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Walkthrough Tropicats: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

TROPICATS - Android game with release date 11/14/2017 from the company Wooga. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers answers to players questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. Newbie Guide
  2. Tropicats Levels
  3. Avas Wallet
  4. WiKi Elsie Amplifiers
  5. Obstacles
  6. Building the Tropicosh Village Right
  7. Tournament and Test Guide
  8. Events in the game
  9. Why Connect to Facebook?
  10. Bugs and Fitch Games

Tropicats: Newbie Guide

How to get more moves? If the moves are over, you can buy 5 extra for diamonds.

It is not clear what to do next! If you do not know what to do next, select a notebook at the bottom of the screen. From the leaders diary, you can find out what task you have to complete, and also go to the level that you need to pass.

Wheel of Fortune. Various prizes are drawn on the wheel of fortune, such as immortality mode, diamonds and coins. You just need to click the "Watch" button and see the advertisement. Then tap the wheel to spin it, and take the reward. The minimum interval between wheel spins is 10 minutes. The time to spin the wheel is indicated by an exclamation mark next to the wheel icon on the map.

Over 5 spins put a bonus!

Daily gifts. Daily entrances to the village are rewarded with prizes. For viewing ads, also a bonus! Every 5 days, rewards get better. Do not miss a day, otherwise the day counter will be reset to zero.

Can I change the name in the game? Of course! Select the gear icon on the right to open the settings. There will be an option "Change name".

Tropicamera. Want to learn how to show off your friends village progress or show them the beauty of your island? It is very easy! Take a picture of the tropicamera village or part of it, zooming. Tap the camera icon and choose how to send greetings from Tropicoshkos.

Tropicats: Tropicats Levels

Level of the day. There is 24 hours to complete the day. In this case, only 3 attempts are given. For passing this level, a special award is awarded! If you do not pass this level, lives are not lost. The day level is randomly selected.

Levels with a basket. To pass this level, collect a certain amount of fruit.

Levels with statues. Make combinations of fruits to remove the grass under which the ancestral statues hide.The thicker the grass, the more fruits you need to combine to remove it.

Levels with turtles. Help the turtles get to the ocean! Remove fruits and obstacles that block their way on the playing field.

Levels with chicks. Help the chick fly! To do this, make one-color combinations of fruits with feathers. No obstacles hinder the chick. The chicks are not fixed in place, and they can be moved if the result is a combination.

Levels with crabs. Help the stuck crabs! Make combinations of fruits next to the cells covered with sand, or work on them with amplifiers to dig up crabs. Cells with sand cannot be moved, but they themselves are not attached to the playing field and can slide down.

Levels with honey. Make combinations with fruits on honey cells to spread honey across the playing field. The upper left shows how many more cells are left without honey.

Levels with platypuses. Bring out all the eggs of the platypus! Break the eggshell with the aid of the effects of enhancers, and then collect combinations next to it until the little platypus is released.

Note that the combinations of the whole egg do not produce any effect on it.

Chameleon Levels. Teach the little chameleon to change color by collecting a combination with it. If this is not done, he will go for a walk on the playing field. When all colors are mastered, the chameleon can be collected. The next color of the chameleon can be recognized by the color of the dots on its body.

Tropicats: Avas Wallet

How to get extra lives? A new life appears every 20 minutes. You can also ask for life from friends or instantly replenish in exchange for diamonds.

Treasure chest. For completing levels, not only ordinary rewards are awarded, but also bonus diamonds. Bonus diamonds are stored in a treasure chest. After collecting 200 diamonds, you can open the chest or continue playing until you collect 400 diamonds. To open the chest, you need to pay, and the price does not depend on the number of diamonds in it. Please note that the more difficult the level, the more diamonds are given for it.

How to get coins? To get coins, follow these steps:

  1. Go through the levels;
  2. Raise the level of the village;
  3. Spin the wheel of fortune.

Coins also bring some buildings - touch them every hour. If you want to buy some object, but there are not enough coins, you can purchase the missing coins for diamonds.

How to get diamonds? To get diamonds, follow these steps:

  1. Go through the levels;
  2. Complete tasks;
  3. Go through the chapters;
  4. Raise the level of the village;
  5. Spin the wheel of fortune.

Diamonds also bring some buildings - touch them every hour. You can still buy sets of diamonds in the shop.

Tropicats: WiKi Elsie Amplifiers

Linear explosion. Make a combination of 4 fruits - and you get a linear explosion! It takes away a whole line of fruits vertically or horizontally. From two linear explosions, an independent combination is obtained.

Fruit bomb. The combination in the form of the letter "T" or "G" creates a fruit bomb. The fruit bomb removes all adjacent fruits, and twice.

Butterfly. To create a butterfly, make a square. A butterfly removes or weakens obstacles.

Colored paw. Make a combination of 5 fruits - and you get a colored paw! Colored paws remove all fruits of the same color.

Fruit stone. If you include a fruit stone in the combination, it will throw out at least 5 of the same fruits on the field. Fruit stones are very useful on basket levels.

In the game, the Hammer. By activating the hammer, you can hit any fruit or obstacle to remove it or loosen it.

In the game - Star Hammer. If you activate the star hammer, it removes the vertical line and the horizontal line. The combination of two linear explosions gives the same effect.

In the game - Colored Hammer. If you activate the colored hammer, it removes all the fruits of the same color.

Before the game - Combo. Activate the combo amplifier - and at the beginning of the level, there will already be 1 linear explosion and 1 fruit bomb on the playing field.

Before the game - Double Butterflies. Activate the Double Butterflies booster - and square-shaped combinations will generate twice as many butterflies.

Before the game - Colored paw. Activate the colored paw - and at the beginning of the level, there will already be 1 colored paw on the playing field.

Tropicats: Obstacles

Creepers. Some fruits are motionless - they are attached to the playing field with vines. To remove vines, include these fruits in a combination.

The stones. To stones cracked and disappeared from the playing field, make combinations next to them.

Kernels To remove the core, make a combination next to it or hit the amplifier. A linear explosion removes the core, but does not spread further.

Boxes. To find out what is in the box, make a combination next to it. The stronger the box, the more combinations are needed.

Blocks of ice. Fruits frozen in ice are motionless, but can come in combinations. To crack the ice, make a combination or hit the frozen fruit with an amplifier.

Guns. To load a cannon, make combinations of fruits of the same color. A fully charged gun fires like a star hammer.

Colored boxes. To break such a box, make a combination of fruits of its color next to it. You can also use amplifiers for this.

Scallops. After getting into the combination, the objects in the comb appear again! Neither the scallops themselves nor objects in them can be moved.

Colored wheels. Combine the fruits of the colors indicated on it near the color wheel - and these colors will disappear. When you remove all the colors on the wheel, it will explode and clear the playing field.

Keep in mind: Colored wheels block the walkways, and they must be removed first to clear the way for animals such as chicks and turtles.

Bamboo. To remove the bamboo, make combinations of fruits near it. If the move is made, but the bamboo is not cut, it grows and occupies a new tile.

Tropicats: Building the Tropicosh Village Right

We will rebuild the village! As the story progresses, more and more destroyed huts and other buildings become available for restoration. Having restored the structure, from it you can get coins or diamonds. Add objects and decorations from the shop (the icon below) to earn village points and increase its level.

How to restore buildings? Building restoration is part of the story of the Tropicats game. To restore a particular structure, certain game items are needed. The levels at which they can be obtained are marked accordingly. As soon as you complete the task of recovering from the leaders diary, the building will appear in the village.

What is the village level? Decorate the island to collect points of the village and increase its level. Wonderful rewards are awarded for each level upgrade! The village level is displayed in the upper left. Touch this value to find out how many points are still needed before the next level increase and what the reward for it will be.

Tropicats: Tournament and Test Guide

What is a tournament? Complete the tournament selection, play with other Tropicats game lovers and win great rewards! When the tournament takes place, a cup icon is displayed on the left of the map. The countdown timer shows how much time is left to go through the selection and play. Any player who has reached level 25 can participate in the tournament.

How to take part in the tournament? To qualify for the tournament, when passing levels you need to create a given number of special fruits. When the tournament is in progress, touch the goblet icon on the map to find out which special fruit to focus on. As soon as you collect the required amount, you will receive the right to participate in the tournament and the opportunity to lead the list of leaders.

How many special fruits are already harvested? To find out how many special fruits have already been picked, tap the goblet icon on the map. When passing the level, the number of collected special fruits is displayed under the Elsie figure.

Do not forget that if the level is not passed, then all the special fruits collected on it are lost.

Do I need to be online to participate in the tournament? No, this is not necessary. If you wish, you can play offline until the tournament ends. However, to view the ratings and collect your rewards, you must connect to the network. Do not worry if you were offline when the tournament ended. All rewards put to you will be added to the game as soon as you enter the network.

What are tests? Challenges are an exciting way to win free decorations for your village! The set has 3 tests: easy, medium and hard. Follow them and collect traces. After collecting 400 tracks, you can spin the wheel and win one of four jewelry. Jewelry sets change every Sunday, but dont worry - your marks will remain with you. If you dont like the test, you can change it by spending diamonds.

Why no access to tests? Do not worry. Once you reach level 18, challenges will be available.

Why has the test failed, although enough fruit has been harvested? Only fruits harvested before the level goal is reached are counted. When the task is completed, additional fruits collected after the end of the level do not count towards the test.

Tropicats: Events in the game

Dive for treasures. Go through 8 special levels on the first try and get treasure chests. If you lose at the 1st, 2nd or 3rd level, you will have to start all over again. If you lose at the level from the 4th to the 8th, you will have to start from the 4th level. Do not forget to keep track of time. If the countdown ends, your progress will be reset. To find out what awards await you, touch the chest and you will see what is in it.

Escape the pirate. Help the brave Blacktail to rescue his hamster sailors from prison! Before the timer runs out, get to prison after completing 10 special levels and get great rewards. They can be earned for the third, sixth and, of course, tenth level. At the gate are treasure chests. To view their contents, simply tap them.

Tropicats: Why Connect to Facebook?

Why connect to Facebook? For connecting the game to your Facebook account, a gift is expected - 70 diamonds! However, there are other advantages:

  1. The progress in the game is saved. If you want to change the device or reinstall the game, then it will be enough to log into Facebook - and all game data will be restored.
  2. You will get the opportunity to exchange lives with friends!
  3. There will be an opportunity to compare your village level with the level of friends villages!

How to log in to Facebook?

  1. To connect to Facebook, click the "Connect" button on the games splash screen.
  2. To log in when you are on an island, select the Facebook icon on the left of the screen or go to any tab on the right.Each of them has a login button.
  3. If you run out of life, click "Ask Friends" to log in to Facebook.

Tropicats: Bugs and Fitch Games

Why cant I sign in to Facebook? If you are having problems logging into Facebook, see if Tropicats is enabled in the Facebook settings on your device.

How to keep your progress? To save progress, connect the game to your Facebook account. Progress data will be stored in your account, and they can be restored after changing the device or reinstalling the game.

How to enable or disable notifications? To enable or disable notifications, click the gear icon on the right to open the settings. Click the blue button next to "Notifications" and check or uncheck the green boxes.

Can I change the language in the game? Select the gear icon on the right to open the game settings. There you can select the desired language.

Availability of ads. As a rule, in third-party advertising networks, advertising is always available. For the vast majority of players, advertising works well, and more than 95% of users who want to view it can do it. However, from time to time it happens that there are no ads available. This may be, in particular, for such reasons:

If you have any problems, report them to the customer support service and provide as much information as possible:

Troubleshooting tips for playing games on desktops and laptops. The game works best in Chrome and Firefox. In other browsers and on older computers, it will most likely work, but with lower performance. Ideally, a 64-bit computer with a 64-bit browser is recommended. If you have problems viewing ads in the game, follow these steps:

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If you took screenshots, they will be very useful.

Mobile game troubleshooting tips. If you have problems viewing ads in the game on mobile devices, follow these steps:

If these methods didnt solve the problems with displaying ads in games, contact technical support via the Help menu in the games settings, providing the following information: Describe the ways you tried to solve the problem so that it would be easier for technical support to find a solution. If you have any information about the advertisement, indicate them, for example:

If you took screenshots, they will be very useful.