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Walkthrough The Tribez & Castlez: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

THE TRIBEZ & CASTLEZ - an Android game with a release date 02/10/2014 from the company Game Insight. Game Genre: Simulation. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. Levels of Experience, Defense, Stamina
  2. Population Guide
  3. In-Game Currency
  4. Resources and Dropdowns
  5. Quests
  6. Buildings
  7. Friends and Neighbors
  8. Questions from Beginners
  9. Bugs in the game
  10. Saving Progress

The Tribez & Castlez: Levels of Experience, Defense, Stamina

What is stamina? What is it for? Stamina is a special parameter needed to visit friends. It can be seen in the upper left corner of the screen while visiting friends. Endurance is indicated by a blue indicator with the image of a wing. Each action visiting allies requires a certain amount of stamina (10 points for each action). If your stamina is over, don’t be upset! Over time, it will recover (1 point in 3 minutes), and you can always buy it in the Store on the "Resources" tab.

What is the difference between level of experience and level of security? The level of experience is a kind of indicator of your game progress, it can only increase. You increase it by completing game tasks. The higher the level, the more new opportunities you have: new buildings, tasks, etc. The level of security can be either increased or decreased. To increase the level of security, you need to install protective structures for the inhabitants of the kingdom. New levels of security allow you to build residential buildings and increase population.

Why are security requirements constantly increasing when I want to build a new house? New buildings are increasing the population, and the level of protection is related to the number of inhabitants of your kingdom - the population cannot exceed the level of protection. Therefore, in order to build a building, you need to achieve a level of security equal to the number of inhabitants who will appear in the kingdom along with the new building. For example, in order to build a new house with three residents, it is necessary that the level of security exceed the current number of residents by at least 3 points.

The Tribez & Castlez: Population Guide

Who are the called workers, and how can they help me? Called employees are employees that you can hire to perform certain tasks when you do not have enough full-time employees. You can find them on the last tab in the store. You can also hire them directly in the pop-up window with a message about the lack of workers in your settlement. Remember that called workers will disappear immediately after completing the job for which they were hired.

What if my village is too crowded and I don’t have free space? If it seems to you that tall buildings block the view of free squares, you can use a special function to hide all buildings on the map. Click on the button with the image of the house located in the lower right corner of the screen to hide the buildings. To return to the original view of buildings, click on this button again.

How to attract more residents? To attract new residents, you need to build houses. You can find houses on the last tab in the Store (a button with a hammer at the bottom of the screen).

Why did my inhabitants disappear when I removed / placed a residential building in the Vault?And why did the work that they did stop? When a residential building is removed or placed in the Repository, its residents leave the kingdom, and the work that they did is canceled. Keep in mind that resources spent on a deal are not refunded.

The Tribez & Castlez: In-Game Currency

Where to get crystals? There are several ways to get crystals in the game:

  1. Get 1 crystal for completing each level.
  2. Get crystals for completing authorization tasks on social networks and adding friends.
  3. Buy crystals - in order to order them, click on the "+" sign in the panel on the top, which shows the current number of your crystals. When a pop-up window appears, click on the button with the required number of crystals, enter your iTunes password and confirm the purchase.
  4. Follow the news in the game center of the game developers, so as not to miss special offers and get various bonuses and big discounts.

How to get gold coins in the game? You can get gold coins in the following ways:

  1. Perform transactions in entertainment buildings (4th tab in the Store), and then profit from these facilities.
  2. Sell ??resources, buildings and decorations.
  3. Defeat monsters attacking your kingdom.
  4. Buy them at the Bank.

The Tribez & Castlez: Resources and Dropdowns

Where can I get scrolls? Scrolls are made by your residents in houses in the Castle. Improve homes and build new ones to get more scrolls.

How can I get more wood? A tree can be obtained in the following ways:

  1. Cut down trees.
  2. Uproot stumps.
  3. Build more lumberjack huts.
  4. Open chests.
  5. Buy a tree on the Resources tab in the Store.

How to get boards for construction? To get boards, you need to build a Sawmill. You can find it here: Shop - the third tab in the left menu.

What is the drop rate of items? Item drop rate is the probability of getting items while exploring special objects, such as Castle Dungeon, Abandoned Cemetery, etc.

Why can not I accumulate or collect resources? What does the red symbol above my buildings mean? This happens when your Warehouses are full. You can continue to collect resources as soon as you have free space in the Warehouse. To free up space, you can build more Deposits, increase the space in existing or spend already accumulated resources.

Why can’t I store wood in a second-level warehouse? According to the rules of the game, high-level resources cannot be stored in the Low-level Warehouse. The amount of resources that will be possible to store additionally after improvement is indicated in the update window.

Please note: You must upgrade the warehouse to the fourth level in order to place the wood there.The fact is that the level of the Warehouse and its improvement are two different things, so the implementation of the third improvement means an increase in the level of the Warehouse from the third to the fourth.

Why can’t I get a tree in the Forester’s Cabin during an adventure? In adventures, all buildings and structures work in a different way and serve to perform tasks inside the adventure. They do not produce conventional resources.

How to use the inventory? The tabs in your Inventory are for special purposes:

The Tribez & Castlez: Quests

What is a task and how to complete it? Jobs are tasks that are in the left pane. Click their icons to find out what actions you need to complete to complete the tasks. Performing tasks, you get experience points, game currency and other rewards. Passing tasks is an integral part of the gameplay.

The Tribez & Castlez: Buildings

How to build a shop? To build any decoration, you need to accumulate a certain number of tokens. Tokens can be found in special places: Castle Dungeon, Abandoned Cemetery and others.

Why are buildings inaccessible? To build any building in the game, open the Store (the icon with the hammer at the bottom of the screen) and select the desired building in the menu that opens. In case the building is not available to you, click on its image, and the game will indicate what needs to be done in order to open it. All buildings can be purchased only in the Store.

How to make room for new buildings? There are several ways to free up space for building buildings.

  1. Cut down trees and cut bushes by clicking on them.
  2. Move existing buildings closer to each other: click on the hand icon located at the bottom of the game window. Then select the building and drag it to a new location.
  3. Place buildings in the warehouse. Click on the hand icon again, and then click on the box icon. Click on the building that you want to place in the warehouse.

How do you know what certain buildings are for? To understand why certain buildings are needed, open the Store (the hammer icon in the lower left corner) and find the building that you would like to know more about. You will see an "i" in the upper corner. Click on it for more information.

How can I get a building from the warehouse? To see the buildings that are in the Warehouse, open the Inventory (the icon with the backpack icon in the lower game menu) and select the second tab in the menu that opens. Here you will see your buildings. To re-install a building, click on the "Use" button and select the place where you would like to place it.

Why, when I click on the lock, I do not see any information? This means that your Castle has been upgraded to the maximum level. Now you have only one restriction when buying new buildings in the Store - your level. New levels of improvement for the main building will be added in future updates to the game.

I have too many warehouses, and I can’t demolish a single one. Why? It is impossible to demolish warehouses, as your resources are stored in them. Therefore, they can only be rearranged to another place.

How to improve the castle? Click on the Castle to see the conditions that are necessary to improve it. Once all the conditions are met, you can improve the Main Building to the next level.

Why can’t I put the building on the map? Buildings may only be located in cleared areas. Make sure that there are no trees, bushes, grass or other obstacles in the place where you want to build. In this case, a green outline will appear around the building.

Why can I only build buildings in my castle? Houses can only be built on the territory of their castle so that they are reliably protected from raids by the Gobul. Perform tasks in accordance with the storyline to build the required number of houses and discover other well-fortified territories.

I have improved the Water Mill several times, but it still needs improvements. How to improve the building to the maximum level? Each stage of improvement of this building includes several stages. Just follow them step by step to complete the stage, and then go to the next to complete the improvement.

The Dragonhouse in Tierra del Fuego did not increase the level of protection after improvement!Why? Improving the Dragons in Tierra del Fuego only instills courage in the heart of your knight, but does not affect the level of protection.

I can not complete the Statue of Fertility in the Royal Gardens, because new stages are constantly appearing. What to do? The statue of fertility is a rather complicated construction. The process of its construction takes 10 stages with 5 levels at each stage. Continue restoration work to complete the Statue and be patient!

My Elven Warehouse is full, but I still miss some items. What to do? You can always buy a Tool Chest on the Resources tab of the Store to get extra items for new territories in the Forest Kingdom. A variety of tools are required to purchase these chests.

How does a crazy architect work? The crazy architect gives a discount on the building from the Store every few hours. The discounted building is randomly selected from all residential, industrial and commercial buildings that are available to you. If you already have the maximum number of buildings, this particular building will not be included in the offer. The discount disappears from the store when you erect the proposed building or change the offer of a mad architect.

What to do with the caravanserai? Restoring the Caravanserai takes effort, but the reward is worth it. Once the building is completed, you can load caravans with various resources and send them to distant lands. These journeys consist of five cycles. The first four journeys bring you experience points, and the last very lucrative reward is the Oriental Treasure Chest.

Once you receive this award, the caravanserai cycles begin anew. Oriental treasure chests go directly to your inventory and can be opened using the "Use" button. You will see a large list of possible rewards, such as food, scrolls, tokens, collection chargers, gems, etc. When you open the chest, you will receive several random items from the list in a random amount.

The Tribez & Castlez: Friends and Neighbors

How can I visit allies and help them? A visit to friends will be available after completing the special mission, "Visit de Albert." You will be able to visit an unlimited number of allies per day. To visit a friend, open the "Allies" menu (the icon in the lower corner with the image of two men), click on the avatar of the friend you want to visit, and you will be in his village.

To help a friend, click on buildings with resource icons visible above them. You can keep some of these resources for yourself. Remember that each friend can only perform a limited number of actions. You can see how many actions you have left by looking at the icon in the upper left corner (under the indicators of levels of experience and happiness). To return home, click on the icon with the image of the house in the lower left corner.

How do I know which resource I will receive for collecting profit from friends? When you are visiting a friend, you can see his avatar in the upper right corner. In addition to basic information about the level of experience and reputation, there is also a round icon with a picture of a game resource. This is the resource that you will receive for helping this friend. For all players, these resources are different, and what resource each friend receives for helping him is determined randomly.

How many bonuses for visiting friends can I get per day? The number of rewards for visiting friends depends on your level of reputation. For example, if you have the first level, you will receive a bonus only for visiting one friend, if the second - bonuses for two friends, and so on. Increase your reputation level to help your allies become even more pleasant!

How to add allies? Now you can invite your Facebook friends to the game, add them as allies and receive rewards for this! You can do this as follows:

  1. Open the "Friends" menu (a button with two men in the bottom menu).
  2. Click "Add Friends" (yellow icon with a "+"). If you are not already logged in to Facebook, then do this to invite your friends.
  3. Click on the "Invite Friends" tab - there you will find friends available for invitation. You can choose the friends you want to invite by ticking them or invite everyone right away by clicking "Invite All". To find a specific friend, use the search. The number of friends you need to invite to receive a reward is indicated on the scale at the top of the tab.
Please note that only friends who are not yet authorized in the game get to this tab. To invite friends playing a game on the same platform, click the "Become Allies" tab (matching friends will be shown).

You can check incoming and outgoing requests using the corresponding tabs (buttons on the left side of the menu). If your game is not associated with your Facebook account, these tabs will not be available. If you are logged in to Facebook, you can also invite your friends from this social network to the game or add as allies directly from the friends panel (the "Friends" button with two men in the bottom menu).

First shown are friends who have already become your allies in the game; then your Facebook friends (their avatars are displayed on a blue background), and those who play the game on a mobile device on the same platform are marked as "I play." 15 friends who play are randomly selected from your friends list (if there are none, random ones are shown) and added to the end of the list in this panel. To invite them into the game or add them as neighbors, click on their avatars.

What help can I get from my Facebook friends? Your Facebook friends who are already playing the game can help you with your travels. In addition, you can always exchange gifts with them and visit their lands for additional resources. If you have friends who do not play the game at all, you can invite them to your castle as workers.

The Tribez & Castlez: Questions from Beginners

I can not complete the stages of construction! Why? The construction of special buildings, for example, the Ancient Portal, the Statue of Fertility, the Water Mill, is complex and requires a lot of time and resources.Each such construction takes place in several stages, each of which has five levels. To complete the construction and discover the unique properties of the building, you need to not only go through all the levels, but also all the stages, which can be up to ten. In addition, you may have additional tasks that must be completed in order to continue construction. Be persistent and be patient, then you will definitely build the coveted building!

Why can’t I find certain items? The descriptions of the tasks indicate the places where you can find the necessary items. Use the Find button to get hints. Some items appear more often than others. Just follow the instructions and you will be able to find them all.

How to re-educate a gobble in Dungeon? Wait for the gobul to attack your castle, and drive it away (this can be done by the drago knight). After that, the gobul will be sent to Dungeon. Open the site and click "Re-educate."Make sure you have enough resources for this.

The Tribez & Castlez: Bugs in the game

Game loading stopped at 4%. Most likely, this error occurred due to a poor Internet connection. Try reconnecting to the network and starting the game again.

What if the game crashes or slows down? If you encounter a problem of the game crashing or braking, contact support and describe:

This information may help support find a solution.

The Tribez & Castlez: Saving Progress

Where can I find my support ID? If you play on Android, iOS or Windows platforms, open the game, go to the "Settings" section (the button with the image of gears in the lower right corner). In the window that opens, you will see your ID.

Please note that the support ID will only be shown if you have a stable Internet connection. If you play the game on social networks, then you can find the support ID at the bottom of the screen, just below the game itself.

How to transfer my progress to another platform? To transfer the progress of the game to another platform, reach level 5 of the game on the new device and contact support, indicating the platforms and Support ID of both devices.

Please note: after transferring progress, you can no longer play the old game. To avoid errors, it is recommended to remove the application from the old device immediately after the transfer is completed.

Author of the article: Nadezhda D.