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Walkthrough UNO & Friends: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

UNO & FRIENDS - game for android from the company Gameloft. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers answers to players questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

How to challenge a players actions? A similar situation occurs when another player uses the Order Color and Draw Four card against you. You can challenge the players actions if you think that he has another card of the ordered color, or simply draw four cards. If you decide to challenge the players actions, but as a result it turned out that he had a card of the previous color, the player will have to draw four cards in your place. If the player played honestly, in addition to relying on 4, you will have to draw 2 more cards for an error.

Why was my rank lower than the rank of a player with a lot of cards? At the end of the game, the total number of card points remaining for each player determines their final position. The values ??on digital maps correspond to the number of points, special cards bring 20 points, WILD - 50. If you have only one WILD card left, the player near you will finish at the best position with 3 digital cards equal to ten points.

How to invite friends to play with me? To invite friends to play with you, click on your avatar in the main menu and then select either "Play with friends!" To play in a regular match, or "UNO Team (Joint)" to play in UNO Team. Next, by clicking on one of the "Invited" buttons, you can invite up to 3 of your friends to the game.The same person can be invited to the game up to three times in a row. Otherwise, you will need to play UNO in order to send another invitation to the same player on the same day.

How to add people to your friends list? After clicking on the players avatar during the game, a menu will appear from which you can send him an invitation. The Friends screen also offers other ways to add friends via social networks.

How to get CLUB tickets? CLUB tickets are awarded depending on how many days you play the game and how many friends you invited to the game. You can quickly track your progress through the store.

What should I do if the game crashes or freezes when I try to perform an action that cannot be undone? First, try shutting down and restarting the application completely. Then check for updates, reinstall the application, and reboot the device. If the problem persists, contact Support.

How to remove friends from your friends list? Go to your friends list, click on the name of the player you want to remove, then click on the red "Delete friend" button. Confirm your action and the friend will be removed from your list.

Will I lose my UNO tokens if I accept the invitation to play with a friend during the game? Yes, you cannot accept the invitation to play with a friend unless you exit the current game.

I came across a player using an invalid avatar or username. What to do in this case? Since the game UNO & Friends allows players to connect to social networks, it is likely that some will use invalid images as their game avatar. You can inform Technical Support about such a player by clicking on his avatar and selecting the "!"This new procedure will allow you to report inappropriate behavior directly to players so that Technical Support can take the necessary measures.

How to get avatars? You will open new avatars if you play, take part in promotions and enter the game every day. Some avatars will always be available, but most of them will appear specifically for seasonal promotions and offers, so only those players who will take part in them will receive them.

What are companions? Companions are little helpers you can take with you to the game!

How to get a companion? Companions are available in boxes. The most common is the Wooden Box. Each box contains various sets of prizes and partners.

How to make your companion better? Each companion can go through 10 levels. Level up your companions by getting the exact same ones from boxes. Each level promises a companion an improvement in the form of better rewards or greater companion strength.

How to increase the level of your White tiger cub? The level of the White Tiger cub cannot be raised in the same way as the level of other companions. His level rises TOGETHER with other partners. Level up your other companions in the usual way, and the White Tiger cub will also begin to improve.

How to increase the level of your CLUB companions? Upon reaching the CLUB level, you will open a companion from the Golden Boxes. Earn or purchase Gold Crates to level up your CLUB companion every time you appear.

How to discover uno unicorns? UNO unicorns are occasionally held special events in the UNO & Friends game, including tournaments. Play during the promotion and get the UNO Unicorn Outlet and Box. Once you collect all the colored UNO unicorns, get a rainbow unicorn!

How does "Double as many mega-action items" work? When the "Twice More Mega-Action Items" is in effect, you will receive two items in the Mega-Action, even if you rely on only one. This means that you will earn earning rewards in Mega Actions faster and make a greater contribution to the game.

How long is "Twice More Mega-Items"? "Twice as many mega-items" is valid until the end of the current Mega-action.

What happened to my VIP status? Due to some legislative changes, players under the age of 13 are no longer allowed to participate in the VIP program after its transformation into the CLUB. Players affected by this change should have received notice or compensation.

What should I do if I see a notification that I have two active profiles? The screen displays two conflicting saves. Select the one you want to use. Please note that, in some cases, an unselected profile may be deleted.

What should I do if both conflicting profiles belong to me? By clicking "Both of mine", you can select the save version that you want to associate with your device, as well as with your Facebook, Game Center or Google+ account.

How to choose the default save version that I want to use? Just click on the button under the desired version and, making sure the right choice, click on the "Select This" button to confirm the selection.

How can I switch to another version of the save? Go to the Settings section and log into the game from your preferred account to go to the data stored in it. When you see the notification again, select the desired game save.

I accidentally selected the wrong profile and received a notification that the old profile was deleted. Does the game provide any way to restore another profile? If you selected the wrong version of the save and cannot restore another, contact Support.

How to permanently leave the outlet I won on the avatar? The outlets you win will automatically appear on the avatar and will be added to your outlet collection. If you received a new outlet, but want the previous one to be displayed, select it in the inventory via the avatar settings screen.

What are tournaments? In tournaments, 16 players play against each other in three rounds for 4 players.Players who take 2nd and 1st place in the first round go to the second, and players who take 2nd and 1st place in the second round go to third. Crowns and rosettes will only be awarded to players who win the final round.

What are the crowns of the tournament? Tournament crowns are special items for a players avatar.During the game, crowns are visible to other players. They can be won in tournaments or in UNO Journey mode.

What are the prizes in tournaments? In regular tournaments, players receive crowns as a reward, and the next level of the tournament opens. In derivatives tournaments, players receive sockets with temporary bonuses.Most of the rewards that players receive in the final round cannot be obtained with tokens.

What is a companions tournament? The companions tournament consists of 4 levels. Tournaments of a lower level will open immediately. Having won the Companions Tournament, you will receive a box of the appropriate level. To open a tournament of the next level, you will need to get a certain number of partners.