash Player. What to do? Recently, browsers have begun to block the Flash Player plugin, which is required to run the game. You do not have to configure it manually each time, as a special extension has been developed that loads flash content automatically. The extension is valid for Google Chrome browser version 69 and higher.

How to enable Flash Player in Google Chrome?

  1. Open the "Battle for the Islands" page on the site where you usually play: VKontakte, Odnoklassniki.
  2. Click on the padlock icon to the left of the address bar. Find Flash in the list that appears and select "Allow" in the settings list.
  3. Click on the "Restart" button for the changes to take effect.

Communication with the server is lost.

If during the game you received a message: "Commander, the connection is lost!", This means that for some reason the signal coming from you to the game server was interrupted. This can happen due to periodic signal jumps even without completely disconnecting from the network. All battles in the Battle of the Islands take place in real time, so it is very important to have a stable Internet connection.

Alas, the loss of connection happens even with the owners of high-speed Internet. The game server constantly exchanges information (data packets) with your computer using your providerís network. Depending on the quality of the signal, packets are lost at each of these stages, which leads to lags and even to disconnection. The reasons can be very different:

In such cases, the developers recommend:

If the problem persists, use the recommendations from the section "My game does not load!". Please note that in case of massive problems with access to the game, developers will definitely report this problem in their Community or in the Support Service. Itís important to know:

My game doesnít load! Please note that information in case of massive problems blocking access to the game you can always find in the official Battle of the Islands communities. If the game is loading slowly or not loading at all, try the following steps:

  1. Make sure you are connected to a reliable Internet or Wi-Fi hotspot.
  2. Close the extra tabs or restart the browser.
  3. Check if there is enough free memory on your computer. Lack of free space can lead to slow operation and crashes.
  4. Update your browser to the latest version.

Make sure that the Flash Player plugin works correctly in your browser. To do this, use the following instructions.If the problem persists, please contact the developers through the support service, indicating the steps taken.

What are the minimum system requirements in the Battle of the Islands? Commander, for the correct operation of the game your computer will require at least the following characteristics:

As the main browser, developers recommend - Edge, Google Chrome, Opera, Yandex or Safari of the latest version - since, according to the experience of the commanders, they are the most effective. The game has many spectacular effects in store, however, if the problem of freezes does not recede and interferes with your battle, the developers recommend resorting to disabling effects and lowering the quality of the graphics. To do this, go to the "Settings" of the game by clicking on the special button in the lower right part of the game screen. In the window that opens, uncheck the boxes under "Quality effects" and "Graphic quality." Then save the changes and be sure to restart the game page for them to take effect.

Destroyer skills are flying the wrong way. When the Fireworks, Shells or other destroyer abilities launched by you fly to the wrong destination, this means that the gameís performance is impaired. Usually this is due to a weak Internet connection: lack of free memory in your browser or computer, insufficient computer power or device for processing game data. The problem can be solved:

If the situation persists after following the recommendations, please report this to the support service.

I did not receive the award in the Battle of the Shock Groups. If, after the announcement of the results of the Battle, you did not receive a reward in the form of a Chest or resources, this may mean that:

Missing rating

From your personal Base, select the "Attacks" button at the top of the screen. In the window that opens, you will see detailed information about the changes in the personal rating.

You lose 1 rating point each time:

In the "Attacks" window, hover your mouse over the rating image to see the exact information on how many liberated islands the Cartel crossed and was captured by other players, as well as the number of attacks on your Base. Also here you can study in detail all the committed attacks on the Base and see the records of the attacks.

The number of personal ratings does not change if the attack on your Base was repulsed. The "Attacks" window has been storing information since its last opening. If you regularly review the latest events, the number of islands lost will correspond to the number of bases available for capture on your global map.

There is no Lab equipment on the battle record. When leaving the game, make sure that the equipmentís defense time is sufficient to secure the Base during your absence. Defense equipment will not function in the Battle of Shock Groups if it was launched after the start of the Battle. Developers strongly recommend pre-setting the gain of the Laboratory to protect your Base!

The accumulated Liberium disappears. Commanders, your Liberium is under reliable protection :) By opening the Shock Group window, you will see that everyone in the list of participants has a Liberium counter.The amount of the clan resource that was transferred to the Groupís warehouse is displayed here.

Please note that this counter is only an indicator of activity and captures the amount of earned Liberum only in the last 14 days.

Itís important to know:

The troops were gone. Each time you enter the battle, your squad may suffer losses. In the battle results window you will see the number and type of troops that were lost and require training to return to your personal Base. In addition, in response to a request for help in the chat of the Shock Group, you transfer part of your troops, loaded on the Landing Boats, to a member of the group.

Units received as support from members of the Shock Group can be used in only one battle, regardless of the damage received in the battle.

On the battle record, my gun is discharged. When leaving the game, make sure that the charge time of the special guns is enough to protect the Base during your absence. Remember that the charge of the guns will not work in the Battle of the Shock Groups if it was fired after the start of the Battle.

The crush button does not appear. The Crush button is designed to save the playerís time and allows you to quickly complete the attack when the success of the battle is predetermined.

In order to use a special skill, you must make sure that:

Remember that this function does not give any combat advantage, but only saves time. After the "Crush" button appears, you lose access to the destroyerís abilities, regardless of whether you use the skill.

I can not leave the shock group. The ability to leave the Strike Group may be blocked if:

Transfer the Leaderís rank to the Senior Officer to leave the Strike Group or disband it.

I can not drop the tank. When equipping a Tank, remember that in order to land each Landing Boat with Tanks, you will need two units of destroyer energy. Make sure there is enough energy to use the fighters.

Each building destroyed in battle will bring you three units of energy. In the event that you have used up all your energy before the Tanks land, the battle will be considered completed.

My progress in achieving Living Legend is stuck. Achieving "Living Legend" captures the highest rating score you received for the entire time of the game. If you are actively gaining a rating, but do not see changes in the achievement counter, this means that you have not yet managed to break your past record. Loss of rating will also not be reflected in the progress of achievement.

Missing improvement! Good news, Commander! The improvements you made at the Personal Base and the Arsenal do not disappear! :) If you do not remember the exact level of improvement being made, or it seems to you that an error may have occurred, please contact the developers, indicating the approximate time of the incident and the object with which the problem has occurred.

I have made progress in achieving The Expendables. Achievement "The Expendable" consistently takes into account your every victory over the island of another player. In case of defeat or retreat, the counter is reset to zero, starting from the last non-combustible point. A simple example is if you captured 10 out of 25 enemy bases in a row, and 11 attempts ended in defeat, the counter will reset the previous result to 0. As soon as you cross the mark 25, in case of defeat, progress will be reset to 25. To learn more about fireproof points and rewards For achievement, go to the appropriate tab in the game window.

I can not use the buggy. Going into battle with Buggy, note that to land each Landing Boat with this fighter, you will need six units of destroyer energy. Make sure there is enough energy. Training and using the Buggy is not possible if you are not a member of the Strike Group of level 15 or higher.

Each building destroyed in battle will bring you three units of energy. In the event that you have used up all your energy before the Buggy landing, the battle will be considered completed.

How to clear browser cache? You can download and install special software to clear the browser cache, for example, CCleaner - a simple program with a functional free version. Or try clearing the browser cache manually by following the instructions:

Google chrome

  1. Close the game tab.
  2. Click on the menu button.
  3. Select "Tools."
  4. Select "Delete browsing data ...".
  5. Check the boxes for "Images and other files stored in the cache" and "Hosted app data."
  6. Click on "Clear History."


  1. Close the game tab.
  2. Click on the menu button.
  3. Select "Settings."
  4. Click the Advanced tab.
  5. Click on the "Network" tab.
  6. In the "Cached Web Content" section, click on "Clear Now."


  1. Close the game tab.
  2. Click on the menu button.
  3. Select "History."
  4. In the window that opens, click on "Clear browsing history ...".
  5. Check the box next to "Clear cache."
  6. Click the "Clear browsing history" button.

Internet explorer

For users of IE version 9 and higher:

  1. Close the game tab.
  2. Click on the menu button.
  3. Select "Security."
  4. Select "Delete Browsing History ...".
  5. Check the box next to "Temporary Internet and Web site files."
  6. Make sure the "Save Favorite Website Data" checkbox is unchecked.
  7. Click the "Delete" button.


  1. Close the game tab.
  2. Press the key combination Control + Alt + E.
  3. Click "Clear."


  1. Close the game tab.
  2. Click on the menu button.
  3. Select "Settings."
  4. Find the "Clear browser data" item.
  5. Click "Choose what you want to clear."
  6. Click "Clear."

How to enable hardware acceleration?

Google Chrome : Open the browser settings, then "Advanced" and make sure the option "Use hardware acceleration" is enabled. Mozilla Firefox :

1. Open Mozilla Firefox.

2. Click on the "Menu" button in the upper right corner of the browser.

3. Open "Options".

4. Uncheck the "Use recommended performance settings" option.

5. In the settings that appear, check the box next to "Use hardware acceleration when available."

6. Restart Firefox.

Banknotes / resources are gone! Developers never use banknotes or resources without the participation of the player. However, they understand that sometimes questions may arise regarding balance. If necessary, developers are always ready to help you and provide information about when and what your resources were spent on. When contacting support, please do not forget to indicate:

How to take a screenshot?

Windows 8 and Windows 10. Simultaneously press the Windows + Print Screen keys to take a screenshot of the entire screen. The image will be automatically saved in the "Screenshots" folder in the "Images" library.

Windows 7 . Click Start → All Programs → Accessories → Scissors. When the program opens, click "New", highlight the desired area of ??the screen, then click "Save".

Mak . Press Shift + Command + 3 at the same time to take a screenshot of the entire screen. The image will be automatically saved to your desktop.